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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  February 10, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PST

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♪ good morning to viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. it is thursday, february 10th. i'm brianna keilar with john berman. we are beginning with breaking news this morning. a new and explosive scandal threatening to blow up the premier event. a russian figure skater failed a
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drug test, and that person is a minor, which is a key clue here. the six-person russian team has not yet received their gold medal for winning that team event this week. >> we are being very precise with our language here. it's important but you can get the implications. it's unclear exactly when the positive test was taken. the only minor on the russian figure skating team is 15-year-old kamila valieva. she made history on monday, becoming the first woman to ever land a quad at the games. coy wire joins us now. and christine brennan, "usa today" columnist. christine, i want to start with you. because you broke this story. where is it this morning? what new have you learned? >> reporter: john, where it is in a state of confusion. for the second straight day, the international olympic committee, in their press briefing,
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basically didn't answer any questions. they said it's a legal matter, as you referred to, and we will have no further comment. now you have 48 hours of no medal ceremony. no one knows what's going on. one would assume if the russians are disqualified based on the positive doping test, u.s. would move up to the gold medal. but we don't know that. the games are moving on. the next skating event is in a week. the women's competition is going on. valieva is practicing. she's here. and it is really something where there's almost more inaction than action leading to confusion, un'certainty and questions about how the international community is taking this very important drug test. >> when you disclose someone has tested positive, there are protections afforded to a minor. can you tell us about that? >> that's right, brianna. that makes it very difficult.
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the world anti-doping agency rules are that you do not report the names of a minor. of course there's only one minor on the six-member team. this was the team competition that occurred at the beginning of the olympic games in figure skating. and so that's, you know, basically the issue right now, is we know it's valieva. but no one will say it officially. is it possible that they might reprimand her but not actually throw her out of the olympics? the sympathy factor for a 15-year-old, i'm sure we're all hearing it. it's like, did she do this or did a coach or adult get involved with this drug? so many questions. and this void exists because of the international olympic committee basically saying nothing and doing nothing. so the void is being filled with all kinds of conjecture. i've covered a lot of olympics. i've seen a few scandals in my
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day. but this one has the potential to really explode because there's a competition that we're going towards, the women's event. it's not over. it's yet to come. and that leads to so many questions moving over the next week. >> the premier event of the olympic games. the women's tpwfigure skating i the premier event of the winter olympics games. it is a drug for heart conditions, for angina. it helps the blood flow. it helps you maybe train for longer. a lot of performance-enhancing drugs, it's not like bigger, building your muscles or stuff. just making the training process easier, soubgs train for longer. coy, you were a professional athlete. what kind of edge, in theory, can something like this give you? >> reporter: yeah. as an nfl player for nine years, john, and brianna, cold
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medicines have substances banned by the league. it could be for a heart condition. but it could have an effect on the body that would give advantage to an athlete even if it wasn't what you would think of as a performance enhancing drug. whether you're an nfl football player or figure skater in the olympics, any advantage you get to quiet the noise, calm your heart right, increase blood flow, increase recovery time, that's why these rules are in place. that's why certain medications are on the banned list. whether it's to help a condition that maybe, as i said, aren't typically considered a performance enhancing drug, it can have an effect on the body that would certainly give an edge. >> of course, all of this comes, coy, with the back drop, when you look at who she is competing for, the russian olympic committee. . >> not russia. >> because of russia's pretty
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recent doping scandal. that is the back drop of this. >> reporter: yeah. here we are at another olympics with wallegations being accused of using banned substances. they failed to cooperate with anti-doping rules in the last olympics, 2018. of course you have strict covid protocols which dampened the situation. peng shuai situation and rhetoric swirling all around these games. >> coy, christine, please keep us posted. to me it is shocking we haven't heard anything more. it only raises new questions about the possibility of poisonous politics at the games where there is such a history of bizarre back room things happening. god only knows what it's going
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on. keep us posted. great work, both of you. also breaking overnight, the family of comedian and actor bob saget revealing the shocking cause of his death. chloe melas joins us. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: ever since bob saget shocking died last month in orlando, there were questions as to what happened. now we know that answer. bob saget's cause of death was head trauma. to drugs, no alcohol, no foul play. . head trauma. his family released a statement saying perhaps he might have hit his head following his show, thought nothing of it, gone to bed and that is why he passed away. part of their statement reads, as we continue to mourn together, we ask everyone to remember the love and laugh sister that bob brought to this world, and the lessons he taught us all, to be kind to everyone, to let the people you love know
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you love them, and to face difficult times with hugs and laughter. we ask everyone to remember that no drugs or alcohol or foul play was involved. i want to say, though, this goes back to how important and seriously you have to take head traumas when they happen. we saw it with liam neeson with his wife years ago on that ski accident. again, sad morning for all of bob saget's fans but important closure as everyone mourns his life and moves forward. >> it is just so devastating, chloe, to learn this. developing this morning as well, the national archives asking the justice department to investigate former president trump's handling of white house records that he took with him when leaving office. according to a source, the archives is seek review of whether trump violated the presidential records act and other possible violations, including the handling of
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classified information. joining us now, cnn political commentator and political anchor on the spectrum news, errol lewis, and margaret hooverer, host of pbs "firing line." how significant is this? >> sub stanley it is very difficult. you don't want things investigated after the fact, as we will see here. practically speaking, it's hard to say this will bring findings relevant to the 2024 election. politically speaking, my guess would be donald trump gets away with it. >> can i add a where i think to this? theres breaking news. you will all want to hear this. >> i definitely want to hear it. >> maggie haberman, who will be on the show next hour, she has a new book coming out. "axios" is reporting this morning that maggie reports -- i'm going to read this.
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while president trump was in office, staff in the white house residence periodically find wads of printed paper clogging a toilet and believed the president had flushed pieces of paper. >> i don't know. i worked in the white house several years ago. we had burn bags. that would have been a lot easier. that was my factious joke. there's a presidential records act, to save it for posterity for the american people. if he was throwing it down the toilet, because he found them taping them back together. it is so outrageous, the lows never stop coming. >> i am not a lawyer. we will speak to an esteemed lawyer shortly. one of the issues you point out it's hard to prosecute you to prove intent. now, i have been alive for a
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long time. one doesn't flush stuff down the toilet unless they're trying to get rid of it for a reason. stuff like papers, i should say. does it raise questions about intent? >> it obviously -- it's not something you do accidentally. it's not something you do for anything other than to destroy the record. of course politically it's impossible to forget that in 2016 this was the issue that he ran on against hillary clinton. this is going to be a question of is there political hypocrisy at work here. . >> but also, you know, we say this clause in this statute doesn't have the teeth to really lead to a significant prosecution. but the investigation and the discovery of the information is highly important to the american people. because this man may very well run for president again. and it is important for us to continue to live in a country, a, where the rule of law exists and, b, where transparency
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governs. the information that voters take with them to the voting booth when they vote. >> yesterday someone made a joke about papers being eaten to be concealed. that seemed so far afield. yet today it seems more possible. this is like one click away from flushing stuff down a toilet. >> he didn't really like to eat paper. he liked the fast food. . >> i was bearish on this story in general. i thought it was interesting. this to me raises it a little bit. maybe a significant bit here. if you now have documents being destroyed and ripped up, a president being warned not to do so, which the reporting is. two chiefs of staff and white house counsel talked to trump about destroying records. if you have classified things being found at march march mar-.
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so much is in his court. this puts it back in his court. he has to choose to investigate. . >> there will be pressure on merrick garland. i would not expect that pressure to result in him doing anything different. he's down the middle of the lane kind of by the book prosecutor. he's not going to i think be swayed by the letters and the discussion by pundits. on the other hand, there's going to be a real possibility i think that we'll find that nothing really important was destroyed, that this is just something that donald trump does. it was a brief scene, but if you remember at the end of one of the debates, might have been the final debate in the 2016 campaign, there was footage of him ripping up his own nuts in disgust. there's anger, emotion, bad news, that perhaps he takes it out on the paper. >> a little different than going down the toilet. >> but, you know what, if you're
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talking about trying to break the law, the man was impeached twice. he did a lot of stuff that was hidden, and it didn't involve clumsy actions like ripping up paper and flushing it down the toilet. >> looking at prrt to investigate, there are several episodes that merit consideration about whether longs are strong enough and ought to be strengthened. this may very well be another one. >> nixon had the plumbers, right? nixon almost was impeached for the plumbers. trump always liked nixon. >> he really needed a plumber. i think, though -- let's look at this. you have the ceo of a major corporation under investigation or being looked at and they're caught flushing papers down the toilet. what happens to them? i think any reasonable just sort of normal person looking at this who hasn't covered every in and out of this where we just have
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kind of come to expect there are no consequences for this bad, arguably, potentially criminal behavior says, what the heck? there are no ramifications? >> in the what the heck category, where are we if we have to try and criminally prosecute an ex-president for this kind of behavior. something has gone badly off the rails if we let someone get to that position of power and have to police whether or not they're flushing papers down the toilet. >> one step back. this comes amid a flurry of new information. "washington post" reporting rudy giuliani at one point between the election and january 6th went to mitch i to ask a county prosecutor to turn over voting machines, right? we can talk about different patterns of things. this consistent effort to do things to overturn the election. >> there's -- yes, a consistent habit of rudy giuliani breaking
3:15 am
the law, trying to support trump in his sort of crusade to roll back the results of the election. there's also, you know, donald trump has just been very, very clear that he's not going back. and what i think the line in the sand that is emerging, especially in the senate, is that some senators demonstrate -- or beginning to demonstrate more courage, are beginning to demonstrate laws need to be changed in order to prevent the electoral count act from potentially being abused again in the future. there is beginning to emerge a new rift amongst senators who will be around beyond 2024 in order to prevent stkprufpl this child crusade that is anti-constitutional and anti-american from succeeding. >> it is dipping a toe in the water. >> the toilet water? >> perhaps it is the toilet
3:16 am
water. margaret, errol, thank you for the conversation. >> in addition to all of that, before we got to toilet-gate, another piece of news january 6th committee subpoenaed peter navarro who worked hard, brags about trying to throw out the election results. what the committee is now looking to get out of him. plus, a new warning from the department of homeland security about the trucker protests in canada and how it can affect the super bowl. and the u.s. says russia could launch a campaign in ukraine at any moment. we have reporting that the signs u.s. officials are closely monitoring.
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3:22 am
adviceor, right. he proudly admits that he wanted to find a way to throw out or block the election results and throw it back to congress. he writes about this entire plan. he has now been subpoenaed. where does that if it into everything? senior legal analyst, elie honig. >> it continues to rain subpoenas from the committee. over 80 that we know of in total. let's start with those issued to former trump white house officials, peter navarro. trade adviser. why is he involved in elections and stuff? he got a subpoena yesterday. he was behind one of the plans to disrupt the counting of the electoral votes in college, the green bay sweep after the green bay packers. he said donald trump knew about this. and over 100 members of congress were in on this. we will see if he testifies. before him, of course, mark meadows, chief of staff, was in the first batch of subpoena recipients. he got the subpoena, started to cooperate, stopped. and then the committee held him in contempt.
3:23 am
doj has been sitting on the mark meadows count, nobody is counting, except me, 58 days. we are waiting to hear whether doj will prosecute mark meadows. they heard testimony, six to seven hours each, from two aides, ben williamson and kayly mcenany. and ivanka trump notably did not get a subpoena. she got a polite interview request. we will see if the committee ups it to a subpoena because she has shown no inclination to testify. >> and people in the former vice president's inner circle. >> they had access. they were in the room. and they don't have that kind of loyalty to donald trump. we know the committee heard from kellogg, short, jacob. the big question, though, is will they try to get testimony from this guy, former vice president mike pence. will he testify? i think it's unlikely. we are seeing a growing rift between mike pence and donald
3:24 am
trump. he has the ability to come forward and testify. >> keith kellogg said if he had to choose between pence and trump, i'm with trump. there are outside advisers. >> colorful group. steve bannon subpoenaed, outright defied his subpoena. he was held in contempt. doj is prosecutorsed. he will be tried in july. roger stone was subpoenaed. he took the fifth. he has the constitutional right to do that. knowing roger stone, probably a smart move. michael flynn was subpoenaed. he filed a lawsuit to block. he lost that. and sean hannity, he was sending texts in to mark meadows as this was all going in. not subpoenaed but a polite informal interview request. we will see if they update it to a subpoena. >> and the lawyers also. >> jeffrey clark, doj official, was subpoenaed. he took the fifth. smart move by a lawyer. john eastman also took the fifth. you have to ask why are the smart lawyers taking the fifth.
3:25 am
they're entitled. we're entitled to ask why. and the self-titled elite strike force rudy giuliani. jenna ellis, sidney powell. they were scheduled to go in yesterday. mysteriously got rescheduled. rudy in particular ought to think about taking the fifth here. i would be surprised if any of them do testify. . >> and then the lawmakers. >> this is a bit of a head scratcher. kevin mccarthy, jim jordan, scott perry had discussions leading up to and on january 6th. they are being careful. no subpoenas yet. informal interview requests. all three made clear they will not be implying with that. big question for the committee. legally they absolutely can subpoena their fellow colleagues. but there's a big political question that's never been done before. if they do, they may fear it will look political or reprisal if the house flips to republicans. they have to decide if they play hardball with their own
3:26 am
colleagues. >> we will let you hit the law books on toilet-gate. >> i have experience a in that. we will talk about it in the 7:00 hour. i will tease that. the department of homeland security warns of particular trucker protests like the ones in canada. the nfl won't tolerate racism. he admits the league has fallen short when gives black coaches opportunities. so what does he plan to do about it? king c. gilletette is a complee lineup of tools and facial hair care p product. this is the style master. designed to style your stubble in one stroke, a pivoting metal head that defines every edge, and three comb lengths for add versatility. one tool that helps you choose, change, and master your style. king c. gillette (vo) jamaica.
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this morning, a stark warning from the department of homeland security that a trucker protest, similar to those in canada over vaccine mandates, could happen here in the united states and impact everything from the super bowl to the state of the union address. cnn's miguel marquez in live in
3:31 am
windsor, ontario with the latest on where we are this morning. miguel. >> reporter: yeah. look, this is what they are concerned with in the u.s., starting with the super bowl and possibly moving on to d.c. protests like we are seeing right here. this is the main artery of where traffic, a massive amount of traffic would be flowing in from the united states into canada. tens of thousands of cars and trucks every day would come this way. hundreds of millions of dollars would come back and forth. but right now it is completely blocked. some trucks, mostly personal cars, some camper vans out here. and around this side of the street, these guys have been out several days here. they say their bottom line is all the mandates. not just vaccine mandates but all the mandates have to go. interestingly enough, in saskatchewan, they are about to drop all mandates in the next couple of days. on this side of the street, they have couches and chairs set up right in the middle of the street.
3:32 am
this is blocked for a mile from the bridge all the way up to the next light all the way up there. so about a mile of blockage. there was one way trucks were able to get from canada to the u.s. side. but protesters say they have blocked that route overnight as well. the mayor of wind sore yesterday said they had only 100 people out here in 50 to 75 cars. i'll tell you there's far more cars out here at this point. overnight, there were ayton of people who showed up out here to show their support as well. basically, this entire area, about a mile up, was a complete party last night because people wanted to come out and show their support. so it is not clear how they are going to deescalate this. police in windsor say that's what they want to do, they want to treat this diplomatically and get people to leave on their own. it is hard to see how it's going to happen. they asked for more resources from the province, the federal government. now we will see where it goes. the people i talk to hearsay
3:33 am
until all the mandates are gone, they will not leave. >> miguel marquez, thank you very much. so it might be a cyber attack on ukraine's energy grid or tanks along the border. we have new cnn reporting on the signs of a russian invasion. >> plus, he bought into the january 6th lie that trump won the election. now he believes stop the steal is a cult. what changed his mind? >> and dolly parton's big announcement for her theme park employees. ♪
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we have new cnn reporting this morning on how the u.s. and european allies are monitoring potential signals that russia is launching an invasion of ukraine. cnn's barbara starr is live for us at the pentagon with details here. barbara, what are you learning? >> reporter: well, good morning,
3:38 am
brianna. cnn has spoken to a number of officials in various governments. and, look, here's what they're looking at. it could start as a cyber attack against ukraine's energy grid. it could be a major movement of russian troops, battalion tanks. they have more than 100,000 troops on ukraine's border. so how is everyone trying to figure out what may come next if, in fact, diplomacy doesn't work. there are aircraft overhead, spy planes, satellites, communications intercepts they're looking at. public statements by russian officials almost every day. and western intelligence officials, however, are offering at least one is, a fairly dire view had this all adds up. let me read to you what one official said to cnn. and i quote, if you look at the lower end options, all of which are executable immediately with little to no warning with the forces that are already deployed, those forces are already in position and in the
3:39 am
right number with the right capability. so that tells you what they are looking at is that, indeed, putin can make a decision and order the move at any time. now, in the latest, there are a number of russian exercises that we're learning about. the russians have blocked off a large portion of the black sea to the south for maritime exercises. not clear how that may impact commercial shipping traffic coming into the region. to the north, they are now starting the exercises with belarus just to the north of ukraine. and those russian-belarus exercises, the russians are saying will run through february 20th. that happens to be the day the olympics end in china. and there's a lot of thinking that putin may be waiting on his own decision to have the olympics end and then he will proceed with whatever he decides to do. brianna. . >> we'll be watching. barbara, thank you.
3:40 am
more on the news just in, as the national archives demands an investigation into donald trump's handling of records, maggie haberman reports that trump flushed papers down the toilet at the white house. she's going to join us live on her story. plus, dr. sanjay gupta on bob saget's surprising cause of death. what you need to know about head injuries. ♪3, 4♪ ♪ ♪hey♪ ♪ ♪are you ready for me♪ ♪are you reready♪ ♪arare you ready♪ it's my 3:10, no-exit-in-sight, migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere, migrainetrikes. without worrying if i's too late or where i am. within 2 hours. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks cgrp protein, believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors.
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>> woman: what's my safelite story? i see inspiration right through my glass. so when my windshield cracked, i chose safelite. they replaced the glass and recalibrated my safety system. that's service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ a record heat wave this time of year in southern california means it could be the hottest super bowl kickoff ever, at least outside. not where the game is taking place inside, because that's climate controlled. let's get to cnn meteorologist
3:45 am
chad myers. chad, it is going to be hot in the rest of southern california. >> it is. it's going to be 85 to 87, a normal july or august temperature. certainly not where we are this time of the year. 30 record highs possible across california over the next few days. this weather is brought to you by safe light. your vehicle glass and recalibration experts. so let's get to it here. yes, it's going to be warm. i have a feeling this is more for the bengals fans out there saying, hey, leave the parka in the rental car. it will be warm but not reasonable. 85 sounds pretty good if you're coming from cincinnati to go to a football game. temperatures in the 80s the entire weekend. a lot of parties. keep that in mind. dry air too. cooler across the east. most of the u.s. is above normal for certain. temperatures here, other than the great lakes, are above normal. cold air is coming for you great
3:46 am
lakes, cincinnati, cleveland, toward detroit. arctic air for the next few days. this will be the story as we work our way through the weekend. enjoy the game, john, if i don't talk to you before then. >> in i appreciate it, chad. you too. this man marched on the u.s. capitol january 6th. he said stop the steal is a cult. why is he changing his tune? flushed papers clogged in the white house toilet. the culprit, the former president himself. why did he do this? what was he trying to hide? at fidelity, your dedicated advisor will help you create a comprehensive wealth plan for your full financial picture. with the right balance of risk and rewa. so you can enjoy more of.this.
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to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. keith scott once thought january 6th, 21st was the greatest day ever. the 49-year-old man traveled to the nation's capital, a proud member of the stop the steal movement. now he calls the movement a cult. we have a cnn special report. so interesting to hear this change of heart. what did you find? >> well, not a lot of people are willing to speak so eppley about why they were there as keith. i think our conversation shows these beliefs that brought people to the capitol are really deeply rooted, and it's going to take a while for that to change. >> january 6th, 2021 was the greatest day of my life. . >> why? >> i felt like a patriot that
3:51 am
was standing beside our founding fathers, speaking up against king george. i felt like braveheart. >> we first met keith scott at a small rally on the anniversary of january 6th. he spent months after the 2020 election in his car, going to every stop the steal rally. now he is holding a huge flag calling the movement a cult. >> if something was approximate posted saying there was a rally, like, i was not in control. i was going no matter what. how did i get caught up in this? i had never been to a trump rally. i wasn't one of those people. . >> the whole crew for this interview was also at jan 6th. we had the same question, how did so many people get to the place where they were willing to stop a patriotic election, calling themselves patriot? so we spent four hours listening
3:52 am
to every detail of keith's political journey. >> at the time i lived in georgia. i get there on election day. and there were only a couple of cars in the parking lot. the record turnout they say there was in fulton county, georgia, the county that i voted in, it didn't happen. >> wasn't there a significant amount of early voting, though? >> in that demographic, it's a poorer area, predominantly black area. you will never be able to convince me they were sitting around watching cnn and fox news and all these things and that's what they were most concerned about, was the election and getting that ballot and mailing it in. if you asked people, is joe biden going to get more of the black vote than barack obama? people would say no. and biden supposedly did. it didn't make any sense. >> the bigger picture is what i'm more concerned with, it is a recurring theme.
3:53 am
you have skepticism about the black vote in this election. part of it, it seems to me, you said you lived and voted in a black area and how did the time have the attention to pay attention. why do you think you would and black people wouldn't? >> i don't think everyone is interested in i am. it's not necessarily about racial lines >> trump himself repeated the same trope. auto its a quip, not a fact. in 2020, 92% voted for biden. in 2008, 95% voted for barack obama. as keith drove from protest to protest. >> i'm not trying to say you're a bad person or, like, you would use a racial slur. what i'm just trying to get at is you might not be sensitive to the big picture about what it looks like disputing votes in
3:54 am
places where most of the voters are people of color and that people of color might take some offense to that. >> that's not what stopped the steal was about. . >> stop the steal was about those votes don't count. somebody's votes don't count. not your vote. but someone else's. >> i'm not going to be painted into this narrative that you're trying to go down this rabbit hole. i'm kind of done with the racial part of this. >> this is the party of trump. >> i got introduced to all these other people that i had never heard of that week in georgia. i remember nick fuentes being there, alex jones, ali alexander, founder of stop the steal. i met the leader of the proud boys, enrique taureo. he's not a big guy, just a little bit bigger than me. . >> the small groups who have
3:55 am
always been on the fringe and see a mass movement -- >> yes. 100%. . >> and the crowd was going wild. >> it was growing. >> there was mountains of evidence. this election was a fraud on america. . >> sidney powell is going to come up. everybody felt like she is the one that is going to unveil all the evidence of election fraud. but the people that were giving evidence was the same message we had heard a day before or weeks before. but it was, like, it's coming. it's going to be revealed. just keeping us holding on for the next breath. >> in all that energy was released on jan 6th. keith saw what we saw, but he didn't take the same lesson. >> i felt like a proud patriot on that day. and i know that's not popular to say, but that's what i felt like. then just some crazy fight scenes started happening. >> did you think, are we the bad guys?
3:56 am
>> i thought this doesn't end well. . >> what made you realize this was a cult? this is deeply immoral behavior. it is not patriotic either. >> after january 6th, i came here. and i kept mumbling, i feel lick i just got out of cult. >> what makes it a frustrating interview, he still believes much of the propaganda and excuses the actions. because our crew was in the violence, it's hard to not hear him say i'm sorry. no one with any power said they're sorry. >> it was a lot of self-analysis to get over the trauma of january 6th itself and the things i saw on both sides -- >> i don't understand how you can not pick sides after what happened. it seems like a really clear side. >> the things that i saw were bad. regardless of which side you're on, is what i'm saying. there's nothing illegal about watching a fight that's
3:57 am
happening >> when you're part of a mob storming the capitol. setting aside illegal, how about moral? >> i wasn't doing anything wrong. >> you were part of the crowd. your very presence was giving them support. >> you were proud of the crowd as well. >> i was a journalist. they were screaming in my face. >> i was a citizen standing there yelling. i feel we're getting sidetracked. >> this is the problem of a mob. it absolves people of their moral kul beability. you're just one person. >> people who had physical confrontations with police officers should be held accountable for that. . >> do you think the leaders who made promises they cooperate keep, there will be evidence that they could change the election, do you think they bear responsibility. >> no, i don't. they created a grassroots movement that was stop the steal. i realized i had been addicted
3:58 am
to politics. i had created this reverence for the leaders of stop the steal, which is more than ironic looking back. helping prevent a second civil war. and this is just -- >> he's writing a book he says will help people month got addicted to trump the way we did. we followed him around a trump rally to see if he could felt through. >> are you a patriot? i know you don't remember me. i saw you several times last year. it's like a drug because i'm going to get a patriotic t-shirt. >> he thought he would get ridiculed by his allies. >> my book is about all the stuff that i saw at all the stop the steal rallies. >> did you contact the fbi? . >> not yet. >> he's a fed. >> i get that a lot. . >> because it's true. >> cnn? >> yeah. >> that is the definition of big news. i don't care about your book and i prefer you just go.
3:59 am
>> how did that go? . >> wow. >> are they in the cult? >> first of all, their demeanor and the way that by my flag and by cnn how they were just completely triggered. i guess i feel like i'm going to take incoming fire from both sides as the marketing continues. >> and you just switched from the cult to being a grister. >> i'm losing money by doing this honest there i. i could have a great business career by doing something else. i don't have a big political message i'm trying to promote. i'm not trying to make money. if i make money, that's cool. >> if you're not here to make a political point, what's your point at all? >> my point is i'm doing this to look out for people. people on the stop the steal adj journey lost their jobs, estranged from their family. don't get so caught up you are
4:00 am
not making your own decisions anymore. >> so the realest moment i had is when we were at the trump rally. it felt like we had a mutual understanding whatever their differences, things had gotten really intense out there. >> elle, what a report taking us into his mind-set. it is so essential. great report. thank you. and "new day" continues right now. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. it is thursday, february 10th. i'm john berman alongside brianna keilar. we do begin with breaking news. staff members at the white house residence discover wads of printed paper in a clogged toilet and believe that former president trump was trying to flush documents. that and other explosive revelations in a new book by "new york times" washington correspondent and cnn correspondent maggie haberman. we have been waiting with baited


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