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tv   New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  February 12, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PST

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6:00 on this saturday. good morning to you. welcome to your "new day." i'm christi paul. >> and i'mfit mattingly. >> u.s. officials are warning vladimir putin could decide to invade at any time amid rising tensions. >> and disappearing mandates. governors across the country ending school and indoor mask mandates, the data behind the decision and which states are keeping them at least for the time being. and not backing down. canadian protesters blocking a
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critical supply route to the u.s. are now defying a judge's order and could be forcibly removed. "new day" starts right now. ♪ we're always so grateful to have your company on this saturday, february 12th. thank you for waking up with us. good morning to you, phil. >> good morning, christi. it's not a slow day. >> it's a packed one. let's start with the crisis in ukraine. the state department is warning all nonemergency staff to leave kyiv. they're urging all americans to get out of the country. >> we encourage all american citizens who remain in ukraine to depart immediately.
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we want to be crystal clear on this point. any american should leave as soon as possible. if you stay, you are assuming risk with no guarantee there will be any other opportunity to leave and no prospect of a u.s. military evacuation in the event of a russian invasion. >> grave warning from the national security adviser. secretary of state antony blinken is warning that a russian invasion could take place at any team, even when the ee olympics are going on in beijing. >> we're covering this story only as we can. nic robertson joins us from moscow. sam kiley live for us live from kiev, ukraine. sam, i want to start with you. talk to us about the situation, what it's like in ukraine right now following this call for citizens to leave and the
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warning that russia could launch an invasion at any time. >> reporter: well, christi, the atmosphere is one of a high temp. plans are in place for mass evacuation. they would hope to evacuate close to half the city, roughly 4 million people in total. on top of that, they're reopening the soviet-era bomb shelters that were originally built for protection in the event of nuclear war with nato, now-to-for provection in the event of a war with russia. and there are communication systems in place back up, other systems. it's only 30 miles from the
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russian border where the russians have elite forces on the other side massing close to the border, potentially on the invasion route. that was a concern expressed by ukrainian president zelensky at the end of january. the atmosphere is one of tension. they're rushing out, rebuilding tanks, training the home guard and reservists. they haven't called them up. there isn't a sense of mass panic. there isn't a sense in the strange way the reaction of the united states and britain, both of whom are drawing down their embassies down to getting rid of all nonessential staff, essentially skeletal staff along with a number of other countries including japan, south carkorea new zealand, and others, telling them to get out on the next
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flight. they're still saying there's plenty of space still for a diplomatic solution here. they are very much focused on some of the efforts being made by the french president who's due to speak with russia president vladimir putin later on today. this may be a degree of hoping against hope because, of course, ultimately teen 200,000 troops that ukrainians have here will be overmatched by the sheer firepower potentially of the russians should it come to that. >> nic, sam gets at this, but the contrast between how ukraine's posture has been with the u.s. or the west's posture has always been noticeable, but the tempo has been jarring. president biden and vladimir putin are set to speak by phone later today. this is after blinken speaks with lavrov. these seem like two pretty sig informant calls. what are you expecting out of
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your report? >> i don't think question expect much of a change with blinken and the foreign minister for a couple of reasons. we know from antony blinken he plans to present to sergey lavrov two choices. there are things that are possible to discuss there, and if russia chooses the other track, there will be very heavy sanctions. there will be a reiteration of that. it's worth pointing out russia's prime minister probably doesn't have a huge amount of influence inside the kremlin. the person who has a lot of influence there, the defense minister, sergei shoigu met with the british prime minister yesterday. if there was going to be a diplomatic message that was going to get through to president putin other than a direct phone call, that was probably going to be it, and
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that was a pretty frosty meeting yesterday between the two secretaries. the phone call between president biden and president putin, it's not clear there are many diplomatic strands that can be pushed forward at the moment. i say that because right now it's understood that putin is due to have a call with president macron of france. essentially the western diplomacy so far is failing, and that was a reference directly to president macron's visit here at the beginning of the week, and the sit-down he had, the long conversation with president putin, more than five hours of talks, various ideas put on the table. but the russians' conclusion appears to be that track did not work. it's not clear what avenueses are open at the moment, other than restating what's been stated to the russian leadership very clearly that if you invade,
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there are going to be huge consequences. phil? >> yeah. what shifts the dynamic. that's the big question as president biden faces probably his most significant phone call so far. nic robertson, sam kiley, two of the best in the business. now to the growing domestic headwinds. new poll numbers show an increasing number of americans are dissatisfied with the president's performance since taking office particularly when it comes to the economy. >> inflation just hit a 40-year high, up 7.5% just over the last 12 months. cnn's jasmine wright is live at the white house for us. listen, jasmine, the president has a full plate, but this is one of those things, too, where people are sitting at home watching very hard. >> reporter: that's right, christi. the president had little to celebrate in this latest cnn poll. his first step in his response was really to show compassion,
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trying to show the american voters that he understands how inflation hurts them day in and day out, and, second, it was really to show that his administration, trying to message that his administration is trying to do everything that it can, utilizing every tool it can to help american voters, but we learned quite a few things in thiscnn poll that's the president's not in favor of. it's going to be a big consideration for them when it comes to the midterm elections, and his poll numbers right now are slipping ochltown screen you see that. 37% approve. he's under water there. so the president attached with that reality in addition to what we also learned, there is a lack of enthusiasm when it comes to democratic voters heading into the fall, the midterm season. they really create a grave reality for both the president
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and his party. now, this week in an interview he was asked how long he thought inflation would be around, and he said he thought it would come down soon. take a listen. >> according to nobel laureates, 14 of them who contacted me, and a number of corporate leaders, it's going to start tapering off as we go through this dwreer. in the meantime i'm going to do everything in my power to deal with the big points that are impacting most people and their homes. >> reporter: now, phil and christi, i have to point out this comes after biden initially thought inflation would peak in december. of course, that did not happen. and that phrase that he said, "in the meantime," that's what we have to look at. that's where the messaging comes in where he shows compassion and understanding, but the reality, phil and christi, there's not a lot that the president and presidents before him can do to tackle inflation, so that is a
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very, very hard place to be in as the midterms grow closer and closer. phil, christi? >> jasmine wright, we appreciate it so much. thank you, ma'am. let's talk to nicholas wu. he's the congressional reporter for "politico" now talking all things president biden. nicholas, it's good to have you with us this morning. i want to jump on the portion jasmine was talking about, the inflation and the president's response to that. 18% of americans say they have a lot of confidence in the president's ability to deal with the economy. that was the number this week. 18%. what do you think has been the embrace or not to the americans' response. >> the concern for the administration is what steps they're actually able to take to alleviate more of these
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pocketbook-type issues. we saw president biden talk about the things that his administration could do. but democrats i talked to on the hill really point to elements of the democratic agenda that are stalled out now. the build back better plan has been tamped down due to inflation. the tools they have in their toolbox to fix this is pretty limited, and this is an issue that carry as great deal of political risk. you might remember the scene where josh lyman digs himself into a hole. this may be a problem for democrats heading into the midterms. the question is whether or not they're going to be able to convince the american people that they've dealt with inflation enough to try to keep them in the majority. >> with the president's numbers what they are as jasmine just highlighted, 37% approve, 62% disapprove, what does history tell us about how the presidents' approval numbers will bleed over into democrats
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and the party as a whole, particularly as we head into midterms? >> regardless of the year, regardless of who is in office, if the president's approval rating dips below, say, 40%, it really ends up being a drag on the party in power heading into the midterm election since a lot of people end up seeing the -- you know, the election for their local representative or senator as a referendum, really, on the president's leadership rather than a referendum on members of congress. the prevailing political wisdom is that as the president's approval rating dips lower, this could lead to a wave election where you will see massive losses for the party power. one of the issues that may give him -- i don't know, may give him a little bit of leeway here
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is when it comes to a supreme court pick. we understand that the president is going to be taking more face- face-to-face -- or conducting more face-to-face interviews with the viable contenders for the supreme court nomination. that could be happening as soon as next week. he has four picks he's seriously looking at. how much of a boost could that supreme court pick be to turning some of the numbers around right now? >> it's certainly something that could help democrats and in particular help shore up constituencies, black women among them. president biden wants to pick a black woman for the supreme court. the thing is, though, when it comes to an election, the supreme court always ends up being a little bit of a wash because, yes, this is something that energizess democrats, but t
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will fire up republicans as well. look at what happened with amy coney barrett two years ago. this was seen as a big midterm election year fight that could boost republicans. trump and others saw it that way. of course, trump still lost the election. >> with that said, when we look at the investigation into former president trump and his handling of documents in the final days of his administration, of course, learning that the former president often ripped up pages, maybe flushed them down the toilet when he was done reading them, do these revelations have any impact on the january 6th committee, how they're going to move forward, what kind of information they're going to be able to get, and at the end of the day, how public, what they find, will be and whether that will impact midterms, this whole january 6th committee? >> the jury's kind of out on how much these new revelations and
3:16 am
documents will affect the january 6th committee without knowing what sort of documents the former president was potentially tearing up or flushing down the toilet or taking with him to mar-a-lago. these could be just relatively mundane things. they could be, say, his correspondence with kim jong-un. who knows. they could try to recover this and rebuild the whole picture here. the thing is with the january 6th committee, they're trying to build a timeline with what happened, and these documents could be key to that, depending on what they are. as to whether this could impact the midterms, the committee has denied there's a political motivation behind what they're doing. they're not just looking at the calendar. they want to hold public hearings this spring with a report coming sometime later in the year. regardless of what -- of the
3:17 am
timing of this, i mean, this is something that will come heading into a midterm year and will probably paint a very unfl unflattering portrait of the former president. it will be up to the american people to determine whether or not this is something that they want to make an election issue. democrats certainly seem like they might want to make it more. >> nicholas wu, boy, we appreciate you, rapidfire, getting through all of those questions this morning. there's so much to talk about. thank you. >> thank you so much. still ahead, as co-vlade cases decline, states across the country are rolling back mask mandates, but is it too soon, and are people getting mixed going add ups from officials? plus, a potential showdown along the u.s./canadian border after truckers and protesters are refusing to back down. now officials are warning them the consequences will be severe. we'll have a live update coming up next.
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a growing number of states are planning to end their indoor mask mandates as the rates drop significantly. the cdc is planning to drop its guidance for all americans. they say people should continue wearing masks in high areas of transmission. that's about 99% of the counties. >> only about 27% of the boost ed population had received the booster. >> reporter: from coast to coast governors are rolling back their mask mandate. according to analysis, only these six states including puerto rico and washington, d.c. have these in place. that leaves washington, puerto
3:23 am
rico, and washington, d.c. with no plans on when they'll end their mask mandate. school classrooms have moved toward ending mask mandates or expect to do so by the end of march. however, local governments and school districts are still free to make masks a must even after mandates are lifted. >> this is their right. so what i would like to see is to make it easier for individuals to protect themselves. and so what does that mean? that means basically making a high-quality mask like the n95 mask as available as toilet paper and soap. >> reporter: when making their decision, they're looking at hospitalization numbers. some worry that they could be falling behind. >> right now we've got the state
3:24 am
saying one thing and the cdc saying they're looking at this again, and that's just not enough. >> reporter: the doctor urging the cdc to issue masking guidance. >> my patients every dame come to me and say, well, i'm hearing this and i'm hearing this from a local town agency, and i don't know what to do. it's damaging to the trust and psyche. >> reporter: also losing the masks, amazon. they announced fully vaccinated, weers can go maskless. the new policy does not apply to ton vaccinated or those working in the few states where masking indoors remains in place, for now. polo sandoval, cnn, new york. joining me now to talk about this is a pediatric surgeon at
3:25 am
columbia university center. thank you very much for joining us. i think polo's piece really gets to this. we've been dealing with it. across the country you have local mask mandates that are going away. the mandates haven't changed. what advice would you give someone in an area with high rate of transmission but no mandate on masking? >> no matter what i think, right, this is happening, and you hit the nail on the head right there by talking about what the local transmission rate is. that's the key. people need to really look at what their local rates of infection are, what their local rates of positive tests are in combination with the vaccination rates. it is different for something living in plaem. rates barely hovering at 60%.
3:26 am
other states like new york and nnch new jersey are approaching 95%. it's important to pay attention to pay attention to vaccinated around your kids, asking kids to mask if they're indoors in classrooms, and be aware of what's happening with infection rates around you, and put in place all of those protective measures if the infection rates are high. if it's lower, it's not unreasonable to move toward loosening some of these restrictions because we have to start living in a world where we ramp up protections when we need them and we have an off-ramp when cases are lower. >> this isn't a monolithic moment. communities are different, holidays are different, states are different. but it's also a moment where the
3:27 am
population is ready to move on. people are tired of everything despite the fact that more than 2,000 people are dieing on a daily basis at this point, but it gets to the political/exhaust plan at this time where it's response tobl shift it where people may be more broadly. >> absolutely. and people need to plan for the next step. i think a huge part of the issue is not having a next step, and i think across the country, case rates are still high enough. positivity rates even in the best areas still are above 5%. we really want them lower than 5% to feel comfortable, but within the next couple of weeks, you know, case numbers have been dropping so precipitously. by the end of the month, a lot of places will be very ready to have much more liberal freedom and not masking and really
3:28 am
seeing some of these protections. so the cdc really does need to give that next step to people so they understand what they should be looking for, what is the cdc recommending people pay attention to, and when might we move forth from this. we've got to have a next step. we've got to be getting there because case rates are dropping so, so much. people are looking to the cdc as they have been toward providing the next step. if they don't, they should look to their local and regional government. >> when it comes to kids -- look, i've got three young kids, i live in a perpetual state of confusion and reading guidelines i generally don't understand. you talk about the next step. what's your plan with regard to kids, classrooms, masks, and what should happen? >> as you say, it should depend on your area. but if you're in an area that is
3:29 am
relatively well protected, your district or your school has a reasonable vaccination rate, your case rates are coming down, then, yes, districts, i think, can move forward with lifting mask mandates and going without in the coming weeks. i strongly urge parents, families who are in areas of high case numbers who haven't gotten their eligible kids vaccinated to go ahead and get them vaccinated. that is another really important step for families to take, to feel comfortable releasing these mask mandates, to give kids more freedoms. our 5- to 11-year-olds are still only at 23% in terms of the vaccination rate across the country. and 12 to 17-year-olds are 50% vaccinated. we have a lot of room toward working to get them vaccinated.
3:30 am
>> the tools exist. if there's one thing so clear about this moment compared to the last two years, the tools expect. dr. sousannah hills, thank you for your time and perspective. >> thank you so much, phil. a judge orders trucker-inspired protesters to back down after days of blocking the u.s./canadian border. why some say if the demonstrations do not end soon, they could cripple the u.s. auto industry specifically. not only do centrum multltigumms taste great. they help support your immune defenses, too. because a healthy life. starts with a healthy immune system. with vitamins c and d, and zinc. gettg out there has never tasted so good. try centrum multigummies. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health.
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so we're now hours after a judge ordered them to clear out proechlt testers are still blocking traffic at the busiest international area, there are cities along the u.s./canada boarder that are preparing for what they believe are going to be even more disruptions.
3:35 am
>> christi, the border blockage is going to take a toll on supplies. they're fighting mask mandates in canada and the u.s., but it has since become a protest of just about all of covid-19 health restrictions. miguel marquez is there live. you look cold. what are you seeing on the ground right now? >> reporter: right now it is a much reduced presence here by protesters here. there are about 70, 75 vehicles here over the last couple of days, overnight since that order went into effect. there's about 50 vehicles at this point, but, you know, i spoke to some of the folks here, if we can just show you what's happening here at the foot of the ambassador bridge. there's a handful of people. they're staying warm. look, they feel like they're on the right side of history like
3:36 am
both sides feel over this stuff. they want all of those coronavirus restrictions to go including mask and vaccine mandate. doug ford says there's now an emergency order at the state level or provincial level, and it's time for these protesters to go. >> you're rightr right to make political statement does not outweigh the political state of people to face chaos in their own homes. so let me be as clear as i can. there will be consequences for these actions, and they will be severe. >> reporter: they are talking about very severe reaction and fines and jail time, towing their vehicles, taking their
3:37 am
licenses away, as well as arrests and all the court proceedings. my sense is in the next hours ahead, hours and days ahead, you're going to see police ratchet up the tension here for the protesters to go. many say they're not leaving no matter what, but we have seen some already overnight. it's also going to get much, much colder. it's cold now. it's going to get much colder in the next few days ahead. it may be difficult for protesters to stay out here just by mother nature having her vote in it. >> it's something officials on both sides of the border have been watching very closely. miguel marquez, you've been doing great reporting, thanks so much. still ahead, one-on-one with three-time gold medalist shaun white. the snowboarder opening up with his emotional good-bye to the winter gameses.
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3:43 am
their power to not allow this to taint the rest of the games. they're talking about the 15-year-old kamila valiyeva. it says the court will have a videoconference on sunday for the ioc and the anti-doping agency who has chose ento lift her suspension for a banned suss sentence. that allowed her to compete at these olympic games. the court says it plans to have a decision. she skated in the team event which took place on monday. they won the gold. it was u.s. taking silver. medals for that event still have not been handed out to any of the athletes who competed. 16 years after his olympic debut, shaun white put a bow on
3:44 am
his iconic revolutionary career. three gold medals to his name. we talked about his emotional ride just a little bit ago. >> it's been far more emotional than most just because i knew this was the last. i remember sliding into the bottom and just this rush of relief and then seeing all my competitors lined up with really kind words to say to me, and i just broke down. i couldn't handle it. >> nice setup. >> the snow is falling. we're on a snow globe here. a career spanning 20 years. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> if you could is describe the evolution of your career in terms of your hairstyles. >> oh, boy. >> how would you do that, shaun? >> i don't know. i remember being a kid and it was either ricky martin or somebody started blowing up, something started to spike their hair and "bleacher report" the tips or frost them, and i
3:45 am
remember being like, i can't do that, i'm not into it. and that's when i decided to be different and grow my hair out and it became a signature thing, long red hair. it's a funny story. i was in las vegas and bumped into carrot top, the come meade yan. it was so funny. he said something to me and i said, yeah, i'm thinking about cutting my hair. he was like the ghost of christmas future. said, look, there's still time for you. i'm stuck like this. you've got to change. i went -- i didn't tell anyone, no sponsors, parents, friends. i cut my hair and posted it on my instagram and i was kind of in this place like you won't be recognized without your hair, you know, you have to keep it. i was like i don't have to do -- you know. >> it's my hair. >> totally. i cut it. after that it's been fun. so much less work, you know.
3:46 am
>> yeah. shaun donated that hair to charity. he lived that long dream to the 35-year-old man who's helping to shape dreams of the next generation. what's next for him? we're going to see his name on the slopes in terms of white space, his apparel and equipment line. >> best of luck to him. great interview. i haven't heard carrot top in a long time. that was taking me back. coy wire, thank you so much. >> thanks, coy. the countdown is on to super bowl sunday. we're going to tell you everything you need to know about the big game as the cincinnati bengals investigate r ready to go ahead against the los angeles rams.
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i know you've been waiting for it, if not the game, food. it's coming this sunday. it's going to be a big one. the cincinnati bengals -- i'm an ohio girl -- playing the los angeles rams in l.a., phil. >> both of us are ohioans. i don't know. i can't figure out my team. the browns or the bengals. we're from different parts of the state. we'll take credit for it. it's joe burrow, clearly.
3:52 am
andy scholes is right in the middle of it all. >> we're just a day away now from super bowl lvi here in los angeles and it's certainly a game no one predicted. the cincinnati bengals were the worst team in the nfl two years ago. with that worst record comes the first pick in the draft, and that's how they landed quarterback joe burrow. still even with burro, the bengals had a 120-1 odds for winning. they've been underdogs for all but one of their playoff games. their slogan before has been "why not us," but they've since changed it to "it is us." >> it was "why not us." you can only ride that wave for only so long. got tired of the underdog role. we deserve to be here.
3:53 am
>> unlike the bengals, the rams are full of veteran stars an were in the super bowl just three years ago. their superstar sam darnold was on the team. he says he wants a super bowl title more than anything. >> in eight years i accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. one thing i feel i'm lacking is being a world champion. it would be a goal i've been chasing and trying to accomplish. i would be able to check that off and feel like there's nothing in the league i didn't accomplish that i didn't want to accomplish. it will mean a lot. >> be sure to tune in this afternoon for "kickoff in los angeles" this afternoon on cnn. the rams are four-point favorites for super bowl lvi. one of my favorites is what's
3:54 am
going to be the first song played during the halftime show. the two favorites right now, "california love" and "the next episode." >> yeah, i could see that. i feel like the halftime show is every mixed tape c.d. i had in high school and college. it's going to be pretty great. tomorrow i should also note, which is a problem for ohioans visiting" could be the hottest super bowl on record. >> meteorologist allison chinchar is live in the cnn weather room. what are the odds, allison. >> they're pretty high. they're keeping tour ifrts in mind. that was written into the advisory that they wanted people who were unfamiliar with heat like this this time of year to take that into consideration just because of how hot it's going to be. it's not just this weekend. it's been hot the last few days.
3:55 am
take a look at some of the daily records that have already been broken. these were broken on friday, palm springs hitting 93, breaking their record, santa ana at 88. that's going to continue for the weekend. for today, the high temperature is expected to be about 83. similar temperature on sunday, 83, 84. the question is if it does hit that mark, where does it put the others in terms of it. the record is 84. we could not only tie that, but we will definitely place in the top five. >> all right. allison,ing thank you so much. a russian invasion could happen at any time, the state department warning americans to get out of ukraine now.
3:56 am
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good morning. welcome to your "new day." i i'm phil mattingly. >> i'm christi paul. there are high stakes talks set for this morning. mandates across the country. the data behind the decision and which states are keeping them for now. also, not backing down. canadian protesters are blki


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