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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  February 14, 2022 1:00am-2:01am PST

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good morning, everyone. it is monday, february 14th. it's valentine's day. it's 5:00 a.m. here in new york. thanks so much for getting an early start with us. i'm laura jarrett. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we begin with brand-new events at the olympics. kamila valieva is in following a test sample from december that showed traces of a banned performance enhancing drug. cnn sports analyst christine
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brennan live in beijing. christine, what was the basis for this ruling? >> basically, christine and laura, it was that she is a protected athlete as a minor, 15 years old, which is -- she gets a bit of a pass, so to speak, which, of course, people are furious about. and then also that she didn't have time, in the amount of time from the test on christmas day, december 25th, till it was found that it was a positive in early february during the games, she didn't have time to mount a defense, is what they said. now, you can imagine how this is being treated around the world by athletes who have spent their lives fighting for fair play and for doping to be eradicated and the anti-doping efforts are extreme. michael phelps, katie ledecky, michelle kwan fought their entire careers, how this is exploding and in a negative way. but that's the decision. she will skate, guaranteeing the
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story just moves on at a record pace for the women's short program tuesday. the women's long program thursday. she's expected to win the gold medal. that doesn't mean she'll keep it. there could very well be another hearing from the court of arbitration for sport on the issue, the merits of the case which could take months, and at some point a gold medal could be taken away as well as the team medal. but as of right now, she's in, she's skating and it's just going to be fascinating. >> i know. so, christine, valieva was a member of the russian olympic figure skating team. does it mean the team gets to keep its gold medal? >> right now they did. and again, i know this can be very confusing for people. they're two separate competitions, of course. the russians came in first in that team competition, u.s. second, japan third, canada fourth. and it is very likely that that will also be part of that new
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decision, the cass hearing that could take months. you could have a scenario where they could give out the medals here and then, say, june or july, as ridiculous as this sounds, a fedex box could appear at everyone's home with the medal. if, in fact, the russians -- not the rushed hearing we just had, a very small specific part of the case, the russians allowing her to compete. but the entire case if it's looked at of her positive test, then you could have those medals switching hands. and that happens in the olympics a lot. with urine tests examined later, they lose their medals, something arrives and they open a box on the kitchen table, yipee, i'm the gold medallist. which is unfortunate. the u.s. may well want to have that medal ceremony and accept the silver medal just so the athletes can have the experience, they can have the moment. >> right. >> knowing, in fact, while russia would then be on the top
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rung with the gold medal, knowing, in fact, someday in the next few months the results might change. that's the new development this morning as well. >> reminder, russia can't compete under its own flag because the doping is so endemic in its system. as a parent of a 15-year-old, the idea of a 15-year-old athlete testing positive for -- the whole thing is just wild. all right, christine, thank you so much. we'll talk soon. all right. we have new super bowl champs this morning. the l.a. rams rallying late for a true hollywood ending. coy wire has the hollywood bleacher report. he is live for us in beijing. coy, i'm sure you could feel it even there where you are. >> yeah, laura, i can attest for my first super bowl monday morning experience, there was still a buzz more than 6,000 miles away at the beijing games. really exciting game. rams having to overcome all kinds of adversity, star receiver odell beckham driver
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down, they had plenty of other big stars that could come through when it mattered most. rams down 20-16 in the first quarter. matthew stafford and the rams find a way to get the ball into the hands of cooper kupp. they cap it off with kupp's second touchdown of the night. he was named mvp of the game. but it was that monster aaron donald ceiling the deal. he would blast through that offensive line, forcing bengals quarterback joe burrow to throw it away on fourth and 1. burrow getting sacked a super bowl record seven times. rams win 23-20. aaron donald played all eight years of his career with the rams. if you want to know how difficult it is to climb to the top of the mountain in the nfl, pain, sacrifice, disappointment, you want to see how much it means to these players, watch aaron donald's reaction afterwards. >> i'm just so happy. i wanted this so bad. i dreamed this, man. i dreamed this. and it's like, it's surreal.
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look at this. look at this, man. i feel amazing. it's amazing. i feel great. >> those guys just did a great job. they took over that game, offensive line did a great job protecting. you knew we were pretty much throwing it. that second down and 2 run where cam made his first down to the 8 yard line is big. so many contributions about the team, i'm happy for the players. world champs, baby! >> rams fans celebrating in the streets of l.a. it's the team's first title in the 55 years they've been playing in the city of angels. and the fans, they're on cloud nine, baby. >> it was awesome, dude. i love the rams. i'm so happy they won. >> it's awesome, oh, my god. we needed this. you know, the pandemic brought us down so bad. people weren't even coming together. now we're together, we're happy and we can go on and still fight. thank you, rams. you know what, you guys worked
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really hard. >> what a season. capped off like that and, laura and christine, guess what, found some pizza and wings here in china, do super bowl monday proper. laura, i want to say to both of you, happy valentine's day from china. >> thank you very much. i'm glad you were able to get a taste of home there. appreciate it. >> pizza and wings. super bowl monday in china. all right, coy. all right, president biden now weighing in the lack of black head coaches in the nfl with nbc that aired during the super bowl. biden was asked whether the nfl should not held to a higher standard. >> well, i think it should be held to a reasonable standard. and, you know, the commissioner pointed out they haven't lived up to what they committed to, and haven't lived up to being open to hiring more minorities to run teams. whether or not, you know, goodell says they're going to take a look at whether they can
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meet the standard, and the standard was set by, you know, someone who said this is something we should do, think about it. i think the whole idea that a league that is made up of so many athletes of color as well as so diverse that there's not enough african american qualified coaches to manage these nfl teams? it just seems to me that it's a standard that they'd want to live up to. it's not a requirement of law, but a requirement i think of just generic decency. >> earlier this month the former miami dolphins head coach brian flores accused the nfl of racial discrimination in its hiring practices. there are currently only two black head coaches in the league. it was a legendary night at the super bowl in l.a. in more ways that one. some big names in hip-hop headlining the halftime show. perhaps the most talked about
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moment, though, during eminem's performance. ♪ >> there he is, you can see the rapper taking a knee in apparent show of solidarity, of course, with former nfl quarterback colin kaepernick to protest police brutality and other forms of social in justice. an nfl spokesman said reports that eminem kneeled in defiance of the league are false. he said they were aware he was going to do it. there had been reports they pushed back hard. he went ahead and did it anyway. >> overall a night of nostalgia. for '90s. >> '90s house party. >> go gen-x. just ahead, president biden pledging decisive action if
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you're not gonna get it all right, just make sure you nail the big stuff... like making sure your kids are in the right seat for their age and size. get it right at puti putin president biden assuring the president of ukraine that the united states will take swift and decisive action against russia if it moves ahead with an invasion. the two leaders spoke for about an hour on sunday. we have two reports for you this morning starting with cnn's sam kiley live for us in ukraine. sam, good morning, we understand president zelensky had some specific requests for president biden during their call. what more do you know? >> reporter: well, the swift and decisive action that the united states and, indeed, the united states allies and nato across europe have been talking about
1:15 am
is sanctions. now, in the past president zelensky asked for preemptive sanctions to prevent an invasion, saying that sanctions against russia that followed an invasion would be too little too late. now president zelensky is also asking for more lethal aid, 180 tons of ammunition did arrive from the united states in the last 48 hours. the united kingdom and united states have been supplying infantry-level armour killing missiles such as javelin. but they don't have any serious air defenses. they're very short, other than some stingers that have come in from lithuania on the ability to protect themselves against air assault. all of this adding up to what they essentially indicated since 2014 since the russian-backed invasion there of crimea and of the donbas region, pusilanimous reaction from the west. they are reluctant to supply lethal aid to ukraine.
1:16 am
they understand in ukraine they're going to have to fight their own war if it comes to it here because the only kind of nato deployment on the ground here has not only been ruled out, but britain, canada and the united states have all -- are withdrawing or have withdrawn the military training teams, relatively small numbers they had here to start with. but there were only 50 miles from a russian division of heavy armour, surface to surface missiles, tanks, many tens of thousands of infantry about an hour and a half's drive from here where i am in kyiv. you wouldn't know it, though, here in ukraine that there is a fear of invasion. that's because the president here, mr. zelensky, has been insisting that panic serves to reinforce the campaign strategy of the enemy and does nothing to reassure his own people. >> all right. sam kiley in ukraine for us this morning. thank you. so here in the u.s. a stark warning from national security adviser jake sullivan. >> we cannot perfectly predict
1:17 am
the day, but we have now been saying for sometime we are in the window and an invasion could begin, a major military action could begin by russia in ukraine any day now. that includes this coming week before the end of the olympics. the way they have maneuvered things in place makes it a distinct possibility that there will be major military action very soon. and we are prepared to continue to work on diplomacy, but we are also prepared to respond in a united and decisive way with our allies and partners should russia proceed. >> let's go to moscow. frederik pleitgen is there for us. fred, is there any sign the kremlin is interested in a diplomatic solution at this point? >> reporter: the kremlin says it is interested in a diplomatic solution. the chem lynn says the-- kremli says they are working with the united states to achieve a diplomatic solution. they feel the u.s. is not taking into consideration the demands the kremlin has made. the big thing that happened over
1:18 am
the weekend, christine, was the talk with president biden and russian president vladimir putin and the conversation they had, described as being businesslike. president biden saying the u.s. will move swiftly and decisively if there is a further invasion of ukraine. the russians for their part, and this came from a senior aide to vladimir putin after the call. his name is yuri ushikov, an air of hysteria, as he put it. that's what the russians keep saying. he said the russians obviously have put forward those demands to the united states, security demands as they call them, which include pulling out nato forces from eastern european countries. but especially, and this is really the core of things, not allowing ukraine to join nato and having written guarantees that's not going to happen. of course, the u.s. has rejected that outright. the russians are saying they want some sort of answer to those demands in written form, and they say they really haven't gotten that in a satisfactory
1:19 am
form yet. and so right now it certainly seems diplomacy is very difficult. at the same time, while the russians are saying they have no interest or no desire to invade ukraine, at the same time we just heard it there from the national security adviser the u.s. says the posture the russians currently have on the borders with ukraine is one that indicates that they could invade any time. and then also if you look at some of the things that are currently happening, certainly are things to take note of. there's gigantic military maneuvers going on now with russian and belarusian forces in belarus on the border with ukraine, and the black sea very close to ukraine as well. so the russians certainly doing some saber rattling there and apparently moving more forces toward the border with ukraine while at the same time they claim that they are still very much interested in diplomacy, and certainly want diplomacy to succeed, and saying that any sort of notion that they want to invade ukraine is, as they put it, hysteria despite the fact that you do have a very, very
1:20 am
large military force now right on the borders with ukraine, christine. >> fred, it's so interesting because the russian head game is that the u.s., nato and its allies are somehow the aggressor here. you look at the map and you can see where russian forces are amassed. and the demands from the russians, it's interesting because, you know, the russians sort of portray the u.s. as the aggressor here. but nato, you know, ukraine is not even close to being admitted into nato yet. that's something that's years away, isn't it, if we continue at this current pace. >> reporter: years away if at all. that's one of the things the u.s. and other nato members have been saying, that at this point in time, it's not only the fact that ukraine obviously has a territorial conflict going on on its territory. they have russian-backed separatist. no member will be admitted to nato if it has a territorial dispute or any sort of thing of that nature going on at the
1:21 am
present time that it wants nato membership. so right now it wouldn't even fulfill those criteria. at the same time also, the u.s. has said -- president biden has said ukraine is nowhere close to achieving member nato -- of even being in the realm of having that be a relevant discussion so you're absolutely right. it is not up for discussion right now. one of the things the russians have said, i think this is interesting, is they said they believe that de facto ukraine is already, as they put it, being put into the infrastructure of nato, with more nato forces conducting drills there, the u.s. and ukraine conducting -- a concern the russians put forward whether or not that's valid is obviously completely a different matter, christine. >> fred pleitgen for us. a lot to unpack there. thank you. nice to see you. >> yeah. just ahead how a flight attendant used a coffeepot to tame an unruly passenger. why some call this year's game the crypto bowl.
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more bad behavior in the unfriendly skies. an american airlines flight from los angeles to washington, d.c., diverted to kansas city on sunday because of an unruly passenger. eyewitnesses tell cnn the passenger attempted to get into the cockpit but he was subdued by several other passengers and the flight attendant used a coffeepot to hit him over the head. they landed safely and the person is in custody. a gallon of gas hit an eight-year high. some believe it is climb to an all-time high this year. cnn's gabe cohen has more on
1:27 am
this. >> reporter: add gas prices to the list of surging costs weighing on americans' wallets. >> the price has been a little bit more each time. >> reporter: the national average now around 3.44 a a gallon, up more than a dollar from a year ago, and the highest since 2014. >> it changes the way i pump gas. >> reporter: it's only getting worse approaching the national average of $4.11. do you think we could hit that record in the months ahead? >> i think we have a very good chance. >> reporter: it's an issue of supply and demand dating back to the start of covid. just look at this roller coaster chart of gas prices over time. in 2020 prices plummeted. americans weren't on the road. oil producers, including opec, cutback on investments and operations. they had nowhere to store extra oil. >> they laid off employees. they didn't work their rigs. >> reporter: when the vaccines rolled out, demand for fuel skyrocketed, more than experts expected. and the oil industry didn't have the supply. they are still playing catch up.
1:28 am
>> you can't just turn on a spigot. these are long-cycle projects. >> reporter: so gas prices have been surging for 14 months. only briefly dipping during omicron. demand is back at pre-pandemic levels, even aaa can't explain that. >> i'm trying to figure it out right now. >> reporter: the conflict on the ukrainian border is adding a new strain. russia is the world's second largest oil producer. if the crisis escalates, jpmorgan says oil prices could soar from $91 a barrel to 120. >> if we were to see russia potentially withhold energy exports, the question would be who could make up for that. >> we're working to bring gas prices down. >> reporter: it's a huge political problem for the biden administration, which says it's now engaging with oil producing countries to increase production, preparing to go after firms that manipulate prices, and considering dipping back into the strategic petroleum reserve. in november, they announced the release of 50 million barrels
1:29 am
from that supply. >> it resulted in very little -- more like negligible impact. >> at this price point you'll start to see more production come back. but there's still a gap that needs to be filled. >> reporter: one source of hope, new talks with iran over a nuclear deal. if that gets done, western companies could start buying more iranian oil. but as of now, oil prices are expected to keep rising for months, adding fuel to inflation on everything from groceries to store goods, and driving price hikes at the pump. >> it's not just my car. it's every single aspect of my life is impacted by gas prices. >> all right, gabe, thank you so much for that. up next, how the costly blockade at the u.s./canadian border was broken. and vice president kamala harris gets ready for a new overseas mission. that's next.
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one role of a sore throat. but she had enough. she took new mucinex instasoothe sore throat lozenges. show your sore throat who's boss. new mucinex instasoothe. works in seconds, lasts for hours. all right. new this morning, the ambassador bridge connecting windsor, ontario, to detroit has reopened. on sunday canadian law in forcement cleared out the protesters who blocked the major economic artery for days, costing workers and businesses tens of millions of dollars. it's a different story in canada's capital, ottowa, where this anti-government protest enters a third week of occupation. the mayor of ottowa says the truckers' leadership has agreed to urge drivers to remove their trucks from residential neighborhoods, at least. so, the anti-mandate sentiment that started these
1:35 am
blockades in the first place isn't just in canada. cnn's paula newton takes a look at the global impact of the so-called freedom convoy. >> reporter: jammed streets, blaring horns over the past few weeks, there has been a loud and clear message from freedom convoy truckers in canada and their supporters about their opposition to the government's covid-19 vaccine mandate and other health restrictions. a cacophony of horns resonating with protesters right around the world, and staged similar demonstrations over covid-19 restrictions over the weekend. a convoy of cars and vans in paris snarled traffic on the sham champs-elysees on saturday. they climbed on their vehicles after bypassing police checkpoints and defying a ban by authorities by entering the city center.
1:36 am
police eventually sprayed tear gas to disperse protesters who say they are opposed to the country's vaccine pass. some adding they are also upset over lower standards of living and inflation. one demonstrator described the convoy as something extraordinary. he says there was honking everywhere. we took the highway, people waved at us, volunteers were there with food and everything. in the netherlands a convoy of vehicles brought the haig city center to a brief stand still to protest coronavirus restrictions there. and police warned protesters they would be fined and arrested if they did not leave by mid afternoon. so the drivers withdrew. another so-called freedom protest happened in camber a, australia's capital. there weren't as many trucks, but shared sentiments with the truckers in canada. lines of vehicles rolled into new zealand's capital city last week, blocking streets near
1:37 am
parliament. some protesters setting up tents on the lawn in a mass camp-out to protest mask mandates and vaccine requirements for police and medical workers. >> we are here to ensure that the mandates are taken away. >> reporter: tell us about what's going on here. >> we might get food. ♪ >> reporter: officials in new zealand using softer tactics to try and get people to move on, playing songs from loudspeakers, like "you're beautiful" from james blunt, and disney movies, even barry manilow. but protesters say their spirits haven't dampened even in the rain. and after authorities turned sprinklers on them last week, local residents say they are losing patience with the disruption. >> destroying the grass, come oon >> it's a little bit annoying for us.
1:38 am
police are doing the best they can. >> reporter: jacinda ardern said it is a fringe minority. but the protests have been hard to ignore. paula newton, cnn. all right. new developments around the world in the fight against coronavirus in the u.s.. the fda has postponed its meeting of advisers are pfizer's vaccine for children under 5 saying more data is needed. south korea reporting more than 50,000 cases for the fifth day in a row as the omicron variant spreads fast across the nation. cases also skyrocketing in new zealand as protests against the vaccine mandate as you saw there are entering their second week. and in hong kong, hospitals are warning a new wave of cases is overwhelming their capacity. cnn's kristie lu stout is live in hong kong with more. kristie, where will hospitals go if they run out of space? >> reporter: that is the big question. that is why hong kong government officials recently went to shenzhen to ask mainland china
1:39 am
for help. here in hong kong, the health care system is being absolutely overwhelmed as the territory is being hit by a record surge of covid-19 cases. in the last few hours, we got the latest numbers. hong kong reporting over 2,000 new daily cases of covid-19, adding on top of that 4,500 suspected cases. that is a significant rise from the previous day. we have also learned that in terms of beds, hospital beds for covid-19 patients, they are at 90% capacity. over the weekend, it was on saturday, that was when hong kong government officials met with mainland chinese officials and they got a pledge of help from beijing saying they would help with testing, with treatment, with quarantine capacity. as for a time line when that help would arrive, that remains to be seen. late on sunday we heard from hong kong government officials, they said they plan to open up vaccination to children ages 3 and up. that to start from tuesday. and this is just grim because what you have are covid-19 cases exponentially rising despite the
1:40 am
already-in-place dynamic zero covid strategy, the strict controls in place here in the territory. back to you. >> kristie lu stout in hong kong. laura? >> this week a major diplomatic test for vice president kamala harris. she will attend the munich security conference meeting with u.s. allies all in the hopes of deterring russia from invading ukraine. cnn's jasmine wright joins us from washington. jasmine, what exactly is the vice president's mission on this trip? >> reporter: the trip will be all about reaffirming the u.s.'s commitment to nato, its partners and of course to ukraine. and it could not come at a more critical time. i could not emphasize that enough. we heard national security adviser jake sullivan saying we are well within a window of attack here. secretary of state antony blinken said it could come before the olympics sunday. it starts on friday. the vice president has a big task here, a very big diplomatic test as you said.
1:41 am
so white house officials tell me that she will be meeting in-person, one on one on the side lines with allies. that is one of the great things about this conference, how many groups a principal can meet with. of course, she will be giving remarks, really reaffirming the u.s.'s commitment to nato, to its allies abroad and ukraine and ukraine sovereignty. that is a big deal. and now the vice president's trip will fit within this full-court press from administration officials, from the president himself, all trying to deter russia from invading ukraine. here on friday she will be in the thick of it. now, this will follow. of course, the president's own engagement, we know that he talked to russia's president putin over the weekend. and while at camp david as well. he spoke with president zelensky of ukraine, really trying to reaffirm once again the u.s.'s commitment to ukraine, to its ideals, in this really heightened tension moment. >> it is an interesting move to have her go. she's tried to sort of carve out
1:42 am
space for herself in different areas, trying to -- on the immigration front, in other ways. some of these foreign trips have been a little bit tough, i think, on her, it's fair to say. this is a chance for her to show off her foreign policy chops. >> reporter: that's exactly right. that the one of the things sources close to her told me. just in the beginning of her tenure, that she wanted to really beef up those foreign policy chops. we know, of course, during the senate she was on the senate intel committee. and before that she was attorney general. she focused on transatlantic crime. she's only been in d.c. four years before taking this new job. she has not met with the amount of foreign leaders other vice presidents have. in this role, when you talk to her own aides, she says this will be, one, her fifth trip abroad as you said. she's met with dozens and dozens of foreign leaders at this point, with the president's encouragement, trying to shore up. this is a conference president
1:43 am
biden, then senator and also vice president went to himself. this is really just another data point of the fact that he seems to be trying to push her to places, do things that he did as vice president, also that she's accepting that challenge, really trying to beef up in this area that we haven't seen her super publicly engage with, but this will be the chance really for her to go out and put forth those american policies. of course, she'll be watched very, very closely while she is in munich. la laura? >> certainly more high pressure in the thick of it. jasmine, thank you for your reporting. this morning hollywood is remembering hollywood producer ivan reitman, known for come difficulties in the '80s, like "ghostbusters." >> get her! >> that film earned nearly $300 million, nabbed two oscar nominations and a veritable franchise.
1:44 am
>> ah, thanks. i needed that. >> reitman's first big break was national lampoon's animal house he produced. his children say he passed away at his home in california. ivan reitman died at 75. big talent. >> watching him down that bottle was making me sick at 5:00 in the morning, though. all right. love roses for valentine's day, everyone does. but you got to hate those prices. that and other thorny issues next. >> well done. the cryptocompany spending millions at this year's super bowl. >> the power of social investing.
1:45 am
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a rose by any other price would smell as sweet. this valentine's day we're talking about the rising cost of affection. here's cnn's lynda kinkade. >> reporter: the classic red rose, a symbol of romance and a staple of valentine's day around the world. but this year because of covid-19 and supply chain issues, florists are facing some thorny issues, like price increases. according to the society of american florists, in some areas the cost of valentine's day roses is as much as 60% higher than their everyday price. but that increase can vary based on location. shipping and increased labor costs have driven up the price, which florists pass on to the consumer. >> the higher prices are double,
1:50 am
double from last spring. >> reporter: despite the high prices, people are still buying. sales of valentine's day flowers, candies and cards in the u.s. are expected to rake in $24 billion this year, according to the national retail federation. just two years ago, flower growers in the netherlands, the world's biggest flower exporter, were destroying their stems because of a lack of demand. many florists around the world temporarily closed their business because of covid lockdowns. but the industry is blooming once more. weddings are back on and florists say people send flowers as a way of keeping in touch during the pandemic, and that hasn't slowed down. flower growers in colombia who primarily sell to the u.s. say the biggest challenge this year is keeping up with demand. >> translator: the difficulties have been huge. the main thing has been to protect the health of the
1:51 am
workers. and on the other side, the logistical problems, the lack of aerial transport. >> reporter: experts say it's best to be flexible when shopping for flowers this year. >> there is a shortage, i understand, with white flowers and roses and whatnot. but there are other products and other floral products that are readily available and abundant. >> reporter: as shakespeare wrote, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. this year consumers might have to look to other options if the price of the perfect red rose is too dear. lynda kinkade, cnn. >> linda, thank you for that. if the prices of roses is too steep for you, here's another way to your valentine's heart. a french fry scented perfume. treats by idaho is said to smell like fries in all their greasy salty spoon. sounds good. they say it is too good to resist, and so apparently is the price. less than $2 for a 1.7 ounce bottle. you'll pay more at wendy's or
1:52 am
mickey d's. >> i used to work at a pizza place. i don't want be to smell like the grease trap at the burger joint. let's get a check of cnn business this morning. global stock market to start the week. two factors. rate hikes are coming and fears of a potential russian invasion in europe. look at paris. frankfurt, london. europe has opened sharply lower here. wall street stock index futures also leaning down here. the russia factor at play friday in the stock market, stocks fell and oil rose, zeroing in on 100 bucks a barrel. wall street dropped sharply right after the white house told americans to leave ukraine immediately. oil price near eight-year highs. russia is the world's second largest producer of both oil and natural gas. u.s. crude prices rose about 3.5%, briefly hitting above $94 a barrel the first time since
1:53 am
2014. high oil prices will drive up prices at the pump, of course, 7 year high and contribute to more inflation. more inflation news coming this week. producer price index, what companies pay, factory level is out tomorrow. in december it rose at the fastest annual pace per record. super bowl ads, along with snacks and cars and beer, this year crypto. >> it's ftx, the safe and easy way to get into crypto. >> i don't think so. i'm never wrong about this stuff, never. >> if you want to make history, you have to call your own shots. >> we going to the league. we're going to the league. >> share ideas. trade stocks. crypto and beyond.
1:54 am
in other words, the power of social investing. >> crypto currency trying to join the mainstream, shelling out the record $7 million record slots. ads by, superstar endorsements from lebron james and larry david. coin base ran that floating qr code. it was so popular it crashed the app. even non-crypto companies jumped on the blockchain like turbotax and bud light. >> the cheese correspondent has feelings on crypto. >> i do actually. sometimes they're always fads, you know. remember the dot-come boom. so many companies came and went. we'll see. i thought it was interesting, the stars who are powering up behind the crypto company. so we'll see. up next, rams quarterback matthew stafford's journey from detroit to super bowl champ. and new covid rules at america's largest employer, walmart. bloating,
1:55 am
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it is monday, february 14th, valentine's day. it's 5:00 a.m. exactly here in new york. thanks for getting an early start with us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. we begin, of course, with the
2:00 am
big game. for just the second time in franchise history, the rams are super bowl champions. l.a. rallying late to beat the bengals, andy scholes was there and joins us with this morning's bleacher report. all right, andy, did you get any sleep? were you out partying all night? >> no, i wasn't partying. i was working. i haven't gotten much sleep, but it was certainly worth it. i mean, super bowl lvi is going to go down as one of the best ever. it had it all. emotional lead changes, heartbreaking injury, an amazing halftime show. one of the best we've ever seen. of course, it had a fantastic finish. highlights, fourth quarter, rams down 20-16. matthew stafford putting together a 15-play 79-yard drive hitting cooper kupp for his second touchdown reception for the game. that put l.a. in the lead. joe burrow had a chance to go down to win the game, but aaron donald gets in here on fourth down forcing the incompletion. donald and


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