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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  February 20, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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what's so interesting between 1965 and 2013, the shelby v. holder decision that really takes away the teeth of the voting rights act, the democratic party is able to do and we see it most acutely with the rise of barack obama is to create a multiracial, multicultural coalition where you can win the presidency with a plurality of white voters and we saw obama do this in 2008 and 2012. >> all right. we'll be watching, because it is riveting. thank you so much for being with us. all-new cnn original series "lbj: triumph and tragedy." the "newsroom" continues right now with phil mattingly. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news -- you're live in the "cnn
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newsroom." i'm fit mattingly in for jim acosta. we begin with breaking news. u.s. officials have new intelligence adding to u.s. fears russia is readying for military action, this as president biden convened his national security council as the u.s. continues to war moscow could strike against ukraine at any moment and holds out hope diplomatic efforts will prevail. violence continues to escalate in parts of ukraine. more than 100 troop violations in the eastern part of the country recorded jut this weekend. stoking even more fears an invasion could be imminent. right now an estimated 190,000 russian personnel are in and around ukraine, including the breakaway regions in country's east. today top biden administration officials including vice president kamala harris warned europe hasn't faced this kind of threat since world war ii. >> we're talking about the potential for war in europe. i mean, let's really take a
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moment to understand the significance of what we're talking about. it's been over 70 years and through those 70 years, as i mentioned yesterday, there has been peace and security. we are talking about the real possibility of war in europe. >> we believe president putin has made the decision, but until the tanks are actually rolling and the planes are flying, we will use every opportunity and every minute we have to see if diplomacy can still dissuade president putin from carrying this forward. >> would we see tanks ruling in kyiv? >> you could see that. i mean, that's highly likely. you could see that. you could see a significant amount of combat power move very quickly to take kyiv. >> the highest stakes and a team of was of our team from washington to kyiv and in moscow, start with
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cnn's jim sciutto in ukraine. jim, u.s. officials have been very candid and forward about assessment where president putin stands at this moment in time. you have new roarty why they might be in that place right now. what is it jrt right. according to latest u.s. intelligence assessment orders have been sent to tactical commanders to proceed with an invasion of ukraine. this according to officials with direct knowledge of that intelligence reporting by myself and my colleagues natasha bertrand. could be clear, assessing intelligence like this, one of several indicators the u.s., u.s. military are up waing for indicators indicating to him an invasion is in its final stages of preparation. this is one of them. others they're looking for, for instance, electronic jamming of signals in this country, massive cyber attacks have not yet been observed. we should also note orders such as this that can be rescinded and throughout this conflict,
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disinformation has been part of the battle space, and it's possible that intelligence like this could be deliberate, perhaps intended to mislead. that said, it's important because we have heard from the president, the secretary of state, the vice president, the defense secretary in recent days saying that it is their view, it is the u.s. view, that putin, that russia, has made the decision to invade. we've heard that first from president biden on friday. sense then heard it echoed by vice president harris in munich, antony blinken today. tony blinken saying in his words that the russian playbook, the invasion playbook, is in his words moving forward. so, again, the new intelligence that orders have been sent to tactical commanders to proceed with the invasion, this is an important indicator, but other indicators, the u.s. is still looking for that would indicate to them this is set to happen. phil? >> yeah. such a dynamic situation flushing out why you've seen the president get so far there.
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and over to arlette saenz at the white house. the president convened his security council for a lengthy meeting that now ended. earlier the president considered traveling to will mington delaware. now reluctant to go. what do you hear about the decision not to go to wilmington and more broadly what happened today at the national security council meeting? >> reporter: a lot of whiplash when it comes to president biden's schedule. 2:38 this afternoon the white house said he would be traveling up to wilmington, delaware, abrupt change. the later a little over an hour, the white house said that that plan was because of president was going to travel for a family-related matter but now decided to stay here in washington. now, this all follows that very rare sunday meeting that president biden held with his national security council in the situation room as they discussed
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the next steps regarding russia and ukraine. a short while ago the white house release add photo of that meeting and you can see top cabinet officials like defense secretary lloyd austin, secretary of state antony blinken also national securitied a visor jace ke sullivan and slightly pictured treasury secretary janet yellen. playing an important role if the united states moved forward with sanctions after an ainvasion. the white house working on for days and weeking crafting a package to implement. they've come under scrutiny. president zelensky believes the sanctions to be implemented before an invasion. the white house and top officials defended waiting need to act as a deterrent to russia and not have those off the table or have president putin plan for that.
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we're learning president bush is set to speak with french president emmanuel macron this afternoon. that follows back-to-back phone calls macron had with both putin and zelensky as he's looking to chart a diplomatic path forward. even as the u.s. continues to warn that russia could invade ukraine at any moment, there is still a glimmer of hope for diplomacy. secretary of state antony blinken told our colleague dana bash earlier today that president biden would be willing to speak with president putin at any time, and in any format, if it could avert and invasion of ukraine. of course, that window is quickquick narrowing. officials warn russia could attack at any time. >> in that picture, cnn director, her nameplate and top intelligence adviser. it's clear the entire team was there. a very serious moment. thanks. over to jill. on the ground in moscow. we've heard so much from u.s. officials over the course of the
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last several days. less from russian officials. we did see today that russian troops will remain in belarus, past what had been the end time for the exercises going on there. what are you hearing on the ground in moscow? >> reporter: i think, phil that is probably the most significant thing militarily, but just the latest from moscow is that the united states and the city issued a security advisory for u.s. citizens saying, and citing media sources. not clear exactly those would be russian, of course. saying there could be attacks, threats of attacks, on shopping centers, metro stations, railways, et cetera, to be very careful. and also obviously along that border between russia and ukraine. now, they do say you should avoid crowds, core your i.d. and significant he have, as they say, an evacuation plan that doesn't rely on the united states personnel at the embassy,
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because as we know, the embassy really has been decimated during this diplomatic standoff with russia. there are almost no people who can provide consular services. essentially, americans should make their own plans. not saying anything, to leave, but what they're saying is, because of the potential for some type of attacks, that americans should be very, very careful. and then getting back to that military part you were talking about, phil that is very important. the gigantic military exercises that belarus and russia were holding along that northern border of ukraine were ending, but then they announced the troops would be staying. why? because they say that the instability, the aggravations of the situation in donbas, the russian-speaking area in the eastern part of ukraine, along that border with russia. and speaking of that, we've had
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continuing video on russian tv and cnn's reporting of people loading up women and children, loading up on buses and going off to russia. so at this stage, you know, a diplomatic track, but i think arlette covered that quite well, and it does not seem to be leading to anything specific, at least at this point. >> yeah. certainly no signs of de-escalation. jill dougherty in moscow, jim sciutto on the ground in ukraine, arlette saenz at the white house. thanks so much. in eastern ukraine the buildup of troops on the border escalated tensions. a town was visited there. its name new york and he spoke with a family who fear a russian invasion is imminent. >> reporter: in a small town called new york in eastern ukraine, and a short flight for a mortar bomb from rebel territory -- lies this street. after eight years of war so close to the front line, homes
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here are almost worthless. these houses haven't been smashed by war. they've been destroyed by the poverty conflict brings. torn down and sold as recycled bricks and tiles locals tell us the houses sell for about $70. this is the end of the street. now, just down there is the checkpoint and beyond that is rebel-held territory. in the last hour or so we've heard at least eight explosions. [ explosions ] lily is 3. she's out amid the shelling with her mom lending a hand. playing with a family pup through a gate riddled with shrap until holes from a shell that landed before she was born. her parents tell her the latest barrage is thunder, but it is something to worry about.
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[ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: andrei is a rescue worker acutely aware of the surge in recent shelling. according to authorities at least 70 strikes along the front line that saturday. so what kind of life do you think your daughter's going to have? [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: the increased russian-backed rebel shelling that killed two government soldiers saturday is seen as a possible prelude to a russian invasion. perhaps along this very street. across the road maxim draws water from a women. this community is sliding back into the 19th century, and fear bears down on everyone. is there much shelling?
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[ speaking in foreign language ] you've had this for a long time. are you feeling frightened though, now? spf many living in ukraine's new york are trapped by these wartime blues. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: sam kiley, cnn, new york, ukraine. retired lieutenant general curtling joins us, former commanding general in europe and cnn military analyst. general hertling, things are moving fast now and feels like every 15 to 20 minutes we get a new element of this, but i want to pull back a little bit in the sense of, what are the stakes right now given how tense things have gotten from a broader perspective of things? >> well, first of all, phil, it's going to be very challenging within ukraine, as you just heard those residents
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of new york, ukraine talk about. they have been suffering through this on the eastern side of ukraine for the last eight years. what we may see soon is not just that small area of the donbas, but attacks into other areas both in the southeastern part and we're seeing ships cross underneath the cr cri mian and connecting the land bridge to russia and could see potential for a mountain assault to kyiv which would be, would have as a prelude either rocket artillery, ballistic missiles or aircraft, like we saw in the early stages's "desert storm" or "iraqi freedom" or the kinds of things the u.s. did, but you'll also see the asymmetric warfare pieces everyone talked about. cyber attacks.
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potential for sputnik forces and assassinations and attempts to replace government officials. aside from that small town you'll probably see an increasing humanitarian crisis as well as a refugee crisis in ukraine. citizens just trying to get out from underneath the artillery, the bombings, the rockets. because we all have seen over the last decade or so the russian military in does not pay a whole lot of attention to non-combatants. when they go in, it isn't just military targets they are striking. they have shown a proclivity to strike non-military targets putting great fear into the population of the various cities. all of those things will contribute not only to the initial reaction with ukraine, but then there's the follow-up of a potential insurgency, because ukrainian people have said, we're not going to allow russia to take us. we've admired our sovereign ten the last two, three decades. we want to stay a free and
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independent state and you ukrainian military has actually done, had a great deal of progress in reaching that stage. >> general, you heard jim sci sciutto's new reporting about intel russia is readying to an attack to some degree. somebody as a military commander on the ground, commanded large-scale units, what does it tell you that the u.s. is picking up some orders may have been delivered right now? does that mean things are imminent? part of disinformation? a lot of question as to what this intelligence could mean. what's your sense of things? >> yeah. truthfully, phil, a great question and no one asked asked me that question yet. it could mean, yes, following a playbook. yes, following a synchronization apex one occurring after another. jill's reporting about the embassy in moscow, could be attacks in moscow and st. petersburg. that wen issued by the russian government but by the american
1:17 pm
embassy. we could be thinking, high, this is something to prevent american citizens to being caught up in those kind of attacks. is that misinformation, disinformation malinformation? or is it intelligence that's actually guiding actions? you know, truthfully, when russians use their part of the doctrine called moscorevka, trying to play into dissidence on part of the enemy. we expect this to happen, therefore it will. fascinating to me so far, phil, everything the state department and defense department predicted thus far have occurred. i'm not prone to believe it is cognitive dissidence that they're deceiving us. this is along the battle plan telling me we're reading their mail. we know what they're about to do next, and when someone says we have their battle plans, i believe we have their battle plans, because i've been in situation where is we knew what the enemy was going to do next, and we preempted those kind of
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strikes. >> the president alluded to the scale of the u.s. intelligence capabilities and certainly seems to have played out as predicted in many ways. general hertling, thanks for your time. coming can up, breaking news. queen elizabeth tested positive for covid. a live report how the 95-year-old monarch is doing. that's up next. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." i like that the ww p personalpoints plan is built jusust for me. download the ww app today for a 14 day freree trial. looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? once-weekly ozempic® can help. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪
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(music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ welcome back. we have more breaking news. queen elizabeth tested positive for covid. buckingham palace says the 9a-year-old has mild cold-like symptoms this just ten days after her son and heir to the throne tested positive for covid. cnn's mab's max foster joins us. you alluded to this when prince charles tested positive. what do we know how the queen is doing at this point?
1:23 pm
>> reporter: receiving medical attention, but same time they are emphasizing she sha mild symptoms and still at her desk carrying out certain duties. light duties, if you like. this afternoon sent a note out congratulating the british olympic team, for example. emphasizing they is carrying on but receives medical attention. we're told following all the regulations, which would mean she'd have to be self-isolating at this point. near lly 96 years old and the other day met senior members of the military, wednesday last week, struggling to move. said she couldn't move. i was told by sources she wasn't injured but feeling very sick. pretty uncomfortable situation to be in, but not too much concerned coming from the palace according to the people i'm speaking to. >> some good news. max foster, thanks so much. joining me now, dr. jonathan
1:24 pm
reiner, professor of medicine and surgery at george washington university also a cnn medical analyst, and doctor, first start on the queen testing positive. what is the biggest concern right now both for her and in a microsense and more macro level, others in a similar-aged category who test positive now? >> phil, covid killed the earlierly. looking at the beginning of this pandemic, 75% of all deaths in the united states have come in folks over the age of 65. look at the group over 75, they comprise about half of all deaths to covid in the united states. the queen has been vaccinated, and that dramatically reduces her risk of dieing from this, but she's almost 96 years old and 96-year-old people have very little reserve. the vast majority of deaths in breakthrough infections have
1:25 pm
occurred in the queen's population, in people over the age of 65. about 85% of the deaths occur in older people. if i was treating the queen now, i would have rapidly administered or gun treatment with paxlovid, which is the oral, very potent, very effective anti-viral regimen and i assume the queen has received that. >> you know, british prime minister boris johnson is expected to end self-isolation rules for people who have covid. under current regulations people who are test positive are bound to syce lait isolate five days and test negative twice before ending isolation. what do you make of that? >> i think in london the rate per 100,000 population is some like 60 cases per day per
1:26 pm
100,000 population, lower than it was a month ago. much lower. stig significant. still significant. this races the overall point when it's safe to drop our gart. things are getting much better, population here and in the united states, just itching to drop all pandemic mitigation measures, there's still significant virus around. the people that will suffer from any further surge are people like the queen of england. people who are at risk. people who are old. people who are otherwise immunocompromised recovering from a serious illness. which is why i and, you know, many of my colleagues have urged at least, you know, a very measured, careful, even slower reduction in dropping masking,
1:27 pm
particularly in public, until levels of this virus are at much lower levels than they are now. i think we'll be there within the next few weeks. but this is just a very -- vivid example of what can happen when the virus continues to circulate in our communities. >> yeah. certainly is. before i let you go, i have to ask you about comments from eric trump about the covid vaccine. take a listen to this. >> what is your opinion in general on the vaccination situation? >> pissed off. >> pissed off? >> yeah. not because i'm an anti-vaxxer. i'm pissed off because you have a political party of democrats gone around for years and years and years yelling, lie body, my choice, as pertained to abortion and all of a sudden, guess what? no longer your body, your choice. the vaccine to me represents something much greater than a medical shot. to me the vaccine represents literally restricting of freedoms in this country. >> right.
1:28 pm
but it's also medical shot, what it actually represents. i remind people eric trump's father former president trump is vaccinated. he made that clear. what's your reaction, doctor to eric trump's comments? >> sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut that expose your ignorance. stripping of freedoms. right? it's mister, mr. trump's father not just takes credit for, for the vaccine basically takes credit for almost inventing this vaccine. look, if you look at 11900. a 48-year life expectancy in this country. now it's almost 80 years. brought about my massive advances in treatment of infection diseases and vaccinations. a child born in 1900 had about a one in four chance of dieing
1:29 pm
before they turned 5. now that's 0.07%. so that's been brought about by vaccines. so when mr. trump basically is advocating, it's a return to medieval times. make america medieval again. it's really unbecoming and nonsensical. americans live to almost 80 years old because we embrace science not because we refuse science. >> yeah. seems to have been fairly effective. look, the debate ideologically over mandates, knock yourself out. the vaccine pretty proven, laid out in detail so many times. dr. riner, thanks, as always, my friend. >> my pleasure. coming up, why one gop congressman is now trying to offer canadian protesters asylum in the u.s. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." ♪ i put my armor on, show you how strong i am ♪
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we're taking back our city. the message from the ottawa police today. this weekend. authorities moved aggressively to clear demonstrator who have been protesting canada's covid restrictions for weeks now. meanwhile, here in america, a vocal pocket of support emerged for those protesters. yesterday one republican congresswoman from new mexico tweeted "i'm introducing legislation temporarily grant asylum to incident canadians protesters purseersecuted by th own government." celebrated by fox's sean hannity on wednesday. >> you do a lot of support from
1:35 pm
your friends in america. that i can tell you. you can see the movements now. we have a movement in america that's starting very soon. >> joining me now, cnn senior political analyst and author of the brand new book "lincoln and the fight for peace," john avlon. congratulations and host of pbs "firing line" margaret hoover. margaret, start with you. one of the things i think has been a little confounding for me over the course of the left several weeks is why this particular battle in the mask fight now when most mask restrictions are rolled back here in america? your sense? >> a great question, phil. i've been trying to understand it too. what's happened in ottawa, as i understand, canadians, things are easing here, restrictions are pretty strong in parts of canada. there's a fatigue that seems to be universal in the western
1:36 pm
world about the way covid affected the way we live. over the last two years now. and we all understand we want this to be over, and there's a lot of real legitimate feeling that people are fed up. what you see, though, is a lot of the culture wars we're having here in our politics being exported, because of the presence of social media. you see this kind of thing exported to canada. you see the mask fights showing up in england, showing up in europe. in ways that directly represent, directly mimic fights we're having here at home. i think what you see is a university of cultural memes partly because of the prevalence of social media. >> yeah. and, phil, pardon me. also pumped up by foreign control forms not to say those involved aren't sincere and the people pumping it up over here opportunistic, but end of the day, whatever fatigue folks are feeling, it's understandable. pandemics don't care about your
1:37 pm
feelings. we're still trying to get this under control, still have enormous number of people dieing and a lot is permtiformative trg to pump it up on this side of the aisle no time for protests shutting down a bridge or a highway. >> i get it. three kids pshg. totally understand it and see fund-raising things. and turn to j.d. vance. a lot of backlash over these ukraine comments. take a listen. >> it's ridiculous we're focused on this border in ukraine. to be honest i don't really care what happens to ukraine one way or the other. i do care about the fact in my community right now the leading cause of death among 18 to 45-year-olds is mexicans coming across the border. joe biden focussing about the boarrder of a country i don't ce
1:38 pm
about. >> and start with you. the party of reagan. this is the party of more robust and strength when it comes to foreign policy, which is clearly evolved and j.d. vance putting a voice to that? >> no, it's not. it's not the party of reagan or lincoln anymore. neither of them would recognize the republican party when it c comes to de message or foreign politics. what he said, i don't care what's happening in ukraine gives aggression to vladimir putin and international order that reagan and that generation of republicans committed to policy back to eisenhower and democratic presidents is a return to isolationists empowering people who want to overrun the international organizations the u.s. helped establish. that is a, a phrase that he may think will play well in his
1:39 pm
republican primary in ohio. clearly a calculus. keep playing that when and if russia starts invading ukraine and killing people. you want to be that callous about an attempt to overturn everything resembling the rule of law and civilization? if that's your bet, look in the mirror and figure out whats gone wrong in your party. >> and not even that. phil, you say the candidate of the republican party and the party of reagan. he's really the candidate of donald trump. >> yeah. >> what he's fighting for. we saw the republican party shift dramatically about russia and frankly with respect to this new ideological fight we have between what's the best form of government. we're not fighting anti-communist. you have authoritarians and representative democracies. right? breaking down a little east /wet lines looking dramatically similar to reagan years except
1:40 pm
republicans are on the wrong side now. it's shocking, frankly heartbreaking for those who spent their life loyal to a party hoping the party might correct itself. it's not going to with people like j.d. vance continuing to follow donald trump's playbook. albeit less effectively and it's -- >> sorry. just out of the spirit of weakness, too. it's not strength to try to follow some demagogue because you're afraid of risking his wrath and trying to -- it's a sign of weakness. you don't have courage and strength to speak your own mind. and that's part of the problem with republicans today. rolling over for the big lie, thinking will benefit them. that's fear, not courage. >> yeah. the one area where republicans would break with the former president when he was in office but if new republicans are coming in in that conference, going to be interesting where the party goes as you know very well. john avlon and margaret hoover, thanks. >> thanks.
1:41 pm
be well. all right. coming up next, breaking news. a brawl breaks out after the michigan/wisconsin game after michigan head coach juwan howard struck a badgers assistant. what led to this moment coming up next. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." favorite food? avocado. you can fill a bathtub. i love it. -with guacamole. -all over. helps the skin, helps the body. get started for just $ $10 a month at offer ends february 21st! living with diabetes? glucerna protein smart has your number with 30 grams of protein. scientifically designed with carbsady to help you manage your blood sugar. and more protein to keep you moving with diabetes. glucerna live every moment ♪ ♪ it's electric... made extraordinary. ingenuity... in motion. it listens, learns, adapts and anticipates your every need. with intelligence... that feels anything but artificial.
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1:46 pm
it appeared to start with an argument in the handshake line. juwan howard of michigan and the coach from wisconsin. in faces players surround them. wish wish tries to get howard to back away and you saw it. howard reaches out striking a badgersy assistant coach on top of the head and face and more players and personnel start shoving and punching. basketball insider joins me now. jeff, i'm an ohio state alum, biting my tongue playing it as straight as humanly possible. from a, someone passively watching the game, what happened? how did this end up transpiring? >> reporter: the big thing was juwan howard felt disrespected because wisconsin up 15 points with 15 seconds left called a time-out. so they go through the handshake line to me still one of those things that probably needs to be completely eliminated especially in covid times bringing out things like this. so juwan howard goes through the
1:47 pm
handshake line and do a blow by. what we call it in college basketball or basketball altogether and greg garb was having nothing of it. put his arms out. stopped juwan howard. they get into a little verbal exchange there, and ultimately that's when juwan starts pointing at guard and assistant coach joe from wisconsin comes over and when things got physical. juwan howard throws, i don't think it was a -- he swings, whether a punch, a slap, whatever it was, phil, it really escalated, and ignited the situation. then it was mayhem, as you said. players, michigan freshman, he starts swinging and then, again, all hell breaks loose, and it's going to be interesting to see what happens to juwan howard. remember, longtime nba player. longtime nba assistant coach. in his third year with michigan. the question, what happens now? i spoke to one commissioner of a
1:48 pm
conference just now. got got off the phone with him. him, hit juwan howard with suspension rest of the regular season and the big ten tournament. >> one of the things -- look, i follow big ten basketball incredibly closely. juwan howard a member of the famous fab five team in the ''90s michigan coach, terrified, he can recruit. brings a lot of attention to the program. players seem to love him or be drawn to him especially in the beginning. this isn't the first time involved with an incident with another coach. fiery press conferences's can you givepeople an idea of his history particularly in what was a pretty difficult season for them? >> yeah. a year ago got into it with mark virgin, former maryland head coach screaming at each other. juwan charged towards him and still unclear the exact words he yelled, but kind of went at it. talked to other coaches within the league nep s.
1:49 pm
they say not the most well l liked. juwan, he didn't come in like they did, through the college circles. different, may $100 million-plus. i just did something about former nba players coaches in college. former -- like 50 of them. juwan howard fared as well as any of them. most have been disasters. look at patrick ewing now. penny hardaway struggling. chris mullin failed. y juwan howard has done a heck of a job in two-plus seasons so far in college basketball so far at miss alma mater, michigan. i don't think fired for this but certainly talking to a lot of people feel he'll get a suspension. as a head coach of a college program, you can't swing at another coach and escalate the situation like he did. >> yeah. no question about that. jeff goodman, big fan.
1:50 pm
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welcome back. this presidents' day weekend cnn premiering an original series focused on the life and presidency of lyndon baines johnson. see how his presidency was as complicated as the times he served, premiering tonight at 9:00 on cnn. here's a preview. >> reporter: lbj was intensely aware he came into the office under the cloak of tragedy.
1:55 pm
it drove him to try to do things no one else had ever achieved. >> he said to his aides, what the hell's the presidency for if you're not going to do something bold, why be here? >> i think lyndon johnson would be seen today as one of our greatest presidents, because of all that he did, but he made one bad mistake. >> vietnam really pulled him apart. he couldn't make a win out of this, no matter how hard he tried. >> lbj said, i wish they knew cha i want peace as much as they do. >> it's important to reflect and look back and see what has been done, because there's no better way to judge the future than by the past. >> "lbj: triumph and tragedy" tonight at 9:00 on cnn.
1:56 pm
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you're live in the "cnn newsroom." i'm phil mattingly in for jim acosta. we begin with breaking news. the u.s. has intelligence indicating orders from been sent to russian commanders to proceed with an attack on ukraine according to two u.s. officials and another source familiar with that intelligence. all of this comes as president biden convened his national security council at the white house earlier today on the


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