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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  February 21, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PST

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has not closed on going back to play in cleveland. he said his last season in the nba will be played with his son bronny. he said whatever team he's on, i'm going to go play for them. . >> that would be something to see. you think he goes back to cleveland? >> reporter: we'll see. if they draft bronny, they could make it happen. a package deal. >> thank you, andy. "new day" continues right now. ♪ welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. it is monday, february 21st, presidents' day. i'm brianna keilar with john berman. we begin with a diplomatic hail mary. president biden agreeing to meet with vladimir putin with one major condition. the russian president must hold off on invading ukraine, and
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that appears to be a big ask. because new satellite images show intense russian troop activity close to ukraine's northeastern border. the u.s. also has intelligence suggesting orders have already been sent to russian commanders to move forward with an attack on ukraine. >> a white house official says secretary of state blinken and sergey lavrov will discuss a biden-putin summit when they meet on thursday. but there are concerns an invasion could begin before then. this morning, 75% of russia's conventional forces are now in position to attack ukraine. that is enormous proportion of a very large army. just moments ago, air france became the latest airline to cut flights to and from kyiv. matthew chance is live. there is a very real picture of what's happening on the ground while there is still a
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discussion about possible diplomacy. your take? >> reporter: yeah, you're right. look, there is, at the very least now, a glimmer of hope that the diplomatic path could -- well, has not run its course yet. with that agreement that came in the early hours of this morning here local time, in principle there is a possibility for the u.s. and the russian presidents to meet. that's going to be further discussed by the two top diplomats from the countries. secretary of state blinken and sergey lavrov. that will take place in europe. the location yet to be announced -- on thursday. that is a glimmer of hope. the ratcheting up of tensions we have all been witnessing. latest satellite image indicating russian forces are moving out of holding positions closer to ukrainian border areas. it's typical if there is an invasion about to happen. we already know president biden
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said he's questionsed a decision has been made by president putin to invade. over the weekend, there was intelligence that cnn gained access to from the united states that orders have been given to commanders to attack. and so we really are in the 59th minute of the 11th hour. and i guess that's when any kind of diplomatic breakthrough is likely to happen. so, look, it's not certain yet. the kremlin this morning have already played down the possibility of the two presidents meeting. but at the same time they haven't ruled it out. i guess the big question is we know both sides are entrenched in their positions. the russians say they want, for instance, concrete guarantees that ukraine will not join nato, western military alliance. that's just one of their demands. the americans said that is a nonstarter. if there is a compromise in the wording, even if there is a
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presidential summit, we could end up in the same place, john. >> that is four days from now. that is a lot of time between now and then. and the leaders wouldn't meet until after that. please keep us posted. in the meantime, russian president vladimir putin is holding a security council meeting today. the kremlin said it is out of the ordinary and comes as intensifying shelling is causing deep concern. frederick pleitgen with the latest on this. what is the kremlin saying about the meeting today and the possibility of this summit? >> reporter: hi there, john. well, they are certainly saying it is an out of the ordinary meeting, a message that was unscheduled. russian state media made a big deal out of the fact that this meeting was taking place with vladimir putin's security council, very much indicating they will be talking about the things that are going on around ukraine, and certainly in the donbas ream in eastern ukraine
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as well. we haven't got any sort of information what exactly was spoken about or whether any decisions were made. but i can tell you from being here, the narrative that is being created here is certainly very different than the one you are hearing in ukraine and the one you are hearing from the united states. the past couple of hours that i have been here and looking at the situation early this morning moscow time, the russian state media has said that there was shelling by the ukrainians toward russian separatist positions, that a civilian had died. then they said there was a border post destroyed by ukrainian artillery fire. of course none of that so far we have been able to independent verify. but you can tell the narrative, the drum beat being created here is there are russians under attack, russians who are having to flee. the conclusion can be, if you look at russian state media, that vladimir putin is going to do something about it. and that's certainly something that meshes with what matthew
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was guessing. satellite shows russian forces leaving some of the encampments and fanning out close to the border area. we have to say the russians are saying all of this is hysteria, no invasion is imminent and they want diplomacy to prevail. >> in the meantime, they are h highlighting this extraordinary security council meeting today there to show maybe they are taking one step forward to that border. frederik pleitgen, please keep us posted. thank you. the u.s. is fireback about the post-invasion planning there is a hit list. the kremlin calls it absolute fiction. there would be an expectation they do have supporters of zelensky they consider enemies. what is the truth here? >> precisely. what my colleague kevin liptak
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and i have learned is the u.s. has intelligence that it says shows the russians have been developing a list of eye crane yann politicians and other public tpergs that they say have got to go. if putin choose toen sraeud and the government in kyiv topplings. this is part of planning to establish a friendly, moscow-friendly collaborator government in kyiv that would do moscow's bidding but putin could point to on the international stage as legitimate. they have lists of phregzs pro-moscow they could use to populate this new collaborator deposit. their fate much more dire. what sources are telling us the most likely outcome for these people is assassination or prison. . >> assassination or prison. if putin does want to go all the way to kyiv, if he manages to topple the government, it would
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seem odd he wouldn't have a plan when it comes to the pro-ukrainian versus pro-russian politicians. >> precisely. intelligence officials have been closely watching from the beginning as an indicator for intent here. does he have essentially a governance plan for post-invasion. of course that's exactly what this appears to be. and the u.s. now of course has written to the top u.n. official on human rights saying, look, we have credible information that suggests that russia has identified ukrainians for imprisonment, for sending to camps, and for killing. it is part of a u.s. strategy to make public as much as it can about what it knows in an effort to blunt the effectiveness of russian planning exactly like this. . >> putting it all out there. katie bo lillis, thanks for the report. >> my pleasure.
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>> he has been right in the middle of all of this, one of the moderators intended by vice president harris and president zelensky. ian, you're so good at cutting through the smoke and the bright shiny lights flashing everywhere. i'm curious what you think the most important development is this morning. what is the thing we should be looking at right now? >> this morning, i would probably say it's come in the last hour. it is the formal request by the puppet leaders of these separatist republics, if you will, the occupied territories of ukraine in the donbas, that have formally requested that the russian government send military troops to help. this is of course coming on the heels of last week when president putin met with olaf scholz and said acts of genocide were being committed.
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unfortunately the news we have right now, the diplomacy is still going on. but all the actual news on the ground is negative. literally all of it. the likely next steps would be the russians would approve to go into ukrainian territory. the russians occupy but not formally. that is considered a red line for the united states. it would probably stop the blinken-lavrov meeting later this week. it would stop any biden-putin summit. it might not stop president macron from continue to go engage in diplomacy. i suspect that's part of the reason why the russians are thinking of a more incremental approach spread of all in suddenly bomb kyiv, remove the government. because that will bring together the nato alliance in a much sharper and stronger fashion. >> so if the stage is set for russian troops to go into the
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donbas, then the question will be how far do they go? how far do you think that putin will go? do you think he goes all the way to kyiv? >> the cost of going to kyiv are massive. and i don't just mean the sanctions cost. at this point i do believe the russians feel like they can live with. remember, they were threatened with massive economic sanctions after 2014 when they went into crimea. and a few years later, they're hosting the world cup, right? they have foreign western leaders coming to visit them. putin thinks we've been there before. but i do think the cost in ukraine, and putin thinks of the ukrainians as part of the great russian nation, his ability to hold et,ent great it, to have it as part of his empire, if he has to kel tens of thousands of ukrainian systems and a government that of l to face
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annen surge say, frankly, is something he would like to not have to do if he can avoid it. part of what i believe his strategy will be, give an opportunity for the west to make mistakes. so far it has held together strongly. after afghanistan and the new german chancellor and the french president with his own elections coming up, and the brits with a shambolic prime minister, i think putin would have expected to see a lot of divisions. that hasn't happened so far. we will see if the europeans start to fragment from the united states, see if the ukrainian government feels like it will start suing for peace. the danger of course is if he persists and none of that happens, then the worst-case scenario, you may not want war but sometimes war wants you. >> ian, one of the things you hear out there from analysts, is
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president biden has played a bad hand well. the thing is it still is a bad hand. they're not great cards. you were talking about the idea that the president has been able to keep nato allies together here. do you think, as some have suggested, that nato is ironically, stronger and more unified today than when he started this adventure? >> john, there's no question about et. i have been going to the munich security conference for well over a decade now. you know, this was by far the strongest and most coherency nato has been. every year you go to munich and they're talking about, oh, the germans aren't paying now. no bone is talking about who is paying the bill right now. the germans will spend a hell of a lot more as a oconsequence of tough sanctions than america will. they are prepared to do it. nato absolutely feels stronger.
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i have to say the political consequences for biden, even after being played this bad hand well, but it's a very bad hand, the russians still go and actually invade ukraine and tens of thousands of civilians are slaughtered. i will tell you the impact it will have on biden domestically will be horrible. trump was beaten on for four years for being seen as a pawn of putin to align with the russian president. yet it is under the biden administration that they lose ukraine? irrespective of whether it's biden's fault or not or if trump would have done something different, i think that will be entirely too juicy for the republicans to avoid. and i think it will be a serious problem for biden. >> indeed. ian, thank you so much for your insight. ian bremer with us. a blissful day at the beach, check this out, shattered by a chopper slamming into the surf. no warning. just a few feet from some of
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conservative former state supreme court justice, michael gableman, is leading for the 2020 election is calling for several players and other elected officials to be thrown in jail if they don't comply with subpoenas. joining us now is the wisconsin attorney general josh call. thank you so much for being with us. explain to me what this
4:20 am
investigation even is and what gableman wants out of these mayors. >> yeah. first, thanks for having me. this is an investigation that started in the middle of all of these conspiracy theories we heard from the former president about the 2020 election. president trump actually met with the speaker of our assembly. they met on a private plane. this large-scale investigation was launched soon after. and it is theoretically a look into the 2020 election. what's happened, though, is justice gableman has requested interviews and depositions but in a way that is not permitted by law. the law says he is supposed to do that in a public setting in front of a legislative committee. he's instead trying to do that in private. so there have been challenges to his subpoenas. news, because of the challenges, he has gone to court and seeking to compel private testimony. and if it doesn't happen, as you said, they will put people in jail >> my understanding, mayors, and who he is threatening right now,
4:21 am
they have no direct influence or oversight over elections in wisconsin, correct? >> that's right. some of the people he's tried to interview don't really have a role to play, like mayors. others do and are happy to testify. the administrator of the state elections commission, for example, testified just this past week about elections issues in front of the same committee he is supposed to be representing. but instead of having that hearing in public, he's insisted on doing it behind closed doors. >> does the law allow for these people who are not implying to be thrown in jail? >> well, he has certain subpoena authority. what we argued is he's gone way beyond and asking it to go behind closed doors. he has to do it in front of a committee. if somebody defies a court order, that's a different matter. we went to court previously to get this sorted out fpblt the court said this issue wasn't
4:22 am
imminent enough to address. we have this new motion. and i expect we will hear from the courts soon on this. >> of course another matter going on in wisconsin. no evidence at all there have been investigations, any kind of fraud that would overturn the election results. 21,000 votes separated them. but the man running for governor says he wants is for the state to somehow decertify the 2020 election results? >> that's right. it's not possible. it's illegal and unconstitutional. it is the end of this more than a year now of the big lie. we have seen some republicans in wisconsin cynically try to use it to their advantage to conduct this gableman investigation. what had been simmering is now
4:23 am
boiling over. people are commanding the election be decertified, even though the election results weren't court. in fact, there is a lot of evidence that they were accurate. and decertification isn't possible under the law. >> what is all of this, the totality of this tell you about where things are right now in wisconsin? >> it's really concerning for the health of our democracy. one of the principles that our democracy relies on is the party that lose the elections accepts the results and goes on to contest the next election and hopefully works with the party that wins the election. when election results can't be trusted it under means what is at the core of or democracy, agreed upon understanding that the results reflect the will of the voters. if there is fraud, of course that should be looked into. there is no question about the outcome of the results. people are undermining confidence in their democracy.
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>> josh kaul, thank you for being with us this morning. . >> thanks for having me. is there still a possibility for diplomacy to stop what could be an imminent russian invasion of ukraine. we will speak to a key democrat coming up. ♪ just days into his world tour, justin bieber canceling one of his shows. we'll tell you why next. it's our ultimate sleep number event on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to relieve pressure points. and it's temperature balancing soso you both sleep just righ. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed.d. plus, free p premium delivery wn you add a base. ends monday. the new ww personalpoints program. it's particular to you. what's your favorite food? avocado. you can fill a bathtub. i love it. -with guacamole. ll over. helps the skin, hes the body.
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president biden agreed in principle overnight to meet with russian leader vladimir putin if putin holds off on invading
4:29 am
ukraine. the ukraine insists war can be averted through diplomatic and other nonmilitary means. >> while we believe president putin has made the decision that the die is cast, until that die settles and until the tanks are actually moving, planes are actually flying, bombs are actually dropping, we will do everything we can with diplomacy and deterrence and dissuasion to get president putin to reverse the decision we believe he has made. and part of that is making very clear what he risks in terms of sanctions. >> joining us now is steven lynch, democrat from massachusetts. he's also chairman of the national security sub committee which held a hearing on the crisis in ukraine last week. thanks for being with us this morning. and i just wonder what you think the chances are of this biden-putin summit actually happening >> good morning, brianna. thank you for having me.
4:30 am
i think some of the intelligence we've heard as of yesterday and last night is the tactical commanders have been given instructions to put the invasion into action. they're mobilized. i'm not sure if this last back and forth is meaningful. i know president macron of france was trying to encourage this meetings. but i'm not sure that under the circumstances that this was really going to happen. >> is it all just theater on russia's part, in your view? >> i think there's indications of that. if you look at what happened in crimea, you know, they denied what they were doing right till it happened. there's very little trust there. it seems to be the way putin operates. is there any diplomatic way forward? anything that can be gained
4:31 am
diplomatically here in the coming days? >> well, if putin relented, yeah, i do think that's possible. i think that certainly the eu and nato are willing partners. and any type of dialogue, anything short of war, right? but ultimately i think the decision lies with mr. putin. i think that it's his troops that are mobilized. he seems to have 75% to 80% of his conventional forces in position. he seems very deliberate in what he is trying to do here. . >> there seems weeks ago to be an appetite potentially i guess holding its nose that the administration went out for a limited incursion into ukraine. it doesn't seem that way any more. chris coons has a pretty good ear what's going on with president biden. he said a lesser invasion
4:32 am
doesn't result in a lesser penalty. proportionality is no longer a result here. do you agree with that? >> we are negotiating ourselves into an invasion here. and i don't want to engage in that. i don't think it's proper for us to, you know, sub divide the nation of ukraine. that's just not a good position. i think all along, you know, nato has tried to, in a coalition, put a united front forward against russia. and i think propositions like that, that maybe if you invade a little, we won't do anything, i think that is self-defeating. and i think it's undermining the support for ukraine and president zelensky. >> it's really not in the u.s.'s interest about for there to be
4:33 am
an invasion of ukraine, certainly not a full-scale one. there are estimates that inflation will go up significantly. there would be a lot of political blame for the biden administration, whether or not you think there should be. in that -- with that in mind, what concessions do you think the u.s. should give to avoid this war? >> look, i don't think we should give away the freedoms of the ukrainian people. there's 44 million people there. that is not -- you know, that is not something we should be doing. and i think that type of conduct will ensure that we will have more situations like look this. i think there are actions we can take that make war less likely. and i think you have to deal from a position of strength. >> i hear what you're saying about the ukrainian people.
4:34 am
but what about what putin considers nato encroachment, right, in countries not just obviously ukraine but other nato countries that he considers to be a threat to russia. what about something with that? >> that is called free will. so since 1997, 14 countries that were in the former soviet union have come into nato. and they have done so because they voted for freedom. they voted for individual rights. they voted against, you know, russia and, you know, which is a criminal enterprise basically. so they voted with their feet. because nato has an open-door policy, we have had 14 countries come into nato. most of them right in that area. . >> sir, i think maybe my question wasn't particularly clear there. what about defense positions in some of those nato countries? . >> well, those are details that
4:35 am
can be worked out certainly. i understand if -- look, russia's concerns about an invasion by ukraine into russia is bogus. we don't want to get into that. we don't want to go down that road. that's just falls. so this is about the integrity of these individual nations. this is about their sovereignty. and this is about putin's ideology of wanting to create some reiteration of the former soviet union. he did that in georgia. he's done that in other areas as well. so -- and i understand that that may not be in russia's interest. but now we've come to 150,000 or 175,000 troops are ukraine's border because they're exercising free will. and we should, along with nato,
4:36 am
along with the eu, support ukraine in their own democratic decision. . >> yeah. in no way am i implying that vladimir putin appears to be operating fully in good faith. clearly, he's not. there is this attempt to perhaps avoid war diplomatically that the u.s. wants, what can be dialed around here. i think it's such a difficult conundrum. congressman, i really appreciate -- sorry. go on real quick. >>? i think our position has to be that putin needs to back down. that's the position. he's invading a neighboring country by force. and we should be firm in that. we should be firm in that. >> all right. look, a lot happening here in the coming days i think, congressman. we really appreciate you being with us. >> thank you, brianna. thank you for having me. a big ten rivalry boiling over with michigan's coach
4:37 am
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huge controversy in college basketball after michigan coach juwan howard strikes the assistant coach of wisconsin in the line. joining me now is espn college basketball reporter jeff borizello. what happened in the handshake line? . >> well, john, wisconsin was up
4:42 am
by 14, with 15 seconds left. they had their walk-ons on, michigan continued to full-court press wisconsin. he wanted walk-ons to gather themselves and break the press and run out the clock. that goes back to a couple of unwritten rules. i talked to a few coaches about this. some say you don't call time out when you're up by 15 in the final 15 seconds. others say you don't full-court press in the final seconds of a blowout. those unwritten rules led to this exchange in the walk-out line. gard grabbed him to stop to talk to him. he did not like that. they exchanged words. gard had his hand in howard's face. he reaches out and strikes him in the face. players are throwing punches.
4:43 am
a lot of it stems back from some of the unwritten rules and a misunderstanding between some of the late game protocols of college basketball. >> yeah. whatever the unwritten rules are, there is no wiggle room for one coach hitting another, right? there will be repercussions for this. . >> yeah. juwan howard did the one thing you can't do. you can talk about unwritten rules, the grab in the handshake line, exchanges of words, the scrum before the strike, not a punch. you just can't grab at another coach's face, swipe at another coach's face. he did the one thing you can't do. i think that's why howard will get the biggest, most severe punishment as well. manuel a pal skwraoeudz, said it was completely inappropriate. howard did not apologize. he said he was protecting himself. he said he was grabbed first and that's why he reacted the way he did.
4:44 am
i think ward manuel was correct. >> the big ten can do its own thing. michigan can do their own thing. will there be a punishment from the school itself, do you think? . >> i think the big ten and michigan will probably announce the suspension together. meaning it will very likely be more than two games. i've talked to some people who thinks it will be the rest of the regular season, five games. some think it will be the rest of the regular season and postseason. i think it is more likely it will be the rest of the regular season, five more games. then he comes back for the big ten tournament and ncaa tournament if michigan makes it. . >> you're a coach. you've got kids playing for you. you've got to behave better than this. thank you so much for being with us. appreciate it. . >> thanks for having me on, john. britain's queen elizabeth is battling covid-19. buckingham palace said the 95-year-old monarch is experiencing symptoms, cold-like symptoms. max foster is live in windsor,
4:45 am
england with the very latest. max, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, there's been some sort of outbreak within the castle. they have done incredibly well protecting the queen the last couple of years with a tight bubble. but that's been loosening as the regulations loosen up in the uk. that appears to be why the queen has now got covid. she is nearly 96 years old. she does have symptoms. she is being looked after medically, we're told. they are aware of the concerns here. but also bear in mind, brianna that just last week the queen was meeting senior members of the military here at windsor. i'm told she's not injured but she feels very stiff. she will be in self-isolation right now with cold symptoms feeling very stiff. uncomfortable position for her to be in. they are also emphasizing she is well enough to work, carrying out light duties at her desk.
4:46 am
she sent a note out to the british olympic team yesterday afternoon, for example. she's also due for a weekly audience with the prime minister today. we don't expect boris johnson to come here. but she is expected to carry out a phone call or virtual call of some form. if that goes ahead, we can assume she's carrying on with her light duties. always a concern for a 95-year-old to catch covid. >> certainly. max, thank you so much for that. a terrifying helicopter crash at a busy miami beach beach. we will speak to one of the first responders next. ♪ justin bieber's world tour apparently was already off to a shaky start.
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it's time for "morning pop." joining us, cnn entertainment reporter chloe melas. chrissy teigen and john legend have resumed their ivf journey. she started another cycle to save as many eggs as they possibly can and hopefully have strong, healthy embryos. good luck to the legend family. ♪ ♪
4:52 am
just two days of juice tin bieber kicked off his justice world tour, the pop star tested positive for covid-19. the pop star has a mild case of covid and his shows have been post pointed. according to the statement, quote, justin is, of course, hugely disappointed. with the healthy of his crew and fans is his number one priority. no other tour dates have been pushed back just yet. tom holland, he's done it again. ♪ ♪ >> his new film "uncharted" brought in an estimated $44.1 million at the north american box office this weekend, a number that has far competed industry experts. this follows the huge success of his other film, one you might have heard of, "spiderman no way home" one of the biggest block
4:53 am
busters in world history, nearly $2 billion since december. john, have you seen it yet? >> not yet. >> it is so good. i haven't even seen the other spiderman movies. it was so good. edge-of-my-seat good. >> thanks, chloe. a helicopter carrying three people crashed outside the san bar area of the miami beach shore. bystanders and lifeguards rushed to the chopper to keep the aircraft above water. let's talk about what happened with a first responder to this accident, lieutenant lucas bocenegro. can you describe the scene when you arrived? >> absolutely. good morning. thank you for having me. it was a regular saturday we have on miami beach. it was sunny, nice and calm.
4:54 am
it was a beautiful beach day. we had thousands of people on the water and on the beach. we had different events going on, the boat show, setting up for the food and wine festival. it's a holiday weekend. so everybody is enjoying the peach. when i arrived at the scene, the call came over the radio regarding a helicopter that crashed in front of the lifeguard tower right here by our headquarters. there were several people and bystanders in the water at the time. our first initial lifeguard went in the water to try to assist. the bystanders all rushed to the helicopter, also, to try to help with whatever situation we had. it took a little bit to figure out how big of an aircraft or how many people were in the aircraft. >> you get there. i know there's a lot of bystanders which isn't always ideal. but in this case, they were keeping the chopper afloat. is that right? >> that's correct. we don't really encourage people to jump in and help us, especially with any
4:55 am
water-related emergency, but in this case, the location of the crash site, which was just outside the sandbar which was about chest to waist-deep water. we'd like to thank the bystanders around there, they helped keep the helicopter above water enough for the two other occupants that were strapped into their seats, to have their heads above the water so our rescuers could then try to release them. the bystanders did play a huge role in keeping that helicopter above the water to assist those people trapped inside the helicopter. >> it's amazing everyone survived here and where it crashed allowed bystanders to help keep those heads above water so they didn't drown. what happened to the victims? you mentioned the last two people in the chopper, i know those were two women, one of whom had to be cut out of her
4:56 am
seatbelt straps. how are they doing? do you know. >> right now i don't know how they're doing? they were talking to us when we took them out of the water. the third person, the male did walk out on his own, concerned for his wife. so i know they were a couple. and they were taken to the hospital. i believe they're in stable condition at this time. however, they probably have extensive injuries regarding their back and any spinal injury that might occur from a crash this severe. >> what were they saying? if they were talking to you, what were they telling you? >> well, the woman that i spoke to, she was very confused. she didn't know what actually happened, that she was involved in a crash. we were just trying to comfort herment there was complaints of back pain, but this is obvious in a situation like this. our lifeguards and with the help of bystanders, we made sure to
4:57 am
hold her c spine and made sure to strap her down properly, so that way we didn't cause any further damage, getting her from thr her to the plars and do what they can to take them to the hospital. >> it is truly amazing. a huge testament to you and also the bystanders giving you the manpower you needed in order to help those people survive until you could get to them. lieutenant, it's wonderful to have you on and to have you on for such good news. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. you have a wonderful day. >> you, too. "new day" continues right now. good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world.
4:58 am
it is monday, february 21st. it is presidents day. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. real questions about whether there was a real path to dip ploem toe to prevent a russian invasion of ukraine. overnight president biden agreed to meet with russian leader vladimir putin. this is in response to the french president, emmanuel macron. unclear how real of a possibility this is. the white house says in theory the president would do it, but only if putin holds off on invading ukraine. new satellite images show activity intensifying among russian units close to ukraine's northeastern border. the u.s. says it has intelligence indicating orders have already been sent to russian commanders to proceed with an attack. >> a white house official says secretary of state tony blinken and his russian counterpart, sergey lavrov will discuss a bossable biden-put tin summit on thursday.
4:59 am
there are concerns an invasion can occur before that. russia has 75% of its conventional forces positioned there ready to attack ukraine. >> sam collie joins us near kharkiv in ukraine near the front lines. give us a sense of what's going on there this morning? >> reporter: john and brianna, yesterday we were down on the front line in a small town called, of all things, new york. i'm not joking. this is a town that has been trapped by war for some time and in a sense gives us some foretaste of what might come, following dire warnings coming out of the united states with jake sullivan, the national security adviser, and others talking about catastrophic civilian losses if there is, indeed, a russian invasion. this is what life looks like midwar already. in a small town called new york in eastern ukraine, a short flight from a mortar bomb in
5:00 am
rebel territory, after eight years of war so close to the front line, homes here are almost worthless. these houses haven't been smashed by war, they've been destroyed by the poverty conflict brings. torn down and sold as recycled bricks and tielts, locals tell us these houses sell for about 70 bucks. this is the end of the street. just down there is the checkpoint. beyond that is rebel-held territory. in the last hour or so, we've heard at least eight explosions. lilly is three. she's out amid the shelling with her mom lending a hand, playing with the family dog through a gate. her parents tell us the latest barrage is thunder, but it is somethin


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