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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  February 22, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PST

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good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, february 22nd. it is 5 a.m. here in new york. thanks so much for getting an "early start" with us. i'm laura jarrett. >> i'm christine romans. welcome here in the united states and around the world. breaking news out of eastern ukraine. senior officials tell cnn the latest u.s. intelligence suggests russian troops could roll into ukraine's donbastk region at any time.
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president biden added sanctions. they were ordering troops into those regions. we are running this video here of a military convoy moving through the city of donetsk. unclear if this is russian or belongs to the separatists horsebacked by russia. both use this type of weaponry. >> meantime, world leaders are condemning this. u.s. ambassador said putin wants the world to travel back in time. this was an attempt to create a pretexts. ukraine's president said his people will not concede anything.
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>> translator: we are dedicated to a peaceful protest. we are on our land. we owe nothing to anybody and we will not give anything to anyone. we are confident about it. >> the u.s. ordered all diplomatic personnel out of ukr ukraine. it is clear russia is seeking war not diplomacy. nick peyton walsh is live in leviv. you heard him, confident. it reflects the mood of the ukrainian people. >> it's important to contextualize it. we have the full scale invasion u.s. officials have been warning about. what we are waiting for them to do is make good on the words of a document. they're sending peace keepers, russian troops, however you want to name it, into the separatist
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areas. so the question really today is do we see the russian troops, russian flags rolling in? what is their goal? do they stay in those areas or do they move to the front lines where ukrainian army sits and where shell fire goes on. how does the west respond? this is not the fullest aggression russia is capable of. what kind of sanctions do we see? heard yesterday from the white house they will be looking to sanction those trading with those separatist areas. not much trade happens. limited those sanctions might have. the eu will talk about what sanctions they push out later on today so essentially the question will be is it the full
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barrage or a smaller tranche which reflects how this is not a full scale invasion that has been warned about? it could be an escalatory step. the russian troops might find themselves too close to the army and they may be in combat. they may have wider goals. the issue is the level of the western response and it looks like an incremental or lesser move. >> sources are telling cnn that the u.s. has had private conversations about zelenskyy's personal security. what more do we know about that? >> reporter: certainly warnings if there was a russian move towards kyiv, he would be best served by not staying in that capitol. until we see some sort of military move towards the ukrainian capitol, it's hard to
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say what would be best. i'm sure he'll speak for himself. he did leave and come back to the munich security conference. today though the focus is how does the west respond to this russian move, not the large step that was an tisz si pay theed but still a gross violation of ukraine's sovereignty. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. let's get straight to cnn's fred pleitgen. what does vladimir putin want here? we know for some 15 years he has been laying the groundwork questioning the sovereignty of ukraine, the identity of ukraine. >> reporter: yeah, i am indeed near the border of ukraine and russia. i want to give you a quick feel of what we're seeing here. i'm going to step to the side. you can see behind me there is russian military in the field
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now. we are say maybe 25, 30 miles away from the border between russia and ukraine to that donbatsk area. you are seeing several pieces of self-propelled artillery. those are not on trucks, those are in the field. it's something you see quite common here. we saw several columns of armored vehicles, military trucks. as i'm speaking to you now, you can see another military truck passing us at this point in time. you do see the area really teaming with russian military as of course the u.s. is concerned that more of it could move into donbastk. the way president putin is framing this, has been framing it, he says russians are under threat in those areas, in the
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areas of donbastk. he has to recognize those areas and essentially set the stage for the russian military, the so-called peace keepers to move into that area. he claims that the ukrainians had been shelling some of those areas in danyesk and luh ansk. the ukrainian denial of that, the u.s. denies that was true. they say this was all a pretexts. certainly from being on the ground, there are a lot of russian vehicles. >> thank you for the show and tell there. come back when you see more. thanks, fred. let's get some perspective on all of this and where it might be headed from. retired u.s. army major general dana petard. he is the author of a new book,
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hunting the caliphate. so important to have your expertise here. help us understand what a military invasion might look like. you heard fred's report. the troops are there. the military vehicles are there, but you say they still don't have enough for a full takeover, at least at this point. >> good morning, laura and christine. they have capability and president putin has several options. the force which ranges somewhere between 150 and 190,000 troops surrounds ukraine on three sides. again, the russians have options. they've declared the areas. some things the russians could
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do. one is, look at a map. they've taken over crimea back in 2014. they could move to knet, the territory of luhansk and donetsk. they could go towards the sea of aza. they could still have the capability to seize kyiv if they choose to. so they still have a number of options. by doing what they just recently did in eastern ukraine they've tied down ukrainian forces. they can't move to reinforce. russian forces have surrounded them by three sides. >> we know vladimir putin has said the fall of the soviet union was the biggest mistake of the 20th century. he has many times talked about ukraine and ukrainian
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sovereignty. you say russian forces might be surprised by the tenacity of the ukrainians. tell us more. >> yes. in fact, his statements are very telling. yes, putin and russia are concerned about the expansion of nato. what putin fears the most is the democratization in ukraine. it's been slow, awkward, imperfect but it is growing. after 30 years of independence from the old soviet union and russia, they've developed their own national identity. and i've seen that with ukrainian troops and when i visited ukraine. so he questions that sovereignty because he fears it because he's an autocrat. that could happen in russia. >> major general, we really
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appreciate your perspective. thank you so much for coming in and walking us through all of this. >> i'm sheer we'll be speaking with you a again. u.k. prime minister boris johnson set to lift covid restrictions. and swift punishment for michigan basketball coach juwan howard after he took that swing at an opposing coach. what the big ten conference just did. [bikes passing] [fire truck siren] [first responderer] onstar, we see them. [onstatar advisor] okay. mother and child in vehicle. motherer is unable to exit the vehicle. ininjuries are unknown. [first responder] thank you, onstar. [driver] my son, is he okay? [first responder] your son's fine. [driver] thank you. there was something in the road... [first responder] it's okay. you're safe now. "peace of mind." such a big, beautiful idea. and for us at this means - free cancellation on most bookings. it's a bit functional.
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declaring the end of covid restrictions in england. queen elizabeth has tested positive for the virus we've learned. let's bring in anna stewart. >> essentially this is shifting it from the state to the people. people who test positive won't be legally required to self-isolate. they have to use their own judgment. from april, christine, it will be hard to know whether or not you have covid-19 because free testing which we've enjoyed for many months will be ending. that cost last month 2 billion pounds, $2.7 billion. that was testing and contact tracing. also immunity levels in the u.k. are very high from vaccinations but also after this last wave of omicron which hit the u.k. and deaths are very low.
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now the reaction to living with covid is mixed. some are pleased. they want to see an end to masks and shopping swabs down their noses and the noses of their children. others say this will make it very hard to contain the spread of other variants. the government said it could introduce surge testing. this is not the end of the pandemic and they could act in the future. for now, it's over. >> anna, the queen, how is she doing? >> reporter: yeah, quick update on the queen which is no news at the moment in terms of her health. i think we can take that to be good news. i don't expect we'll get any updates unless there is a significant change. for now mild symptoms for her
2:18 am
imagine guess city. >> neil kaputo returning to the air after he said covid-19 nearly killed him. >> i did get covid again but a far, far more serious strand. what doctors called covid pneumonia. it landed me in intensive care for quite a while and it really was touch and go. some of you wanted to put me out of my misery darn near got what you wished for. sorry to disappoint you. the vaccine did not cause that. i've had cancer and multiple sclerosis. i am among the 3 percenters who can't make this last. >> unlike some of his fox anchors, cavuto is simply telling the truth. >> we wish him well and the
2:19 am
recovery. when we're talking about living with covid, 3% of the people we need to protect our neighbors. michigan coach juwan howard paying the price after he came out swinging. jurors are now deciding the fate of ahmad arbery's killers. the latest on that case just ahead.
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the big ten suspending michigan head coach and fined him $40,000 for his role in the sunday post game altercation. after the game he explained a late time-out call made him upset. during a post game press conference he did not apologize. he said his actions and words were unacceptable. i speak a lot about being a michigan man and representing the university of michigan with class and pride. i did not do that nor did i set the right example in the right way for my student athletes. i will learn from my mistake and this mistake will never happen again. no excuses. the big ten fined howard $10,000 for violating the sportsmanship. three players given suspension. howard will be eligible to return when the big ten tournament begins on march 9th. college basketball last night, another ugly incident.
2:25 am
the women's game between morgan state and norfolk state. up by 1. grabbed the loose ball. she got slammed to the ground by mahogany williams. morgan state went on to win. the second time in the 146 year history of the kentucky derby a horse has been disqualified for a banned substance. medina spirit is officially disqualified. the kentucky horse racing commission announced a 90 day banning and a fine for bob baf baffert. baffert said he plans to appeal that decision. in june churchill downs racetrack announced a 2-year suspension of baffert including the 2022 and 2023 kentucky
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derbys. medina spirit died after a workout. when it comes to all of the winning tickets for the kentucky derby, no going back on those. everybody had had medina spirit gets paid. >> nice to see you. thank you. russian troops on the move. the world waits for vladimir putin to strike next. how will the west respond. and britney spears to tell her side of the story. the new lucrative book deal ahead.
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all right. new this morning, the united states and its allies are preparing new sanctions against russia after vladimir putin formally recognized two break away regions in eastern ukraine. the russian president ordering in russian troops a move that could create a pretexts for an invasion of kyiv. let's go now right to lviv ukraine and bring in jim sciutto. jim, is putin trying to rewrite history in this fiery speech yesterday and redraw national borders by side stepping international law? >> reporter: it was a maximalist speech targeting ukraine, claiming ukraine's not even an independent country which of course gives you -- or not even a real country he went on to
2:32 am
say, claiming it's always been part of russia, which is not historically true, and that presumably he believes gives him justification for further military moves in the east. slicing off another piece of that and perhaps going forward attempting to bring it all under russian control. we haven't seen that yet but at least the way he presented his argument it was concerning. and the truth is it goes beyond that because he was waxing nostalgic. he said they should not have been able to leave the russian empire so easily. you have many states in that category, independent, democratic states, estonia, latvia, lithuania. others. it makes you concerned, understandably, after ukraine that putin's ambitions may lie further afield. the focus on ukraine. the pictures we're seeing are russian forces on the russian side of the border but very close to donbas in the east.
2:33 am
the concern is this is where putin stops for now. he has an enormous force around ukraine. as of last night i was told preparations were continuing for something broader. >> in that speech he -- basically he's the one holding the pointed gun at ukraine but he's talking about how ukraine has made an enemy. he's turned it around that he's the victim here. >> jim, i want to ask you, president zelenskyy spoke a short time ago. what response is he now pushing for from the west. is sanctions enough? does he want more at this point? >> reporter: he wants very strong sanctions, right? this is going to be a real test when we see the administration has promised something, not the entire slate of sanctions that would have followed a full russian invasion, but they have promised something strong. we haven't seen it yet. zelenskyy says we need ukraine,
2:34 am
something strong. he mentioned nordstream 2. halting that right away. that's a test. i don't know if we see that from the u.s. and nato. we may. that is the one he has actually been pushing for for some time. frankly, in advance of russian action rather than waiting for russian action. that's been ukraine's prime disappointment so far is that the sanctions followed rather than preempted russian military action here, now this claim of eastern ukrainian territory somehow being independent. let's shall watching and seeing what we're hearing. >> there's the pipeline, banking system, other kinds of very strong sanctions that could happen but you'd have to get europe really unified. >> a far cry from what we've seen. >> jim sciutto, we'll see you soon. >> thanks, jim. let's go to cnn's jasmine wright live for us from washington with the white house angle. good morning. how is the biden administration responding to criticism? something that jim just sort of
2:35 am
hinted at there, that the latest sanctions are not enough to deter putin from further invasion here? >> reporter: laura, the white house wakes up on high alert waiting to see what russia's president putin will do in terms of the situation. i think in terms of the white house's stance, the administration's stance overall, u.s. ambassadors to the u.n. really sums it up perfectly. she said putin was playing into a playbook, after he declared those two separatist backed regions in eastern ukraine as independent, she said that it really -- basically worries the peace keepers there and sets up a pretexts for war. in terms of a way forward, we do know that the white house is going through with those sanctions that they announced yesterday. the president signed. you can see him on the screen here, that executive order that are limited but do target those two separatist-backed regions prohibiting any type of trade from americans or american investment in that area.
2:36 am
now as jim said, they also promised more sanctions activity but would not get into the details of what that actually looks like. and for the president, i think that we can expect him today to do more, to be more engaged as we know that he met with his national security team yesterday as well as talked to official alzheimer's in germany, france, and of course the president of ukraine as they are starting to kind of get that criticism about what they have done so far is not enough. now one thing that we have not heard from the administration, laura, is whether or not what putin did yesterday actually in their minds is a moment of invasion, something that would trigger those larger sanctions that officials have been warning of for months and months. that would be economically devastating to russia. what the president signed yesterday they say are separate than those potential larger package of sanctions. so that's one thing we will be waiting to hear is exactly what happens going forward. for the president's part, for
2:37 am
the administration's part, they say that the president will engage in diplomacy until the very end until tanks roll is what administration official said yesterday. >> jags min wright, thank you. let's bring in cnn white house correspondent john harwood. john, these first sanctions here on the separatist regions, i mean, is that a strong enough response? or is that just a first move here? >> reporter: it's a first move, but the question is what's the second move? and this is a real moment of truth for the biden administration and forits its n allies, christine. they have been saying for some time that after there was an initial question over whether the president was saying, well, a minor incursion would trigger one kind of response and a major invasion would trigger another, they clarified to the president saying i'm talking about tanks or troops being -- that constitutes an invasion. that would generate the full response. well, what we appear to be
2:38 am
seeing is, in fact, tanks and troops coming over. >> right. >> the biden administration's u.n. ambassador last night by calling the kremlin story nonsense saying they call these peace keepers. we know what they are. if what they are is russian troops coming into ukrainian territory, that would cross the line that the biden administration and nato have said. if they don't pull the trigger on some of these harsh sanctions including nordstream 2 that you were discussing with jim sciutto, that raises the question how solid is this western alliance really? are they willing to stay united in the face of this russian provocation? because what vladimir putin is doing is doing this in slow motion and taking one bite at a time and seeing if, in fact, the west is going to hold together. that's the question for us today. >> yeah. we have a lot going on here. there's european reliance on russian natural gas, right? there's the swift bank -- global banking system.
2:39 am
you've had people talking about kicking russia out of the global banking system which could basically destabilize everyone. sometimes the punishment could hurt the whole world. global markets, you know, obviously -- >> that's right. well, i was going to say, president biden last week kind of girded the american people and said, you know what, defending liberty in this way is not painless. it's going to have blow back. the greatest blow back in europe which is so dependent on russian energy but also blow back in the united states because we're subject to the fluctuation of global energy markets. we've seen high gas prices upset the american people in recent months and so there's more upset on the horizon and so then the question is are -- is this western alliance willing to pay that price? and that's a question here. if they start parsing what's an invasion and what isn't, what's a troop crossing the border and
2:40 am
what isn't, that tells you that there's a little bit of hesitation there and that's what putin is trying to probe and explore right now. >> john, you know the economics of this and the politics of this are inextricably intertwined it seems. right now you wonder how many american people are actively engaged in the politics of this and really understand some of the history here that putin is trying to rewrite, but i wonder what is on the line for biden's presidency as this conflict unfolds. he cannot want to have a war in europe right in this time, especially with the mid-terms in november. >> reporter: i think, laura, very few americans are following this closely. it's difficult for people as they go about their daily lives to follow the twists and turns of a very far away crisis and they've got other things foremost on their mind.
2:41 am
it is potentially a big political problem if you've got adverse economic consequences, on the other hand, if you have a president who is showing leadership in a crisis, who is standing up with its western allies to vladimir putin, that's also an opportunity for the president to show that he's leading on the world stage. it cuts both ways. obviously we've seen when we have military conflict overseas, presidents sometimes get a boost from that because they're seen as vindicating the interests of the united states. it's more complicated in this situation because the president has said up front we're not sending troops there so this is not a -- an american -- there's no prospect of an american war with russia in this situation but everyone in the world can see the stage for freedom and the whole architecture of the post world war ii europe here. so the president d-- there's an up side. if they're actually successful
2:42 am
to vladimir putin, and there's a down side if the alliance fractures and it's seen as vladimir putin getting what it wants. >> john harwood, so nice to see you this morning. we'll talk again soon. thank you. >> thanks. tributes pouring in for "america's got talent" fan favorite after -- wow, after dying after a battle with cancer. that's too bad. ♪i'm so defensive,♪ ♪i got bongos thumping in my chest♪ ♪and something g tells me they don't beat me♪ ♪ ♪ ♪he'd better n not take the rig from me.♪ allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase dailytops your body from overreacting to allergens l season long. psst! psst! flonase all good. do you struggle with ocsional nerve aches in your hands or feet? try nervivenerve relief from the world's #1 selling nerve care company
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switch to xfinity mobile and get connected to the most reliable 5g network. talk with our helpful switch squad at your local xfinity store today. welcome back. it is day two for deliberations as jurors decide the fate of ahmaud arbery's killers in their federal hate crimes trial. the jury got the case monday and met for a couple of hours before being excused. in their closing arguments, prosecutors say travis mcmichael, and his father and
2:47 am
bryan targeted him because he was black and saw him as subhuman. they denied that race motivated the killing. ahmaud arbery's family remains confident the case will go their way. >> i think that the doj, they presented their case very well. i think that like i shared on friday, that they did a very good job with presenting the evidence and we have a very good chance of getting a guilty verdict on all counts. >> she hopes to have a guilty verdict by wednesday, tomorrow, which marks two years since her son was killed. all right. today closing arguments set to begin in the federal civil rights trial of three former officers involved in george floyd's death. thomas lane, tu tao and jay alexander king have all testified in their own defense about what happened on may 25th, 2020, while derek chauvin neiled
2:48 am
-- kneeled on floyd's neck. tao said he was watching the bystanders and thought the other officers were caring for floyd. they have pleaded not guilty. and to this. britney spears set to reveal her side of the story in a tell-all memoir. landing a huge book deal after her conservatorship saga has ended. we have all the details. chloe, good morning. this is apparently one of the biggest book deals of all time? >> reporter: yes. so reportedly it's $15 million. so cnn has confirmed that that is around the area of the ballpark of what simon and shuster paid. it was said to be a bidding war. i spoke to a source close to britney that said there were multiple publishing companies after her to get her to tell her side of the story with them. this is her first ever memoir.
2:49 am
her sister came out with one which britney was vocal about the fact she didn't like the fact that her sister was telling her story. britney's mother wrote her own memoir. now this is britney's turn. we have been told this has been in the works for several months. it's a tell-all book. even though brittney gave two emotional testimonies in the summer in which she detailed this conservatorship abuse, there are still so many questions. still so many things left unanswered and hopefully we're going to get the answers, more insight into what led to this conservatorship and how terrible the last 13 years of her life have been. hopefully also some positive moments like her engagement to sam ashkari and her sons and happy moments like post conservatorship. >> matthew perry, making
2:50 am
"friends," the good and the bad. what do you know? >> he's going to talk about the pressure of being famous, being on this hit show. it was a hit in nearly every country. courtney cox who played his love interest and eventual wife on the show, she spoke out to the u.k. times saying matthew put a lot of pressure on himself. at one point he doesn't remember filming several seasons due to his battle with drugs and alcohol. he is going to tell his side of the story. another book is going to be a best seller and get diva his time on the show and how he overcame addiction. >> chloe, sad news overnight. the passing of fan favorite from "america's got talent." knightbirde, what happened? >> she was amazing. she unfortunately died recently of cancer. her family released a statement. i remember watching the episode where she got the golden buzzer. she had said at the time that
2:51 am
she had cancer, then she said on social media that she only had a few months to live. this was in 2019. she beat the odds making it several years past what doctors expected for her. but you have so many of the judges and howie mandel taking to social media saying that her advice was like a knighting gail. she was an incredibly soulful voice. sounded like she had been alive for hundreds of years. it's a sad moment. she never got to finish out the competition. her family, her friends. she has a wonderful support group that has come out to post very emotional tributes to her. but it's very sad. and i suggest you this morning, if you just have a minute, go google her audition round. it is just amazing. it will bring you to tears but it is a beautiful voice that everybody should hear. >> i can hear a little bit of it there. very sad. chloe, thank you. appreciate you getting up with us. >> of course.
2:52 am
thanks, guys. all right. a massive pile up involving nearly 100 vehicles on a snow covered freeway in eastern oregon. wow. look at that. the crash is happening on a mile-long stretch on interstate 84 monday afternoon in north dakota. emergency crews battled freezing conditions. a series of winter storms will bring snow, sleet, freezing rain to other parts of the country this week. let's get to meteorologist karen mcginnis. how bad is this going to get and when is it going to let up? >> just when we thought we could slide through the rest of what is left of winter -- >> right. >> -- no, we have to deal with this weather chaos. with nairy a person spared, the blizzard conditions, high wind, flooding rainfall, tornadoes, plunging temperatures. it's everywhere. and we're not yet in the home stretch. this is going to last until the end of the work week. take a look at this. the dividing line between that very cold arctic air and very
2:53 am
mild weather conditions out ahead of it. to the south along the gulf coast region and into the areas across the southern appalachians. well, it was so mild that in dallas it soared to 85 degrees. that's not normal. but then what happens next? for late february, it's not normal to see icing conditions after you've reached 85 degrees. so really sharp contrast. this is the future radar. there you can see all the way from the tennessee valley. strong storms and indeed we did see some large hail and damaging winds in northeastern texas. back to you guys. >> spring cannot come soon enough. karen, thank you. that's your weather. let's look at business here on tuesday morning. markets falling overnight as tensions escalate between ukraine and russia looking at markets around the world. asian shares closed sharply lower. europe has now turned around bouncing up a little bit on wall street. stock index futures are narrowly mixed. the crisis between russia and ukraine could have broad
2:54 am
economic consequences. u.s. crude oil prices surging more than 5% overnight. russia is the second to largest producer of oil. any cutoff would send crude oil prices higher. u.s. markets closed monday for presidents' day. this will be the first chance to react to a weekend of worsening russian headlines. stocks fell and the dow shedding almost 2% on those russia aggression headlines. today earnings from toll brothers, macy's and home depot. so a lot going on today. again, the headline is uncertainty in markets because of the certainty of vladimir putin and his aggressive stance on ukraine. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. cnn is following all of the news out of russia and ukraine as the world waits for vladimir putin's next move. "new day" is next.
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