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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  March 28, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. hello and a very warm welcome to our viewers joining us in the united states and right around the world. i'm isa soares in london and we are following breaking news coverage of the war in ukraine. just ahead right here on "cnn newsroom". >> there is nowhere in this large country that is truly safe. >> translator: hailstones and rockets. the houses burned down. we barely escaped. >> reporter: ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity are beyond doubt. our goal is obvious.
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peace and the restoration of normal life in our native state as soon as possible. >> since putin is increasing this attack, since putin is increasing all the atrocities on the ground, killing innocent civilians, we altogether have to do more. >> and we twin this hour with new reports of russian strikes hitting targets in western and west central ukraine overnight. with the military reporting at least one missile was fired from neighboring belarus. that word comes after an adviser to president volodymyr zelenskyy said russia was stepping up missile strikes right across the country. he named several cities that were targeted sunday night including three to the west of the capital and kharkiv, as you can see there on your map to the east. the adviser tweeted that more missiles are pounding ukraine every day with russia, quote, carpet bombing the hard-hit city of course of mariupol.
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and these new attacks coming as president zelenskyy gave an interview to a group of independent russian journalists. russia has warned against broadcasting it. russia and ukraine are set for another round of talks in turkey. and ahead of that president zelenskyy says his country is now ready to accept mutual -- >> translator: effective security guarantees for our state are mandatory. our goal is obvious. peace and the restoration of normal life in our native state as soon as possible. >> meanwhile, ukrainian forces have pushed back the russian military in some rural areas outof kyiv. but intense fighting had already take ayn heavy toll on homes as well as villages. itv's rahud kashru has a look at a town obliterated by russian strikes not far from the
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ukrainian capital. >> reporter: shevchenko survived. but not much else did. a statue of the ukrainian poet still stands after almost everything else was wiped out by a russian airstrike. the library was hit. residents take the books they once borrowed. the town hall was destroyed too. and the shop for kids. and the pharmacy. and even the off license. vichi is a village one hour from kyiv and it tells two stories. the crater reveals the force of russian might. but there's a story of failure too. more than a month into this war life of sorts carries on. the russian troops never arrived although plans were laid to stop them getting in. >> it looks like an earth quake hit.
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there is complete destruction absolutely everywhere. but maybe the most interesting thing is not the place this flattened but the fact it wasn't flattened into submission. in the capital monument is being protected as history is rewritten because met with a fierce resistance moscow now says it no longer wants to focus on the capital but the ukrainians don't believe that. >> translator: we cannot trust them. at the moment we don't see any withdrawal of russian troops from certain areas of kyiv. >> reporter: because you needn't go far from kyiv to see the area around it was in russia's sights not long ago.
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and the strat jifts protecting the capital believe nothing has changed. rahit kachroo. >> phil, we have seen overnight several cities overnight being targeted with missile strikes. this of course as the ukrainian government warns russia is trying to, quote, wipe ukraine off the face of the earth. what more can you tell us about these strikes overnight? >> reporter: it's been a trend here, isa, from late last week. russian missiles mostly fired from russian naval ships in the black sea and now we're also being told from across the northern border with belarus targeting support and logistics sites helping ukraine maintain its military defense. notably fuel storage sites. that's what we saw here in lviv on saturday when the first strikes struck here in the center of the populated area of the city. and then yes, just overnight northeast of lviv, a reasonably
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short distance near the city of lutsk yet another strike against a fuel storage site. as i say, this has been a clear trend. it started last week. we've counted at least four, possibly more fuel depot sites hit in that time. and in addition to that they've been striking weapons storage facilities and so forth. these are the sorts of sites that ukraine needs in order to continue fighting off russia's attack. >> and phil, meanwhile, we are expecting to see a restart of diplomatic efforts in turkey. what are the expectations where you are for the next round of talks here? >> reporter: the expectations are still very low, isa. no one is expecting a breakthrough on this anytime soon. there has been some talk of optimism and hope and constructive progress, particularly about those issues that volodymyr zelenskyy has talked about again today, the idea of neutrality and promising not to join nato and so forth.
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it is understood that ukraine could possibly move and make concessions on those points. but that said, there are other very important points ukraine is not prepared to move on. and that's why you hear zelenskyy talking about territorial integrity and security guarantees. what that means is he is not prepared to give up any ukrainian territory, not prepared to recognize russia's annexation of crimea or the independence of those eastern breakaway regions as russia is demanding and he is also expecting that any peace deal would include a security guarantee of the sort that would see other countries coming to ukraine's aid in the event that it would be attacked at some point in the future. there is a lot of progress to make on these sorts of points. and as i say, no obvious room for concessions yet. >> and how do you balance of course on that very point that the non-nuclear -- the neutral, non-nuclear but also safe grgd the country, that's very important. phil black for us in lviv.
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a few minutes ago we brought you new reports of russian strikes hitting targets in western as well as west central ukraine overnight with the military reporting at least one missile was fired from neighboring belarus. well, an adviser to president volodymyr zelenskyy said russia was stepping up missile strikes right across the country. and he named several cities that were targeted on sunday night including three to the west of the capital, as you can see there, as well as kharkiv to the east. joining me now is malcolm davis. he's a senior analyst of defense strategy and capability at the australian strategic policy institute. and he's with us from canberra, australia. malcolm, very -- good evening to you. thanks very much for being with us. let me start, if i may, with the developments out of kyiv. we've seen the russian push there has i think it's fair to say stalled in recent days as that ukrainian ground forces counterattack. how significant would you say
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>> look, it is obviously the end of the first place for the russians. they no longer have the ability to make offensive moves and advances on major cities such as kyiv. so what they are doing is digging in and trying to regroup, rearm, and reconstitute their logistical support, their supply lines. and i think what we're entering is a period of style which is the major campaign across the entire country. whilst the russians regroup and the ukrainians essentially carry out a series of counter offenses. >> so they are regrouping. explain to our viewers, malcolm, how the russian forces can keep this going. they don't have swift victory as they perhaps expected. what is their staying power giving this momentum and how low we keep hearing morale is right
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now? >> look, i think if they dig in, they build up their supply lines they can essentially stay static for a number of weeks. all the while bombarding cities with long-range artillery and rocket fire. the war doesn't end. it doesn't suddenly become peaceful. it means the maneuver elements, thanks and so forth are not going anywhere. the forces are digging in. >> from the ukrainian side, of course these are gains. like you have clearly pointed out, these are very fragile gains, nevertheless. what do you think, malcolm, of the idea being discussed that russia's aim here is to split the country into two into occupied and non-occupied territory? what do you think of this idea? >> i think that is certainly their aim initially and the best approach they will be using in a
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negotiation over settlement. they keep crimea and the donbas in change for not resuming the war. they are likely to resume the war down the track once they have recovered from this failure at the operational level. so any negotiated settlement is only going to be a temporary pause which could pick up again in the spring and summer when the russians are better prepared. if they do that, if they go in a second time, they will be far more cautious about fairly, shall we say, risky tactics in this particular phase. they will not do that again. >> when you hear the russians basically saying we don't have intentions of taking kyiv, we're not interested in kyiv, do you buy that? >> no, i don't. i think from putin's perspective, he still wants to demilitarize ukraine, still wants to move the regime, which is what he calls
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de-nazification. and he doesn't achieve that if he essentially leaves the regime, the zelenskyy government in power in kyiv. so ultimately i don't see this war ending any time soon. and i think we're going into a pause that could last some weeks, potentially months, into the spring and summer, and could pick up again. >> for the ukrainian military then, while there is this pause on the russian side, how would you expect them to move? what would the ukrainian side be doing while there is a pause as the russians regroup tactically i'm thinking. . >> it is only for the tanks, maneuvering vehicles. the artillery and rocket fire is still pounding the cities. so the ukrainians still have to respond to that challenge. at the same time, they have also getting military weapons from the west, building up their strength. it's possible what you could see is a series of counter offenses
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by the ukrainians to try to disrupt the russian forces and attack their supply lines to make it more difficult for the russians to resume any offensive down the track. and also to put pressure on the russians in any diplomatic negotiation towards the final settlement of the war. ukrainians are going to continue fighting. about you they probably don't have the strength at this point in time to decisively force the russians into a route where they withdraw across the ukrainian border >> that assault you mentioned from the air has been pretty resentless. we have seen kharkiv, mariupol besieged and encircled. what do you expect in the next round of talks? what do you make that in order to bring carnage to an end, they will have to accept nonnuclear status. >> the russians could gradually
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bring in additional forces and, once again, restart the offensive. and he's depending very much on western support for -- in terms of military hardware, shoulder-fired weapons like the stinger and javelin and so forth. he needs more offensive capabilities, which is why he's calling for tanks and aviation support. and he's not getting that. he has to work towards a least worst outcome in terms of avoiding essentially the country being divided in two. and i don't think this is ultimately going to work because i do think putin ultimately wants to remove the zelenskyy government from power. i don't see this negotiation ultimately leading to an end to the war any time soon. >> malcolm davis, really appreciate your insight.
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thank you very much for joining us from can berra, australia. >> thank you. u.s. officials are trying to walk back u.s. president fiery remarks on saturday. have a listen. >> for god's sake, this man cannot remain in power. >> mr. biden's off-the-cuff remark delivered in poland and sent shock waves around the world. he was not calling gore regime change in moscow. and others echoed the comments on sunday as did the u.s. president himself. >> mr. president, were you calling for regime change? >> no. >> well, mr. biden also called hills russian counterpart a butcher. hear french president's macron's
1:20 am
>> translator: we need to not escalate things. i would continue to hold discussions with president putin. what do we want to do collectively? we want to stop the war russia has war without waging war and without escalation. >> let's get more on this from nic robertson from brussels. good morning to you. we heard president macron kind of suggest, nic, that perhaps the u.s. position and the eu position vis-a-vis russia. what's your read of this? >> reporter: well, going into this, the united states said it would pursue diplomacy with russia right up to the last minute when they crossed into ukraine. that was going to be the deadline. the language president macron is using, he will continue pursuing diplomacy right up until the last moment. and his last moment hasn't arrived yet. he is more willing, it appears,
1:21 am
to be actively engaged in pursuing diplomacy with president putin and president zelenskyy. indeed, of all the european union leaders, he has had the most calls with president putin and president zelenskyy, far more than president biden has had. president macron is positioning himself really as the leader of the -- the diplomatic leader, if you will of the european union. he is trying to get a humanitarian exit from 150,000 people from mariupol. something he has been organizes with turkish and greek authorities. they have borne little success but is -- what he is aiming to
1:22 am
do before a cease-fire is aid the humanitarian situation. this is why you hear president macron say he wouldn't use the kind of language president biden is using. tpheugs that detracts from that is not in anyone's interest. it highlights the position of the european union and the united states where the larger, sort of bigger states within the european union, bigger nations, are more concerned about the impact that the war is having on them. and they feel the united states doesn't get the same impact, with shortages of energy, gas and oil, and doesn't feel the same impact as the number of refugees arriving and that
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massive task of helping look after all the refugees, despite the fact that president biden said the united states would take 100,000 refugees. these are the differences that exist. the unity has been good. we can expect the kremlin to exploit any gaps, they say. >> on macron, though, nic, why do you think he's so optimistic? he says apparently he's got putin's ears. but they have had meetings with very little results. wipe is he optimistic something may come out of this? >> reporter: president macron typically in his international diplomacy has been optimistic. he was optimistic when he tried to forge a relationship with president trump. and that really eventually went down the drain. it didn't go anywhere. he was optimistic when he went to moscow in the weeks before the war. and a couple of weeks before the
1:24 am
war he had a five and a half hour meeting with president putin. they had a press conference. then they had another hour pull aside. and president macron is trying the most optimistic tactics and going for the best possible outcome. but we did hear disappointment from his office after those talks and subsequent conversations with president putin. didn't work out. he starts out on ptimistic but s aspirations are templed by rea -- tempered by reality. >> of course the french election this year. so that is also worth bearing in mind. thanks very much, nic. good to see you ukraine's ambassador to the u.s. had no problem at all about president biden's remarks about vladimir putin. they said the russian president is a threat to democracies everywhere.
1:25 am
>> the reason putin attacked ukraine is because he wanted to eliminate us as ace free, democratic neighbor. but he hates everything that is democratic. i would like to destroy anything that is not democratic and cannot be occupied. so it's up for all of us to understand that we have to stop it. and in order to stop it we have to -- we never ask for boots on the ground. we ask all the civilized countries to provide us with all the tools necessary in order not only to defend us but to defend europe but also to stop it and stop this war. >> the president, president biden, said that vladimir putin cannot remain in power. the white house walked it back, as you saw, saying the u.s. does not support regime change. what's your reaction to this? >> it was a great speech of president biden. he clearly said that u.s. is and will be with ukraine in this fight. and we really appreciate it. and we would like everyone to be
1:26 am
with us in the most possible ways. now, we all understand and we see it and would like to thank all journalists for spreading the truth and showing it for what it is. it is brutal aggression of a neighboring country with a peaceful neighbor that never posed any threat, unless being democratic is a threat. russia attacked husbus in 2014. they are killing civilians, killing children, destroying infrastructure, residential homes everywhere. it is an act of war criminal. that's why we have opened the investigation in ukraine. that it's why ukraine submitted all the information to international courts. and vladimir putin, together with anyone, every russian that is responsible for it, will have to end up in jail for these war crimes. yes, he has nothing to do to lead a state if russia would like to be a democratic or even a civilized state
1:27 am
>> so you are saying there should be regime change? >> well, you know, it's clear to us that russia is a terrorist state led by a war criminal. and we are working day and night and fighting fiercely to defend our land and to defend our democracy, and everyone should be brought to justice. i think it will be able to run a state from the hague. ukraine's president grants an interview to independent journalist in russia. when we return, a live report on what president zelenskyy said and how the kremlin is reacting. that is next. r pipes. try finish dishwasher cleaner its dual action formula hygienically cleanss hihidden limescale and grease n your dishwasher. finish. clean n dishwasher. clen dishes. my moderate to severe plaque psoriasisis... ...the itching... the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®.
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the mayor just west of kyiv, as you can see on this map, confirmed two explosions overnight near the city. we are hearing from an official in the lutsk, a fuel depot was hit in the area. this comes after an adviser to ukraine's president tweeted several cities were targeted sunday night, including three to the west of the capital kyiv. meanwhile, ukrainian troops have gained some ground, launching counter offenses to take back territory from the russian forces. but russia is changing its focus to the south and east, attempting to carve ukraine in two after failing to take kyiv. meanwhile, a new round of
1:32 am
negotiations between russia and ukraine are set for this week in istanbul. president zelenskyy said peace is the goal of any talks. but in an interview he put some conditions on his participation. have a listen. . >> we won't sit down at the table at all if all we talk about is some demilitarization or de-nazification. for me they are absolutely in comprehensible things. it is interesting to see him reach out to get his message across. did the message get through? what has been the reaction, if any, from inside russia? >> reporter: well, i think it's very difficult for ordinary russians to actually access the interview. the kremlin was very requestic to respond essentially with the russian media watch dog saying that any media that pub -- they
1:33 am
warned against publishing any part of the interview in russian media and said they would be screening and controlling for any publication. but there are still ways the russian public can access this interview. zelenskyy tried to reach out to ordinary russians in answering a lot of questions on the war and negotiations but also on questions ordinary russians may be wondering. why are russian athletes banned from international competitions, for example? this was a question he addressed. he also spoke fluently in the russian language in this very down to earth manner, very different from the way president putin speaks, for example. and he also addressed the issue of language itself, saying of course there are russian language speakers in ukraine this. has been a point of contention with russia saying russian speakers in ukraine are being
1:34 am
discriminated against. yet here we have the ukrainian president speaking in russian to the russian people saying that, you know, ukrainians can speak in either ukrainian or russian. this is something he is willing to discuss in any ongoing negotiations. so it was a widespread interview in which he addressed a lot of questions. i think the key question, however, is whether or not it will have an impact on ordinary russians if they are able to access it and see it >> we will see in the next few days what is being said inside the country. thank you very much. well, the heavy fighting in mariupol is devastating the lives who remain, many who have taken shelter during basements are returning to find their homes completely destroyed. stkpwhrlt i've lived here since my birth. missed husband as well. we got married here and had babies. what now? what is left for us?
1:35 am
i don't want to go from mariupol, but there is nowhere to live here. >> this comes of course as ukrainian officials say humanitarian help is beginning to wane. they said more help is desperately needed right now. 3.8 million people have fled to nearby countries. 6.5 million are displaced inside ukraine. if you would like to help people who are in need of food, water, shelter, go ton the foreign minister saying his country opposes use of power against a sovereign country and qatar will not have any new business in russia.
1:36 am
>> we are against threatening of war against a sovereign country or trying to undermine the territory of any country. we made this very clear. we h this needs to be respected. we keep our communication channel with all the parties. i was in moscow approximately 10 days ago. i had a conversation with the foreign minister of russia talking about the ukrainian issue but keeping the communication ongoing with our ukrainian counterparts. offering our help to escape the situation for this war >> is it your sense that president putin wants peace at
1:37 am
this point? >> well, i cannot really say what president putin is thinking about. but what i believe and from my conversation with my counterpart there in russia that they are willing to engage on the demands that are put forward. now, how far the ukrainian government are willing to give on those demands, this is really the ukrainian government and ukrainian people decision. but our interest and the priority is really to create some safe environment for the people, for the civilians. there is deterioration in the humanitarian situation in ukraine, which is unprecedented. so i think that should be the priority. we should focus on having a cease-fire, humanitarian corridors, bringing humanitarian assistance to ukraine. and having this conflict and the
1:38 am
battlefield to be on the table. >> the u.s. has been putting sanctions on russia in an effort to squeeze the kremlin at this point. the counterinvestment authority has a sizable investment in the russian i'm giant woznev. do you unwind that position? >> right now with the current situation we are not thinking about any oil investments there. even, by the way, in europe, until we have some clarity on the stability of the situation. but our decisions we took was based on an assessment.
1:39 am
>> so you will make no new investments? >> with the current environment, i think the assessment is really under a lot of review. >> the norwegian sovereign fund has unwound its position in russian companies. you're saying that qatar investment in russia is under review at this point? >> for the current time, our investment decisions, as i told you, is based on commercial assessment. and what we have currently in russia, we are not thinking about increasing that these days until we see a better atmosphere and more particular stability. >> becky anderson's full interview with qatar's foreign minister 3:00 p.m. gmt. still ahead, this hour a live report on what antony blinken hopes to take away with
1:40 am
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and firefighters have now contained about a third of this massive blaze in the state of colorado. evacuation orders have been lifted. it has burned 10,000 acres. fires are intense and residents have been told they should be ready to evacuate. we will stay on top of thaf story for you. secretary of state anthony blink senn wrapping up talks. it is a historic moment but comes at a fraught time. the talks are expected to include a range of issues, including the israeli/phreupb
1:44 am
issues. this is a historic meeting in a rare visit by some of the leaders, what are some of the expectations here? >> reporter: that's right. they have never met in one go and not in israel. the very fact this they are meeting in a statement in itself about the region and the ability for the countries to address chal challenges. it will allow the united states to show its commitment to the allies in the middle east and to the abraham accords in both deepening the relationship between those who have already signed up and trying to get more countries to join them. they will be discussing the need
1:45 am
and the how they will deter iran and its proxies from destabilizing the region irrespective of whether the united states rejoins the iran nuclear agreement. no doubt they will be expressing concerns about the reported possibility of the u.s. delisting the islamic revolutionary guard, irgc, as a terrorist organization. concerns that the israeli foreign minister addressed publicly with secretary of state blinken. we should get statements from foreign ministers very shortly. . >> we have seen in the last few hours the israeli prime minister naftali bennett, who has his plate full dealing with a deadly attack in the country. what more can you tell us? >> also testing positive for covid. this aing ta happened in the northern city by the coast,
1:46 am
hadera. it was carried out by two isis operatives. they discovered 1,000 rounds of ammunition. six people were injured. the assailants were killed by two off-duty counterterrorism officers. they happened to be in a restaurant nearby and they shot and killed the assailants. they have all come out and condemned the attacks as well. something that would have been unthinkable a few years ago. . >> thanks very much. appreciate it. china's financial harp is going into lockdown for mass covid testing. half the city begins on monday
1:47 am
and the other half will follow friday. all residents must get tested. residents have rushed to grocery stores to stock up ahead of the lockdowns often leaving nothing on the shelves, as you can see there. china reported more than 6,200 new cases sunday and more than half of them were in shanghai. the city has seen more than 16,000 infections since the latest outbreak began march 1st. prince william says he's not in the business of, quote, telling people what to do and that any future relationship between the united kingdom and the caribbean nations will be for the people to decide. the second in line to the british throne was wrapping up a tour for the commonwealth nations in the caribbean with his wife, as you can see there, the duchess of cambridge.
1:48 am
have a listen. >> with jamaica celebrating 60 years and belize celebrating 40 years of independence last year, i want to say this. we support with pride and respect your decisions about your future. relationships evolve, friendship endures. >> it has been marred by questions about independence, the legacy of slavery in the caribbean, and the role of the british monarchy in the region. still to come on the show, an altercation at the oscars. how will smith lashed out at chris rock for making a joke about his wife. that's next. because the sleep number 360 smart bed is really smart. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to help keep you both comfortable all night. it's also temperature balancing, so you stay cool. it's so smart, it knknows exactly how long, how well and when you slept.
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well, if your march madness brackets have duke, north carolina, kansas and villanova in the brackets, you are in the running. duke will play villanova. the jayhawks defeated the miami
1:53 am
hurricanes. the final four will be held in new orleans saturday with a championship game april 4th. phr mark your dires. >> the biggest night of the academy awards had a fight that stunned audience members. chris rock made a joke about her ill-shaped head. he took to the stage and smacked rock. . >> uh-oh. oh, wow. wow. >> although it appeared to be a joke first, smith returned to his seat and yelled at rock using foul language. viewers at home did not hear the entire exchange as it was muted. moments later, will smith won best actor for his performance in "king richard."
1:54 am
he apologized for his role in the fight and ended by saying that he hopes the academy welcomes him back. meantime, the best picture award went to "coda" beating all "belfast" and power of the dog. one of the actors from that film became the first male deaf actor. he won a best supporting actor. and the first openly queer woman won for anita in "west side story". the oscars held a moment of silence, followed by a plea for the u.s. to do whatever possible to accepted help to those in the war-torn nation. ukrainian-born actress mila
1:55 am
kunis acknowledged the war during the show. we are learning more about the death of taylor hawkins. we have the latest from colombia. >> reporter: new details that emerged from the preliminary toxicology report performed on the body of taylor hawkins. the foo fighters drummer was found dead here in bogota on friday evening. according to the results of the reports, which were published by the kcolombian office, included 10 substances, including marijuana, antidepressants and opioids. but investigators are still going to perform medical tests. they tried to determine the ultimate kcause of death.
1:56 am
those who were due to perform returned to the united states. hawkins was found dead in his hotel bedroom in the center hotel here in bogota before he was to perform at the largest musical festival. his death at 50 years of age shocked the community and the music community. >> thanks very much for your company. our breaking news coverage continues on "early start". you know how to get in touch with me. i shall see you tomorrow. thanks very much.
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good morning, everyone. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. i'm laura jarrett. >> and i'm christine romans. john berman is in lviv, ukraine. john? >> good morning to both of you. so really no question this morning that ukraine has at the very least slowed russia's advances in certain places. but an adviser to ukraine's president says that multiple cities still being hit by missile strikes -- look, we felt it her


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