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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  April 9, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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today didn't go without a glitch, though. the welcoming ceremony was delayed about 45 minutes after the crew encountered an issue with a signal from an on-board camera. axiom, the texas-based company behind the trip, wants to eventually build a private space station. that's it for us tonight. you can join me live from lviv tomorrow for "cnn newsroom." our live coverage on cnn continues right now. translator: it's time to impose a complete embargo on russian energy resources. >> we are going to ratchet up the economic pressure. >> intentionally targeting civilians, something russia categorically denies, is a war crime. hours of audio recordings seem to tell a very different story. >> reporter: november 5th, 2020, two days after the 2020
4:01 pm
election. votes were still being counted, donald trump's son, don jr., was already passing on ideas for overturning the election if necessary to ensure a second term for his father. prosecutors failed to convince a federal jury after four men are accused of plotting to kidnap michigan's governor. >> obviously we're disappointed with the outcome. this is his first competitive golf tournament in more than 500 days. tiger says that he is very comfortable where he is right now. he noticeably is a little bit slower, but the game is still there. good evening to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. i'm jessica dean in for pamela brown this evening. you're in the "cnn newsroom." amid the horrors of war, a show of solidarity. british prime minister boris johnson making a surprise visit to kyiv to meet with ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy. the visit coming after one of
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russia's most horrific attacks on civilians. and we want to warn you of the graphic images you're about to see that are disturbing. this new video capturing the terror of missiles striking a civilian train station where thousands were gathered to evacuate. and that means these families desperate to flee the fighting became helpless victims. the latest government update now, 52 dead including at least five children, and 99 injured including 19 children. zelenskyy saying it's yet another russian war crime. in northeastern ukraine, heavy shelling is reported today in kharkiv or what's left of it. you see right there craters scarring the rubble-filled landscape of the country's second largest city.
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ukraine says russian troops are regrouping ahead of an advance there. let's begin this hour in kyiv and the meeting between president zelenskyy and british prime minister johnson. cnn is there with the latest. >> reporter: jessica, the city this evening is somber and pretty silent as it dims its lights for curfew. today during the day it was a very different scene. it was absolutely abuzz with the arrival of britain's prime minister, boreis johnson. latest in a searries of world leaders who have made the journey to the ukrainian capital. while he brought with him much more of what had all right been anticipated and expected, more defensive aid, a raise in the debt guarantee that britain is providing at the world bank for ukraine to almost $1.5 billion. ukrainians tell us he brought something more. he brought with him a sense of
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respite. for the time that prime minister johnson was on the ground, they knew that they would be safe. that respite has left with him tonight. and while ukrainians say that they are appreciative of his and other pilgrimages by world leaders making the difficult over-land journey because of course they can't land here in kyiv, eventually they will need more because the russian offensive in the east of the country is building up steam. and more and more civilians are dying. and the fear is that there could possibly be an over-land incursion. for now they're incredibly grateful for the prime minister and other who in out here to show that the world wants them to foeel a little less isolated. >> thanks so much for your reporting. now let gaept latest on the deadly russian strike on a civilian train station. we have -- odesa.
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walk us through what the latest is there. >> reporter: well, in the eastern ukrainian city where the train station was targeted, just, you know, the latest grotesque chapter in this russian invasion of ukraine. 52 people confirmed dead. nearly 100 people wounded. most of those women and children. we are told by train station officials that the area that was struck was basically a holding area for the passengers there. so you know, people waiting for that train to get out to -- for safe passage into a more secure part of the country. and they also say that on any given day in the last few weeks there could be as many as 8,000 people passing through that train station every day. and at the time of the attack, there were 4,000 people there. so you know, it's really important to point out that as officials in ukraine have been urging people in eastern ukraine to evacuate the villages and the cities that are under this new
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threat of this renewed invasion in the eastern part of the country, these train lines have been a lifeline to safety for tens of thousands of people. >> sure. and ed, we also know there was an explosion in your area near odesa. what are authorities saying about that? >> reporter: it's interesting, you know, it was something that we didn't hear. all the other attacks that we've heard the last couple of days have been -- we've clearly heard them. they have been close. you know, military strikes. but officials here are not -- describing this as an explosion carried out by some sort of military strike. in fact, ukrainian officials here in this region said tonight that they are investigating this as a possible case of sabotage which is interesting because this entire city is under an extended curfew in the daylight hours which is very rare. and we are under curfew here until early monday morning. and tomorrow is -- sunday is a
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critical day, significant day here in odesa. it's known as odesa's liberation day, liberating -- celebrating the liberation from the nazis back during world war ii. it's significant because this is a day that traditionally has public gatherings, people come out to lay flowers at memorials and that sort of thing. so given this latest case where it's being investigated as a case of sabotage, you have large public gatherings, officials here are saying that because of the strike in eastern ukraine, you know, just large public gatherings would just be too dangerous and too easy of a target, and they're concerned about people's safety right now. >> live in odesa where the curfew is under way. thank you so much for your update. let's continue this conversation now. john herbst was u.s. ambassador it ukraine, now senior director of the atlantic council's eurasia center. lovely to see you. thank you for being here tonight. we saw british prime minister boris johnson making that surprise visit to kyiv today.
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in your opinion, should western nations consider ukraine's plea to re-establish their diplomatic presence there? >> well, we see this starting to happen. i think the eu is going back, the turks, the czechs, maybe the french. so this is beginning to happen. i think it is time to take a serious look at this. >> and what can that do? what kind of impact can that have? >> well, it demonstrates two things. it demonstrates international support, and it demonstrates the progress that ukraine has already made in this war, having pushed the russians back from kyiv decisively. >> right. and following the meeting with boris johnson, president zelenskyy also called on the west to ramp up sanctions including a full embargo on russian energy. so far the sanctions haven't done much to motivate a diplomatic resolution. we've seen that. do you believe, though, that targeting russian oil and natural gas would be different? >> i think that the sanctions put down so far are having an effect on the russian economy,
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but not enough to affect the war effort. if it were possible to establish a full gas and oil embargo on russian sales, that would be huge. the problem is that europe, many parts of europe are 50% or 60% or 70% dependent on those hydrocarbons. they're making an effort to reduce that over the next year, but it's hard to do it in the short term. but certainly to the extent we can we should encourage that. >> what kind -- in your opinion, is that the best type of sanction, the most pointed, the one that would have the most effect, or are there others you think should be under consideration at this point? >> well, the sanction on the russian central bank has already had a huge impact. on other banks it's had less of an impact. we should be taking all -- sanctioning all russian banks from the s.w.i.f.t. system. right now only some russian banks are sanctioned. if all were sanctioned that would have a huge impact. here, too, we have some european
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partners who think that may have an impact on the sale of russian gas and oil. so it comes back to gas and oil sadly. >> makes it very complicated. all right. what has been ironic to watch play out is that putin's aggression has done the opposite of what he had hoped it would do. now we see nato galvanized. nato officials telling cnn discussions about sweden and finland joining the bloc have become more serious since this invasion. that would enrage putin. do you think that would make him more unpredictable and/or dangerous? >> you know, we can't rule out him doing something -- something additional that's dangerous. but he's made so many mistakes lately. as you pointed out, europe has been galvanized against the kremlin as a result of this massive new invasion. i think it's likely finland is going to join nato. there's really nothing russia can do about it. if they were to, you know, provoke finland in some fashion, i think what would happen is
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there would be even greater nato support, not just for finland but also for ukraine. and putin's had a very bad six weeks as a result of the invasion, and it's only getting worse for him. >> and here's increasingly isolated, right? >> extraordinarily so. i mean, he had real soft power only through buying politicians and businessmen in europe. that's almost all gone now as a result of this major invasion. the change in especially german policy from one of kind of appeasement to resolute defense against kremlin aggression is particularly damaging to his foreign policy and good for the west. so i don't think he has much in the way of nasty cards to play because it would just have even further bad consequences for him. >> so then we look ahead, so what could the potential outcome be? we know that ukraine says russia is aiming to declare a victory one month from today, may 9th, a russian holiday.
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do you believe that makes diplomacy more or less likely over the next several weeks? how do you see this playing out? >> i think diplomacy is almost irrelevant until putin decides he cannot win a military victory. his big offensive has failed. he's now regrouping to conduct a second offensive. if that fails, the diplomatic talks under way which putin has no way endorsed, may become real. at the moment, they're not. and the key right now is to supply ukraine with all the arms it needs to defeat that second russian attack which will probably come in the east. >> and it sounds like you're saying that if that -- that's what would turn the tide here. a defeat -- >> correct. putin needs to be persuaded he cannot impose his will on ukraine by arms. he's still not persuaded. >> we will see how the next several weeks play out. ambassador, thank you so much for making time for us. appreciate it. up next tonight, a cnn exclusive revealing donald trump
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jr. was texting mark meadows ideas about the 2020 election and claimed to have, quote, operational control to keep his father in power. also ahead, cnn is live at the masters where tiger woods just finished the third round with the worst score of his masters career. and another giant leap for space tourism. paying customers arrive at the international space station. you're in the "cnn newsroom." ♪ ♪ ♪ this is... ♪
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a federal judge's ruling next week could affect gop congresswoman marjorie taylor greene's future. the judge is expected to decide if she'll allow georgia voters to move forward with their constitutional challenge to prevent greene's re-election. that challenge is based on the 14th amendment, and it claims greene cannot run again because she aided the january 6th insurrection. the federal judge signaled friday she'll likely allow that case to move forward.
4:18 pm
greene's attorneys deny she's an insurrectionist and claim disqualifying her would vile her first amendment rights. to a cnn exclusive about donald trump's inner circle trying to overturn his 2020 re-election loss. cnn has seen text messages from trump's oldest son laying out a plan to engineer a second trump term even as votes were still being counted. and who was donald trump jr. sending those plans to? his father's chief of staff at the time, mark meadows. here's cnn's congressional correspondent ryan nobles. >> reporter: november 5th, 2020, two days after the 2020 election. votes were still being counted. the final outcome still in doubt. but president trump's son, don jr., was already passing on ideas for overturning the election if necessary to ensure a second term for his father. it's very simple, trust jr. texted before outlining several
4:19 pm
options, we have operational control, total leverage. trump jr. was texting white house chief of staff mark meadows. this text reviewed by cnn hasn't been revealed publicly before. it is in the possession of the january 6 select committee. in a statement to cnn, trump jr.'s lawyer says, quote, after the election, don received numerous messages from supporters and others. given the date, this message likely originated from someone else and was forwarded. med oats' attorney declined to comment. on election night, president trump was already laying the groundwork to claim the election was stolen. >> to me this is a very sad moment. and we will win this, and -- as far as i'm concerned, we already have won. >> reporter: behind the scenes, his son and adviser, don jr., was sharing ideas with meadows for how to subvert the electoral college process, leveraging republican majorities in the senate, and swing state legislatures. state assemblies can step in and vote to put forward the electoral slate, trump jr. texted. the text message from days after the election ticks through
4:20 pm
questionable legal theories, many of which would be employed by the trump campaign and gop operatives across the country. we have multiple paths, we control them all. the paths trump jr. refers to include creating alternate slates of fake electors, pushing the vote back to state legislatures, and forcing a scenario where neither candidate had enough electoral votes to win leaving it to the house to vote by state delegation to elect the president. republicans control 28 states, democrats 22 states, he texted. once again trump wins. trump jr. was a prominent surrogate for his father traveling the country on his behalf. in the days leading up to the election, he told trump supporters that if trump lost it would be because the radical left cheated. >> make sure everyone gets out and votes because if you don't, they are going to steal it from you. >> reporter: while he publicly warned against fraud on the left, his private text message to meadows foreshadows a legal strategy his father's allies would eventually launch.
4:21 pm
even teasing the showdown in congress on january 6th, two months before it happened. "we either have a vote we control and we win, or it gets kicked to congress 6 january, 2021." this text part of a tranche of thousands of text was meadows the committee has in its possession and has used as part of its investigation. donald trump jr. also sharing ideas for what should take place in his father's second term. among them firing the fbi director, christopher wray, and dr. anthony fauci. also suggesting that william barr, the then-attorney general, appoint a special prosecutor to investigate joe biden's son hunter. ryan nobles, cnn, on capitol hill. >> thank you. coming up, a european official says about one quarter of russian forces invading ukraine are effectively inoperable. what does that mean for the future of this war? and we've just learned vladimir putin has named a new commander as russia shifts its
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ukraine is a nation at war and on edge. ukrainian officials say russian forces are planning a major offensive by regrouping in the east and advancing on kharkiv, ukraine's second largest city, and it sits near the russian border. heavy shelling has been reported today. as you can see, that city has already withstood relentless bombardment since the war began. i want to bring in lieutenant general mark hurtling, cnn military analyst, the commanding
4:27 pm
general of europe and the seventh army. general, great to see you. a short time ago cnn learned russian president vladimir putin has appointed a new general to direct his war in ukraine. how significant do you think that is? >> well, it's interesting from the standpoint of command and control, first of all, jessica. this general, a guy named alexander debornikov has been assigned to the western, central, and southern districts. and he's had the typical path of infantry commands gone to all the right schools like the academy, but here's some interesting things, he's also fought in the chechnyan war in grozny and was the first russian commander in syria at the beginning of the russian involvement there. this individual has had a lot of experience with the kinds of things we've been seeing lately. right now he's the commander of the southern military district, and this may or may not mean
4:28 pm
things to your listeners, but he's within that southern military district are areas like chechnyan, dagestan, bugagrad and crimea. he knows the area in which he's serving. the way he has conducted combat operations in the past has caused him to be -- he's received a lot of medals from putin himself, but he has also been the kind of executioner that we've seen prosecute these campaigns where there's an awful lot of civilian attacks, civilian destruction, chaos on populations both in syria and in grozny. so this is a guy that is going to be asked to deliver success before the 9 may mayday parade in moscow. whether or not he's going to be able to do that is a different story because he doesn't have a lot of forces to execute some of the attacks in the eastern part of ukraine. >> very telling as you kind of
4:29 pm
give us that context and lay out his history that he's been selected to lead that effort. ukraine's defense chief telling us russian troops regrouping and plan to advance toward kharkiv. what does that tell you strategically? >> well, i tell you, i'm not sure that's an accurate read, jessica, because as we've been talking about -- you know, the russians have put about 120 of what they call the battalion tactical groups into ukraine since the start of the campaign. the uk has -- believes that they've had about 20 or 30 of them destroyed. so you're talking about a force that's down almost a quarter of what they started with. it's not real easy to move forces that have been mauled and depleted to the point where we've seen some of the casualty figures and some of the tanks destroyed, and just say, hey, we're going to pick them up and move them from one area, about
4:30 pm
400 miles to the east and tell them to fight again. i don't think we're going to see a whole lot of fighting from the russians any time within the next week from new forces. now, they're going to continue to attack with the forces they had there. but considering the fact that their major effort was in kyiv and kharkiv, it's going to be very difficult to reinforce the east as fast as they would like to. it remains to be seen, but i'm not sure they're going to be able to be very successful, the russians that is, moving forces to the east to reinforce just because it's very tough to regenerate forces. this isn't like stratego or a video game. those forces have been mauled, and they're in very bad shape. you just can't regenerate and say we're going to send them into battle once again. it's going to take a long time if they're ever able to get those forces combat operational again. i think ukraine has a very good chance. having said that, ukraine's got
4:31 pm
some tough issues on their plate, too. they've got to move a lot of forces to the east and prepare for a different kind of assault than what they saw in kyiv and kharkiv. >> and ukraine is accusing russia of a growing list of atrocities with yesterday's strike on a civilian train station the last possible war crime. but certainly others, as well. is this a matter of undisciplined troops, people acting on their own, or do you believe that russian forces are carrying out a terror campaign specifically on civilians? and i know we talked about the new commander and what his experience is. do you think this is a concerted effort, or is it them looking the other way? >> can we say both? what i'll tell you is this has been the russian way of war for about 20 years now. we've seen evidence of it in other campaigns where they've fought, where they have attempted to sow chaos and terror within the civilian population as part of scorched earth campaigns even before they entered ukraine.
4:32 pm
at the same time, they -- i've said from the very beginning the leadership in the russian forces, both at the higher levels, the junior officer levels, and the fact that they don't have a professional nco corps allows this kind of action to take place unconstrained. they do not abide by the rules of law -- the rules of land warfare, the geneva convention. they have been shown to do this in places like grozny and syria before. it's the same kind of campaign tactics. and you know, the last reading i had showed that ukraine has documented over 3,000 -- 3,000 cases of war crimes. and they're continuing to document those. this force i think is going to be held accountable. both putin, his generals, and individuals within the force, for the kinds of war crimes they've committed. >> truly horrific acts. thank you so much. we appreciate your insight. >> thank you, jessica.
4:33 pm
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the number one longest-lasting aa battery. yay! case closed. we have breaking news right now. crews are working to put out a four-alarm fire near san francisco. officials say the fire is not a threat to the public, but it is massive. look at that. they also say winds in the area are blowing away from populated
4:38 pm
areas. the nfl world is reeling tonight at the sudden death of pittsburgh steelers quarterback dwayne haskins. he was just 24 years old. his team tweeting may he rest in peace. the florida highway patrol says haskins was trying to walk across interstate 595 in broward county when a dump truck struck him about 6:30 a.m. it's not clear why he was walking or where he was going to. steelers coach mike tomlinson said haskins was a great teammate, a tremendous friend. day three of the 2022 masters has officially wrapped up, and world number-one scottie scheffler was aiming to stay atop the leader board. he's had a dominant performance so far, but all eyes remain on tiger woods. cnn's patrick snell is in augusta, georgia. great to see you. what did we see on day three? >> reporter: yeah, welcome to the famed, the iconic augusta national. this was another day to savor in
4:39 pm
so many ways, so many fascinating story lines and subplots, as well. you said it best -- the eyes of the world and beyond not just the thousands out here on the course, focused on one man, the sport's 15-time major winner, mr. tiger woods. what a story he's already written, the headlines, already a success as he called it by virtue that he's playing this week given all he's been through. i tell you what, cold, blustery conditions on this day saturday certainly wasn't the only one to suffer. really challenging round for him. a round that started with a bogey, and he had problems later on. four dropped shots in the last three holes, ending his round with a double bogey, as well. a disappointing, very disappointing by his own high and immaculate standards, a six over par round of 78. by the way, that's his worst score ever at the masters in 93 career records. woods ending round three at seven over par for the tournament, as well. we'll be reflecting on that in just a few more moments.
4:40 pm
you mentioned scottie scheffler. we have to talk scottie scheffler. what an impact. he's leading the way. he had a five-shot advantage after round two. he's the current men's world number one. the 25-year-old with a five-shot lead going into today's round. but that advantage now reduced to just the three shots after a third round 71 on saturday. now scheffler had a standout year, no question about it. a few weeks ago he had no u.s. pga tour victories to his name, now he has three but wants the coveted green jacket. he want his breakthrough first ever career major. can he get it done? on the last hole minutes ago here at augusta national, when he puts his drive into the woods, he has to end up with a bogey on that hole. but he still leads the way. let's reflect on it all, come with me as i bring in our guest, the golf expert, "golf digest" dan rappaport. let's start with scheffler. to what extent do you feel he
4:41 pm
may just have opened the door there by what happened at 18? >> absolutely. he led by five most of the day, and then a couple of late stumbles. i think the way he made bogey on 18 will actually build momentum. it looked rough for a while. he was in the woods searching for his ball, he had to bring a rules official in to tell him what he could move and couldn't move. things were moving quickly, but he hit the rifle shot from 255 yards just over the green, then a beautiful up and down to make just a bogey. that was really good damage control. he still leads by three going into tomorrow. he's so unbothered by seemingly anything. his life, as you mentioned, has changed so much in the last couple of weeks going from relative anonymity to world number one. and he's the same guy. doesn't seem bothered. i don't think he'll be too stress good his finish and will feel good about his position going into tomorrow. >> i don't think scottie scheffler does stress. >> no. >> very laid-back, taking it all in. as you say, that bogey issued turn out to be -- bogey could turn out to be significant.
4:42 pm
it could be a double bogey. let's talk tiger. a challenging round three for tiger woods. worst of his masters career. how's he been reflecting on it all? >> it was a tough day on the greens. he hit the ball just fine, but it was one of his worst putting rounds. he had four three put and a four putt. after the round he said i had nothing, my posture felt wrong, my stroke felt bad, my speed was terrible, my right hand, i couldn't feel anything. he was basically hopeless on the greens today. look, he was far from the only player to struggle. tomorrow he's playing with number two john rahm. they're on the same score after 54 holes. it shows, look, tiger's not the only guy having a rough time in cold and windy conditions. for him to be here and to make the cut, i mean the rest is really just gravy. that's what he said yesterday. this is an accomplishment, this is a victory no matter what happens today or tomorrow. >> we never expected to be telling this story this week. >> no. >> we didn't know he was going to come back and play this week. as he said, it's already a success by virtue that he's here
4:43 pm
this week and competing. i do want to ask you, though, big picture here, dan, what have we witness thursday week in the a-- witnessed this week in the amazing career of tiger woods? >> i think it's going to take a whale to sink in. i think because tiger has accomplished so many ridiculous things in golf that we're almost jaded. we almost expect this of him. when he turned up to augusta national on sunday, it was like, yeah, of course he's going to play well, he's tiger woods. just because it's unsurprising doesn't mean it's unremarkable. we have to appreciate that 14 months ago this guy's right leg was crushed by the weight of an suv. he couldn't eaven walk, was in the hospital bed for three months. we didn't hear from him for months and months, posts one swing video, next he's under par at the masters. as the years wear on, it will grow in how incredible and how legendary it was to shoot under par, to make the cut in the masters after a 17-month competitive layoff in the state that his right leg and his back and his left leg are in. it's just another bullet point in a growing absurd resume.
4:44 pm
>> quickly, both being on the course this week. two or three words to sum up the adulation he gets on the course. >> how about this -- up like any other. to use a -- >> that is so fitting. thank you so much, dan. perfect summary there. we appreciate your time. jessica, back to you on this saturday evening. >> yeah. giving us such a good look at everything. i am curious before you guys go, you know, just watching, you know, as an outsider, i'm certainly no golf expert, but certainly we know that tiger woods was in that horrific car accident. you went through all of the injuries. do we know at all what he's using, if there's any mental tricks -- obviously he's one of a kind athlete. but how is he continuing to push forward both physically but also mentally? do we know? >> reporter: i'll pick up on one thing. when i asked him after he second round, i asked about the pride he felt in just being here competing. he was very quick. he used the word thankful earlier, paid tribute to his medical team. just elaborate more on that and
4:45 pm
what he's sort of motivating right now through it all. >> he has a singular desire for competition that i've never seen in any other athlete. you know, the story is that after the accident, he's in his hospital bed and has -- has his right-hand man and best friend, rob mcnamara, to throw him objects to see if he still had his hands. he was thinking about in those moments getting back to the golf course. that's how he's wired. i can't imagine how much pain he's in. that thing must be swelling so much. he needs multiple hours to get ready in the morning to play golf. there's a multiple-hour process to wind down after he finishes the round. so his will to continue after this -- he has nothing to prove. he doesn't owe us anything. it's just for him. to show himself that he can do it. it's -- yeah, he's built unlike any other athlete i've ever seen. >> reporter: how much of this is thriving on proving people wrong -- proving the doubters wrong? >> i think it's proving himself wrong, too. i think he loves to prove to himself that he can do what he didn't think was possible. again, i'm just -- i continue to
4:46 pm
be amazed by his will to continue. i think most people, they get in the accident at that age with that injury history, they're like, all right, that was it. i'm lucky to be alive. he's back at the masters. it's truly remarkable. >> reporter: and it's been a privilege, we've witnessed it this week, the story continues. dan, thank you so much. jessica, right back to you. >> all right. thanks so much. patrick snell and dan rappaport, we proappreciate both of you. from science fiction to reality, for the first time paying customers are on the international space station. what they're up to on this first of its kind mission next. let's go on the open road with a safe stay!
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4:51 pm
another giant leap. the first-ever all-private astronaut crew arriving earlier today at the international space station. rachel crane is near cape canaveral, florida, watching this history-making mission. rachel? >> reporter: jessica, the crew of ax1 successfully docked at the international space station around 8:30 a.m. eastern time this morning, and this was a first of its kind mission because all astronauts on board spacecraft endeavor were private astronauts. now they were greeted during a welcome ceremony by expedition 67 which included a few nasa astronauts, a european astronaut, as well as three russian cosmonauts. and pilot of ax1, larry connors, he had some words about the historic nature of this mission. take a listen. >> we're here to experience this, but we understand there's a responsibility, and the responsibility is for this first civilian crew to get it right.
4:52 pm
that's what we're fully committed to with the support of everybody here at the iss and on the ground. so it's going to be a busy week of research for us, and i'm sure it's going to fly by. >> reporter: they're going to be very busy while they're on station there. they will be doing over 100 hours of scientific research, running 25 different experiments, one on aging, another on brain health. really interesting one on hologram teleportation which is essentially a fancy way of saying a two-way video dialogue. so in addition to those experiments, they'll of course be taking some breathtaking views in before they make their splashdown around eight days from now. back to you. >> all right. thanks so much. up next, an 11-year-old takes the mic at yankee stadium to show her support for ukraine in song.
4:53 pm
♪ ♪ shhhhh..
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for a more reliable connection. get that and more with xfi complete. upgrade today. [ singing in foreign language ] support for ukraine in song. this is yankee stadium earlier today. 11-year-old brooklyn resident yulia performing the ukrainian national anthem before the yankees' opening day game against the boston red sox.
4:59 pm
stadium officials also raised the ukrainian flag next to the american flag. yulia's family came to the united states from ukraine in 2006. a ukrainian rock star is using music to lift spirits in his war-torn country. he's drawing crowds for impromptu concerts around ukraine and is documenting the devastation he sees during his travels. he posted this video this week from bucha. ukraine says hundreds of bodies were found there after russian troops left. he's met with ukrainian soldiers while traveling the country and says despite the destruction, their morale is high. >> in the worst situation you can imagine, you -- you've lost your relatives, someone who you loved, you lost your home, everything, and you still have this optimism and readiness to go further and optimist for the future. that's why i think ukrainians
5:00 pm
are undefeatable. >> and remember you can go to to learn how to help the people of ukraine. our cnn audience has already donated $7.5 million in aid. thank you to all of you. your next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts right now. i'm jessica dean in washington. and you are in the "cnn newsroom." we begin with the latest news in russia's brutal and unprovoked war against ukraine and new reporting on a shakeup in russia's military leadership. u.s. and european officials say vladimir putin has appointed a new general to direct the war in ukraine after his army failed to take kyiv. army general alexander davornikov was the first commander of military operations in syria in 2015. the european official says this change in command, quote, speaks to a russian acknowledgment that it is going extremely ba


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