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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  April 12, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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this is cnn breaking news. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm christine romans in new york. laura jarrett has the morning off again. brianna keilar is in ukraine. good morning, brianna. >> good morning, christine. the threat remains this morning long after russian troops retreated from the outskirts of kyiv amid debris and corpses. they deliberately planted thousands of mines, something he calls a war crime. ukraine's prosecutor general telling cnn general her office is building more than 5800 cases of war crimes committed during russia's invasion. there are also unconfirmed reports of a chemical attack in the southern port city of
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mariupol. local and u.s. officials confirming the report is unconfirmed. president zelenskyy says the possibility should be taken seriously. we begin on the ground with this report from fred pleitgen near the capitol. >> reporter: the tour is a sad routine for the body collectors in the outskirts of kyiv. finding corpses has become eas eerily normal here. >> a body burned beyond recognition. a mangled car wreck. two bodies burned beyond recognition. a house that wasccupied by russian troops. an elderly woman dead in the bedroom. a fierce fight by the underdog ukrainians to drive them out.
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a fight 81-year-old katarina witnessed up close in her village. there were explosions. explosions from all sides. it was scary, she tells me. i am in my house. i cross myself and lie down and then i hear how it thund derd and all the windows in the house were broken. the ukrainians tell us the russian troops didn't bother collecting most of their own dead. more than a week after vladimir putin's army was pushed out of here, they show us the body of what they say was a russian soldier still laying in the woods. that's not all they've left behind. this demining unit says they found hundreds of tons of unexploded ordinants. these weapons are extremely dangerous for civilians who might accidentally touch them, the commander says. there are about 50 such elements in one bomb, he says. this is a high explosive
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fragmentation bomb to kill people designed just to kill people. they blow up the cluster bomblet on the spot and move in for a massive controlled explosion. the body collecting, the mine sweeping and the clearing of wreckage are just starting in this area and yet this pile of demolished vehicles, both militarily and civilian towers in the key suburb of irpin. if you had to picture russia's attempt to try to take the ukrainian capitol of kyiv, it would look like this. destruction on a massive scale and absolutely nothing to show for it. russia's military was humiliated by the ukrainians and caused a lot of harm in the process. they've devastated scores of families at irpin cemetery, the newly widowed weep at funerals
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of the fallen. alla's husband fought alongside her son and he died on the battlefield in her son's arms. and tatiana, her husband promised he would come back in a few hours but was killed defending his neighborhood. i'm very proud of him, she says. he's a hero. we have many people in ukraine who have not fled and are defending their home. sasha died just 200 meters from our house where we live. laying the dead to rest, another sad task they've become all too proficient in this area. close by the next funeral is already underway. >> i want to bring in dean fogo, retired admiral. sir, first, i just spoke with
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the person in charge of the military in donetsk. he told me about this reported chemical attack. they were sickened, don't feel well after something was dropped from a drone. what might that mean? how cautious should we be with this? >> good morning, thanks for your great reporting and the same from fred pleitgen on scene. i think the reports of potential chemical weapon use is something we should be concerned about. i find it coincident with the arrival of a new commander on the scene.
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he has a reputation from syria where chemical weapons were used. if not facilitated by the russians, then they certainly tolerated the syrians using those against this regime. when i was working there we saw the serious threat. it just seems characteristic of the tool kit that the general might have brought with him to the battle space. >> sir, we're hearing from a defense official that a russian military convoy is attempting to resupply and reinforce its forces in the donbas. this was an assessment this wasn't a new offensive, this convoy that we're seeing. what do you make of that and can you talk about the resupply issues from the russians and ukrainians there? >> right.
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well, your listeners and viewers will remember six weeks ago this campaign started with an approach from four different axes, with really four different armies and four different chains of command. logistics was the key and the russians did it poorly. their supply chains were disrupted. they did not have sustainment for their troops. now as i said, a new commander on scene and he will be the commander at the top of the pyramid and this guy should not be taken lightly. you know, a lot of people have monikers or descriptions for him. i liken him to, you know, that cult classic movie "pulp fiction." the hit man they called the cleaner. this guy is coming in to clean up the other general's mess and the way he's doing that is to consolidate the troops. the ukrainians say they've
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killed over 19,000 russians. let's say it's probably half of that. you can multiply the number of wounded russian soldiers two to three times by the number of killed. there are gaps and scenes in that russian army. they're licking their wounds right now. they're consolidating their forces. they're filling in the gaps and seams and they're acting more strategically and more tactfully than they did before. you're seeing the columns heading into the donbas region spaced out on the roads. they can't be hit in groups or clusters. so that is a sign of a professional. you can take territory, which the russians did in the initial part of this campaign, but the most difficult thing is to hold that territory. they found they didn't have enough troops. they weren't well trained and
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their sustainment was insufficient. i think this general will try to turn that around because he has the mandate from putin. if he fails, it's his head. >> we obviously pay a lot of attention to the land campaign. you are a navy man and i know that you think we should also be paying some attention to the maritime aspect of this war. what are you focused on? >> yeah. thanks for that question, brianna. you're absolutely right. as a naval officer, you know, i did about 39 1/2 years in the united states navy. the thing we're not talking about is the maritime campaign and the security and freedom of navigation on the black sea. we've effectively and unfortunately lost the sea of azoz. that's where mariupol is. the russians brought their fleet down and they dominate in that region. we can't allow that to happen in the black sea.
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these are international waters. what happens in vegas stays in vegas. what happens in the black sea doesn't stay in the black sea. there are trade routes, transit lanes and it's important to the economies of black sea nations, bulgaria, romania, turkey and georgia and also the nations who are inland and land locked because they use the danube river to ship commercial goods and military goods down the danube into the black sea and out the bostras and around the world. there have been reports, isolated reports of mines floating around in the turkish straits in the bospras. i remember a decade ago moammar gadhafi was able to shut down the straits in a humanitarian relief with just four mines. so i hope that we have a
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maritime strategy to get back into the black sea. during the attack on georgia in 2008 it wasn't long before the united states navy had the commandship into the port of atumi to provide relief for the georgians after that port and many of their cities had been destroyed. the most important thing about this is other people are watching us and i mean china. so if we're not able to open up those routes and restore the security and sanctity of the black sea, i'm wondering if the chinese would be wondering would we do the same in the south china sea or the straits of taiwan. this is a high stakes issue here. we need to get back in and establish a position in the black sea. >> so many ramifications of that as you were laying out there. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you, brianna.
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just ahead, new u.s. intelligence suggesting putin may take more aggressive action against the u.s. plus, how is russia's -- how russia's war is bringing the world to the brink of a food crisis. first, what's next for imprisoned american trevor reed. what we know about a hearing scheduled for r any moment in moscow. agage before beauty? why not boboth? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond. i don't just py someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neurivplus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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just wrapping up here moments ago in moscow. an appeal hearing for former u.s. marine trevor reed who has been held in russia since 2019. he was held for 9 years for endangering russian soldiers. i want to bring in claire sebastian. >> reporter: that hearing has now ended. the motion to sort of overturn the verdict that sentenced him to 9 years in prison, they haven't decided it yet. they've kicked the can, remanded the case to a lower court to go over the evidence again. this is according to the u.s. embassy in moscow. the u.s. ambassador to moscow, john sullivan, the justice that trevor deserved is being denied. he's very disappointed.
2:18 am
he said there was one silver lining was that trevor reed was able to participate in the hearing from the hospital, prison hospital where he is now at his prison, you know, in russia. he said because of that he was able to see him and he was able to assess his health. it's believed according to his parents and his ambassador he is suffering from tuberculosis. they believe he might have a broken rib. john sullivan, the u.s. a amba ambassador, was able to see him. there were very few hopes with a good result. that hearing is over and it moves to a lower court. brianna. >> claire, thank you so much for that. i text with trevor reed's mother. she is so, so concerned about his health. they are talking to everyone to
2:19 am
elevate that case. more than 4,000 people evacuated ukrainian cities under fire monday. men of fighting age of course are not allowed to leave the country. many fleeing families are made up of women and children now separated from their women and fathers. cnn's selma abdelaziz reporting. what do they find when they leave their country and arrive in poland? rr >> reporter: so, christine, i'm at a train station at the border. this has a room made for women and children. there's a changing table, i can't show you the children because this is a safe haven. what i can do is introduce you to denise. a volunteer here for three weeks. give me a sense of why it's so important to have this room set
2:20 am
up specifically for women and children? >> think about taking a long journey. you've left your home. you don't know where you're going. this is a safe place for the mothers and children to come. they arrive here on the trains. they're exhausted. they're tired. they don't know when their next train is out of town. they don't know where they're going. we provide a place for them to come, to relax, to kind of get their heads together and figure out what the next move is. >> reporter: just give me a sense of what their needs are when they arrive, what you have to think of to eat. for the mothers, we have pampers. we have bottles. we have formula. we have baby food. for the kids we have juices and candy, coffee and tea for the parents and any kind of little snacks that we can think of to provide for them, it's here. >> reporter: that's amazing that
2:21 am
you are able to do that. when they arrive here, they fled ukraine. they still have a journey to go, don't they? >> of course they do. that's another important part of this room is that the children can play. we have stuffed animals, we have leggos, we have balls for the kids to play with that they can run up and down the corridor and they can get that energy out. they don't have to think about the war. they don't have to think about what they've fled. they can play with each other from the different families that have arrived here. >> thank you so much, denise. you started by explaining that men of fighting age can't leave ukraine. they've been separated from their fathers, grandfathers, uncles. they are trying to come to grips with reality that they might never be able to go home again. this is a brief moment to be kids again. >> selma, so glad you're there to tell the stories for us.
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the biden administration believes vladimir putin might retalley eight. want to bring in cnn white house correspondent live from the white house. does the u.s. believe putin has
2:27 am
already started this election inter interference? >> reporter: christine, they are telling us they don't believe it has happened yet. they are anticipating it. they believe it is certainly possible that because vladimir putin is so isolated right now because of the global community, because the war in ukraine is going so badly and because the west is supporting ukraine with weapons and financing to defend themselves against russia, that putin could very well lash out here and feel as though he wants to retaliate. vladimir putin has never needed an excuse. he could escalate them to attacks on the voting infrastructure themselves.
2:28 am
the mid terms could be a top target. they are weary he could up the antagonism against the u.s. in cyber space. that is one weapon that is fairly cheap and easy for the russians to use. it would not necessarily be simple for them to try to tamper with vote tallies, but even we're told changing one or two votes or not changing any and sewing chaos and doubt would be enough of a victory for russia. >> if you did choose to escalate the interference. we've seen disinformation. this appears to be a whole new level here. how does the u.s. believe he would do it? >> reporter: they believe he would attack the voting structure. that's not something they have attempted before. they have scanned voter databases. they have conducted disinformation campaigns, but they believe putin is no longer
2:29 am
averse to directing his home to attack the voting system themselves. that's because his risk tolerance has gone up given how isolated he is and given how much he wants to retaliate against the west. >> thank you so much for that. up next, european leaders considering a boycott on russian oil and how it could lead to a global food conference. ...helpiping us all move forward financially. pnc bank: see how we can make a difference for you. trelegegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high ♪ ♪ you know how i feel ♪ (couing) ♪ breeze drift' on by ♪ ♪ you know how i feel ♪ copd may have gotten you here, but you decide what's next. start a new day with trelegy. ♪ ...feelin' good ♪ no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd
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welcome back. european ministers are meeting and they're discussing how to reduce europe's reliance on european energy. nic robertson, the ukrainian president this morning saying he wants the e.u. to sanction all russian banks and russian oil and to set a deadline for ending imports of russian gas. what are european leaders saying?
2:34 am
>> reporter: yesterday was the foreign minister's meeting. there was r there was talk about sanksing the oil. they're talking about a number of different things today. ukraine is not front and center. they're talking about the rule of law. they've got some sort of housekeeping to do there, if you will, on hungary. but on the issue of the russian energy supplies that are coming to europe, the european union's foreign policy chief joseph borrell said oil and gas are on the table. nothing is off the table, but he also said, look, you know, we've got to look at this. it's an asymmetrically particular call problem for the european union. just last week a few days ago we
2:35 am
said we cut off the lithuanian gas supplies. borrel pointed out the oil and gas that comes from russia, oil is the biggest thing. 80 billion cubic meters of oil compared to 20 billion cubic meters of gas. so it does seem that they're targeting the sort of bigger ticket item there. as for the deadline, nobody is targeting this weekend. >> it's not as easy as turning off a spigot. you have to make sure you don't crash your own economy trying to punish putin and putin's economy. fascinating how they're trying
2:36 am
watch that. in just about three hours the government consumer price index comes out. analysts say it won't be pretty. prices are climbing dramatically. even though the job market and the economy overall are strong, polls show inflation is zapping consumer sentiment. 2/3 say the economy is bad and those say the problem is inflation. the pain is not spread evenly. she said lower income households spend 77%.
2:37 am
want to bring in vrana. households way better off than they were a decade ago. the inflation ugliness is the only story in the economy, isn't it? >> 100%. you're seeing anecdotal evidence of households cutting back on nonessential spending. people are rationing electricity. people are having to marshall their resources to pay for fuel. companies like apple are cutting back models of iphones. if you start to see companies
2:38 am
waffling and then you get a market correction on top of that, the dominos could start to fall in a way that historically doesn't look good. we already had the pandemic, roaring economy on the way out and now you have putin's war here. janet yellen warned of a crisis in global food supplies. the winter wheat is in the field in ukraine and spring planting could be around the corner. this is really concerning. >> 100%. christine, we talked about this before. the last time there was a bad harvest in ukraine, not like anything we're seeing now, which is basically no harvest, you got the arab spring. a lot of countries get the wheat supply from the ukraine.
2:39 am
it's one of the bread baskets in the world. i'm hearing farmers in kansas saying commodity prices are so high right now we can't afford as much fertilizer. we're not going to get the harvest here. that's when you get the food rise. it's bad for economics. this can reshape geopolitics. >> food and fuel shortages. history is -- the book of history is written with what happens when that is a problem. you're preparing the sixth round of sanctions against russia. the trick here, i was talking to nic robertson, punish putin's aggression but don't throw your economy dmoo a deep recession. how are we doing on the recessions? are they biting russia again? nkts well, you know, yes in the
2:40 am
sense that the russian economy is a complete mess, but that is not stopping this war. you know, you're dealing frankly here with an autocrat that really doesn't care how much pain his own country is going to be in. you're also seeing a russia that will be pulled into china's orbit. ultimately china will not be in the european markets. if you saw a complete european boycott of russian energy, you might start to see a change. that would be very, very painful although possible. i wonder if we're not going to get there before this war is over. >> i think that's a good point about the china orbit here. you've been seeing the russian propaganda and disinformation being reflected in the state media in china.
2:41 am
it's so complex. thank you. president biden about to ann announce information about gas prices and severere weather in e south. the worst is yet to come..
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! all right. nearly 80 million americans facing a weather threat today. want to get to meteorologist pedram javaheri for the latest. the damaging hail is crazy. >> it is remarkable. speaks to the severity of the storms, christine. when you take a look at the storms and what's in store the next 24 to 48 hours. this is the pattern we've seen the last several weeks. the past 24 hours, six reports
2:46 am
of tornadoes, six reports of damaging wind. the vast majority related to large hail. some of the hail storms not just golf ball size but up to baseball size hail in dye a.m. meter. significant damage in place. canceling classes across central arkansas there to produce the active weather there not just into tuesday but potentially into wednesday and thursday as well. the storms in line for tuesday afternoon and tuesday night. the most severe of the storms looks to pop up late into the afternoon and evening hours maybe into the overnight hours. in the northern half near des moines and northern city. there's 10% chance of tornadoes. again, that could happen into
2:47 am
the evening hours where it makes it that much more dangerous. notice the threat expands a little farther towards the east on wednesday. 100 million americans going into wednesday afternoon storms. potentially a more significant setup when it comes to large hail, straight line winds and an ef-2 or greater. >> president's headed to iowa today landing in des moines. we'll see what the weather means for his plans. >> nice to see you. the wnba commissioner is doing all it can to bring home brittney griner who remains imprisoned in a russian jail. andy scholes has the latest. >> brittney griner's been in russia since february. before the wnba draft commissioner said they're working to gain her release. it's certainly a slow process. >> obviously we're getting a ton of support from the government,
2:48 am
from specialists from -- you know, her representation are able to visit with brittney. we know she's safe but we want to get her home. it's just a very complex situation right now. we're following the advice. there's not a day that goes by that we're not talking to someone who has views on what we've been doing and how we're moving forward. i know we're all frustrated but we do need to be pash zblend espn reports griner has been able to see her legal representative twice a week. she was the number one pick in the 2013 wnba draft. the lying is holding its annual draft last night. they selected ryan powers. in the nba the lakers officially parting ways with frank vogel.
2:49 am
his firing comes 18 months after leading the lakers to an nba title. this is a nightmare for the lakers. they didn't make it to the play in tournament. on tnt the nets host the cavs. that's followed by the t. wolves and clippers. the winners clinch the seventh seed in the conference. the losers are still alive. they'll face for the eighth seed play in game the winner of tomorrow night's 9-10 games. lots of numbers. twin brothers making major league history in san francisco last night. taylor rogers the closer for the padres and his twin brothers pitching for the giants. they were the first set of twins to ever pitch against each other in the big leagues. tyler took the loss and taylor picked up his third save of the season after throwing a
2:50 am
scoreless ninth inning in the 4-2 win for the padres. first set of twins to play in the same game since jose and ozzie canseco. a dream come true for those brothers getting to face off against each other. >> a couple of over achievers that make their parents proud, i'm sure. thanks so much, andy, nice to see you. just ahead, new reporting from the pentagon on what the biden administration could give to ukraine. president biden's announcement today on gas prices.
2:51 am
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all right. just in to cnn, president biden about to change the rules on ethanol to combat high gas prices. jasmine wright joins me from washington. what's the president going to announce today? >> reporter: the president will announce new measures to expand ethanol sales as the u.s. faces really high gas prices made worse by the russian invasion
2:56 am
into ukraine. when we see the president in iowa, we expect him to announce that the environmental protection agency will issue new emergency waiver permitting year round sale of e-15 gasoline which contains a 15% ethanol blend. sales during the summer are prohibited because of air quality concerns. that's something that former president trump tried to reverse but it was overturned by the courts. by doing this the white house believes it could save 10 cents a gallon and reduce reliance on foreign fuels. that's important there. in addition to the new rule they'll announce, they'll continue to release about 1 million barrels a day of the u.s. strategic petroleum reserve. christine, this comes on the backdrop of the russian invasion into ukraine. it is something that is having the effect of pushing the already high gas prices
2:57 am
together. presidents pay at the ballot for the high prices. 4.10 today. a month ago $4.32. this is just another effort of the biden administration trying to tackle the high gas prices, not only just for americans every day but as the mid terms grow closer and closer and closer. one thing they won't do is put sanctions on vrussian's oil. they're trying to stop it from coming in along with the amount of sanctions trying to squeeze the russian economy. >> issue number one for this white house has been inflation trying to tell the american people. we feel your pain on inflation. we're doing what we can on gas prices even though they don't have that many levers to pull. jasmine, nice to see you. let's get a check on cnn business this morning. asian shares have closed mixed.
2:58 am
tokyo down almost 2%. europe has closed down. stock index u.s. futures mixed here. u.s. interest rates the story. rates climbed to a three-year high. the yield on treasury note, 2.78%. that suggests a slowing economy ahead. tech stocks tumbled. a key inflation gauge is due in just hours. likely to show red hot inflation. u.s. oil prices dropping sharply. they're at the lowest level since the start of russia's war with ukraine. u.s. crude falling 4% monday. 94.29 a barrel. that's the lowest since february 29th. that was over $130 a barrel. the latest selloff is driven by demands for oil as shanghai and other cities have the covid lockdowns. worries about slower economic
2:59 am
growth in the u.s. and possible economic recession. watching the oil prices. thanks for joining us this tuesday morning. i'm christine >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. ♪ good morning to our viewers in the united states and around the world. it is tuesday, april 12th. i'm brianna keilar in llviv, ukraine w john berman in new york. the war is entering a new stage of terror against ukraine. that is the words -- those are the words of president volodymyr zelenskyy as fear is growing about russia resorting to chemical or biological warfare. ukrainian military unit in the city of mariupol is accusing russian troops of already using chemical weapons there. cnn cannot independently verify that claim, but we did just speak to the head of the military in that region, the donetsk region, he said there are three people being treated


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