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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  April 13, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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this is cnn breaking news. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. it is wednesday, april 13th. i'm christine romans in new york. laura jarrett is off this morning. laura jarrett is in lviv, ukraine. we begin here in new york where it was an ordinary morning commute that tushds rned sudden into a war zone. you can see passengers rushing the door in a panic after a gunman set off a smoke grenade in a crowded subway car and
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started shooting randomly. police say he fired 33 times striking 10 people. >> there were shots fired. she said i'm pregnant with a baby. >> his leg was all covered with blood. i asked him. is this your blood? are you bleeding? he didn't say anything then i realized the floor entirely was covered with blood. then i got it that somebody is shooting. >> nearby hospitals. >> this morning a manhunt underway. police are calling a person of
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interest. that very van was found among the belongings. cnn's jason carroll is live on the scene in brooklyn. jason, it has been a chaotic 20 hours or so. tell us what the latest is. >> reporter: well, it's fair to say at this point they are actively looking at a man identified as a person of interest. frank james. 62 years old. investigators say some of the items found here at the scene are connected to james including those keys to that u-haul rental van. u-haul linked. just a quick recap of what happened out here yesterday. the shooter wearing an orange and green construction vest.
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he sat near the second car in the rear of that car and opened fire. >> witnesses state the male opened up two smoke grenades, tossed them on a subway floor, bran dishes a glock .9 millimeter handgun. he then fired that weapon at least 33 times striking ten people. >> they covered a number of items from the scene. including 15 bullets.
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as for james, police are very interested in his social media posts or posts linked to james he talked about homelessness, new york city and new york city's mayor, eric adams. >> i've been sifting through some of those social media posts myself trying to make sense of who this person of interest is and what he was talking about. there's not a thread to draw through. just me anderings. joining me is julia cayem. juliet, there's a person of interest. no one is identified as a suspect. nypd being very careful not calling this man a suspect. what does that tell you about
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this? >> it was slightly confusing yesterday. let me tell you what the nypd is doing. it may be that there is a disconnect between some of the evidence they have in particular pictures and what james looks like. he may just be a friend, helping out whoever the shooter was. the second reason why they did that is there is no benefit to that as well. now they're after my guy. they don't know what they're doing. they're being very careful until they can put a case together and come out to the public and find james and say, this is our guy. the pictures align with what we know about james. the fact that they're already searching in social media and have concerns about the threats and ramblings suggest that they're pretty focused on james
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at this stage and finding him. what's remarkable is they can't find him yet. >> that's my next question. is there something here about subway security that we need to zero in on? >> they determine what in fact happened, the moment when everything is happening. the boom. i will say i'm very familiar with training and exercises for mass transit. they are inherently vulnerable. generally what will happen is what was happening in terms of transit through that train station as this horribleness is
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going on and did his escape become easier. i will say the subway system was able to essentially pivot around t this. that's a sign of a subway system that can take the hits whether it's a big thing or what we don't know now is that the nypd is very clear about is the motivation of why someone would do this. >> the ceo of the mta tells cnn there are almost 10,000 cameras in that transit system, but 600 are on the brooklyn section where the shooting took place. how do you begin sorting through that mountain of evidence? >> this is where what we're not
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seeing is going on. you're going to have people reviewing the entries. what's going on before and after and what's going on after the train. that leads to any other suspects because what you don't know is is there other activity going on. that review will be done through a bunch of people looking at it. that will be aligned. this is very human power, manpower intensive to put the case together. that's basically what new york wants now. i know this was a tragedy. seemed larger than life. ultimately this will be a case in criminal court. >> you're a self-described
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safety mom and so am i. there were children on that subway who were going to school. >> yes. >> this is the way it works in new york. there are kids, especially middle schoolers, high schoolers on the subway going to school. what is your advice for people riding the subway in new york city today? >> it's still to ride it. more people go through the new york transit system than they do domestic airlines every day. ones in which the combination of surveillance and guards plus the response to capacity. i don't talk about safe, i talk about safer. how do you minimize the risk. i believe this personal ri. you want to have access and to
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other needs as a parent in a time of an emergency. you talk to your kids about it. i have found with three kids, they are wiser and older than i want them to be. most kids can handle it, especially if you are calm about it. that's the most important thing is that the adults play the adults. >> never hurts to always know where the exit is. that's what i always say. >> exactly. >> thank you very much. germany's president to ukraine. a live report ahead and he had one of the most recognizable voices in hollywood. >> a bomb! >> actor/comedian gilbert god frfree has died.
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can take one to four days to fully work. pepcid. strong relief for fans of fast. germany's president says his offer to visit ukraine has been rejected. he said he proposed making the trip with baltic leaders to send a common signal of common european solidarity with ukraine but it was not wanted in kyiv. cnn's nic robertson live in brussels, belgium with more on this. that is a strong message being sent in response, nic. tell us what it is. >> reporter: yeah. it's a very strong message being sent to the president of a country that, for example, has been the first nation in recent
2:16 am
days to take -- fly out wounded civilians from ukraine to ger germany. so it is a little surprising. he would have traveled today with the presidents of poland and lithuania and latvia and estonia to kyiv. he's a former foreign minister in germany. while he was foreign minister he sort of improved germany's ties to russia. we know at the very outset in the beginning of the war there was a huge amount of pressure and dissatisfaction in kyiv with the response of the german government that it didn't want to give the military support that other nations like the united states and other european nations were giving, they would only send the military support of helmets. that position has changed.
2:17 am
germany signed off on t-72 tanks going from the czech republic. they were used in east germany. in much the same way that the united states signs off on munitions and military equipment made in the united states. then being supplied to you. perhaps in orderst -- nordstrea 2. british prime minister boris johnson is being asked to resign. how he's responding next.
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. boris johnson the first ever sitting prime minister fined for attending a party at downing street violating coronavirus restrictions. cnn's max foster is live. what happens next. he's paid for this behavior. is there any chance he would have to step down or suffer any other consequences? >> i think in previous generations when you are called out like this you perhaps would have resigned. it's all defined, christ teens, by the ministerial code.
2:23 am
he's accepted the police investigation and the fine as you say, then it becomes a question whether or not that should be pursued as a break in the ministerial code and whether he should resign as a result of that. the code defines the person to investigate this is himself. he's clearly said he's not going to do that. things are very different now. i think if this happened a few months ago at the height of partygate anded scandal around that. but perhaps it isn't appropriate at a time of war. do we want to lose a leader now? i think he does escape it for
2:24 am
now. the question is will there be more penalties in future? there are more to come. there may be more eastern our to come. >> max, out of curiosity, how much was that fine? >> fights are around $18100. the manhunt for a gunman who opened fire on a new york city subway train turning a rush hour commute into chaos. >> president biden for the first time accusing russia's president vladimir putin of committing genocide in ukraraine. tresemme. do it with style. let's go on the opopen road with a safe stay!
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we are tracking the news out of brooklyn. he set off a smoke grenade tuesday morning during rush hour. in the terror and chaos panicked passengers clamored over each other to escape. the platform was soon covered with blood. police are looking for 62-year-old frank james calling him a person of interest rather than a suspect at this time. he was tied to the attack through a set of keys to this u-haul. the keys were found among belongings the shooter left behind.
2:30 am
want to bring in cnn law enforcement analyst peter lf acotta. a former supervisory agent live on the scene there. thanks for joining us bright and lerlly. the you psy this shooter's world is getting smaller by the hour. how do you anticipate this manhunt playing out? >> good morning, yes. we're revealing clues about his location, possibly the route he took where that u-haul truck was located. his world is get being smaller. they're going to start pinpointing him, start using his credit card that was found and they're going to start asking his friends and family of any
2:31 am
information that would allow to potentially locate his where about sz. >> in the credit card the shooter had all of these items with him. what does this collection tell you about his intentions? >> this was a pre-planned attack. he thought this through. he wanted to conduct as much violence and harm as he could. so if the gun jammed, obviously if you listen to witness statements, he tookly took out the machete or the hatchet first and put it down and took out the weapon. >> meanwhile, authorities don't
2:32 am
think there is any ongoing danger. >> three things in law enforcement we're trying to solve, motive, opportunity and means. they still have opportunity and the means. they're trying to rule out motive. they're trying to rule out terrorism. this person of interest, some of his rants on social media, talking about the homeless, talking about the mayor, crime going on in new york city, homeless situation. obviously issues associated with mental health. so that's why law enforcement is going to move away from terrorism and turn to random acts of violence. >> there are people on that train going to work. there were kids on that train going to school. for our viewers placed in a situation like this with a
2:33 am
shooting in an enclosed area or threat in an enclosed area, what's your advice? >> get low. do what you can to protect yourself. i mean, there's always -- you never want to -- you never want to try to attack or intervene if you can. we deal with active shooter incidents all the time unfortunately. three things, run, hide, fight. if you can run, run away. if you can hide, hide. if your last option is to fight, especially on a subway car, that's what you have to do to help mitigate anymore damage especially if you are trapped on a subway car which they were trapped from my personal feeling. always an eye on exit. just in to cnn, apparent
2:34 am
evidence russia is using banned cluster bombs in ukraine. this video shared to social media what appear to be explosions from cluster munitions in a secluded part of kharkiv. you can see four blasts seconds apart spanning an area of about 90 yards. here it comes. another explosive falls on the street moments later. this may amount to war crimes. let's bring in lieutenant general ben hodges, former commander of u.s. forces in europe. the way vladimir putin is executing this war, you call it barbaric, medieval. now we're looking at new images as well showing the russians continuing to move east in ukraine. what do you think the next move is? what do you make of the kinds of munitions the russians are
2:35 am
using? >> following on the heels of the report where they said, you run, you hide, you fight. clearly the kremlin has zero interest in any sort of negotiated outcome. that's why ukraine is willing to fight. they are doing everything to make sure ukraine wins otherwise they'll be dealing with this for years. we'll be having the same conversation a year from now. russia, this is the way they fight. the smashing cities, putting millions of refugees on the road, they are completely unencumbered by any concerns about international law which is why they use cluster munitions and others. >> stop talking about keeping ukrainians in the fight or
2:36 am
winning. what does winning look like? >> i think there are four components to winning. number one, minimum russian forces go back to the pre -- there are thousands of ukrainian citizens deported sent out to other parts of russia. part of the depopulation effort of ukraine. they need to be accounted for and brought back home immediately. the third spart making sure, we need to damage the russian military so much that they are no longer a threat to their neighbors, not just ukraine, georgia, maldova, and our baltic allies. a long-term commitment by the area. >> we know the u.s. is expected
2:37 am
to announce new military assistance to ukraine. we're told expect to be close to $00 million. how does that help the short-term fight for ukraine? you talk about two or three weeks that are critical. >> i'm very proud of what the united states and others have done, delivered a lot of capability. there's no doubt about that. it's growing with -- with every day it's increasing. in the near term what we need to hear is a commitment that this is about winning and that we're going to do everything possible to make sure ukraine wins. that means getting them exactly what they need to stop what's causing the most damage. what we can provide is intelligence and then making sure ukrainians have the capability to hit targets that
2:38 am
may be all the way inside crimea or even inside russia. >> talk to me about the cancellation of the german leader. do you think that was a mistake? >> it was a mistake. i understand the frustration with germany over the last several years. in particular i can understand why they may be upset with now president steinmeyer. let's look at it another way. ukraine needs all the help it can get. if this is about winning, this is not a time for grudges. so they need what germany can provide in terms of diplomatic support, elevated support. it's going to be germany that
2:39 am
leads the way in rebuilding of the area. >> how do you think the ukrainians have been fighting so far? are they ready for the next battle in the east where they have been fighting since 2014? >> yeah. thank you for pointing that out, that they have been in the fight now for eight years. this is -- this is going to be a little bit different from what we've seen in the first seven weeks because the russians, of course, are focusing on a very specific area. i anticipate the russians will learn a lot from the mistakes they've made. they will be much better than
2:40 am
what they were seven weeks ago. ukrainians have to be protected from the air. i think they have become very good at what we call force protection. to protect themselves. i think they're going to do very well, we just have to help. >> thank you so much. thanks for your expertise this morning. >> pleasure. recession shock? the warning from a major u.s. bank about the threat posed by soaring inflation. and tributes pouring in for actor and comedian gilbert gottfried. his long-time friend joins us on his life and comedy. yes, please! neuriva. think b bigger.
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cnn business this morning. tokyo up. shanghai down. europe has opened slightly lower. stock index futures are slightly higher. mixed performance. stocks ended the day lower. new data she is inflation accelerating at the fastest rate in four decades. that's not a big move for the dow. consumer prices have surged 8.5% from a year and a half ago. 1.2% in the past month. that's not something that's happened since hurricane katrina disrupted the economy. jp morgan chase, blackrock and delta due to report the first figures. the president in iowa trying to show the american people that inflation is issue number one for the white house. fighting high gas prices with a corn allowing a cheaper ethanol
2:46 am
blend called e-15 through the summer. bank of america says high inflation poses a serious threat to the recovery that began two years ago. inflation shock is worsening, rate shock is coming and there's an 8.5% surge in march. the fastest inflation that we've seen. >> they're saying inflation is, quote, out of control and that corners of financial markets are acting very recessionary. you mentioned 8.5% inflation. you saw record price spikes year over year on everything from new cars and trucks to men's apparel and baby food. 8.5% inflation. the fed is targeting 2% inflation. nowhere near that. the further inflation gets away from that 2% goal, the more the
2:47 am
fed has to do to try to get it under control. the concern we're hearing is the fed won't be able to tap the breaks but slam the brakes so hard that it causes severe slowdown and maybe even a recession. the last recession was caused by a health crisis. the one before that by a bursting of the housing bubble but history shows that inflation is the leading cause of recessions in the united states. >> we know the white house is doing everything to try to telegraph. it feels your pain, america, on inflation and gas prices. the official job belongs to the fed. that's what the call is here. >> exactly. the fed has totally shifted from doing everything it can to support the economy to inflation fighting mode. that means interest rate hikes. they've raised interest rates for the first time since 2018. investors think they're going to do a big rate hike for the first
2:48 am
time since 2000. that means higher borrowing costs from mortgages, credit cards, student debt, car loans. that's going to have an impact. the question is whether or not they can thread the needle. can they slow the economy just enough to tame inflation but not so much that it short circuits the recovery? >> the era of free money is over, right? it will finally cost something to borrow money in this country and armed the world. crude back above 100. it's off substantially from where it was when the war in ukraine started. gas prices have been drifting lower. what's the outlook on gas and oil? >> oil prices have been all over the place. when this war started we saw crude shoot up to $130 a barrel. closing above $125 a barrel and that was on concerns about russia's supply. came back down sharply as you can see in recent weeks because of concerns about lockdowns in china earning demand.
2:49 am
the emergency oil releases between the united states and allies bouncing back again because china has started to relax the covid lockdown and there's a lot more concern about russia's supply as europe considers new sanctions. the problem is you can't replace russia as an oil producer. it's the larger exporter of oil in the world. the good news is oil prices have come down. it's down to $4.08. that's not cheap. down 8 cents in the last week. about a quarter from a month ago. $4 gas could be right around the corner. that's what some of the analysts are telling me. the problem is that it really remains subject to the whims of the market. no matter what they try, everything remains so much centered. >> covid is the peak that the
2:50 am
red hot inflation is in. it's a little less hot than expected. >> right. >> that was the one little piece. >> that will take time. >> nice for seeing you. thanks for coming in so early for juice actor and comedian gilbert gottfried has died. best known for his iconic voice and brash, often raunchy humor. he died at 67 after a long struggle with a rare form of muscular dystrophy. want to go live with victor nesterwho have. how long did you know him? >> i knew him for the past several years before he passed away. he and i had an interesting bond. not only was gilbert a brilliant comedian, he was a bit of savante. he knew about old movies,
2:51 am
obscure characters and that's one of my great loves and passions. we spoke on this weird wavelength where other people were left out as we discussed the finer points of jesse white. the last time i talked to gilbert he phoned me to have a discussion about irwin c. watson. he was a chitland circuit comic from the 1950s. he was an opening act for james background. gilbert phoned me. there were three levels to gilbert's voice. there was the famous loud, obnoxious screamer or that he emulated when he did the parrot in aladdin. then there was a scaled down version of that same voice, more controversial -- conversational but had the same nuances. then there was a third voice that the public never heard which i was honored to hear which was he would phone me and say, hey, cliff, it's gilbert. had a question for you about irwin c. watson. that's exactly what he sounded like. he really only spoke in his
2:52 am
normal voice when he trusted you or if he was comfortable with you. off stage he was very bashful, very shy, very quiet and generally uncomfortable around people and so when he spoke to you in his regular voice, you knew he was comfortable with you. so i was very honored that i was one of the few that got to hear that voice on a regular basis. >> is there a favorite bit that he's performed? >> so many. you can do a deep dive on youtube. watch all of his appearances on letterman, conan o'brien. >> just so good. >> the hollywood squares that's been going around in the past few hours was great. everything he did was amazing. his voice was iconic. his face was iconic. his outrageousness was iconic. there was nobody like him before, ever and gilbert was comedy. gilbert is comedy. >> such a unique person.
2:53 am
his family, such a wonderful thing they said in their statement. they said, it is a very sad day with us but please keep laughing as loud as possible in gilbert's honor. >> i do want to add that he was also a wonderful family man. his wife was wonderful and his kids were wonderful. that really was the most important thing to him. i don't think people realize that when they hear him being rau raunchy, vulgar, outrageous about what a genuine, kind, loving human being he was. >> privileged to have you here telling us about him. thanks. a late season blizzard slamming the northern plains and shutting down a major interstate for hundreds of miles. where this severe weather is headed next. "peace of mind." such a big, beautiful idea.
2:54 am
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all right. the brooklyn nets taking the floor in a big game hours after that subway station shooting. andy scholes has in this morning's "bleacher report". emotional. >> reporter: yesterday it hit close to home for the nets. the practice facility is blocks away from the subway station. they were getting ready for their play-in tournament game. they warned fans to get to the
2:58 am
gym early. kyrie was for 9 in the first half, including the buzzer beater in the second quarter. finished with 34 points. kevin durant put it away late. they claim the seventh seed with the 115-108 round. they will face the celtics sunday. timberwolves in the seventh seed in the west. patrick beverly stealing the win. 109-105, minnesota. they are in the playoffs for just the second time in 18 kwraoers. the clippers and cavs are still alive.years. the clippers and cavs are still alive. l.a. will host the pelicans or the spurs out west. we had baseball hear last night. the first woman to coach on the field in a regular season game.
2:59 am
she took over in the third inning after the giants regular first base coach was ejected. the 31-year-old habg on san francisco staff since january 2020. the giants went on to beat the padres, 13-2. pretty humble after the game. she said she was just doing her job. pretty cool for a lot of young fans to be able to see her out there doing her job. >> love to see that representation. all right. thanks so much, andy. >> reporter: all right. an april blizzard dumping dozens of inches of snow on montana and north dakota and closing 500 miles of an interstate. and two twisters, downed power appliance, trees. heavy rain and a tornado touched down in iowa use. flooding and wide stpraed damage. millions of americans remain under a severe weather threat again today. look at that. kcci. thank you for those pictures.


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