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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  April 15, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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breaking news. cell come to our viewers in the united states in the around the world it is friday april 15th, good friday. i'm christine romans. >> and i'm laura jarrett. brianna keilar is in lviv, ukraine, for us. brianna, good morning. what's the latest there? >> reporter: good morning to you. we are actually under air raid alert here in the lviv region. it was just -- we just heard sirens here moments ago and this is the case -- i'm actually looking at a map right now of all of ukraine and almost every region is under an air raid alert, which is something that is pretty unusual here for recent days.
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in the meantime, and perhaps connected, a major setback for russia this morning, a huge blow to the country's military and to its morale. the sinking of a key russian war ship, the moskva which ukraine claims they hit with neptune missiles, cnn can't independently confirm what caused the daniel to the ship but, remember, this is the same ship that attacked snake island, was part that have attack on day one of this invasion that spawned that famous saying cursed out by ukrainian soldiers on the island who said russian warship go f yourself, now commemorated on a stamp with that phrase as well. in an interview ukraine's national security adviser says this is just the beginning, there will be more than one moskva. moments ago the russian military said it had struck what it described as a military facility on the outskirts of kyiv, putting those air raid alerts into context there after warning that they would hit decision-making centers. vladimir putin is now desperate for a win and the cia is warning
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that he might turn to nuclear weapons. >> given the potential desperation of president putin and the russian leadership, given the setbacks that they've faced so far militarily, none of this can take lightly the threat posed by a potential resort to tactical nuclear weapons or low yield nuclear weapons. >> reporter: u.s. defense officials saying the first russian troops to pull out of northern ukraine are beginning to appear in the eastern donbas region. widespread shelling has already been reported there in the area. cnn's matt rivers is joining me now. let's talk about what we just got word of, matt, which is a missile strike on the outskirts of kyiv, the capital. >> reporter: this is something that the russians have been saying was a possibility, brianna, just from what we've seen -- what the russians say is they have been threatening to strike decision-making centers
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in response to ukrainian provocations, the ukrainians would dispute that characterization. they are talking about ukrainian incursion noose russian territory which they say some ukrainian forces have engaged in recently, we're also seeing this war ship that sank and that is something that the ukrainians are saying they were responsible for. moscow isn't saying exactly what this missile strike of this military facility outside of kyiv was specifically in retaliation for, but this is something that they say they're willing to do and apparently carried out overnight. >> it's interesting because yesterday we woke up to ukrainians rejoicing with memes about how the russian war ship had been promoted to a submarine, and then we understood from the russians actually it was still afloat and it was being transported, this morning we woke up to the russians saying, yes, actually is it did sink. >> reporter: 24 hours ago we were sitting here not knowing what the future of this ship would be. now we know from all sides, the americans, the russians, everyone is confirming it is sitting at the bottom of the black sea. that is a staggering development and a huge setback for russia,
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no matter which way you look at it. what we don't have firm confirmation of is exactly what caused the ship to sink. the russians said it was being towed to port it actually suffered more damage the hull couldn't withstand the force of being towed and it ended up sinking, the ukrainians have said they fired several cruise missiles at this ship, that's what caused it to sink. the united states says now according to some sources that have spoken to cnn within the intelligence community they believe that the ukrainian allegation here that they did send several cruise missiles is credible, although they haven't fully verified that that is exactly what happened here. >> matt, thank you so much. it is beginning here in ukraine a rather busy day with lots of activity it does appear. i want to bring in retired army major general dana fatard author of "hunting the caliphate: america's war." air raid alerts mean something
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is happening, there is a concern of something entering the air space. overnight we saw every region in ukraine on air raid alert. what does that signify to you? >> good morning, brianna. what it signifies is that obviously the russians are embarrassed. putin personally is embarrassed by the sinking of the moskva and the setbacks that they have had. so they're trying to strike back in some way and have a win somewhere, but that's what it means to me. >> it's also interesting because there are these discrepancies about what happened to this war ship, russians saying that there was a fire that detonated ammunition and there is of course a lot of ammunition on that flagship. ukrainians saying they used neptune anti-ship missiles to take out the moskva. we should note according to a defense official that the rest of -- or other ships in the black sea fleet have moved farther away from ukraine. what does that tell you?
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>> well, the sinking of the warship moskva is huge in so many ways and what my sources have told me is that ukrainians used two anti-ship cruise missiles called the neptune missiles, and the way they -- the way they did it, they used a 2 b 2 drone to keep the radar busy on the moskva ship, on the sea side, not the land side, the sea side. so the radar was looking in a different direction, there was some rain going on so the cruise missiles went wave top and hit the ship. the destruction of the moskva is the largest warship to be destroyed in combat really since world war ii. the moskva is actually larger than a general borano that was destroyed by the british royal navy in 1982, falklands war.
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now that is causing some fear in the russian black sea fleet. this was the most powerful warship in the black sea fleet as well as the flagship. so the other ships are moving further and further away. what that will mean to ukrainians is the ships will have less ability now to support with naval gunfire and missiles to any land operations near odesa and other places. >> you said wave top. to the uninitiated, such as myself, what does that mean? >> well, that means that what the ukrainians did and they had to be -- it was bold and audacious. the movement of the neptune anti-ship missile battery had to be done very carefully because if they sent off a radar signature it would have alerted the moskva. when the missiles were fired they were shot and their trajectory was just above the water so it was very difficult for any radar to see that.
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so wave top was just above the water as it hit the moskva. >> and that's what you're hearing from u.s. sources? >> i'm hearing that from my own sources in the region. >> in the region. interesting. i also want to ask you, sir, the "washington post" is reporting that russia sent this formal diplomatic note, they are warning the u.s. to stop arming ukraine, which has been going on for some time, right, for weeks and weeks? what do you make of this? >> well, the russians have got to do something to stop and interdict the movement of weapons, munitions to ukraine. so that's a part of that. however, the u.s. must take the strategic initiative. the u.s. and nato. they must force russia to react to what the u.s. is doing and that's a part of that, but there's more active measures that can be taken, such as declaring a humanitarian assistance zone in western
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ukraine, which would help protect kyiv all the way down to odesa, all of western ukraine with nato forces on the ground where there aren't russians forces right now and also a no fly zone in western ukraine with air defense systems that could protect places like lviv from russian missile and aircraft attacks. >> general, it is always great to see you and to get your insights. thank you so much for being with us this morning, major general dana pittard. >> thank you so much, brianna. unable to escape, hundreds of ukrainians are living under constant russian bombardment. cnn reports from a front line town as russia prepares a major offensive in the east. plus, crises at home and abroad, a losing president biden popularity points, what his approval ratings now show. and prince harry and meghan making a royal return to the uk. the royal family member they visited, that's just ahead.
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and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®. ask your doctor about tremfya® today. of people unable to evacuate are now stuck without water or electricity. they've been living on the front lines for years, but as russia's war intensifies they now live in constant fear. cnn's clarissa ward has more. >> reporter: this town is no stranger to war, for eight years this has been the front line of ukraine's battle with russian-backed separatists. people here are used to shelling, they have never
2:15 am
experienced anything like this. a missile can be heard overhead as an emotional man approaches us. they smashed the old part of town, he says. as we talked the artillery intensifies. i told him it's better to go home now because there's a lot of shelling, he says there's more shelling where he lives. as russia prepares a major offensive in the east front-line towns like this are getting pummeled. so you can hear constant bombardment this is the bomb shelter down here, but you can see this building has already been hit.
2:16 am
more than 40 people are now living in what used to be a clothing store. lida and her two sons have been here for three weeks. she wants to leave but says her boys are too scared to go outside. we're afraid to stay and afraid to go, she tells us, but it's fate, whether you run or don't run. on an apartment block an icon of the virgin mary has been painted, a plea for protection, but there is no respite in the bombardment if you look over here you can see the remnants of some fresh str strikes. >> 37-year-old government worker ratislav looks at what remains of his family home. he takes us inside to see the full scale of the destruction.
2:17 am
it's completely destroyed. >> nothing. >> reporter: mercifully, no one was home at the time of the str strike. >> this was for the elbows. my children's photograph. >> reporter: his family has already left, but he says he plans to stay. i'm afraid, like anybody else, only the dead aren't afraid, he tells us. but a lot of people are still here, living in bomb shelters and we need to support them. authorities say roughly 2,000 people remain in this town. there is no water, no heat, electricity is spotty. the local school has become a hub to gather aid and distribute
2:18 am
it to the community. volunteer igor spends his days visiting the elderly and disabled. today he is checking in on 86-year-old lydia, petrified and alone, he has yet to find an organization willing to come and evacuate her. when there is no electricity and it's so dark and there's shelling, she says, you can't imagine how scary it is. she tells us she recites prayers to get through the night. i never imagined that my end would be like this, she says. you can't even die here because there's no one to provide a burial ceremony. for igor it is agony not to be able to do more. i promise you, he says, i will help you to be evacuated. as we leave lydia is reluctant
2:19 am
to say good-bye. it is terrifying to live through this time. to do it alone is torture. it's so nice to see real people, she says. probably it's going to get worse. a prediction all but certain to come true as a second russian offensive draws near. >> that report from clarissa ward and we thank her for that. christine and laura, back to you. we are getting breaking news out of jerusalem, clashes erupting between palestinians and israeli police at a holy site. cnn is live on the ground. ms are stopping you in your tracks choose stetelara® from the stat and move toward relief after the first dose wiwith injections every two months. stelelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer.
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all right. breaking overnight, violent clashes between palestinians and israeli security forces at a mosque that is one of jerusalem's hole gee sites, more than 150 people reportedly injured. i want to go live and bring in hadas gold. tensions were already high, what do we know? >> reporter: christina, holy day for so many people here in jerusalem that began with violence. i'm standing at the da mass cass gate, but around 5:00 a.m. this morning as the dawn prayers were wrapping up clashes began. israeli police say they were responding to what they called violent rioters who they say were throwing rocks and launching fireworks. the red cross society says 150
2:25 am
people were injured. the israeli police say three of their officers were injured. we started seeing videos of what seemed to be israeli police within the mosque itself, that is seen as provocative and offensive to many muslims. the police say they entered the mosque to secure it for those who asked to pray safely. tensions had been rising in israel and across the west bank as israeli military operations and raids had increased in the west bank in response to a series of terror attacks in israel that killed 14 people in the span of less than three weeks. in addition there was a threat by some jewish extremists to go up to the compound, which is also known as the temple mount to jews and perform these ancient passover sacrifices. they didn't actually do so, but just the threat of that riled up a lot of tension. hamas called on their supporters to go to the mosque to defend it. the question is what will hamas the militant group that controls gaza do next. it was clashes like these last
2:26 am
year that sparked that 11-day war between hamas and militants in gaza. >> thank you so much for that. so a huge influx much refugees. a cnn report from the country chartering a cruise ship. that's next. plus a royal surprise, harry and meghan returning to the uk together for the first time in two years and paying a secret visit to queen elizabeth. ritionl drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle heaealth. try boostt® today. if your moderate to severe crohn's diseasee or ulcerativive colitis symptos are stopping you in your tracks choose stelara® from the start and move toward relief after the first dose with injections every two nths. stelara® may increase your risk of iections, some serious, and caer.
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more than 4 million people have now fled ukraine from neighboring countries. estonia has welcomed several thousand refugees and is offering them a new temporary home aboard a cruise ship. cnn's scott mclean has more on this. >> reporter: passengers on board the isabelle are usually shuttling between latvia and sweden, but for at least the next few months isabelle listen docked in estonia and will be home to some 1,300 ukrainian refugees. almost all of them are women and children. there are kids in every corner of the ship, using the ballroom for a soccer match, learning to ride a bike or learning remotely. the ship's dining room serves three meals a day, the duty-free shop has turned into a storage room and everywhere you look people are trying to adjust to their new surroundings. most of the people on board this
2:32 am
ship have come here from hotels in the city, of course, for the government that was getting pretty expensive so they moved them on board this ship where there's plenty of common areas but the rooms are tiny. this is one of the bigger ones, meant for a family of three. there's barely enough room for a mattress. of course, this is better than the floor of a gymnasium and a lot better than a basement in ukraine. for this woman just about everything was better than living through war in kyiv with her two nonconsensual children. this is the second time she has been forced from her home n 2014 she fled while pregnant with her daughter now 7. this time her husband was forced to stay behind. i don't know what will happen or when i will see my husband, she says. the first time we fled he was with us the whole time. now we've already been separated for one month. how do we feel in this situation?
2:33 am
it's hard. i want to go home. online classes for her son were cut short because air raid sirens in their small town in central ukraine forced her teacher to shelter underground. those same sirens once terrified both of them. the more the sirens came, the more my son started to panic and worry, she says. it really affected his mental health to the point he became physically ill. i was also worrying a lot so we decided to leave. her older son, 18 years old, had to stay behind. all told estonia has taken in more than 30,000 ukrainians. the minister responsible for refugees says a stonians know what it's like to be forced from home and what it's like to have an unfriendly neighbor. >> estonia is absolutely terrified by russia throughout our history. >> are there limits to this country's generosity?
2:34 am
>> there can't be limit. you can see what happens in ukraine. we do not have -- this is crime scene really. there can't be limit. >> reporter: many ukrainians, though, have reached theirs. overwhelmed by war and exhausted by the uncertainty, their nightmare cannot end soon enough. >> scott mclean, thank you for that important report. ukrainian refugees, meanwhile, are struggling with the pain of having to flee their homes on top of the uncertainty that comes with starting over someplace new. >> thankfully there are organizations like care usa providing necessities like a warm meal and a place to stay. let's bring in michelle nun president and chief executive at care usa. michelle, thank you so much for joining us on "early start." thank you for all that you are doing. i know that you have set up this essentially transit center that's welcoming more than 1,000 refugees a day from ukraine. tell us, you know, you've been at this for weeks now, how is it
2:35 am
going? what are the challenges? >> yeah, it's enormously challenging. we are working -- care is working with partners here in poland to receive, as you said, up to 1,000 -- thousands of people a day and the transit centers are literally across from a train station or right at the border, welcoming people as they -- as they make their way across what can be a very disturbing and, i think, very tragic journey obviously leaving everything that they knew behind, but they are received with warmth, with a cup of co coffee, with a sim card, with the capacity to get some cash immediately and also to get some accommodations. so it is really a solve at a very difficult and very disconcerting moment in people's lives. >> what are people telling you? are these refugees hoping to be able to return to ukraine
2:36 am
eventually? and in the meantime, you know, what is the next step? i mean, are they trying to find jobs, places to say longer term? and i know that you've hired more than 190 refugee teachers. it seems amazing, hiring ukrainians to teach all these children who have been dislocated. >> yeah, so we're now moving from that immediate here is a little bit of cash, here is some shelter, here is an accommodation to how are people going to continue their lives at this time when they are waiting and hoping that there will be peace and that they can go back home. of course, that's everyone's ultimate hope. but in the meanwhile, again, they have to think about their children's education. adds an example, care is working with our partner pcpm and they are training -- we are training together what we hope by the end of the month will be 1,000 teachers who are refugees from ukraine who are teachers who are going to be incorporated into the polish school system and are going to enable the ukrainian
2:37 am
children, hundreds of thousands of ukrainian children whose education has been interrupted, to be able to go to school, again, think about going to school in another language. you've left everything behind, perhaps your father is still in danger, but at least when you're going to school you will be able to understand the language, you will be able to be taught by someone who is from your country. that gives financial independence to the teachers, support to the children and support to the polish school system which is really overburdened right now. >> it gives me goose bumps, just the synergy of everyone working together to try to help the kids and get teachers in place. michelle nunn, thank you so much for everything you're doing and come back again soon. >> yes, please follow up with us. >> thank you. we will. to this now, prince harry and meghan markle paying a royal visit to queen elizabeth in the united kingdom. marks the first time the duke and duchess of sussex have returned to the uk together since stepping back as senior royals in 2020. cnn's maddia bash shear live at
2:38 am
buckingham palace for us. why are they making this visit now? >> reporter: we've heard from the spokesperson for the couple, the duke and duchess of sussex confirmed to have stopped by at windsor calf to pay a visit to the queen on their way to the invictus games. prince harry the founder of the invictus games, and of course it was back in 2017 at the invictus games in toronto where harry and meghan made their first public appearance as a couple. an important event for the both of them. harry was noticeably absent from his grandfather's memorial service last month. that was the first time the couple have returned to the uk since stepping back adds senior members of the royal family back in 2020. so it's a significant reunion for the couple with the queen. although we have heard from prince harry in recent weeks
2:39 am
saying that the family now based in california does keep in touch with the queen over zoom calls. >> nada, thank you for that. as inflation hits new highs president biden's approval rating sinks to new lows. why the latest cnn poll has democrats in panic mode. and another red state is trying to roll back abortion rights. we will break down for you what's in a new bill just signed by the governor of florida. tesla and twitter? elon musk making an offer to buy the social media giant outright. can the world's richest man be stopped? free cancellation on most bookings. it's a a bit functional. but we'llll gladly be functional. so you can be free.. booking.yeyeah our commitment to you is clear. save money. live better. offer everyday low prices, fresh groceries delivered to your do and prescriptions as low as $4. so you can live a little bett each day. i booked our hotel on kayak.
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! president biden's poll numbers stuck underwater with just over 200 days left until the 2022 election. take a look at this, a new cnn poll of polls biden's approval rating sliding to 39%, 55%
2:44 am
disapprove of the numbers he's doing. i want to go to washington and bring in jasmine wright this morning. democrats very nervous when they see poll numbers like this. does the white house have a plan? >> reporter: i think you're starting to see part of the white house's plan play out this week. this week we saw president biden traveling to iowa and north carolina trying to bring the message of what his administration is doing to voters directly to them. it's an intentional shift trying to shift at least their messaging focus from the president responding to russia's invasion into ukraine, now on to these domestic kitchen table issues, but i think one thing that we're starting to see is the limits of what that actually is. we know that in both these trips to iowa and north carolina the president's reactions to the realtime atrocities that we have seen in ukraine caused by russia have really dominated the headlines of what has come out when he's trying to focus on things like the economy, focus on things like try to offset the chinese production with u.s.'s
2:45 am
own production. so i think we're starting to see the limits of that, especially as we know that there was no real bump in the polls after the president's really almost two months' long response to the war in ukraine. >> with inflation running at 8.5%, inflation is the really big problem in so many of these consumer sentiment surveys. people know the job market is good, this he know the economy is solid, but that paying more for stuff really bothers people. how is the president handling -- defending his handling of the economy? >> he's playing the blame squarely at russia president putin's feet for this invasion into ukraine saying it is driving costs up. take a listen to him here yesterday in north carolina. >> our economy has gone from being on the mend to being on the moon. now, i know that we are still facing challenges of high prices, inflation. i grew up in a family where when the price of gasoline went up at
2:46 am
the pump it was a conversation at the kitchen table with my dad. putin's invasion of ukraine has driven up gas prices and food prices all over the world. >> reporter: so there we just heard from the president but one thing that we don't yet know is whether or not this framing that it is putin's tax hike is really going to be effective with the american voters. >> we will have to wait and see. jasmine wright, nice to see you. thank you so much. meantime, florida becoming the latest state to find new ways to cut back reproductive freedom. governor ron desantis signing a law into bill that bans most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. steve co torn know is live for us in florida. florida used to be one more of the more permissive states but not if desantis gets his way. >> reporter: because of that as all these states around florida and the southeast have passed more restrictive abortion laws over the years a lot of women
2:47 am
have actually come to florida to get the procedure done and as it is florida has more abortions per capita than just a handful of states. florida has been chipping away at abortion access over the years t passed a 24-hour waiting period for women to get the procedure done, a court just this women ended a seven-year legal battle over that law. it recently passed a parental consent bill in recent legislative sessions that requires parents to give their teenage daughters permission to get an abortion. then this bill signed by governor desantis yesterday that restricts abortion after 15 weeks and with no exemptions for rape or for incest and putting florida in the same posture as mississippi and other states where republican lawmakers and governors have passed these bills that are intended to sort of directly challenge roe v. wade in hopes that this more
2:48 am
conservative supreme court overturns that landmark supreme court ruling, laura. >> everyone waiting to see what the supreme court does with that, mississippi law coming up later this term. steve, thank you for your reporting. to this story, what a boardroom drama here, ten days after becoming twitter's large ers shareholder elon musk is offering to buy the social media giant outright. he is willing to pay more than $40 billion for every share of twitter he currently doesn't own. the question now can or should musk be stopped from taking over this company? cnn business writer clare duffy is with us. let's look at what he has offered the board here, valuing the company at about $42 billion. the board clearly has to sit down and consider this deal. what are their options? >> as you said, this is something that the board is going to have to seriously consider. they have a fiduciary duty to their shareholders to take this seriously. i think the board in the next couple of days will be looking at how this offer compares to the company's potential and the
2:49 am
potential value for shareholders over the next couple of years if the company stays on its current path. it's also possible that we will see other acquisition bidders come out of the woodwork here. this could be the chance for somebody to acquire twitter, another big tech company or prime equity firm, if anybody is interested now is the time to get in. >> i wanted to point out he's offer $54.20 a share. he has before before made this reference to $4.20 a share which is sort of a reference to a holiday. >> i'm interested to see how you're going to explain -- >> it makes me wonder if he's serious. >> it's a good question. with elon it can be hard to know because he is known as kind of a troll and here we have $4.20 this reference to marijuana in the share price, he previously said that he was going to take tesla private in 2018 for $4.20 a share. >> he got in trouble with the fcc -- >> he got in trouble because he said he had the funding secured when he didn't really. i think this both seems very serious, he's made filings with
2:50 am
the sec, talking seriously about it, yesterday he framed his design to take over this company in these very stark terms saying it's important for the future of civilization and democracy. >> you say stark, i would say grandiose. >> he is a personality and so that has to come into play. >> yes. i mean, twitter has always been part of elon musk's brand building activity. this is where he talks to his fans and also hits back at people he sees as his detractors. so in a lot of ways this could fall in line with the history of billionaires taking on media properties. >> jeff bezos "washington post," elon musk twitter. >> yes. >> twitter's reach as much as we talk about it in the media and as much the blue check sort of -- i don't know -- he elites my parents are not on twitter. >> no, it's sort of an echo chamber amongst a certain group of people, which is a very small slice of america. >> what's he trying to do?
2:51 am
and is it -- you know, how does he grow that business or does he not care about growing the business? >> yesterday he talked about how this is not for him about the money, again, he thinks it's important to have this free speech platform. i think your point is well taken that this is not a platform that most regular folks are on, but it does have an outsized influence, journalists, public figures, politicians are using the platform n a lot of ways twitter has led the way in terms of set ago model for other social media platforms for content moderation, for dealing with misinformation and harassment. twitter was the first to act to remove donald trump from its platform following the january 6th insurrection. so twitter has been sort of a leader in this space and i think there are a lot of questions including from employees about whether if musk takes it over and gets his way and removes some of those content moderation, you know -- >> what does that look like? >> what does that look like and what does that do to all the work they've put in here. >> so nice to see soo he go you
2:52 am
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it could be a snowy easter in the west and the midwest and a soggy passover in the southeast and the northeast. let's get the forecast from meteorologist gene norman. gene, is anyone spared here? >> almost no one because we have
2:57 am
all four seasons on the weather map at once. storms in the south, cold in the north and at least there is some sunshine on this weather map, that's the good news, out in the west you will see most of that, but we're tracking the first of two storms, one that will push into the southeast overnight tonight and then early on saturday. there could even be a couple of snow flurries in the parts of the northeast and then the second storm system that's the one that brings more storms and snow into places like minnesota and iowa. later tonight and early tomorrow morning there could be a severe weather threat. watch out for that. portions of eastern oklahoma and western arkansas. then for easter sunday, again, probably have to do that egg hunt inside if you are in the south. >> gene, thank you. all right. let's get a check of cnn business this morning on this friday morning. look at markets around the world, quick check of asian shares, mixed. europe leaning higher but many europe peer markets are closed for good friday, u.s. also closed for good friday as well.
2:58 am
yesterday u.s. stocks finished lower thursday thanks to mixed bank earnings, the dow ended down .4%, that's partly anything, a third straight week of losses, earnings for morgan stanley and goldman sachs better than expected. twitter shares fell nearly 2% after elon musk made that offer he believes twitter's board can't refuse. that would suggest that maybe wall street doesn't believe his intentions here. he's offering to buy the social media platform outright for $43 billion, take it private. musk says the offer is not about making money but about the future of civilization. watch this space. home buyers and refners lock it in. mortgage rates are at the highest level in more than a decade, 5% for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage up from 4.72% the week before. we haven't seen rates like this since 2010. the rising rates, record high home prices and inflation keeping home ownership out of the reach for many americans. maybe those higher rates will cool off some of those prices in
2:59 am
the months ahead. consumer sentiment is improving, gas price right side down from their peak in march and americans are noticing. consumer sentiment rising in april in a university of michigan survey, the participants expect prices at the pump to increase by less than a penny per gallon in the year again. that shows some stabilization and a welcome retreat from the march price surge of nearly 50 cents a gallon. >> shows you you can't get too worked up about this stuff. >> exactly. >> you always stay calm. >> thanks for joining us, i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. have a great holiday he can weekend to everyone. "new day" this is cnn breaking news. good morning to viewers in the u.s. and around the world. it is friday, april 15th, and i'm brianna keilar in lviv, ukraine with john berman in new york. a barrage of strikes hours after a russian warship sink


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