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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 17, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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hello, welcome to our viewers in the united states. and all around the world. i'm john vause live in lviv, ukraine. day 54 of the war of choice. ukrainian forces reject a russian ultimatum to surrender in mariupol. what appears to be a defiant last stand. >> i'm michael holmes at world headquarters in atlanta. china says its economy grew better than expected in the first three months of the year. but challenges remain as the country deals with widespread covid out breaks and strict lock downs.
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the last remaining ukrainian forces in besieged city of mariupol appear to make a final stand. rejecting russia demand to lay down weapons and ammunition and sur repd rendser or die. russian forces surrounded the port city for a month. ukrainian troops confined to small pocket of resistance. the city itself is in ruins after weeks of heavy fighting. many residents have fled. an estimated 100,000 remain trapped without running water, heat, without electricity, regular supplies of food. on sunday ukraine foreign minister painted a grim picture of what the coming weeks could hold. >> fighting in eastern ukraine and donbas. large scale offenses of russia in the part of ukraine. and also desperate attempts of the russian forces to as asaid to finish with mariupol at any
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cost. >> in his nightly address to the nation, ukraine president volodymyr zelenskyy warned that a russian offensive in eastern ukraine is coming soon. and says russia is intensifying assaults on ukraine's second largest city in the northeast. >> constant shelling out of our city of kharkiv continues. today, russian troops hit and in particular the streets of culture and darwin. apparently these are especially dangerous words for russia. culture, darwin. this is something that threatens its existence. >> there is more evidence of the human toll this war has left behind. in kyiv, 41 bodies have been recovered so far. crews have searched the rubble of a destroyed apartment block. in the coming hours russian forces are expected to close all exits and entry points into and out of mariupol. adviser to the mayor says that
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will leave ten of thousands of civilians with no way out. men who remain will be filtered out. cnn cannot verify that claim. more details now from cnn phil black. >> reporter: ultimatum given and it was ignored. russia's military gave ukraine soldiers in mariupol until sunday afternoon local time to put down their weapons and leave the city peacefully. or be eliminated. ukrainian officials say no one is leaving. they are not putting down their weapons, they are not giving up the fight. that fight resembles a last stand. the it didn't mean mariupol is set to fall imminently. ukraine defenders have defied expectations. holding out against russian forces since the start of the march. while being surrounded and cut off and without resupply. the forces have been pushed back to a relatively patch of territory in the city. ukrainian officials say they're
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still engaging with russian forces in other parts of the city as well. ukrainian officials say that residential areas are also still suffering under russian bombard want. thought to be 100,000 civilians still trapped there. zelenskyy says russia's action and behavior in mariupol, possibility of more atrocities against civilians being uncovered there could mean the end of any further negotiation. between the two countries. phil black, cnn, kyiv. ukraine forces in mariupol have held off a russian offensive for seven long and deadly weeks. defiant stand which left the city reduced to rubble and killed an unknown number of civilians. zelenskyy described the crisis as dire, heartbreaking. during an exclusive interview with jake tapper. >> the situation is very
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difficult in mariupol. it's clear that things won't ge better. with each passing day it's grown more unstable. unfortunately, it is difficult for different reasons. i will not talk about the cruel it with which the russian authority treated the people. there are two come pponents. nobody knows how many people died among the civilian population. a figure would be a total lie. hundred of thousands were evacuated. several thousand were forced to evacuate in the direction of the russian federation. and we do not know where they are. they left no document trail. and among them are several thousands of children. we want to know what happened to them. whether they are in good health, unfortunately there just isn't any information on this. regarding what population is remained there, we don't have a
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definitive answer. one day they say 50,000 or 60,000 left. then another day, someone says 100,000. and now we have information that perhaps ten thousand people have died there. all civilians who stayed. we're talking about civilian deaths not military. >> children deported to russia's side. they didn't allow them to go to the ukraine side. ukrainian control side. we don't know what the children where are they. nobody knows. so that's why i said that the digression is more than difficult and complicated. a lot of information. which we have to check. and which we don't know exactly. >> update on the kharkiv restaurant hit by a missile
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strike. it partnered world central kitchen. and injured four workers in the missile attack. causing a lot of damage as you can see there. despite the damage, a lot of destruction, workers at the restaurant are back at it. and now working to start the kitchen again to continues to feed the hungry. ceo spoke with us about how the staff is forging ahead despite the horrific attack. >> we have very limited international staff from world central kitchen here in ukraine for the exact reason. it is a dangerous unpredictable situation. regardless of us, they are moving forward. they are determined, they see this as their way to support their country. and defend their democracy and their freedom. and so, the work will continue. and as long as they are comfortable to do it and of course we trust their judgment on this and how they're taking care of themselves and their staff.
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>> a lot more on the story here on cnn in the coming hours and speaking with the founder of world central kitchen. celebrity chef. nearly 5 million people have fled russia's war on ukraine. since the fighting began. recent arrival are coming from eastern ukraine. russia steps up the intensity of the military offensive. many of those leaving are forced to make a choice. remains urnds war and death or fleeing to safety and leaving loved ones and everything they own behind. here's how one woman described escaping the fighting in kharkiv. >> everything was left there. we went out with one suitcase. fighter were flying. we didn't understand whether they were ours or the enemy. because they could drop bombs. as it happened when they were dropping mines directly on houses. a rocket flew into our yard twice.
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children are dying. it's very scary. >> joining me now, the editor in chief of independent newspaper based in kyiv. and visited in ukraine. she's live in kyiv. thank you so much for being with us. you have been on the forefront of the battle disinformation. and i want you listen to the russian president speaking last week on his special military operation. here's putin. >> the military operation will continue until its fully completed. and the objectives that were set at the beginning of the operation are achieved. we're helping people. saving them from naziism in the first place. on the other hand we're protecting russia. taking measures to protect russia security. and it's obvious we have no choice. it was the right thing to do and i have no doubt the objectives will be achieved. >> helping people, no choice. doing the right thing. come on. this is all pretty obvious
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example of russian disinformation. in general, how successful have you been in countering the propaganda and the disinformation coming out of the kremlin. >> good morning. it's morning in ukraine. disinformation and main challenge for ukrainian media since 2014. we started much earlier for us and with the occupation of crimea and i know what i'm talking about. and how things change during 2012. 2013. so even one year before. so because of this experience because of the experience for last eight years, now we are able to the russian propaganda. talking about whole world. so i think that all the experience helped us during this
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war and for all ukrainian media. we know how to do fact checking and how to cancel all the propaganda narratives and i think that it's really very useful. i think that also the presence of independence in ukraine from 2000 helped us as well. >> do you know if you are having much impact inside russia? >> no. i think that we're trying to also consume the media market. they were trying to put all this russian narrative in ukrainian media market
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the fight to control russian propaganda has been especially hard for country's on the border with russia. estonia part of the soviet union. home to a large russian speaking population. many going out of the way to
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ensure access to russian state media. despite the misinformation and inaccurate information. >> in eastern estonia the vast birch forest and open plane dotted with industry and concrete apartment blocks can feel a lot like russia. most people are ethnic russian and many signs are in russian, and russia itself is just across the river. in the estonia border town, more than 86% of the population speaks russian. even on this side of the river, native russian speakers make up a substantial chunk of the estonia population. one of the many lasting legacies of the soviet. and russian language media, russians state media has been left to fill the void. giving people a steady dose of kremlin propaganda. that is until the start of the
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war in ukraine. when estonia blocked many russian news out lets and tv channels a decision with plenty of controversy. >> why i don't agree? i think the great democracy. >> many people here is buying some to become the russian channel. it's not the way. >> antennas are a popular item at electronic stores. russian speakers to pick up russian tv channels. others watch online. through vpn. they have a better set up in their home across the river from russia. >> this is the line up of the channels. people usually get in russia as well. >> they got this tv hooked toup a russian satellite dish. and another to an antenna. picking up the russian channels. some they'd rather not watch. >> i can only watch 15 seconds
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maximum. the level of aggression and paranoia and lies. blatant lies is crazy. >> a lot of people here are still very connected to russia. do you think they believe everything the kremlin is saying about the war in ukraine? >> i don't think, i know there are a lot of people who think russian state media is the truth. for sure it's a lot of false news and lies. only a minority don't believe russian propaganda. >> some of the true believers are reluctantly tuning into this channel. etv plus launched in 2015 to give russian speakers access to reliable news about their country and the world. >> we don't have propaganda. we can make news about corrupt. or presidents in our country or
10:35 pm
politics. >> on friday, they reported on ship. giving both ukraine claims its missile sunk the ship and the more benign russian version that it sank after a fire. since the channel ratings have made gains. gaining trust is much tougher. >> many viewers already blame us. are ready to judge us because they don't believe us. we are ready fo speak with them. i don't want to judge them. i'm ready to wait and ready to give those people a time. and make them believe me. >> just update you with the latest on the situation here in lviv. in the western part of the ukraine. about 45 minutes ago there was a warning that air raid warning. telling people to bomb shelter to seek cover. within the last five minutes
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there was a sound of a plane, a jet. and then came at least five loud explosions over a period of time. so, what that is we don't know. at this point. the assumption would be some kind of air strike not far from here. we're working to confirm that at this point. there have been five loud explosions heard. a warning of an incoming air strike that was 45 minutes ago. maybe hearing that play out right now. it has been weeks since lviv has been targeted by russian forces. when it was, it was on the out skirt of the city. they hit a fuel depo and some kind of installation. close to the border with poland. this is an area which is spared the worst of the fighting. by the russian forces. there is concern that maybe as the military shipments come in from the west, coming by the polish border through the part of the ukraine, they there would be some kinds of strikes being carried out. at this point we don't know. this is all still up in the air.
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we're waiting to confirm what's happening. this is where we stand right now. we'll get you more details as soon as we can get them. in the meantime, we will move on with residents of ukrainian town. bucha. images and atrocities emerged from the town. residents gathered to mark palm sunday yesterday. among them a 63-year-old mother whose son was killed fighting the russians. she describes heartbreak she now lives with. >> three days ago we buried him. he was 32. a wonderful man, a patriot. wonderful son. it's a torn soul and torn heart. i don't know how i will survive. >> a priest in this church led a palm sunday service. gathered in the dark because there's no electricity. back to michael holmes in atlanta. you know what it's like when the
10:38 pm
explosions are heard and you don't know where or what they are. we'll find out. >> it's hard to tell initially. we'll check back in. let us know when to come back to you. and we certainly will. now in pittsburg, local public schools will be implementing a quote modified lock down on mondays. following a horrific shooting in the city over the weekend. cnn with the details. >> reporter: a busy weekend of gun violence across the country. let's start with pittsburg. police say there was a large party of some 200 people. the majority of them juveniles. people under age attending a party. police say there were drugs, alcohol and guns. and a shooting happened where the shooting happened inside and outside of a rented airbnb property. two people are dead. police tell us they are both boys urnds age 18. eight gunshot victims and more
10:39 pm
people who were injured because police say many people were jumping out of windows to try to get away from the shooting. police are looking for multiple shooters they don't have any suspects in custody. police say this is their top priority. take a listen. >> you had officers in medics trying to attend to victims they found. would be notified there was a victim over this location. state police were able to stop the vehicle that had a victim in it. so there was multiple scenes. it was complex. and very chaotic. >> no suspect in custody. in south carolina police have arrested one suspect and charged him. 22-year-old price. has been charged with unlawful carrying of a pistol in relation to a mall shooting in columbia, south carolina. saturday afternoon. here's what we know. 14 people were injured. nine of them gunshot victims.
10:40 pm
including a 73-year-old and a 15-year-old recovering from their injuries. that suspect has been charged but police say there could be more charges and more arrests as this investigation continues. we learned of an early sunday morning, easter morning shooting in hampton county, south carolina. nine people were injured and police are still looking for the person or people involved in that shooting that remain under investigation. cnn, atlanta. u.s. and south korea envoys meet as concerns grow over north korea stepped up missile launches. we'll have details on that in a live report after the break.
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south korea and the u.s. will conduct military exercises for the next nine days. seoul's joint chief of staff announced that plan on sunday. the defense command post training will be computer simulation. no actual military forces training in person. the joint chief said the decision to go virtual was made based on conditions such as covid-19 and maintenance of the combined defense posture. as they put it. that's as the u.s. envoy for north korea arrives in seoul for talks on pyongyang's missile launches.
10:45 pm
we'll discuss that more. i guess the world attention so focussed on ukraine. has that play add role in kim jong un strategy or calendar of the timing of all these tests? >> it certainly may have done that. there's a reason for north korea to be quite active at this time of year anyway. the reason is the fact there will be these joint military drills between u.s. and south korea. even if they are computer simulations. fact they take place irritates pyongyang every year. we have had a very significant anniversary the 110th anniversary of the birth of the country's founder. kim jong un grandfather. there's been a lot of festivities and increase in missile launches and testing over recent months. january was a record when it came to the number of missile launches. when you look at the fact that the world attention is on russia's invasion of ukraine,
10:46 pm
most experts agree that would play a part in this. not least because they know they there wb potentially less aattention on them. any weapons capabilities they want to perfect. any testing to carry out it could be one of the most ideal testing environments for kim jong un in the ten years he's been in power. also when you consider in the past there have been united nations security counsel resolutions. the security counsel meeting to condemn and sanction north korea. that is chance the chance of that happening is close to zero at this point. you can't imagine russia and china which are part of the security counsel siding with the united states to penalize north korea for any launches. so it really is according to most observers an ideal testing time for north korea. michael. >> all right. thanks so much. live in seoul for us. now explaining war so the
10:47 pm
youngest minds can understand. it's the task one private preschool in the u.s. has taken on for children with strong ties to ukraine. we'll have a look inside their classroom after the break. family is just very important. she's my sister and we depend on each other a lot. she's the ck of the family. she's the person who holds everything together. it's a battle, you know.
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at a private daycare and preschool here in the united states many of the children and their parents were born in ukraine. because of the conflict they're being taught a lesson about war and peace. cnn's gary tuchman gives us a look at what they're learning. >> reporter: it's called the ukrainian academy. >> good afternoon, everyone. >> good afternoon. >> so today we are going to speak about war and peace. >> reporter: in the cleveland suburb of parma heights, ohio -- >> can you raise your hands if you have grandparents in ukraine? >> reporter: almost all of their parents were born in ukraine and many of these children were also born there. this is a private preschool, daycare as well as an after-school program. for children ages six months to
10:52 pm
twelve years. >> are we all just in a state of peace or are we in a state of war in this country? >> peace. >> peace. >> peace. what about ukraine? >> war. >> reporter: the feeling here is that although what's happening in ukraine is frightening it's important for these children to learn about it and talk about it. >> what can you say about soldiers in ukraine? how you feel about them? >> that they're brave. >> that they're brave. right. >> they help people to not die. >> if someone comes to your house, start destroying it, taking your stuff, you know, would you be happy about that? >> no. >> do you think this is right? >> no. >> when another country like coming to another country and taking stuff and bombing, do you think this is right? >> no. >> who came to ukraine? >> russia. >> russia. >> the teachers ask how the children are feeling about all this. >> worried. >> worried. >> scared. >> scared. what other words is war?
10:53 pm
how can we describe a war? >> sadness. >> sadness. >> my family is -- well, are very scared. my gram -- my great grandma. my relatives that are also in war. and it's very anxious. >> i hope ukraine wins because some russia people are good and saying stop to the ones being bad. >> not all russian people are bad, right? there are some people who just, you know, say no war, please stop it. they're asking the president. >> yeah. it's not because of the russian people. it's because of the president. he's greedy and trying to take over the country. >> reporter: roman and halyna dudka are the owners of the academy. >> do you think your students here are now prouder to be ukrainian american than even before this war? >> yes. i think they are proud about their roots, that they're
10:54 pm
ukrainians, and that ukraine is standing strong. >> stand together. >> reporter: before we say good-bye to the students i get to talk with them a bit. >> if you had superpowers, what would you do? if you had superpowers. >> save the good people. >> reporter: save the good people. >> yeah. >> reporter: that's what you would do as superwoman? >> yeah, yeah. and like make the house fly into the air. >> reporter: make the house fly into the air? >> yeah. >> reporter: fly to safety? >> yeah. >> reporter: the laughter of children who have a lot on their minds. gary tuchman, cnn, parma heights, ohio. >> i'm michael holmes. appreciate spending part of your day with me. we will have more "cnn newsroom" in a moment with john vause and rosemary church. but before we go i want to leave you with this. singer dave matthews performing his brand new song in support of refugees. ♪ a cut that just won't heal ♪
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. hello. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm john vause live in lviv, ukraine where there's now smoke rising from a number of locations in this city. the mayor confirms five missile strikes in the past 45 minutes. this comes after an air raid warning earlier in the day. the mayor now telling -- or the regional governor rather telling residents to remain in place, remain in their shelters, the threat is still relevant, it's still current. what we heard earlier today was a number of explosions. at least five explosions ring out. we also believe that this obviously is the first attack on this city in about three weeks. the last being march 26th, when a russian strike hit a fuel depot, setting that on fire. but right now what we're trying to work out is


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