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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  April 27, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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this is cnn breaking news. hello, welcome to "inside politics." i'm john ka inin walk. thank you for spending your deal with us. krefr reetrevor reed is on his
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home. the biden white house announcing this deal this morning. russian state tv showing what it says is reed being escorted to a plane outside moscow. they sent him back to moscow in exchange for reed, a former u.s. marine. he's been held in russia for 985 days, that after being arrested and sentenced to prison for nine years there. his family on cnn earlier today calling his release an answer to their prayers. listen here to reed's father, joey. >> he quickly told us that the american plane pulled up next to the russian plane and they walked both prisoners across at the same time like you see in the movies. >> this exchange is extraordinary because, of course, the timing. the swap happening just one day after tf united states announced to the world its goal in the ukraine war is to significantly weaken russian military and as ukraine acknowledges, it is losing ground to russian forces in that country. let's go straight to the white
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house now to cnn's mj, what do we know about this swap? >> reporter: john, this ends a three-year ordeal for trevor reed and his family. this is the former u.s. marine who had been sentenced to nine years in prison in russia for an alleged altercation with russian police. his family has been desperately lobbying anyone that would listen, including the u.s. government and president biden, himself. and they had grown increasingly alarmed in recent months. they said they were concerned about health concerns. he may be recovering from having covid a while back. now while it is a joyful moment, obviously, for trevor reed's family, it did come with a cost. it was a part of a prisoner swap with a man who had been convicted of cocaine trafficking charges the and president biden saying in a statement just
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modems ago, making it clear that while he is very glad that trevor reed is now able to return home to his family, that this was a complicated and not easy decision. he says the negotiations that allowed us to bring trevor home required difficult decision that we do not take lightly. obviously, looming over all of this is the ongoing conflict in ukraine and russia and this war and u.s. officials are now making clear that this comes as, of course, we heard u.s. officials saying recently, they would like to see the russian military weaken. now, u.s. officials are saying that what happened with trevor reed and his release, that is not going to change the u.s. posture when it comes to the war if you crane. john. >> mj, thanks so much. let's get some important perspective from the former russian chief of operations and cnn correspondent, mathew chance. for your years of experience of covering putin, for this to
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happen six months ago, we'd say it's a big deal. for it to happen now as they say it's a u.s. proxy war with all these high intentions, why now? >> well, it shows you the effort to diplomatically bring these two sides together and find a deal to secure the release of constantin yaroshenko the national swapped for trevor reed, they have been ongoing and they have been apparently not affected by the extremely poor relationship and the deteriorating relationship between russia and the united states, particularly since the confrom ikt in ukraine. this all seems to have been compartmentalized in some way. i know the russians wanted much more. they wanted the release of victor boot, he is a notorious arms trafficker who is serving a lengthy prison sentence if a u.s. jail. but the position of the united states is that he is too serious a criminal for them to consider
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releasing early and you know it's astonishing. the political risk for the biden administration right now of doing a deal with moscow, even if it's to secure the release of the u.s. national has been raised considerably because of the appalling violence that we have been witnessing over the past couple months in ukraine. for better or worse, they went ahead and did it anyway. these are the images you can see on the television now of trevor reed coming out, being put on to a russian airplane. there has also been images, so you know, on russian state television of constantin yaroshenko landing in turkey and trevor reed getting on to that american plane where he was dropped off. >> steve hall, you heard trevor reed's father saying a scene leak you see in the movies. the prisoners going past each other. i want you to listen to trevor
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reed's mother paula reid, saying the state department told them all along, we're going to try to do this separately. she didn't believe it until this morning. listen. >> it's a testament to what the state department has told us all along, even though the war going on with ukraine, that the talks for negotiations were on a different channel and i was always kind of skeptical of that, honestly, they were correct and it happened. >> is it that simple, steve, if you were at your own job, what would your intelligence assessment be of why? why let's do this now? >> yeah, i think it is entirely possible in the descriptions as to what happened. but the united states and russia and previously in the soviet union have always had sort of these parallel channels that they can work in at any time and a lot of people ask, why do we maintain our embassy over there? because there are other issues that sometimes such as counter terrorism threat information
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that regardless as to what's going on, for example, in ukraine, you need to have those channels opened. let me remind people that there is no moral equivalency here. i don't want people in the west to think, well, you know, we had one of there's. we have one of there's, so it's an even swap. there is no rule of law, anybody that travels to russia may be arrested for any reason whatsoever. there is simply no telling as to why it happens. here in the united states, it's very discs obviously, but there is mo moral equivalency to compare between these two individuals. >> to that, mathew chance, back to steve on the subject. what should obviously trevor reed's family is grateful. he is coming home. what should the family and the friends of paul whelan also held for four-plus years now in russia be thinking about this moment? what about the basketball star brittney griner detained a couple months ago on alleged drug charges. should they have any hope meaning these channels are
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opened or is this a oneoff? >> i think you have to ohio i think the assumption was because of the assumption in ukraine all bets were off and all conversations seeds. what we seen today a vivid zraegs that that is not the case. there are discussion going on behind the scenes. that's borne fruit when it comes to trevor reed and contain tin yaroshenko. that conversation will be continuing when it comes to paul whelan and any other americans that are held in russian custody and from the russian side as well, they are very keen to make sure they get their prisoners who are being held in u.s. jails return to their country as well, particularly as i said, that notorious arms trafficker. i think it is a possibly good sign particularly given the context of the extreme violence and deteriorations we seen in the past months between washington and moscow. >> do you share it's a
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possibility? i know there is skepticism in these negotiation, they get incredibly difficult. . then you add in the complexities of ukraine. is it an opening you think or a one-you've? >> you know, the channels are always there. i don't think it's either an opening, neither is it a one-all. those opportunities are there. here's the problem here, for whelan and griner, well isn't accused on espionage charges. that is a big deal, russia wants to make propaganda deem. we have an american spy, which in my assessment does not appear to be the calls. in griner's situation, have you an african-american woman openly gay, this is something the russians rail against. you heard the corruption of western society and our failing morals, all of that stuff. so both of these people still unfortunately imprisoned in russia, in likelihood with no good reason will be used as political pawns that putin wants to make. >> grateful for your important
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insights at this moment. we will continue to follow those stories as well. up next, a show of unity from republicans, leader melania trump e kevin mccarthy gets a standing ovation, despite newly recordings where he is heard criticizing donald trump and several republican lawmakers.. (vo) verizon business unlimited is going ultra! get more. like manny. event planning with our best plan ever. (manny) yeah, that's what i do. (vo) with 5g ultra wideband in many moreities, you get up to 10 times the speed at no exa cost. verizon going ultra, so your business can get more. pre-rinsing your dishes? you could be using the wrong detergent. and wasting up to 20 gallons of water. skip the rinse with finish quantum. its activelift technology provides an unbeatable clean on 24 hour dried-on stains. skip the rinse with finish to save our water.
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stuff. we love stuff. and there's some really great stuff out there. but i doubt that any of us will look back on our lives and think, "i wish i'd bought an even thinner tv, found a lighter light beer, or had an even smarter smartphone." do you think any of us will look back on our lives
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and regret the things we didn't buy? or the places we didn't go? ♪ i'd go the whole wide world ♪ ♪ i'd go the whole wide world ♪ it was a rally behind the closed door gop meeting, kevin mccarthy defended newly released recordings. he is heard saying he would tell president trump that it would be best to resign because of the january 6th insurrection. he is heard being highly critic
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amg of several trump loyalists in the house gop, warning some of their rhetoric could insight violence. >> the answer is too high. the country is too kraeccrazy. i do not want to look back and think we caused something or missed something, and someone got hurt. i don't want to play politics with any of that. >> he suggested the release is somehow a part of a plan to hurt republicans in the mid-term elections. with me to share their repo reportings, rachel no you first, so kevin mccarthy first said he never said he would recommend trump resign. then we heard the tapes. he said he never called out republican% by fame and saying twitter should take their accounts. we heard the tapes. he lied twice. today he is spinning it and says
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this doesn't take me in full context. does he survive? >> yes, i think the most surprising thing for us that covered him for years is how much amount of slack he is getting from conservatives on the world and maga allies. if this was happening a couple years ago, mccarthy would have been toast. he has always had this front relationship with the far right and a lot of people in trump's orbit. this morning you have people like marjorie taylor greene stand up and say this is the media who is trying to divide us. jim jordan kept kevin mccarthy from becoming speaker in 2015, saying he backs him for speaker. this is a testament to mccarthy's strategy working as you know as much as we criticize it. you can see the hypocrisy of it, the lies, the spinning, et cetera, he reached out to give them positions on committees.
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jim jordan will be overseek impeachment hearings. he loves that he is trying to deal down criminal of marjorie taylor greene or conservative who's have spoken another conferences where they are talking about racist things. so you know as much as the media has criticized him for the flip-flopping and the lying, this is clearly working with his members. right now they're staying with him on this. >> if you are marjorie taylor greene and there have been efforts to hold you accountable for horrible, reprehensible things she has said, isn't it cynically smart to say, gee, kevin, now are you in the same boat as me to sort of get close to him? >> right, at the end of the day, it's more evidence that is donald trump's party. as long as he is okay with kevin mccarthy potentially being speaker, then the republicans will line up. there isn't anyone in the republican conference that can step up and get support from the political factions in the republican party, which we've seen over and over again.
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my colleague who talked with trump at mar-a-lago about the speakership, potentially, if mccarthy would support him or trump would support mccarthy, trump says he doesn't know of anyone else that would want to run and he likes him. i think if that continues, if mccarthy is able to maintain his relationship with trump, it looks like he can be speaker if republicans take back the house. >> it's interesting. trump says for now, we're at the end of april, the election would not be after the election in november. assuming they assume majority, how much? how many votes can kevin mccar l th -- mccarthy lose, one person that has sway, tucker karlsson, he is no fan of kevin mccarthy. >> unless conservatives get their acts together right away, kevin mccarthy is likely to be speaker of the house in january. that will mean we will have a
9:19 am
republican congress led by a puppet of the democratic party. >> ouch. ouch. >> you were talking about former president donald trump and how much time there is between now and when this vote would take place. there are several months. as we've seen with the former president, you can be a future friend one day, you say something another day that really upsets him. he is suddenly not loyal to you anymore. there is a lot of running room here. to emerge who could challenge him for that. republicans are signaling, this is the important part, they are most focused on taking back the house at this point in the election, so they can get to that point. when you look at comments by the nec chair, for instance who is in charge of taking it back, they're making comments of oh, this is a thing of the media, they want to keep the focus on president joe biden and democrats so they can get to a point where they're having a discussion about who will be the next speaker? >> i have been doing this a long
9:20 am
time, republicans have been trying to keep them private. fight it out in the room. the question is, though, can the be sustained in the sense or even if mccarthy remains as leader, is he weakened? he lied to his own members. this is one snippet of a call, you hear kevin mccarthy and his deeply talking about things that matt gaetz was saying and they arei sounding alarm. listen. >> i'm calling gaetz, i'm explaining to him, i don't know what i am doing to say but i am going to have other people call him too. >> that is potentially illegal what he is doing. >> well, he is putting people in jeopardy. >> that's the number one and number two, talking about things matt gaetz was saying after the election around the insurrection. matt gaetz, responding yesterday, representatives
9:21 am
mccarthy and scalise held views about president trump and made that they shared on sniffleing calls, this is the bemay have i haifa your of weak men, not leaders. a few others. he seems to be an you outlier at the moment, emphasizing at the moment especially think matt gaetz will probably be the biggest problem for kevin mccarthy. he is not just vocal on these issues, he will be rallying other magas in the house to turn on kevin mccarthy. when this scandal started exploding last week, we were hearing from house republicans who specifically said watch what mccarthy says about kicking members off twitter. you know, he's been very critical of twitter, publicly saying twitter should be kicking off conservatives, they shouldn't be doing censorship
9:22 am
and privately he's saying they're dangerous enough they shouldn't have twitter handles at all. that will be particularly damaging for him. right now it looks like people are getting in the past, the point of, is it losing capital? you know the more these sorts of things come out, it will absolutely grade this support he has. people will remember this. may tight be getting in the path right now. as you said, the speaker's race is a long time away. >> giving you a pathway of seeing what they can get. you mentioned the twitter thing, which is a huge issue. but a big issue among conservatives, kevin mccarthy said he never said, someone should be kicked off twitter. you hear from the republican aide. >> lloyd austin made this tweet at the capitol police officer who tried to gshoot at a woman. i understand it was a black
9:23 am
police officer that shot the white female veteran. you know, that doesn't stick to the narrative. >> oh man. >> this isn't what we have to confront with this. >> can't they take their twitter accounts away, too? >> that's his voice. he cannot deny what he said. he can say that's a piece of the context after you a hear what you didn't hear him say. >> i think ingefth he seemed generally surprised by what his own members were saying and as someone talking to a lot of members of his conference and keeping on how maga world has evolved. he seems to be surprised. you know the sort of oh man in his voice, i think he generally seemed that they were a problem at the time including inciting more violence. which the audio is pretty clear on that. it's nothing they did about it.
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>> nothing, the follow-through part, our reporters will be back later in the program. next, more twists in the ukraine war, more strikes near the strategic port city. the kremlin cuts off gas shipipments to two nato members hehelping ukraine. we r replaced the windshield and recacalibrated their car's advanced safety system, so features like automatic emergency braking will work properly. >> tech: alright, all finished. >> dad: wow, that's great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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is almost here. watchathon week presented by xfinity rewards. with free access to stranger things from netflix. the boys from prime video. hbo max, starz, and peacock. just say watchathon into your voice remote and get ready to watch. i love you. i love you. i love you all. escalation on and off the ukraine battlefield today.
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heavy shelling and rocket attacks were reported in eastern ukraine as well as a missile strike in the southern port city of odesa. russia says it will stop supplying gas to nato nations poland and bulgaria. just moments ago, the russian president vowing, any country inkragd ukraine, putin says, will be met with a lightning fast response from russia. >> if someone intends to intervene in what is happening from the outside and creates unacceptable strategic threats for us, they should know our response to oncoming strikes will be swift, lightning fast. we have all the tools for this ones no one can brag about and we won't brag. we will use them, if needed. and i want everyone to know this, all the decisions have been made in this regard. >> let's go to cnn's scott mcclain. what's the latest?
9:30 am
>> reporter: john, in the escalating war of words, comments like that do not do much to help bring down the temperature. putin there didn't specify what kind of tools he is talking about. he also didn't specify what kind of threat he might be retaliating against either. clearly, the russian president does not appreciate foreign weapons are making their way into ukraine. russians said many times, those are legitimate targets once they get on ukrainian soil. they are legitimate in response to sanctions. the eu is calling this decision to shut off the gas pipes to poland and bulgaria blackmail. moscow says, it's just policy. the eu says both countries are being supplied by other countries, poland, in fact, says it won't need russian gas at all by the fall. but let's keep in mind 40% of europe's gas comes from russia. the russians are warning poland, for instance, because the
9:31 am
pipeline goes through its territory en route to germany, warning the pols not to siphon gas or it will shut it off to germans as well. it seems like the foot print is beginning to expand as well. there were three missile strikes on russian territory in the early hours this morning. one about 10 miles inside russian territory, it hit an ammunition depot there. another 75 miles in. the russians say it was struck down, 200 miles from the ukrainian border. it's not clear in that case what it hit. but the city that was being aimed at is a key military and transportation hub. now, the ukrainians did not take direct responsibility for these strikes. but they might as well have. an ad advisor to president zelenskyy said that if you invade other country, sooner or later, debts have to be repaid and also said that karma is a cruel thing. one thing to mention is early
9:32 am
this morning, a very key bridge that connects the southwestern part of ukrain to the rest of the country was struck for a second time. it was hit yesterday. it was hit again this morning after repair work had already started there. that is concerning because the ukrainians, it is very close to moldova, the only other route by road for ukrainians to living up is through moldova. the ukrainians are worried what happens it could explain into moldova, though, president zelenskyy says if the russian troops stations there were to attack ukraine, he says his country is ready. john. >> scott mcclain, grateful for that reporting. let's get perspective from attorney general ben hodges. grateful for your time. before we break down the battlefield, let's hawk u talk about what we heard from president putin. we have these tools. we are not afraid to use them. do you take that bravado or is
9:33 am
that a message to the united states? >> i think president putin is very serious. i do not think it's likely he will follow through on that. he has been threatening us in the west for years, if sweden or denmark or poland did things. he has weapons. he might do it. there is no real battlefield advantage for him. i think it would be impossible for the west to stay out if he uses a nuclear weapon, let's say. i think the people around him are also thinking about life after putin. i don't believe he wants to be nero, burning the place down around him. now, it is worth thinking ability. if he were to use a technical nuclear weapon, let's say, which is relatively low yield, the destructive effect would not be much more than what he has done to mariupol and other cities.
9:34 am
and our response would not have to be nuclear either. i mean, this is why the f-35 was designed, to deal with a situation like this. so i think the right people are working on this and we'll have the right responses. >> you hear those tough words from putin and he had to have the decision to cut off gas to poland and bulgaria, a day after the united states pulled together 40 nations. the message was, we will keep meeting each month and send what ukraine needs each month, including germany. for the first time germans providing heavy eequipment. it looks like a tank, gephart anti-eight, you are familiar the germans no longer use it. they are now giving it to the ukraines. lou significant, a, is the weapon? and, b, the germans who have been historically reluctant to use their military are sending these to ukraine? >> the fact that president putin decided to cut off gas to poland and bulgaria is another in a
9:35 am
strong lean of strategic blunders by the president of the russian federation. this only decelerates the departure of his commerce looking for alternative sources and thanks. so he was only hurting himself in the long run. as far as germany goes, obviously, this is important. i live in frankfort. so i'm aware of the debates going on inside the coalition government of germany. they've made the decision to do this. the gephart represents a very good capability against helicopters and drones, affect, to be used in a ground support role as well. you are right, it looks like a tank, because this touurd is mot on the tank. this is a very good capability ukrainians can use for this fight. >> general hodges, thank you for your time. we will continue to have your opinion in the days and weeks ahead. up next, we turn to politics and their try-again moment,
9:36 am
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. president biden and democrats in congress are looking for policy wins that might improve their mid-term election. the president, for example, issed is to have a new willingness to cancel some student loan debt a.
9:41 am
congresswoman says ideas discussed included extending a pause or perhaps erasing at least $10,000 in debt, on capitol hill, the debate is familiar. it is frustrating to democrats with large policy ambitions. in a 50-50 senate, democrats need every vote. joe manchin still in no mood to build big. >> there is no build back better bill. public policies, these major changes should go through the process. that's what the process is for. >> our great reporter is back with me. let's start with the president, who has been reluctant to wipe out student debt? a lot of progressives said erase it, use exective power. this new willingness to think about it. a, do we know how serious and a, we will not get a ton out of congress, i have to find ways to get things done. >> they say one way or another, by the end of august, they are
9:42 am
going to determine whether he will erase debt as we were talking about or continues with this moratorium or pod. what you heard senator elizabeth warren making an arc is about the authority. that's a big part of the debate for the white house is whether the president wants to do it or not. does he have the authority to do it? senator warren is deriveing her argument from the idea that pausing interest, you are essentially cancelling all the interest. so say we will can sell it entirely. white house telling me they aren't at that point yet. >> the lawyers will keep looking at that you heard senator manchin. we seen this movie before, but, but, he has enormous swachy. you need elizabeth warren's vote. senator warren an ambitious progress who would like to go big says let's be realist was. she says we better do it now, or else. >> there is so much we can do
9:43 am
and if we do it over the next 200 days, we will be in fine shape. we will be in real trouble if we don't get up and deliver, then i believe democrats are going to lose. >> democrats are going to lose, if we do not deliver. that means the house and maybe even the senate. the question is, does that, does the political reality of where we are in the mid-term year force compromises, a smaller package or do they keep fighting like they did all of last year? >> it's hard to say, but the reality is not all democrats agree. most will say, yes, we have to pass an agenda and do okay in the mid-terms. then you have people like manchin just as concerned about blowback because of inflation, specifically. so having to come to a compromise, look, there are democrats and people in the white house fearful they can't get mandhin to agree to $1 trillion. that would be a huge victory for the president. i think because of that, that's why you are hearing the
9:44 am
president sounds more opened to using executive orders for student debt forgiveness. he could have been talking about it all year, the politics of that are trekky. they want a victory. they don't agree. they're in the same boat they were last year. the clock is really ticking. >> to the president's credit and the democrat's credit. they have passed a few chipgs. the infrastructure plan, which is bipartisan, significant. a huge package, job creating, infrastructure improving and bipartisan. because the democrats were so ambitious and public, you see gun reform, immigration, expanding ped care, medicaid, criminal justice reform, voting rights, those are not done, tbds, they're difficult issues to get done. now in an election year even more so. >> the white house is confronted with that yale reality. they're trying a two-track
9:45 am
approach here. they're trying to sell the infrastructure package, the rescue package, months later realizing what they've accomplished. on the other hand, they realize it's tough to do something on capitol hill. so the president is seeming to be more opened to taking executive action. few things we heard from the white house he is considering that are being debated right now, how does inflation factor into the timing of a student loan forgiveness announcement. can he take a more targeted approach to the student loan forgiveness? because there is some politics within the democratic party where some view it as more aggressive. so, you know, whether they can target it more, provide that forgiveness to lower income families, for example. so those are the discussions currently happening at the white house. >> democrats believe this is good policy, they also understand they have to fix this. this is the president's latest polling numbers the average of the most recent national polls. they're 39%. this approval at 55%.
9:46 am
with that anywhere close to that come november, they will lose both the house and the senate. >> is student loan debt forgiveness good for politics. they're looking at a poll to say that it is. some of those people that say they support this in theory only want it targeted as you were noting towards people of lower income and 80% of the re1307bd ents say they owe owe respondents say they don't have student loan debt. >> it's not necessarily a win. it could be. it could not be. >> they're grasping at straws here to befind anything. >> on the states that have the largest debt, all states we know. >> i love studying maps, too. that's why we do this. up next, president biden remembers trail-blazing diplomated a lynn albright. tough on politics, light on her toes. >> she can go toe-to-toe with
9:47 am
the toughest dictators and turn around and literally teach a fellow ambassador how to do the macarena on the floooor of the u.n. security council. [ music playing ]
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president biden dignitaries, foreign minsters, foreign leaders, ambassadors honoring the late secretary of state
9:52 am
madeleine albright at her funeral service. former presidents bill clinton and barack obama, secretary clinton as well as well as the former secretary of state condoleeza rice and albright's three daughters attending those moving services. president biden delivering one of the eulogies. we are live ads the national cathedral. suzanne, take us inside. >> reporter: john, right now, you are actually, we are listening to one of the daughters speak. it is very emotional. it's brought tears to the audience there as they get into the personal stories and reflect to madeleine albright, mom, you can imagine the stories coming out of this. the president joe biden and many others calling albright a force of nature if you will, someone that turned the tide of history. president biden really connecting the dots here with
9:53 am
madeleine albright's work as a diplomat to what is taking place today? you say it is fitting he heard of her passing as he was traveling to europe, an emergency meeting with nato allies to deal with russia's invasion of ukraine. former president bill clinton as well as former secretary of state hillary clinton talk about two weeks ago getting the phone call before she passed where she made the warn them and say that this war what putin was doing was a test of international alliances that had to be dealt with and her words, once again, saying that democracy was not permanent. that it had to be not for over and over. we heard from hillary clinton just about 20 minutes ago. the point that she was making that this was somebody who was her friend as well and that she was always in a hurry to do good and she was very impatient. she wore one of her famous broochs, pins of a snail that
9:54 am
let people know she wanted things to move along, there was a lot to be done. take a listen. >> so the angels better be wearing their best pins and putting on their dancing shoes because if as mid-lynn believed, there is a special places in hell for women who don't support other women, they haven't seen anyone leak her yet. >> reporter: 5john, that got th applause line of the ceremony here. she stood at 5' 10" tall in stature. she was a tight and in american history. >> i met madeleine albright 35 years ago when she was a nominee to dukakis. she was funny. a congressman cop trying to go through airport security with
9:55 am
a loaded gun. this isn't the first time. aop trying g to go through airport s security wh a loaded gun. this isn't thehe first time. >hop trying to go through airport security with a loaded d gun. this isn't the first time. >op trying to go through airport security with a loaded gun. this isn't the first time. >op trying to go through airport security with a loaded gun. this isn't the first time. >uop trng to go through airport security with a loed gun. this isn't the first time. >gop trying to go through airport security with a loaded gun. this isn't the first tim >htop trying to go thugh airport security with a loaded gun. th isn't the first time. >p trying to go through airport security with a loadegun. this isn't the first time. > trying to go through airport security with a loaded gun. this isn't the first time. aught trying to go through airport security with a loaded gun. this isn't the first time. >> >
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10:00 am
cawthorn did not reply for comment. the white house covid concerns, dr. fauci made the decision after the vice president tested positive tuesday. fauci stressing optimistic about the overall stay of the pandemic in this country. he says at this moment the united states is out of the pandemic phase. thanks for joining us on "inside politics." ana cabrera pecks up our coverage right now. sn♪ >> hello, thanks for joining us. i'm monica cabrerra, a time of war arc stunning prisoner wasn't with russia, u.s. veteran trevor reed is free after nearly three years in a russian prison. his parents grow increasingly worried about his health, saying


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