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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  April 27, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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hello, everyone, i'm alisyn camerota. welcome to cnn newsroom. >> i'm victor blackwell. we begin with major developments involving russia. american trevor reed was released from a russian prison today as part of a prison swap. this happened on a tarmac in turkey, russian state tv, they broadcast the exchange of reed for a convicted drug smuggler. reed is now on his way back to the u.s. he's a former marine, and he's been held in russia since 2019. his parents just spoke to reporters a few moments ago.
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their concerns were primarily about his health. russia meantime has shut off supplies of natural gas to poland and bulgaria after the countries refused to pay for the gas in rubles. both countries are nato allies of the u.s. and strongly support ukraine's defense against putin's war. the eu calls russia's move blackmail. now, on the battlefield, parts of eastern ukraine, again, under intense bombardment today. ukrainian armed forces now acknowledging they have lost several towns in the donbas, but they say ukrainian troops were able to destroy multiple russian tanks and artillery systems. also, there are reports of blasts inside russia in three regions that border ukraine, including an ammunition depot in belgrade. ukrainians are not claiming responsibility, but a senior adviser to president zelenskyy did say, quote, how can this be explained? very simply. if you, the russians, decide to attack another country, kill
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everyone there en masse, crush peaceful people en masse with tanks and use warehouses in your regions to provide the killings, then sooner or later the debts will have to be paid back. karma is a cruel thing. >> cnn's anderson cooper joins us from kyiv, ukraine. anderson, there are a lot of people wondering if there's going to be some overlap, if the release of trevor reed will impact u.s./russia relations and the u.s. strategy toward ukraine. >> yeah, officials in the biden administration said the prisoner swap is going to have absolutely no impact. the official told cnn, quote, it represents no change, zero, to our approach to the appalling violence in ukraine. for much more on what led to the release of trevor reed, i want to bring in cnn's national security correspondent kiley atwood, she is at the state department. give us the back story here on what you know. >> reporter: senior administration officials say that this was months and months in the working. they had been having
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conversations about this that accelerated, of course, in recent days to bring trevor reed, who of course was detained in russia more than two years ago on trumped up charges that the united states say he didn't actually commit anything that the russians claim that he did, and we should note that his health is a key factor here. we have administration officials explaining that the fact that his health was deteriorating accelerated their concern here. we know he had covid-19 last year. we also know that he was coughing up blood last year. his family said that he has symptoms of tuberculosis earlier this year, and his family is welcoming the fact that he is coming back to the united states. listen to what his mother told reporters just this afternoon. >> finally after waiting all this time i'm going to be able to hug my kid, you know, and put my arms around him. i had a little bit of a panic attack when he told me he was going to spend the whole summer in russia, so nine months and then now it's been almost a
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thousand days. so i'm just excited to see him. >> and she also spoke about his health. she said that he did not look well in the images that have come out of his release that took place, the prisoner exchange that took place in turkey today. his father said that their understanding is that there were some medical professionals on the plane ride back to the united states with him and the last thing is that they expect him to go and get some medical treatment here in the united states. we're still waiting for more details on that. >> and what do we know about the prisoner who went back to russia? >> constantine euro schenn coe, he was charged here in the united states for 20 years serving a prison sentence for cocaine, for trafficking cocaine, for importing cocaine, and of course he served about half of that sentence before he was released as part of this prisoner exchange. senior administration officials saying it doesn't mean that he is no longer guilty, right? that is a key differentiating
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factor here. we know that trevor reed wasn't guilty according to our reporting and what the united states has said about russians were charging him with, violence towards the police in russia. that is a key factor here. this does open a host of questions about prisoner exchanges. traditionally that is not something that is u.s. policy to engage in, but clearly here, that is what led to the release of trevor reed, a welcomed development. >> cnn chief international correspondent clarissa ward is with me here in kyiv. there were blasts overnight in three russian regions. what do we know about it? >> so basically ukrainian authorities have not yet officially claimed responsibility for these blasts, but we did have a statement from an adviser to president volodymyr zelenskyy who basically intimated that, you know, a debt would have to be repaid at some point, if you go
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into another country and kill a lot of people, he said, quote, karma is a cruel thing. so the understanding, i think, for most people is that the ukrainians were behind these blasts. they took place in three different locations, most significantly in a city just by the border, 30 miles away from kharkiv, a key supply line for the russians as they try to bolster their offensive in the east. so interesting and strategically important significant that the ukrainians are now able to hit the russians on their own soil. >> and the ukrainian forces have acknowledged the loss of several towns. >> yes, this is the first time we've heard them really acknowledge that things are getting difficult and that russia's offensive in the east is picking up some steam. up until now there was only one town they had talked about that had fallen under russian control. they say there are no several towns and villages. what's extraordinary, though, is that some of those other towns that we've been talking about a
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lot on our air, continue to be contested, despite weeks and weeks of intensive fighting, russian forces have not yet been able to take them. but the ukrainians are in a really tricky position here. they are being pushed down from the north, up from the south, squeezed from the east as well, so it's a huge three-pronged offensive. >> and the ukrainian supply lines have gotten much longer than they were when the battle was here around kyiv. >> and this is going to be the big challenge for them going forward, right? what they've always said is that we can win this thing. they believe they can win it if they have the weapons and the support, but whereas russia we know is resupplying directly from, you know, from the russian border across that russian border. yauc ukraine has to move things all the way from lviv and parts of the western part of the country along the border with nato countries. that is a long, long way away, and that's why i think we've seen a lot of railway stations, for example, being targeted as russia tries to cut off those
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supply lines. >> clarissa ward, thank you as always. turning to what the eu is calling blackmail by russia, the kremlin weaponizing energy and shutting off natural gas supplies to poland as well as bulgaria after the two nations refused to pay in rubles. cnn's business editor at large richard quest joins me now. a significant move here. how are poland and bulgaria res responding? >> both of them are trying to work out a solution that would allow them to keep their lights on and to keep their heat going, but it's not easy to see that there will be a solution because to do what russia wants is in the view of some breaching the sanctions it basically provides russia with foreign currency, and the goal here is to avoid doing that. the problem, of course, is that bulgaria and poland is just a shot across the bows if you will, anderson. the real ones here are austria, italy, and germany in particular, and whether or not they will also go along with the
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scheme cooked up by vladimir putin to pay for their oil and gas in a convoluted way that avoids the sanctions. if that happens, then all bets are off because if gas gets cut to germany and those other countries, then you're talking about a full scale recession in europe. >> it is -- it's a very delicate balance trying to keep this coalition of nato countries together. >> and i would say you've got two coalitions you're trying to keep together, nato is certainly one of them, and they are holding together, but you've also got the eu 27, the european union, and you've already got mavericks like viktor orban in hungary recently reelected saying, well, we will go along with this scheme. we will pay for the -- our oil and gas in rubles, and the eu's saying, whoa, no, no, no. we've got to have unity on this.
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so the first whiff of disunity is there, and vladimir putin, that master of spy and machiavellian policy knows how to play it for the umpteenth. what he's going to do is split europe, threaten and blackmail germany, austria and the others, and wait for the whole thing to fall apart. >> not sure how much of a master spy he ever actually was. >> that's true. >> i think he was more of a mid level official, but richard quest, i get your point. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. we'll check back with you shortly. we want to bring in retired army brigadier general peter sa wak, a global fellow at the wilson center, author of the book, a u.s. army's officer's experiences in pre-putin russia. always great to see you. let's start with those explosions that were heard over the border in russia, in these three towns, and this one, and i'm not sure that i'm
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pronouncing it right, voranez, this is 200 miles from the ukraine border, so how do you think if this was ukraine, though they're not taking responsibility, how do you think they did this? >> first of all, i've driven through all three towns back in 2013 and 2014. they're middle size towns, veronez is a small city of about 900,000, the other half a million. they are both rail hubs and road hubs, and in the buildups of 2014, these were staging areas for the first invasion. so it would make sense from a -- from a tactical, operational perspective from the ukrainians anything that they could do to disrupt, if you will, the also challenged russian logistics lines that go directly through them so we're all reading, we're all wondering how they did it,
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was it drones or other way, how it happened, and that only time will tell. but they would be logical targets if you wanted to take pressure off of the russian thrust into the donbas, both the flank and right up through the center. >> general, let's talk about the cutoff of bulgaria and poland because you know more than the military strategy. you also know the geopolitical. we've got the gas lines here from russia. of course poland here, bulgaria down here relying heavily on russian energy sources. how this plays into the larger strategy from putin, and is this really a surprise? this is the leverage he has over his neighbors. >> yes, and i think it's dual-edged because in doing so, he is in some ways playing, if you will, into those that believe that policy both in europe and the united states,
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that europe needs to wean itself from russia, and if anything is an accelerant is russian extortion basically to cut off oil supplies into bulgaria, poland, and anywhere else. this may accelerate the process on the other side because in the end, russia's invading a free, independent nation, terrible bloodshed, and it's very hard to argue that we need our oil and gas supplies so we're going to fore sake the -- the russians may very well have accelerated the process inadvertently, though obviously there's a lot of folks in europe right now looking in their wallets and purses. >> general, i want to ask you about russia's losses. this is according to the uk defense minister who spoke in front of the house of commons. he says that their assessment that russians have lost 15,000
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soldiers thus far in the war, 2,000 plus orr mored vehicles and 60 plus helicopters and fighter jets. does this make a dent in their fighting capability? >> al >> first of all, even if we're half that it makes a dent, and it's more than just in combat capabilities. and yes, a lot of first line equipment has probably been knocked out, and they're having to bring other stuff back up, but the other dent is the sorrow and the human tragedy playing out in russia when they find out the population that is supportive generally of putin, but we're already seeing cracks in the facade, especially when the mosque va ship was sunk. this is going to play out in a big way when bodies either come back in body bags or don't come back home at all. so there is -- so it is a major,
11:15 am
major, i think, effect, and it's happening so fast in a couple of months, rather than, you know, years and years is what happened. they've lost more by this statistic than they lost in afghanistan in ten years. this is a big deal. >> let's head to the east because we know this is the center of the new russian strategy phase two, some of these smaller towns are lost according to ukrainian officials as well. there are some advances in that portion of the country. in this larger discussion of does the ukrainian army have the support that it needs is this indication of something larger, or is this what you would expect as this phase of war continues? >> well, what we're seeing it looks like is a grinding type of
11:16 am
offensive, a lot of artillery, tanks, just grinding it out, but especially fire power, and what we're not seeing is the ukrainians are probably giving back as much as they're getting, but here the russians have if i canned -- fixed the ukrainian positions, they've got them locked in. the difference between the two is the ukrainian will to fight and spirit. this is the grinded out type fight. ukrainians don't want, yet saying that they're probably much working in agile ways and building defenses in depth and working along the flanks of the russians, the farther the russians push, the more their flanks get exposed as we saw in kyiv, which is, i think, going to be a major factor in the offensive in the south. >> all right, retired brigadier general peter zwack, always good to have you. more leaked audio reveals
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how worried house minority leader kevin mccarthy was about the extreme rhetoric from members in his own party and fears that they would incite violence. we'll tell you what he's saying now. >> and newly revealed text messages show how a pennsylvania republican repeatedly asked the white house to push investigations into election conspiracies. he reacts to the cnn reporting next. boom! i won't be cleaning mold and mildew next week. thanks to this. did you u know lysol disinfectant spray can actually prevent mold and mildldew growt? spray it every week to break the cycle. lysol. what it takes to protect.® >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. this dad and daughter were driving when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere... ♪ pop rock musi♪ >> tech: he brought it to felite. we replaced the windshield and recalibrated their car's advanced safety system, so features like automatic emergency aking will work properly. >> tech: alright, all finished. >> dad: wow, that's great. thanks.
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11:22 am
matt gaetz and whether he would incite violence in the aftermath of the insurrection. listen. >> well, he's putting people in jeopardy, and he doesn't need to be doing this. we saw what people would do in the capitol, you know, and these people came prepared with rope, with everything else. the tension is too high. the country is too crazy. i do not want to look back and think we caused something or we missed something and someone got hurt. i don't want to play politics with any of that. >> well, at a closed door gop meeting today, mccarthy gave a full-throated defense of his comments and argued the tapes just an attempt to divide the party ahead of the midterm elections. cnn ryan nobles, how did mccarthy explain his previous comments to his caucus members today? >> in many ways he's just doubling down. he's suggesting that they were just ideas, that he wasn't attempting to undermine the
11:23 am
former president or the other members of the republican conference that he was critical of and that these were just conversations. and again, he basically blamed the media for taking him out of context and said that the republican party needed to stay united ahead of the republican -- or i should say ahead of the midterm elections in the fall, and to a certain extent, most of the conference appears to be buying that line. we're told that he received a standing ovation in this closed door meeting of republican members, but it is still worth pointing out that there are still factions in the republican party that are unhappy with the way mccarthy conducted himself during this period of time. florida congressman matt gaetz was among those that he was very critical of in these leaked audiotapes, being very critical of kevin mccarthy and suggesting that he is not a real leader. so even though at this point it seems as though most of the republican conference remains behind mccarthy, there are still signs of cracks leading up to these midterm elections, and it still could play a role in whether or not he's able to retain the speaker's gavel
11:24 am
should republicans win the majority in the fall. >> ryan, there's a response now from congressman perry about your reporting from his text messages that he sent to mark meadows leading up to january 6th. what's he saying? >> yeah, that's right, victor. let's first show one of those text messages to show what he's responding to. this is one of the text messages from our report. he says to mark meadows november 12th from an intel friend, dni to immediately seize and begin looking for international comms related to dominion. was china malware involved? what's interesting about this is this is scott perry leaning into a conspiracy theory of which there was not any hard evidence remitted to. yesterday i tried to find scott perry, i ran into him. i asked him whether or not he could provide any evidence as to why he thought this was necessary to bring to the chief of staff and also get involved with the director of national intelligence. he ignored me. to date he spoke to reporters and his argument was that he was just looking into things, and
11:25 am
that was the responsibility of a member of congress and that if he thought there were problems with the election, he thought that was something that needed to be investigated. so that's his response to these revelations, of course it is still something that is of great interest to the january 6th select committee, and they are still considering their next steps as to what it means in bringing some of these republican members like scott perry, kevin mccarthy and others before the committee. >> ryan nobles on capitol hill, thank you very much. let's go now to gop political adviser scott jennings and cnn senior political analyst nia-malika henderson. welcome to you both. scott, let's start with you. this standing ovation for kevin mccarthy after the defense of these calls, more leaked audio, what's your interpretation of that standing ovation during the conference meeting? is that in support of mccarthy, or is it just they tried to get me, they took my words out of context, anti-media rallying.
11:26 am
>> yeah, i think some of it is wrapped up in anti-media rallying, frankly. the allegations, the tapes, everything that's happened to mccarthy over the last few days have been coming from a media source that republicans despise or distrust greatly. so i'm sure that's helping mccarthy as he mounts a defense to this. the other thing going on is just the political dynamic. i think everybody in the house republican conference or the party at large believes it's almost a mortal lock that the republicans are going to win or should win the house majority back. i think there's a strong sense of the team work, the team unity, the team effort going on here that we can't let anything, even if it's uncomfortable, divide us because we're on the cusp of kicking nancy pelosi out of the speaker's chair, so i'm sure that's working in mccarthy's favor as well. >> i have a follow youp. one person who doesn't seem to be getting that unity memo is tucker carlson, and so last night, i just to want play for you what he said about kevin mccarthy. listen to this. >> unless conservatives get their act together right away,
11:27 am
kevin mccarthy or one of his highly liberal allies is very likely to be speaker of the house in january. that would mean we would have a republican congress led by a puppet of the democratic party. >> so scott, how much sway does tucker carlson hold in the gop? >> well, he's highly influential, and his nightly monologues and commentary like this does definitely catch people's attention and republicans follow carefully what he says. on the flip side they also pay very close attention to what donald trump says, and right now one of the things that i think is really working in kevin mccarthy's favor is that donald trump doesn't appear to be upset about this, and in fact, may be amused by it all, and still supports kevin mccarthy. so he's got a counterbalance force there alisyn working in his direction. if you had tucker and donald trump out to get you, that could be different. because the former president is in mccarthy's camp, i think his position is pretty secure.
11:28 am
>> there is one outspoken member of the conference who is disappointed, at least, with what they heard from kevin mccarthy and steve scalise, gop whip. let's listen to first the exchange between the leaders in january about some comments that congressman gaetz made about then leader liz cheney. let's play it. >> i'm calling gaetz, i'm explaining to him, i don't ever say that i'm going to have some other people call him took into consideration the nature of what -- if i'm getting a briefing, i'm going to get another one from the fbi tomorrow. this is serious [ bleep ], to cut this out. >> that's potentially illegal what he's doing. >> well, he's putting people in jeopardy. >> gaetz tweeted out that the comments on this call are the behavior of men of weak men, not leaders. that was out in a statement on twitter. also some sources in this conference said that there was a testy exchange between scalise and gaetz, how big of a problem
11:29 am
is this for the two and that goal of being speaker, if republicans win control. >> well, listen, gaetz, probably won't vote for for kevin mccarthy should the house gop get the majority and kevin mccarthy runs for speaker as is anticipated at this point at least. listen, i think if you're kevin mccarthy, you're not worried that you're sort of enemies with matt gaetz, it's not like matt gaetz has a bunch of friends this the house gop. he's a bit of a character. i don't even think he could get booked on fox news at this point. so i don't think that is a real worrisome point for matt gaetz. i do think the tucker carlson sort of divide here is interesting. the question is can tucker carlson convince donald trump, who also is a big avid fan of fox news and an avid fan of tucker carlson, can tucker carlson convince donald trump that there's someone else other than kevin mccarthy who would make a better speaker.
11:30 am
right now as scott talked about, he is on board. donald trump likes kevin mccarthy, and he hasn't had a problem with these tapes so far, but there's a long way to go at this point before we see the mid terms and see who wins and who runs for speaker. can kevin mccarthy sort of hold the line with donald trump and hold him on his team at this point, so we'll see. i think the other question is who other than kevin mccarthy could be speaker? that is the big question, too, and tucker carlson alluded to that, this idea can conservatives get their act together. that's always been the question. could they field a candidate other than kevin mccarthy who could get a majority of folks to be the speaker of the house after the midterms if the house gop wins. >> okay. scott jennings, nia-malika henderson, thank you both. >> thank you. the kremlin has repeatedly tried to deny that russia bears responsibility for the carnage in bucha, but cnn has obtained
11:31 am
exclusive new photos and videos that tell a different story. will there be accountability? that's next. customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. if anyone objects to this marriage... (emu squawks) kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. with skyrizi 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months, after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase ur risk of infections and lower ur ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms such as fevers, sweats, chills, muscle aches or coughs, or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪ nothing is everything ♪ talk to your dermatologist about skyrizi. learn how abbvie could help you save.
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11:36 am
any responsibility for the killings that took place there, but new drone video obtained exclusively by cnn indicates otherwise. the images are graphic, and disturbing. they show ukrainian civilians lying dead in the streets, but we also see what appear to be russian tanks located in the same area. cnn has geo located and confirmed that the videos and images are authentic. steven rap is the former u.s. ambassador at large for war crimes issues. yesterday i spoke with the chief prosecutor for the international court. he said that he believes russia will be held accountable, but that journey to accountability, it may take a very, very long time. this is a hard process, isn't it? >> it is a hard process, and it requires hard evidence. i'm very impressed with your reports and the imagery that you've obtained, and there's a lot more that's out there. of course we continue to get denials from the russians, even from the mouth of the foreign minister who continues it say this is all a provocation and a
11:37 am
made up event and we know that it isn't. these are real images that have been verified in dozens of different ways. to prosecute crimes like these you have to tie them to the high level. it's perhaps easier in this situation than we had when we went off charles taylor milosovich because these are russian soldiers under putin's command. you still have to show those were russian soldiers under his command and they weren't irregulars or rogue units, and you have to trace that line of command up to him, and it requires more investigative work. the prosecutor spoke to that in the united states yesterday, and i think we americans can participate. we could join the investigative team that poland, and lithuania and ukraine have put together that they've invited other countries and the icc into.
11:38 am
icc joined yesterday. we should join as well, and we could have our own fbi agents and others out there helping build this case as quickly as possible so that there could be high level arrest warrants issued, public arrest warrants. of course that doesn't mean you'd get the guy in custody if it's a high level russian or putin. there's a possibility that lower level individuals that are captured on the battlefield might be prosecuted by the ukrainians. we really want to take this to the top, to the people that made these horrible crimes happen. >> when we were in bucha yesterday and talking to the bucha prosecutor, he showed us photographs that they've obtained and seeing them for the first time that were taken by an eyewitness on the street where many of the -- many killings took place. there was a russian apc parked at the end of the street that shot many people on that street. there was another apc in a tank also elsewhere on the street.
11:39 am
the images that they show, which were all taken by the same eyewitness over the course of several days, that eyewitness gave the camera to prosecutors, so they now have not only the images -- some of the images that we just showed and others, they also have the device which took those images, which i assume would have metadata in it, which would indicate location and time and date of the photographs being taken, and that's important, isn't it, in a case like this? because right now with the satellite images that maxar technologies put out which are convincing, but russia just says point-blank, well, there's no firm date on those and those are all faked. once you have images that have actual dates embedded in them taken by people on the street, that's very convincing. >> well, i think it is, and i think you've gotten to the key point here, which with images from a camera and with proper forensic analysis both of the
11:40 am
camera, its apparatus and the metadata that's contained particularly in digital images that will show gps and the very second the photo was taken, and that negates the possibility that it's a composite or a photo shopped image. we saw this with the caesar photos in the context of syrian torture and the way in which those were relied on in the german court to convict the colonel who was involved in that torture for murder and the other crimes. so this can be extremely valuable, and it also, i think, makes the point that it's not just the official. it's not just the prosecutors, it's civil society actors and others who play a key role here. of course we want them to do their work carefully and professionally, but obviously this kind of image together with the kind of image from your drone and the satellite image from commercial sources as well as that that can be further verified and refined from the assistance of u.s. agencies or other agencies that have even sharper imagery can really put
11:41 am
together a strong case about what happened there, and then all of the other information can lead up that chain of command. it takes some additional work, but it doesn't take forever to do the charging. i mean, malosavich was charged about 45 days after the ethnic cleansing in kosovo began, and the prosecutor obviously wants to do his work very carefully, but there could be charges in the relatively near future if the investigative support and the forensic support is there to really make this rock solid. >> stephen rapp i appreciate your expertise. thank you so much. >> good to be with you. >> let's go back to victor and alisyn. >> thank you very much. we have some breaking news, that special grand jury tasked with hearing evidence about the trump organization's finances, that's set to expire this week. does that mean the investigation is over? everybody be cool, alright? with ringcentral we can pull bonnie up on phone,
11:42 am
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the special grand jury that was appointed to hear evidence in the manhattan d.a.'s investigation into the trump organization is set to expire at the end of this week. it will not be extended. cnn's kara scannell broke this story. she's with us now. what does this mean? does this mean this is over? >> no, it's not over yet. i mean, the expiration of this grand jury is something that was set to happen, and they did not
11:47 am
choose to renew it, but it doesn't mean this investigation is over, and if we remember, this initial grand jury was seated last october. they started to present evidence to it with a few witnesses in the fall. then a new d.a. came in, alvin bragg, some of these top prosecutors resigned. they wanted him to move forward to authorize an indictment. he's about six weeks into office, he said no, i don't want to do that. they stopped presenting evidence then. i think what we can take away from this is that this does not indicate that his calculus has changed. it doesn't tell us that he thinks they now have enough evidence some two months lay tore to move forward with an indictment, but he has said there was no magic number to this grand jury expiring. he said this investigation's continuing. people are working on it every day, and that they will be dictated by the facts they uncover. if they're able to get enough evidence, they don't have a cooperator, these are tough cases these financial cases.
11:48 am
will that change, we don't know yet, but their investigation is still conning. >> just yesterday this new york state judge fined donald trump $10,000 a day for not handing over previously requested documents to the d.a. is he paying that money? >> well, yeah, so this was the new york attorney general's civil investigation, and that's where the judge said, you know, you haven't complied with this subpoena that you got in december, and you blew through a deadline. he said you've not, you know exhibited good faith you've tried to look for these do you means. we've imposed these fines starting yesterday at $10,000. trump's attorneys have not returned calls for comment, but they did file an appeal, and often when there is an appeal, that kind of puts the brakes on the need to make these payments. >> okay. thanks for the update, really appreciate it. dr. anthony fauci says the u.s. is no longer in the covid pandemic phase. what that means for you, next. r shows instantly y if you're below, within or above your range. it cheers you on
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i love you. i love you. i love you all. released shows new covid-19 hospitalizations are expected to increase in the next four weeks, but dr. anthony fauci says we're entering a new phase. >> we are certainly right now in this country out of the pandemic phase, namely we don't have 900,000 new infections a day and
11:54 am
tens and tens and tens of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths. we are at a low level right now. >> very good news there. cnn health correspondent jacqueline howard is with us now. the cdc also said, jacqueline, that by february of this year, three out of four children had developed covid anti bodies so some protections there. what do the numbers show us now. >> victor, i can tell you the numbers covid is spreading, specifically by the omicron variant, and just because people have natural immunity, what we should not take away from this is there is no longer a need for vaccinations. i spoke to the head of national county and city health officials just this morning, and she said that she hopes that these new numbers that this data does not discourage people from still getting vaccinated. they're still in need, here's why. i'll take you through where we are, victor and allison.
11:55 am
when you look at the forecast -- alisyn, when you look at the forecast, the cdc's forecast, we'll likely see hospital admissions increase in the coming weeks, likely reported by may 20th. you see the statement there, based on what that forecast predicts. and then if we look at the current state of hos hospitalizations, people hospitalized in the past week versus the previous week. you see here that there are increases in several states and this trend is expected to continue through may. and then if you look at the current hospitalizations right now in the u.s., you see how they rose in december. they went down, and now we're at april 27th. at the end of this data line here, you see this increase starting to begin, so that is
11:56 am
what has taken our foot off the pedal. when you look at cases, the seven-day average cases, this is the last data point i'll point to here, victor, that also shows that april 27th, a slight increase there as well. that's where we are right now with the numbers. victor, alisyn? >> we're not mad at an extra data set. if you have more info, we'll take it. jacqueline howard, thank you so much. so one of the world's leading banks warnings the u.s. is heading for a major recession. what is behind that dire forecast, that's ahead. ing] ♪ we will, we will rock y you ♪ ♪ ♪ the new gmc sierra with hands-free driving offers the most advanced and luxurious pick-up in its class. ♪ we will, we will rock you ♪ yeah, it rocks.
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