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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 30, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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hello, a very warm welcome to the view irsers in the united states and around the world. live in ukraine. the atrocities if bucha becoming more disturbing by the hours. zelenskyy says there's evidence of yet another mass grave. >> and i'm michael holmes in atlanta. i'll have the days other top stories including life under lock down. china defends what it calls a magic weapon. against the spread of coronavirus. welcome to the show, everyone. it's 10:00 a.m. here in ukraine.
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ukraine says it's holding off russian attacks on several fronts. even as fresh russian units come across the border. ukraine also says russia is now targeting villages close to the border in the northeast. supply lines have also been key targets for russian forces. and this what you're look at now is the after math of the attack on an important rail way hub. in the region. the bombardment come as russian forces have gradually coming closer. a senior u.s. defense official tells cnn the russia advances in the east have been uneven and incremental. meantime, another mass grave was discovered on friday in the kyiv suburb of bucha. 900 civilians have already been found in the region in the wake of russian forces pulling out. russia focus is now on the eastern donbas region. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy says moscow aim is to
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kill everyone living there. have a listen. >> only if ukraine would stand will they live. if the russian invader succeed in realizing their plan. they will have enough to destroy the entire donbas. just as they destroyed mariupol. the city one of the most developed in the region is simply a russian concentration camp in the middle of ruins. >> the situation also growing ever more dire for mariupol last defenders. hold up in this steel plant along with hundreds of civilians. a ukrainian commander inside the plant tells us a relentless russian attacks and scores of people injured. we have the story. >> hundreds of civilians including children still trapped in a mariupol steel plant tonight. after russia blocked ukraine latest attempt to rescue them. plant the last ukrainian military hold out in the city.
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officials say the russians closed off an area near the complex for now. potentially ahead of another attempt to storm the plant. >> there's lack of everything. water, food, lack of medicine and lack of any social help. they need to be humanitarian created as soon as possible. >> mariupol mayor now plans more than 600 people in total injured. after a bombing wednesday night that hit a makeshift military hospital. inside the complex. military commander inside the plant spoke with cnn. >> the situation is critical. it is beyond a humanitarian catastrophe. we can't tell you how long we can hold on for. that depends on the enemy movement and on luck. >> humanitarian corridors from mariupol were one of the items un secretary general lobbied for in his visit with president putin and zelenskyy this week. while he was meeting with
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zelenskyy thursday in kyiv, several russian missiles struck. the attack shattered the calm in the capitol. one blast killed a ukrainian journalist in her apartment. foreign minister called it a heinous act of . making progress in eastern ukraine. extensive shelling of an important rail way hub and supply line for troops. a key bridge destroyed as well. intelligence sees russia making improvements to fix the problems that plagued the military in the early weeks of the invasion. >> they are trying hard to over come the challenges they had in the north by making sure logistics and sustainment can kaep up with the movement of troops. ukraine is fighting back hard and making it hard to make progress. >> a fuel depot was attacked over night in the region controlled by russian backed forces and ukrainian officials say a town in the northeast near kharkiv has been recaptured.
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>> let's get more on all this. joining me now from kyiv ukrainian member of parliament. very good morning to you. let me start with what we have been seeing as he out lined on the front lines. heavy shelling along the entire line of contact. in eastern part of ukraine. what you hearing from your sources as to what's happening the movement in the front lines there? >> good morning. thank you for having me. so, we know that russians have this target. that may 9 the victory parade needs to happen somewhere in ukraine. it was the plan. right now they're increasing their attempt and attacks. to be able to conquer more and more before this particular day. the victory day. this is why we see an extra
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shelling and active russian marching forward. in the eastern part and also on the southern part and ukraine. the city of mykolaiv and there is a attempt to attack odesa. however we also see the ukrainian armies getting more and more support from our alliance. actually the weapons that were promised to us, two to three weeks ago finally start to arrive. and this is where we're getting stronger. every day we're winning for our ourselves is the time for the logistics to work is the time for the lives to make more and more of those important decisions. and for us to get more weapons besides russians. >> in the meantime, as well we have seen of course in the last 24 hours an attack on kyiv where you are in the capitol. how is the capitol holding up? has it shaken your sense of
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security? >> you know, when i heard the i tacks and explosions really nearby, the first thought i had was like oh no, not again. and it was at least three missile hits. we think it was three to five. attacking infrastructure objects and civilian buildings in kyiv. and of course right now before we can't say that we protect our sky, right now it's nowhere in the people can feel safe. you have seen the recently attacks on the western cities. where the refugees usually sleep on the kyiv. on the eastern cities. so while russian missiles can hit any point of ukraine. it's nowhere we can feel safe. this is why we need all the supplies and all the weapons. so badly.
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once it is in and we can start protecting our skies, it will be much easier for all the ukrainians. >> we have seen the russian side attacking the supply line which is so important. as you point out. how quickly is ukraine rebuilding again to make sure that those supplies are going right to the front lines? >> well, you are absolutely right. so because russians there's more and more help and support getting in. they start attacking railroads and train stations. for us it's the top priority to rebuild these infrastructures oblt objects as soon as possible. railroad is the main way for us to get all the weapons and all the humanitarian support in. so, at least ten on the ground for concentrate on a rebuilding the broken line. and we are able to do it pretty
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quickly. >> and i'm not sure if you heard my colleagues piece there. he talked about the situation the dire situation of course for civilians inside the steel plant. in mariupol. an operation to evacuate the civilians in that steel plant was expected. we were told by president zelenskyy office friday. that didn't happen. do you know why it didn't happen? do you know when it might happen if it will happen at this stage? >> so, we have attempted to get people out of mariupol of the besieged city at least 20 times. and world leaders were trying to help to get an agreement with russians. to confirm the humanitarian corridors. however, zero times we were able to get people out. because zero times russians were able to get the cease fire.
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and this is absolutely terrifying because when the whole world is watching people dying in the city. and can do nothing. absolutely nothing. this is just heartbreaking and it is so desperate for us. and secretary general was here in kyiv. concretely to confirm and to make sure that these human humanitarian would get out. you see as of now we're not able to get them out again. this proves you yet again that there cannot be an agreement with russia that they honor. even a fairly minor point to stop firing at a particular road to get our people. women, children and unarmed men. die of hunger and thirst. to get them out of the city. this is heartbreaking that all the leader of the world feel
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helpless right now. we don't stop the attacks and we wouldn't stop until we will be able to get people out. >> i appreciate you taking time to speak to us. thanks very much. of course a thousand or so civilians inside that steel plant. we'll stay on top of that story to see if an evacuation goes ahead today. as the war drags on, so does the exodus of ukrainian refugees to other countries. the un estimates that more than 5.4 million refugees have fled ukraine since the fighting began. even more people are internally displaced within the country. the organization also says many z civilians are stranded near war zones. and more than half of the refugees have fled into poland. you can see there. now that they're safe from the war the question is what next? era hill reports.
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refugees and hosts are preparing to be in it for the long haul. >> from coffee to clothes. laundry today care. two months into the crisis, refugee shelters like this one outside warsaw have found their rhythm. offering place to rest and regroup. while people try to determine what and where is next. >> we will go back to hour home. this dad tells me. if it's under the ukrainian flag. they left two weeks ago. making their way to warsaw through crimea and russia. >> you were able to leave with your family. do you want to fight for ukraine? >> yes. i left with my family. but to fight, i don't know. it's a difficult question for me. i can't answer. >> there is so much that can't be answered. including how long this will
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last. the need is massive. there are volunteers working in this space 24/7 to deal with all of the donations. if needed they can push all this back to a accommodate more beds and 6,000 refugees. currently averaging 3,000 people a night. but officials say there's no way to know what the numbers will be from one day to the next. she fled with her mother and two daughters at the start of the war. now she's one of several psychologists volunteering to help those who just arrived. increasingly they're from the hardest hit areas. >> there are no easy stories here. either you spent a month in basement or ran from shelling or don't know when you can go back. you don't have anything here. >> making it simple moments all the more important. the goal is to make this space as comfortable as possible.
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the truth is, no matter how warm or welcoming, no one wants to be here. they would rather be back home. >> the reality is that this refugee center will likely be needed for some time. and just to keep it running is truly an incredible under taking. you saw the washing machines brought in. portable showers as well. in one month that facility goes through six tons of toilet paper. and half a million coffee cups. >> one of china most lock downs since the pandemic began. we'll look at what life is like in shanghai. by a cnn reporter still stuck at home. plus he was once the number one ranked tennis player in the world. now he's on his way to jail. details of the sentencing. n tv'l neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plusus fuels six key indicators of brain performance.
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welcome back rk everyone. covid cases in shanghai appear to be on the way down. on friday the global financial hub reported just over 10,000 new infections. a fall of over 5,000 from the day before. shanghai has been one of the country's hardest hit cities during the latest out break. on friday, china crediting its zero covid policy with protecting lives as well as minimizing the economic impact. now the chinese government defends that harsh covid policy as a quote magic weapon to control spread of the virus. shanghai covid numbers are
12:20 am
gradually falling but daily case counts do remain fairly high and millions are still under a strict lock down. including cnn reporter. with a report from shanghai. >> lock down in china is like nowhere else on earth. here you see a man getting swabbed for a covid test through the fence. using a megaphone, healthcare workers call for others to get tested. the country's zero covid strategy turning millions into virtual prisoners across the nation. outside of beijing, these are residents forced to hand over apartment keys. so community workers can lock them in from the outside. for those who refuse, crews drill holes to chain the doors shut. in northeast province no need nor a lock. workers installing steel bars to keep people from leaving the building. right now across china, at least 27 cities are under full or
12:21 am
partial lock down. cnn calculation estimating that directly impacts up to 180 million people. more than half the u.s. population. for over two years now, china covid containment has become more extreme. fracturing every day life. a city not under lock down, babies kept off the subway. the reason, they didn't have negative covid test results. it's now mandatory to get access to most public life in the city. to accommodate the new rule they opened 24/7 testing sites. a delayed test result had this groom watching his own wedding ceremony on live stream. not allowed to enter the venue. laughing off the insanity of it all. chinese zero tolerance for any new cases comes from the top. president xi jinping tasked a
12:22 am
vice premier to over see major out breaks. that means working with the most senior official. communist party secretary. orders are carried out by the government. which runs the quarantine centers and coordinated at local levels with thousands of communities. those local workers are literal gate keepers determining who goes in and out of each compound. facilitating food deliveries and managing health information. in addition to very regular pcr tests, each day we're required to do rapid antigen tests. up load the results to this government app. and then we take a screen shot of that and a picture of the test. and we share it publicly with our community group chat. so that all the neighbors can see we're negative. >> the commune group chat can serves a helpful way to source food and a space to call out neighbors. sometimes becoming a witch hunt to kick out positive cases and have them sent to quarantine
12:23 am
centers. >> it has become quite common for local authorities basically saying we have a wartime situation. and therefore we have to apply emergency measures. and therefore you have to simply follow orders. >> reminding some residents of the cultural revolution from the 60s and 70s. a painful era of political and social chaos sparked by extreme policies. criticism of beijing zero covid strategy is not tolerated from anyone. including the son of a chinese billionaire who was sent to a crowded quarantine facility in shanghai. banned from chinese social media after criticizing the policy. his profile with 40 million followers erased. but not everyone is silenced. back in shanghai, many residents confined to their homes adding to the growing course of dissent. as covid cases surge across china, millions now sentenced to
12:24 am
lock down. release date, unknown. >> some stunning video coming in following a building collapse in the city. in southern china. state media reporting five people rescued and not known how many more might be trapped in the rubble. the structure is described as a self-built house. it reportedly had six stories including a restaurant and cinema and a hotel in addition to private living quarters. no word on the cause. a taliban spokesman says ten people are dead and 30 wounded after a explosion at a mosque in kabul. after friday prayer. witnesses say the death toll and probably much higher. this is the latest in the series of deadly blasts that rocked several afghan cities over the past two weeks. most recent attacks claimed by an isis affiliate.
12:25 am
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couldn't said it better myself. you just did. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. whoa. welcome back to our viewers in the united states. and all around the world. coming to you live from lviv in ukraine. as russia presses on with offensive in the east, ukraine says it's holding off attacks on several fronts. it's repelled 14 enemy attacks in the regions. over the past 24 hours. and it brought down a russian aircraft as well. for russia's part there has been extensive shelling on of rail way and supply line infrastructure. like the rail cars in flames.
12:31 am
nearby, a rail bridge was destroyed. it's not clear who is responsible for that. the head of ukraine regional military administration said russians were trying to quote advance from the north. and and that russian troops are using artillery and air strikes to wipe out settlements. this comes as a another mass grave is found in ukraine. again in a in bucha a site of so many atrocities already. details on the latest discovery are scarce. russian troops withdrew from the area, just a few weeks ago, more than 900 bodies have been discovered there. now, questions about the timing of a russian attack on kyiv as the un secretary general was meeting with ukrainian president. whether it was intentional or not. it's yet another example of civilians becoming casualties of war. matt rivers reports from the capitol. >> it had been weeks of relative
12:32 am
quiet in kyiv. a couple of bangs and a plume of black smoke quickly changed that. ukraine and russia both confirming cruise missiles fired into a central district of kyiv on thursday evening. near miles away from where the un secretary general had just wrapped up a meeting with president zelenskyy. rescuers worked through the night. and in the morning a clear picture emerged about what happened. with the apartment complex shredded by splap nel. leaving those in the neighborhood shaken. this wall saved my life she says. otherwise it would have been the ends. there was a lot of fire and i could see everything was burning. i was so scared. it was horror. she only survived because she wasn't sitting next to the window. her son's hands bloody. he says the clap and a blast then panic. that's it. i didn't see it until later. i saw my hand was covered in blood. mother and son survived while
12:33 am
others affected by the strike didn't. 54-year-old a ukrainian journalist lived here. having just returned to her home about a week ago. no one heard from her all night. so friends kept trying to call her. her ringing cell phone led rescuers to her body. this morning. i have no words, says this friend. no tears left. i have no energy to cry. only a few days ago she was asking how she could help me because my house burned down and now no one can help her. russia ministry of defense says they were aiming for a factory. right nearby here that is one of the ukraine top producers of air to air guided missiles as well as aircraft parts. we can't show you the factory due to ukrainian law. it was damaged in the strike but so was that apartment complex. just behind me. yet another example of russia targeting places with supposed military relevance but killing
12:34 am
ordinary civilians in the process. his body was taken out of the midday friday. the victim of an attack president zelenskyy says proves quote that one cannot relax yet. one cannot think the war is over. we still need to fight. >> the battle lines move to the east and russia focuses offensive on the donbas region, i asked defense analyst for his assessment of russian progress thus far. have a listen. >> general assessment would be that russia isn't winning. and ukraine isn't losing. i think it's clear that the russians have some of the problems they had in their drive to kyiv. and are making slow but steady progress. however it's not easy. we're coming in artillery war a
12:35 am
battle of attrition. where whoever can last longest will prevail. >> speaking earlier. the g 20 summit won't take police until november. half a year from now. a potential diplomatic show down is already brewing over attendance. after russia said it accepted indonesia invitation to participate. cnn white house correspondent has that for you. >> vladimir putin confirming that he and intends to attend the summit in november. creating a diplomatic headache for the white house. president biden previously said that he believes russia should be kicked out of the g 20 because of the invasion in ukraine. he made the comments in march. when he was in belgium attending a series of emergency summits to discuss the war. now white house press secretary reacted to this news and cnn asked her if anything could
12:36 am
change between now and six months when the summit is supposed to take place to make the u.s. believe it would be productive for russia to attend the summit and this is what she said. >> we have conveyed our view we don't think they should be a part of it. there's a lot that can happen between now and then. we haven't seen an indication of russia's plan to participate in diplomatic talks constructively. >> it's important to note that it's unlikely at this moment in time russia would be kicked out. because not every member country agrees this should happen. including china. and then there's also the question of the host country indonesia. she said her understanding is that indonesia invited russia to the summit before the invasion began. indonesia president said they want to unite the g 20 and doesn't want there to be a split. so this certainly doesn't sound like a host country that is eager to see russia kicked out of the summit.
12:37 am
that does tr me for now. from lviv. back at the top of the hour with more of our breaking news coverage. i'll send it back to mike em holmes in atlanta after this short break. do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? qunol sleep formula combines 5 key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol. i'm jonathan lawson here to tell you about lifensurance through the colonial penn program. if you're age 50 to 85, and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three ps. what are the three ps? the three ps of life insurance on a fixed budget
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a u.s. judge sentenced a member of the isis terror cell known as beetles to life in prison. he pleaded guilty in september to involvement in the hostage taking that led to the deaths of a american japanese and british citizens in syria. he'll serve 15 years in the u.s. and transfer to the uk for the rest of his life term. press freedom advocates were aalarmed after a suggested a journalist was under criminal investigation for doing her job. sheriff attacked the l.a. times reporter on tuesday after she published a series of stories including one about a possible cover up within his department. the newspaper accused him of abusing his position in an attempt to intimidate the reporter.
12:43 am
the latest controversy involving the sheriff hinges on one piece of video as cnn nick watt reports. >> inmate gets punchy as a lock up. in this footage recently obtained by the l.a. times. a deputy knee on the handcuff knee neck. or head. this week, l.a. county sheriff announced another investigation. >> three individuals that we want to know a lot about. >> an investigation into who leaked that video. he pointed at a picture of the l.a. times reporter. who broke the story. >> is this los angeles times reporter under investigation by the department? >> the act is under investigation. all parties to the act are subject to investigation. >> it was uncomfortable and bizarre. and surreal to see my photo up there. it's alarming of course. when a powerful government official would do something like that. >> raising the question, why? this potentially excessive use of force by one of the deputies
12:44 am
was kept from the public. the video only surfaced last month. it happened more than a year ago. just as jury selection began in minneapolis for the trial of who murdered george floyd with a knee on neck. he stalled and blocked an investigation. to obstruct justice and avoid bad publicity for his reelection campaign. >> the foundation of the lawsuit is false. everything on the lawsuit is false. >> the scandal prone faces voters in june. rite now in question over a pad bit his his home without permission. based on a department audit. also an investigation into a alleged gang activity among his deputies. >> there's absolutely no actionable information. but it made for a good click bait. >> on this incident, he claims he wasn't shown the video.
12:45 am
until eight months after it happened. acting swiftly, launched an investigation and he blames subordinates for any earlier lack of action. >> yesterday we heard for the first time in eyewitness who said they were personally in the room and saw him watch the video five days after the incident happened. >> a high ranking official she says she didn't cover it up. he did. and later tried to demote her. he is the most powerful sheriff in the land. claims this is all a deep conspiracy. against him. >> there's a lot of people working in coordination that include the l.a. times. that includes people that obviously want to defeat me in the election. including the board of appointed inspector general and over sight commission. a lot of people working over time. >> back in 2018, he called himself democratic and won. he's moved to the right since then. he refused to enforce a vaccine
12:46 am
mandate within the department. he publicly blames democrats for the homelessness crisis and the question is going to be can he win reelection appealing to a pretty different con sitwent si. talking about conspiracies involving the press. he clarified the reporter is not a suspect. and will not be pursuing criminal charges against her. in his investigation. into who leaked that video. nick watt, cnn. los angeles. hope solo is asking for a postponement to her induction into the national soccer hall of fame. so she can seek treatment for alcohol. the former united states women's national goal keeper says she's voluntarily entering an in patient alcohol treatment program to address her challenges with alcohol. in 2014, she was arrested on
12:47 am
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have a look at that. massive tornado passing over kansas. late on friday. police say the fall out from the storm considered an emergency situation. wichita fire chief says at least 12 people have suffered minor injuries. city official says 52 to 100 structures have been damaged. they are adding up the damage there. the national weather service says there were more than a dozen tornados reported. most in kansas and also nebraska. kansas also reporting severe hail. all part of the severe storm system passing through the region this weekend. joining me now cnn meteorologist karen. extraordinary video. >> it is. because for a number of reasons. it is sort of you can see the tornado the wedge tornado very clearly. the rain went ahead of it. the tornado developed behind it and the video is extraordinary.
12:53 am
we have to report of no injuries. what's profound is the ymca there in and over a town of 13,000 people, about a 20, 25 minute drive to the northeast of wichita. there were people in that ymca they knew the tornado was coming. there were tornado warnings. and they took cover. there were injuries but survived. that happened several places that we know of around and over. the police say the danger is still there. because of all the damage, the roads are blocked. no power to report there as well. the worst of the danger is over. we're seeing some of the storms moving further to the east. from iowa and missouri, arkansas and oklahoma. it looks like the threat for tornadoic activity has minimized. still high winds, hail, and could be local flooding. this is the video that you'll be
12:54 am
talking about as you go into saturday. because it is remarkable. this is from a woman in and over. and kept her whits about her. even though this looks relatively close. it's a block or so away. she's talking. no expletives. that's good. the damage to 50 to 100 residences. there were injuries and send out the national weather service survey team and assess just how strong this tornado was. what is ironic is that almost 31 years to the day, and over was struck by an f 5 tornado. that is before they went to the ef enhanced. but the enhanced takes in to consideration both the wind as well as the damage. what happens in tomorrow's forecast. we're still looking at high winds and wet weather moves across the midwest.
12:55 am
can't rule out severe weather with hail and some the potential for heavy rainfall. michael, threat not completely over. but it's been diminished somewhat. >> amazing. karen, thanks so much. appreciate it. now in the western u.s. meanwhile, wild fires prompting air quality alerts in parts of new mexico. officials say there are at least five active large fires burning across the state. scorching more than 150,000 acres. several counties are now under mandatory evacuation orders. and some parts had power shut off. i'm michael holmes. thanks for spending part of your day with me. we'll go back to ukraine in just a moment. at cnn breaking news coverage continues. i'll see you after the break.
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! . this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, and a warm welcome to our viewers joining us in the united states and all around the world. i'm michael holmes in atlanta, appreciate your company. coming you on "cnn newsroom," defenders hold the line for what is left of mariupol. time is not on the side of the ukrainian survivors, running low on food, water and ammunition. we're we're live in lviv with the latest. an explosion during friday


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