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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 2, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. hello and a very warm welcome to our a viewers joining us from the united states and around the world. i'm isa soares coming to you live in ukraine. civilians in mariupol cautiously waiting to see whether evacuations continue without conflict when a u.n. supported co convoy attempts to leave the city later today. >> i'm rosemary church. clashes between israelis and palestinians after another week of deadly violence. we will take you live to jerusalem.
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welcome to the show, everyone. it's 1 it's 10:00 a.m. in lviv. there is hope for evacuations from the besieged city of mariupol could resume soon. according to local officials, a convoy overseen by the u.n. and the red cross will leave this morning. 100 people were evacuated from the cities as is still planned. it is believed hundreds more are still trapped inside the sprawling industrial complex. many have been stranded there for weeks now under russian attacks. they decimated the city. food and water supplies have been running dangerously low, but despite those dire conditions, evacuations had to be paused on sunday night and ukrainian soldiers said shelling resumed against the plant once again. for so many in mariupol the
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chance to escape came too far too late. 20,000 residents have been killed since the war began. it is a staggering number. but those burying the dead are seemingly endless as well as heartbreaking task as sarah sidner has this report. >> reporter: no tears, no remembrances, no final good-byes. just dust to dust, and the burial is over. >> translator: we bury 50 people a day, he says. today we've done two lots of 18 bodies and then another ten, 46 in total. >> reporter: grave diggers like danya can barely keep pace outside the outskirts of mariupol. one sign the bodies have yet to be identified by family. >> translator: people come and find their loved ones and bring crosses and a board, he says. >> reporter: cnn is not present in the occupied donbas, but
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footage show fresh graves, 600 in total. and this is not an isolated case. images show graves have been dug in mass at two other burial grounds. this is one of them, manush. >> translator: they've been bling bodies every month. they keep bringing more and more bit by bit. >> reporter: here, too, footage shows rows of freshly dug graves, and indications bodies have been buried before being identified. >> translator: each body is given its own grave and a coffin and a board with a number. >> reporter: a separatist soldier who did not want to be identified says -- >> translator: the funeral service works with the prosecutor's office to verify the burial. >> reporter: the majority of those buried here were killed during russia's assault on mariupol. moscow has now seized control of
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most of the strategic port city, but some ukrainian forces continue to hold ground at the azovstal plant. >> translator: but our estimation, 20,000 people, women, kids, elderly died on the streets of our city, the mayor of mariupol says. >> reporter: because the death toll is bound to rise, the work continues about 100 freshly dug graves ready for the dead, as war rages, ukrainians aren't just being murdered by strangers, but also buried by them. sarah sidner, cnn, kyiv. >> well, of course, we'll stay on top of the evacuations from mariupol. we heard from ukrainian officials. hundreds of people have been evacuated. as soon as we get any more information or once the evacuation starts today, we shall bring it to you. in the meantime, ukraine's military released a statement
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just a short time ago. it says russian forces are pressing forward in eastern ukraine and likely gearing up for an attack on an important town in the donetsk region. we have already seen heavy shelling in the east from kharkiv in the north and luhansk in the south. drone footage shows the village coming under fire. on sunday officials in donetsk and kharkiv region said seven people were killed by russian strikes. and russia's defense ministry releasing this video. they say it shows a high precision missile, the same kind of weapon russia says it used to destroy a hangar of european weapons and air field near odessa. ukraine said saturday russian missiles knocked out a runway, but it is unclear if russia is referring to the same attack. joining me is the director of security programs at the foreign policy council ukrainian prison and she joins me now. good morning to you, hannah,
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thank you for taking the time to speak to us. let me start right there in odessa because i believe that is where you are. we saw the attack on the runway a few days ago. give us a sense of what you've been seeing and hearing on the ground. >> good morning, thank you for the invitation. those storages that russia claimed are not the latest attack, but last saturday when they targeted the civilian residential building and eight people being killed with 18 additio additional wounded. and that being the biggest strike on civilian structure in odessa. as for now, the situation is after the russian missile, we have a situation comparing to this, but at the same time it is daily air raids. we are now in the long curfew that started yesterday evening and will finish only tomorrow morning. it is the constant reconnaissance drones that are captured by the air defense. so it sounds like russians are trying to nuke what is the best way to target the city or
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looking to so-called storages of the weapons they claim are somewhere around the town. >> so, given everything you just laid out for us, do you think this attack that we have seen in odessa was perhaps a prelude to a wider assault on odessa, hannah? >> no, the very first attack two months ago being also just near the airport, at that time they just didn't aim it, the storage facilities around it. the issue today is 2nd of may, a tragic day for the history of the city 2014, we had a tragedy here that russians are using a lot in their propaganda. definitely we expect the certain difficulty, certain attack to bring this additional fear to the city both today on the 2nd of may and may 9 of may. we are emotional and important for the russian federation as well. plus they started threatening moldova. from odessa, the separatist
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region of moldova is 50 kilometers. so you need to understand this in a whole. city to be stricken, but also forces to be moved to mykolaiv. >> are you seeing odessa outlined? >> more ore less. we knew our security services are working quite intense because we had a lot of saboteurs on the eve of the anniversaries. so that's why this type of activities, we had several groups captured in the last week. we heard a lot of drone reconnaissance, but that is not that dangerous for the people, but definitely each week you have one or two air-strikes or air-strikes as far as from the caspian sea with the destruction of civilian infrastructure. i would say that is more of the
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saboteur intents that threaten us now rather than open attack against the city. >> let me ask you something that i've seen here in lviv, which is relatively safe, of course. we have seen long lines of people fueling really for petrol. is this something you've seen in odessa? we know the russians are hitting supply lines. that obviously has a huge impact on the logistic effort of bringing what is needed to the front lines. what have you seen? how much of a problem is it, hannah? >> yes, petrol is definitely a problem within the last week. it's quite a problematic to get it now. we heard from the local authorities they have negotiations to romania. that is the closest to bring supplies. this week the situation should improve. there are hopes from the local authorities and they are working in this direction. in terms of other supplies, i would say that there are no problems with the super markets
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or with the open markets as for now. definitely some shortages exist of what's being exported, but it's nothing that we can say that we are really in need here in the city. even more we are trying to have the neighboring regions like mykolaiv. >> hannah, i appreciate you speaking to us. stay safe, hannah. thank you. now, at least two new explosions have rocked a russian region near the ukrainian border. they are saying there were no casualties. explosions came after they fired a military site on sunday. video from social media show thick smoke rising into the sky as well as a burst of flame. and police were seen redirecting traffic away from the area. russian officials have accused ukraine of cross-border attacks. some ukrainian officials say that is meant to strike anti-ukrainian sentiment. an aid said after explosions last week, karma is a cruel
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thing. trait ahead on cnn, weekend violence marked the end of ramadan. we'll get the live report from jerusalem next. [ chanting ] mayday brings people together in cities across the globe to celebrate workers rights. that story and much more after a short break. you are watching cnn. age in the. like fading, stretching and pilling. woolite has a firsrst of its kind formula that keeps tododay's fabrics looking like new. woolite damage and darks defefense.
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welcome back, everyone. well, about 200,000 worshippers gathered to mark ede at the mosque in jerusalem a short time ago. officials say the event went peacefully despite tensions in the site and the region during ramadan. violence left at least one israeli and one palestinian dead. joining us live from jerusalem, hadas a, the situation is common now. what more are you learning about this recent violence? >> reporter: calm right now. we're seeing incredible images of the 200,000 people at the compound praying, celebrating the end of ramadan, the ed,
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festival. it caps off what was a violent weekend across the west bank. you can see the images of the people at the compound praying. as i said, peaceful today. it was a violent weekend. it began friday night when an israeli guard, this is one of the largest settlements of the west bank, he what shot dead when two palestinians approached the guard tower where he was working and shot him. there was another guard there who was his fiancee. israeli media said he protected his fiancee with his life. israeli forces arrested two palestinians responsible for the attack. the militant group has taken responsibility for the attack. also overnight between friday and saturday, a palestinian man was shot in the west bank in an unrelated incident in the town of azune. what we understand from the attack, the military had set up roadblockages as a manhunt to find the gunman. that might have contributed to
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clashes that the military said broke out. they said violent rioters threw molotov cocktails at israeli soldiers and clashing broke out. the red crescent said three were injured with live fire. this weekend, of course, comes after a deadly and violent past couple of months. there have been attacks in israel that killed 14, 14 people 8. the israeli military has increased their raids in the west bank that have killed at least 20 palestinian and, of course, there have been clashes at the mosque compound for sometime. it's been calm today, but the israeli officials tell me they are prepared potentially for more tensions and more violence because this thursday the israelis mark israeli independence day and next week will mark the one-year anniversary of the 11-year war between hamas and the israeli army. rosemary?
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>> many thanks for bringing us up to date on the situation. the first of may brought mayday marches on streets around the country to celebrate workers rights. a drum core provided a snappy rhythm for demonstrators in mexico city. authorities say some 20,000 people marched in paris to mark the day also known as international workers day. most participants were peaceful, but there was some violence. police say 45 people were arrested. and in honduras, protesters burned an ephogy of juan hernandez extradited to the united states. cubans marked mayday packing the revolution square for the annual march. cnn correspondent patrick put man is there in havana and this is his report. >> reporter: following a two-year suspension due to the pandemic, government supporters
12:19 am
once again took to the streets in cuba to commemorate mayday. this is one of the largest gatherings of pro government supporters throughout the year in cuba. as it's called a workers day, here is an opportunity for the government to whip up support in havana, bring in thousands of people, hundreds of thousands according to the g.'s own numbers to march through havana's revolution square. once again, while the leaders look down on them, a show of their support for the cuban revolution and the cuban government. cuba is still being battered by the effects of the pandemic. what it's done to tourism economy here, and as well by the impacts of increased sanctions started by president trump and have been continued under the biden administration. some critics said cuba should not carry out these mass celebrations due to the pandemic. the risks still presented by the pandemic as well as the high
12:20 am
cost in transportation and gasoline, of bussing in so many people to the cuban capital. clearly the cuban government, there has been criticism, following unprecedented protests last july, felt that it was more important to make this show of strength and this show of support. pat patrick oppmann, havana. england's prime minister is set to meet with another leader to ramp up support for ukraine. we will look at narendra modi's visit to berlin just ahehead. can actually prevent mold and mildew growth? spray it every week to break the cycle. lysol. what it takes to protect.®
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. i'm isa soares coming to you live from lviv in ukraine. mariupol city council says an in evacuation convoy supported by the u.n. and the red cross will attempt to leave the besieged city today. evacuations have been forced for security reasons. still ukraine's president said more than 100 people including women and children were able to leave the steel plant after a period of calm allowed the operation to move forward. but by sunday night, shelling had resumed at the plant where it is estimated hundreds of civilians are still trapped. meantime the ukrainian military says russian forces are pressing their offensive toward a key town in the donetsk region. you can see on your map. heavy shelling of ukrainian defenses is being reported. and russia's defense ministry releasing this video. they say it shows a
12:25 am
high-precision missile, the same kind of weapon russia says it used to destroy a hanger full of u.s. weapons near odessa. ukraine said saturday russian missiles knocked out odessa's airport. it is unclear if russia is referring to the same attack. india's prime minister narendra modi is in berlin for talks with chancellor olaf s scholes. they are both facing pressure to ram up support for ukraine. how much will russia be front and center? >> reporter: it will be front and center because that is what they will be talking about along with bilateral talks on trade. ukraine will be the focus of talks. two countries that have been coming under immense pressure
12:26 am
from the west and the european union to go ahead and make some comments and take a stand and take some action in favor of ukraine against russia. but remember india and russia share historic ties, old ties. india depends massively on russia for military equipment. more than 50% of military equipment is imported from russia, according to statistics, and that is one reason why india is not keanen to take a stand o the russia/ukraine war. it is under pressure from nato and the european union and there has been pressure from the west. we have also had joe biden come up and talk about and acknowledge the historic ties india and russia share. there were talks of sanctions at one point, but, of course, that is not going to happen any time soon. india has made it very clear they want a cessation of violence in the region. they want talks and diplomacy to go ahead between ukraine and
12:27 am
russia. even at the u.n. india has not condemned russia's actions in ukraine. today there will be inter governmental consultations with the heads of state, the german chancellor, there will be trade talks, there will be talks on energy, but what will be the focus is ukraine. both these nations as you mentioned at the top have been trying to withstand pressure. now india has taken a stand, but we will have to see how that goes after the talks today. isa? >> and like you've hinted at, much of india's reticence in not criticizing putin in the russian aggression in ukraine is the economics. talk to us about how tied they are economically here. >> reporter: absolutely. russia has been an all weather ally for india in many ways. when america has been hesitant
12:28 am
to take a stand and support india, it's been russia that's come to india's rescue in the last few decades and that is something india has always acknowledged. now, india imports 2 to 3% of oil from russia, which is quite significant compared to european nations, while it has defense equipment coming to the tune of 50% and more. so india has been very clear on its stand adds of now. you've also had the foreign minister come out in the past and say european countries have been importing a whole lot more oil from russia than india has. there should not be that much pressure, india can take a stand against russia at this point. this has been acknowledged by the russian government in the past and i think the status quo will remain for awhile, isa. >> unlike what we've seen in the u.s. and europe with the sanctions. we haven't seen any sanctions from the indian side. i know you'll keep us posted on that meeting. i appreciate it. the refugee crisis from this
12:29 am
war is worsening by the day. the u.n. says almost 5 1/2 million people have now fled ukraine since the invasion began in late february. more than half of them are children. that is according to unicef. the vast majority of refugees continue to head west with more than 3 million crossing into poland alone. well, it was a touch and go really for a couple of white lions trapped in a zoo while fighting raged all around them. thanks to the manager of the odessa zoo and his deputy, these two 6-year-old lions were saved. they are beautiful. the men drove nearly 18 hours, avoiding precarious lines to pick up the big cats from the park and transport them to odessa. the lions are named after lion king characters. how can we forget meufasa? they are now getting settled in their new home. at new york's metropolitan opera over the weekend, have a
12:30 am
look. and that is ukrainian soprano who performed in the title role of turandot, then took her curtain call draped in the ukrainian flag. she replaced russian anna who was cut from the performance after she refused to publicly distance herself from vladimir putin after russia invaded ukraine. and just ahead right here on the show, we'll bring you the latest covid numbers from china as the country races to control its current covid-19 outbreak. do stay right here. you are watching cnn. kitchen? sorted. hot tub, why not? and of course, puppy-friendly. we don't like to say p perfect, but it''s pretty perfect., booking.yeah.
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welcome back, everyone. the daily number of covid deaths and new local cases in shanghai
12:34 am
declined slightly for a third consecutive day. according to the latest government numbers, shanghai reported 32 deaths and more than 7300 new local cases sunday. meanwhile, the chinese capital city of beijing reported 41 new cases sunday. natio nationwide, there were more than 7700 new cases reported according to the national health commission. and cnn's anna corinne joins me now live from hong kong with more on this. always great to see you, anna. so shanghai is reporting a dip. this will ease restrictions. how many people will be affected by this and what will they be able to do after a very tough lockdown? >> reporter: it's been an excruciating lockdown, rosemary. more than a month the people of shanghai, 25 million of them, the economic engine of china, have been in lockdown. but the local government has announced that six districts, that's about 7 million of the 25
12:35 am
million people, will have restrictions eased. now, we've spoken to people in these districts and they are yet to be released from their apartment buildings. once they are allowed out, they will be allowed to travel around their districts, their neighborhoods, but that's about it. but certainly that will be welcome news when it finally happens. for the rest of the people in shanghai, you know, they do not see an end in sight because, as we say, this has been going on since the end of march, the official lockdown. there were some people in lockdown, their communities weeks beforehand. i spoke to one lady who has been in lockdown, rosemary, now for six, seven weeks. she said she is feeling depressed. there's no other way to explain what she is going through. she said she stopped watching news feed. she stopped watching social media feed. she stopped counting the days because she simply cannot deal with the reality.
12:36 am
her small joys now, daily joys of receiving food, whether it be from restaurants that have reopened in her neighborhood or convenience stores that can now do deliveries, but she said that's what her focus is now because of what she has endured, feeling like this caged animal. you know, juncxtapose that to 2 million people, as soon as the outbreak occurred in beijing, they quickly introduced lockdowns of residential compounds, these rounds of mass testing. now the local government has said in-restaurant dining will be closed. theme parks like universal studios also closed. adds of thursday, rosemary, people who travel on public transport or want to go to public venues, they will have produce a negative covid test. so really, beijing is doing
12:37 am
everything in its power to ensure that this covid situation doesn't spiral out of control the way that it has in shanghai to avoid a city wide lockdown, rosemary. >> all right. anna corinne joining us live from hong kong. many thanks. south korea will mostly lift its outdoor mask mandate starting today. but it will stay in place for rallies, concerts and sporting events with more than 50 people. prime minister made the announcement friday saying the government could no longer ignore the inconveniences to its citizens, but the country's newly elected president opposes it. the daily case count is well below its peak from mid-march. all right. we want to take you now to wausau, and this was the scene just moments ago, polish president is meeting with u.s.
12:38 am
house speaker nancy pelosi. now, this unannounced visit saturday with the democratic congressional delegation to kyiv, and that made pelosi the highest-ranking u.s. official to meet with ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy since russia's invasion more than two months ago. and during that stop we heard her tell mr. zelenskyy ukraine's fight is a fight for everyone. she reiterated the u.s. commitment saying, until the fight is done. and back in washington, the u.s. house has passed legislation that will allow the white house to swiftly supply weapons to ukraine on loan. the biden administration is also asking congress for $33 billion to aid ukraine over the next several months. now, there is strong bipartisan support for ukraine on capitol hill now, but republicans and democrats warn there are many issues that need to be sorted out over the request, and it
12:39 am
could be weeks before we see a vote in both chambers. speaker pelosi will likely face questions on that as she meets with the polish president. so, there we are taking pictures of that visit. we'll continue to bring you more on that story. i want to return now, though, to the coronavirus pandemic, and new zealand is also relaxing some of its covid restrictions. the country updated its travel policies on sunday, opening border travel from 60 countries. now vaccinated visitors from visa waved countries and those who have a valid report can visit. a predictable summer surge of covid-19 cases across the southern states, former white
12:40 am
house coronavirus response task force coordinator dr. deborah birx, says health officials need to make it clear to the public that protection against the covid virus wanes over time and precaution should be taken with vulnerable people. she is closely following data out of south africa which is currently indicating an upward trend in cases. take a listen. >> each of these surges are about four to six months apart. that tells me that natural immunity wanes enough in the general population after four to six months that a significant surge is going to occur again. this is what we have to be prepared for in this country. we should be preparing right now for a potential surge in the summer across the southern united states because we saw it in 2020 and we saw it in 2021. >> and thanks so much for joining us.
12:41 am
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! welcome back, everyone. well, u.s. first lady jill biden is set to travel to romania and slovakia this week in a show of support for ukrainian families displaced by russia's invasion. that news comes as new details emerge about the trip to kyiv over the weekend by nancy pelosi and other democratic members of congress. cnn's matt rivers has more from the ukrainian capital. >> reporter: it was just about one week ago that the last senior u.s. delegation came to
12:46 am
kyiv. that was secretary of state antony blinken and secretary of state lloyd austin coming here to kyiv to meet with president zelenskyy and some of his administration. fast forward to this weekend and it was a congressional delegation led by none other than speaker of the house nancy pelosi. both sides thanking the other for this meeting with president zelenskyy specifically thanking the united states and speaker pelosi for what he called the united states' continuing support. he said that the united states has become, quote, the leader of the support that ukraine has been receiving in its fight against russia. meanwhile, speaker of the house nancy pelosi saying that the united states will be in this fight to the end with ukraine. here's a little bit of what she had to say. >> i am very honored to be with the very distinguished congressional delegation that has traveled here to send a clear message to the world we stand with ukraine. we stand with ukraine until
12:47 am
victory is won. >> reporter: speaker pelosi, of course, will play an important role in president biden's latest request for more aid for ukraine. it was just a few days ago that president biden requested of congress some $33 billion in additional support for ukraine. some of that going toward humanitarian aid, some of that going toward the heavy weaponry ukraine and president zelenskyy have long been asking for. speaker pelosi will play a very important role in trying to shape that into a legislative package president biden can sign after it passes both chambers of congress. we know the delegation led by pelosi to kyiv, they are continuing their trip in poland where they are scheduled to meet with that country's president. matt rivers, cnn, kyiv, ukraine. and earlier i spoke with cnn's senior political analyst ron brownstein and asked him about the u.s. delegation's visit to kyiv and how critical
12:48 am
these types of meetings are as the war rages in ukraine. >> i think what these meetings show is the breadth of support for truly unprecedented, i think in the modern era, levels of support for -- to go to ukraine. you know, we're talking about the u.s. arming ukraine to an extent that we really haven't seen the country play a role since the days of the arsenal of democracy, as franklin d. roosevelt called it in the years of world war ii when we armed great britain to sustain its fight against hitler before we entered the war. and i think this shows the fact that the elected officials went there, we have seen the cabinet secretaries go there. i don't know if people will demand that the u.s. president go into an active war zone. i don't think we did that even, you know, in world war ii. but it does show that the voices in the republican party, kind of the legacy of the trump era, who started this off with a very
12:49 am
skeptical view of ukraine and a skeptical view of our stakes in this fight really have been marginalized. >> and president biden has, of course, struggled with his approval ratings as he tackles an abundance of issues, the most damaging high interest rates, rising gas prices and supply chain issues. but what about his military support for ukraine? has that helped or hindered him in the polls and could it influence results at the 2022 election or is it all about inflation and gas prices? >> interesting question. i think in the foreign policy community, there is a pretty broad consensus that president biden has been skillful holding together the western alliance in support of ukraine and moving the u.s. toward a position step-by-step of greater support. i was struck listening to nancy pelosi talking about victory in
12:50 am
this war, which was not necessarily something that american officials thought was possible when it started. i mean, i think they were thinking something more like a sustained guerrilla campaign against a dominant russia role in the country. but we have seen, i think, the sights, the kind of guide posts change to a degree where it is now possible to imagine that with the level of military support we are seeing, that it may be possible for ukraine to stave off the worst and achieve a good deal more as we saw in the secretary's comments when he visited, talked about weakening russia. if the tide turned toward ukraine, it will benefit biden because he has been strong of marshaling the support. short of that, this is an election primarily about inflation. we haven't had a lot of examples
12:51 am
in american history of sustained high inflation. when we have, it has tended to drive out and overshadow all other political issues. >> ron brownstein talking to me earlier. well, two severe storm systems are looming over the u.s. this week. the storm system that brought tornadoes to kansas and nebraska is now moving off to the east, and a second system is expected to impact the central and southern plains. cnn's meteorologist pedram javaheri joins us now. what are you seeing? >> up to 300 severe weather reports, scattered not just across the midwest, but tornadoes, pretty impressive run of tornadoes. some of them getting into 3 inches of diameter. speaks to some of the severity of these storms and a lot of these areas seeing impressive rainfall as well. 2, 3, even 4 inches in the span of 24 hours. a lot of these will leave
12:52 am
significant flooding behind. the severe threat is still there, the southern tier in central u.s. leaving 7 million people under risk level 2, level 3, wichita eastward toward job lynn, missouri. the biggest threats will be large hail and damaging winds, but there is a threat here for strong tornadoes. about the 10% chance across the hashed area, possibility of some of these tornadoes exceeding ef-2 or greater. the threat drops off significantly going into tuesday. that's good news. we watch carefully monday afternoon, tuesday back down to a level 2 with winds and hail the primary risk here. notice just how much rainfall is in store for a expansive area in the u.s., possibly 4 to 6 inches. flooding becomes the primary concern across those areas. some of the areas we could take rainfall, the southwestern united states, i want to you have -- touch on this briefly. friends in arizona are seeing
12:53 am
improving conditions, 95% containment in the tunnel fire. the canyon fire, concern remains high, 30% containment. the primary reason for this, what is' happening to the east. critical concern in place with strong winds continuing across new mexico while conditions have gradually improved across arizona. with that said, 13 large active fires in eight states remains in place. las vegas will touch 90 degrees. memphis and atlanta,igh ures in there. you can see where the severe weather concern, kansas city, omaha 40s with the front pass. a scenario we'll be watching in the afternoon hours. >> appreciate it, pedram javaheri. well, there is new evidence of the terrible toll climate change is already taking on our planet. scientists say intense hurricanes and typhoons could
12:54 am
more than double by 2050 in all regions of the world. a study published in nature said climate change could drive thousands of slierss to jump from one species to another and increase the risk being one could jump to humans and cause another pandemic. a study predicts one-third of marine animals could vanish in the next 300 years if greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, and global forest watch reports the number of trees destroyed in northern regions last year was up 30% from the year before. in southern regions, some researchers fear the amazon rain forest may be approaching a tipping point when it emits more carbon dioxide than its stores. all grim indeed. naomi judd was inducted into the
12:55 am
country music hall of fame one day after her family announced her death. the star was remembered by her daughter wynonna judd. the international community also paid their respects. >> as our community grieves, we look to love and the healing power of country music to ease our pain and calm our minds. as a community we need comfort and the honored traditions that are the very foundation of this event. to share stories and lift up wynonna and ashley because we lost an industry icon, but they lost a mother. >> naomi and wynonna were inducted into the hall of family sunday for chart-topping songs and the mother/daughter duo the
12:56 am
judds. she pass add way, battling mental illness. she was 76 years old. president biden and other dignitaries gathered for a memorial service in minnesota on sunday to say good-bye to one of the state's political giants, former vice president walter mondale passed away in april last year. he served as jimmy carter's vice president, and was the democratic party's presidential nominee in 1984. mr. biden said the former vice president, quote, reflected the goodness of the american people and helped him get through the personal tragedy of losing his first wife and daughter in a car accident. i want to thank you for your company. i'm rosemary church. have yourselves a wonderful day. our breaking news coverage continues live from ukraine after the break.
12:57 am
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