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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  May 2, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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and preserved our bayfront open space. i am emily beach. i'll take my real-life experience to get things done for us. i approve this message, and all these shoes too. hello, welcome to our vievi vie viewers, i am isa suarez. >> i am officials are hopeful t evacuation efforts could resume in the besieged city of
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mariupol. many civilians trapped inside the city. >> for the first time in nearly half a century, a american woman appeared to be on the cusp on losing their rights to safe appo abo abortion. >> it appears to be poised overturned. now, cnn confirms the authenticity of the document. the final ruling is not expected until june. tyabortions remaining now. >> this would mark a major victory for decades in the making for american
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conservatives. the three conservative judges appointed by former president trump shifted the idealogical m makeup of the court. >> jit is reasoning with exceptionally weak and the decision had zdamaging consequences and far from bringing a national settlement of the abortion issues. >> kcasey was a case in 992 tha also uphill abortion rights. take a listen. >> reporter: a seismic move coming from the supreme court overturning roe v. wade legalizing abortion in the united states.
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nearly 50 years of legal access in in my states could soon change. a number of states already have lost, ready to be enacted to limit our fans. as the law stands now, states can't ban abortion about 23 weeks at pregnancy. >> the case at happeneds brought on the state of mississippi. it is also shocking as how we came to learn about this position. normally we hear at the very end once the decision is complete from the supreme court, we hear from the majority and we hear from a descent. this first draw of the majority decision made it available in an entirely unprecedented way. >> for some people it will bring into question of the legitimacy of the supreme court. >> according to politico and our own reporting confirms this.
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chief justin ron robert. cnn, washington. >> planned parenthood, the organization that provides women healthcare tweeted, "let's be clear, this is a draft opinion, it is outrageous, it is not final." abortion is your right and it is still legal. here is more from planned parenthood's president. >> what we have seen is not just a draft. we believe this is a road map for how they'll take roe down. we have seen it over the last nine months in tax. >> we have seen patients
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traveling and thousands of miles to get access to basic abortion care. >> abortion is still legal right now. we are letting our patients know. patients who are seeking access to abortion. they can seek their provider right now. what's happen in front of the court is unbelievable. >> our legal analyst, laura coates, if roe v. wade is ove overturned, it will have far consequences for women. >> if this is true. >> women right lane not viewed as equal to men. the right of privacy, a fancy way of talking about a fundamental right meaning in a country we talk about we do not want people's rights to infringe on another. it is about a con cesent of the governor. >> if you believer the
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fundamental rights including things like marriage and interstate trafvels and contraceptions, surely you would believe in the same umbrella of thought that things related to once help and agency over one's body should be in that privacy. >> instead, you have this justice if his draft opinion to be relieved and followed to a conclusion of an official holding then you have the cod occasi cod codification that says when it comes to our body, we are not simply equal to men. coming up. i can't emphasize enough as someone who has covered this for 30 years and written two books
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on the war. there has never been a leak anything like this. there is never a leak of a vote. much less of a case of this significance. >> the idea or a decision of this magnitude could lead is really a shattering experience for the justices in the court and i don't know -- >> we'll continue to cover this breaking news. the latest of the situation in ukraine. for that, we bring in isa soares is joining us live. >> reporter: good morning. the city council says more evacuation efforts are due to resume in the coming hours.
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t now around 100 were able to make it out of the plant on sundays. you can see another round of evacuations planned for mondays never happened. a ukrainian commander inside the plan says they are been under constant bombardment since early sunday. >> a lot plume of smoke rising from the city from an area near the plant. meanwhile, some vevacuees did arrive on monday. the city's mayor says russia is making that journey more difficult by forcing everyone who pass through a so-called filtration camps. he says people are often held there without food or water and claims many are deported to russia against their will. >> now u.s. officials said they aware of these case and it will be of course a violation of
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international law. the u.s. and western officials believe vladimir putin could declare war in ukraine as soon as may the 9th. that's victory day of russia. >> up to now, russia had called actions on ukraine and there could be more. >> according to the most recent report, we believe russia will try to enact donetsk of the people republic to russia. rush thasia has plans on joinin referendum sometimes mid may and moscow is considering a similar plan for her son. meanwhile, russian forces appeared to be pushing further
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to the west in ukraine. >> a number of russian missile strike on the city of is decem oodesa. there are signs that ukrainian forces are fighting back. >> the aftermath of a larger airfield in a russian held area is commenting on the cause. joining us now is a journalist. thank you soar much for joining us. a good morning to you. let me start from what we are hearing. the president could declare war on ukraine as early as the 9th. what does this signal to you? >> thank you for having me on isa. >> yes, this is one of the theories how putin, he calls for
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a slick decisive vendors. the situation on the donetsk, he's going to have nothing to show for his big grandiose parade. >> so, that may represent an escalation towards war. what it means legally is russia will have the legal ground to declare a general motorization. they can draft and scripting anyone they want in the military. >> one of the skconsistent linee have been seeing is how horrible their logics.
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>> i don't believe 3,000 or 400,000 guys with weapons are going to help. we are seeing the mysterious accidents occurred across parts of the russian and ukrainian border side. >> i know you focus a lot on this information on the side of the school and i want to get your views on the narrative we have been hearing from russia. how do you goes about sorting out facts from propaganda? >> one thing it has not done is it has made my job a lot easier. russia has no time or the amendment to crack this sort of elab elaborate fiction that they would. everything they believed has been instantly ribboned.
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>> when they say things that are directly opposed to facts, not only ukrainians but also international bodies though. >> for example, the russian attack on kyiv. while the u.n. secretary was visiting a few days ago. that was an obvious sign that well, they are willing to go that far and with international bodies who do their hardest to stay neutral. while it does not seem they have any lock term balloons. >> when you hear sergei lavrov making these comments he made yesterday saying a doff hitler was jewish, was does that resonate in russia from what you
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have seen in what he said is a commonly belief in russia. it is part of their whole methodology of the second world war because again the second world war is not about defeats of the nazis. it is the defeat of the invasion of -- so lavrov said it utterly in that adolph hitler may have jewish roots. it is very common.
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i think the desperation is getting to the upper echelon of russian officials down. we could see that by lavrov making these missteps. he can't deny it because it is widely covered. we can see the fall-out now. ukraine announced it and like rob, representation has taken very serious. >> and president zelenskyy is jewish. >> i think it is important, too. >> romeo, i appreciate you taking the time to stay with us. still to come right here, we are following new covid infections across dozens of u.s. states. is another search on the horizon? >> we'll ask on one health expert to weigh in. you are watching cnn. g common ”"
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that grim milestone is expected to ham within the next few weeks.
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new infections also rising again, john hopskin's university says cases climbed in 37 states in the past week. in new york, the city's covid risk alert level has been raised from low to medium. an up tick in clases trigger tht move. >> let's bring in the president and ceo of usa. thank you, doctor, for joining us. >> sure, rosemary. >> new york city is raising their covid level of medium and dr. debra birx, what's your best advise for everyone as infection and hospital salt lake citys
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start to rise. >> the first thing i have to say is from dr. birks. when you wait to change that level to orange and cdc lily move the gold post in the middle of the pandemic, that's too late. >> whene are trying to prevent m from being there. i totally agree with her when she said we are expecting a surge going into the southern states. anywhere of the loan vaccination rates and very poimportant poin is waning immunity. just the fact that you have two shots that you are protected. we have to watch out this
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summer. we are facing this surge. >> such an important point. let's talk about that. doctor anthony fauci says we should find out by this summer what type of covid booster shots will be required to deal with the next phase of this pandemic and when it needs to be in minister. >> yeah, a few things, dr. fauci needs to be a little more explanatory. right now they're already into the trials and they are really done with the trial. another one will be done next m month to talk about the potential vaccination that'll be available to us in september. that's a little bit than what we have. it is going to have two components in it.
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something with omicron and delta. trying to broaden out what the vaccines does to us. the real magic goes on across the world. >> another 190 that are in frequent critical trials. everybody is rushing to fiebd one. this is what we are looking for next year, 2023. we are hoping to have a polly vaccine. that means one that has different components that used ai. we know that's going to be a challenge but there is way more in the horizon than rosemary we talked about of this. >> here it is. it is happening. >> i am so glad you are explaining this. >> there has not been a lot of
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discussions about this. we need to know and everyone needs to know what lies ahead and what we need to do. as the u.s. leaves that grim milestone since the start of the pandemic, the majority of those deaths have been vaccinated individuals. that's starting to change now with the waynin wangingituation. >> some in the population never received one shot. what happens to them? well, there are two sides of that story. we had a study that came out of kate beck. we are getting more information on the strength of immunity that you get from having prior
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infection. and before we were like oh, it does not help that much. it does not help that much except that it does and potentially we do some -- >> we have had 60% of the american unveils have have had covid 75% of children. >> we are getting up there where there won't be under lying community but i want to highlight. >> the study says yearly, you can have covid or if you are vaccinated with three shots, you are protected. >> having the disease does not give you immunity as it does while giving you the shots.
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the release of the document is a shocking breach of
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confidentiality, cnn could not confirm its authenticity. final opinion is not kpexpected until late june. that seems unlikely given the court's stconservative majority. the finding shows 30% of americans wanted the supreme court to overturn the landmark ruling. the vast majority, a whopping 69% of americans said no. they do gnat want to see the court take such action. they would want this state to become a safe haven for women who want abortion but can't get them where they live.
11:47 pm
conservatives w who -- republican alabama governor kiv tweeted this unprecedented league is con concerning and a p tlant blatan attempt. cnn's senior analyst says the supreme court decision could impact the upcoming u.s. midterm elections. take a listen. >> what's this going to mean for t politics and the midterm election and the other side of the room is, because some of these things have been on our side and the president, you know i don't want people to send mail to me but there is a little bit of complacency about this.
11:48 pm
democrats are promising to turn abortion rights into a major campaign issue. the national committee released a short statement saying make no mistake, productive rights will be on the ballot and this midterm e lection is more important now than ever before. >> amy klobachar had this to say to don lemon. >> if this opinion is issued, it will be against the wishes of 80% of americans. it would trigger the law in over 20 states that already said they will outlaw abortion in the state. my prediction, don, it will drive women to the polls and
11:49 pm
men, that 80% of the repuub believes that healthcare decisions should be made by a doctor and not ted cruz. >> one of the most contested primary elections right now is the republican nomination for ohio's u.s. senate seat where every candidate except one saug donald trump's endorsement. that is scheduled for tuesday. >> jeff zeleny is following this report. >> reporter: donald trump is testing his role as a king maker. >> mthe question is whether they'll follow his lead and support vance on tuesday. on the campaign trail today,
11:50 pm
vance was explaining his -- >> what he said about trump had been played again and again. >> i >> i'm a never trump guy. i never liked him. somebody who doesn't like trump i might have have to hold my nose and vote for hillary clinton. >> we asked about those words today? do you regret them. >> i wish i hadn't said them. it was a mistake. i was wrong. it's important to worry about whether you regret something is to actually admit when you make a mistake. >> she was offended by the old comments. but changed her tune after trump offered his blessings. >> i put in good faith vote for him because of the things he said against trump. when trump endorsed him thought okay i can vote for him now.
11:51 pm
>> she admires trump sees it differently. >> do i like president trump? yes. do i follow everything that trump says or do i think he, you know, the ultimate source. no. god is the ultimate source and i rely on my own sense of judgment. research. >> with early voting under way the former president up ended the race to replace retiring senator rob portman. he endorsed jane a former chair of the gop. who also fought hard for the trump endorsement. >> it created confusion and as many voters know that he was a never trumper. hillary clinton would have been president. >> he apologized for that. >> but the question is, who is the real jd? >> they also have a line aligned themselves with trump. but didn't gain support. >> obviously i would have loved to earn it. it doesn't change the fact i believe strongly in the trump america first agenda.
11:52 pm
>> it's senator cruz backs him and said this about trump seal of approval. >> every candidate says i love donald trump. i love him more, no, no, i have him tattooed on my rear end. it's okay. we get it. >> the only gop rival who didn't seek the endorsement said it's time for republicans to move on. >> i hope this election when i win is about that people begin to understand that you can run on ideas. >> many republicans are keeping a close eye on matt dolen. the establishment candidate who didn't seek the former president's endorsement. of course every other candidate did and they are dividing some of his support amongst themselves. for trump, it's the biggest bet he made in the midterms. his endorsements facing primary challenges. the former president weighing in
11:53 pm
deeply. we'll see if the republican base responds. a warrant has been issued for an alabama correction officer after she and an inmate went missing from a detention center friday. a man hunt is under way for both. and the sheriff says it appears the officer is willfully assisting the inmate who is charged with capitol murder. cnn has the details. >> i'll be surprised if they're still in alabama. >> tonight a man hunt is under way for a dangerous murder suspect and correction officer vi vicky white. who may have helped him escape. >> if she did this, all indications are she did, i guess we're trying to hold onto the last straw of hope that maybe for some reason she was threatened and did it under coercion. i feel betrayed. >> the sheriff office says the assistant director vicky white told coworkers she was taking
11:54 pm
casey white to the county courthouse for a mental health evaluation. awaiting trial on murder charges. security video shows the pair never arrived at the courthouse and no evaluation or court appearance was even scheduled. several hours later, white's patrol car was found abandoned in a shopping center parking lot. a mile away from the facility. >> we have a couple tips on the possible vehicle. we're pursuing that. >> investigators say they still have no evidence of relationship between them. >> we're still looking into that. reviewing phone calls and video from the jail. >> cnn got a firsthand look at security procedures inside the detention center. >> security -- >> the sheriff says vicky white actually violated protocol when she removed him from the detention facility. >> this is the hall way where the inmate would be walked out. loaded into a car.
11:55 pm
normally it's two deputies per van. this time it was just the deputy and the inmate. >> the sheriff says since she is in charge of the detention center, nobody questioned her. the sheriff office says last week after about two decades with department, she put in her retirement papers. friday was supposed to be her last day. casey white was already serving 75 years for a rash of crimes. next month he's scheduled to go on trial on two counts of capitol murder for the stabbing death of conny ridge way in 2015. tonight investigators are hopeful he'll be back behind bars soon. >> keep in mind that casey white is a large individual. he is 6'9". he will stand out. >> right now there's a lot of questions about how this played out. of course vicky white worked here for more than 15 years. so there's a lot of shock in terms of the deputies who work here about exactly what happened. thai hoping to get a tip that leads them to a break in this
11:56 pm
investigation. right now just a lot of questions. reporting in alabama, ryan young, cnn. thanks for your company. our breaking news coverage continues after this quick break. and that we sell cars online. we believe buying a car should be something that gets you hyped up. and that your new car ought to come with newfound happiness and zeroro surprises. and d all of us will stop at nothing to drive you happy. we'll drive you happy at carvana.
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hello, welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. in atlanta following our breaking news. a stunning breech of u.s. supreme court confidentiality. a draft opinion leaked that would strike down roe vs. wade. shocking many across the country. >> i'm live in ukraine where the non-stop bombardment of the steel plant in mariupol made evacti e


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