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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 3, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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people from the small town in eastern ukraine's donetsk region even as the russian military bombarded that down with fire. ukrainians in the east are all too aware that a russian bomb could fall on them at any moment. and sometimes that's exactly what happens. >> since russian rockets destroyed her home, killed her brother, all she has left is her mother and her life. >> translator: all at once, they started falling one by one. there were explosions everywhere. the kitchen and the house, the windows and frame blew into the room. we're standing there, my brother was making the sign of the cross and i heard shouting. i turned away from him to look at the house. and then another rocket hit. and i was trapped in the rubble.
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i can't see my brother anymore. i fell, and i don't even know how i woke up and started pulling myself out. i'm all scratched and battered. i yelled vita, vita, but he was gone. >> her home was flattened during the battle for rubisnic which is now in russian hands. putin's forces have been driving southeast along the donetsk river and south from izyum. russia's stated aim is to capture all of the donbas. that includes the luhansk and donetsk provinces. they say they can hold the russians back for now. but he says we need powerful long range artillery, and that unfortunately is not here yet, and it could completely change the whole war. without the heavy weapons already promised by the u.s. and
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other western allies, he says, the russians will destroy everything with artillery and mortars. they destroy with aircraft, they use helicopters. they are just wiping everything off the face of the earth so there's nothing left to hang on to. for ukraine, this is an existential battle. re-enforcements have been rushed to the front lines. but there's no sign of the heavy weapons needed to block a russian advance. much less reverse it. a doctor says ludmila will be moved west for more treatment, but the fate and that of her 96-year-old mother is unknown. we simply cannot physically handle so many wounded with such severe injuries, he says. this elderly woman, a victim of russian shelling that morning, joins the ward. and more than 13 million other ukrainians have fled their homes to escapekcape ludmila's fate. >> i was brought here naked. i have nothing at all, no money,
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no documents, nothing. >> yet her very survival is a small victory over putin, because she's been neither beggared nor beaten. now, jake, on the front line further towards izyum, it's very clear when you get on to a high elevation there which we did earlier on today, that this is a war without front lines in many ways. the front lines are defined not by human beings so much as infantry of human beings but by artillery, and it shows really how critical it's going to be if those modern artillery systems can be brought in from nato. they're in a completely different league from what the russians have, and really would make, i think, everybody would agree here, a strategic impact. it's really urgent from the ukrainian perspective. they are holding the russians back much more effectively than was anticipated. the russians are advancing, but it is a grinding process, jake. >> all right, sam kiley
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reporting live from kramatorsk. joining us now live to discuss democratic congressman gregory meeks of new york. he's the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee. he just returned from a congressional delegation trip with house speaker nancy pelosi to ukraine and poland. mr. chairman, this was not your first trip to this war zone, but i am curious what your biggest takeaways are from this trip. >> focus of president zelenskyy to make sure that we win this war against putin's aggression. and the determination of the people of ukraine. that was tremendously important. and the message of unity that president zelenskyy was further talking about and how we have got to continue that unity, especially increasing sanctions but also of course just as your report indicated, getting the weapons that are needed, the long-range weapons particularly, given the new terrain of which
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this war has now moved to. getting those to the ukrainians in a quick and timely fashion. and we visited the 82nd brigade who is -- the speed of which they are getting things out from poland into ukraine is -- i don't know how you could do it faster when you have to cross the terrain to get it in their hands. we know timing and time is of the essence. >> i want to get your reaction to the report you heard from sam kiley. the governor of luhansk province saying ukraine can hold back the russians if, if they get powerful long-range artillery which he says still has not arrived. how concerned are you that things aren't moving quickly enough, especially with congress not yet moving on that supplemental for $33 million more? >> well, i know that we are moving on it as we speak.
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there's a process. the president put the request in on thursday of last week. it is now before the house appropriations committee. they are working on the bill itself. and i fully expect for us to pass that bill some time early next week when we go back into session. so it is -- we're expediting that $33 billion on top of the $13.2 billion we already passed, and as we're speaking, we know that there's weapons that are on their way there that has gotten to the appropriate places over in poland and other areas and have left there and are on their way to the front lines of where the ukrainian soldiers are. >> earlier today, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general mark milley, said russia's invasion of ukraine threatens to undermine stability throughout the entire world, not just in europe. he also said it could risk the
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security of future generations. what specifically does that mean for your constituents? >> it means a lot. and he's absolutely right. we had that conversation also with president zelenskyy. you know, when you think about number one, let's just look at food. you know, right now, putin has the black sea blockaded. and the way that you get the wheat, the sunflower oil, and other grains out of ukraine, sunflower, for example, oil, is 50% of the world's production comes out of there. it's through the ports. putin has the ports closed. which will cause hunger in various places across the globe and higher prices in others. so this is indeed what putin is doing, having an effect across
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the globe, which is why in our conversation with president zelenskyy we agreed that there should not be any import from anyone into russia, and no one should be receiving any exports from russia. and let them stay on their own in that unified way, we need to stick together. and that's what we're looking to do. >> something else that's going to impact your constituents, i want to ask you about this leaked supreme court draft opinion that politico obtained indicating that a majority of the court is ready to strake down roe v. wade. you told cnn last night you were on don lemon's show, that this ruling if it ultimately overturned roe v. wade would be a game changer for women and women's rights. what do you say to people out there who are afraid that this is going to happen? what can democrats do? you control the house, the senate, and the white house. >> well, i do hope that we can
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bring a vote back, you know, that we passed in the senate on a women's right for reproductive procedures and aid. we have another vote in the senate. it was a vote that failed again because we did not have the votes, the 60 votes that you need in the senate. but i think that it's also an issue that shows we need people to turn out to vote. because that's what's at stake. because you take away rights, we have a supreme court that is going against 80% of americans. taking away the rights of women. not gaining rights, but taking away. we have had a supreme court previously that's looking to make sure that we are becoming a more perfect union. this is rolling back in the other way, to take rights away,
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hard fought rights from women. and it's a prelude to what continues, what we have seen already in regards to this supreme court and other federal appointees that were done by right-wing conservatives to take rights away, voting rights, civil rights, lgbtq rights, as opposed to granting and making sure that all of us are treating equitably. >> democratic congressman gregory meeks of new york, thanks for your time today. good to see you again. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up next, that supreme court stunner has some senators defending their decisions to vote in favor of conservative justices. those lawmakers respond to the leaked draft opinion. >> then a shocking discovery in shanghai's covid lockdown. workers open a body bag at the morgue to discover an elderly man within it is definitely not dead. stay with us. .. in a buttery brioche roll. made fresh, to leaveve you...
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in our politics lead, the nation's highest court appears poised to strike down roe v. wade, the landmark 1973 ruling that legalized abortion in the united states. that's according to a leaked supreme court majority draft opinion obtained by politico. even though the decision is not final, its revelation is already sending shockwaves throughout the nation. here with reaction from the supreme court and from capitol hill are cnn legal analyst joan biscoupic and manu raju. manu, senator susan commons voted to confirm both justice kavanaugh and justice gorsuch, who are two of the five in this potential ruling. collins vigorously defended her votes at the time saying that kavanaugh and gorsuch would not vote to overturn roe v. wade. take a listen. >> don't you think just as an academic matter neil gorsuch for
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whom you voted, don't you think he's probably going to vote to overturn roe v. wade if given the chance? >> i actually don't. i had a very long discussion with justice gorsuch in my office. and he pointed out to me that he is a co-author of a whole book on precedent. >> manu, what does senator collins have to say today? >> she says those comments were inconsistent with what she was told by gorsuch and kavanaugh at the time of those hearings. remember how significant susan collins' position was when it came to brett kavanaugh in 2018. at that time, it was unclear whether or not he would have the votes to get confirmed. but after collins had spoken with brett kavanaugh, after she heard the testimony about allegations of sexual assault against kavanaugh, which kavanaugh denied, and after he assured her on the issue of abortion, she came out in support of kavanaugh and later joe manchin supported him as
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well. she said today, if the leaked draft opinion is a final decision and this reporting is accurate, it would be completely inconsistent with what justice gorsuch and justice kavanaugh said in their hearings and in our meetings in my office. and i asked her if he misled her in any way, if kavanaugh did. she did not respond to that, saying she wants to stick to her statement. she did say she wants to move on legislation to codify a right to an abortion, but there's no path for that being approved in the 50/50 senate where 60 votes are needed to overcome a filibuster and not all democrats are onboard with changing the filibuster rules. >> and joan, let me ask you, because this is a completely unprecedented leak of a draft opinion from a supreme court of a case about to actually have a ruling, still before the court. justice roberts, the chief justice of the united states, he's very unhappy with this. he released a statement that reads in part, quote, this was a singular and egregious breach of that trust that is an affront to the court and the community of
2:18 pm
public servants who work here. i have directed the marshal of the court to launch an investigation into the source of the leak to the extent this betrayal of the confidences of the court was intended to undermine the integrity of our operations, the will not succeed. pretty strong statement. >> extraordinary. everything in the last 24 hours has been extraordinary. you know, the startling 90-some-page opinion that would roll back abortion rights nationwide, the way it was disclosed to the public, and then have to the chief coming out like this. think of how disruptive this is in the process right now. the draft that we have seen through politico was dated february 10th. we know that there have been internal developments since then. and we know that the justices likely were not going to hand down this opinion until late june. so so much more has to unfold, and if the chief justice was trying to make headway with any of his conservative colleagues, to pull them back from total reversal of roe, which i believe he did not want. i don't think he's on this opinion. i think that at this point he
2:19 pm
would rather have the court uphold the mississippi law that's in dispute right now that prevents abortion after some 15 weeks of pregnancy, but not this huge earthquake of a change in women's legal rights. and to try to be negotiating with colleagues in this kind of atmosphere, when we already see where justice alito wanted to take the court, and at the point he wrote that, he thought he had five justices with him. and i'm pretty sure that justices kavanaugh and amy coney barrett and neil gorsuch are still on that opinion. but if there was any chance that any of them would flip over and go a more moderate course, as the chief would want, what does this kind of atmosphere do? now, just one last thing. the chief, as you said, jake, is going to have an investigation, but he's delegating it to the marshal there. so there's not -- i don't see this to be any really full
2:20 pm
fledged truly get to the bottom of things investigation, as you would in any other kind of venue. and whether we'll see any kind of result of who leaked it is quite uncertain at this point. >> joan and manu, thank you. >> coming up next, we're on the ground in one state already in the progress of passing one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. the impact of the supreme court decision. stay with us. check out this backpack i made for marco. only p pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neiva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performan? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. ♪ ♪ bonnie boon i'm calling you out. everybody be cool, alright? we've got bonnie right here on a video call. we don't take kindly to video calls. oh, in that case just tap to send a message.
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sticking with our politics lead, as the supreme court is seemingly poised to overturn it landmark 1973 abortion case that granted access nationwide,
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republican led states are now enacting a flurry of new restrictions on abortion access. lucy kafanov looks at the state of oklahoma where the receiver governor and gop-led legislature just pass said a near total ban on abortion. >> some conservative states like oklahoma are already bracing, if the leaked draft opinion becomes the final decision. >> it signals something, something devastating for reproductive rights in oklahoma. and across the country. >> oklahoma governor kevin stitt, a republican, said he would back any legislation that restricts abortion. last month, he signed a bill into law that makes performing an abortion illegal in the state, except in medical emergencies. >> makes it a felony for the doctor. the penalty is up to ten years in prison and up to $100,000 fine. >> the law bans all abortions unless the life of the mother is at stake. no exception for rape or incest. >> two wrongs don't make a right. and as horrific as rape and
2:26 pm
incest are, that innocent child should not lose their life because of that. >> the oklahoma legislature also passed a copycat bill called the oklahoma heartbeat act which would prohibit abortions as early as six weeks before many women even know they're pregnant. the measure does allow for exceptions in medical emergencies. the bill also allowed private citizens to file a civil suit against anyone performing an abortion or knowingly, quote, aiding or abetting the abortion, including paying for a procedure. abortion providers have filed challenges to both bills to try to block them before they take effect. >> what is the reality when it comes to abortion rights for women here in oklahoma? >> well, they're already severely restricted. you're not ending abortion for people who live in oklahoma. you're just forcing them to go to another state. >> oklahoma has already felt the effects of the supreme court allowing the texas law to stand. >> we have very few abortion providers in oklahoma. and those that do still exist
2:27 pm
are, of course, right now overburdened by folks coming in from texas, and so we can't meet the need that we currently have in oklahoma. >> the number of women coming from texas to get abortions in oklahoma rising to more than 220 in each of the two months after the texas law took effect in september. up from about 40 a month. abortion rights activists saying ultimately as more red states pass restrictive laws, women will have fewer and fewer choices. >> in the past, we have been able to rely on the court as a backstop to block some of the most egregious laws they proposed. we know that's not true anymore. >> and jake, republican governor kevin stitt is poised to sign the new restrictions into law at any moment now. and keep in mind, there are just four clinics here in the state of oklahoma that are offering abortion services. they have been overwhelmed, seeing so many women from out of state, including texas. if they are forced to cease operations, the impact is going to be felt far beyond oklahoma.
2:28 pm
jake. >> lucy kafanov in oklahoma city for us, thank you so much. here to discuss, democratic congresswoman barbara lee of california. thanks for joining us. assuming this draft opinion is ultimately the decision reached by the u.s. supreme court, what would your reaction be to what would be a monumental decision? >> sure, jake. first of all, let me just say i'm very angry and i'm trying to contain myself, okay, but i'm also heartbroken because if in fact, and it appears that this draft opinion was released unfortunately, and that it probably, more than likely, is the position the court will take, i'm heartbroken because you know what this is going to mean. it's going to mean that first of all, i'm angry because this first time a constitutional right has been taken away, and it's women they're taking our constitutional right away from. secondly, it's my right to do
2:29 pm
what i want to do with my body. it's me, it's nobody else's business. no policymaker, no lawmaker, no judge, no one. it's a personal decision between a person and whomever. thirdly, we have generation of people who do not know life without roe. what are these young women and women, middle aged women going to do now? also, we know that women who have money, they'll be able to travel to states. low-income women, black and brown women who are low-income, they're going to be impacted disproportionately. although it's going to affect all women. it's going to affect everyone in this country. it's a slippery slope because next time it appears they're beginning now to look at birth control. where are they going with this? women have rights. we have got to register to vote, see this as a political defining moment, and believe you me, we have to understand that elections matter. by electing donald trump as president, we have a court now
2:30 pm
that reflects turning back the clock to the days of horror that i know so well, the days of back alley abortions. political action is required right now. we have to pass the women's health protection act, which is in the senate. i'm taking this moment to urge everyone to get to their senators and get this passed right away. >> you just alluded to something you disclosed and spoke about publicly for the first time last year. you know first-hand what it's like to seek an abortion in a world where roe v. wade does not exist. if you could tell us more. >> jake, you know, i didn't talk about this ever really. i was a young teenager, 15 years old. and i got pregnant. and my mother gave me all the options. she was so loving with me, and she said, it's your decision. we'll talk about it, but it's nobody else's decision. i have a friend who knows a
2:31 pm
doctor in a back alley in mexico. juarez, and if you want to do this, if we decide this is what you want to do, i'll send you to her. and she will take care of you. so i decided at 15, that was the only option i had. so i flew to el paso, and she took me to an alley. i can still see the lights shining down. it was dark, it was about 10:00 at night. you know, it was traumatic for me. but this was my decision. and i never talked about it before because as my mother said, that was my decision. nobody else's business, quite frankly. so what happened, though, last year when mississippi and when the texas cases and when i began -- i co-chair the pro choice caucus, and we started looking at what was taking place and we saw this coming. so i said, you know, now's the time, if ever, for women who have, especially women who know what back alley abortions are
2:32 pm
about, because then the -- black women died of septic abortions more than any other reason in the '60s. so i was one who survived. and i don't want anyone to go through that. and i see what's taking place and the reason i talked about it was i'm trying to sound an alarm. not only about what this court is doing but why we have to vote and register, pass the john lewis voting advancement act. they're trying to take away all of our rights, all of the rights of african americans, people of color, women, the disabled. so it's time to get politically active, jake. >> president biden expressed concern today that this decision, this getting rid of precedent, if indeed that's what the court does, it could mean other rights such as same-sex marriage are at risk. do you agree? >> i agree. and that's why i'm saying, labor rights, environmental justice, all of the issues that the
2:33 pm
supreme court could just use this as a precedent, right? to start just taking away all of our rights. this is very dangerous because we're living in a democracy, and what's left of it, jake. and we need to sound the alarm because they're coming after women today. they're coming after you tomorrow, and so this is a time that everyone has to understand that our rights are at risk, and democracy is at stake. the survival of our democracy, the survival of the rights that we have been fighting for over the years, people of color, african americans, labor unions, women, the disabled. you name it, the courts are taking away these rights. and if this decision comes down the way this leaked document says and indicated, then we need to really see this as a time to step up and organize and know that the president appoints supreme court justices and had donald trump not been -- if people had not voted for donald
2:34 pm
trump, we wouldn't be at this place. we have to take this moment also, jake, to educate the public about why elections matter. and don't allow them to take -- to elect individuals who are just going to continue to erode our basic fundamental rights and our democracy. >> congresswoman barbara lee, thank you for your time today. really appreciate it. >> thank you, jake. i'm sorry i'm so upset about this, but i really am. >> you don't have to apologize for anything. thanks for coming on. >> what overturning roe v. wade could mean at the polls in november is next. stay with us. real good. all of knorr's high qualility pasta and rice sides are now madede with no artificil flavors or preservatives. knorr. taste for good. refresh italiano subway now has italian-style capicola on the new supreme meats and mozza meat. just like my nonna makewhen she cooks! i don't cook. wait, what? it's a good thg he's so handsome.
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2:39 pm
sustained, a whole range of rights are in question. a whole range of rights. the idea we're letting states make those decisions, localities make those decisions would be a fundamental shift in what we have done, goes far beyond the concern of whether or not there's a right to choose. it goes to other basic rights. >> let's talk about this with my panel. laura, you work for politico, but it was a big scoop for you guys. today was the first day of biden's presidency that he even said the word abortion aloud. this has been an issue where he used to be much more conservative on this issue. and it's one that he's talked about, it seems difficult from the outside for him to navigate because the democratic party has a very different position than his catholic faith. how do you think he's handling it? >> actually, what's interesting here is that, and you heard the president refer to this, which is that a lot of biden's
2:40 pm
philosophy around roe v. wade, around how to also message to the public on it, was really crafted by him when ronald reagan nominated robert bork to the supreme court, and biden successfully defeated that nomination. >> the whole thing about back alley abortions. >> right, also because he actually consulted with his sister, valerie biden, and a bunch of legal experts. they talked about how do we make this digestible to the everyday public, because if we get into constitutional rights and legalease about abortion rights, then he thought he would lose the public, so they realized, let's make this an issue about privacy, and valerie biden said this sounds like the government may go into my bedroom, and biden immediately said let's make it about that. from there, you heard that also today. he said this is about privacy. this is about the ninth amendment. and he feels as though the court is going to expand beyond just going after abortion but going after also gay marriage, going
2:41 pm
after whether or not the griswold case which was about the ability to use contraception of your own free will in your private relationships. so this is something that the white house is telling me, you know, expect to see biden use the same strategy he used during that 1987 bork confirmation fight, moving forward as they really talk about the ramifications of this case. >> so polling suggests that most americans support abortion rights with restrictions. that's what the polling suggests. in terms of just overturning roe v. wade, according to the latest cnn poll, an overwhelming majority, 69% of americans, say they do not want the court to overturn roe v. wade. 35% say they would be angry if it was overturned. 14% said they would be happy. 12 first certified, 25% dissatisfied, and so on. is this something that will animate democrats? that's the common refrain. oh, this is going to motivate democrats. do you really think that? >> i do.
2:42 pm
i think that this issue could be similar to health care, when health care was passed, there was a backlash to president obama. i think this will be a backlash for republicans. i think the thing that the biden administration and democrats are going to have to do this midterm, though, is figure out how to message this. because you don't want -- if people are concerned about inflation or gas prices or grocery store prices, those are real-life issues that are affecting them every day. so really breaking it down and saying this is an issue you should care about, but not just this issue. the overall direction of our country. where do you want us to go? if they can paint that narrative and really land it, i think that we will -- it could have a turn in the midterms and not the shellacking as so many people think democrats are going to get. >> senator rick scott was asked by cnn if this would impact the midterms. he said right now, people are more focus on inflation and crime and the border. what do you think? what will be the political
2:43 pm
ramification of this if any? >> i'm skeptical this is going to be major boon politically speaking for democrats. in part because the voters who are most committed to upholding roe are already very solidly in the democratic coalition. we're talking about college educated mostly single women. they're in some ways the backbone of the democratic coalition already. so where are the new voters who are going to join the democratic coalition to make a big difference in various midterm races? i'm not sure i see it. historically, if you talk to political consultants, the basic argument is cultural issues, particularly abortion, is really good for democrats for raising money and really good for republicans for turning out voters. because if you look at single issue voters on the issue of abortion, it breaks in favor of the pro-life cause. this could overturn all of that. all of the normal fund-raising models, all of the normal turnout models, but i'm skeptical you're going to see some sort of tsunami on this so long as inflation is very high,
2:44 pm
so long as, aand it's interesting, you were talking about biden going to the griswold privacy argument. if i were a leader of an abortion rights group, i would be annoyed by those sorts of talking points. like, we can talk about gay marriage later, but the thing that's under threat, explicitly in the decision, isn't gay marriage. this is only about abortion. why are you already trying to expand it to other talking points and not actually talking about abortion. >> one thick i thought about today is all of those evangelical conservatives that have been criticized for being hypocrites by standing by trump, for standing by trump, who is let's just say, not exactly the moral exemplar of our lives, they're vindicated today. they're vindicated. they wanted roe v. wade overturned and donald trump and mitch mcconnell, they delivered it. >> that's right. that was his big campaign promise, that he would make the supreme court the kind of supreme court that would overturn -- >> he said he had litmus tests. >> exactly, he was very, very explicit about it in a way that
2:45 pm
you never really see democrats talk about abortion. but that is the way that donald trump successfully made this happen. huge assist from mitch mcconnell who of course withheld that seat that should have been merrick garland's, so this is a huge day for republicans. interesting that they are all sort of celebrating at this point. they want to focus much more on the leak and suggested somehow it was a liberal who leaked this which -- >> we don't know. maybe. >> they're completely making this up. mitch mcconnell on the floor of the senate making it up. >> and josh hawley. >> i think ted cruz as well, the person should be arrested. >> are you surprised? >> no, i'm not surprised they're making something up. >> they're not celebrating. >> this is a big day. i think it foreshadows what is going to happen and hot has been happening, which is the erosion of roe v. wade. >> a lot of people on the right feel like lucy with the football when it comes to roe v. wade. i think a lot of people don't want to get ahead of it. as someone who spent and got a lot of grief for it five years
2:46 pm
beating up on donald trump for the violence to democratic norms and institutional norms, this leak is outrageous. whatever the motive is, it is legitimately outrageous. when you have abortion rights supporters calling this person a folk hero, a hero, it is going to trigger and set off a bunch of right wingers. i think everybody is hypocritical because the people complaining about democratic norms under donald trump have no problem with this violation of norms and the people with no violation of norms under trump are talking about the importance. >> it's absolutely a breach and absolutely impossible to run a supreme court if you're going to have draft opinions leaked. there's no question about that. 100% agree with you. so who leaked it? >> right. >> i plead the fifth. >> thanks for being here. >> new restrictions and emergency actions up next. the drastic steps being taken to make sure water can still flow out west. us... 5g business internet on we'll even help cover the cost to switch.
2:47 pm
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imagining turning on your kitchen faucet to get a drink after water and nothing comes out? that's dangerously close to the western united states due to the ongoing mega drought. today, the biden administration announced it was taking steps to boost water levels at lake powell, on the border of arizona and utah. the government will increase the water flow from northern areas and reduce the output to the south. as stephanie elam explains, this m cos as additional water use restrictions are about to go into place for 6 million americans out west. >> we all walk through
2:52 pm
neighborhoods where lawns are so overirrigated that they're creating a small stream on the street. you have to eliminate that level of water waste. >> as the drought drags on in the west -- >> first time in our history, 100-year history. unprecedented. >> mandatory water restrictions are on the horizon for 6 million people. >> i can't wait until the middle of the summer because it will be too late. >> the metropolitan water district of southern california is asking residents to cut their water usage by 35%. while also mandating that either water limits are put in place or outdoor watering be restricted to one day a week in parts of los angeles, ventura, and san bernardino counties beginning june 1st. the impacted communities don't get their water from the colorado river basin, but instead, the state water project, which pipes water down from the northern sierra nevada mountains and the san joaquin river delta.
2:53 pm
>> the state has cut the water that comes to us by two-thirds and that's because there's no supply. >> indeed, there isn't. >> there's not very much snow here. >> marking the end of the wet season, california measured only 4% of the april average for its snow pack. basically a frozen reservoir that accumulates snow over the winter. the may measurement was no snow. as temperatures warm in the spring, that snow melts off, runs downstream and ends up providing about 30% of the state's water needs. at least that is what should happen. >> climate change is accelerating in alarming ways. and faster than scientists predicted ten or 20 years ago. that means we have to move quickly. >> it's more apparent at lake mead, which supplies water to some 40 million people across seven states and mexico. the water line has dropped so low in the lake that it's exposed a water intake valve. in southern nevada water
2:54 pm
authority activating a new pumping station to still be able to access water for its customers. >> coming online is also a symbol of how series the situation is on the colorado river right now. >> while the cuts are frustrating to some -- >> to kill everything we've got, it's ridiculous. >> officials say it's a matter of health and safety. >> need to right now conserve every drop. make sure it's only used for basic health services, our livelihood, our indoor usage and not water our lawn. >> and another grim indication, ja jake, of just how low the lake is getting. earlier this week, officials say a body in a barrel was discovered at lake mead and they believe it was probably under water from the mid '70s to '80s. it went urndiscovered because i was under all that water until now. up next, an incredible scene
2:55 pm
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with less wait time and fewer delays. and a focus on health and safety in every neighborhood through zero emissions fleets. best of all, prop a won't raise your taxes. vote yes on prop a for fast, safe, reliable transit. finally in our health lead, horrifying mistake. thankfully discovered before it was too late. when workers at a shanghai morgue unzipped a body bag and found an elderly man inside the bag who was very much alive and you can see him reacting with disbelief, double checking to make sure what they're seeing is what they're seeing. the person who shot the video can be seen saying the man is
3:00 pm
quote, such a mess. shanghai has been on lockdown for weeks as the chinese government tries to control the coronavirus outbreak in their own style. the man is in stable condition and the four people including the head of the nursing home lost their jobs. coverage continues now with one mr. wolf blitzer in "the situation room." i'll see you tomorrow. happening now, new reaction to a bombshell development at the united states supreme court as a leaked draft decision reveals the court's conservatives are now poised to strike down roe v. wade. the chief justice now confirms the draft is in fact authentic and both sides in the abortion fight are bracing for what happens next. we're breaking down this unprecedented moment. also, news out of ukraine. fire, smoke, and power outages in the western city of lviv as russian missiles s