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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 3, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. . hello, and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world, i'm rosemary church, just ahead this hour, the protests across america over a supreme court draft opinion that would overturn roe v. wade, we will examine what happens if abortion rights are actually struck down and what resource there is if any to stop it from happening.
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>> and live in ukraine. where multiple explosion appro targeted parts of the city. we will talk to the deputy mayor. >> millions women are looking mournfully as what they feel is a loss of what is a constitutional right. the draft opinion shows the court with its still new conservative majority appears poised to overturn the landmark abortion rights law roe v. wade, the vice president is infuriated and blasted republicans in a
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firry speech if they can think of any laws that give the american government the power to make decisions about men's bodies. >> those trying to use the weaponize law against women. we say, how dare they, how dare they tell a woman what she can and not do with their own bodies. >> the decision will not come until late next month and it will be possipossible, allbeit unlikely that opinions to change. for now, abortion is the law of the land. but without protection, states would be able to ban abortion. those in red likely to ban
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aborti abortion and those in yellow likely to do the same. they are trying to shift the focus to investigating who was behind the leak of that draft opinion. cnn's paula reed has the story. ♪ ♪ >> the leaked draft sparking protests across the country. and prompting questions with. chief justice john roberts. >> do you plan to investigate the leak? >> seen here leaving his home tuesday. issued a statement calling the leak a breech. he is directed the marshal of the court to investigate. the court confirms that the draft is authentic, but cautioned it does not represent a decision or position of any member on the issues in the case. the nearly 100 page opinion says a majority of justices are prepared to uphold a mississippi
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law that bans abortion after 15 weeks and overturn roe v. wade that established a right to abortion 50 years ago, leaving it to individual states to determine abortion's legality. justice samuel alito authored the draft saying the constitution make s no referenc to abortion and it's not protected by any constitutional provision. he said roe was wrong from the start and the reasoning was exceptionally weak and the decision has had damaging consequences. the opinion is not expected to be published until late next month and could still be modified as draft opinions circulate and justices can change their vote. sources tell cnn, roberts did not want to complete approximately overturn roe, and it appears that alito was joined
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in his majority by kavac cavanad gorman -- and gorsich -- >> i accept the law of the land, yesterday. >> those voted in support of cavanaugh, they said the draft opinion was completely inconsistent with what the two justices said in their hearings and our meetings in my office. president biden called the draft decision radical and echoed concerns that this decision could serve as a template for limiting other individual rights previously recognized by the court like same-sex marriage and access to contraception. >> if the rationale as released could be sustained, a whole range of rights are questioned. >> in the wake of the opinion, democrats are vowing to fight protecting abortion rights.
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>> we will go down as an abomination. >> we could protect a law for everyone woman as right for abortion. and we should do that. >> if it turns out to be the opinion of the court, it could have many consequences. >> whoever committed this lawless act knew what it could bring about. >> who ever did this leak, should be prosecuted and go to jail for a long time. this has shaken the independence and the ability of the judiciary to function. >> cnn, washington. let's go to los angeles now and cnn legal analyst who is a civil rights attorney, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> and so, conservatives are making it all about the
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unprecedented leak of the supreme court draft opinion, and those who support a woman's constitutional to a safe and legal abortion are objecting to the substance of the draft opinion that would overturn roe v. wade, so what impact will this have on women if this becomes the court's final decision? >> yes, rosemary, this decision will have a catastrophic impact on women all over the country if this draft is a final opinion over the next couple of months. it will prohibit women from having control over their reproductive health. it's been in the works for decades by republicans. they don't want to talk about the substance, this is what they planned and hoped for and now everything that they wanted out of these three justices that were appointed by trump, they are getting. susan collins her comment about
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cavanaugh, and them sayi ing inconsistent things with respect to the draft opinion. i find it disingenuous, they are all members of the federal society and their positions on abortion were well known before they had the conversation with the senator and before they went before the senate confirmation hearing. they have shown us what they would do. susan colins and other republicans on the senate confirmation hearing and within the senate itself refused to what they demonstrated and in fact, they embraced them and we are at this day sooner than we thought we would be here. as shocked as we are, we are not surprised. >> yeah, indeed and of course, chief justice john roberts calls this an egregious leak.
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how extensive will the investigation likely be to find who is responsible for the leak? >> the response is astonished. people are astonished that something that should be confidential and kept in secretary until the decision is finalize, that a leak oc. we see the republicans and democrats pointing fingers at each other. they are outraged over the leak but not what it does to women. how it will eliminate a fundamental right that women have had for 50 years. you don't see them saying it's unfair, unjust, and no laws as we heard the vice president say, that control men's bodies that dictate how men can use their bodies. but yet, these four men and one woman, the five conservative
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justices who are supporting this decision have made the decision that they, alone, despite the fact that over, you know, half of, or more than the majority of or large majority of americans are in support of women having the right to choose, yet, these five individuals are making this incredibly jaw dropping shocking decision it has sent ripples true the community. that's what we see the protesters out saying that it's just absolutely unfair. >> and ariva, the supreme court's public affairs office said this draft opinion does not represent a decision by the court or the final position of any member of the issues in the case. how likely is it that this draft opinion would change between now and its release next month? >> i wish i had confidence, rosemary that we would see a change, but again, the five
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justices that are, from what we have learned in support of the decision, we know where they stand on issues of abortion. we know where they stand with the very issues outlined in the almost 100 page opinion, so why would they change? when they have made it clear that they will not support women's rights to choose. that they are opposed to roe v. wade. we see that chief justice roberts is not a part of the five. and from every indication, he is likely to side with the three liberal leaning justices on the court. so i don't think there's going to be any big surprises. i think it's unfortunately going to be a final opinion. and then it's up to, we heard senator warren say this, congress, at any moment could pass a law to protect women's right to choose if they have the will, if they can whip up the
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votes we could have federal law assigned by the president that would protect women's rights. there doesn't appear to be the will to protect women in this moment. >> yeah, shocked as people are watching it play out. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> well, donald trump apparently still has the magic touch with republican voters in ohio. cnn projects j.d. advvance willn the senate primary. he was best known as the author of the book "hillbilly elligy," in the ohio governor's race, mike dewine is set to win. and he will face the former ohio
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democrat mayor, nan whaley, now, for the latest on the situation in ukraine. we want to bring in my colleague in lyiv. >> we are keeping a close eye on the besieged city of mariupol, they will try to evacuate more, and it will depend if it's safe enough to do so. for some, the evacuation is complete. many had been evacuated from the steel plant that others are still trapped inside, under relentless attack, according to
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officials from both side, a fresh round of attacks have been released on the plant. they said two civilians, sheltering in a bunker, were killed in the attacks. well the uk said in its late pest intelligence update this morning that russia is struggling to break through ukrainian defenses. new video shows ukraine's artillery and attack drones effective against russian armor in the east and a number of russian vehicles are lying destroyed. and this video shows ukrainian forces hitting at least two russian military positions on the russian occupy snake island. you will recall snake island gained worldwide intention at the beginning of the invasion when ukrainian troops refused to surrender. they are assessing damage after several missile strikes in the past 24 hours in lyve, it's said
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that there's been power out. water supplies were affected. ukraine reports with severe damage to rail ways and infrastructure. joining me now is a deputy mayor of lyve, let's start off with what we are seeing, those attacks across ukraine. and also here. talk to us about what happened last night so we get a better idea. >> so, what we know until today, there were 19 cruise missiles. shot from the kass caspian sea, the strategic bomb aerbombers. nine of them were shot by our defense system. six of the missiles reached western ukraine and two were shot down again, and three were hit, the three power stations owned by the ukrainian company
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and the privately owned energy supply company. badly damaged. there was electric supply interruptions. this morning they were completely restored. there's been interesting, water was not stopped to be supplied and this was the result of some of the contingency for the plans of the resiliency for the city before the war as the water company was instructed to be able to continue to supply the water if any case the electricity is cut off from the pumping stations. so they brought in generators and that, those generators yesterday, helped to continue to supply the water. not only to the citizens but also to the firefighters. >> yeah. >> who are trying put out the fires. >> of course, it has been in the
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whole, unscathed. we have seen some attacks. what does it tell you though about russia's plans mere? clearly, is it a desperate act on their parts targeting infrastructure and supply lines? >> i would like to believe it a sign of debility and impotence on the russian side. they have been fighting from the air. the infrastructure has been damaged and under mining the economy of ukraine, because you know, those attacks on the rail infrastructure, it's not only about the supply chains for the military purposes, i believe that will not have any affect, any significant affect on the supplies coming from the west but it may have affect the exports of the commodities, which is critical in this time of the year, we need to take out
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more than 5 million tons of grain in order to be ready for the new harvest to have place and capacity to store it somewhere. >> in terms of the infrastructure and in terms of how it's affected, how quickly are you building here? >> it's up to the railway company and the head of the chair of the rail way company, it's a very young guy. he has been in that for more than 70 years. he is traveling ukraine all the time, he is checking himself the state of damages and the necessary resources are being provided for the railway company to repair the damages and we had actually, very successful cases. for example, if you remember, the bridge, the railway bridge that was damaged south of ukraine, in odessa, it was quickly repaired within 24 hours, it was back in operation. >> let's turn our attention to mariupol, we are expecting more evacuations from inside mariupol.
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how do you see things playing out? because it is moving, there's a, you know, some hope there, but it's so slow. any sign where, that you are hearing anything in terms of the straps is that are still instead, are we expecting to see more evacuations from there? >> mariupol, their case, just tells us that it's never enough to have more and more support at the highest level of the international community. i think, it's not by coincidence that after the u.n. general consecutive visit to the ukraine, we saw the successful evacuations. the defenders of the military there, they are daily videos asking, begging for that support from the international community to have civilians, but also, wounded soldiers there. more than 500, 600 wounded soldiers still there.
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>> you think they will make it out? >> russia and not want to let them out, and the ukrainian defend ers have the position tt they will not leave with their arms laid down. >> they won't surrender. >> as all the ukrainians would do in this case. it's hard to say what will be the fate. it's a tragedy, 95% of the city is completely destroyed, more than 20,000 civilians according to the mayor of mariupol have been probably killed. we don't know the exact number. it's already double the number that the city lost during the world war ii. >> briefsly, mayor, is this the win that putin is looking for as he, as we head to may the 9th that day for him? >> we had the reports. i think putin has two options for 9 of may, their victory date is to what some intelligence agencies say declare national mobilization or declare some sort of a victory and mariupol is the key point here.
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welcome back everyone, north korea is believed to have fired yet another ballistic missile a short time ago, south korea and japan say it was launched in to the waters east of the korean peninsula, it was coming after the leader vowed to bolster his nuclear arsenal. what more are you learning about the suspected launch of a ballistic missile by north korea? >> well, with the information we have at this point from both the japanese and the south korean side it was after midday when it was launched the prime minister's office said they thought it was a ballistic missile. a suspected ballistic missile. they have an altitude of 800
11:26 pm
miles. a distance of some 500 kilometers. a little more than the south korean side estimates it to be at. i was waiting for exactly what they believe the missile was. but it's certainly appearing to be shorter in range than we have seeing raently. it's been a busy few months in march, they launched an icbm, an intercontinental blift i can missile. -- we are just under a week away from a new south korean president being inaugurated here, and it has been something that has been marked in previous administrations with some kind of missile or launch from north
11:27 pm
korea, certainly the in coming president, the president elect at the moment is going to be a lot more hardline against not guilty korea than his pro predessesor. >> the impact is being felt far beyond the front line approx. we will go and see how they are coping witith losing loved oneso the russian onslaught. find more ways to grow with miriracle-gro. what happens when performance... meets power? you try crazy things... .because you're crazy... ...and you like it. you get bigger... ...badder... ...faster. ♪ you can never have too much of a good thing...
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but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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now the war in ukraine is in the third month, and families all over the country have experienced the pain of losing loved ones in the conflict, sometimes, multiple loved ones. i saw first hand how residents are coping with their losses. ♪ ♪ pain and sorrow as the unbearable weight of war reverberates in the town. yet, another soldier gone too soon. constantine was 48 years old. a father of two young men. originally from the east of ukraine, he fled here with his family. only to enlist and get drafted.
11:33 pm
within less than two moss, constantin's life was taken and his family has been torn apart. the mayor who has not missed one funeral, tells me, it's been too. since russia annexed crimea in 2014. first, i felt guilty that i'm here and not there with them. but i was told that my mission is to be here to support the families. the ripple affects of russia's war are evident in the town in the west of ukraine. hundreds of miles away from the front lines. just a few graves down, we have learned from the mayor that this young soldier who died in battle in 2018, that his own mother is currently inside the steel plant defending mariupol from russian invasion. it's the tale of a family defined by war and it's one that
11:34 pm
we want to learn month about. we drive to the family home. we are instantly absorbed by her haunting display of grief. she said that her grandson was a sergeant who specialized as a sniper. it's difficult to explain how much i loved him, she said. his death at the age of 23 made the front page of the local paper. it was too much for them to take. so, in her late 40s, natalia ended up enlisting with the same regiment. she begged her daughter to leave, but rejected two offers to surrender. she is in that hell, she tells me. we tried to call natalia, to no avail. later though, we managed to reach natalia via text message. moral is high, she writes back.
11:35 pm
the soldiers will fight to the end. wait for us to come back with victory. not all have come back though. we are told that her granddaughter's husband died in mariupol, his body moved, unable to be brought home. her loss, just too much to bear. i have this wound for the rest of my life, it's very difficult to live with, she tells me. of course, i'm proud that they died for ukraine. she tells me she finds solace working on her plot of land and pin invites us to see it for ourselves. in the car, finally a smile. now, in her land, an even here in the peace of nature, she is reminded of what has been robbed from her. these are uri's trees, she tells
11:36 pm
me. comfort and company for a woman who bears the weight of grief and the pain of an unwarranted war. that's a family that's been entirely defined by war and natalia as you heard is in the steel plant. we contacted yesterday, we have not heard back. we know there's been intention shelling and we hope the hear from her. we will keep trying and hope to have more news. do stay with us, we've a short break.k. cnn this stuff works guaranteed, or y your money back. this is roundup weed & grass killller with sure shot wand. this stuff works.
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unlimited cashback match... only from discover. welcome back everyone, the field is set for what is believed to be one of the hotly contested elections this year. j.d. vance is seen to win the primary, and we have more from cincinnati, ohio. in one of the verse big
11:46 pm
primary naights of the 2022 campaign season. a big victory for j.d. vance. this is the replace to replace rob portman, he was running against a field of five other major candidates. and emanagered as the winner at the end thanks to the endorsement from former president donald trump, it has been viewed as the former president's strength inside the republican party and one of the first people j.d. vance thanked tonight was donald trump. >> i have to absolutely thank the 45th, the president of the united states, donald trump, ladies and gentlemen, one for giving us an example could be. remember 2019 when wages were going up and not down. remember, 2019, when workers were doing well in the country and not struggling terribly.
11:47 pm
thanks to the president for everything. for endorsing me. >> j.d. vance known for the best selling book, hillbilly elligy, he has never run for campaign. he has introduced himself to ohio voters and for the next six months, he will be running against democratic congressman tim ryan who vance accused trying act like a trump democrat, it will be an important race in the campaign and it's a big test to the former president's strength going forward. he has offered endorsement in house, senator and governor races. and the strength will be tested throughout the month of may if he is a king maker in the party. mr. trump, showed that he still is. cnn, cincinnati. ron brownstein is our senior political analyst and the senior editor for the atlantic.
11:48 pm
he joins me now, good to have you with us. >> hi, rosemary. >> it's all about the ohio senator race, a test for trump and his influence over the party. now that vance is projected to win the nomination and face off against his democratic opponent, tim ryan, what does it tell you about donald trump's power of endorsement? >> it's donald trump's party. it's hard to imagine peddhe wou have won the nomination without trump's endorsement. he has a bunch of tests coming up in may, he will not win all of them. in georgia, the governor's race will probably go to the incumbent governor that he detests and his candidate will not win. anybody in the republican party that thought they were capable of putting trump in the rear view mirror, it's a reminder that it's not possible right
11:49 pm
now. this was not a night for moderates either in the senate or house races. it was a reminder that in virtually every state, it's a trumpian party at this point for better and worse, for republicans. >> and ohio, ron, was previously a swing state. now, it is red, so this ohio senate primary will play a critical role in decide wing wh has control of the senate. how will vance go up against ryan, do you think? >> well, i think the sherrod brown, the democratic senator from ohio who is kind of a hold over from an earlier more competitive era is the only democrat that i believe who has won statewide in the past decade in ohio. it's the classic rust belt state that has been moved right by the sharp realignment of noncollege white voters toward the gop.
11:50 pm
you all it in the results. vance ran strongest in the southeast counties closer to the pennsylvania border that were critical. it's where the trumpism has been in the primary and in the general as we have seen in other parts of the country, trump appeal wasn't nearly as strong. vance didn't run nearly as well in columbus and cleveland. tim ryan the democrat is a blue collar, tough on trade, again throw back kind of democrat. his map is probably going to has any chance it will be running up the score in the suburban areas. he's working -- traveling the entire state. trying to claw back the democratic support in blue
11:51 pm
collar, and rural communities. that is going to be tough to do in any environment especially a midterm which usually goes against the party holding the white house and inflation as high as it is. >> you touched on this, let's look at the upcoming primary races this month. in pennsylvania, north carolina, georgia and alabama. arkansas. what are you expecting in terms of how trump endorse republican candidates will go in those races and what are you looking out for given this is all ability the midterms in november. >> i think trump will win a lot of internal battles. in the all of them. nobody wins all of their endorsements. it would be shocking if his governor candidate in georgia wins. but, his senate candidate in georgia, walker. also supported by mitch mcconnell. is probably going to breeze in a contested, competitive primary in north carolina. his alternative more conservative ted bud is probably
11:52 pm
going to win. there will be defeats but the over all message would be that the party is not moving passed trump despite everything that happened on january 6 and the end of his presidency. despite the backdrop of the ukraine war that really under scores the indefensibility in his behavior in holding back military aid. to ukraine. the issue that got him impeached the first time. it's a reminder to everybody else thinking about running for president in 2024 this if trump runs again he is going to be formidable. not a guarantee. a majority of the party is reshaped in his image. voters are most uneasy with him are less likely to participate in republican primaries. 800 pound gorilla in the republican room. >> while i have you with us, i want to ask you about the leaked supreme court draft opinion. that would strike down roe v wade. and remove a woman's
11:53 pm
constitutional right to abortion. if it becomes a final decision. do you see this becoming a major issue in the midterms and when which party benefits if it does? >> yes, absolutely. historically, abortion has been an issue like gun control. where conservatives felt correctly that the voters who are opposed to abortion like gun control, are more likely to vote on it than those who support those actions. but that's been in part because the threat to abortion has seemed to many americans vague and distant and theoretical. legalizing a nationwide right to the abortion has been the law of the land for 50 years. entire generation of women have grown up without knowing anything different. over those 50 years, we consistently seen 60% or more of the country say they do not want roe over turned. it reached 69% saying they do not want it over turned.
11:54 pm
including 75% of people urnds 35. in a cnn poll earlier this year. we're about to find out whether they mean it. now, there's a clear and present danger the likelihood is that the court is going to go down this road. and there are about a dozen 13 states that have laws that will immediately snap into place after the roe decision -- if it o over turns roe. eliminating or severely ret restricts the right. if they care enough to vote about it will be immediate and on the table. it should help democrats increase turn out particularly among young people. and may move some independent voters particularly women away from the republican party. it's an open question whether democrats can organize enough energy around this to over come the head winds they're facing. >> many thank. appreciate it.
11:55 pm
we are tracking new developments out of alabama where a search is ongoing for a corrections officer and an inmate who disappeared together after leaving a detention center friday. new surveillance video shows officer vicky white leading inmate casey white out of the detention center and into her patrol car. the two are not related. the officer claimed she was taking him, a man charged with murder, to the courthouse for a mental health evaluation. which was not true. the sheriff says he is now learned the pair had a relationship. >> we have confirmed that there was ha we call a special relationship. not physical that we can have any evidence of. but they did communicate at times when she was not at work. >> the sheriff also says the pair ditched the patrol car on friday at a shopping center near
11:56 pm
the jail. and got into another vehicle that had been parked earlier. thank you so much for your company. breaking news coverage continues after the short break.
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hello, welcome to our viewers in the united states. just ahead this hour, cnn projects trumped back candidate jd vance emerged victorious in ohio republican senate primary. we will have more from cincinnati. i'm live in ukraine. where we're awaiting word on more evacuations from mariupol and other nearby towns. this follows a successful operation to bring dozens of people from the steel plant to safety


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