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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 4, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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hello, welcome to our viewers in the united states. just ahead this hour, cnn projects trumped back candidate jd vance emerged victorious in ohio republican senate primary. we will have more from cincinnati. i'm live in ukraine. where we're awaiting word on more evacuations from mariupol and other nearby towns. this follows a successful operation to bring dozens of people from the steel plant to safety .
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shock and fury are being felt all over the united states. after the revelation that the supreme court could be on the cusp of ending a woman's constitutional right to abortion. a right that millions have held sacred for half a century. >> protests erupted everywhere from the steps of the supreme court to capitol city across the country. and many places in between. the out rage was triggered by the leak of a draft opinion that indicates the supreme court is preparing to strike down roe vs. wade. that is the landmark 1973 ruling that made abortion rights the law of the land. polls show most americans
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support it. the u.s. vice president blasted the supreme court and conservative republicans for quote weaponizing the issue. >> how dare they? how dare they tell a woman what she can do and cannot do with her own body. how dare they? how dare they try to stop her from determining her own future. how dare they? try to deny women their rights and their freedom. >> many conservative republicans are thrilled about the likely demise of roe vs. wade. they're not showing it. they're expressing anger over the leak of the draft opinion. cnn has details. >> the leaked draft sparking protests across the country. and prompting questions.
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chief justice john roberts -- >> do you plan to investigate the leak? >> seen here leaving his home tuesday. issued a statement calling the leak an egregious breech. he is directed the marshall of the court to investigate. the court confirms the draft is authentic. but cautioned it doesn't represent a decision or position of any member on the issues in the case. the nearly 100 page opinion says a majority of the justices are prepared to uphold a mississippi law that would ban abortion after 15 weeks and over turn roe v wade. which established a right to abortion 50 years ago leaving it to individual states to determine abortions legality. justice athorred the draft stating there's no inherent right to abortion. writing lt constitution makes no reference to abortion and no such right is protected by any constitutional provision. he says roe was wrong from the
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start. and that its reasoning was exceptionally weak and the decision had damaging consequences. the opinion is not expected to be published until late next month. and could still be modified as draft opinion circulate. and justices can change their vote. sources tell cnn roberts didn't want to completely over turn roe. it appears alito was joined by clarence thomas, gorsuch, amy coney barrett and kavanaugh. calling it the law of the land during their confirmation hearings. >> it is an important precedent of the supreme court. >> that's the law of the land. i accept the law of the land. senator, yes. >> senator collins who voted in support said the draft opinion was completely inconsistent with what justice gorsuch and kavanaugh said in hearings and meetings in my office. president biden called the draft
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decision radical. and echoed concerns that this decision could serve as a template for limiting other individual rights. previously recognized by the court like same sex marriage, and access to contraception. >> if the rational of the decision as release were to be sustained, the whole range of rights are in question. >> but in the wake of the draft opinion, democrats are vowing to fight to protect abortion rights. >> we'll go down as an abomination. one of the worst, most damaging decisions in modern history. >> we could pass a law to protect every woman's right to abortion. and we should do that. >> if this turns out to be the opinion of the court and it's issued it could have a major impact on the out come of the election. >> republicans are condemning the leak itself. >> whoever committed this lawless act, knew exactly what it could bring about.
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>> whoever did this leak should be prosecuted and should go to jail for a very long time. this has shaken the independents and ability of the judiciary to function. >> we already know the court action on abortion will be a major campaign issue in this years midterm elections. apparently so will donald trump. we are seeing the first evidence of that in ohio. cnn projects jd vance endorsed by trump will win the republican senate primary. known as the author of the best selling book hill billy elegy. he will face democratic congressman tim ryan in november. one of the most hotly contested races. for the latest on the situation in ukraine. let's bring in my colleague in lviv. >> very good morning. thank you. now i want to update you on breaking news we had the last
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few minutes. eu announcing six package of sanctions really. proposing a ban on russian oil. meanwhile what we're hearing from from the british intelligence, russia struggling to breakthrough ukrainian defenses. new video shows ukraine artillery and attack drones continue to be effective against russian armor in the east. and number of russian military vehicles lie destroyed in the village south of kharkiv. and this video shows ukrainian forces hitting at least two russian military positions on the russian occupied snake island. you will recall of course it gained worldwide attention at the beginning of the invasion when ukrainian troops refused to sur rendser. meanwhile ukraine is assessing lt damage after several regions were hit by russian missile strikes in the past 24 hours. meanwhile here in lviv, the mayor says two people were injured. images really show a power
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station on fire in the after math of course. knocking out electricity. water supplies are told have been affected. ukraine reports severe damage to rail ways and infrastructure. pentagon pres secretary says striking the targets is all part of the moscow strategy. >> they have been doing this over the last couple weeks. what we believe this is a an attempt by the russians to try to hit targets that they believe are affecting the ukrainians ability to resupply or reenforce themselves. >> now i mentioned a few seconds ago, news out of the eu that european union, commission president commenting that we now propose the ban on russian oil. finally she says we now propose a ban. let's be clear. it will not be easy but we
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simply have to work on it. we'll make sure we phase out russian oil in an orderly fashion. it won't be straight away. to maximize pressure on russia while minimizing the impact on our economy. this of course will be the sixth package of sanctions on russia from the eu. let's get more on this. joined by a former ukrainian minister. former national security chief and member of ukraine military. thank you for joining us. i want going to talk about what we saw in lviv and the last night. but let me ask you about this sixth package of sanction and this ban on russian oil. your thoughts, is that enough? >> well, this is in the right direction. advocating for the sanctions since the beginning of the war. they are effective. whether it's sufficient. there are exclusion and
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understand the oil russia will redirect to the china. or other suppliers. who are not part of the embargo. but the more russia eventually it will have its effect. -- since the beginning of the war, eu alone paid for the gas and oil almost $50 billion. to russia. $50 billion. and now this money is being used to attack ukraine. they attack us with missiles. at least $7 million. and last yesterday this launch around 20 on us. they have plenty of resources. they receive money including from our partners. that needs to stop. >> yeah, we know this won't be immediate. we know this won't be immediate. it will be phasing it out.
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but what you're saying is a step in the right direction. this is something ukrainian officials have been calling for for sometime. >> that's correct. yes. >> what do you think -- obviously you're talking about the impact this will have, you think this will be enough to cripple russia economically to stop it of course in its advance here in eastern ukraine? >> unfortunately, in terms of advancing, i think it's important to understand the context. russia is putin. the president he likes the historic symbolic dates. the ninth of may. by the ninth he wants to wrap up a trophy for russian citizens. to look like he's victorious. trying to over shadow his losses
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near kyiv, near kharkiv. so he's now concentrated on focus on getting as much as possible and wrapping it up by the 9th. that explains the attacks. in eastern ukraine. also, totally kind of illogical attack on mariupol. it has no significance. but they want to basically fully take control of mariupol. also deliver it as a sell it as a victory. to russian citizens. russia now it's much smaller profit they expected to get since the beginning. much smaller trophy. due to the bravery of the military forces. and the military support
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received from the united states and others. >> i have to leave it here, the connection isn't great. we'll try to reconnect with you. you make good points in terms of what we have been hearing that perhaps russian generals were under pressure to give putin some sort of victory. ahead of the may 9 victory day. the deputy mayor of lviv who joined me last hour was saying perhaps mariupol will be that. we have been seeing evacuations for several days. and a steel plant. about 100 or so civilians were evacuated and arrived yesterday. we are expecting some more humanitarian corridors from mariupol today as soon as those get in the way. we'll bring them to you. not all have gone according to plan. given the hostility and intensity of the missile attacks on the steel plant. if you just joining us, the
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breaking news. we have heard from the eu commission president in the last few minutes announced a ban on all russian oil. so russian imports saying finally we propose a ban on russian oil. this is what she tweeted. it will not be easy, but we have to work on it. we'll make sure that we phase out russian oil in an orderly fashion. to maximize pressure on russia while minimizing the impact on our economy. something of course the ukrainian officials have been calling for for sometime in a way to hamper of course to hamper russian defense, russia attack here in ukraine. we'll stay on top of the story. meanwhile, cnn was in when evacuees from the steel plant arrived. he spoke with two women and that some of the horrors they endured
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while trapped under ground. have a look at this. >> five buses only. but within them, the world hopes of a way to deliver innocent ukrainians to safety. from russia's onslaught. just over 100 civilians the first to leave the basement of the steel plant. in mariupol. bringing with them stories of the circle of hell they lived in under ground. for weeks. this is ol ga. after two months in the dark she struggles in sunlight still. i ask if she can see okay. bad. she says. i can't see anything in the sun. age 78, and she keeps saying completely alone. her entire life is in these two bags. 48 hours earlier she was pictured in a ukrainian military video just walking out of
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mariupol. cheerfully across a bridge. now, red cross talks in moscow and kyiv and countless russian check points. she is here. worried she cannot fend for herself as a wound to her leg isn't healing. because of her diabetes. the head torch that was her only source of light still around her neck. toilet roll in her pocket. also coming off the bus, another familiar face.
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anna. with six month old. embraced by her brother. one of many family reunions here. she was also seen in the same video as ol ga leaving mariupol. the day after she turned six months old. she's a french teacher in happier times. >> how do you feel now? >> now i feel happy and exhausted. because two months. >> how did you live for two months in the basement? with a four month old boy. how'd you eat? >> now, i smile because i can smile. finally. because all the months i was crying and every day. emotionally it was really difficult. when we didn't have any hot water for him. we just took the candle and we
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heat the water. >> the busy world she's emerged into now different for her. >> for me now, it's the most difficult and the most scary part. because now when i -- sorry. it's emotional. now when there are a lot of noise, i have like a reflex to hide myself. >> what are you going to tell him when he's older? >> i tell him that he was really very brave. very brave. very calm. he is the best child in the world. i can say. >> he's sleeping well. that's good. >> all the time. and also i can say that i didn't want for him to repeat this
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story. to repeat this story with his child. >> yet the terror they all witnessed will fuel a loathing that won't pass quickly. >> the brave boy and mom too. it's important to note. still to come, yet another missile launch by north korea days after kim jong un vowed to nuclear arsenal. we'll have a live report from seoul.
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north korea believed to have fired yet another ballistic missile a short time ago.
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south korea and japan say it was launched into the waters east of the korean peninsula and comes just days after north korea leader vowed to bolster his nuclear arsenal. cnn joining us now live from seoul. what were you learning about this? >> we have been hearing a lot from north korea this year. this by our tally is the 13th missile launch from north korea this year alone. compare that to last year, 2021. they had just eight. 2020 they had four. so clearly they are in a testing mode. this particular one this happened after midday today. from what we heard from the japanese side is it had an altitude of 800 kilometers and a distance of 500 kilometers. the south korea side had a slightly shorter distance and altitude. they're not saying exactly what they believe this particular missile was.
12:25 am
now it has been condemned by both sides. the south korea had a national security counsel meeting and condemned it. saying that it brings it's a clear violation of yipted nations security counsel resolutions and skds north korea to stop any actions that threaten the korean peninsula. of course that is an administration on its way out. a new administration and president comes in next week. >> all right. joining us live fl seoul. many thanks. we'll take a short break.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. coming to you live from lviv, ukraine. breaking news in the last ten minutes the eu announced a sixth package of sanctions against russia in the last few minutes including a proposal proposing ban on russian oil. just moments ago, eu commission president tweeted the following. it will not be easy but we have to work on it. cnn live from london. claire, this is an important move. but from what i understand it won't be immediate. talk us through the package.
12:31 am
>> first of all, it's not in effect yet. member states have to approve it. that's the next step. the ban is not immediate. this is phased in ban. crude oil products will be phased out of europe. six months and refined products by the end of the year. they want to do this in an orderly fashion. the reason is so member states can find alternative suppliers and not impact their economy too much. we know a lot of the work has been done. germany already for example cut reliance on russian oil from 35% down to 12%. some of that work has been done. this was not the only measure in the sixth package. they have done various things including listing high ranking military officers and individuals who they say were committing war crimes in bucha. they have deswifted the bank. the biggest in russia. that's part of the proposal. >> like you said there hasn't been approved. where would this lead hungary.
12:32 am
more reliant on supplies. will they veto it? >> the sense that we have been getting is this has been debated among the eu and various element of it have come out in reports. the eu wants very much to put on a show of unity. they don't want to push it through without all member states on board. the reports than rather putting them in the situation to veto it, there might be carve outs. a longer transition period or exemption from the oil ban. that would allow them to put forward this sixth package as a block. rather than fragmented. that's potentially what we're looking at. not confirmed. >> thank you. with the breaking news this hour. we'll head back to atlanta after a short break. with the preview of the uk elections. pollsters are predicting a rough night for boris johnson.
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welcome back, everyone. voters in the uk will be casting ballots this week in what many analysts see is a key test from em battled prime minister boris johnson. we have a preview. >> prime minister boris johnson
12:38 am
is on the campaign trail. trying to score a win for his conservative party and local election. polls open thursday. in england, nearly half of counsels will hold a vote. that is more than 4,400 seats up for grabs. in whales and scotland, all counsel seats will be contested. key issues include the covid crisis. a rise in cost of living and the party gate scandal. despite holding multiple lock down breaking parties during the pandemic, he insists his conservatives are fit to lead. >> the greatest asset the conservatives have are conservative values. that's what really matters. that's what people will be focussed on. >> after an investigation, london police issued more than 50 penalty fines. including one to johnson himself. another inquiry found a failure of leadership at ten downing street and a culture of excessive drinking.
12:39 am
the british house of common is set to carry out a third investigation into whether he knowingly misled parliament when he denied violating rules. these elections the first held since the scandal broke last year will be seen in part as a referendum on johnson himself. >> it's a very bad night for the conservatives on thursday. then the chances of some sort of leadership challenge will become higher. so in that sense it will be treated as a referendum. people decide their future. >> for months, consistently trailed behind opposition labor in the polls. now the pressure is on for party leader. to make the most of this political moment or he could face backlash from his own ranks. >> this is the cost of the conservatives.
12:40 am
12 years of their failure. britain deserves better. and labor in power delivers real change. >> the conservative party could lose dozens of seats and control of key local counsel. potentially damming results for johnson. >> these elections will be treated as a signal about whether the british country is going. under boris johnson leadership. and whether or not they want to see a change of course. >> at stake the future of one of britains most controversial prime ministers. and the future of the party that led the uk out of the eu. thanks for joining us. for international viewers, inside africa is next. for those in the u.s. and canada, i'll be right back with more news after the break. eep n0 smart bed is on sale now. why choose proven quality sleep from sleep number? because the sleep number 360 smart bed is really smart. it senses your movement and automatically adjujusts to help keep you both comfortable all night. it's also tetemperature balancing, so you stay cool.
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pick an order, print everything you need, slap the label onto the box, and it's ready to go. our costs for shipping were cut in half. just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. go to and get 2 months free. more now on our top story this hour. the growing backlash to a draft opinion that shows the u.s. supreme court maybe poised to end a woman's right to abortion. by striking down roe v wade. the news has sparked strong reaction and protests across the country. including in washington in front of the supreme court. vice president kamala harris said if the supreme court over turns roe v wade it will be a direct assault on freedom. according to the good market constitute which supports abortion rights.
12:46 am
26 states could feature abortion bans if roe is over turned. last hour i asked cnn legal analyst what impact the draft opinion will have on women if it becomes the courts final decision. >> this decision will have a catastrophic impact on women all over the country. if this draft becomes a final opinion. over the next couple of months. it will prohibit women from having control over their reproductive health. this is something in the works for decades by republicans. so as they are fighting about the leak. they don't want to talk about the substance because this is what they have planned. what they hoped for. and now everything they wanted out of the three justices that were apoined by trump, they're getting. susan collins the comment about kavanaugh and gorsuch saying something inconsistent to her vs. what appears to be their
12:47 am
decision with the respect to the draft opinion, i find that so disengeneral use. kavanaugh, amy coney barrett. all members of the federal society their positions on abortion were mel known before they had the conversation with the senator. before they went before the senate hearing. they have shown us what they would do. other republicans on the senate confirmation hearing and within the senate itself refuse to accept what they had demonstrated and they embrace them. for that very reason. because they had a commitment to over turning roe v wade and we're at the day a lot sooner than any of us thought we would be. as shocked as we are, we are not surprised. >> of course chief justice john roberts calls this egregious breech and will launch an investigation into who was behind the leaking of the draft opinion. what's your reaction to the actual leaking of the document
12:48 am
and how extensive will the investigation likely be to find who is responsible for the leak? >> the response has been astonishment. to see something that should be kept in secret should be completely confidential until the decision is finalized and published that a leak actually occurred. we see the left and right pointing fingers. we see the republicans out raged about the leak. but not out raged about what this does for women. not out raged about how this will eliminate a fundamental right that women have had in this country for 50 years. we don't see those republicans standing up saying this is unfair. it's unjust. there are no laws the vice president said that control men's bodies. that dictate how men can use their bodies. but yet, these four men and one woman the five conservative justices who are authoring or supporting this decision have made this decision that they
12:49 am
alone despite the fact that over half more than the majority of americans are in support of women have having the right to choose. five individuals are making this incredibly jaw dropping shocking decision. it has just sent ripples through the entire community. that's why we see the protesters out saying this is just absolutely unfair. >> thanks again to civil rights attorney. talking to me earlier. endorsement from donald trump aparentsly still carries a lot of weight with republican voters in ohio. cnn projects trump backed author jd vance will win the state gop senate primary after a bruising campaign. cnn jeff zeleny has more from cincinnati, ohio. in one of the first big prix nar nights of the 2020 midterm campaign season, a big
12:50 am
republican victory in cincinnati. for jd vance. who emerged the victor in a crowded primary field for the u.s. senate. this is the race to replace retiring senator rob portman. he was running against a field of five other major candidates and emerged as the winner at the end thanks to the endorsement from former president trump. this has been viewed as a test of the former president's strength inside the republican party and one of the first people vance thanked tonight. was mr. trump. >> i have got to thank the 45th the president of the united states. donald j. trump. ladies and gentlemen -- one for giving us an example of what could be in the country. remember 2019 when wages were going up and not down. 2019 when workers were doing well in the country. not struggling terribly. thanks to the president for everything for endorsing me. >> jd vance of course best known
12:51 am
for the the best selling book hill billy elegy has never run for public office before. he defeated several seasoned republican candidates, he introduced himself to ohio voters. now for the next six months he'll be running against democratic congressman tim ryan. who vance accuse ds of trying it act like a trump democrat. of course this will be one of the most competitive races in the fall campaign. but more importantly urgently this is a big test of the former president strength going forward. he's offered endorsement in house, senate and governors races. the strength will be tested throughout may. if he's a king maker in his party, the first try on that stop here in ohio is he showed he still is. jeff zeleny, cnn, cincinnati. i spoke earlier with cnn senior political analyst and asked what his victory says about the power of donald trump endorsement. >> it's still his party.
12:52 am
unquestionable. it's hard to imagine vance would have won the nomination without his endorsement. donald trump endorsed an unusually large number of candidates and has a bunch of tests coming up in may. he'll not win all of them in georgia the governor race is probably going to go to the incumbent governor that he detests and candidate isn't going to win. anybody in the republican party who thought that they were capable of putting trump in the rearview mirror, this is a reminder it is not really plausible. at the moment. ohio is a state that has a tradition of moderate republicans. john kasich and rob portman. the senator who is stepping down. this was at a night for moderates. in the senate or house races. it was a reminder that in virtually every state this is a trump party. at this point. for better and worse for republicans. >> and ohio was previously a swing state.
12:53 am
now it is red. so this republican primary will play a critical role in deciding who has control of the senate in november. how will vance likely go up against ryan? >> well, i think the democratic senator from ohio who is a hold over from an earlier more compe competitiver era is the only democrat who won statewide in the past decade in ohio. it's the classic rust belt state moved right by the sharp realignment of working class non-college white voters towards the gop. you saw that in the results tonight. vance ran strongest in the southeast ohio counties closest to the pennsylvania border. that used to be critical for democratic victories in the state to run well there. where trumpism appeal was strongest in the primary and general election. it's interesting that in the big
12:54 am
metro areas as we have seen in other parts of the country, trump appeal wasn't nearly as strong. vance didn't run nearly as well in columbus and cleveland. tim ryan as a democrat is a blue collar, tough on trade, throw back kind of democrat. his map is probably going to be as any chance in this it's going to be running up the score in those suburban areas. >> and our thanks to cnn senior political analyst. for his perspective there. here in the united states, a spin off of the omicron ba 2 sub variant is driving up covid cases. the cdc estimates more than one in three new cases last week were caused by this offshoot. health officials are keeping a close eye on the upward trend. the states with the biggest up tick in cases over all are shaded in red and orange on the map.
12:55 am
meantime, federal officials are aiming for a june time line to decide who should be eligible for additional covid vaccine shots in the fall. the composition of the vaccines may also be updated by june to target specific variants. the u.s. state department classifying probasketball star britney griner has being wrongfully detained in russia. this means the u.s. won't have to wait for her case to move through russia's legal system. and the u.s. will seek to negotiate her return through president biden's special envoy for hostage affairs. griner was arrested at the moscow airport in february. and accuse ds of smuggling narcotics. thank you so much for spendsing part of your day with me. our breaking news coverage continues live from ukraine after the short break. stay with us. we got the house! you did! pods handles the driving.
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a warm welcome to our viewers joining us in the united states and all around the world. i'm max foster in london. we're following the breaking news coverage of the war in ukraine and plus the fallout from the u.s. supreme court draft opinion that could strip away abortion rights for millions of american women. >> we will not go back, we will not go back! >> how dare they tell a woman what she can do and not do with her own body. >> every other decision with


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