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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  May 4, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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dinner, including all of the major networks and john carl who shook hands with the president. the associate president is telling cnn they publicized protocols and encouraged boosters before that event. thank you for your time. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. [ music playing ] hello, thank you for being here. i'm anna ka brer remarks we begin this hour in ukraine, hope and dread are emerging today from the ruins in mariupol. that's the destroyed steel plant there. that is the city's last stand of resistance. these are some new images we are receiving of russia absolutely pulverizing the steel plant complex. mariupol's mayor says he has lost contact with the last of the defenders as russian forces have ramped up their bombardment from land, sea and air.
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hundred his of civilians are believed to still be trapped there, including 30 children. meantime, more than 150 civilians who evacuated from mariupol have now arrived in the city ap zapporitzia. the others were sent to the donetsk region, according to his separatist government, which ukraine regards as a terrorist group and europe is going further than ever to strangle russia's economy. u commission president is proposing a ban on all russian oil by the end of the year along with additional sanctions. a kremlin spokesman says the moves would punish european citizens as well. scott mcclain is joining us, what are you learning about the fighting that a steel plant in mariupol? >> reporter: it is not looking good for any kind of evacuation efforts out of that steel plant. anna, you mentioned those
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images, which are absolutely terrifying to look at where you see that plant getting smothered in smoke, suffocated in smoke, it seems. so i am distracted only because the air raid sirens are going off here. they went off yesterday for an hour. obviously, we had missile strikes. the city is on high alert. the city of mariupol obviously a much more dire situation than here. the mayor there says that there are still 30 children trapped underground. they are very much in need of some kind of negotiation. some kind of evacuation effort to actually get them out. also, the mayor says that they have not only been hitting it from the air and land. they have been hitting the ship from the deck of that ship, ana. the russians say they have the plant surrounded on all sides. but they are not storming it specifically because they've gotten orders from president
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putin to not do that. they are suppressing attempts from militants to take if you firing positions. all of this is not looking good for anyone that wants to get out of that area. keep in mind, two young women were killed earlier this week. even though people were able to shelter deep under ground of the plant. parts of it is caving in. there is rubble in parts of it. there are no guarantees that anyone would survive. >> if you need to take shelter, say the word. we want to protect you and our other crew members there. but if you feel safe, what can you tell us about this proposed, you know, oil ban and other sanction on russia that we are hearing from the eu today? >> reporter: yes. so this is the latest, this is the sixth package of sanctions proposed by the european union and it proposes an all out ban on russian oil. this obviously wouldn't take effect immediately. they would have to work up
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towards this. it would be something gradual. but there are already signs that not everyone is on board. they would need all 27 eu member states to get on board to make this happen. the yohungarians are saying it not feasible. the other thing is there are sanctions put on one particular individual. that's the head of the russian orthodox church, a man that has found all kind of reasons to support the russian invasion of ukraine. the russians say that this is proof that these sanctions are out of touch with common sense considering that the russian orthodox church is constantly praying for the health and safety of people fleeing this war. they also said when it comes to oil, that sanctions are a double-edged sword. while this may be intended to hurt russia. it may well also european citizens. >> scott mcclain, thank you for
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your continued reporting there. now to russia and the kremlin's dismissal of speculation that vladimir putin might declare war on may 9th, russia victory day a. day they commemorate over the nazis in world war ii. cnn's mathew chance joins us live. we want to remind our viewers, russia has conflict in ukraine survived and prohibited the broadcast of information that it regards as false. so mathew a kremlin spokesperson is rejecting allegations that putin could declare war may 9th. what else is he saying about these reports? >> yes, that's right, ana, this is a suggestion that's been made by u.s. officials, other western officials as well that may the 9th when russia celebrates victory day, which commemorates the victory in 1940s, we call it the second world war. that could be used as an opportunity. not just to publicly display
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russia's might as every year. not just to showcase the country's nuclear arsenal, which it does every year by parading intercontinental missiles across red square in the heart of moscow. but it can be used by the russian president as an opportunity to make a significant statement of some kind about the current conflict in ukraine, what russia calls its special military operations. speculation, it could be used as an opportunity to formally declare war on ukraine by russia, which would give russia the ability legally to mobilize more of its forces and bring them to bear inside ukraine. the kremlin has rejected that as nonsense. that was the word that the kremlin spokesperson dimry peskov used, dismiss pentagon the idea that this will be a special announcement on a victory day on may the 9th, regarding the special military
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operation in ukraine. but i will say over the past couple months, we have learned that we should judge what russia does rather than what it says. sometimes it says things that it will not do things and it does them. i am thinking about its decision to send troops over the border into ukraine in the first place. we will be watch tack may 9th victory parade closely. we will be there and bring you what vladimir putin says about the conflict. >> and mathew, how is the kremlin responding to the news the european union will ban all russian imports by the end of the year? >> reporter: well, he's not happy about it. obviously, the european union is one of the biggest importers of russian oil. and if it eventually mansion to succeed in tapering off its diplo dependance on oil.
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that will represent a blow to russia. the russians have said, look, the kremlin spokesperson saying this, look, at the moment, these are discussions. we are keeping a close eye on it. but they've also warned that it's a double-edged sword. that if you cut off russian supplies of oil to europe you hurt russia. but you also hurt consumers in the european union as well. >> mathew chance, thank you. let's continue this conversation with a cnn national security analyst and a former deputy national intelligence officer and retired major general paul eden, cnn military analyst. thank you for being here. you heard the kremlin denies it will formally declare war monday the nation's victory day. the kremlin called those reports nonsense. do you believe the kremlin? >> i think this will be a really fraught decision for president putin and there are benefits to mobilize the public that day and declare war officially. but there is tremendous risks. so for president putin, their
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forces in ukraine are defeated. so it's my sense that he would need a mobilization in order to replenish those russian forces fighting in ukraine and to have any chance at securing the victory that he's trying to accomplish. but it is also fraught with risks for him. if he does mobilize the public, i think he'd have significantly escalate or increase russia's objectives in ukraine, how else do you justify to your public why you have to mobilize the public for those ends? so, it would inflate russian expectations and in that since think create risks for putin. it's a really fraught decision and certainly the decision that i am looking for on monday the 9th. >> general, i want to again show this video we obtained a short time ago, it shows the devastating bombardment of that steel complex in mariupol or what's left of it.
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hundreds of civilians are trapped there. how does anyone survive that? >> anna, thank you. artillery is an area-fired weapon. it is a great tool that the russians love to use to prepare the battlefield for a ground assault. it's remarkable how humans can dig if and survive the most appalling indirect fire episodes that you can imagine. the number of times that armies have prepared the battlefield with artillery fire shifted fires beyond the objective and then moved to assault the objective only to be met by devastating direct fire systems. it's, you just can't truly
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estimate the outcome based on knowing the defender is determined to survive and to return fire when the assault comes. it may not achieve the effect that the russians are after. >> andre, i want to ask you about a new approach the biden administration is taking to try to put the squeeze on russia. we learned the president is asking congress to make it easier for highly educated russians to get work visas here in the u.s. this could cause a brain drain from political fields, like science, engineering, technology and math, what do you make of this strategy? will it be effective? >> well, i think it's a really positive step. it not only helps the u.s. economy by drawing top talent to the united states. it serves as a brain dream, luring away, brain drains have been a long-standing problem under president putin, many
10:12 am
russian leave russia. that really only accelerated after putin's invasion in ukraine. i think something like 200,000 russians have left since then. so it's a positive step. i see it as one consistent with president austin's description of u.s. strategy, which is to try to restrict and constrain russia's capacity by drawing those russians out of the country into the united states, it will make it much harder for russia to be able to innovate and i would expect over the long term in conjunction with things like the export controls on key factors of the russian economy, but it will make it much harder for russia to continue to innovate and will fall behind. it's a long-term strategy, one that can be effective. >> general, back to the
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battlefield, ukraine claims it's intercepted more communications between a russian soldier and his friend and says russia lost more lives in ukraine, than four years in chechnya and they can't stand the pressure. cnn has not been able to verify the authenticity. it is consistent about other recordings of russia's military struggles. if true, what does it tell you about the strength of russia's fighters right now? >> they're in a very difficult position. units can only tolerate certain number of casualties. typically, when you hit the one-third point, where you take 30 to 33% casualties. you have a difficult time operating. simply as command and control is broken up, the web and the consistencies within the unit are broken up. the fact if you take casualties,
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you have to manage your casualties. so you take fighters offline to manage casualties. then you have the morale of the unit, the moral component that the british, their phraseology. so right now, the command and control of the russian army has a very, very serious problem. they had units that are combat and effective. you had units that are looking around going, what are we doing here? they don't really know. they have not had the level of information that we give the youngest american soldier and marine. it's just, this unit, this army is not going to be able to reconstitute for a very long time. >> major general paul eaton, andrea kendall tailer, thank you so much for being here. now the stop to the end of o'bargs rights is picking up
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steam. democrats are preparing a bill to protect a women's choice even if the supreme court overturns row. v. wade. and a decision that could make your credit card bill, mortgage and others much more expensive. it's coming in less than an hour from now. what to expect from the fed's rate hike announcement ahead. plus, a man with a knife tackles comedienne dave chapelle on stage. the video and what police are saying about this attack. stay with us. >> >
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lovely, lemony, lemons. and never wonder if you got a good deal. because you did. . . >> the anger around fear are pulpable as the supreme court is
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poised to overturn row. v. wade. that finds more than half the states could ultimately ban abortions. take a look at this the states in red are concern e certain, some could do so due to trigger laws of roe being overturned. other states have passed legislation that bans or puts extreme limits, like texas and most recently oklahoma. in fact, oklahoma near total ban for anyone from performing the procedure at any point. it does not have exceptions for rape or incest. they say banning abortions does not reduce their occurrence. they find the abortion rates are similar in countries where the procedure is restricted and in countries where it is legal. so, in fact, the institute says research shows the rage of abortions has declined since it was legalized in 1973 here in
10:21 am
the u.s. so who are the women having abortions? based on the latest cdc data, the latest we have, half live below the poverty line. about half are unmarried. most are in their 20s and almost all, nine in ten are within their first trimester. about half are having an abortion for the first time and most already have at least one child. they are already mother. supporters of abortion rights are urgently calling on congress to ask. with us now, tammy duckworth in illinois. thank you so much for being here. have you heard the calls for action. what are democrats prepared to do? >> well, we are prepared to pass legislation at least put it on the floor that would enshrine a woman's right to reproductive choice, that we are willing to put on the floor and hold people accountable. you need to vote on this whether
10:22 am
or not wimbledon should be in control of their bodies. i think that we should codify roe v. wade into law, to access privacy rights over your own body and your decision as to what you want to do with your body. >> but the bill to codify roe to protect abortion rights honored 46 votes in the senate this past february, far from the votes needed to pass. it's not even 50 votes needed if you got rid of the filibuster. right? is this more than symbolic? >> no, it is something we need to do and if we don't pass it now, we will keep working at it and hemming our way at it until we do get it passed. obviously, what has happened is the supreme court indicated they're about to rip away you know supreme court far right justices are about to rip away what american women have thought was enshrined from the last 50 years, which is roe v. wade. we thought this was established law. but now they're showing, they
10:23 am
don't believe themselves, the only thing we can do as a legislative bran search to codify. we may not pass it. we will keep trying until we do. >> republicans fighting to end up with a supreme court aren't exactly celebrating what is in this leaked draft opinion. senator mcconnell was only focusing on the leak, itself. listen. >> it seems to me, this is the lecture to content trait what the news is today. not a leaked draft, but the fact that the draft was leaked. >> that was the answer that he pressed over and over again to answer the question about the content of what was in this leaked draft. why is he so evasive about something he is surprisingly all for all along, is it surprising they're not celebrating this as a victory?
10:24 am
>> it's not surprising, over 70% of americans believe the right to choice should be legal and, in fact, republicans want to do to strip away reproductive course from women is not what they want. of course, they want to hide from the truth. listen in a nation with a growing mortality crisis often in excess for healthcare without affordable child care and universal paid leave, what i they're doing is forcing birth on millions of people, even when the mother's life can be at risk or rape or increase. he's in the wrong place on this. >> if roe is overturned, how far do you think this could go? >> i think this will go a very long way. one of the things people are not talking about. it's not just about abortion. yes, that is critically important. it's about your productive choice. in my case, it can go as far as
10:25 am
preventing me using ivf, fer silt treatments to have my two daughters. many of the forms of ivf treatment is counter to these laws that want to ban all forms of abortion. in fact, my doctor implant ac first time leads egg or destroy a fertilized egg because it wasn't viable would be considered manslaughter. in fact, i had to have a procedure after i had a miscarriage. i had to have it because i wanted to have a second baby to have my rainbow baby. i couldn't do that until you fully recovered from my miscarriage. what this can lead to is a loss for all sorts of access and other rights that we assume are enshrined in the constitution and yet the supreme court is saying, there is no word specifically to that, then you are not entitled to that. and it's really scary. i think about all the families
10:26 am
trying to start families and won't be able to if these laws take effect. >> justice alito did write in this leaked draft opinion, quote, we emphasize our decision concerns the constitutional right to abortion and no other right. nothing in this opinion should be understood to cast doubt on precedents that do not concern abortion. do you take him at his word there? >> i don't take him at his word there. he said the word abortion is not enshrined in the cons tuesday. neither is privacy. getting rights that he mentions in his brief, talks about all of the other things that we assume are rights that we have. but our founders could never dream of ivf, for example and certainly invite ro fertilization isn't in the constitution. this has potential negative effects all across the country.
10:27 am
let us focus when talking about taking away the reproductive choice for women that we have relied on for 50 years that was enshrined in law in row. v. wade and some of these justices were on this, who are agreeing to this draft, says this is established law. obviously, we're not telling the truth when they came before the senate asking for us to confirm them. >> senator duckworth, thank you so much for joining us today. i appreciate your time. >> thank you. the state of the federal reserve is expected to ramp up its effort to tame inflation. what the likely rate hike means for you and why some experts say it could spark a recession. plus, what police are saying about the shocking attack on dave chapelle during his show. you are live in the newsroom.
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i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. all eyes on the federal reserve today. for the first time in 22 years it is expected to raise interest rates by half a percentage points. it's a part of agressive moves to cool down the economy in the worst inflation the world has
10:33 am
seen in four decades, joining sus a professor of economics in public policy at the university of michigan, always good to have you on. if the fed moves interest rates up a half point as expected. how are every day americans going to feel this? >> well, i this i this note if, it's a dead certainty it's just about to happen and they're spell-checking the pre release right now. what it means depends on where you are in your life cycle. if you are about to buy a house, it means mortgage rates be go up. it will be tougher to put groceries on the table. on the flipside, it will cool the housing market a bit. hopefully, houses will become a little more affordable. in terms of what it means for people's lives, the fed is hoping to cool inflation a little. so your paycheck will go further and slowing the economy. that might mean a little less bargaining power for workers and fewer prospects of a wage right soon. >> the goal is to be back
10:34 am
inflation, raise interest rates and how inflation would follow and dip hopefully. did this move come soon enough? or is it too little too late? >> with hindsight. if we had the information in '21 and early '22, all of us would stomp on the brakes earlier. another way is going ba back to the early days, if you remember incredible economic feel all of us felt. i think i said at the time, i'd much rather make the mistake of overheating the economy, getting people back in jobs that will up inflation later. that's a better problem to have than having millions of people out of work. >> now there is a risk of triggering a recession, the ceo of jpmorgan chase said today, jamie dimon a one in three chance where inflation is brought under control and inflation continues. do you see the same thing? >> when an economist tellss you
10:35 am
it's a one in three chance. they don't have a clue. if it happens, they'll say it wasn't true. if it doesn't happen, i'll tell you it was unlikely. the economy is good right now. the single best way of predicting the future is how is it doing right now? we're going so strongly the fed needs to slow it down. so i don't see a recession any time soon. although, if the last two years taught us anything, it's that there could be any sort of surprise just around the corner. >> but we do have gas prices going up, people hitting record highs over and over again recently, you have the risk of the recession, so again, when you say everything is going strong, there are those issues. is there anything else that can be done to bring inflation down faster? >> so, i am hopeful, actually, we are seeing the worst of inflation. economists often refer to what we call core inflation, which
10:36 am
strikts e strips out fairly volatile things, gasoline. it's got everything to do with russia invading ukraine, there is nothing we can do about that. that's a part of the price people around the world have to pay for putin's bad actions. but we do hope. i think there is some hope inflation will come down. the question is whether it will come down quickly or slowly. there is a bunch that the administration can do, things like reducing tariffs and the like. really with we will see whether the work we did over the past decade, the fed wanted to believe it can consistently deliver inflation. if it convinces people of that that is in off to create the self fulfilling prophecy. they expect low inflation, it will create low inflation. >> we learned that 4.5 million workers quit their job in march. is the job market good enough for people who may not be satisfied with what they are currently doing and want to
10:37 am
change jobs? >> look. we're on the cusp of hitting the unemployment rate at the lowest rate in half a century. so the job market is a lot better. it's not all the way to good. there are still people on the fringes. one of the most important things we can do in the economy is as we drive the leg market further and further and reduce that unemployment rate, we start to bring people back into the labor market who suffer a traditional lift from the sidelines. we're starting to see a little of that now. when economists talk about a soft landing, it's let's try to submit in the gains we've made so far and hopefully avoid a recession or anything to cause broader problems. >> thank you so much. attacked on stage. a man with a knife tackling dave chappelle. what we are learning about this assault on chappelle as he performed atat the h hollywood .
10:38 am
>> >
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cnn has just obtained this video showing the moment after man tackled comedienne dave chappelle during a show last night at the hollywood bowl. here you see several people chasing this now 23-year-old suspect we have learned around stage.
10:43 am
police say the man was armed with a knife. cnn's stephanie elam is joining us from los angeles. what more are you learning about all this? >> yeah, it's kind of a bizarre scene there. what we do know is this 23-year-old man has been arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. not only was it a knife? it looked like a replica handgun. that brings into question how he could even get in with this since he had to go through metal detectors and you had to have your bags opened and checked. when you see that and this person was able to rush up on the stage bringing into question a lot of things. this is all a part of netflix' festival. netflix is a joke. they're a festival they were holding at the hollywood bowl. so there were a lot of comediennes there. one there believe it or not is chris ok. if you take a look at some of the video there, you can see what he says.
10:44 am
>> so all of this happening as chappelle was finishing up his set, calling all the comediennes back on stage to have that moment together before going onto the musical acts that would come on after him. that part still happened. the music at the end of the night still happened. of all the places where chris rock ended up being twice in this one year is noteworthy, obviously, questions about security keep coming up. people wonder how safe are artists if they are on stage and if anyone can access them. >> stephanie elam, thank you for your reporting. now to the bizarre case of an alabama corrections officer accused of hurting a murder suspect escape. a short time ago, rick singleton explained how deputy vicky white
10:45 am
and inmate casey white had a special relationship. >> when we receive inmates from the weekends over the weekend, there was a relationship. by special, they were saying he was getting special treatment, privileges, extra food on his tray vicky white was saying that others weren't getting. that's what he says. >> they says the moment the pair left the jail, that patrol car was abandoned, ryan young is in floerns, alabama. in that parking lot, ryan, you spoke to someone who saw the officer, an inmate in the car together, what did you learn? >> yeah, well you know, she was well known in this community. when someone saw her drive by, they didn't think twice about it even with a suspect in the backseat. even waved at her a couple times before she reached this location. this is a shopping plaza like any other, behind us in the last
10:46 am
parking spot is where the get away car was parked. we talked to a city councilmember who says he was filming a video and saw vic which white coming in his direction, they waved at each other twice. they had an exchange. he never thought anything of it until he talked to his wife and figured out what was going on. take a look at the city councilman talk about that strange encounter. >> most criminals in his capacity are great conmen. i think he continued her. she sold her soul to the devil. i hope she is safe and i am sorry she traded 25 years of protecting for probably 25 years of serving. >> reporter: as you can imagine, this is the talk of this entire area. everyone is thinking about this man 6'7," over 280 pounds, the idea that he can still be on the
10:47 am
run. this was planned out. the car was waiting here 3 miles away from the jail. everyone is asking questions, how could this happen? at the same time, the marshall is working all these leads and tips, but that big question is, when they find out the facts, she sold her house in the days before, she was going to retire as of friday. the sheriff told me today these two probably met back in 2020s and maintained some sort of relationship and when he got transferred back in, maybe his plans started to unfold. they're working out all the details on this, this obviously is such a big conversation. not only across the country. but especially here in this town. >> five days on the run and ryan we are now hearing from the ex-girlfriend of casey white. what can you tell us about what we are learning from her? >> reporter: well, when you think about this, everyone has been making jokes about part of this and the manhunt. right? when you listen to this former victim.
10:48 am
the fact that she was an ex-girlfriend of casey. he terrorized her. almost killed her. in effect, she actually testified in court about the terror she felt. her family moved away from the state to start a new life. especially after he was convicted of the crimes he committed against her. as everyone makes this story, it's heart breaking for her he is on the run and she offer as little advice to vicki. she says, you got to get away as quickly as possible. >> ryan young. thank you. up next, what parents need to know about a massive baby formula recall. stay right there. i'll pick this one up. i earn 3% cash back on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. so, it's not a problem at all. you guys aren't gonna give me the fake billight? humor me. where is my wallet?
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a baby formula recall has some parents scrambling, similar l similac is one of the most popular baby formulas, but it's been pulled from the shelves after four babies were hospitalized and two died. the fda is still trying to determine what went wrong. cnn's senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen joins us now. elizabeth, what are you learning about this recall, and what can parents do? >> anna, what we're learning is that parents are feeling really frustrated and unable to find the formulas that they want because of the recall and because of supply chain shortage, so what we're hearing from parents is, look, some of our children -- maybe your babies were like this when they were little, they like formula and other ones make their little bellies hurt. so let's take a listen from joy green. she's a mom in ohio. her baby is 5-month-old weston. >> it's been scary to like walk down the aisles and see empty shelves and, honestly, not be able to find the exact formula
10:54 am
that we need. we have been trying different off brands, store brands, things like that, and some of them he's tolerating okay, and some of them he's not, but really, it's just been overwhelming and scary. >> so this recall has been of lots of certain similac formulas. they're made by abbott nutrition. let's take a look at what abbott says they're doing to alleviate the situation. they're increasing production at other manufacturing sites besides the one in michigan where there has been this investigation. they're air shipping formula from a manufacturing site in ireland, and they're releasing some specialty formulas, formulas for children with very specific metabolic disorders on a case by case basis. as far as what parents can do on similac's website they have a finder where you put in your zip code. you put in exactly what brand you're looking for because similac has many brands, and it will tell you where you can find it, you know, near you. >> it's stressful enough being a
10:55 am
first-time parent for a lot of these families and not being able to know exactly what to do when it comes to just nourishing your child is extra stressful. elizabeth, thank you for that reporting. important information obviously. that does it for me today, thank you so much for joining us. i'll see you back here tomorrow, same time, same place. until then you can always join me on twitter at ana cabrera. the news continues with victor blackwell after the break. have a great afternoon. here we go... remember, mom's a kayak denier, so please don't bring it up. bring what up, kayak?
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this is cnn breaking news. hello, i'm victor blackwell. welcome to "cnn newsroom" alisyn is off. the federal reserve is expected to announce an interest rate hike. the question is by how much. the decision will affect millions of american families and businesses, and it comes as inflation stands at a 40-year high. earlier, president biden says his administration is on track to reduce the national deficit by what he called a record amount. he said that would combat inflation. cnn white house correspondent arlette saenz joins me now. the president wanted to fill out the economic picture ahead of this announcement. tell us more about what he said. >> reporter: president biden really has been leaning into this idea of deficit reduction in recent weeks. the president is


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