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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  May 4, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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it's ironic earlier in his set, dave chappelle was joking about having to increase security at his house after somebody was hanging around and shouting at him from the street. a spokesperson for chappelle tells cnn he refuses to let this overshadow the magic of his shows here at the hollywood bowl. wolf in >> nick watt, thank you very much. and to our viewers, thanks for watching. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next, ukraine gaining momentum tonight, reclaiming crucial ground. while in mariupol, the clock is ticking to save the hundreds holed up in a steel plant. and new audio of kevin mccarthy talking about using the 25th amendment to remove president trump from office, just after january 6th. and the man hunt for a corrections officer and a murder suspect expanding. authorities are tracking leads in several states, as we learn
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new details how they got away. let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, ukraine pushing back hard. they are retaking a crucial village near vital russian supply lines in the northern kharkiv region. troops were seen placing a flag on a building 13 miles southeast of the ukraine-russia border. >> the russian supply lines that run through that area are crucial for the russian advance in ukraine. the yellow on the map showing where ukraine now says it's mounted counteroffensives and pushed russia back. look at all those areas in yellow. still, russia does continue its campaign of terror and destruction across ukraine. we have new video tonight of the destruction and fight for ukrainian town in the east. the video appears to have taken by a russian military drone and
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posted on a pro russian site. you see russian soldiers hunting down the ukrainians, they're throwing grenades, shooting guns, all of this visible. the ukrainians were then captured, surrounded by russians. it is unclear when this video was taken, but it's very clear what's happening in it. and today, in ukraine's donetsk area, part of donbas, a russian strike killed and wounded a number of civilians waiting for a bus. more civilians lost their lives. and in mariupol, the heart of the battle, hundreds of civilians remain trapped in that steel plant. tlanld's heavy fighting there tonight. massive plumes of smoke coming from the plant. this is video from officials in a russian controlled area. this is what they're putting out. the mayor of mariupol essentially concurs, he says that plant is being assaulted from all directions with tanks, by planes, and by ship. we'll have much more on this in just a moment. it is a crucial part of the
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russian attack. first, i want to go to kyiv, where sara sidner is "outfront." what is the latest on the ground and what are you learning about what's happening inside that plant, which i think it's safe to say, these next hours and days, we are going to see the fate of the people there. >> reporter: that's right. it's truly terrifying for them. they have been cowering in fear for months. there are, according to the mayor of mariupol, about 100 people, including 30 children who are still inside the cavernous part of that plant, underneath the ground, hearing strikes over and over again, wondering if they're going to die. and now, news from a commander, a ukrainian commander who is there, says that there are now battles inside that plant, that the russian soldiers have breached it. as he said, the enemy is inside the plant. and there are battles being waged as we speak.
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>> translator: our brave boys are defending this fortress, but it's really hard. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: a grueling, bloody battle as russian forces try to extinguish the last pocket of ukrainian fighters holed up in mariupol's steel plant. tanks moving in, a barrage of explosions from the air. a couple thousand russian forces are still in the devastated city. russia's defense minister claims putin's forces have blocked the ukrainian fighters, cornered in the plant. the ukrainian foreign minister says the plant still holds, despite the relentless russian attacks. "outfront" spoke to one of the ukrainian commanders inside the plant on monday. at the time, he spoke about their fight. >> translator: we will be fighting as long as it is needed, despite extremely
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difficult conditions. >> reporter: according to the mayor of mariupol, there are still hundreds of civilians inside that plant, including 30 children. and tonight, ukraine's president volodymyr zelenskyy, in a private phone call, was urging the u.n. secretary-general to help save the lives of the people who remain in danger. and for those who have managed to escape, young see it in their faces just how difficult it has been. little food, no matter, none of life's essentials. a far cry from the way things used to be. >> translator: this one girl said, young start your life on a new page. but i don't want to. my previous pages were so clean and light. i want to go back to my pages and i know that it's impossible. >> reporter: while the grinding assault continues, a different story is being told in russia. a state tv host returning to the air after visiting mariupol. the man known to many as the voice of putin, claims those
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remaining in mariupol don't want russia to leave. propaganda, plain and simple. we know that people did want to leave, because we have now seen about 100 or more people who have been evacuated from there in the past 24 hours. we have heard some devastating stories, mothers with babies, who are trying to figure out how to get a little bit of warm water for their babies, using candles to do that. and others who have been in complete darkness for months. not a lot of food, no water. it's been a horrible time for those there. and the commander who is there, the ukrainian commander says these people need help. do whatever young do to get them out. erin? >> sara, thank you very much. i want to go now to amanda slope, and i appreciate your time. so what is the assessment right
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now from the united states on how much longer ukraine can hold that crucial steel plant? >> reporter: it's a deeply tragic situation there, as we have been seeing in the images now. our thoughts and prayers are certainly with everyone there, and the united states very focused on continuing to do everything we can to support ukraine, continuing to surge assistant to the ukrainian forces who are fighting in mariupol, continuing to surge humanitarian assistance as well, both inside ukraine, as well as to neighboring countries to do what we can to get much-needed aid to the people. and continuing to work with our allies and partners to urge russia to allow access to those civilians who have humanitarian needs who are seeking to plea the conflict and who desperately need help. >> i want to ask you about some of that aid in a moment. but first, today, the spokesperson for vladamir putin and the kremlin said there's no
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chance, he was categorical, no chance that putin will declare war against ukraine on may 9th, which is a crucial day in russia, the so-called victory day to honor world war ii. u.s. and other officials told cnn that putin was likely to do that, to formally declare war, which would enable him to have a draft and mass conscription. has the u.s. changed their assessment on putin's plans? >> it's difficult to take the russians at their word. in some ways whether or not they declare war is irrelevant. russia has been launching a campaign of violence against ukraine for the last 2 1/2 months. it's impossible not to look at the images you just showed on the screen and conclude that this is anything other than a war that russia is launching against ukraine. the broader point i would make on victory in europe day, this is not just a holiday that is significant to russia. this holiday it's important to remember is celebrated across europe as a time when the united
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states came together with europeans, including the former soviet union with russia and ukraine part of that, to liberate europe from the scourge of fascism and the nazis during world war ii. >> so at this point, what is the u.s. assessment? what do you expect from putin on russia's victory day holiday on may 9? >> i'm not going to speculate on what putin's motives are. as you said, the russian messaging on this has been very contradictory. the united states position will remain the same as it's been for the last 2 1/2 months, which is to continue to support ukraine, including through the pro-fission of security assistance, humanitarian and economic assistance, to enable them to continue defending themselves against russia's unprovoked aggression. >> now i want to talk about the aid and ask you about the situation on the military side. a senior u.s. military official said 90% of the howitzers the
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u.s. pledged are in ukrainian hands and 65% of the ammunition to go with them are also in ukraine. have you seen a measurable change in ukraine's capabilities as a result of u.s. weapons? >> i think that ukraine has had a tremendous amount of success on the battlefield over the last 2 1/2 months. the united states has been giving ukraine security assistance before the war started to strengthen their defensive posture, and we have been surging assistance to them literally every single day since the war began. as the war has evolved on the ground, as ukraine's security assistance needs have evolved on the ground, we have adjusted the types of equipment and ammunition and support that we are giving to them. and i think you're seeing the results of this, given the success that the ukrainians have been able to have in terms of defending their country against russia's assault. this was seen, of course, motor notefully in kyiv, where we saw the russians pull back from
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their approach quite significantly, and they have prevented the russians from achieving their primary objective of dominating the entire country. >> so, so, obviously it's important that the weapons, you know, as the u.s. sees it, have been significant. but the russian defense minister said today moscow now considers equipment coming in from nato, anybody else, the u.s., as a legitimate target. so if it come ss into ukraine, they say it's legitimate to strike it. the pentagon spokesperson john kirby said russian forces are attempting to hit critical infrastructure targets out in the west where the aid is coming in. that is how they come in. we've seen these strikes on rail lines. now they're seeing vehicles and convoys are legitimate targets. do you have how many american weapons have been lost already in these strikes? >> i don't have an assessment of that. we have continued to provide ukraine with the security
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assistance that they requested. we have continued to work with our allies and partners, and as this conflict continues to evolve in the weeks ahead, we're going to continue to assure that we are getting ukraine the equipment and ammunition they need to continue fighting on the battlefield. >> amanda sloat, thank you very much, senior director for europe on the white house national scowl. next, we'll return to a small village just outside kyiv to hear from the ukrainian soldiers who pushed back putin's forces and saved the capital. >> here in these woods in this town, it was infantry versus infantry. close proximity fighting. plus, new audio of minority leader kevin mccarthy discussing the removal of trump from office. >> what the president did is atrocious and totally wrong. >> images just released of a weapon used to attack comedian dave chappelle while he was on
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claiming the capital. matt rivers is "outfront." >> reporter: outgoing fire from a frozen foxhole. not far from the flaming pieces of an exploding armored vehicle. as the quiet still of a nighttime bunker is shattered by what the soldier says was a direct hit right nearby. this is what happened in the tiny town just northwest of ukraine's capital city. it was here as much as anywhere else that the battle of kyiv was won. by early march, russian forces had flooded south, ukraine's seat of power in its sights. it arrived just west there, occupying that entire area. the irpin river, the only thing between them and the town where ukraine would make its stand. is it strange to just walk through this area now, you know, when it's safe? he says, what's strange was being here when all hell broke
4:18 pm
loose. three ukrainian soldiers who fought here took us around. they said relentless artillery rained down. there was little they could do but wait it out. just listen to this video taken by a soldier. [ explosions ] so they dug this trench here just across the river from russian positions to take cover from things like this. so this is spent ordnance, a rocket fired from a russian attack helicopter here on the ukrainian position. thinking they would soften the town, the russians decided it was time to strike, with this bridge destroyed, they built a pontoon bridge here and started sending special forces troops across the river. across the river, the ukrainians waited, some seen here, ready to fight back. street battles raged. homes were shredded. houses now with so many bullet
4:19 pm
holes like freckles on a face. the russians actually took part of the town. but that success would be short-lived because the woods were up next. the town is surrounded by dense pine forests. the perfect area for ukraine to stop an advance. video shows ukrainian troops lined up in neatly dug positions. and russian troops would quickly come under heavy fire. video shows the results, multiple dead russian soldiers in the snow. that body was found right there, and there were several other russian soldiers that were killed right in this area, including this soldier, whose body armor is still left behind. this was not artillery unit versus artillery unit. here in these woods in this town, it was infantry versus infantry. close proximity fighting. as sounds of explosions ripple around them, ukrainian soldiers race toward an unseen enemy, carrying between them what is likely the kind of weapon that
4:20 pm
could do something like this. ukrainian drones captured the destruction of russian armor, sitting ducks on the lone road through the trees. here on the ground, young still see the remnants of two dest dest destroyed armored personnel carriers. the body parts of the soldiers inside still litter the area. some 500 russian soldiers and 40 armored vehicles made their way into this part of the forest. if they were able to continue and get through, it could have changed the tide of the entire war. the town sits only about three miles from kyiv's city limits. ukrainian troops tell us had the russians broke through, thousands of russian troops just across the river would have made an all-out push into kyiv. but a fierce ukrainian counterattack turned the battle around quickly. soldiers going house to house, retaking the town, even destroying the pontoon bridge
4:21 pm
russia used to bring soldiers across. ukrainian forces also stripping what they could from the better supplied russian soldiers. he says they suffered heavy losses here, even though they dominated us in aircraft and drones and 10-1 in artillery. for these three soldiers, the victory in the battle of kyiv is something the world should have seen coming. should the rest of the world have been surprised? "our army turned out to be one of the best in the world, and nobody was more surprised than the russians," adding one more thing in english. >> [ bleep ], the biggest surprise. >> reporter: just one day after we spoke to those soldiers, we got word that all three of them had shipped out to join the fighting in the east. a very clear reminder that this war goes on. erin? >> thank you very much. and next, minority leader kevin mccarthy, new audio from days after the riots, heard discussing the 25th amendment as
4:22 pm
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tonight, new leaked audio of house minority leader kevin mccarthy, revealing he discussed the possible use of the 25th amendment to remove then president trump from office for trump's role in the insurrection. >> i think the options cited by the democrats so far are the
4:27 pm
25th amendment, which is not exactly an elegant option. >> that takes too long, too. that could go back to the house. >> correct. >> audio of that call obtained by the new york times is revealing a lot more about what mccarthy said. so ryan, amazing, because obviously he had no idea that these were being recorded. what else are we hearing in mccarthy's own words? >> well, what is so fascinating about this audio, erin, is just how blunt the house minority leader was about the former president's conduct in the time after january 6th. and he seemed to agree that there needed to be some sort of mechanism to remove him from office, but he wasn't sure that
4:28 pm
there would be enough time to do it, or if there was a path that would do it in an artful enough way to make it easy for the country to move past this. listen to this other piece of audio where he discusses other options on the table. >> reporter: so what's remarkable about these comments, it's pretty different than what we saw from kevin mccarthy in the days leading after january 6th. of course, he did go to the house there are and condemn the
4:29 pm
former president, but that was brief. after that, he was a forceful defender of the president throughout the impeachment trial and the days after. this shows behind closed doors he recognized how serious the situation was, that he was upset with the way the president conducted himself, and he believed that he needed to be held accountable. obviously, his public actions after the fact were dramatically different. >> ryan, thank you. so i want to go to scott jennings, senior adviser to mitch mcconnell and a special assistant to president george bush and keisha lance bottoms, former democratic mayor of m atlanta. "the new york times" says mccarthy met with trump three hours at mar lar go, and trump kept referring to him as the speaker. these tapes keep coming out with him saying these horrible things
4:30 pm
about trump. it seems okay so far. i mean, can the relationship withstand this continued assault? >> not only can it, it already is. obviously, these tapes have come out and kevin mccarthy moved quickly to solidify his relationship with donald trump. whatever you think of his comments and the tapes and the aftermath of january 6th, kevin mccarthy has done what he needs to do to keep perhaps his most important person happy, and that's donald trump. donald trump is issuing a number of endorsements to key house republicans who are winning their primaries. he had a good record in ohio just this week. kevin mccarthy has been instrumental in getting those endorsements done. one thick that's driving the unity between mccarthy and trump is the idea that republicans are on the cusp of retaking the house and the senate and maybe even the white house, and there's broad recognition in all corners of the party that unity is the most important thing, and
4:31 pm
everybody is doing what they can do to maintain it. >> who knows what role this abortion ruling will play in that, that's given democrats some hope. but mayor bottoms, kevin mccarthy, you know, every time these tapes come out, does this do anything for democrats or not? does it help them? >> yes, it reminds us of the courage that we were looking for from republican leaders after january 6th. if only he had been that courageous to speak up and speak out about what we saw, what we witnessed on january 6th. and you asked scott this question, will this last? i will be very surprised if this lasts. we know that donald trump will take a public position and change his mind often in the same sentence. so i will be stunned if his support continues, especially in light of the fact that each day we hear more and more.
4:32 pm
i just wish that kevin mccarthy had been that courageous to speak publicly after january 6th. it would have sent a tremendous signal to the country that our democracy is more important than the theatrics of one man. and it's unfortunate that it's coming out this way. >> so scott, all of this context is president widen said today in the leaked draft opinion that would overturn roe v. wade, here is what he said. >> what are the next things to be attacked? because this maga crowd is the most extreme political organization that's existed in american history. >> okay, so he said it. and by the way, a few minutes before he had said this. >> senator rick scott of florida, united states senator, who is leading the republican
4:33 pm
national senate committee, released what he calls the ultramaga agenda. it's a maga agenda all right. let me tell you about this agenda. it's extreme, as most maga things are. >> so scott, does that have any sort of impact? obviously it's not going to get anybody in maga to look in the mirror and feel differently about themselves. but does it inspire them still more? >> look, republicans are chomping at the bit to vote. if you look at republican turnout in the ohio primary this week, it was up massively over the last several primaries. you can't keep republicans out of the ballot box, because they're so excited to send a message to joe biden. if i were in joe biden's position, i would be throwing this against the wall too, because you want anything other than what we're going to get, which is a referendum on his job approval. the cnn poll, his job approval is low, approval on the economy is low.
4:34 pm
the table top issues that are killing american families and his responsibility for it, that's what we're going to have a referendum on in november, and he's trying to distract from that. >> i want to ask you a quick follow there, to this point about maga. what happens in a place like ohio where you have a, you know, a moderate, very blue collar appealing democrat now in tim ryan, ryan against as maga as it gets, right? you're saying republicans there, the mitt romney type republicans are going to pull the lever for j.d. vance? >> yeah, i do. i think republicans are going to walk in and pull the lever for vance and a lot of other republican candidates because they are desperate to send a message to joe biden. mr. ryan is going to try to run away from joe biden. i heard him trying already. you'll see democrats all over the country trying ining to pr they never heard of joe biden. but ultimately these midterms
4:35 pm
for presidents are referendums on their job approval, and joe biden is in rough shape and i don't see how it gets better. >> mayor bottoms, scott say thing as a republican. but do you think that when you have these choices of maga versus a moderate democrat, that those republicans, that they're going to come in and all pick the maga, do you have that fear? >> no, absolutely not, and what we know is that when there is a poll done, it's a snapshot. it is about that moment in time. there's a lot of space between now and november. and what we do know, with this opinion that will come down from the supreme court, you are going to bring people out to the polls who otherwise don't normally vote in a midterm election. you are going to have independent voters who will turn out in places like georgia and express their opinion about this decision from the supreme court
4:36 pm
at the ballot box. and i think this will bode well for democrats. >> scott, do you have that fear? obviously, we're in the heat of the moment on that abortion decision, but the decision itself is going to come out, and it's going to motivate a lot of people on the left, right? people who are passionate single issue voters. they're going to vote now. >> yeah. i don't really fear this. i look at the empirical evidence that we have on the abortion issue. democrats in virginia in the fall tried to make the entire gubernatorial about maga, and abortion. glenn youngkin won by 2%. so a blue state went republican after democrats attempted to do what joe biden is saying is their campaign strategy today. i do think it boils the waerts, but i think if you're an abortion voter, you're probably already voting democrat.
4:37 pm
so republicans are as energized as i've ever seen them. and this ruling energizes our party, too. republicans i know are pretty excited about what donald trump and mitch mcconnell's court may produce here. so this thing cuts both ways. >> thank you both very much. i appreciate your time. next, the fed hiking interest rates for the first time, are you ready for this? they haven't hiked interest rates in more than 20 years. they're doing it to tame inflation. will it work? >> inflation, getting that in order the most important thing we can do for this economy. and authorities on a man hunt for a corrections officer and murder suspect. we have new evidence.
4:38 pm
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new tonight, the federal reserve raising interest rates by half a percentage point. the biggest hike in more than two decades. and jerome powell saying the aggressive move is intended to try to curve inflation, the worst inflation in the united states in 40 years. they're saying it can be done without risking a recession. that is counter to what many
4:42 pm
major economists say. but we'll see. it comes as joe biden is touting his administration's effort to cut more than a trillion dollars from the deficit to combat infl inflation. so jim, the market surged after powell said further rate hikes weren't being actively considered. okay, so i know a lot of people thought it would just keep going up and up and up. but do you think that was the right thing to say okay, we're just going to do this half a percentage and indicate we're all done here, everything is good, inflation will be under control? >> well, yeah, he did -- chairman powell gave an inconsistent message. he's worried about inflation. he talked about the importance of inflation. and then he talked about how the fed was going to continue to raise rates through the rest of the year. but not at an aggressive point of three quarters of a percent
4:43 pm
as some in the market like to think. so he kind of said we're very concerned about inflation, but on the other hand, we're not going to take aggressive, aggressive action to combat it. and the market shared that idea that he wasn't going to take that very aggressive action in a rally. >> there have been concerns about a deep recession. we're hearing about stagflation from the '70s. there's a real fear. and today, senator joe manchin said in his view, it is not going to be abortion that drives the polls, the midterms. here's what he said would be. >> inflation is the number one driving factor, i believe in my state right now. it's hurting everybody. at the pump, at the grocery store, at the drugstore. >> when you look at it economically, do you think inflation will be the number one
4:44 pm
issue come the midterms? is this problem going to remain as bad as it is right now? >> yeah, there's evidence that the inflation would very well peak in the next few months. so it won't get worse. but the real question is not does it peak, but how fast does it come back down? and more and more the evidence is looking like not very fast. it's going to stick around at elevated levels. senator manchin is right, that inflation affects 100% of us. every single one of us is affected by inflation. other issues, it might only impact a small percentage of the population. but inflation is something which we found in the '70s really does get under everybody's skin, because it goes to everybody. so if it doesn't come down fast, and the evidence is that used car prices and airline tickets and a lot of the things that have been driving it higher, are still staying up. then yeah, the good news is, it might not get worse than 8.5%,
4:45 pm
but if we expect it to go back down to 2%, 3%, that might take a while. >> 8.5% is where we stay, that is a devastating number. jim, thank you very much. next, the manhunt heating up for an alabama corrections officer and the inmate with whom she has a "special relationship." and we're learning the name of the man who attacked comedian dave chappelle on stage. whoa. get 2.49% apr financing on the 2022 rx 450 hybrid all-wheel drive. finally. our honeymoon. it took awhile, but at least we got a great deal on our hotel with kayak. i was afraid we wouldn't go.. with our divce and.... great divorce guys. yeah... search 100s of travel sites at once. kayak. search one and done.
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a landscaper. a hunter. because you didn't settle for ordinary. same goes for your equipment. versatile, powerful, durable kubota equipment. more goes into it. so you get more out of it. tonight, cnn learning officers are following leads in several states, as they search for inmate casey white and alabama corrections officer, vicky white. they are not related. the pair have been on the run for six days now together, and the sheriff is releasing new details about their romantic relationship and how they got away. amar walker is out front. >> reporter: correction officer vicky white's patrol car, seen here on surveillance friday morning. less than ten minutes after she
4:50 pm
escorted casey white shackled and handcuffed at the lauderdale county detention center and drove off. authorities say they were headed here, to the florence square shopping center nearby, where her get away car was parked, a 2007 copper colored ford edge authorities say she purchased and parked here the night before amidst the line of used cars for sale. >> we had a witness that saw it there because he was looking for the car for sale, noticed it wasn't for sale and didn't have a for sale sign on it, which he thought was unusual. and when the news broke that the patrol car was found here. >> reporter: more evidence indicates the plan was planned in advance. she sold her house two weeks prior for just over 9 # thousand dollar, well below market value.
4:51 pm
she moved in next door to live with her mother who told cnn off camera that she had no idea what was about to happen and that she just wants her daughter to come home alive. the sheriff says the special relationship between 56-year-old vicky white and 38-year-old casey white, who was awaiting trial on capital murder charges, may have started in 2020, while he was serving a 75 year prison sentence for a series of crimes including a 2015 home invasion. the two are not related. >> we know there was communication between the two other than when they were at work. we think there was a connection there. >> reporter: a romantic connection? >> yeah. >> reporter: and sheriff singleton had these words of advice for the veteran connections officer. >> vicky, you've seen this scenario play out more than once, and you know how it always ends. >> reporter: vicky white was set to retire, her last day was
4:52 pm
supposed to be the same day as the escape. chris conley worked with vicky nearly every day for those 17 years and described her as the most reliable person at the jail. >> i would trust her with my life. i really would. i thought that much of her. while the u.s. marshal service says the two are dangerous and could be armed with an ar-15 and a shotgun, a warning from a woman in hiding after she says she was targeted by casey white in that home invasion. >> if she is still alive, get the hell out. run, run, run as far as you can. >> this is just incredible. i can't believe it. just that she would throw it all away on that last day. this is like a movie script. i know you're learning that investigators are facing a major setback in the massive manhunt. what happened? >> reporter: well, erin, it's been quite a frustrating situation for them. the sheriff tells me they spent
4:53 pm
basically all weekend trying to pinpoint this get away car. they got help from a witness that confirmed the edge suv was the get away car. so, they sent out a be on the lookout. it was one unnamed police agency that inadvertently posted on social media the sensitive information about this get away car. so, now the assumption is that the car has been abandoned by the two. they're probably in another get away car. and as the sheriff put it, this puts the investigation back to square one. >> it's unbelievable, the entire story. amara, thank you very much. and next, new details just coming in about the man who attacked comedian dave chappelle during a standup set. the memories thehey create. or the spin they initiate. otezla. it's a choicice you can make. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, you can achieve clearer skin.
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4:58 pm
of the man charged with attacking comedian dave chappelle on stage in los angeles. police say she is 23 isaiah lee. you see him in the video rushing the stage with a knife. stephanie e long is out front. >> reporter: comedian dave chappelle attacked on stage while performing at the hollywood bowl during the netflix is a joke festival. video taken just moments after the assault shows the alleged attacker being subdued, as a shocked audience looks on. cnn's rachel crane was sitting near the front row. >> out of nowhere, a gentleman jumps up from the audience and tackles dave chappelle. the thing that caught my eye immediately was that the gentleman was wearing a backpack. that's what got me scared. my mind immediately went to, this man is wearing a bomb. it was quite scary.
4:59 pm
>> reporter: the suspect, a 23-year-old man, was armed with a knife made to look like a replica hand gun. he was take ton the hospital for treatment and was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. cnn has reached out to the hollywood bowl for comment. netflix said, we strongly defend the right of standup comedians to perform on stage without fear of violence. and in a statement to cnn, a representative for chappelle said in part that the comedian refuses to allow last night's incident to overshadow the magic of this historic moment. a celebratory chappelle returned to the stage, alongside jamie foxx and chris rock, who used the moment to make light of his own recent on-stage assault at the academy awards. >> was that will smith? >> reporter: police say chappelle was not hurt, but the attack of a superstar comedian, the second in just a month, raises questions about security concerns and safety for performers. >> it felt like an eternity
5:00 pm
before the security got there and intervened. in actuality i'm sure it was just a few seconds, but it was a very charged moment and everybody -- there were gasps, screams -- not crazy screams but -- everyone was very alarmed by what had just happened. >> and, erin, the representative for chappelle called this incident unsettling and unfortunate and also said that the comedian is cooperating with the police investigation. erin? >> bethany, thank you so much. >> bethany, thank you so much. "ac 360" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- good evening. there are multiple breaking news stories to tell you about, including a new report just published from the "new york times" that says the u.s. is providing intelligence that has helped ukrainians to target and kill many of the russian generals who have died in action in ukraine. now, cnn has not confirmed the story, but one of the reporters from "the times" will join us shortly. a second night of protests across the united states. the aftershocks of that leaked draft supreme cour