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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  May 5, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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we are listening to ukrainian soldiers singing a battle hymn. video we are getting of troops holding out underground. they are singing, it is wsweete for us to die in battle than live in chains. russia has said they would open up humanitarian corridors but they are continuing to fire. ukrainian troops have retaken another village in the northern region of kharkiv.
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>> the russians are not letting up. this drone footage shows the devastation of air strikes from a small town. overnight, six people were injured. at least three buildings significantly damaged including a kindergarten. you are right there. what are you hearing. >> we heard missile strikes this morning. this is the result of them. trees decapitated by the blast.
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this building behind me now in ruins was pumping the sewage station. it could not have been big enough to hold any military assets they've been digging out the sewage plant the effort being made has been felt. ripping through th e buildings
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probably similar to what happened here, they are waiting here. those wounded and dead atrocities. this was not impact that came from an aircraft. this was missile to missile. not from a rocket but a guided missile. it was really more a deliberate act it may be a possibility that
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they could achieve some kind of a victory and advance at some point. they believe they could advance and come in from the east. they've had moderate success around kharkiv. part of the campaign. pound the civilian area into submission and overtake the ashes. >> making that point. assuming that is a missile strike. they are dialing in the c coordinates. >> we spoke to a retired army leader who said he is surprised
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how poorly the russians are doing with this. >> both sides are relatively evenly matched. that's why you've got this back and forth. ukrainians are firing back. the russians inching towards, close to overrunning several sides of the river. that has been key will they stop thei r advance spotting that more
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in time that would give them the tactical edge and deliver the advantage. cruise-type missiles and the less sophisticated that can be shot down with american, israeli technology. over the week, the russians will step up this campaign. the still will step up their lead. that is something russians have been supplied for and some sort of paper tiger. a bunch of boasting about hyper
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missiles. on the ground as ukrainians have. >> what they've done. this is a tried and tested tactic. simple and effective. here we are four days before this day in moscow with all kinds of questions of what president putin will announce on that day. thank you for that report. stay safe, my friend. >> you menksed the generals.
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it is believed likely u.s. intelligence has been used to help forces kill russian generals we are we should mention the white house just responded to this, right? >> a response that we do not provide intelligence with intent to kill. >> let's bring in retired general for more on this. that is not the intent but, hey, here is the intel. do what you like. >> one of the big things with the report is that it is very precisioned, targete d stuff also
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allowing them to keep russians from moving forward at least at the moment in the east right here. the intelligence is helping quite a bit making it easier for the russians to achieve their goals and basically to keep the status quo as they roll back the russians as much as possible. >> we are hearing it is likely to use intelligence in this effort to take out ukrainian generals.
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there is some dispute how much of an impact has that had on that fight on the ukrainian side. that is essentially at a stand-still. as the russians move forward just to make it region specific in these towns, these areas, those areas right there are wear the russian generals come forward. they basically command from the front. that's what they pride themselves on.
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on the one hand. they are being brave from the front and what they are going to do. their command and control procedures are really lax in the sense that they don't trust the lower es lone, they can't do what they need to do in order to take advantage of tactical opportunities. russians are a command centric culture that is really stopped when they start killing generals like this. >> they end up in harm's way because of this. thank you for that. >> president biden says the maga crowd is the most extreme political group in recent history. republican congressman trying to explain away new video that shows him in bed with another man. that comes next.
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with a 2-year price guarantee. call today. what's widely understood as the attempt to sharpen the president's midterm messaging. biden is taking aim at what he calls the maga agenda. >> what happens if you have a state changing the law saying that children who are lgbtq can't be in classrooms with other children. is that legit under the way the decision is written? what are the next things that are going to be attacked? because this maga crowd is
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really the most extreme political group in recent american history. >> i think he's trying to put donald trump on the ballot. republicans hold no secret about that. the party of the incumbent election usually loses seats factor in the border and response. i think abortion might be that response. they are road testing themes to see some traction.
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>> he wants to recreate that. he is not on the ballot. he's trying to put trump top of mind. that's the way i see it. >> do you think there's any fallout from that when hillary clinton called the base deplorable. >> that backfired. you remember, there was maerch t the time of people declaring they are part of the deplorables. it is time now in the spring where the president and his team is seeing that. where if the president and his
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team are overturned where might this lead? questions whether that is a motivator. >> one number i believe in my state hurting everybody not just at the pump but in the grocery store, the drugstore. inflation and getting our house in order is the most important thing we can do. >> he said inflation, not abortion in west virginia. >> i thinks that probably right. seeing the polling whether majority who would rather lead roe v. wade in place whether
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that's a passion issue. i think of carver, it is the economy stupid. and that joe manchin is probably correct. >> seen that as a galvanizing factor. >> fencing around the supreme court building by way of one example. people are very hot about this issue. when p it comes out presumably will i next month, there will be so much time between then, summer and fall campaign. it is just impossible to tell. >> thank you for your time
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there. catch michael's show. thank you. new this morning, madison cawthorn. the freshman congressman discussing a video of him acting crass with a friend in a bedroom while not wearing any clothing at all. >> this is a shocking video appearing to show the congressman completely naked. notably this is put out by an option group working to defeat the congressman in the upcoming primary. the congressman pushing back and trying to down play the video. he admitted it is him in the video. he says it is crass and happened a few years ago with a friend.
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his tweet says, quote, a new hit against me just dropped. years ago, in this video, i was being crass with a friend trying to be funny acting foolish. that's it. i told you it will be a drip, drip campaign. blackmail won't win. we will. just last month, he was cited for trying to bring a loaded gun in a carry on. and launching saying republicans were inviting him to orgies and doing cocaine in front of him. he was reprimanded.
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he was told, you need to get your act together. his primary is less than two weeks away on the 17th. >> a new cnn poll is revealing of american's view of president biden's then handling of the economy. and the inmate and officer who may have helped him escape. we'll speak to a colleague of that officer who spoke with her the day before they went missing. stay tuned. message, or video, all in thehe same app. oh... hey bonnie, i didn't see you there. ♪ ringcentral ♪ finding the perfect project manager isn't easy. but, at upwork, we found him. he's iadelaide between his color-coordinated icky note collection and the cute boxed lunch we have ever seen. betweand you can find himated right now on when the world is your workforce, finding the perfect project manager,
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american's view of the state of the economy is the worst that it has been in a decade. a majority of u.s. adults say president biden's policies have hurt the economy.
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8 in 10 they aren't do enough to combat. and as the feds raise interest rates. quite a move there. thank you for being with us at such a critical time on the economy here. you are looking at this poll. we are seeing this. 23% of the americans are rating the economic condition in the u.s. even some what good. down from 30% in december. quite a dip here. is he out of touch? >> not at all.
4:29 am
that is very much embedded in these polls. in many cases, you post much higher numbers. we have a couple of things going on. households experiencing extreme discomfort. something the president is acutely attuned to regarding inflation we have households hitting this. we have an unemployment rate higher than before the pandemic. you have to look at what we are doing. easing these pressures on the supply chain, precipitation
4:30 am
agenda. lowering drug costs. we have to push on this as hard as we can. that's the dispatch of the president. >> looking at numbers on decrease of cost was joe manchin right about the impact of spending on inflation. >> understanding inflation, let's look at a couple of things. let's look at europe the last reading over there was 7.5%. an historic high as well. we are seeing the pressures across the globe. putin's price hike is in the mix
4:31 am
now you have to ask yourself what did we get for this spending. evictions hardly decreased at all. with he saw more evictions household in much better shape. we saw child poverty actually going up. >> you said europe's inflation wasn't as high as ours so was manchin right? >> with this point that u.s. spending was somehow responsible for this. i could have cited canada or mexico, their rates are almost the same as ours. if you look at international
4:32 am
comparisons, you'll find inflationary mercedess everywhere. what did we all have in common? the pandemic. the pandemic had impacts on supply chains. supply contains and people's ability to work. with all of these polling and inflationary pressures with which we are acutely aware if you look at the job market and household savings. we are approaching this moment from a position of strength. >> americans don't feel good. can you tell the american people
4:33 am
that we are not headed to a recession? >> i can tell the american people we are much better positioned when it comes to that recession question than any other advanced economy than i have seen. >> so you can't rule it out is what i'm hearing? >> hold on. you can't rule anything out. let me make the point. key here is less about forecasting possibilities. what are we actually doing concretely. picked off a lot of positive indicators of the economy approaching the position of strength the president talks about it every time we speak. we are under marching orders every time from this president.
4:34 am
we have done so at the ports. 90, 92% since the pandemic. in some areas, we have the record. that is the most important message to communicate. we understand this challenge. we are doing everything we can to meet it. >> it does make sense why i'm asking you about this. if it stands, what effect do you expect it will be on women participating in the work force and in the economy? >> that's such an important question and one we probably haven't heard in the last couple
4:35 am
of days. research that really establishes causation asks this very question. when you deny access to reproductive rights in question, in particular, abortion rights to women. they have per sistently worse impact on women when it comes to losing a job, household, earnings, education, mat earnal health. all of those indicators are significantly damaged when we restrict access to abortion. again, some of our highest quality research finds it. and the effects are most pernicious for women of color. it is a justice issue, liberty issue, health issue first and
4:36 am
foremost. but also at its core here an economic issue particularly for younger women and women of color. >> do you expect red state woz take a bigger hit economically? >> certainly, i would expect the cost to women who don't have access to an abortion. again, we are looking at a different inner quality dynamic. if you are a wealthy person in the place of access. you can get yourself to a place you can access an abortion. if you don't have those resources. showing, your financial decisions, education
4:37 am
opportunity, financial. family formation all of these will fall most severely to act if roe should come down. >> thank you so much. really appreciate you being here. >> my pleasure. following the news out of mariupol where intense attacks continue on the bee sieged steel plant. the latest on evacuations ahead. the ukrainian nurse who lost both of her legs as a result of this war is sharing her first dance with her husband thahat video has gone viral. lemons. lemons.
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brazil's president is taking aim at hollywood stars urging young people. now calling out actor dicaprio with claims about the amazon rain forest. >> brazilian president and dicaprio butting heads again. the actor tweeted, what happens in brazil and the amazon in ththe upcoming election matters to us all. >> the president there disagrees. accuses leo of special foreign interests. he p ended the rant with saying,
4:43 am
good job. nasa astronaut handing over the ceremonial key to the russian cosmonaut. this type of exchange happens all the time but this one with added significance given the current tension in the war in ukraine. saying this partnership continues uninterrupted. he said, i quote, the lasting legacy of this space station is very likely to be international cooperation and a place of peace. >> in jerusalem. after a flurry of angry condemnations following the russian foreign minister's
4:44 am
anti-semetic remarks. russia allows to strike iranian-backed targets in syria. as some media reporting israeli officials plan to send more defense equipment to ukraine, they don't believe despite the tangles, israel will start changing its russia policy. >> despite the russia bombardment, there are daily signs of strength. a nurse who lost both of her legs in a blast a few weeks ago is another study of those overcoming the odds. she shares her first dance with her husband in this video. with what is just an incredible story. >> really amazing. these newly weds are just 23
4:45 am
years old. most 23-year-old's feel like they have all their life to live. this bride quickly lost both legs and four fingers, he realized there is no time to take anything for granted. >> an unusual first dance. newly weds. viral because the 23-year-old bride is recovering from having both legs amputated. just over a month since she stepped on a land mine in her home town. [speaking foreign language ]
4:46 am
>> she and her news husband victor have been together since they were teens. they have two children together. marriage was always in. mirage was always in the plan some day but after the blast, they decided now would have to do with a small ceremony. [speaking foreign language ] >> the video taken by a friend who posted it online. shares and row poetedreposted a
4:47 am
the world. >> she'll need a lot more strength. current treatment in lviv, their kids are staying with their grandparents in a different country for the foreseeable future. >> how has it been for your kids? [speaking foreign language ] >> why do your kids make you so emotional? [speaking foreign language ]
4:48 am
>> if a few days, he will take her to germany to be fitted for prosthetics. soon he hopes they'll walk down the aisle. they are already planning a formal church wedding with friends and family. until then, they hope people will take a lesson from their story. [speaking foreign language ] now victor says the wedding was his way of making sure he knew she knew he was committed to her no matter what. a much more practical reason.
4:49 am
the pair had to get married in order for him to accompany her to germany to get those prosthetics. as you know now, fighting aged men are not allowed to leave ukraine. >> that's an a mamazing story. grab your life because life is a beautiful thing she said. >> so rare we hear about these positive things. we hear about the war. it will end some is day. but these lives have impacted forever. >> and the mines. a very real threat. if you are on the roads in some is places. i've heard people in traffic jams and maybe want to wander off and people yelling them, get off the road.
4:50 am
you can dnot do that. it is a huge danger of people losing limbs. >> it is horrible. >> our thanks for that rare good news story amid this horrible war. now come home, that's what a colleague is saying for a inmate who was charged with murder. that colleague wanting her to turn herself in. why one comedian is calling the dave chappelle attack the beginning of the end of comedy. i need a lawn...quick. the fast way to bring it up to speed...
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paralee wharton elder, lupe gonzalez, mary sawyers, margaret ross. there's a lot of life that she lived. who are the strong women in your family? godaddy payments offers fast and secure payments for customers at the lowest transaction fees. so you can keep more of the money you make and continue to grow your business. if you've got it, we've got you. start today at it has now been nearly a week since alabama corrections officer vicki white and inmate casey white, they're not related, they went missing though. and there is still in sign of them. vicki is now the subject of an active arrest warrant for allegedly permitting or facilitating the escape of an inmate, casey white. but the people who knew her and worked closely with her says that this comes as a complete
4:55 am
and utter shock. joining us now is someone who says he did work with vicki for 17 years, lauderdale county district attorney chris connolly. thank you for joining us this morning. as i mentioned, it has been a week. what more do we know about this search, how is it going? >> yeah, we have got state and federal and local authorities all working night and day to try to capture these folks. >> do we have any sense of where they might be going? >> you know, we don't. and i'm not -- i'm the prosecutor, so i'm not all in the middle of what they're doing, but i just know they're working very hard to capture them. >> how many forces are out there, how many officers are out there? what size of a search is it for casey and vicki white, again, not related? >> i can't give you a number. i mean, i just know they're here working at the courthouse, they're out in the field working
4:56 am
and they're tirelessly working to try to bring these people in. >> are there any indications about the nature of their relationship between these two individuals? >> you know, our sheriff has categorized it a special relationship and that's based on i think inmates they talked to, as well as some independent corroboration they've got of that. >> what is your sense? do you believe it was a romantic relationship? >> you know, i'm beginning to believe, i never would have thought that in a million years, such a shock that she's involved in this. and it is just stunning. >> can you tell us what kind of access she had to casey white, how much she was around him, how a relationship might have developed? >> well, he was in and out of our jail since the charge was made of capital murder. so she was a co-director at the
4:57 am
jail. so she had whatever access she had. she had unfettered access to him. he's not in a cell by himself, he's in a dorm type cell. so -- >> and i understand that when he went back to his state prison, that she continued to stay in touch with him. >> i mean, that's what the sheriff is saying now, yes. >> we're hearing friends saying that, you know, this is a total shock. they say that they believe she didn't act alone, that, you know, there must have been someone else involved. is there any indication of that? do you think someone else could have helped her? >> i don't think there is any indication of that. she was a long time trusted employee at our jail. and she just exploited the system. and, you know, really misused the trust and the credibility
4:58 am
that she had gained over the years as a great employee. and that's why it's so shocking. >> you've known her for around two decades, i understand. what more can you tell us about her, but also how she was in her job. >> professionally she was the most solid person, you know. we got great staff at the jail. and she was solid. she wasn't a big talker. but, you know, if we needed something here at the courthouse, she was somebody we could call and she could make those kind of things happen. she was just a solid employee. again, that's why i -- myself and everybody else that knows her are just shocked by this. >> and one of the things that people are pointing to, to indicate she might have been complicit in this, is that she recently sold her home and not only sold her home, but sold it for well below asking price, and then filed for retirement as well. how suspicious do you think that
4:59 am
is? >> clearly lots of planning went into this. she exploited the transport system that friday. our jail vans to bring inmates for hearings, she waited until 9 a :30 and indicated she was going to take him to the courthouse for a mental evaluation. total lie. she exploited the system. >> mr. connolly, in case vicki white is watching this right now, what would you say to her? >> you know, i would hope she would come home. i think she's in danger. so i would say come home. >> all right. chris connolly, we have to do leave it there. thank you so much for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> all right. "new day" continues right now.
5:00 am
and a very good morning to our viewers here in the united states and around the world, it is thursday, may 5th. i'm alex marquardt with brianna keilar this morning. john berman is off. thank you so much for having me. >> great to have you here. >> good to be back. if there is hell in the world, right now it is inside the last ukrainian stronghold in the southeastern ukrainian city of mariupol. that is from a ukrainian official as battles rage inside the azovstal plant after the russian forces breached the compound. you see the extraordinary images, they reveal what hundreds of women, children and the elderly have had to endure for the past two months. a terrifying nonstop russian bombardment. ♪ you're listening there to ukrainian forces singing the battle hymn of


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