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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 5, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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civilians trapped inside. the united nations says it's hard to know exactly how many remain, but they are trying to send help. >> the convoy is proceeding to get to azovstal by tomorrow morning. hopefully, to receive those civilians remaining in that bleak hell that they have inhabited for so many weeks and months and taken back to safety. >> reporter: on thursday, putin promised for safe passage for civilians out of mariupol, and the kremlin denied an assault on azovstal. but as russian forces besiege the city, ukrainian troops say it's a final holdout for mariupol's last defenders as the enemy closes in. a bitter fight for a city that's vital for putin's war effort in ukraine. full control over mariupol completes a russian controlled land corridor between its mainland and russian controlled crimea. it also means russian access to
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the port city'sco export hubs on the black sea. a major wblow to ukraine. inside the azovstal steel plant, ukrainian forces singing a battle hymn. ♪ ♪ "it's sweeter to die in battle than to live in chains as slaves," they chant. prepared to fight for mariupol and ukraine until the bitter end. that evacuation mission is underway, but he didn't want to say more until he has good news to report. he says despite the involvement of the united nations and the red cross, the russians are constantly changing their agreements and their conditions for evacuations, which means the success of the operation, jake, is hardly a guarantee. >> scott mcclain reporting for us from ukraine. the kremlin spokesman dismissed reports that the
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russian army has broken into the steel plant into mariupol. cnn's matthew chance is live in moscow, where we should note the kremlin has imposed strict laws regarding how russia's presence in ukraine is allowed to be described. mat matthew, what exactly is he saying today? >> reporter: yeah, they're also making it clear through laws that have been passed in this country that if you spread what the kremlin regards as fake news, that can be criminal and can result in prosecution. what the kremlin is saying is that it is fake news. that the russians had broken through into the azovstal steel factory and tried to storm it. the kremlin spokesman saying earlier today that the order had been given by vladamir putin, the commander in chief of the russian armed forces, not to storm the azovstal factory because of the people inside. and that order, the kremlin
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spokesman said, still stands. and so a categorical denial on the part of the kremlin, that that kind of military action has taken place. they also say, and i think this was referred to earlier by scott, that the humanitarian corridors that have been agreed between the russians and ukrainians, the russians are saying that those corridors are open and available for civilians inside that steel factory to make their way out into safety, although of course it's very difficult to independently verify the actual situation on the ground, jake. >> earlier today, putin had a call with israeli prime minister after russia's foreign minister said hitler had jewish blood, that's a proven false claim and something israel condemned. israeli officials claimed that putin apologized. what is the kremlin saying?
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>> reporter: president putin had apologized for that. they said the list of topics between president putin and the israeli premiere have been sent out to the public.
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in bhoetoth russia and vladamir putin telling the israeli prime minister that it was 40% of the jews that were killed by nazi germany were from the soviet union. that's the figure put out in his -- the read out from the kremlin about that telephone conversation. again, no reference to an apology, jake. >> matthew chance in moscow for us. thank you so much. here to discuss all of this, the former minister of economy for the ukraine and he's the president of kyiv's school of economics. timothy, thank you for joining us. for our american audience,
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mariupol is about the size of minneapolis. it's in a strategic location that would allow russia to create a land bridge through ukraine to kremlin controlled crimea, which it annexed and seized in 2014. that is one of the reasons why russia has been so focused on mariupol. explain how important mariupol is to ukraine's economy and why. >> you are correct. this is a strategic location, which connects the east of ukraine with crimea. and that would allow russia to establish a corridor. it also is one of the major ports for ukraine, now unfortunately it's not functional any more, regardless of what is going to happen with mariupol in the next weeks and months. but it was a major source for experts, however ukraine has transformed to adapt it to the environment in the east of
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ukraine, and now most of the experts are going through odesa. >> in addition to the tens of thousands of innocents that russians have killed, they have cut off power lines, water lines, destroyed bridges to mariupol. when it comes to infrastructure, what is the most critical need that ukraine has right now? >> russian troops or attacks are trying to target railroads and roads. and also a few depots and oil refineries or making logistics most difficult, cutting -- disrupting the supply lines. that's i think the critical infrastructure. more recently, over the last several days, they have targeted targeting energy infrastructure, including the departments related to the railroad. so they are going after that energy and logistical
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infrastructure. >> the kyiv school of economics where you're the president says right now that russia's invasion of ukraine is causing damage to ukraine's infrastructure at the cost of $4.5 billion a week. how damaging is that? >> the total direct loss is about $92 billion. and the indirect loss is estimated at $500 to $600 billion. to put it into perspective, the numbers we were seeing from syria of direct loss was in the area of $45 billion. so it's already much more significant than other wars that have recently been happening. >> yeah. and just to put that in perspective, $600 billion, that's almost four times ukraine's gross domestic product. is ukraine going to be able to
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rebuild? >> with the support of the international community, yes. further more, it has to be done in a very systemic and very well designed manner. otherwise, it is going to be a major challenge. >> finally, you still advise the ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy on economic policy. what is his biggest concern right now when it comes to economic policy? >> well, my understanding is the president is focused on the war, but he's both focusing and giving priorities on maintaining the operations of the economy. and that's fiscal. that's gas, energy, food, that's payment, including social payments, as well as thinking forward about how the reconstruction process will happen after the war, and how it should be going already in the
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areas which are under the control of the ukrainian troops. >> timothy mylovanov, thank you. coming up, he survived being injured in the battle of mariupol, only to be held captive in russia. how he was used as a pawn in putin's war. the latest skacandal for congressman hawthorne. the republican's respoponse, ne. (burke) safe drivers save money with farmemers. (bystander)) just for driving safely? (burke) it's a farmers policy perk. get farmers and you could get a safe driver discount simply for having a clean driving record for three years. (driver 3) come on! (driver 1) after you. (driver 2) after you. (drivers 1 and 2) safety first! (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪we are farmers.bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum♪
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back in our world, ukrainian officials estimate 20,000 ci n killed in mariupol since the attack began. much of the city has been leveled and ukrainians are struggling to evacuate
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civilians. nick paton walsh sat down wi one soldier who was fighting for mariupol before russia held him for prisoner. >> reporter: this is how his war ends. but if you told him he was lucky, hold probably agree. he fought for mariupol in the other steel factory since the war began. put tourniquets on friends,felt the heat of russian tanks lasting his building from just meters away. he survived. but only just. here, after 17 days as a wounded prisoner in russia. >> translator: very often when i close my eyes, i see that moment when the tank was firing at me, and my side getting injured. on the day of my injury, one of my boys, a machine gunner, was killed. every time it's personal. every time i heard it over the walkie-talkie, or in person that someone was dead, it would conjure memories of him. >> reporter: his mind also in
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pieces, left grappling with fragments of the worst fighting in europe for decades. >> translator: you know, there's a point when the brain accepts it. seeing the phosphorous missiles, seeing aviation flying in. when this became normal, that was scary. we learned how to fall asleep with this accompaniment. instead, it maim scary to fall asleep in the silence. >> reporter: two moments haunt him here. >> translator: the first time i used tourniquets on my friend, and the second scene is this, we saw aviation destroying whole hangars. watching a huge hangar have nothing left in just seconds. this has been engraved on my memory. >> reporter: wounded on april 10th. when he regained consciousness, he was not where he thought he was. >> translator: the first time i found out i was held captive is when we were inside an
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ambulance. me and another guy with similar injuries. he asked, are you ours? and he replied, it is unclear who you mean by ours now. they said i was under the guard of the ministry of state security of the separatist dpr. but it was scarier when i got to the hospital. i was told by a russian soldier, you'll have to forget you're kr -- your ukrainian, you have to ask for help in russian now. >> reporter: they kept him alive so they could exchange him for their own. >> translator: there were two of us bedridden. so we had to be fed by nurses. so they would say, because of you, my son got killed. i tried to be understanding, but they were accusing us of things we never did. and we had russian news read to us all the time, in the morning and evening. that was a lot of pressure on the mind. a distortion of reality.
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>> reporter: april the 27th, the exchange happened, and he was put on a plane. his pelvis crushed, his lower jaw broken, brain concussed. but he can still feel his legs. >> translator: and i also have problem with my eyes, because of constant bright flashes and dust. so at first, they were glazed. then they opened. for now, i still can't see with my left, and my right only silhouettes. my body was broken, but not my spirit. my doctor says i should be able to put on sneakers by autumn. >> reporter: while the world's focus is on azovstal, that fighting across mariupol has raged for months, many bodies still lying sadly where they fell. but to his point during his interview with us was to point out while we heard multiple reports and seen images of how russian soldier's bodies where
2:19 pm
been left where they fell in the battlefield, that ukraine, in his opinion, has done everything they can to rescue him and his colleagues where they have fallen, as well. jake? >> nick paton walsh, thank you so much. a controversial immigration policy is set to expire with predictions of a massive migrant surge. can the biden administration handle it? we have brand new cnn polling to share next. and two republican congressman giving the gop brand new headaches, including one who is running up a massive travel bill all on your dime. stay with us.
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this is cnn breaking news. >> we have breaking news for you now in our politics lead. a new cnn poll gauging immigration. zeroing in on title 42, the trump era pandemic policy that the biden administration plans to let expire may 23rd. title 42 allowed border agents to send migrants at the border back to their home countries using the pandemic as justification for preventing these migrants from claiming asylum. let's bring in david chalian. many republicans and we should note democrats have asked the biden administration to rethink letting this policy expire, and from this poll it appears they're not alone. >> especially democrats in tough re-election races, jake. take a look. overall here in this poll conducted for us here at cnn, 57% of americans in this poll say no, now is not the right
2:25 pm
time to end title 42. only 43% say yes. so the ending of title 42 is not where a majority of the country is. look at this by party affiliation. 83% of republicans now is not the time to end title 42. that you would expect. 52% of independents are in that space. so, again, that critical middle of the electorate. and about a third of democrats. you were mentioning, some have been vocal about this, about a third say not is not the time. but young see why this number here puts the president in a political bind. >> one of the issues we hear from democrats is the biden administration doesn't have a plan for what happens when title 42 ends. how do americans feel? do they think that the biden administration is prepared to handle this influx of more migrants who may try to cross and who will not be able to be sent out quickly? >> in a word, no.
2:26 pm
there's not much confidence at all. 74% say not confident that the biden administration is prepared to hand this will expected influx of migrants. only 26% say yes. and take a look here when you break it up by party, when you ask how confident are you that the administration can handle this, if you add up, 52% of democrats feeling the administration can handle it, but look down here. not too confident, not at all confident, add that up, that's 47% of democrats. so democrats are split, while republicans overwhelmingly have no confidence in the administration on this. >> that's stunning, the democratic number there. this poll asks if americans believe the situation at the border is a crisis. what do the results show? >> not as high of a crisis as we have seen in the past. 68% say yes, it's a crisis. last year in april, it was 78%. in june of 2019, it was 74%. so if the influx that is
2:27 pm
expected happens, you might expect to see that 68% number go up. i just want to show you this other finding that we asked, just to get a sense of where the country is on whether or not they think central americans seeking asylum should be able to do so. 74% of democrats say yes, they favor allowing central americans seeking asylum. 59% of independents say yes. only a third of republicans say yes, but it's worth noting, a majority of americans think the higher priority should be limiting the number of people entering the country. >> thank you so much. let's discuss. your reaction to one of the top line numbers there? 74% of americans polled say they are not confident that the biden administration is prepared to handle more migrants another the border. it was almost 50% of democrats say they're not confident. >> i think that explains what we have seen from particularly those swing state democrats up for re-election. they haven't backed the pibiden administration on this issue.
2:28 pm
i remember senator warnock not agreeing with this decision. i think these numbers show us why. you have a significant number of democrats who themselves are wary. if we can go back to the primary. this was an issue democrats have had consistently. they were much more comfortable saying what the trump administration was doing wrong on immigration, rather than providing an affirmative plan for what the biden administration or what democrats would do quickly. this is still an outgrowth and we're seeing a grassroots sense of some say that the administration does not seem fully prepared on this issue. that will be something to watch out for. >> phil, senator mark kelly from arizona, a democrat up for re-election, called out the biden administration saying they don't have a plan for this influx when title 42 expires in 2 1/2 weeks. how do democrats say, send us back to washington, keep us in control in the senate and the white house and the house if the american people have so little confidence of the government to do basics like this? >> well, i think the latter question is the broad question
2:29 pm
for the democrats in the midterms. a lot of the reasons you see the numbers in the lack of confidence in the biden administration is they have demonstrated to the american people they ought not to have confidence in them. when we talk about the influx once title 42 is repealed, the biden administration is getting hammered for the numbers of people coming to the border, even though a lot of those people are removed from the country. those numbers are inflated by title 42. if you go to the dhs numbers, they eject a lot of people out of the country who come right back. so the biden administration realized they're not going to have a political win, because they're still taking a hit because of apprehensions each month at the border. the question is, are the facilities in the united states to hand it will people? and that's where the rubber hits the road. >> and there's this issue of comprehensive immigration reform
2:30 pm
that the biden administration decided not to put any skin in the game. republican congressman madison hawthorne is in a tough re-election campaign. another day, another video of him doing something. this one, he's dug up by an opposition group, showing him naked in bed with a colleague or cousin or friend or something. the 26-year-old says in the video that he was being crass with a friend, acting foolish. tough to disagree with the crass part of that. this does add to a list of recent incidents involving him. but i have to say, are republicans going after him because they object to his politics, his policies, the fact that he keeps getting arrested, trying to bring a gun on a plane, his maga embrace, or just because a few months ago he said that republicansed a invited him to orgies and kor cain parties?
2:31 pm
>> it would seem what brought us to him was not objectionable. we have seen a turning point where people have been sitting on damaging piece of information after damaging piece of information, he's trying to say it's the past. but he's young, who is crass and youthful behavior was years ago. it's going to be hard to walk away from that. but they are timing it to this re-election. this opposition has been dumping because they want to see him removed. they want the voters to do what the leadership has not been able to do. that's not certain. we don't know -- he night be able to come out of this and look back at the republican establishment and say hey, i'm still here. >> he blamed it on indiscretions in his early 20s. he's 26. do you think that this is because of the cocaine allegation that he made to like some podcaster or something he
2:32 pm
had been invited to orgies by republicans? >> i want to go a little different here. i just filed a piece on this. i think in part that he is a young guy that is very online. he grew up -- i mean, he was 3 when google was founded. he's had -- iphones have been out more than half of his life. so he grew up where you're taking pictures, sharing videos. that doesn't excuse all these allegations. but he's a young guy in an institution where the average age is 58 years old. we're in this moment where young people have not entered the halls of power and part of that tension is this. >> but those videos have been with these folks for a while. >> so another issue, cnn reviewed a new report that raises questions about republican paul gosar of arizona. he spent more than $1 million on
2:33 pm
travel. that's more than any other house member in the past five years. he's on the house oversight committee and notes on his website, i will continue to cut wasteful federal spending wherever i can. his office denies misusing necessary funds. is this another republican that could hurt republican chances or no, he's -- >> he's done so many embarrassing things. he's immersed himself in the mag au caucus with matt gates and so on. so he's getting invited to places because he's been so hard right on this stuff. he's been tiptoeing with white nationalists, right? if that's not going to hurt you, i don't know what will. >> i agree. this is someone who has made their name off of this stuff, who used congress as a launching pad to go to these different maces that's why we see that high travel budget that was in his district a couple years ago, something called trump stock. >> i remember that.
2:34 pm
>> and it was next to people talking openly racist things. this is a sitting congressman that spoke at that event. if those things don't hurt him, i don't think a travel budget will. >> probably not. thanks to both of you. coming up, sailor suicides. and other mysterious deaths of crew members aboard a u.s. aircraft carrier. stay with us. is really y smart. it senses s your movement and automatically adjusts to help keep you bothh comfortable all night. it's also temperature balancining, so you stay cool. it's so smart it knows exactly how long, how well, and when you slept. sleep number takes care of the science, all you have to do is sleep. and now, save $500 on the sleep number 360 c4 smart bed, queen now only $1,299. lowest price ever! only for a limited time. to learn more, go to
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in our operations. and aiming to protect millions of acres of land. so we can all live better. in our national lead, the u.s. navy taking extraordinary measures in response to a very troubling series of deaths, including three suicides in the space of one week, and at least four suicides total among the crew of the aircraft carrier "uss george washington." cnn's pentagon correspondent oren lieberman went to virginia where more than 200 crew members are being allowed to move off the ship and some are describing just horrible conditions aboard
2:39 pm
it. >> reporter: for nearly five years, the "uss george washington" has been here at the news port news shipyard. the ship needs fixing in more ways than one. current and former crew members who spoke with cnn say the nuclear powered aircraft carrier was never ready for sailors, and the environment on board was unlivable. these images from the ship provided to cnn show the conditions on board. these videos of broken washing machine flooding compartments, a bathroom in disrepair. cnn was unable to board, but sailors say this was the norm. one sailor who wanted to remain anonymous told us about power outages, and the food -- >> they just run out of food. if they had anything left, if you're lucky, it would be a cereal thing or one little chicken leg that may or may not be undercooked. >> what happened when you tried to flag these issues with your
2:40 pm
superiors? >> absolutely nothing. >> reporter: on facebook, former sailor jacob grela said he was so happy when he found out he was asigned to the carrier. but soon he says, weekend trips home became an escape. with a year left on the ship, he tried to make an appointment with the ship psychologist, only to find out it was a six-month wait. >> i tried to tell my leadership this is -- this could be a reason why these deaths are occurring. >> what did they say? >> i was met with the same negative feedback. >> reporter: the navy says seven sailors on the ship have died, at least four by suicide. sailors say the navy broumt in mental health resources after three occurred in one week in april. one sailor who died by suicide was xavier sander, who was just a year out of high school. his father says he will always
2:41 pm
be the family hero. >> he loved his job, he did his 12-hour shifts, and how do you sleep on an aircraft carrier with jackhammering and smoke and smells during the day? so he would sleep in his car. it's just awful. no sailor should have even been living on that ship in those conditions. >> reporter: the master chief petty officer of the navy, the branch's top enlisted sailor, came here a couple of weeks ago to speak with the sailors on board. the message he later said in a statement was to hear the difficulties and the challenges those sailors face. but sailors who were there that spoke with cnn say the underlying message was, get used to it, it could be worse. one sailor called the visit laughable and offensive. the navy sent more mental health resources to the team after the latest suicide. an investigation into the suicides is expected to be completed this week. another investigation into the command, climate, and culture
2:42 pm
will take more time. the commander of u.s. naval forces atlantic says they'll look at the quality of life issues. the navy began moving half of those sailors to different accommodations. promising that those who want another place to live will get it. a former george washington sailor who left the navy after his time on the ship called it willful neglect. >> that's something unacceptable, especially with the budget our military has, and the support it's supposed to have behind it. i mean, this isn't afghanistan where you're expecting those circumstances. this is newport news, virginia. >> reporter: the refueling process and the overall process that the ship is going through now was supposed to take four years. as of right now, it will go until at least march of next year, meaning six years. and that, sailors say is part of what has led to these problems, these delays. jake, the reason they decided to come out and talk to us is because they don't want any
2:43 pm
other crew to have to go through these same problems. but they fear with another ship already behind the george washington in the shipyard, other crews may have to go through these challenges that they have faced now for not only months but years. >> oren lieberman, thanks so much. we're joined now by navy veteran and congresswoman elaine laureate, two serves on the homeland security and veterans affairs committees. congresswoman, thank you for joining us. your reaction to what we learned from that rosht, especially the descriptions of the sailors sleeping in his car, another describing willful neglect? >> re >> i had the opportunity to visiting the "george washington" earlier this week. any death is a tragedy, and the fact that there was a string of three of these in close proximity, one has to stop and say there needs to be a deep look at what is happening at this command and other commands.
2:44 pm
i started by writing a letter to the chief of naval operations asking tough questions. what investigation are you doing, when can we expect the results, tell us about these things. we hear phone calls from these sailors who need answers to these questions. i requested to go to the ship and talk to sailors and see the living conditions. i was the executive officer on a ship myself. the xo walks through the berthing compartments, the mess decks, talking to sailors. i wanted to have a time on the ship and hear from the crew. >> and what did they tell you? >> well, you know, the ship environment is incredibly tough. i talked to a lot of junior sailors. this is their first command, the first place they've been in the navy, the only thing they know about the navy. and they're trained for specific skills when they go through boot camp and sign the line to enlist and come in.
2:45 pm
it's understandable they have to spend some time in the shipyard. the ship requires repair and overhaul, but should we be sending them right to that environment? these are lengthy overhauls. it's a refueling of the carrier at the 25 year point to get another 25 years. but this is an isolated place for sailors who don't have cars, the only place they have to live is on the ship. they're very isolated and then put covid on top of that, and then the challenging environmental conditions of an industrial environment to live in. so i talked with the sailors and talked to leadership. one of the things i took away is because this availability of this maintenance period just got extended another 19 months, a decision had been made several months back to move the crew back on board. the leadership clearly said, have we known that it was going to have this extension of another 19 months, in hindsight, i don't think we would have made that decision at the time. so i think that these are
2:46 pm
stressful situations, and many things can add up. there are these friction points for sailors. long working hours, working shift work, being away from home for the first time innen industrial environment. even the situation of the shipyard. some sailors who live off the ship, it takes them two hours to get two and from work in each direction. so there's things we need to look at. i went there as a former officer who served on six different ships but deployed three times on carriers, knowing what the expectation was and what i would see or what i should see, and these questions of like why -- we have eight more carriers to refuel. it's another 40, 50 years we're going to have a ship at that pier being refueled. we should be making investments and making sure that sailors have a quality of life that can be healthy for them and make them more productive sailors and
2:47 pm
have a positive experience. now as a member of congress, i want to ask the question, what investments do we need to be making to make that infrastructure better? >> so last week, you wrote a letter to the chief of naval operations demanding immediate action to ensure the safety of this crew. have you gotten a response? >> i am waiting for a written response, but i have certainly gotten a response from the cno staff, several of them accompanied bealong with the four-star commander to visit the ship. but then i broke off separately, had the opportunity to speak to sailors. i know that a more thorough response with the investigation mentioned will be forthcoming. >> this is a never ending series of complaints about services needing to improve for veterans is. that is is true. this is definitely a challenge and one that i take seriously on my role on those committees. we do have to provide the services, the health care that these veterans and active duty
2:48 pm
service members deserve. they signed the line, they risked their lives in the defense of our country and it is our responsibility to take care of them. i'm going to continue to ask these tough questions and work with my colleagues to make the situation for the crew of the "george washington" and every ship behind them is better. >> congresswoman luria, thank you so much. leads and tips are coming in for the missing corrections officer and the inmate in alabama. what investigators are sharing about the case, coming up. so you should really be focusing on both, and definitely at the same time. sensodyne sensitivity & gum gives us a dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. by brushing with sensodyne sensitivity & gum at home, it's giving you the relief that you need and the control that you need to take care of your oral health. and it creates a healthier environment. there's no question it's something that i would recommend.
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also in our national lead today, an alabama sheriff tells cnn that investigators have some promising leads in the search for an accused killer and the deputy who apparently helped him escape from jail. they have been on the run for nearly a week. cnn's ryan young is in alabama keeping track of the manhunt. >> reporter: as the manhunt enters its seventh day, tips are coming in from several states. investigators widening the search for escaped alabama inmate casey white and corrections officer vicky white, no relation, with reported sightings from florida to kentucky. >> we have several leads we're following up on. some of them look promising. we hope they pan out. >> reporter: their escape was caught on video leaving the correctional facility in a patrol car under the guys of going to the courthouse for a bogus mental health evaluation. then this gas station camera caught the patrol car passing by on its way to a shopping center where the alleged getaway vehicle was parked. a local councilman tells cnn he saw vicky drive by and nothing
2:54 pm
seemed suspicious. >> they drove by slowly. she waved at me nice. >> reporter: here's where the investigation hit a snag. the getaway vehicle description was never supposed to be released to the public. >> that really set us back. we expect they'll change vehicles. >> reporter: investigators are piecing together why they disappeared. clues of a romantic relationship from the inmates who came forward now corroborated with the timeline. >> casey white was in our facility in 2020 for an arraignment hearing. he was moved back to the department of corrections where he was serving 75 years for multiple charges out of limestone county. >> reporter: during that time when he was in state prison, the sheriff says vicky white stayed in touch by phone. he returned to her facility in february awaiting trial appearances and mounting evidence of a methodically planned escape on what was said to be her last day on the job. court documents show that vicky white sold her home two weeks prior for $95,000, well below the current market value of
2:55 pm
$235,000. >> clearly lots of planning went into this. >> reporter: vicky white held a respected position as the assistant director of corrections at the lauderdale county sheriff's office. the county's d.a., who's worked with her for 17 years, is shocked by all of this. >> she was a long-time trusted employee at our jail. she just exploited the system. that's why it's so shocking. >> reporter: and he has a message for her. >> i would hope she would come home. i think she's in danger. i would say come home. >> reporter: jake, we're hoping to get another sort of update from the marshal service. but look at this, this is car number 9. this is the car that helped them escape. this is the one they got into and drove away from that facility in. if you look inside, you can still see a water bottle. investigators say they don't need the evidence from this car because obviously they know who they're looking for. when you're trying to get all the pieces together, jake, anything can help. they're hoping for more calls. >> ryan young, thank you so
2:56 pm
much. you can follow me on facebook, instagram, twitter and the tiktok @jake tapper. you can listen to the lead wherever you get your podcasts. our coverage continues with one mr. wolf blitzer in the situation room after this short break. see you tomorrow. (manny) yeah, that's what i do. (vo) with 5g ultra wideband in many more c cities, you get up to 10 times the speed atat no extra cost. verizon is going ultra, so your business can get more.e. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate to severe eczema
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