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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  May 5, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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a lot of breaking news in the war in ukraine to get to tonight. this video we found today shows the intense violence from russian bombardments that the remaining soldiers and civilians are withstanding at that massive steel plant in mariupol. ukrainians say they've repelled a russian attempt to enter the territory. the russians call that fake news. they claim they haven't tried to take the place, much like vladimir putin claimed two weeks ago in a public event with his defense minister they wouldn't try to enter the area. four days of the symbolic national holiday vladimir putin appears to be looking for a significant victory to show the russian people. he's been awarding medals and honors for russian soldiers. he has also given honors to units that are alleged to have committed war crimes. we have matthew chance in moscow. we'll hear from him in a moment. we start with a prison r e of war, a story of a battle nay steel plant similar to the one we just showed you.
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and in the same city as we just showed you of mariupol. nick paton walsh has more. >> reporter: this is how cliff's war ends, but if you told him he was lucky, he would probably agree. he fought in mariupol since the war began. felt the heat of russian tanks blasting his building if are just meters away. he survived but only just. here after 17 days as a wounded prisoner in russia. >> translator: very often when i close my eyes, i see that moment when the tank was firing at me and my side getting injured. on the day of my injury, one of my boys, a machine gunner, was killed. every time, it's personal. every time, i i heard it over walkie talkie or in person that someone was dead, it would conger memories of him. >> reporter: his mind also in pieces, left grappling with
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fragments of the worst fighting in europe in decades. >> translator: you know there's a point when the brain accepts it, seeing the phosphorous missiles, seeing aviation flying in. when this became normal, that was scary. we learned how to fall asleep with this accompaniment. instead, it became scary to fall asleep in the silence. >> reporter: two moments though haunt him here. >> translator: the first time i used tur used tourniquets on my friend. and the second scene is this. we saw aviation destroying whole hangars. watching a huge hangar have nothing left in just seconds. this has really been engraved on my memory. >> reporter: wounded on april 10th. when he regained consciousness he was not where he thought he was. >> translator: first time i found out i was held captive was when we were inside an ambulance. me and another guy with similar injuries. he asked, are you ours?
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and they replied, it is unclear who you mean by ours now. they said i was under the guard of the ministry of state security of the separatist dpr. but it was scarier when i got to the separatist hospital. i was told by a russian soldier, you have to forget ukrainian now. you will only get help if you ask in russian. >> reporter: the russians kept him alive, he says, so they could exchange him for their own. >> translator: there were two of us bedridden, so we had to be fed by nurses. so, they would say, because of you, my son got killed. i tried to be understanding, but they were accusing us of things we never did. and we had russian news read to us all the time, in the morning and evening. that was a lot of pressure on the mind, a distortion of reality. >> reporter: on april 27th, an exchange happened and he was put on a plane.
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his pelvis crushed, his lower jaw broken, brain con cussed, but he can still feel his legs. >> translator: and i also have problems with my eyes because of constant bright flashes and dust. so, at first they were glazed. then they opened. for now, i still can't see with my left, and my right, only silhouettes. my body was broken, but not my spirit. my doctor says that i would be able to pick any new balance sneakers by autumn. that makes me happy. >> reporter: nick paton walsh, cnn southern ukraine. >> what a story. tonight naftali bennett sai vladimir putin apologized to him. historically discredited claim. matthew chance is live in moscow, where the kremlin imposed strict laws regarding how russia's presence in ukraine is described.
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how did that conversation between bennett and vladimir putin go? >> we've seen the israeli redact of that conversation, in which the israeli prime minister said, look, there was an apology from vladimir putin about those comments made by the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov about anti-semitic comments about how jews are responsible. but the russian readout doesn't mention that apology. i reached out to the kremlin. they haven't answered me. but there's been a comment to russian state media from dmitry peskov, who's vladimir putin's spokesperson, and he just said, look, you know, everything that was discussed was made public. and the stuff that was on there, the readout, they talked about the situation inside ukraine, specifically about the battles
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or whatever to do with the azovstal plant in mariupol. and then they -- president putin congratulated israel on its anniversary of its independence, which was today, and also about the forthcoming victory day celebrations to commemorate the end of the second world war. no mention made whatsoever of any apology. of course it's very embarrassing incident for the russians because israel is a country that is not exactly a russian ally, but it hasn't joined the big sort of international sanctions against russia for its activities in ukraine. for instance like united states has and other countries around the world. >> kremlin spokesman dmitry peskov also held a conference call today. what is russia's official position on the situation at the azovstal steel plant? >> well, they're playing down or denying in fact any suggestion that there is a ferocious battle
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underway for control of that steel plant. they called it fake news, the suggestion that there is fierce fighting underway for control of the azovstal plant. and of course, you know, if you intentionally spread fake news in this country now there are new laws which criminalize it. you can face up to 15 years in jail. but what they say is that, in fact, there's been an order given by president putin not to storm the steel plant. and as the commander in chief, that order of the russian forces, that order still stands. they're also saying from the kremlin, that the humanitarian corridors that the ukrainians have said have not been opened and haven't been allowing civilians to pass through, those humanitarian corridors the russians are saying are open. and it is possible for civilians to escape that area into regions. >> thank you, matthew. perspective now from former u.s. ambassador to ukraine,
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william taylor. ambassador taylor, what are you hearing from your sources in ukraine about the latest in this war? we haven't heard yet -- you know, the u.s. has said that the majority of the howitzers that were sent in by the u.s. are in the country. we haven't heard if they've made it to the battlefield yet. do you know if they have? >> i do, anderson. i have a good friend who is on the front lines occasionally and comes back to the front lines again. and he told me a day and a half ago that he observed these u.s. howitzers in action. and he described how successful they were at great distances. he had described how they took out tanks, several tanks that he watched. you could see these actually happening. so, i am -- yes, the u.s. howitzers are there in action and are being effective. >> i wanted to ask you about the reporting on the targeting of the russian warship last month. sources tell cnn the u.s.
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provided intelligence that helped ukraine strike the ship with cruise missiles. does that level of intelligence sharing surprise you at all? >> it doesn't. it doesn't. intelligence sharing is maybe not as important as these heavy weapons. but it's certainly on the same order of importance. the real time intelligence that allows the ukrainians to combine the information with other sources -- they've got a lot of very good sources, anderson. they have -- they have ways. of course the language is helpful. they have ways that we don't of understanding and getting information about what's going on with the russians. so, they take advantage of what we tell them. other friendly nations, as well. and then they put it together and they make the decisions. >> you've said that if you were running things, you would be giving the ukrainians all the weapons they're asking for. what more do you think they needed at this stage? >> i think they really need the
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anti-air capabilities, whether that's aircraft or whether it's antiaircraft missiles that fire from the ground to a higher altitude. what i hear from this friend of mine in the ukrainian military is that the ground forces are doing very well. they are vulnerable, however, he says, to air strikes. the ukrainian air force is still in the air. it's mostly in the air in the west. the air -- the russian air is able to operate in the east. and that's where they really need the antiaircraft weapons. >> also drones. that seems to be a big emphasis for them. >> it is. and the larger drones that can carry more explosives, the drones, again, like the long-range artillery, enable the ukrainians to engage the russians at a distance. they were able to engage the russians at shorter ranges up in
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the forests, in the swamps north of kyiv. but now that they're on the step, now that they're on the plains, these big fields, that's where they need the drones. that's where they need the intelligence to be able to spot them. and that's where they need the heavy artillery, long-range artillery. >> how do you think -- are negotiations even possible anymore to put a stop to all the bloodshed? you hear from ukrainian officials, you know, and just regular people i was talking to last week when i was there in kyiv, who are saying, you know, after bucha, after the atrocities which we have all witnessed, which the world has seen, it's hard to sit down at a table with people. >> i have asked that exact question a couple of times. and you get the exact answer that you just gave, anderson. that is the people that are perpetrating these war crimes, what joe biden calls genocide, these things we see in bucha and in mariupol, it's hard to
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stomach sitting down with people who are perpetrating these kinds of acts. that said, the ukrainians are -- have been in good faith coming up with ideas. the russians earlier on have not been responsive. they didn't have any authority to make any decisions. so, the ukrainians, we have to take their lead. if they're willing to have these conversations, then fine. but what we are really focused on now, president zelenskyy is really focused on now several stages. and the stages are winning on the battlefield. if they start to win on the battle fooed, continue to win on the battlefield and in the end win on the battlefield, that will be the way to push the russians out. and at that point, the russians may come for the negotiatings yeas. >> ambassador ntaylor, it's goo to talk to you as always. a $300 million trophy in the hunt for russian assets. we'll look at where thissal
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yacht nearly the length of a football field was tracked down. later, as tensions heat up around the supreme court, the chief justice is not hiding his own anger. his first public comments ahead. purchases on youour discover card.
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tonight with little for the u.s. to celebrate as russia tightens its death grip in mariupol, the biden administration is touting one notable triumph, the seizure of yet another notable yacht, this one owned by a russian oligarch. authorities in fiji served a u.s. search warrant after the yacht was found docked there. the u.s. believes it was headed to russia to avoid what happened today. the white house took a victory lap of sorts as it celebrated the takedown. gives us an inside look at the american mission to go after vladimir putin's assets and his wealthiest friends. what is about this boat? >> so, this yacht was seized on thursday in fiji by local authorities at the request of the u.s. they say that this yacht was
6:20 pm
tied to a russian oligarch who made his fortune in gold. they say that he violated numerous laws in the u.s., and that's why they asked the fiji government to seize it. now, this yacht, which is about 350 feet long, with a lot of luxury details on it, will then sail back to the u.s. and dock in undisclosed port. from there, the u.s. department of justice will foot the bill to maintain the value and hope to sell it off. and some of that money could go back to ukraine, anderson. >> you also had the chance to speak the head of justice department who is tracing oligarch assets. how is the search going? >> this is the second yacht they've seized in the two months of operation. i've sat down with the head of task force, andrew adams. he says they're casting a wide net and the number one on their list are all of these oligarchs and russian government officials on the u.s. sanctions list.
6:21 pm
here's what he said. >> so, anyone who is on the sanctions list is potentially a target. >> that's right. and -- and to be even more specific, anyone who's on the sanctions list is not only a target for sanctions evasion, but we are looking at this in a holistic manner. if you are a listed oligarch, if you are a sanctioned entity, our interest is in any charge. if we're talking about sanctions evasion, that's great. if we're talking about money laundering, that will be brought. if we're talking about visa fraud, if we're talking about bank fraud, if we're talking about covid fraud, we'll bring any charge to hand to disrupt the people on that list. >> the biggest name on that list is vladimir putin. what can you tell us that the u.s. knowing about his wealth and where his assets are? >> i can tell you nothing about what the u.s. knows about any particular person. but he is certainly on the list,
6:22 pm
as are, i think, importantly beyond very wealthy, very famous sort of celebrity oligarchs. there are people who are close to the kremlin, who are in the kremlin, people who have a role and have a voice within the russian defense industry, russian defense ministry. >> now, adams says that they are also looking at some other assets, including luxury apartments in new york city and in miami. he also said that they are looking to enforce other laws that would block russia from importing sensitive technologies, particularly for the military. anderson? >> appreciate it. thanks. coming up, chief justice john roberts' first public comment since that leaked opinion that could overturn roe v. wade. psst! psst! flonase all good.
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today, chief justice john roberts made his first public appearance since the unprecedented leak of a draft supreme court opinion that could fundamentally reshape abortion rights in our country. aryan devo joins us with details. what did the chief justice say today? >> he said he thought this leak was absolutely appalling. he said that he thought -- he hoped that one bad apple who had done this wouldn't change the court's perception of the
6:27 pm
court's work force, which he praised. and he said he thought it was really foolish for whoever did this to think it would change the way the court does its business. he can down play this as much as he wants. this was a stunning leak. it came with mississippi's 15-week abortion ban. back in oral arguments in december, it was chief justice john r roberts who seemed to be looking for a middle ground, maybe leave roe in place. that's not at all what we got earlier this week when we saw the leak of the draft opinion. justice samuel alito, he really went for the rafters here. he said that roe v. wade was egregiously wrong. he said that the issue should go back to the states and should be decided there, which is a very bad sign for supporters of abortion rights. and he basically was willing to throw out 50 years of precedent. it was only a draft opinion. it's not final.
6:28 pm
but it was -- it was very broad. today in these comments, roberts didn't talk about the merits of the case, but he said definitively that the leak, for him, was appalling, anderson. >> did he mention anything about the investigation into the leak? >> well, he didn't talk about the investigation. and that's an unusual point because when he announced it earlier this week, he said that it was going to be done by the marshal of the court. now, he could have said maybe to have the fbi look t ait, maybe a private law firm. and that's interesting here is he really wants to keep this within the court. the court really prides itself on its independence. and he seems to think that they can sort it out. some people are skeptical about that. but at the very least, he must feel like he is going to be able to stop this. and that's important because it comes at this really fraught time. justices have stopped hearing oral arguments now, and they're working to finish up the terms, finish up the opinion. they've got the finish the
6:29 pm
second amendment case, religious amendment case. that takes a give and take between chambers, these frank conversations. the fact there is this leak looming over that, it's going to complicate it, right? it makes it all the more difficult. these leaks happen all the time in the political branches. but you really don't see them hardly at all at this supreme court. >> and they meet again in, what, two weeks? >> right. they're on sort of a brief recess right now. and then you're going to see -- well, we won't see them. they're going to have their -- i think it's next thursday -- their closed door conference, where they will talk about some opinions, pending petitions. for sure this will come up. and there will be some conversations because, you know, you can understand how they might feel skeptical, maybe even paranoid after seeing this. i mean, it clearly has a big impact and in a lot of ways the supreme court is the small insular place. >> thank you. just before air i spoke with
6:30 pm
the democratic governor of pennsylvania, tom wolf, who has vowed to defend abortion rights about what can be done if roe is overturned in his state. you vowed to protect abortion rights in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. what specific steps are you taking to do that or can you take? >> well, i'll keep doing what i've been doing throughout my term in office, and that is to keep vetoing any bill that challenges a woman's right to make her own decision. and i will continue to do that up through the end. >> republicans control both chambers of the state legislature. they push for abortion restrictions in the past. how much would a ruling like this, if it indeed turns out to be the official opinion, motivate them in that regard? >> i'm not sure that it's going to motivate them at all. pennsylvania's not one of those 13 states with trigger laws. so, pennsylvanians are safe from
6:31 pm
the consequences of this draft ruling, presumably a ruling. but i think it does reaffirm the importance of the vote. we've got a vote. and as long as i'm governor, pennsylvanians' rights are protected. if people want to protect these rights and continue to protect them, they're going to have to continue to vote for people who veto this kind of bad legislation. >> you only have eight months left in office. are there some executive orders that -- i know some people have asked you about are there executive orders that you can do. >> listen, this is a democracy. and you don't have the right to bound your, or bind your, successors to the things your voters don't want.
6:32 pm
but what i think this ruling argues is elections have consequences. and people have gotten protections for their rights while i've been governor because i was there with my veto pen. if they want to continue with this, they need to make sure that they keep voting for people who, like me, support a woman's right to choose. >> all the republican candidates vying for your job in eight months support banning or eliminating abortion in pennsylvania. do you think that pennsylvanians may not continue to have access to abortion as soon as next year? >> i -- i really don't think that the majority of pennsylvanians really want this fundamental right taken away. i mean, i said this the other day in philadelphia. at the heart of american exceptionalism is the idea that each of us is arbiter of our own destiny. we have that ability. and to have some group of people anywhere say, no, you don't have those rights, you can't be the
6:33 pm
arbiter of your own destiny, that gets to the heart of who we are as americans. i don't believe anybody will go along with that. and if it comes down to that in an election. >> if a republican wins the governorship in pennsylvania given all the candidates either against abortion or for restricting it in some level, you don't think that they would actually go ahead and do that? >> i'm not sure. my predecessor was a republican. he had a republican legislature. they did not pass anti-choice legislation while he was there. i'm not sure this is something that hasn't taken everybody, republicans and democrats, by surprise. now they have to deal with this. this is -- they own this now. and i think it's going to be a bad thing for republicans everywhere, including in pennsylvania. >> governor, i appreciate your time. thank you so much. >> thanks, anderson. justice samuel alito wrote in his draft opinion that,
6:34 pm
quote, roe was egregiously wrong from the start. it's an opinion that summarizes the opinion. >> john roberts said that roe versus wade is the settled law of the land. do you believe it is the settled law of the land? >> roe versus wade is an important precedent of the supreme court. >> reporter: samuel alito seemed to dodge the question of whether roe v wade could be overturned in his confirmation hering in 2006. >> this is the settled law of the land. >> it is precedented -- if settled means it can't be re-examined, then that's one thing. if settled means that it is a -- it is a precedent that is excitaled to star decisis. >> that means to stand by things decided in latin. alito wrote, we have long recognized that starry decisis is not a command and it is at
6:35 pm
its weakest when we interpret the constitution, writing what the final word if this opinion is held by the court. roe and casey must be overruled and the authority to regulate abortion must be returned to the people and their elected representatives. >> i'm pleased to announce my nomination of judge samuel a. alito jr. >> upon his nomination to the supreme court in late 2005, critics questioned alito's commitment to upholding roe. during his confirmation, a 1985 letter he wrote surfaced. it was part of his application to become deputy assistant attorney general during the reagan administration. writing, i am and always have been a conservative. i aam i life long registered republican. and i am particularly proud of my contributions in recent cases in which the government has argued on the supreme court that racial and earth thick quotas should not be allowed and that
6:36 pm
the constitution does not protect a right to abortion. months earlier while working at another position at the justice department, alito outlined in a legal memo, we should make clear that we disagree with roe v. wade and would welcome the opportunity. alito said during his confirmation hearing he would keep an open mind as a justice and put aside what he did as a government lawyer. but flash forward to this past december. justice alito seemed to make his personal views clear during arguments on mississippi's 15-week abortion ban. >> the fetus has an interest in having a life, and that doesn't change, does it, from the point before viability to the point after viability? >> and justice alito does not shy away from taking a stance on hot button issues. at the height of the pandemic, he said covid had ushered in unimaginable restrictions on
6:37 pm
religious liberty. and justice alito has called out critics who have questioned the court's often secretive ways of operating. a number of suicides among the crew of the uss george washington is raising alarm, with hundred of sailors moving off the ship now. saying the living conditions were unlivable and they had a lack of resources and even food. the report is next. that was quick. and rewarding. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited. that means i earn on my bug spray and my sunscreen. you ready to go fishing? i got the bait. i also earn 5% on travel purchased through chase on this rental car. i also earn 5% on that lake calling my name! don't you get seasick? we'll find out! come on. and i earn 3% on dining including takeout. so much for catching our dinner. some people are hunters. some are gatherers. i'm a diner. pow! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee.
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a string of deaths among the crew of the uss george washington aircraft carrier has prompted more than 200 sailors to be repositioned off the ship. according to the navy, multiple crew members died by suicide. the deaths led the navy to open investigation into the suicide and command climate and culture on board. oren liebermann has the story. >> reporter: for nearly five years, the uss george washington
6:42 pm
has been here, at the new port news shipyard. its refuelling and overhaul process delayed multiple times. but the ship needs fixing in more ways than one. current and former crew members who spoke with cnn say the nuclear powers aircraft carrier was never ready for sailors and the environment on board was unlivable. these images provided to cnn show the conditions condition board. a broken washing machine flooding compartments, a bathroom in disrepair. sailors say this was the norm. one sailor who wanted to remain anonymous told us about no hot water, unbearable temperatures and the food. >> it would be if you're lucky, a little cereal or like one little chicken leg that may or may not be undercooked. >> reporter: what happened when you tried to flag these issues to your superiors or when others tried to flag them? >> absolutely nothing.
6:43 pm
>> reporter: on facebook, this former sailor said, he was so freaking happy, when he found out he was assigned to the carrier not far from his home. but soon he says weekend trips home became an escape from the carrier. with a year left, he tried to make an appointment with the ship psychologist, only to find out it was a six-month wait. >> this could be a reason why these deaths are occurring. >> reporter: and what did they say? >> i was met with the same negative feedback. >> reporter: within the last 12 months, the crew of the uss george washington has experienced seven deaths among its members. at least four of those by suicide. sailors say the navy brought in mental health resources after three of those suicides occurred in one week in april. one of those sailors who died by suicide was xavier sander, who was just a year out of high school. his father says he will always be the family hero. >> he loved his job.
6:44 pm
he did his 12-hour shifts. and how do you sleep on an aircraft carrier with jackhammering and smoke and smells during the day? so, he would sleep in his car. it's just awful. no sailor should have even been living on that ship in those conditions. >> reporter: the master chief petty officer of the navy came here to shipyard a couple weeks ago to speak with the sailors on board. the message, he later said in a statement, was to hear the difficulties and the challenges those sailors face. but sailors who were there who spoke with cnn said the underlying message they heard was, get used to it. it could be worse. one sailor called the visit laughable and offensive. the navy sent more mental health resources to the ship following the suicides, including a special intervention team and an additional psychologist. another investigation into the command climate and culture will take more time. the command of u.s. naval air
6:45 pm
force atlantic say they'll look at the quality of life issues, including housing. the navy began moving about half of the sailors to new accommodations, promising those who want another place to live will get it. a former george washington sailor who left the navy after his time on the ship called it willful neglect. >> that's something that's unacceptable. this isn't afghanistan where you're expecting those circumstances. this is new port, vir very. >> oren liebermann joins us now. this is so disturbing. the carrier has been at the shipyard for years. that's part of the problem, the ongoing construction? >> it's part of the issue. this process is supposed to take four years. but the carrier went in about mid-2017. so, it should have been done last year. but there was covid delays and other delays. and now something that should
6:46 pm
have been done early last year is stretching in march 2023 if not longer than that. this means a lot of these young sailors who came in to experience the navy, to see the world, have done nothing but be in a carrier in the shipyards. and that adds to the questions, the issues, and the challenges when it comes to quality of life. in addition to all the work happening on the ship, it's worth pointing out that's why a lot of these sailors chose to speak with us. not only do they want to see a change on their own ship, but they want to make sure no other ship experiences these same challenges and certainly not this same series of suicides they've experienced. and that's a real concern because right behind the uss george washington in the shipyard is the next carrier in line to go through this process. and any more delays with george washington could or theoretically at least lead to delays and that is something they fear too. >> important story.
6:47 pm
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following as aggressively as they can. u.s. marshals reveal details and pictures to try to help identify the fugitives. ryan young has more. >> reporter: newly released pictures show casey white tattoos achbds what vicky white may look like if she change her hair color. >> he does have some tattoos on his chest. we does have a tattoo in between his shoulder blades.
6:52 pm
>> reporter: tichs are flowing in. >> to be quiet honest, all the four corners of the the united states, we have gotten tips. we have to lock at every single one. their quick escape kwas caught n video last friday. this gas station camera caught the patrol car passing by on its way to a shopping center where the alleged get away vehicle was parked. a local councilman tells cnn he saw vicky drive by and nothing seemed suspicious. >> she waved at me twice. the description of the alleged
6:53 pm
get away vehicle was never supposed to be released. >> we suspect they will change vehicles. >> reporter: clues of a romantic relationship. >> casey white was in our f facility in 2020 for an arraign m hearing. he was moved back to the department of corrections where he was serving 75 years. >> reporter: during that time when he was in state prison, vicky white stayed in touch by phone and returned to her facility in february awaiting trial appearances and mounting evidence of planned escape on what was said to be her last day on the job. court documents show she told her home two weeks prior for $95,000. well below the current market value of $235,000. >> clearly lot of planning went into this. >> reporter: vicky white held a respected position.
6:54 pm
the da who worked with her for 17 years is shocked by all of this. >> she was a long time trusted employee at our jail and she just exploited the system. that's why it's so shocking. >> reporter: he has a message for her. >> i would hope she would come home. i think she's in danger. i would say come home. >> where are you now? >> reporter: well, i'm outside the courthouse. i want to show you something. look at this car. this is the car they got away in. this is the patrol car that has a gps system in it. they were able to track it. you have to think, seven days later, police are hoping for more people who are watching this. this story has a will the of people interested. tips are dcoming in. they haven't been able to narrow down a place they may be. they are hoping they dump the other car. this might have been in planning
6:55 pm
for such a long time, the head start may be something they have to work through for the next few days. >> we'll be back. ["only wanna be with you" by hootie & the blowfish] ["only wanna be with you" by hooti& the blowfish] andrea: this is the hardest thing we will probably ever have to go through. st. jude has given us transportation, treatment.
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won't raise your taxes. vote yes on prop a for fast, safe, reliable transit. mplgt before we go, a chance to share a happy moment in ukraine. mom of three who spent much of this war, along with her family, in a basement. we have been talking to her throughout the invasion. we had a chance to met her and her kids during recent reporting there. yesterday her daughter turned 8 years old. the family celebrated her birthday at a park. she was given a gift in honor of h love of insects. >> this is her birthday present
7:00 pm
today. thank you for praying for our safety and security. thank you very much for your support and thank you very much for those of you who sent birthday presents. it was very tweet. >> the simple joy of letting insects fly free. a simple right to enjoy a birthday. we wish her and her family the best on this happy birthday. the news continues. let's turn things over to don. >> that's very sweet and good to hear considering what's happening there. great story. see you tomorrow night. appreciate it. this is don letmon tonight. new developments on that supreme court draft opinion and we have breaking news tonight on ukraine's sinking of the russian warship. it happened last month. remember that is the same ship that demanded ukrainian soldiers on snake island surrender at the beginning of the war. the