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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  May 5, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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thank you for praying for our safety and security. thank you very much for your support and thank you very much for those of you who sent birthday presents. it was very tweet. >> the simple joy of letting insects fly free. a simple right to enjoy a birthday. we wish her and her family the best on this happy birthday. the news continues. let's turn things over to don. >> that's very sweet and good to hear considering what's happening there. great story. see you tomorrow night. appreciate it. this is don letmon tonight. new developments on that supreme court draft opinion and we have breaking news tonight on ukraine's sinking of the russian warship. it happened last month. remember that is the same ship that demanded ukrainian soldiers on snake island surrender at the beginning of the war. the soldiers responding, russian
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warship, go f yourself. now sources are telling cnn when ukraine successfully targeted the ship on april 14th, they had some help from the u.s. as they spotted a russian warship in the black sea, they called the american contacts to con confirm. the u.s. said it was and give them intel about the location. the sources say it's not clear whether the u.s. knew ukraine would strike the ship and the u.s. was not involved in that decision. that's happening as president zelenskyy says russian shelling of the steel plant is not stostop i ing. some 200 desperate civilians sheltering there while food and water running out. a new evacuation convoy they hope can reach the plapt in the morning. ukrainian forces inside the plant singing a battle hymn.
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>> it's better the die in battle than to live in chains as slaves. >> new tonight, the chief justice john roberts making his first appearance since the bomb shell draft opinion that would over turn roe v wade. speaking at a meeting of lawyers and judge and cnn was there. the chief justice calling the leak appall and saying the people are behind the leak have foolish if they think it will affect the court's work. onto our story. ou ukraine was argument to target the russian hip.
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the role the u.s. played in the sinking, what do we know about the intelligence provided to ukraine. >> what we're learning is the united states intelligence played a key role in the ukrainians ability to sink this flagship of the russian naval fleet. the ukrainian military observed it operating in the black saw off of their coast and called the american counterparts for confirmation is this indeed the ship. the americans were able to confirm that was the ship and provide detail about the location of the ship allowing the ukrainians to then fire two cruise missiles that ultimately sunk the ship. this is not only a big military defeat for the russians being an important ship but it's also a big embarrassment. this is the flagship of their fleet. a pretty significant incident and obviously now as we're learning from sources that spoke
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to myself and my colleague a key role for u.s. intelligence provided by the biden administration to the ukrainians. >> do we know if the u.s. was involved in the decision to strike? >> no. u.s. officials are telling us that not only did the united states not get involved in the decision to strike the ship, they weren't aware of whether or not the ukrainians were going to move to make that strike once they had in their hands the confi confirmation. it's still significant sort of sharing of intelligence by the united states. it indicates to you how forward leaning the biden add ministratn has been in kinds of intelligence they are sharing. it's the sort of intelligence that allows ukrainians to take significant offensive strikes.
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to weaken the russian military over time. perhaps generationally. >> thank you so much. appreciate you and your reporting. i want to go now to cnn sam kylie where russian sfrtrikes he been hammering the city. >> reporter: just a few hours ago about 9:00, it was another missile strike on the outskirts of the city. that will be the 7th in less than 24 hours against this city. 25 people were injured earlier on in the morning. 6 have been hospitalized. one of them is said to be in critical condition. you'll recall it was a missile strike on the rail station more than a month ago in which more than 50 people were killed. these latest strikes are turning
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up the memory of that but also indictcative of the local effor they anticipate will increase to try to capture the city is part of the russian campaign in the east. elsewhere, the campaign has really run into the sachnd. they're unable to punch through. exchanging artillery fire. there are report of substantial russian build up and also great deal of focus on this may 9th day. the anniversary of the russian victory in the second world war day marked in anticipation by the yukrainians. those are the concerns here and there are ongoing shortages of fuel and food and the population here has been drastically reduced to less than 40,000 people, more than two-thirds of the population of this city has left. don. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. now i want to bring in the former defense secretary william
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cohen. thank you. we appreciate you joining us. the u.s. giving intel that culminated the striking. this is a significant blow to russia's forces and prestige. >> i wonder how putin will explain this to the russian people. he said it was two sailors who were smoking on booard and it caught fire. now they have to admit that president z telenskyy did it or the united states and nato did it. he's got a lot of explaining to do. i would hope we would give ukrainians all the information that we can to help them not only defend themselves but you can't in any endeavour always be on your heels. you have to be on your toes. if the story is true, i'm glad
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that we did it. i'm glad we're giving them intelligence that they can target command centers. they are leveling cities in ukraine and slaughtering innocent people. i have no problem with the united states giving them whatever we can in way of intelligence. >> the kwwhite house pushing ba that claims u.s. intel is providie ing information on location of russian generals saying the u.s. doesn't provide intel on senior military leaders or weigh in on targeting. explain why information on generals is really out of bounds. >> we've had this rule. i know we had it when we were looking at hussein and he was moving place to place. we said can we target that particular location. you can't put his name on a missile. you can't put the general's name on a missile. saying we're going after that
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particular general. if those generals happen to be in the command centers that are helping to lodge a launch, all of these missiles against innocent civil civilians, they're fair game. we're not targeting them. we're targeting the command centers. >> the world is watching what could well be the last days of the defense of mariupol. russian shelling of the plant is not stopping with civilians and children still inside. can and should the international community be doing more to help those? >> the international community would have to tell the russians that we're coming. we're bringing whatever protection we can and we're going to declare these corridors and if you kill us in the process then the world will come
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down on top of russia. i i think that could have been done, should have been done. at this point in time, the russians have decided we will level it. we will declare an annexation of the area, whatever areas we now occupy. it will be ours. perhaps declare a cease-fire and say over to you president zelenskyy. we're calling a cease-fire. you'll have to decide whether you want to keep the fight up and that might weaken the intergnash support for you since putin has now called for a cease-fire. there's a lot of options. one option we cannot accept is for putin to say i'm going to use a nuclear weapon. >> let's talk about what's happened with israel. in a call with the prime minister, vladmir putin
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apologized for comments made by russia's foreign minister that hitler had jewish blood. the russian read does not include the apology. israel has been slow to condemn the invasion. what is all of this about. what do you think is going on here? >> well, the foreign minister has been tjoined to the hip wit putin ever since he came into power. i have no doubt this kind of language they have associated, had in their talks over the years that they believe this, the lie. i think he said publicly ly the say proivately. they tried to assassinate zelenskyy on several occasionings. when they couldn't physically assassinate him, they tried to assassinate his character. they are trying to slander him.
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they should not forget this. they say will we will not forgive this. hopefully that will be the case and they will come closer to what the united states is doing. >> what would be the reason for them to really not tell the truth about what happened on the call? >> i think from their perspective, putin, if he did apologize, he probably didn't use -- i don't know. i suspect he didn't say i'm terribly sorry. my foreign minister was off the reservation. he never should have said this. i apologize. i doubt that. >> it may be in the interpretation of the words he said. i want to ask you about the new reporting from new york times that the former defense secretary mark esper said trump
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was upset about drug labs in mexico. asked him about the possibility of launching missiles saying we could just shoot some patriot missiles and take out the labs quietly. that's a quote adding that no one would know it was us. again, another quote. as a former defense secretary, yo yourself, how do you begin to respond to that? >> you have to say mr. pre president, this is illegal. it's unlawful, and i would ever carry this out. if you insist, i resign. i'm sure there's other former secretary of defense -- remember, he had four. he wanted to have the military fire weapons into the protesters and shoot them in the legs. if he couldn't kill them, wound them so they can limp off and be in pain the rest of their lives. this is not shocking news. when you listen to the other defense secretaries, they will confirm this is not something
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unusual for him to have said. >> secretary, thank you, sir. we appreciate it. mplgt news tonight on the supreme court draft opinion that would over turn r oh, v wade. >> once you allow this extreme power to take hold, you have to idea who they will come for next. ♪ my name is a austin james. as a m musician living with diabetes, fingersticks can be a real challenge. that's why i use the freestyle libre 2 system. with a paiess, one-second scan now i'm managing myiabetes better and i've lowered my a1c from 8.2 to 7. take the mystery out of managing your diabetes and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free at
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: chief justice roberts speaking out. the chief justice roberts, in his first public appearance, he says the leak is appalling. what else is he saying? >> right. these were the first time he's commented on publicly. he said it's absolutely appalling. he said he hoped that one bad
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apple wouldn't change the court's perspective -- people's perspective on the supreme court. they really praised the work. he said he thought it would be foolish for whoever did this would change the way the court does its work. whatever he says about it, this leak itself was absolutely stunning. it had to do with this mississippi 15 week abortion ban. we had oral arguments just back in december. those oral arguments, it looked like chief justice ron john rob was looking at a compromise position. maybe we uphold this law but lee roe on the books. that's not what we saw in this draft opinion earlier in the week. the justice writing he over rules roe v wade. he said it was wrong. the issue should go back to states which is not good sign for supporters of abortion rights because nearly laugh the states have the laws ready to go to ban abortion.
7:20 pm
it really was a stunning chain of events. he didn't talk about the merits but he did call the leak appalling. it comes at really fraught time for the supreme court. we're done with oral arguments now. now they are raisin racing behi scenes to get their opinions up. they have to finish this abortion case, a big second amendment case. something like this makes it hard. they are supposed to be working together, going between chambers and when something like this happens you can see how it makes them nervous that what they say behind the scenes is finding its way to public. >> justice aleto cancelling a public appearance. if these kinds of law get passed, a woman who got an abortion could face homicide
7:21 pm
charges. >> we have talked a lot about this draft opinion and people talked about slippery slopes and what does it mean for same-sex. let's talk about what it means for abortion. it mean a huge change. think about what that louisiana law means. the idea before this opinion, getting an abortion in the united states was a constitutional right. with the passage of this opinion, it becomes a crime for which women would spend years in prison. that is a change that i can't recall anything comparable to. louisiana will not be the only state that does this. >> that's quite different than saying i disagree with a woman's right to be able to get an abortion to make it criminal. to send someone to jail, that's a horse of another color. >> that's totally different. the idea that women could be and it's not just the women seeking
7:22 pm
abortions. it's the doctors. it's the nurses who perform the abortion. in arkansas it could be a ten year prison sentence. it's not just the red states because all of these laws have aidsing and abetting provisions. if a woman in new york where abortion is legal sends money to state where it's illegal or sends the medication for a medication babortion, that coul jeopardize the woman in new york. >> his daughter away at college and mom in the blue state. mom i need your help. if mom sends help and that's aidsing and abetting. >> it's aiding and abetting. >> what is going on with susan collins? when they were sitting in the hearings to be justices, they said one thing to susan collins and turned out doing another thing. susan collins is signaling she
7:23 pm
would oppose a bill by democrats to codify abortion rights. she says it's too broad. without that legislation, what's the answer here? >> susan collins, the republican senator is an independent where mitch mcconnell doesn't need ore vote. she could vote for justice jackson, judge jackson. mitch mcconnell really needed her vote to get brett kavanaugh through. she was willingly bamboozeled by brett kavanaugh. every one knew that brett kavanaugh and neil gorsich and amy barrett were put on the court to over turn roe v wade.
7:24 pm
some song and dance from the people in their private conversations and now she is shocked they are voting to overturn roe v wade. anyone who looked at their records going in knew this is where they were heading but she was doing mitch mcconnell's bidding when he really needed it. >> this is the supreme court abortion rights version of i'm very concerned. >> she's very concerned about there. >> the former secretary of state hillary clinton is reacting to this draft opinion. watch this and we'll talk about it. >> this opinion is dark. it is incredibly dangerous and it is not just about a woman's right to choose. it's about much more than that. any american who says i'm not a woman, this dupts affect me. i'm not black, that doesn't affect me. once you allow this kind of extreme power to take hold, you
7:25 pm
have know idea who they will come for next. >> speak to the concerns that many have, including secretary clinton that the attack on precedent won't stop abortion rights. it's not just secretary clinton. you have people who call themselves pro-life and still they do have a concern with what this means for precedent when they thought this was settled law. this is not just a democratic or left leaning concern. this is a concern by many. >> aleto in that draft opinion, he goes out of his way to say this is just about abortion. abortion is different. this is about abortion. t not about any of those other rights. you saw clinton. you saw the president earlier in week and others looking at roev wade and the reasoning behind it. it has very similar threads when it comes to privacy and liberty to other supreme court opinions.
7:26 pm
that's why people are looking at those opinions despite whatever aleto says in that draft opinion. we'll see if it comes out in the final opinion but they say, look, this is where this is going. if you're saying it's not a right in the constitution then you look at the same-sex marriage case that was just recently decided and by the way, he was in dissent and there were friend of the court brief filed in this case. the mississippi case that said you should not only over turn r oh, an oe but then go for the same-sex marriage case. aleto says this is just about abortion. abortion is different. other people are reading the tea leaves. that's why supporters of abortion rights are worried this is going to go and expand even further. >> this is why the louisiana law is so important. we can talk about the potential slippery slopes, same-sex marriage but this is a case
7:27 pm
about abortion. we are looking at a situation where millions of women who have had abortions, or will want abortions are looking at prison time if they get abortion and that is a direct result of this case. you don't have to have a slippery slope. that's what this decision says. if it becomes an actual opinion of the court. that's an incredible change in american law. >> you can feel however you feel about abortion but that is something that should be addressed. it is concerning. jeffrey, thank you. immense power likely heading into state's hands. beto o'rourke is running for governor in texas pledging to protect women's rights. he's here after the break. ng wo) two chocolate milkshakes, please. (grandmother) make it three. (young womoman) three? (grandmother) did you get his number? (young woman) no, grandmdma! grandma!! (grandmother) excuse me!
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bit ago with jeffrey. joining me now is beto o'rourke. he's a democratic candidate in the texas governor's race. thank you. we appreciate you joining us. good to see you. >> it's good to be with you. thank you for having me on. >> abortions become illegal 30 days after the ruling. how much of an impact with this trigger law have on texans seeking abortion services. >> i want do clarify that not only does it become law 30 days after the decision, but abortion becomes illegal at the point of conception and there is no exception. no exception at all for incest or rape in the state of texas going forward. this will be deeply damaging to this state. incredibly harmful to the women of texas and in a state that leads much of the developed
7:34 pm
world in a maternal mortality crisis. it will also cost the lives of the women of texas. the great news that there can be great news this week is these dark days have brought out the very best of us here in the state of texas. people understand that the way to overcome this is by winning political power. we had the single greatest days in terms of volunteer sign ups for this campaign. people willing to knock on doors and talk to texas voters about what's at stake and the need to participate in this election so that we can win and ensure that every woman in the state of texas can make her own decisions about her own body, her own future and her own health care. i'm confident that we're going to win because the people of texas want to do the right thing. >> let's join in on that more. the draft opinion was leaked. i want to know what you're hearing from texas voters and if you think this is going to, again, as you mentioned, galvanize voters in midterm
7:35 pm
election and beyond. >> the university of texas released a poll yesterday and shows that just 20% of texans and these are republicans and democrats and independents, people across the state of texas support what greg abbott wants to do by outlawing abortion from conception with no exception for r rape or incest. the vast majority want to protect a woman's right to choose. that's going to have extraordinary implications at the ballot box in november. it's also going to allow us in addition to protecting a woman's right focus on the big things that most people in texas want us to work on. great public schools by getting the backs of our pun lick school educators. the kind of jobs we want to create. doing common sense bipartisan things like expanding medicaid. all of this is on the ballot now. what has happened this week has galvanized the electorate in
7:36 pm
texas. we're getting together, rallying r , organizing and will commit ourselves to the fight. you'll see a will the of people from texas come together. what governor abbot is doing right now is not a reflection of our values, our interests or priorities. when we win this election, you'll see texas live up to its promise. >> why is the minority being heard more so than the majority? i want to read something because you have been vocal ant this in the past. this is something you tweeted. you said these extreme attacks on abortion have never been about life. they have always been about control. if elected, do you have a plan? what's your plan to fight back against these attacks? >> if it were about life, you wouldn't have foster care that lost 100 kids. 100 kids died in the custody and care of the state of texas.
7:37 pm
greg abbott is focused on pursuing women and attack them or going after the parents of transgender kids or any violent felon to carry a loaded gun. when we win, we will work with democrats and republicans alike to restore these rights because that's what the people of texas want. this democracy will refleck our priorities. it's the fact this is one of the most democracy challenged states in the country where you have a form of voter suppression unseen anywhere in the union. it's harder to cast a bollalloto register to vote by design by those in power trying to keep their power. 67,000 people who have signed up at our website to knock on doors. we will seek out those who have been the targets of suppression. they will be the very margin of victory by which we win on the night of november 8th.
7:38 pm
we will do this. i think we know the stakes. what we're up against and how urgent our action is at this moment. the people of texas answering the call. >> thank you so much. we appreciate your time. >> thank you, don. ta are the reporters who have gotten all those kevin mccarthy tapes. what will they release next? alex burn, jonathan martin will tell me. there they are. >> mr. lemon. >> they'll be here after the break. i just love our new alexa. dadad, it's a buick. i love that new alexa smell. it's a buick. we need snacks for the team. alexa, take us to the nearest grocery store. getting directions. alexa will get us there in no time. it's a buick. let's be real. don't make me turn this alexa around. oh my. it's painful. the buick enclave, with available alexa built in. ask “alexa, tell me more about buick suvs.” this is roundup weed and grass killer with sure shot wand.
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cnn learning rudy giuliani's appearance before the january 6th committee set for tomorrow now cancelled. that's according to his attorney. more audio tapes show house gop leader splitting with then president trump in the days
7:43 pm
following the capitol attack. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> i really appreciate you guys. i ran into you and said you got do come on the show. >> we said any time. >> i appreciate it. is there any breaking news? do you have any audio? anything new as of the moment? >> i think kevin mccarthy can rest easy for the next six or seven months. >> the audio you got denouncing president trump after the capitol attack. >> what the president did is atro atrocious and totally wrong. if you have an impeachment and stuck sitting in senate and he needs cabinet members, he's got
7:44 pm
secretary of defense. i do think the impeachment divides the nation further. that's why i want to reach out to biden. i want the president to meet with biden. that's not going to happen. >> he seems very cordial with biden there on the phone but not when you see him at a press conference or as of late. he want add smooth transition between the two presidents. what else did he want from trump? >> he wanted in that moment for donald trump to acknowledge his responsibility for the january 6th attack. that aud io is from january 8th. it's a private conversation. three days later he talks to the whole house and this is the conversation where he and folks have heard this audio on this network. that's the conversation where he says that trump has acknowledged
7:45 pm
to him that he bears responsible for january 6th and mccarthy has encouraged trump to say that publicly. that never happens much like the trump-biden meeting never happens. the tone we hear mccarthy taking in this moment and talking about wanting to unite the country is not the tone that we hear him take once joe biden is the president. >> does he just whatever he thinks someone should hear, he s s says? >> he's trying to figure out where she shhe should be in mom. the country is concerned a bt the possibility of more political violence. mccarthy is worried on two fronts. he's concerned about the possibility of more violence. he's also concerned about his members inciting that violence and his party being blamed for it. he's weighing both the threat that the country is still grappling with for more bloodshed and the threat he faces politically for his party being blamed for what happened on the 6th and what could happen
7:46 pm
if sub sqsequent days. it's a country mile away from where he is today. >> he went down to kiss the ring. >> less than a month later. >> is trump really fine with him in. >> trump is fine. it reenforces the fact he has kevin mccarthy in his pocket. he likes nothing more than to control people and humiliate them. the fact that kevin mccarthy is trying to stay in his good graces, it just reenforces his control over the gop. >> what are we learning from donald trump junior and ivanka meeting with the january 6th committee? >> i think we're learning there are people in and around donald trump's orbit and his family wo would very much like to not bet conventional in their legal strategy than folks at this
7:47 pm
point, than rudy giuliani. this committee is not messing around. they are going after people close to the president in way that other investigations did not do. i'm not going to sit here and pretend i know wa donald trump junior said behind closed doors but we know he's going behind closed doors. >> president biden says is really speaking to a new tone when it comes to the former president and maga folks. what is behind this new line of attack? ha what are you learning? >> i think his approval rating being 40% for a few months. he's got to take a more strident tone against the republicans. create a contrast with the gop to give his party a punch or chance in the midterms. given biden this new march order to confront the republican party
7:48 pm
as the magact party. biden in the past has confronted republicans and backed off. is he going to consistly take the message to the republicans? >> last fall, you had prominent democratic strategist reaching out and said you have got to drive the message that the republican party can want be trusted with power. you have got to explain to the american people who you have done for them or what you have tried to do for them and the fact the republican party has lined up against the policies and the response that some of those folks have gotten from the kw white house is that's not joe biden's style. we'll need to see whether biden can stick with this new tone. >> the book is doing well. you sold out my hometown? >> folks are having to drive to get copy ofies of the book.
7:49 pm
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but one thing can calm uncertainty. an answer. uncovered through exploration, teamwork, and innovation. an answer that leads to even more answers. mayo clinic. you know where to go. a lot of republicans on capitol hill and in north carolina hoping that freshman congressman madison cawthorn is defeated in a crowded primary race this month. many are fed up with his antics calling them embarrassing, and
7:54 pm
tonight adding to the list that includes controversial comments, carrying guns in airports and his claims of being invited to cocaine fueled orgies there's a video of cawthorn naked in bed. more from cnn's dianne gallagher. >> hi, everyone, madison cawthorn here. >> reporter: congressman madison cawthorn taking to twitter countering coverage of his growing list of scandals. but shortly after posting this seven-minute video wednesday night. >> one of the first examples of a politician who grew up with a cell phone in their hand with the ability to take photos, videos, and have others use that content as a way to hurt you. >> reporter: another video, one cnn is choosing not to show was posted online by an opposition group appearing to show the freshman congressman naked in bed with another person. cawthorn confirming it was him in the video called it blackmail tweeting years ago in this video i was being crass with a friend trying to be funny. we were acting foolish and joking adding i'm not backing
7:55 pm
down. i told you there would be a drip drip campaign. >> what do you think of madison cawthorn's video that came out last night? >> absurd to embarrassing. >> reporter: major north carolina republicans like u.s. senator thom tillis have spent the past few months distancing themselves from cawthorn, even actively supporting his challengers in a heated and crowded primary election where early voting is already underway. >> what if he wins the primary, what will that mean for the district? >> i'm disappointed for his constituents and that's why i'm working to avoid that outcome. >> reporter: republicans on capitol hill angered by his recent controversial comments. >> madison is wrong. >> reporter: earning cawthorn a closed door meeting with party leadership after calling ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy a thug. >> remember that zelenskyy is a thug. >> reporter: and claiming he's been invited to cocaine fueled orgies in d.c. >> we're going to have kind of a sexual get together at one of our homes, you should come. and then you realize they're asking you to come to an orr
7:56 pm
general, and you're watching them do cocaine in front of you. cawthorn later admitted those remarks were not true, but the constant controversy has made for easy attack ads from his gop rivals in the 11th district. >> while they post online, america falls apart. >> reporter: last month for the second time since taking office just over a year ago, cawthorn was stopped from carrying a gun through airport security. police in charlotte seized this loaded pistol at an airport check point and cited the 26-year-old with a misdemeanor charge of possession of dangerous weapon on city property. he could face up to $14,000 in tsa fines as a reoffender. >> i forgot to disarm before i went through a tsa check point, that's my bad. >> reporter: cawthorn was set to appear before a judge this week on a charge of driving with a revoked license. this is dash cam video of the march 3rd stop gained by a coalition of north carolina news organizations. but his hearing has been
7:57 pm
continued until late next month after the primary. >> reporter: cnn has reached out to congressman cawthorn's office to see if he has any additional comment. also, you might remember earlier this year there was this legal challenge from northbound voters and advocacy groups trying to ban cawthorn from running for re-election because of comments and actions that he took leading up to the january 6th insurrection. now, cawthorn has said he played no role in the capitol attack. and a lower court judge did throw that out. however, it was back in court this week and on tuesday, attorneys were arguing before a panel of federal appeals court judges, don, of course this all comes very close to the primary may 17th here in north carolina, and of course to win outright without a runoff a candidate must get 30% plus one of the vote. >> thank you, i appreciate that. to make up your mind, you need
7:58 pm
to see the video. you just can't say, look, there's a video out there. go check out the video so that you can make up your own mind about it. the commander of ukraine's forces in the besieged city of mariupol begging russia to let innocent civilians evacuate. we've got the latest at the top of the hour. t 99% ofof places in the u.s. ["only wanna be with y you" by hootie & the blowfish] it takes a village to support society and businesses have a responsibility to support that village. ♪ ♪ i am peter akwaboah, chief operating officer for technology, operations and firm resilience. when you think about diversity, the employee network group is fundamental to any organization to provide a community and a belonging environment for the employees. they provide an avenue to support employees and ultimately it leads to retention
7:59 pm
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