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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 5, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around world. i'm michael holmes. appreciate your company. ukrainian officials are working with the u.n. and red cross to get more civilians out of the devastated city of mariupol in the coming hours. they are having to contend with what ukraine's president calls non-stop shelling. the fighting is fierce and it is
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bloody. the military governor claiming about 200 se0 civilians remain trapped. the complex, authorities are doing everything they can to get people to safety. >> russian shelling and assault does not stop. civilians still need to be taken out. women, children. many children who are still there. just imagine this hell and there are children. more than two months of constant shelling, bombing and constant death nearby. >> he didn't say how many people left on thursday. only that evacuations are ongoing. the red cross says more than 300 people believe to be from mariupol and other nearby areas
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arrived on wednesday. wounded soldiers are dying in agony. >> reporter: this is the last bastion of ukrainian resistance. the steel plant under what a city official calls nonstop shelling and assault by russian forces. the commander saying fierce combat is ongoing. he says russian forces breached the compounds barrier. the commander begging for transport of the bodies of soldiers who died. pleads for more evacuations of civilians still trapped inside. the united nations says it's
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hard to know how many remain but they are trying to send help. >> the convoy is proceeding to get to other stop. hopefully to receive those civilian s remaining in that bleak hell they have inhabited for so many weeks and months. >> reporter: on thursday, putin promised safe passage for civilians out of mariupol and the kremlin deniyied an asaul. ukrainian troops say the plant is a final hold out for last offenders as the enemy closes in .
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inside the steel plant, ukrainian forces singing a battle hymn. it's sweeter to die in battle than to live in chains as slaves, they chant. prepared to fight until the bitter end. >> cnn spoke with the military governor and asked him about ukrainian troops efforts to keep the russians at bay. >> their holding their positions because not only while in the shelters but also in the ground. there are serious defensive structure and the enemy is doing everything they can but they have not yet succeeded in
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breaking the resistance of our courageous defenders. >> we have seen the shelling of the russian forces on the steel com complex. the you give us a sense how much people are still inside the complex, from what you're understanding? how many civilians still inside. >> as a rule, when i answer questions like this, i say we usually count women, children and the elder ly whom we are evacuating. i confirm throughout this difficult operation we have evacuated 101 person and according to our estimates, our information, around 200 people
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remain who are civilians. we must remember that our ukrainian defenders are also there. they are in the same defenders n and courage. >> are you starting to see any of those movements? >> redeployment was completed before the 18th of april. it took place in the north of the region where it borders
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kharkiv region. the main strike was in a town so the enemy can move in the most simple way. it was our bravery and the professionalism of our forces that stopped the enemy force and equipment and the lemon direction is where serious fighting is taking place. today there was an attempt to breakthrough by the enemy in two towns in the area. the enemy tried to storm. however, it suffered destructive losses and suffered a blow and was forced to move back to the
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posi positions it took after the failed offensive two weeks ago. >> lot of attention being focused on and given to may 9th, of course. it's victory day for russia. the fear is there president putin may take mariupol as a trophy. what do you have to say to that if that does endeed happen? >> mariupol was, is and always will be -- mariupol doesn't exist anymore. it's another confirmation of the fact how professional ukrainian and mariupol defenders are.
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therefore, anything that anything the enemy in its anger could take to ruin mariupol. the enemy is not capable of restoring it. i will say with full responsibility as an official related to the rebuilding effort in mariupol. i will say that rebuilding mariupol and making it more developed can only be done by the ukrainian sate. any measures taken in the completed ruins territory. it will confirm the absence of
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any humanity on the part of the inva invaders and will be proof of the highest cynicism on their part and will confirm yet again what the world should understand is how necessary it is to help you crane, to save the whole civilized world from the russian aggressor. not just to over come it but to make sure that for generations it doesn't even begin to think of attacking ukraine or threatening jurp and the the whole world. now sources telling cnn ukraine had some help from the u.s. in targeting russia's flagship destroyer last movant.
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the warship sank on april 14th after ukrainian missile strikes. sources say the yukrainians spos the ship and asked the u.s. for confirmation. the u.s. was not involved in ukraine's decision to launch missiles. >> we do not provide intelligence on the location of senior military leaders on the battlefield or participate in the targeting decisions of the ukrainian military. we do provide them useful intelligence, that allows them to make decisions to better defend themselves against this invasion. i think the less said about that, the better. >> the white house says the u.s. supplies battlefield
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intelligence to help ukraine defend itself but it does not provide intelligence with the intent to kill russian generals. towns and villages across ukraine have been brutally ravaged by this war. so many people left behind, separate he searching for answers onds hoping their missing loved ones will return. sara sidner with that. >> reporter: ef single day, she waits for the moment her husband and son return home. >> reporter: on march 11th, i call them. he said hold on, wait a minute. that's all. >> what do you think happened to your husband and son in. >> i don't know. i have no idea. my husband and fly woesht hurt fly. they are very kind. >> reporter: maybes told her her husband and son had been taken
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by russian soldiers. >> i want them to return my husband and son or tell me where they are now. where did they hide my boys. i can't find my place in life how am i supposed to live now? tell me, how? she's not the ochl one suffering through this. across the street and around the corner, other families are longing for day their husband and fathers return. >> they forcibly took their father away. >> papa. >> leaving them with just pictures. they took him and we don't know
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where he is. they, the russians, will be punished. they are relieved this village is no longer crawling with russian tanks. it means there's no one else to ask where the men were taken. in the rubble of war, gregory has been searching for his brother. he says he was also picked up by russian soldiers pch . we know he was beaten with a club. he said it was their job to beat them every day. my hand was died where this rope. another two guys were handcuffed. one of the men didn't make it out alive, he says. >> reporter: in the morning, he said his body was already cold. e reported it to police and it was determined the man killed was leo's brother. no body has ever been found.
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they took the body away. who knows where. we still don't know wh he is. after hearing this, how do you survive this in how do you live with this in? >> it's very hard. very hard. he got permission to go on his bombed out property. we went down a set of steep stairs. at the bottom he stayed seconds. the memory of his brother's last moment too much for him to bear. sara sidner, cnn. >> two stops on the run after the latest deadly attack in israel. security forces amassing.
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massive man hunt is under way in israel after a suspected terror attack left three people dead and four others wounded. police say two suspects attacked people on the street in the central city on thursday. israeli officials say the attackers used a rifle as well as a knife or perhaps an axe before running away. it happened on israel's independence day. the incident following a string of deadly attacks in israel and the west bank in recent weeks as well as increased clashes at the mosque. israeli prime minister reacted in a statement saying quote, you are enemies have embarked on murdererous campaign against je.
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palestinian authority president also condemning the attack. wall street did a complete u turn on thursday and saw its worse day of the year. the dow dropping more than a thousands points while the nasdaq and s&p 500 suffered major losses. the markets scored major gains the day before when the dow and s&p had their best day in two years. it's a roller coaster that comes after the u.s. federal reserve r raised its rate on wednesday but said it's not considering future hikes larger than 50 basis points. we are keeping an eye on the reaction in asia. trading is under way there. as you can see the nikkei the
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only one with a green arrow. all the rest are red. some troubling news from the world health organization. the agency says the global covid-19 death toll is three times higher than reported. according to new estimates nearly 15 million people around the world died either direct he or indirectly as a result of the virus between the beginning of 2020 and the end of 2021. now this new data concerning for ipd india. the w.h.o. estimating the true death toll is ten times higher than government figures in that country. all of this coming as cases
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are rising in the chinese capital, beijing. delivering a strongly worded speech doubling down on china ease zero covid policy on thursday. for more i'm joined by cnn will ripley in taiwan for us. president xi firmly standing by a policy criticized by many of his own citizens for how it's been handled. >> right. that's because you have 30 chinese cities in full or partial lockdown. this is affecting almost 200 million people. chinese economy shrunk last month because of the economic toll. not to mention the mental health toll for people trapped inside their homes. they can't leave. can't go outside to get fresh air. some people struggling to get the basic necessities like enough food or medical supplies or even non-covid related emergency health care. people have been denied access. it's big mess especially in shanghai where 1.25 million people, the city's entire population were locked down. that number now down to about
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more than 8 million shanghai residents still banned from leaving their residential compounds in areas where there haven't been new cases detected. people have some semblance of mobility they can move around their districts. despite the criticism, the outrage, despite chinese people sharing on social media their frustration, their anger, desperation, not only is he not even really talking about the economic impact in the layest remarks publicized, he's doubling down fiercely on this policy that has been imposed on the people of china, one and a half billion people by the communist rulers in beijing. basically saying if china doesn't advance in this fight against covid, the zero covid policy that they will fall back. the rational for that they have a very large elderly population in china who are unvaccinated. it will take until the end of the year to get the older people vaccinated.
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people who could be at high risk if this omicon variant were to spread more widely across china which has such a large population. the staggering death toll would be a whole lot higher from the view of the chinese government if they departments have the zero covid policies such as what they did in huwan in the early days of be pandemic where for several months people were locked down and they eradicated the virus in that city, albeit temporarily because there's been out breaks across china. i want to read to you what is striking from the comments. basically that people who talk back, people who dare to publicly challenge this could face some very serious punishment inside china. he is calling on all level of government to resolutely adhere to the zero covid policy and resolutely fight with any word and acts distorting, doubting and denying china's covid control policy. not only are chinese leaders
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doubling down on this, they are stepping up their enforcement of the censorship that will deny people the opportunity to criticize what is beingi impose on them. >> thank you. : chinese officials have ended the search for survivors from building collapse. 53 people died from the collapse. rescue workers were able to pull ten people from the rubble. one person reportedly in critical condition. the other nine stable. no word yet on a possible cause of the collapse.
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we met with him after he was released in prisoner exchange. >> reporter: he fought for mariupol in the other steel factory since the war began. felt the heat of russian tanks blasting his building. he survived but only just after
10:32 pm
17 days. >> when i close my eyes, i see that moment when the tank was firing at me and my side getting injured. on the day of my injury, one of my boys, a machine gunner was killed. every time it's personal. every time i heard it over the walkie talkie that someone was dead, it could conjure memories of him. >> there's a point when the brain accepts it. we learned how to fall asleep.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: he was not where he thought he was when he regained consciousness. >> first time i found out i was held captive is when we were inside an ambulance. me and another guy similar injuries. he asked, are you ours. they replied, it is unclear now who you mean by ours now. they said i was under the guard of the ministry of state security of the separatist dpr but it was scarier when i got to the separatist hospital. i was told by a russian soldier you'll have forget ukrainian now. you'll only get help if you ask yo russian. >> reporter: the russians kept him alive to exchange him for
10:34 pm
their own. >> reporter: on april 27th, the exchange happened and he was put on plane. his pelvis crushed, his lower jaw broken. brain con kused but he could still feel his legs.
10:35 pm
cnn,son ukraine. israel and russia have long and complicated relationship but it is it syria where they have a shared cooperation . >> reporter: the position on rush ha is heavily influenced by what's happening over there.
10:36 pm
the two countries have a direct hot line . it took a measure cautious assistance to act add mediator .
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>> russia has the ability to interfere and to negate i ran yan military capabilities by being present with their advanced weaponary in syria.
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the fury over the u.s. supreme court likely ban to end abortion rights is not dying down. new rallies were held around the country on thursdays after the leak of a draft within indicating the court intends the strike down roe v wade, the landmark case legalizing abortion nationwide. authorities are warning about potential violence. they had tall metal fences put up around the perimeter of the
10:43 pm
court on wednesday. concrete barriers added a few hours ago. hillary clinton warned that the supreme court far right majority could go far beyond targeting abortion rights. >> this opinion is dark. it's incredibly dangerous and it is not just about a woman's right to choose. it's about much more than that. any american who says i'm not a woman, this doesn't affect me. i'm not black, that doesn't affect me. i'm in the gay, that doesn't affect me, once you allow this kind of extreme power to take hold, you have no idea who they will come for, next. >> analysts say the next frontier in the abortion battle might be the growing use of pills by mail that can end unwanted pregnancies. supplieiers say they intend to keep sending them to the u.s. no matter what state laws say.
10:44 pm
>> reporter: for those intent on ending abortions in part of the united states, the biggest barrier may now not be politics but pills which are effective, available and used for more than half of all abortions. >> abortion activists have been quietly building a whole new business model to target young woman on their phones to click, get information and receive abortion drug by mail. >> reporter: the food and drug administration approved mail orders supplies of the so-called abortion pills with a prescription this past december for women in the first ten weeks of pregnancy. advocates insist it's less invasive, more discreet and just as safe as surgical abortions. >> people choose this for various reasons. they want to manage their abortion with their family and in a surrounding they are comfortable with. >> we have seen an incredible increase of help. people are really, really scared
10:45 pm
of what's going to happen. >> reporter: that's why some supporters say they are all ready facilitating shipments in far flung corners of the u.s. and promising to step up the effort no matter where the women are or what state laws say. >> what i'm doing is legal. there are the laws where i work from and i have a medical oath to do this. i'm a doctor. my oath is that i help people that are in need and that is what i am doing. >> reporter: in many states where lawmakers are trying to stamp out abortion rights, the simple truth is they have written a lot of special lines in their laws to keep outside providers of these pills from accessing their population. abortion rights defernders say it's only five pills and believe there's a way to get them to the
10:46 pm
women in need. cnn, washington. the biden administration plans to end a trump era immigration restriction and cities along the southern border are getting ready for the changes that will bring. we'll have that story and more after the break. lemons. lemons. lemons. lemons. look how nice they are. the moment you become an expedia member, you can instantly start saving on your tvels. so you can go and see all those, lovely, lemony, lemons. and never wonder if you got a good deal. because you did. ♪ this...
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introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪ the city of laredo, texas, sits along the united states southern border with mexico. city officials and civil society leaders there are getting ready for the changes to come when the biden administration ends a trump era immigration policy. >> reporter: rebecca is the director of this catholic charity shelter in laredo, texas. a place where she says border patrol drops off the migrant
10:51 pm
overflow from processing centers in south texas and even for more than a thousand miles away in yuma, arizona. like this 23-year-old medical student from cuba. so $50 to $60 a month is how much a doctor in cuba earns. to prepare for the end of title 42, the health order used to expel migrants to mexico, more than 1.8 million times in just two years, she says she opened a second shelter -- >> i think there's, in my opinion, might be a mob mentality process. >> reporter: she says about 5,000 migrants are waiting in mexico alone for title 42 to lift. >> it shows you the reality -- >> reporter: the pastor runs four shelter there's and shows us video of the 2,000 mostly haitians who he says arrived a few days ago from nearby cities. >> i believe it is because they find out they were coming in. >> reporter: ortiz said he learn
10:52 pm
in the last week, federal agents were allowing 70 migrants per day to seek asylum at the port of entry under the xipgs to the title 42. and they traveled to laredo to see if they could, too. >> it tells me there are a lot of desperate people out there. >> reporter: chris and his first national tv interviews said he was not aware of the situation there. >> if that is a preview of what the lifting of title 42 is, how do you deal with thousands of migrants knocking on the doors of america? >> we followed the law. if they meet that criteria, that's what they'll be entitled to. if they do not meat that criteria, a number of other circumstances could cause them to be expelled or prosecuted. >> reporter: during prior migrant surges, they have made headlines, especially when children are held in custody more than the 72 hours allowed by law. >> we have made, i think, a
10:53 pm
tremendous amount of progress. >> reporter: so this time around you feel confident that children will not be in border patrol custody for more than the 72 hours. >> we do absolutely everything in our capacity to make sure that happens. >> reporter: ortiz said some of the haitians were in del rio last year. part of 15,000 who were under a bridge, got deported to haiti and are now back. this time in revalaredo. the mayor, a democrat, wants title 42 to remain in place. he fears lifting it could increase human smuggling and violence in his city. he says house that's stash migrants and drugs are runly local gangs. do you have a message for the biden administration? >> maybe have a man b in the event plan a doesn't work? >> is there a plan b? >> whether you call it a, b, c or d, it is comprehensive, ready to deal with the challenges coming our way.
10:54 pm
>> reporter: so she plans to do what she can. >> our job and our mission here is to be ready. >> reporter: she says she does it for migrants who say they're 93ing persecution. >> she is looking for freedom, for liberty. >> reporter: who once in america, they feel safe for the first time in their lives. so how it will work once title 42 works? the migrants who rid wag in mexico like the thousands waiting here, which you can see behind me, will be able to walk up to a port of entry and seek asylum. they have not been able to do that for a very long time. and if you ask immigration immigrants and attorneys, they will tell you that has forced migrants to cross into the united states in between ports of entry, which they say practically hands them over to criminal organizations and the cartels. rosa flores, cnn, laredo, texas. history was made thursday at
10:55 pm
the white house with the appointment of its first black press secretary. kerryine jean pierre will replace the press secretary. she's been on president biden's senior communications team since he took office. >> this is an historic moment and it is not lost on me. i understand how important it is for so many people out there. so many different communities that i stand on their shoulders and i have been throughout my career. >> reporter: jean-pierre will become the first openly lgbtq person to hold the position. her family, including her partner, cnn national correspondent suzanne saal malveaux and their daughter. >> we'll be back after the break. -- captions by vitac --
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i'm emily beach, and i approve this message because nothing is more important than standing up for- - [all] our rights. right now. you watching us here in the united states, canada, and all around the world. this is cnn's world headquarters in atlanta. the u.n. and red cross are hoping to get more civilians out of the besieged city of mariupol. the reports of fierce bloody combat are making things difficult. the donetsk military says about 200 civilians remain trapped inside the azovstal steel


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