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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 6, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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a glimmer of home for select few in ukraine. dozens of civilians trapped for months at the azovstal are finally able to see sunlight. ukrainian president asking for diplomatic options to save the military there. >> i am michael holmes.
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i will have the day's top stories, more than 20 people dead after a massive explosion there in havana hotel. welcome to the show, it is 8:00 a.m. here in ukraine. we begin our coverage in mariupol and the evacuation on friday. 50 civilians from that besieged azovstal steel factory. two buses set to be carried those civilians, under russian military escort. not known where they are being taken nor how many remained at the plant. >> as you see there, the site has been bombardment from russian tanks, artillery and as well as aircraft. president zelenskyy says he's
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negotiating negotiations, some 600 are still inside. have a listen. >> we are working on diplomatic options to save our military to remain in azovstal. influential mediators are involved. >> monday markets victory day for russia, what russia calls the great patriotic war. russian flag flies above a city's hospital and road signs have been changed to russian. an adviser to mariupol's mayor, soviet statues are popping out across the city and satellite images of mariupol bombed. hundreds of people were sheltering inside when it was hit by a russian bomb if you remember back in march. for the latest on the dicey situation in mariupol. here is our sarah sidner.
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>> reporter: a ukrainian soldier in shock silence, his arm shredded and burned. another victim in the bloody battle from mariupol. >> the video of terrible reminder of those who have relatives still fighting there, olga has a husband in ukrainian army in mariupol and her brother is there as well. it is so painful for me. people just can't be silent about the horror that's happening there. they don't have days there. they are counting the minutes. anna says she fears for her brother who's deteriorating physically as he fights the russians inside the plant. he's very skinny, he's exhausted and his eyes have black bags. he's in horrible condition but that's just physically. mentally, he's unbelievably strong. they are all so motivated to tear the russians apart. russia is attacking from the ground and the sky.
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the devastation immeasurable. under heavy fire, hundreds of si s civilians still stuck under the steel plant. russia is relentlessly bombing the place even after a promise of a cease-fire to allow those trapped civilians to escape. >> once again the russians violated the promise of the truce and did not allow evacuations to civilians who continue to hide in the basement of the plant. >> reporter: a third rescue attempt gotten underway, adding to nearly 500 people free. 21-year-old nicole was able to escape mariupol. picture of her formally happy life there now devastates her. this is practically suicide.
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if i do, my heart shatters and i don't understand how or why at some point. a russian soldier says talks are useless for a cease-fire. the war for his mind had been ongoing for eight years. since the russians invaded and occupied crimea, terror washes over another place and the bombs continue to fall. sarah sidner, cnn, kyiv. >> with us from new york to discuss the battlefield in ukraine is retired u.s. army mike leon. thank you very much for joining us. as we have been hear rging now weeks that russia is desperate ahead of the may 9th victory day. one official said to me this could be mariupol or's l what'st of it, maybe?
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>> how could it play out in your view? >> it could give russia a victory and facing it eastward and vladimir putin telling its population from a propaganda perspective that they gained this town. it is so important for them. s the intersection and roads come from crimea and the donbas region. that's why it is so important for them. they're not going to take the steel factory by monday. that won't count. maybe they won't put it out. they'll likely try to have a parade and do what they can. it will declare victory ev eventhough we know it is not the case. >> in terms of sicivilians stil inside the plant and soldiers inside, what will happen to them? will they leave them in there like putin says no flights can go in. what's your view regards to
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azo azovstal. it is really no telling what would happen. let's be smart and see what happens if they can do that. there are applies of 7 layers deep. a lot of tunnel assistance there. they have done a tremendous job right now and let's hope they can hang on a few days or weeks longer before they could get out of there. >> yeah, while the diplomatic push clearly as we have from president zelenskyy as he tries to find a way out. >> we heard major intensity as well as shelling and particularly odesa. do you they they are capable of over taking anything from this city as we look to the key date? >> i am really concerned of odesa. that's the last jewel they'll try to take along that coastline
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the the black sea. if they do, they landlock ukraine. i think it is a push because they don't have enough forces. they have not been able to secure the eastern part of the donbas right now. what they'll do is continue to throw crude missiles and they'll try to destroy it like they have done in ukraine city. the ukraine's, that's going to be important strategically for the ukrainian military to hold onto. >> let's talk about the military hardware arriving in the country. i have been speaking to two former u.s. marines as well as a retired sergeant. who's been on the front line in the east. they were here a couple of days ago in lviv and now making their way back to the front lines. they have been telling me in
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their own experience, the ukrainian forces are in eq equipped. have a listen of this little clip. >> where is pbiden's health? >> there is nato's health. >> this is tleer experience. what do you say to this? the weaponry are not getting through. i have to tell you, this is not the first i am i am hearing this. >> i want to know where they were on the front lines. >> it is 400 miles from where the passworder is equivalent and his equipment have got to get to. the russians the likely interacted some of that with rail. the lighter weapons you gotten through the javelins or so probably going to be more.
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>> there is one thing that the ukraine military good at is operational security. . that tells me where the y universities are. >> there is not a prior for ukraine's military perspective. >> so, i think part of that is the strecret activity the w way -- the intel we provided, has been suburbs. part of it, those electoral colleges have really in the wrong place and at the wrong time right now. >> they're not too far at the museums.
10:11 pm
but likely for you to foint it out. >> i think that's very important for us to note. >> lick you sinted out, prooid how much will this move on the needle of the battleground? >> this is really symbolic. it is going to be in line of what the russians are doing on may 9th. the $20 billion he's trying to get through congress is really the signal to russia and the rest of the world that strategic weapon would be coming. >> artillery rep upons and a in additions will be all clear and. what's been delivered so far has been tremendous. the pentagon had done a terrific job. you got jeremy now. and this is more like back to russia saying we'll continue to support ukraine in light of what
10:12 pm
you are going to do on may 9th. >> i am busy, as we look to may 9th, what's the risk for generals here? >> we saw the john mayer kyiv, talk about everyone is in bunkers. that's going to be okay right-hand turn we got to see exactly what he does. >> does he mobilize s double down and try toing to bring some -- you don't know it until monday but it is an important day. >> let's hope he creates some kind of victory tims. in he's endanger of losing it. >> the ukrainian military is destroying it. >> always dpraet to have you on the show. thank you very much, major. >> you will be able to see that
10:13 pm
full report with tit. the u.n. security councilman natchl council managed to be on the same page. the countdcil has been able to anything to stop the war. >> i will be back. in the meantime, coming up next, two dozens people of a massive explosions ripped in the hotel, cuba. we have the latest from havana, next. me they don't beat me♪ ♪ ♪ ♪he'd better not take the ring from me.♪
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the explosion in cuba. dozens of others including children. here is one witness describing the event. >> reporter: you can see people shouting and dusting them. it was like a whole of them. rescue workers combing into the rubble searching for more survivors. some people could be trapped in the basement. emanuel macron hours away from being fully inaugurated. he'll take place at the palace in paris. he's be rec nognized as the dprd master and deliver a speech, of course. >> marine la pen becoming the first french president in 20
10:19 pm
years to win reelection. boris johnson acknowledging exte conse conservative extensive the. there is not a question that many british workers have not been happy. >> it is a breezy day for boris johnson. >> as results trickling in all akrs across the u.k. >> most notably, party games and the prime minister loss is in charge part of the opposition leaders gained winning over 200 se seats so far. he'll be looking into whether or not he'll break covid-1919 rules
10:20 pm
in april 20201. >> this could project many political problems iced on the sip si thelic sthis is michelle take the role of, this island was closer than ever with you know occasion for the republic of the island. >> we'll within the constitutional change on the iron and it is my absolutely determination that change would be entirely species fall and em cat i can and tore ily so. we have been saying to the government and indeed in london. that's the preparation for constitutional change and i needs to begin now. >> this would be no pries the
10:21 pm
for and burr rig here head in the sun. we node to be alive that the change is underway. >> immense economic and some and i really want us to grasp those opportunities and for everybody who calls to benefit from that change. >> rather this is a historic night in northern island. it is potentially a decisive one for both johnsons. this puts him in political danger. >> if he could capitalize that suck see success. >> bianca, cnn, london.
10:22 pm
sri lanka's president is declaring a state of emergency, following a month of ant eye numb. >> parliament we'll have 14 days to aapprove the pressure. >> the financial reserves, close to empathy and has appeal to the international manemergency fund. >> with costs rising and other necessities are skyrocketing. >> all across -- >> strategic lockdowns are creating a mental crisis as high na doubles down on its zero covid policy. >> as selena wang reports the water is becoming too much for this many residents who had to live through it.
10:23 pm
>> reporter: desperate to break free. >> one residents pushed to the frolic. >> during the world's strictest lack down, no matter wanting to live. >> we ndo not know what strig l -- protests erupted and residents avalanching the police, as the day drags on, hopeless less arians it. >> amount of papt have gone vir viral. the lockdown sparked lodgistic cal kay gos.
10:24 pm
>> leaving jerez densities struggling to get food and medicare. >> most hospitals extremely abdominal pain. >> his father was later found outside his building in a pool of blood. he said his father had jumped from his apartment window, he said his father left a suicide note that says i am saying good-bye to my friend and family because i can't stand the pain. cnn has been unable to independent verify the authenticity of the story. >> the sort has issued of denying. >> this is chinese most after kplunt cii would never expected they would be fighting for survival. >> i have not been eating for about a week. at the end of that week, i
10:25 pm
was -- >> it hurts. it was not fair. >> at least 24 million people are impacted by this lockdown. >> china leaders are doubling down on this covid policies. >> calling it a slow weapon. >> even at the harsh measure, that marsh is used down the line. this is just in, north korea has fired five project times into the war of the east coast peninsula. >> that's crawford to south police. cedar point chief of staff. this news just comes into us. we'll have more information as it becomes available. >> michael holmes.
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the city's last ukrainian defenders had been holding up for weeks. russian officials said 50 civilians rescued on friday. president zelenskyy is working
10:31 pm
on getting more civilians out. >> this is satellite images showings showing russia is sk-- >> russia has denied who's ponl. >> the kremlins is planning to showcase its military power. >> cnn's matthew chance has more on the situation. >> 19 times on the kabul. >> the red square. >> russia's military is plotting her next step. >> every anti, the i am looking
10:32 pm
forward to its grand scale. we'll show the power and strengths of our country he says. >> these are the latest brutal i am maejs from ukraine where russia is continuing what it calls special military operation. the kremlin says this is also a fight against them, it is being drilled into russians. >> their country's soldiers are jet again . every year i go to this rehe rehearsal, i think this year is
10:33 pm
more special because of the special military operations hatching in ukraine. >> today i wave the flag to support our army. i hope it will end soon he'll ask. >> a pint as to where, this is what victory day is meant to look like. the rush seines millions of. >> the water to spoes the national crime had never been lost on the creme lis's lead. >> whose victory day parade have a year, russia's researchers as a military power. this speculation this year's parade will form the backdrop for a major announcement on
10:34 pm
ukraine. >> tit still parks russia's pas. what the kremlin really wants, celebrate that is victory. >> r. fascinating piece. tune in for monday for our live coverage. >> the parade is expected to get underway at 10:00 a.m. i will be here with the latest on that day. >> even though government around the world warned their citizens traveling to ukraine to fight. some foreign nationals decided to go anyway. >> i spoke with two u.s. marines and a cada men.
10:35 pm
>> i saw on the news of the atrocities that the russians were committing, that's the reason why i came. >> the two americans who prefer we identify them by their nicknames, tell me from their experiences, the ukrainian s forces had been fighting along the front side on the front line. >> specifically nato as well as arti artillery. eve anything like that is nowhere on the front. >> dogs hurtado this video film
10:36 pm
shows the challenging to rain. >> it is just feels as far as i can see. >> with nothing but open ground and next to zero, the battleground without the right equipment can be deadly. >> the normal kad dan it is. you basically have to be a tank or an artillery or air kraf ricraftaircraft. equipment thoo that he has u.s. ma veseen, they have not seen.
10:37 pm
much so, they are are being tased to us. >> good will transport. wher the u.s. was trans fear fering it to ukrainian's hands and not dictating how fast they'll get to the front line or what unit gets them. these firefighters have one glimt of one front line. >> they ukraine military remained desperately out gunned. >> both part is one side has nothing and it is doing everything acan and the other side has everything and they're too aroid to do sanything with that. >> diets the challengkpaj kpajs
10:38 pm
going away. >> he's learning he's going to be a father. >> comradery, nicole, has they fight for freedom in a foreign land. >> and cnn eached out to ukrainian's defense ministry for comments on the plane there you heard there. the military aid is what reads you the front line and why have we yet release a response. >> lloyd secretary says the u.s. weapon being provided. >> a major development in the
10:39 pm
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welcome back, we are learning more information on the manhunt or an alabama inmate and corrections officer who went missing over a week ago. the u.s. marshal service say they believer they found the get away car used by vicky white. cnn's brian young with the latest. >> reporter: visit white hiet.
10:44 pm
it is the orrin vehicle they put out all across the country hoping someone will turn that car in and that will lead to people. now, not only we know the perspective department but from the marshal service is when sbun wound that car last practically. >> it was abandoned in the middle of the street. what we know how froms the tokyo driver is that car broke down zg he'll have to tow some where. >> he they told the fif oos department here in alabama. >> listen to this har marshal her sis. >> now what we are doing is doing some interviews and looking at al those stipulates that were specific to that area. that invigorates the investigation for us. and it gives us a trajectory to carry on this investigation. >> all these phone calls because
10:45 pm
of the media koechl really did not help them getting more kicks. >> the margin service, you can see the tattoos that's on casey white. he has two eye balls on the back of his head. >> when you look about vicky white. the hlake gates. all that they say they're hoping the if i can will look at this video and pictures and if they see someone like this, they can make that phone call to get more information in. it is an active punt. anger and support erupted over the u.s. supreme court, likely mans to end federal abortion rights. >> how do spokesperson majority feels about this? >> it trns out most are against it. >> following the leek of a drop
10:46 pm
supreme court opinion. rev rev reroe v. wade should not be struck down. t greg abbott says times have changed since that ruling. cnn's pauler reid is with that. >> if the and mark 1973 reed decision can be overturned, what about other long standing presidents. >> conservatives now seeing an opening after a league of a draft of a supreme court decision. greg abbott signaling he may challenge the undocument .
10:47 pm
>> the debt with immigration and instead of texas, it was extremely different then than it is now. today's supreme court decision ace start. >> do which was a supreme court cases focused on texas' laws. in 1982, the high court ruled the law violated the constitution's actual protection laws and migrant children should be allowed to enroll in public schools regardless of their status. >> providing the basic tools by which individuals may need kmikt activity product live. >> abbott, a republican running for a third term in november wants to revisit the issue. >> when the plower decision came
10:48 pm
out. the immigration that we were seeing is primarily from mexico. and their only language barrier an issue was spanish. >> he says his state should not have to pay to educate migrant children. >> we are dealing with billions more a year. >> just in exexpensive. >> denying education for kids including immigrants in this country country. >> this is one of the rights established by the high-courts that could be challenged if roe v. wade? >> what it reveals is that it leaves justice alito who are going to siend on the final version of that opinion are willing to take a green break of
10:49 pm
the supreme court. what that does is it then hopes up the door. i think potentially for a range of other challenges where this new conservative jomajority in e supreme court will say we are not going to follow precedent because we think that prior case was wrongly decided. >> since the 1982, little has chaenged in the legal and escape, certaining and attempts to chip away that decision had beensuccessful. >> the position. paula reed, cnn, walk. in the tust, the center for disease control is investigating more than 100 cases of see ver unexplained -- the cases
10:50 pm
appeared to be linked to a virus that's not phone to cause ip. the cdc is considering a raeng of possible courses including exposure to animals. storms threatening past the u.s. this week, some of the dangers the system is bringing to theout east. that's coming up when we come back. ninice suits, you guys blend right in. the worlrld needs you back. i'm retirered greg, you know this. back. doing nothing... that's bad, they shouldn't do that. ththey're getting crushed by inflation. well, i feel for them. they're taking financial advice from memes. [baby spits out milk] i'll get my onesies®. ♪ “baby one more time” by britney spears ♪ good to have you back, old friend. yeah, eyes on the road, benny. welcome to a new chapter in investing. [ding] e*trade now from morgan stanley. we hit the bike trails every weekend
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tornadoes, damaging winds and large hail will accompany the strongest of the storms. the u.s. is being hit by what they are saying is the worst storm spring season in years. meanwhile, 37 active fires are burning in florida, the forest service saying the wildfires have scorched 22,000 acres. most of them are contained and the three largest blazes are in the everglades. there's no reports of injuries or burning structures at this stage. a federal judge dismissing donald trump's lawsuit against twitter. the former president trying to reinstate his banned account from the social media platform, according to court filings. the judge said that twitter was not acting as an agent of the u.s. government when wit shut down the account as trump alleged and there was not infringing on his rights on free
10:56 pm
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through zero emissions fleets. best of all, prop a won't raise your taxes. vote yes on prop a for fast, safe, reliable transit. this is cnn breaking news. hello, and a warm welcome to our viewers in the united states and right around the world, we are live in ukraine. evacuations for the lucky few in mariupol, and hope for safe passage for those still there. they must survive russia's shelling as the kremlin looks for victory in the days ahead. >> i will have the day's other top stories, including a deadly explosion in cuba, leaving an iconic five-star


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