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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  May 7, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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hello, again, everyone, thank you for joining me, i'm fredricka whitfield. fresh attacks across ukraine as russia targets the south, the video shows the damage left today in the kyiv port city of odesa. ukrainian officials say six
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russian cruise missiles targeted cre infrastructure. and in ukraine, russia destroyed several bridges to slow down counter offenses underway there. and then to the bess ieged cityf mariupol as they hold out in a massive steel plant. pro-russian separatists say more than 150 civilians were evacuated. the u.s. is stepping up efforts to assist ukraine. president biden announcing a new $150 million security aid package. cnn's scott mclain is following the latest developments from lviv. a lot of concern in mariupol. but also confusion about how many people were actually evacuated today. what is going on. >> correct, so yeah, yesterday we know confirmed by the
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russians and the ukrainians that about 50 people were taken out from under the azavstal steel plant. there were some children and elderly people also. they were taken east to a russian checkpoint. a filtration center and they're supposed to go today to zappereeshia, the ukrainians said they were supposed to continue early this morning. they were supposed to be able to get people out from under the plant, hopefully the remaining people, this may be up to 100 and that convoy was supposed to go pick other people up from the broader city and then go through that russian checkpoint. we have heard nothing from the ukrainians, the russians, united nations or the red cross. those latter two organizations are helping to facilitate this evacuation on the ground. sometimes no news is good news. that is hopefully one of those cases. the ukrainians have tried to say very little, tried to say as little as possible to avoid saying anything that might
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jeopardize the success of the operation. what we have heard from the donetsk group republic, this is the separatist government of that local region, that local part of ukraine, swallowed up the city of mariupol, they say that 152 people including 32 children were taken out of the city today. but they didn't make clear in the statement and we're trying to clayfy whether that includes anyone with the steel plant or only talking about people from the broader city. the other thing here, fredricka, is that it is odd and it is different than the last round of evacuations that we saw for people to be going east toward russia, toward this filtration center. the deputy foreign minister of ukraine said that the reason people are headed in that direction is all because of russian propaganda. listen. >> they say oh, ukrainian army, they are committing propaganda saying to people that ukrainian army is been shelling and then
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they open up their territory, the russia territory for occupation and but it is called forcible deportation and when they bring thousands of ukrainians via russian territory depicting themselves as a saviors. >> reporter: so even if all of the civilians were to get out today and again we have no indication that they have or hav not. that leaves several hundred soldiers left there. there are several hundred injured soldiers on their own. president zelenskyy is working on diplomatic options to get those soldiers out. he also said that those options are being negotiated by some influential third party states. >> okay. and then, scott, let me ask you about odessa. because we're learning about some russian missile strikes there. >> reporter: that is right. so local officials there say
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that there were six kruse missiles filed into the city. we have thick black smoke gathering on the horizon and in several directions. this is targeted, we're told, at the city's infrastructure but specifically we don't know exactly what was hit. we don't know if anything -- any of those missiles were struck down. still a lot of questions there. local officials said it was not only aimed at infrastructure but also aimed at sending a message and putting pressure on the psychological state of the city's population. and this seems to be a common theme in that the russians, yes they're targeting infrastructure, but some of those infrastructure strikes are a long way from the front line so the ukrainians say they are just trying to terrorize the local population. in this case there are no casualties that have been reported. odesa has been a frequent target as of late for the missile strikes but odesa still a long way from the front lines.
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the russian troops seem to be stuck at the city of mykolaiv and not able to advance any further. at least not yet. >> scott mclain keep us posted, thank you so much. russia is preparing for its annual victory day celebrations this weekend and there is growing concern about how exactly vladimir putin will mark the day. matthew chance has more. ♪ >> reporter: night time on the cobbles of red square. and russia's military is plotting its next steps. this is a rehearsal for the annual victory day parade. every may 9th commemorating the soviet defeat of nazi germany. and it is also a dramatic stage for the kremlin to show case its military power and to celebrate it. i'm looking forward to its grand scale, said this moscowite. it will show the power and strength of our country, he
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said. but who really needs a reminder. these are the latest brutal images from ukraine. where russia is continuing what it calls its special military operation. the lynn-- the kremlin said thi a fight against nazis and even though ukraine has a jewish president, it is drilled into russians that their countries soldiers are yet again battling fascists. it is a comparison dismissed in the wefst but which many russias seem prepared to accept. every year i go to the rehearsals, said this man, who gives his name as misha. but i think this year is more special because of the special military operation happening in ukraine, he said. today i wave the flag to support our army. but i hope it will end soon, he adds. the hint of a awareness perhaps at horrific cost.
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this is what victory day is meant to mark. the soviet union's role in the allied victory in the second world war. russia sustained millions of casualties, paying an enormous sacrifice. but the power of a military parade to bolster national pride has never been lost on the kremlin's leaders. leet of all president putin whose victory day parades have for years heralded russian military power. the speculation this year's parade will form the back drop for a major announcement on ukraine. victory day still marks russia's triumphant past. what the kremlin really wants is to celebrate that illusive victory in the present. matthew chance, cnn, moscow.
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and south korean authorities are strongly condemning north korea for firing a suspected short-range ballistic missile. the missile was likely launched from a submarine into the waters off the east coast of the korean pennsylvania. they launched another missile this week. this is the 14th projectile fired this year. and in havana, cuba, the death toll from a powerful explosion at a hotel has just risen to 26. that is according to a state-run website. dozens more were injured and people are believed to still be trapped in the rubble. a gas leak is suspected to have caused explosion. still ahead, a key discovery in the manhunt for a missing former corrections officer and an inmate facing murder charges. we'll talk to a bounty hunter about where the missing couple could be headed. can help you build a complelete financial plan. visit to f find your cfp® profession. ♪
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all right, a week after a former alabama correction officer and inmate went missing, their suspected getaway car has been discovered. it was abandoned on the same day as the escape and as authorities persist in the manhunt for both fugitives, more details are surfacing about the inmate and what landed him behind bars. cnn's nadia romero has the story. >> reporter: casey white is scheduled to stand trial for capital murder charged related to the 2015 death of connie ridgway this summer. but last friday he escaped forcing the family and including her son austin williams through a roller coaster of emotions. >> my feelings have been all over the place. just adrenalin and stress. and just not sleeping really well. >> reporter: white's violent criminal history states back to 2010. court document as ledge he beat his brother with an ax head hammer handle landing him in prison in 2012.
9:15 am
he was released four years later. and in october 2015 connie ridgway was murdered in her apartment in alabama. police did not charge him. and months later in december, white went on a crime spree that included a home invasion, carjacking and a police chase. he was indicted on 15 counts in march 2016 and later convicted on 7 of the charges including attempted murder and robbery. he was sent to prison with the first possibility of parole in 2021 but the district attorney said white admitted to killing connie ridgway. he was then brought to the detention center to be arraigned on murder charges in october of 2020. white pleaded not guilty. and that is where he is believed to have met and started his relationship with corrections officer white. while there, deputies discovered white was allegedly planning an escape that included taking a hos hostage. he was sent back to prison. >> he was brought back to our
9:16 am
facility on february 25th of this year. and we do know and have confirmed that they were in touch via phone during that two-year period while he was in prison and she was still working here. >> reporter: white was placed on the most restrictive custody level, housed in a single cell with armed guards at all times. the sheriff said white was brought back to the detention center in february where officer white worked ahead of the trial for the ridgway murder. and may have come forward with new information about the two of them. >> they were saying he was getting special treatment. he was getting privileges and extra food on his tray and that vicki white was seeing that he got. >> reporter: officer williams said there should have been extra eyes on casey white and anyone associating with him. now he's worried more people could be hurt by white while he's on the run. >> no one is safe who is in contact with him. he could snap at any moment. he could just snap at anything and that is it. >> >> reporter: now we've
9:17 am
reached out to casey white's attorneys multiple times and yet to hear response. friday alabama governor kay ivey adding an addition at $5,000 reward for information leads to the capture and arrest of casey and vicki white. >> that brings the joints total for a reward up to $25,000. >> thank you so much. for more on these developments, i want to bring in now zeke unger. a bounty hunter who is joining me live from los angeles. so good to see you. >> good morning. >> so many things curious about this case, right. i mean, they had a plan, clearly. but the sheriff is saying and we have since learned that within the same day of their escape, they dumped their car. they're vehicle. so what in your view do you believe their plan is? are thing going according to their plan? >> well, technically we don't know what their plan is. so what we're doing is we're looking at the totality of the circumstances surrounding the
9:18 am
investigation. the investigation within the prison, disseminating information to the marshal service. other day they were concerned about the vehicle. i said the vehicle would be found. it is just a series of events. sometimes prompted by the fugitive, sometimes prompted by the investigator. which direction did this go in? we don't know as of yet because their ghosting. but another series of events will occur which will give us more information into the investigation along with the detective work on ground. >> so, we heard from the sheriff that she had sold her home, right, and she has about -- she sold it for $90,000. she has cash. they have reason to believe that to some degree they are still together. what might be their mindset? do you feel like they have, i mean the two whites, even though they're not related, both sharing a last name, that there is a sense of confidence that
9:19 am
they feel like that they carried out their plan of getting out together, that they feel fairly confident that they're able to continue to elude authorities. >> well fugitives always feel that they could allude the authorities and at the end of the day they're physically and mentally exhausted. i believe in this case, they will be apprehended. do they have a plan? at this point they do. but we can't assume, we have to investigate. they may separate. they may get in a fight. we don't know at this point what their relationship is and how strained it is. yes, they have money, yes they're ghosting. law enforcements could make a mistake but they could only make one. >> they are considered armed and dangerous. authorities saying they could confirm that they know the corrections officer white had a
9:20 am
weapon. do you believe that her life is in jeopardy with him? >> again, i don't believe so. i think she's a full co-conspirator in this matter. she orchestrated everything. she's in it. they're together. the question is, is he going to sacrifice her and move on or are they going to move on together. the marshal service is going to find them. it is just a matter of when. i believe that there will be a confrontation, both of them have nothing to lose at this point. we'll see how things progress. >> your confident that authorities will find them, that it will end badly like that with a confrontation. in the meantime, casey white, i mean, he's pretty distinctive. he's 6'9", he's some 300 pounds. it would seem that he would be hard to miss. what do you think is going on that makes him so illusive that
9:21 am
he's able to blend in so well thus far? >> well physically i think they're going to have a hard time. although they have an advantage that everyone is wearing masks right now. some people are, some arnt. but they could get away with wea wearing masks. there is a few things they could change. their height, they could lose weight or color their hair or change their appearance, but he's 6'9", so it is going to be a little bit hard to height that in public. >> you're right. all right, zeke unger, thank you so much. i'll sure we'll have you back. appreciate it. and this programming note. a lauderdale county sheriff rick singleton will join jessica dean live in the 3:00 eastern hour today. and coming up, first lady jill biden getting a firsthand look at the ukrainian refugee crisis. details of her visit to eastern europe right after this. aesar! pssst caesar! julius! dude, you should really check in with your team on n ringcentra.
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! first lady jill biden is in eastern europe getting a firsthand look at the ukraine refugee crisis. she landed in slovakia will she will visit displaced children. earlier today she met with educators and a school in romania where she also visited with ukrainian children who fled the war. she is also expected to meet with political and military leaders during her four-day trip. kate anderson brower is a cnn contributor and the author of the book "first women." so good to see you. so talk to us about, you know, how a trip like this, as difficult as it is, it really does seem to play to the strengths of this first lady.
9:27 am
>> absolutely. i mean, as you said, she is known for her empathy, the bidens have beau biden their son who was deployed to iraq so she's able to talk to families about how difficult, understanding the challenges of deployment. she also is a teacher and that is the cornerstone of her time as first lady is continuing to teach full time. so when she goes to the schools and talks to these refugees, and these ukrainian children who have gone through so much trauma, she's able to relate to them and you could see in the videos, she gets down on her knees and it really connected with these kids. and it is the soft power of the position of first lady. >> and that we hear this first lady is also going to be meeting with politicians and military leaders while on this trip. what does that mean? what do those meetings constitute? >> i think this is more about just showing up and showing that the u.s. cares and is going to
9:28 am
be there for as long as the u.s. needs to be there. and it is not going to abandon the ukrainian people. i don't think she's wading too deep into policy. this is about the empathy and showing up on the ground. and first ladies have always done this. michelle obama, back to pat nixon going to vietnam. this is something that almost every first lady has done. laura bush in afghanistan. but i think it is an important symbol of american engagement and empathy and caring about what happens to these women and children and the people of ukraine. >> and first ladies always travel with particular secret service detail, whether domestically or even abroad. but now we're talking about heightened risks because of where she is during this four-day journey. what goes into the planning and the security like this for the first lady?
9:29 am
>> i mean, i think it is an ard usous task. and melania trump went to a war zone but they were on ground for a few hours. usually those trips are very quick. of course, dr. biden is not in the middle of a war zone. she's on the border with these countries bordering ukraine. but it is still obviously a dangerous place to be. >> yeah, the heightened risk. but at the same time there has to be this accessibility like we're seeing right now with her talking and reaching, and touching, whether it be american service members, serving abroad, or whether it is refugee families. and she really is kind of a touchy feely kind of person. so security detail doesn't want to impede what is her gift of really connected with people. >> that is right. and one of the really interesting things that i think that happened on this trip and kate bennett, the cnn reporter who is there covering it, talked
9:30 am
about there is a challenge coin that she gave to the members of the delaware national guard and with her son's -- a prayer that she and her husband would read when her son was deployed. so it is about the refugees and it is also about the service members. this plays right into her strength, absolutely. >> kate anderson brower, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you, fredricka. alena cabba, a russian woman romantically linked to vladimir putin has been included in the latest proposed package of sanctions in the invasion of ukraine according to two sources. who is she really? brian todd has the story. >> reporter: she's been linked romantically to vladimir putin for more than a decade. though he's always denied it. a early photograph at time she was a decorated gymnast shows putin lookingin fatu ated with her. new sanctions on her, according
9:31 am
to two diplomatic sources. >> this is very personal. she's not only part of his inner circle, but she also probably holds a lot of money for putin. >> reporter: she also late last month in a rare public appearance at a gymnastics event in moscow spoke out in support of putins a war in ukraine. >> every family has a history of war and we shouldn't forget about it. we should hand it over from generation to generation. >> she has participated in a lot of propaganda efforts to shore up the putin regime over the years. >> she and putin have rarely been seen in public together. but analysts say they and her family have gotten rich because of they are close ties to the russian president. >> she spends much of her time overseas even though she has lavish properties in russia to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. >> reporter: experts say targeting putin's purported girlfriend for sanctions is punishing the colonel for the
9:32 am
ukraine invasion. >> one of the levers to make him feel some of the costs of this is to sanction those closest to him, and american officials believe that she is very close in indeed. >> reporter: putin two adult daughters were sanctioned by the u.s. last month. a u.s. official confirmed their names are maria putin and katarina, shown here speaking at an economic conference. both are believed to be in their mid-30s. we know they've traveled widely, especially in the west. one ever them, katarina was married to russia's youngest billionaire and she tried to pursue a career in acrobatic rock and roll. and maria, we don't know as much about. she's pursued a career in medical sciences. >> reporter: as for alena, last month the "wall street journal" reported that u.s. officials have debated whether to place american sanctions on her but held off out of concerns that so personal a strike at putin would
9:33 am
escalate tensions even more. now that the e.u. could soon sanction her and the u.s. has already sanctioned putin's daughters. >> putin might take it personally and strike out more at ukraine and against the u.s. fwl >> reporter: experts say there is the mother of maria and katarina who may have accounts in other place where's putin is hiding his assets. one expert who tracks his finances, doesn't believe she's been placed under any sanctions yet but that could be coming as the u.s. tried to ratchet up the personal pressure on vladimir putin. brian todd, cnn, washington. coming up, demonstrations against the leaked draft opinion on roe v. wade. expected today across the country. in washington an eight-foot fence has been erected around the u.s. supreme court. we'll take you live outside of the supreme court next.
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9:39 am
joe? >> reporter: i would say, yes, fred. probably so. it's been raining all day long. and forecasts for even more. there are protesters here as there have been, in fact the numbers have increased over the last several hours. not a huge number of people. if you just sort of take a look over my shoulder here, the majority of the people here protesting are proabortion demonstrations. we've seen just a few people across the street who are anti-abortion demonstrators. but authorities here are completely prepared for even larger numbers and if you just take a look at the fencing here, this is fencing that goes all the way around the united states supreme court. sort of a disturbing image symbolically if you will. n nonetheless, it is kind of fencing we saw in front of the united states capitol after january 6. also the kind of fencing we saw
9:40 am
around the white house at periods during the trump administration. so, going forward, authorities are expecting more demonstrations. also a possibility for example of legislation, just next week we could see action on the floor of the united states senate, chuck schumer has said he intends to bring legislation to support a woman's right to choose. meanwhile, in the legislatures of state governments around the united states, especially republican-controlled state legislatures, we're seeing an attempt to bring forward even more legislation in light of this decision that is expected from this supreme court sometime over the next two months. back to you, fred. >> joe, and i see you have your earpiece in. back again and hopefully you could hear me okay. justice thomas has spoken out and he is focusing on the public
9:41 am
outcry, isn't he? >> reporter: yeah, he is. and one of the things that he said at the 11th circuit judicial conference in atlanta is that government institutions should not be bullied for an outcome that is presumed to be the outcome that most people want. so, he was speaking out in reference to the activities here at the supreme court and in other places over the last week, fred. >> all right. joe johns, thank you so much from the u.s. supreme court. on to louisiana now, where lawmakers just advanced a bill to classify abortions as homicides. and potentially criminally charge women who terminate their pregnancies. tennessee just made it a felony to send abortion-inducing drugs into mail. it is only for the sender, not the recipient. tom foreman talks about what
9:42 am
could pass if the right to abortion is eliminated. >> if the supreme court goes through with this ruling, these are all of the states in red that are certain to ban abortion. the states in yellow likely to ban them according to the progressive macher institute, said even though the man might be 15 or 16 weeks, whatever it may be, the truth is that what this could do is effect 58% of the women in this country of child-bearing years. those people would be living in states that would be hostile to abortion rights. and there is many more states that are talking about that than there are states talking about protecting abortion rights. how will this be moved forward? with very far-reaching laws in terms of the language so far. if you look at a proposal in missouri, they would not merely forbid a woman getting an abortion but any attempt to help her get one, providing
9:43 am
transportation, giving instructions, providing internet service by which she might access abortion services. providing money, a range for insurance or referrals. any of that could make you an accessory. so if your sister became pregnant and wants to talk to you about abortion, under these laws you could be culpable if you discussed it with her. beyond that, there is this notion that what they're trying to do is basically say any child conceived in that state automatically becomes a resident and legally protected. so much so that if you read the details here, if a couple simply stopped in a hotel in missouri, conceived a child and went on to their homes say in nevada or in oregon or california and then had an abortion, they would be treated essentially as fugitives from missouri because that resident went with them. legal battles, political battles all over the place connected to
9:44 am
this. this is worth noting. while democrats are scrambling to find some way here to blunt the impact of this ruling, if it comes through, on this side there is say tremendous amount of energy with republicans and abortion opponents pushing very, very hard to say now is the time to run with this, to enact a national standard that said it is illegal everywhere, no matter what the states want and there are people over there with the momentum of knowing that the court is not in their way any more, think that if they have big wins this fall, maybe they could do that. >> that is a lot. tom foreman, thank you so much. all right, a violent attack against a jewish man has police now asking for help. they released surveillance video of the attacker this morning. the man that you see punched and then kicked a 32-year-old victim before saying very hateful things. the victim was hospitalized and is listed in stable condition.
9:45 am
and this is just the latest example of anti-semitism in the u.s. last year the anti-defamation league said there were more than 2700 anti-semitic incidents. a 34% spike from the previous year. the governor of new mexico is urging people in the path of wildfires to evacuate. large fires are burning cross parts of state and the worst is yet to come. skrong winds and extreme heat are fuelling the fires this weekend. the calf canyon fire near sante fe is the second largest in history and threatening thousands of homes. the national guard is going door-to-door right now urging people to get out while they can. pull out your oversized hats and sip on a mint julep, the kentucky derby is today and we're live from the track at chus
9:46 am
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all right, get ready it is time for the hats an the pastel colors an the mintz juleps because it is the running of the 148th kentucky derby. andy scholes is in the thick of it with pastels an everything. there you go. live from churchill downs. don't tell me you have dark clouds behind you, because there are a lot of people who couldn't wait for this day. what is happening? >> reporter: yeah, it is a
9:51 am
cloudy day, fredricka. and i tell you what, people who picked out their outfits months in advance, a little disappointing it is not warmer here in louisville, kent. the high is about 60 degrees but sts still an awesome day. >> that is great for the horses. >> reporter: the big hats are back in a big way this year. they had more than 100,000 people here yesterday at the kentucky oaks and they're expecting 150,000 today here the 148th running of the kentucky derby. and one of the most fun parts of the day is picking out a horse. here are the favorites for the kentucky derby later today. big money on taba and moving him to the co-favorite with the epicenter at 5 to 1 odds. this is the third race of his career. no horses won the derby in only his third race since 1983. now he used to be train by bob baffert. since baffert was suspended by
9:52 am
churchill downs after last year's winner was testing positive for a banned substance, now riding the horse today is mike schmidt. he's won two kentucky derbies before. if he's able to win today, he'll be the oldest jockey to win and i caught up to him and asked him what the secret to his longevity. >> i've been working with trainers for about 30 years now and at 56 it is paying off. >> at 56, you appreciate these a little more than you did maybe in your earlier days? >> without a doubt. you certainly look at them different. when your young and you think you could ride 10 more of these things. at least in your mind you could kind of feel that way and at this stage of my career, this could be the last one. i don't plan on it. i'm not that far. i'm not saying that i'm retiring. >> reporter: now another popular
9:53 am
pick today is the other favorite, epicenter, he's won four of the six races. now he's trained by steve asmusen. he's had 23 horses in the kentucky derby and never won. it is the most starts in the ze derby without winning and he's hoping this is finally going to be his year. >> it is something that i've dreamt about since i was a kid. i grew newspaper a racing family. been obviously aware of it and pursued it for a long time. me going into the derby myself, i'm 0 for 23 but epicenter is 0 for 0. so it is just a wonderful opportunity to run a horse that has enough ability to win it. >> reporter: and fredricka, i was going to ask you, if you were going to be here today, are you big hat or fascinator? what would you do? >> well if it were sunny, i would go about the big hat. but since it is a little cloudy, well maybe i'll stick with the big hat because that may shield me from the rain that might be
9:54 am
an the way. so i'll stick with my answer, big hat and i would go with the horse with the fun name. happy smile or smile happy. i like that one. a a andy scholes, good to see you, bye-bye. and now today's start small and think big. >> balancing being a student, a kid and a entrepreneur is a constant struggle only because there is so many things that i want to say yes to. bees lemonade it a flaxseed lemon ate is that i started when i was 4 to help save the bees. i got stung in my ear and neck and after being afraid of them my parents encouraged me to do some research. i learned their important in our food chain but many bees species are being threatened right now. the favors are mint, prickling pair and classic and cherry.
9:55 am
the flaxseed came from my great helen's recipe. i said why don't i add some honey. we're saving the bees through funding research to provide education and protect them. good morning. today i'm teaching an interactive workshop about pollinators at a local all girls middle school. we brought in bee keeping suits and let them test out spokers and look at real life honey comb. what started as me selling out of my lemonade stand has grown to a national lemonade brand. i get to use my story to inspire other people who may look like me or dream like me. >> start small, think big, brbrought to you by legal zoom. smart and protect your legal business with legal zoom. let's make it official.
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hello, again, everyone, thank you for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. ukrainian officials say all women and children and elderly civilians who had been trapped in that steel plant in mariupol have now been evacuated. this comes after weeks of bombardment in the long besieged city. scott mcclain has more from lviv. what are the reassurances that that is indeed the case. >> reporter: so we have been waiting all day for some kind of a statement, some kind of a confirmation that these civilians had gotten out. and now we finally have it. so this is coming from the ukraine depu p


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