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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  May 8, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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of all, prop a won't raise your taxes. vote yes on prop a for fast, safe, reliable transit. you are live in the cnn newsroom. happy mother's day. i'm jessica dean. today we are seeing the world coming together standing with ukraine. ♪ won't you stand by me, oh, stand by me ♪ >> bono and the edge from u 2 putting on a surprise show in a subway station. it was just one of several
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disinterred plays of solidarity in ukraine today. this afternoon, first lady jill biden making an unannounced trip into the western part of the country. there she met a school and also met with ukraine's first lady. the first time american diplomats have been in the capital since the war began. and canadian prime minister met face to face with ukraine's president zelenskyy. zelenskyy also holding a call with president biden and g 7 leaders who all agreed to phase out russian imports. the timing of this, it's a show of unity, and it's no -- putin marks victory day. the holiday will include an over the top military disinterred
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play. you're looking right now at this week's practice run. monday's parade will celebrate a massacre in ukraine. it shelled a school sheltering 90 civilians looefg behind that smoldering pile of rubble you see there. scott, we got word of this attack about 24 hours ago, now we're hearing from some of the survivors. what have you learned? >> reporter: jessica, it is amazing anyone survived this when you look at those pictures, but this is pretty incredible that people were able to get out from underneath that school that absolutely collapsed on the weight of this russian bomb that came down. this area is about 7 miles west of the front line, so shelling is not new there. the russians have been shelling that area pretty relentlessly
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for the past two weeks or so. there was an evacuation operation that was successful two weeks ago, but clearly there were some people left behind. so much of that village, we're told, had been bombed that this school was really one of the last remaining places you could actually shelter in. so some of my colleagues managed to get to that area and speak to some of the survivors, and their stories are really remarkable. they said amongst the 90 or so people down there were children and elderly people. one man said he was one of the first to make it out and got help with other people from the village of who had come to help to see if there were any survivors. another man said it was just confusion, disinterred orientation, pure darkness instantly when those three stories of the school came down. a third man who had a bandage on
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his head and nose said there was actually a slab to of concrete that came down on him, and when he managed to get out, he felt like he was drunk, totally lost, confused, and disinterred oriented. local officials are still searching through what is level of the rubble, but they say at this point it's pretty unlikely that there are still survivors, that anyone could have survived this. the reality is it is entirely possible that 60 people or so could be dead. jessica. >> all right. scott mclean for us in ukraine tonight. turning back now to first lady jill biden's unannounced visit to ukraine this morning. she met with the first lady of ukraine at a school that has now been turned into a shelter. cnn's kay bennett is joining me now. this stop was wuz not on her
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schedule, and the mother's day visit was really a surprise to so many people. >> reporter: it was. but the first lady made it clear that mother's day was important to her. this theme of the entire trip from roman i can't yesterday have been centered around the fortitude, the strength, the resiliency of ukrainian refugee mothers who fled the country with with their children and left the fathers behind. so today's visit into ukraine, scott was just talking about a school there that turned into a place for people to seek shelter. that's very much like the place the first lady was today. it's a former school that has been turned into housing for disinterred placed ukrainians, just showing how dangerous and how the courage of the first lady to go into an active war zone of a country. and we were not told ahead of time who the special visitor
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would be, but it turned out to be the first lady of ukraine. we have not seen her in public at all since february 24th when the russian invasion began. she has been in hiding with her children. she came out of hiding to meet with jill biden on this mother's day to thank her for coming to see her with. and jill biden wanted to talk to her in person. i'm told the first lady of ukraine specifically talked to biden behind cloeds doors about mental health. she's worried about the citizens of her country, the children, families, and soldiers who are facing whatever disaster might come their way. children who have been ripped from their homes. she's concerned about the well-being of her country. dr. biden saying she understands that because of -- of course, the united states just went
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through the pandemic which also affected the mental health of americans as well. the two women first came up with this visit about ten days ago. the government approached the east wing saying that she did want to meet in person. i will say going back to mother's day, the first lady today wore a gift of flowers on her wrist, a gift from president biden. it is a tradition of the biden that she get this wrist corsage. there were moments very moving and of course the mother's day symbolism really important to dr. biden on this trip. >> such a show of solidarity. thanks so much for that reporting. joining us now general mark kemet, former political
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secretary of state. also joining us is peter zwack. gentlemen, great to see you. he's also the author of a u.s. army officer's experience in pre-putin russia. general, in one day we are seeing images of the first lady, we're seeing candidates all showing their support in ukraine. we also know that american diplomats just returned to the embassy in kyiv. hao important are those images ahead of russian's victory day, which is scheduled for tomorrow? >> it's a great question. it's quite important. it's important for our nations, but it's also important for the nations in the world that have been fence sitters through this process -- through this horrific event to see all this and it does trickle into russia. and so it isn't just official,
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you got bono. it's a big deal because there will be a major expression, if you will, russian narrative tomorrow that is going to be pushing back on all of this. so yes, i think it comes at a good time. >> that russian propaganda that's going to be pushed out and has been pushed out. president biden met virtually with president zelenskyy and g-7 leaders today. do you think it's time for the president himself to go to ukraine? do you think we'll see that? >> i think just as ukrainians have done an effective job of targeting russian officials, i think the president of the united states' security details would be just as concerned there would be an attempt on his life. it's great to see jill biden there, but i think at this point in the war, it may be a bit too
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early for president biden to be going. >> and really taking in those security concerns. general, victory day tomorrow, reuters is reporting the first time this n more than a decade, russia is going to attempt a flyover with its doomsday parade. should the biden administration view that as an escalation, just them showing off this doomsday plane? >> the russians have been showing off their strategic nuclear, if you will, technology at these parades for some years. they will roll the ss 24 yars that will come through with a range of about 7,000 miles, and that is a civilization-ending icbm, and they will fly probably again their black jack, the 160 strategic bombers. the fact that they're fry flying
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a command and control flyer, it is a data point, but add it to all, if you will, the nuclear brandishing that they have been doing. that aircraft, for your viewers, is a lot like our e 4 b 747-type command and control aircraft that we use if there were to be a nuclear crisis. >> got it. and sources are telling cnn the u.s. provided intelligence that helped ukraine target and also sink a russian warship in the black sea last month. the pentagon is denying specific targeting information. but they point out in an op-ed, quote, the staggering takeaway from these leeks suggest we are no longer in an indirect war with russia but rather edging towards a direct war and no one has prepared the american people or congress for that. do you agree with that
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assessment? >> well, first of all, i think the american people understand the staggering amount of material that we have been providing to the ukrainians, not only the united states, but in fact, most of the western countries, 40 aside from the nato countries, and if we're going to be providing tanks and missiles and drones and antitank capabilities, that kind of material that is so important, in my mind, it would be malpractice if we didn't provide some measure of intelligence to the ukrainians. but there's a big difference between providing intelligence and providing targeting information. the first is what every country is providing to the ukrainians, but actual targeting information is not being provided by the united states nor is it being provided by any other country. >> that's very interesting
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because it sounds like you are making quite a -- that would be seen as an escalation. am i understanding that right? >> look, i was an artilleryman 40 years. every night, we would get significant amount of information from sources, eyeballs on the ground communications, that was great. but we had to merge all of that in what we called a targeting board so that we knew not only the precise targets but where they were, what capabilities we would use against them, what would be the right amount of ammunition to use against those targets. we provide the first, the general intelligence, but the second, the targeting information that is developed at a targeting board, that is done
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by the ukrainians and not by the western countries. >> and with e know, we talked about it at the beginning of our broadcast that 60 people are now feared dead after russia bombed a school shelter in ukraine, and zelenskyy has thought to bring up the words never forget. we can play a clip from that. let's listen to that. >> translator: this year, we say never again differently. we hear never again differently. it sounds painful, cruel, without an exclamation, but with a question mark, you say never again, tell ukraine about it. >> and general, do you think zelenskyy's effectiveness at messaging has shifted the line completely in terms of other countries worrying about provoking russia versus helping the ukrainians? we have seen president zelenskyy really leveraging pr and messaging to make sure that his
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message is getting out to the rest of the world. >> he's been brilliant and visceral in his messaging, no doubt about that. it is -- what he is portraying is the struggle for survival of a nation that has been invaded in a monstrous way ten weeks ago, and he is doing everything to create, if you will, and show and feel -- because a lot of this is motive -- how -- how dangerous this is. so remembrance day, today, they will celebrate it the day before the victory day, which is also ukrainian holiday. it was a soviet, not just russian. but the russians have pretty well taken it, so they're doing
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it differently, and it is a countermessage. it's getting into what he said, the evil coming back into the world, and we need to be on guard, and we need to stand up, look it in the eye and push back, which is what they are doing, and we are assisting and our allies and friends the same. >> it is such a powerful message. we appreciate your analysis there. thanks so much. >> always. and coming up, protestors march the homes of supreme court justices after that leaked draft decision of roe v. wade is on the vurj of being overturned. plus, why the thing shocking so many people wasn't so shocking to someone who warned this in 2018. >> roe v. wade is doomed, it is gone because donald trump wowon the election. eplace your windshield and recalibrate your advanced safety system.
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anger is building over that leeks draft opinion showing the conservative majority of supreme court is ready to overturn the landmark abortion case roe v. wade. new video shows protestors marching to the home of chief justice roberts and cavanaugh in maryland. the investigation is underway to find the person responsible for that leek. meantime, justice clarence thomas expressing his anger. he reiterated his past comments that justices are obligated to take a fresh look at established precedents. many of the same justices poised to overturn roe now express different feelings during their conference hearings. >> judging with wb does a fetus have a status as a
1:22 pm
constitutional person? >> senator, i can't think of any cases that have held that. i would have to go back and rethink that. it is a precedent that is now been on the books for several decades. it has been challenged. it has been reaffirmed. >> part of being a good judge is coming in and taking precedent as it stands. and your personal views about the precedent have absolutely nothing to do with the good job of a judge. >> as a judge, it is an important precedent of the supreme court, by it, i mean roe v. wade. >> a fetus is not a person. that's the law of the land. i accept the law of the land, senator, yes. >> my next guest predicted we would arrive at this day. here was his warning back in 2018 when news broke a pivotal
1:23 pm
swing vote was retiring. >> you are going to see 20 states pass laws banning abortion outright. just banning abortion and -- because they know that there are now going to be five votes on the supreme court to overturn roe v. wade. and abortion will be illegal in a significant part of the united states in 18 months. it's not no bought dout about that. and that's why these seats matter so much. roe v. wade is doomed. it is gone because donald trump won the election. >> and joining me now, in 2022, cnn chief legal analyst, jeffrey tuman. did everything unfold pretty much exactly as you said it would? >> well, i would love to take credit, but all i know is arigt -- this is the arithmatic.
1:24 pm
they had already expressed they wanted roe overturned, and donald trump in his campaign said he will appoint justices to overturn roe v. wade, and if you look at the records of cavanaugh and amy coney barrett, not their statements during the confirmation hearings, but their record, it looked very clear like they too would vote to overturn roe v. wade and vindicate president trump's campaign promise. that's three, you add two existing, that's five votes. that's just -- it all played out as it was scripted in public, not anything i saw in secret. >> right. and we just showed video of the protests outside the homes of justice roberts and cavanaugh. i know you have talked about how shattering this leek is to the
1:25 pm
supreme court as an institution. at this point, is there any reason to believe the final opinion is going to be much different than the draft we have already seen? >> you know, this is really unchartered territory. we have never seen -- never in the risry of the supreme court -- a draft opinion. we have had voted release nd advance, but an opinion released in advance has just never happened before. so we don't have a lot of precedent as the lawyers say, to get an answer. i do know how the court works, and it is usually the case that draft majority opinions more or less stay the same in the course of circulation before they are voted finally. now it is true that very occasionally, there are shifting votes that turn majority opinions into minority opinions, but it happens very rarely. it certainly seems highly likely
1:26 pm
that the majority opinion the court releases at the end of june will look a lot like the one that was leaked, but we can't know for sure until it's announced in real life. >> until we get the final opinion. we know a bill advancing through louisiana's legislation lay chur would classify abortions as had hads. arkansas has a trigger law that would make it a felony except to save the life of a mother. there are some states that don't want to make any exception for rain. do you believe many of these cases are going to end right back up at the supreme court, do you think that they're going to go right back to the supreme court with this stuff? >> well, they'll certainly be in federal court very quickly. how many cases and when the supreme court starts reviewing these new laws, i can't say for sure. it's really important for people to see what the overturning of roe means.
1:27 pm
you know, this louisiana law, which passed a committee, said that the women who seek abortions can be criminally prosecuted. the arkansas law says any medical personnel, doctor, nurse, anyone else who helps an abortion take place can go to prison for ten years. this is very serious business. this isn't some abstraction. these are laws that with criminal penalties, all over the country for something that at least today is still a constitutional right. i can't think of any example in american history of a constitutional right turning into a crime overnight. the closest example i think is prohibition, but that's not a perfect analogy either. this is completely unchartered territory, and the courts are going to have a lot to sort out,
1:28 pm
and american women, more importantly, are going to have a very different legal landscape in short order if this opinion stands. >> that's a really important opinion you make. critics are also expressing fear about what could come next. the central figure in the land mark case that legalized same sex marriage had this to say about the leaked draft opinion. >> it, to me, is a call of people who are opposed to marriage equality, to file suit to start something that would end up in supreme court so they could overturn it. this decision is taking away a right that our nation has relied on, and it sets up the loss of additional rights. >> this is also something that former secretary of state hillary clinton talked about as well. how likely do you think that is that other changes follow? >> well, if you read the draft
1:29 pm
opinion by justice elito, it says, look, there is nothing in the constitution, the constitution never uses the word abortion. it is what's known as an unenumerated right. let me tell you some other unenumerated rights. there is no right to marriage in the constitution. there's no right to contraception in the constitution. so if the test for constitutional rights in the future is what is specifically spelled out in the constitution and nothing else, then contraception, marriage, travel, lots of right americans have taken for granted are very much up for grabs. >> we're going to see how all this plays out. thanks for joining us. it's the war as vladimir putin wants his people to see it. a look at preparations in moscow for the so-called victory day holiday.
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tomorrow, may 9th, is an incredibly important and symbolic day to russia and so to putin's attempt to project success in the war he started against ukraine. our international correspondent matthew chandler is in moscow. >> reporter: night time on the cobbles of red square. and russia's military is plotting its next steps. this is a rehearsal for the annual victory day parade.
1:35 pm
every may 9th commemorating the soviet defeat of nazi germany. it's also a dramatic stage for the krem rin to show case its military power and to celebrate it. i'm looking forward to its grand scale, say this moscow person. we will show the power and strength of our country, he says, though who really needs a reminder. these are the latest brutal images from ukraine where russia is continuing what it calls its special military operation if kremlin says this is also a fight against nazis. even though ukraine has a jewish president, it's being drilled into russians that their country's soldiers are yet again battling fashists. it's a comparison dismissed in the west which many russians seem prepared to accept. every year, i go to these
1:36 pm
rehearsals, says this man, who gives his name. i think this year, it's more special because of the special military operation happening in ukraine, he says. today i wave the flag to shore our army, but i hope it will end soon, he adds. a hint of awareness, perhaps, at the horrific cost. this is what victory day is meant to mark. the soviet union's role in the allied victory in the second world war. russia sustained millions of casualties, paying an enormous sacrifice. but the power of a military parade to bolster national pride has never been lost on the kremlin's leaders. least of all, president putin, whose victory day parades have hailed russia's resurgence as a
1:37 pm
military power. this year's parade will form the backdrop for a major announcement on ukraine. victory day still marks try. >> umpire: in past. what the kremlin really wants is to celebrate that illusive victory in the present. matthew chance, cnn moscow. 15 years ago, mad rin went missing. she's not been found, and no one was charged in her disinterred appearance. now, investigators say they have discovered new evidence that may help solve the mystery of what happened. those new developments, next. ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and kennyny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been demolilished by the peterson bo♪ ♪ yes -- ♪ wait, what was that? timber...
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new details in the disinterred appearance of british toddler madeleine mccan. it has now been 15 years since the 3-year-old was reported missing in portugal after her parents left her in a hotel to dine at a nearby restaurant. despite an international search, she has never been found. our randi kaye traveled to london to speak with investigators and has new information on the case. >> please, if you have madeleine, let her come home to her mommy, daddy, brother, and sister. >> just hours after madeleine mccan vanished, her parents
1:43 pm
pleaded for her safe return. she was just days shy of her 4th birthday. it was may 2007. >> we beg you to let madeleine come home. >> madeleine did not come home, and now 15 years later, prosecutors say they believe madeleine is dead and they know who killed her. he told portuguese broadcaster that investigators had found new evidence that connects this man to madeleine's disinterred appearance. he's a convicted rainist and child sex abuser. >> it is true that if you find something belonging to madeleine in the caravan of christian brooker? >> to the details of the invest gag, i cannot give you -- >> but you cannot deny it, can you? >> i don't want to deny it. >> the prosecutor told them he
1:44 pm
assured he's the murder. he had left her and the twins sleeping nearby. they were on property just yards away and said they checked on the kids every half hour. when madeleine was discovered missing, a search began, but the crime scene was never properly secured. >> they were searching for a child and weren't worried about securing evidence. we met a private investigator back in 2017 while shooting a documentary on this case. he says the location of the mccan's vacation flat put the family at risk. >> what made this apartment 5 a more vubl initial? >> because it's in the corner, and there's a lot of places you can be watching the apartment without notice. >> madeleine's face was broadcast around the world. >> please give our little girl
1:45 pm
back. >> but even as tips poured in, invest garretts zeroed in on kate and jerry mccan. cadaver dogs alerted to blood in the mccan's apartment, and just four months after their daughter disappeared, they were made suspects. then they closed the case and cleared that. turns out, between 2004 and 2010, a string of sexual assaults were reported in the area where madeleine disappeared. >> almost always, houses or apartments that were rented or owned by british people with young children. >> prosecutors first announced the suspect's involvement back in 2020. brookner is german but lived in that town from 2005 to 2007. he told investigators he had been with his girlfriend the
1:46 pm
night madeleine vanished. but prosecutors told the tv he has no alibi. he is currently in jail for raping a woman in the same area where she disappeared. 15 years later, and still no sign of madeleine or her remains. >> thank you so much. coming up, what may be the bargain of a lifetime. a woman makes a $35 purchase from good will tonl discover it's actually a rellick from ancient rome. check out this vrbo. come on. actually a rellick from ancient rome. n discover it's actually a rlick from ancient rome. ly discover it actually a rellick from ancient rome. discove it's actually a rellick from ancient rome to discover it's actually a rellick from ancient rome. ♪ [bushes rustling]
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police in raleigh, north carolina, according to police, that incident started around 1:30 this morning when officers spotted a man in a police station parking lot throwing explosives at police vehicles. he was asked to stop several times before firing at an officer. all have been placed on administrative leave. a tourist captured the land slide as it happened, and you see the trees toppling over which connects the report area to a nearby city. nobody was hurt. but the cleanup could take days.
1:52 pm
here's another view of the aftermath. a water taxi is now being used to transport some of the people in and out of the affected area. turns out, sometimes being thrifty can really pay off. ask a texas woman who picked up a marble bust at a thrift store only to learn it was actually a relic from ancient rome. she began digging around to see if it had any history, and it did. after con tacking auctions, she discovered it was 2,000 years old. it may have been on disinterred play at a home in germany until world war ii. that was the last time anyone saw it until it turned up at that good will story. get ready for an epic road trip across south korea on the next nomad.
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>> being a shannon male, you're not supposed to be good at sports or rap, right. >> you're definitely not suppose today rap. >> and then i come over to korea, and they look down on me for not being able to speak krae i can't. why do you try to be black? i'm not trying to be anything. i owe everything to hip hop. so everything i do, all these success, people even caring what i say, it's all because of hip hop. >> it's not just an -- it's an entire culture. so you can't separate it as a music genere. >> the attitude i have towards it is i always try to do it justice so i don't embarrass the people that represent the culture. >> a brand new episode of nomad airs tonight at 10:00 right here
1:54 pm
on cnn. ukraine's most famous dog receiving an hoar nor from zelenskyy. he has become a national figure since the russian invasion for his work with bomb disposal teams. he is credited with uncovering 150 ammunitions. he received the state award for dedicated service during a meeting with the prime minister. at one point, trudow appeared to search in his pocket for treats without any success. since is the start of the pandemic, antia shannon hate crimes have surged in 16 of the nation's large egs cities. this year, cnn absolutes a nonprofit sore over hate that has provided self defense classes to asian americans. >> the day of our distribution,
1:55 pm
the lines are past four ploks around the neighborhood where people waited almost two hours to obtain a personal safety device from us. >> to make the noise, you pull out the pin, and it sar skairs people away and alerts people around you. >> it was heart breaking but also motivating to see so many people come out. i think it highlighted the need and fears that many folks like me are experiencing right now. >> thank you so much. >> stay safe. >> i hope that our work helps save lives. that's our only hope moving forward. >> to learn about all the ways michelle and her organization are helping combat hate, you can go to cnn heroes.comom. (vo) when it comes to safety, who has more iihs top safety pick plus awards— the highest level of safety you can earn? subaru.
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you are live in the cnn newsroom. i'm jessica dean in for jim acosta. today, a stunning show of global support for ukraine. snoent stand by me, oh, stand by me ♪ >> bono and the edge from u 2 performing today in a kyiv metro station. the irish rocker is not the only one who showed up in solidarity in ukraine today. first lady jill bide


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