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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  May 9, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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max verstappen takes the victory before a star-studded crowd that included michael jordan, tom brady and beckham. more on cnn and and don't forget to download the 5 things podcast. go to cnn's coverage continues right now. good monday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm jim sciutto. with no victory to declare, putin blames the west, defends his military occupation in ukraine. russia's victory day celebrations, as they're dubbed, were smaller, more muted than many expected with president putin pointing the finger at nato for what he calls threats next to our borders. let's begin with cnn international correspondent matthew chance joining us from moscow. matthew, keeping in mind,
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obviously, there are very strict laws as we know in place right now, restricting what journalists in russia can say. what can you tell us about putin's speech and the reaction there. >> reporter: you're right. they are restrictive. we can't call what russia calls a special military operation in ukraine, we can't call it a war or invasion. i was in red square when that parade was taking place. i was sitting in one of the stands set up, you know, with vladimir putin, the russian president, as those soldiers marched past. there were 11,000 of them. it was an extraordinary display of patriotism and military might. the soldiers were followed by a parade of military vehicles including tanks and missile launchers and even those powerful, dreadful, intercontinental ballistic
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missiles that were every year pass on over the cobbles of red square in a show of dramatic military might. it was a little bit smaller than we had expected because of the bad weather, we're told. the kremlin said that the flight pass of 77 aircraft that was meant to take -- you know, have a spectacular air display over red square in the center of the russian capital, that didn't take place. it didn't quite work out the way it was originally planned. what also didn't happen, there was a lot of expectation that vladimir putin was going to use this as a back drop to make some kind of important announcement about the military operation, as he calls it, in ukraine. a formal declaration of war, perhaps, on ukraine or a mass mobilization of russian troops to enable him to bring more forces to bear on the front lines in ukraine. but that didn't happen either. it was much more muted than that. he didn't make any of those
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massive grand gestures that were anticipated. at the same time, he also did not leave any indication after this speech that he was prepared to back down on that conflict in ukraine. he went to some lengths to draw parallels between the battle defeat the nazis in 1945 and the battles taking place in ukraine right now. so, trying to kind of plunder that traumatic experience in russia of the second world war. they lost 25 million people in that conflict and try to use it to bolster support for the military campaign currently under way in ukraine. >> matthew chance with the latest for us. thank you. ukraine's president zelenskyy responding to putin's speech with his own victory day message, sounding confident his country will win the war. >> translator: we are fighting for our children's freedom and, therefore, we will win.
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we will never forget what our ancestors did in world war ii, which killed more than 8 million ukrainians. very soon there will be two victory days in ukraine. and someone won't have any. >> russia continued its relentless shelling over the weekend in luhansk. dozens feared dead after a bomb was slammed where 90 people were said to be sheltering. russia fired several missiles in odesa. >> there's heartbreaking joid out of mariupol. the city council says this shows more mass graves. cnn has not been able to independently verify who took this video. however, it follows a consistent pattern we've seen in the country. scott is in lviv. i wonder if ukraine, how is may 9th, known as victory day, being marked? >> reporter: so, may 9th, of
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course, is still recognized in this country as well but it's not the same kind of patriotic flag-waving event that it is in russia. it's more of a somber day for wreath-laying and remembrance. given the invasion, of course, a lot of eyes are on the occupied parts of ukraine to see whether or not they would mark the day with the same kind of parades and patriotism they do in russia. and, well, in kcherson, there ws a parade but ukraine says people were brought in from crimea to bolster the numbers to make it look like more people were attending the event. there was a parade in the zaporizhzhia region, also occupied by the russians. pro-russian media put out a series of videos from different places across the occupied parts of ukraine, showing the different ways that the day was
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marked with sort of marches and ceremonies and things like that. in one of the videos you can see people watching president putin's speech on screens set up in a town square. in mariupol there had been some speculation they might mark it with a grandpa raid there, similar to the one they have in moscow. obviously, a scaled-down version, something the kremlin had not ruled out prior to this day. mariupol city council says there was no parade on that day, but we are seeing new video that shows there was a march through town and there was some -- some ceremonial events that took place as well. the city council says those events were taking place, frankly, on the bones of the residents of mariupol given the recent fighting there. you mentioned the speech by president zelenskyy, this video put out at the same time as president putin was speaking. in he said that the russians would have loved it if ukraine failed to mark may 9th because
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it would bolster their claim that somehow ukraine is run by nazis or there needs to be de-nazi fiction taking place. he said 1 out of every 5 ukrainians did not come home. he promised in the future there would be two victory days. >> remarkable to see in those protests or demonstrations in the east there, the soviet flag, not just the russian flag in kherson. scott mclean, thank you. an embarrassing moment for russia's ambassador to poland. he was doused with red paint by protesters as he tried to lay a wreath at the cemetery of soviet soldiers in warsaw. there's the moment. the russian state news agency says sergey andreev was escorted out of the area and was not injured. >> joining us to discuss, steve
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hall and peter pomeransk, the author of a book. good to have you both with us. let's focus on what we saw in russia this morning, if we could. peter, the fact this was far more defensive, no declaration of victory, no mass mobilization, what does that tell you about where we're headed in this war? >> it tells us putin doesn't appear to have a plan. this was a stalling speech. it was a speech of somebody who understands things are going wrong, afraid to set any direction because he doesn't want to be held accountable for his own words. it's a speech of somebody treading water. >> steve hall, the cia director bill burns, warned this weekend that putin cannot lose. in fact, as he runs into these headwinds he's more likely to double down than back off and could even resort to the use of
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nuclear weapons. i wonder, does the lack of a real victory on victory day make the situation more dangerous? in effect, a losing putin or stifled putin is more dangerous than one moving forward? >> yeah, that's always the question, jim, is where is that delicate fault line between being assertive and aggressive against putin, which the west has done very well at, but also not reaching the point where he becomes so unpredictable that it's difficult and he might engage in dangerous behavior. of course, vladimir putin himself is extremely aware of the west's concern about this. so, he's playing that, you know, for all it's worth. i think what we saw in the speech, both putin and zelenskyy, was a little bit of information warfare. set aside the battlefield warfare but information warfare is heating up. it will be very interesting to see how putin responds in those terms as well. >> i mean, the way they are both using that information warfare,
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i think, is a great point, steve. peter, i know you recently interviewed president zelenskyy but in that piece you had real insight into what we've been watching as he tries to connect with his audience. you experienced that firsthand. i wonder, how effectively at this point do you think he is using that to try to connect with anybody inside russia? >> listen, first, i'd be very careful about an equivalence about the approach of communication from the kremlin and ukraine. information warfare -- >> i wasn't trying to equate the two. i didn't mean it that way. my apologies. >> okay. but the russians try to manipulate people and be deceptive. and one real aim, zelenskyy is genuine communication, which is a very different thing. i think, you know, we asked him about this. i interviewed him with my colleagues at "the atlantic" and we said you know russia well and
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you worked there many years ago. and he's been trying to reach out to the russian people. he said it was really, really hard. apart from sort of a small group of like oppositionist media who are now outside of russia, he says it's really hard. even the people he knows in russia haven't been taking his calls for seven years, let alone now. he feels russians are, what he calls, are in an information bunker. they close themselves off. most importantly, they refuse to take responsibility for what's going on. in putin's speech, again, he repeated this trope, we were given no choice. he's reaffirming the lack of choice and lack of responsibility russians should feel around what is going on, because obviously information about war crimes is filtering back into russia. you know, he's constantly repeating the sentence, we have no responsibility, therefore, no guilt, et cetera, et cetera. >> steve hall, question.
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a big message in his speech, which is part of a trend now, right, is portraying this not just as russia against ukraine but russia against the west. this is russia responding to a threat from nato. does that indicate to you that the risk of expansion of this war beyond ukraine is increasing, or do you put that in the category of him sabre rattling to try to intimidate or make the west skittish? >> it may be a little of both. i go more towards the latter explanation, jim. i think putin doesn't know exactly where he's going to go from this, so what he does is a couple of predictable things. of course, he blames nato. one of the interesting things i heard in that speech is, once again, his references to traditional values, to the west's, you know, decay. this is one of the reasons we had to attack. it's really interesting because it appeals, of course, not only very much to russians, who do view themselves as different people. that's a phrase putin use and
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i've had russian intelligence officers tell me the same thing, we're different people. it's reaching on out to the withest. reminding far right wing governments or just groups of people in europe and in the united states, hey, these traditional values are things that we value in russia. you in the west are in moral decline. that's what i talk about them engaging in a little information warfare. they're trying to get a message out. not just to russians but also to the world writ large about how russia is a strong, traditional value place. >> good to have both of you with us for your insight today. thank you. >> thank you. now first lady jill biden on her way back to the united states after meeting today with the slovakian president. details, including her surprise trip to ukraine. and behind-the-scenes accounts from donald trump's
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locks in moisture all day. for softer, healthier looking skin. proven on skin like yours. aveeno. healthy. it's our nature.™ revelationses from the former defense secretary mark esper's book. politico published this from his me memoir, writing, quote, it's pressed trump on several occasions to approve the $250 million in security assistance that congress had appropriated for ukraine. none of us could figure out what was driving the president's
6:19 am
resistance. when he questioned, why are we even giving them this stuff, security assistance, in the first place? on "60 minutes" last night, esper recalled a meeting where trump went after his vice president, mike pence. >> he's using a lot of, you know, foul language, you know, you all are f'ing losers. and then he says it to the vice president, mike pence. he's using the same language and looking at pence. >> he called mike pence an f's loser? >> he didn't call it to him directly but he was looking at him when he said it. that really caught my attention. i thought, we're in a different spot now. >> this morning cnn learned top leaders in the far right extremist leaders, oath keepers, are cooperating with federal investigators, sharing their efforts to overturn the 2020 election in favor of the former president donald trump. experts tell us those leaders have spoken to the fbi and turned over phones and digital files. cnn crime and justice court
6:20 am
reporter has been following this story for us. that's significant because it might extend beyond the oathkeepers as to who was involved with them. what do we know? >> there's a lot of information coming into prosecutors in this conspiracy case in the january 6th investigation. the cooperators, let's walk through them. we spoke to kelly sorell, a lawyer that works with the oathkeepers and she said she's helping the fbi. she's uncharged. stewart rhodes, the leader, he's charged and he spoke to investigators before he was charged with conspiracy and he'll be going to trial. and the stop the steal organizers, one of the rally speakers and he was responding -- we've been told from sources he's been responding to prosecutors after they sent him a grand jury subpoena. and then nine, essentially nine cooperators at least in this oath keepers case. several of them are criminal defendants in court that have revealed information and also
6:21 am
informants that turned over things like a november 2020 meeting recording of the oath keepers talking about what the justice department says was sa dishes planning and also in which sorell was bragging about her relationship to the campaign and to people in the trump world. so, as we're watching all of this information come out in this case, we're also seeing how the oath keepers were believing they could get in touch with trump himself, perhaps, or at least people very close to him. so, there's this call with sorell, also a vip signal chat we learned about where the oath keepers were talking about security around the rally for planning. and then also last week, it's a lot of information here, there's a cooperator saying in court he overheard a call where someone -- rhodes wanted to get in touch with trump himself. he ultimately didn't but he placed that call to someone. >> it gets to their potential criminal wrongdoing but what communication did they have with the administration at the time.
6:22 am
thank you. chuck schumer says he wants his colleagues, republicans and democrats, on the record as the fallout from the bombshell leak of the supreme court's draft opinion that would strike down roe versus wade continues. >> this is no longer an abstract exercise. this is the real deal. and everyone's eyes are on them. so, we can always hope and we must have this vote. every senator must show where he or she stands. >> cnn capitol hill reporter melanie joins us live. this buildup is happening as they discuss a federal ban on abortion. what more do we expect to see this week, melanie? >> reporter: don't expect any bills to pass but except a very intense argument. a similar bill did fail earlier this year, and that's because it doesn't have the support of republicans, including senators
6:23 am
lisa murkowski and collins who do support abortions right but they wanted to see a more narrow bill. this piece of legislation doesn't have the support of all democrats. senator joe manchin, opposes abortion, is also on posed to this bill. like i said, passage is not the point here. senate democrats want to force every single republican to go on the record over this issue, especially because republicans have been so reluctant to talk about the draft ruling that would overturn roe versus wade. instead, they've been focused on the leak of that draft document. that's because they want the midterms to be all about crime and inflation. they do not want the midterms to be about abortion because they fear that democrats might have the upperhand in that case. that said, if republicans do come into power, that means they still might embrace abortion as an issue if they're able to bring bills to the floor. one of the ideas under consideration is to bring a nationwide federal abortion ban to the floor if republicans win
6:24 am
either the house or senate. of course, that would be vetoed by the. the. biden would still be in charge. it just shows how both sides are starting to think about this issue long term. >> it's still a very important topic of conversation for people across this country. we'll continue to follow it. melanie, appreciate it, thank you. still ahead here, russian president vladimir putin has little to celebrate on this victory day in russia. that being said, as we watch what's playing out in ukraine, russian forces are making some concerning moves. why officials today are alarmed about russia using a major river in the east. stay with us, that's next. ritiol drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to o help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger andd support muscle health. try boost® today. the sleeeep number 360 smart bed is on sale now. it senses your movements and automatically adjusts so you both stay comfortable all night. it's also temperature balancing so you stay cool. save $500 on the sleep number 3604 smart bed, queen now only $1,299.
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right now, first lady jill biden is on her way back to washington after meeting this morning with the president of slovakia. her trip included an unannounced visit to ukraine on mother's day. she visited a school in the southwestern part of the country, a city seen its population double in the last several weeks as displaced ukrainians flee west for safety. she also sat down with the first lady of ukraine. no american first lady has visited an active war zone by herself in more than 15 years. the last one, laura bush, who made two solo visits to afghanistan. in eastern ukraine, ukrainian officials raising the alarm about a russian pontoon
6:30 am
bridge built days ago, which could now enable russian forces to threaten ukrainian defenses and supply routes in the luhansk region. joining me to discuss is general mark hertling. always good to see you, general. let's start on that pontoon bridge there. when you see this, is that concerning to you? and what do you think it could mean moving forward? >> it's always a part of intelligence, erica, to denote these kind of things occurring on the front line. and the donbas fight, especially in the north, especially in the donetsk area and north of izyum have to cross the donbas region. when you see a pontoon bridge, it's important from a military perspective. what i would also say, there have been other pontoon bridges
6:31 am
attempted to be laid by the russian military. in every occasion, they have been destroyed by ukrainian counterattacks. so, the ukraine army continues to have increased capability where those upontoon bridges, have to be defended, aren't capable of sustaining the kind of transport the russians would like. >> as we look at how everything is playing out, now day 75, i believe, what we heard from putin this morning, no declaration of victory, as we know. more defensive. but also no indication of an end in sight. when you look at what is happening on the ground, specifically in the south and east of ukraine, where do we stand on day 75? >> well, where we stand, first of all, confirms what you just said, day 75. this was supposed to be a three-day war by the russians. they fought for eight years in the donbas and didn't achieve any kind of military objectives in terms of expanding their
6:32 am
goals there. so, what we're seeing right now, and i think, you know, we have to not only listen to what mr. putin said in his victory day speech, but what we also observed. the parade seemed much smaller. in fact, analysis indicates now that it was about a third less. there were no overhead overflights by the z-patterned aircraft. the general, rumored to be wounded, was not noticed to be there. the hammer and sickle flag flag were flying behind the russian tricolor. all of those are indicators that mr. putin is a little concerned -- there's that flag right there. a little concerned about his status both militarily, politically, economically and informationally. he is losing this fight. he did not call for mobilization or call -- change the description of this as a war. so, that tells me he's
6:33 am
rethinking and doesn't have a very good end state for what he's trying to do strategically. >> it's interesting when you say that that tells you he's rethinking in terms of what he did and didn't say. the fact there's no mass mobilization that was announced, i mean, that in itself is interesting if he needs to be in this for the long haul, right, he's going to need more troops. >> yeah. there are indicators there is -- under the wave top calls for mobilization in some areas of russia. even that, erica, gives an indication he's failing. he has a problem -- origining, at the early stages of a problem with the domestic audience within russia. now, he certainly has support from the older generation in russia, the ones that literally have more basis to remembering the victory day in europe -- or in russia during world war ii. but the younger generation, the ones that are going to have to fight this war, as well as their
6:34 am
mothers, are increasingly countering any kind of indications. there's indicators of sab toj throughout russia, indicators of people not reporting to recruitment stations. the fact remains, too, no matter how many people he gets in, there's an intelligence indication that they don't have equipment to man those people if they were to go into combat. all of this speaks to me that we're in the very early stages of a downfall of the russian regime. >> well, we'll be watching. lieutenant general mark hertling, appreciate your expertise and insight. the ukrainian president honoring a dog for sniffing out mines and saving thousands of lives. this is a jack russell terrier mix. he's uncovered more than 150 mines in the northern city. >> if you see him digging, it's amazing to see. president zelenskyy presented him and his owner with a
6:35 am
state-dedicated service award. the state emergency service is now training dozens of dogs to do similar work. life-saving. still ahead, the manhunt for an alabama corrections officer and escapee charged with murder has now gone nationwide. the latest surveillance video released by police and why one of casey white's victims says it's so concerning he's free. that's coming up. ♪
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an alabama corrections officer, and casey white, a murt suspect, is now nationwide. on friday authorities found their abandoned car in tennessee. it had been at a tow lot for about a week. >> officials have released new video of vicky white at a hotel in alabama, the night before she disappeared with casey white. nadia, it's been a week now. authorities say they're still in the dark. what's happening? >> reporter: yeah, jim and erica, the sheriff even telling us, they could be in alaska for all he knows. they're just waiting for that right tip to come in that will lead them to casey white and vicky white. as we talk about this story, it really is the plot for a made-for-tv movie. a love story with who unlikely sources. they've been on the run for more than a week. we also want to remember, there are real victims of casey white who are terrified and anxiously awaiting his capture.
6:41 am
back in 2015 he went on a crime spree which included a kidnapping, carjacking, police chase. that crime spree is why he was sentenced to 75 years in prison. now, casey white went into the truck of a man named josh goen in limestone county, about an hour and a half from where i'm standing outside the detention center. he went into his truck with a firearm, then went on a crime spree using josh's firearm, his gun. josh testified in court against casey white. he thought back then he could put all of this behind him when casey was sentenced in 2019, until, of course, casey escaped from prison. take a listen. >> i mean, i just -- i was very, very satisfied that they had gotten him. gave him enough time, by the time if he ever gets out, he would not be able to do anything. yeah, i took security in that. definitely have lost a little bit of peace, the fact that he is out.
6:42 am
i don't feel i'm necessarily worried about him coming here. the fact that he's out in the world is a terrible thing for society. >> reporter: a terrible thing for society, you heard josh there. he says that once he was victimized by casey white, that he started locking his doors. he moved, like a lot of the other victims. he's hoping casey is going to be captured without anyone being hurt. that's his wish at this point. jim, erica? >> wow. nadia, appreciate it. thank you. still to come here, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. says it is not necessary to designate russia as a state sponsor of terror. why our expert disagrees. drops for inststant moisture. biotrue uses naturally inspired ingredients. and no preservativives. try bibiotrue ♪ ♪ i came, i saw, i conquered.
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out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless".
6:46 am
really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
6:47 am
congress is working on sending $33 billion more in aid and military equipment to ukraine, but the ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy is pushing the u.s. to take another move, to name russia a state sponsor of terrorism. cnn asked the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. about the biden administration position on that. >> i think russia has put itself on that list of state sponsors of terror. they are carrying out terror acts of people against ukrainian people, against ukrainian civilians. it's not necessary for us to put them on. >> okay. joining me now, jason, professor of practice at the middlebury institute of international studies for ten years and led the state department that determines whether nations make that list. good to have you. first of all, just a practical question, what practical changes
6:48 am
would result from placing russia on this list that, for instance, other countries, such as north korea and iran are on right now? >> so, it would put russia in a really small category of pariah countries joining iran, north korea, syria and cuba to the state sponsor of terrorism list. it would be the symbolism behind that. every day we see the terrorism of russian federation in ukraine. it would actually have real impact. heretofor the biden administration has focused sanctions on individuals and organizations, going after the oligarchs, sanctioning putin and lavrov. this would have a significant impact because businesses that do business in russia still would face reputational risk if they continue to do business in russia. so, i think we would see more businesses flee the russian federation. very importantly, span the aperture and kind of sanctions the u.s. could deploy against russian federation. it would limit dual use exports
6:49 am
sent to the russian federation. it would increase the cost of other countries doing business with the russian federation. they could be implicated in secondary sanctions, for instance. >> is that the key here, the difference between the sanctions we've seen so far, it would penalize third parties, in effect, doing business with russia, so expand the net? >> it would. it would require united states to push back against loans of the u.s. bank and international monetary fund, but it would be a risk calculation other countries would have to perform. that is the most significant part of this. absolutely, yes. >> so, we just put up on the screen what qualifies a nation for this list. you worked on this for ten years at the state department. does russia meet that standard? >> they do meet the legal standard. it's a standard that's pretty simple. providing support for -- repeated supports for international terrorism. what does that mean practically for the russian federation and whether or not they meet the
6:50 am
legal requirement? i've made the argument in the past there are three elements that would put russia on that list. the first is, russia continues to provide sanctuary to a terrorist group that the trump administration is a terror designation back in april 2020. this is a group also that's engaged second, the russian federation has a long past of political assassinations. there was one in 2006 against. it's the same reason why north korea essentially was added to the state sponsored terrorism list in 2017 for those political assassinations. and the russian federation, which is th is the great irony, provides sanctuary to a neo-nazi who is a load leader of the base, who lives in st. pet peterburg. they try to carry out attacks in 2020. >> i covered the poisoning and it's been described as the first terror attack because he was
6:51 am
poisoned with the substance which then poisoned other people. and that was the concern there. it spread out to hundreds of ot others. when you hear the u.n. ambassador there say russia has put itself on the list,s what's your response to that administration position? >> that's disappointing because the state sponsor terrorism would actually have real impact. just saying that russia put itself on the list without having action behind those words to me is somewhat meaningless. i do see on capitol hill, for instance, democrats and republicans actually join the fray, calling for russia to be added to the list. lindsey graham did it last week. there's this growing call for the biden administration to do something about it. because it would have real impact. fpz. >> one of those rare bipartisan positions, particularly as it relates to russia. thank you. >> thank you. still ahead, desperate parents frequently facing limit hads on how informula they can
6:52 am
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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this morning parents scrambling to find baby formula as a shortage gets even worse. 26 states are struggling to gkep up with demand. and the six states as much as half of baby formula products out of stock. >> chief business correspondent christine romans is joining us with more. i know there was a recall. is that what is causing this sho shortage? >> it's a post covid perfect
6:57 am
storm of a lot of factors that meant trouble for families. it's not getting any better. manufacturers say they are making as much as they can, but it's not enough to keep the store shelves stocked. half a million stores are sold out. families there are struggling a bit. some major retailers are limiting purchases. cvs and wall fwreens graens are allowing three per transaction. and target limited to four units per customer if ordering online. at target there are no restrictions if you shop in the store. so what's happening? supplies were already tight. that stretches back to last summer. and then a serious product recall in february, the fda told consumers not to buy three brands of powdered formula made by abbott. the fda cited four infacts becoming sick, two died and abbott plant was shut down.
6:58 am
abbott told cnn in it a statement it's working with the fda to reopen that plant. until then, finding formula has been a challenge for some parents. on social media, you can see a little bit of hysteria about this. stores and a lot of misinformation. stores are limiting how much you can buy. but they have supplies. it's the more if you have a very specific kind of formula that only that formula will work, that's what some people are concerned about. not being able to find their supply right now. >> they should be in most places able to find it and their best chance is to go into the store opposed to ordering online. >> i would caution people who are buying this stuff from people you don't know online. be very careful about that. there's a little bit of that hysteria where people are spending a lot of money for supplies from somebody else. trust your retailer. >> thank you. we want to show you now the incredible aerial view of the historic upset at the kentucky
6:59 am
derby. this was a crazy race. rich strike masterfully weaving through traffic, virtually the entire field there as they were coming into the final stretch to finally outrun one of the favor favorites epicenter and win it all. my mom is from kentucky. i have watched a lot of kentucky derbies. i have never seen one like this before. by the way, i was not bright enough to bet on that horse. >> nor was i. odds were 80 to 1. we were watching this at our house this weekend in it disbelief. those are the longest odds since 1913. and keep in mind, rich strike wasn't beven into the race unti friday. his jockey said even he didn't think he could win. take a listen. >> i didn't have an idea he could win the derby. i had a very good feeling. he can be in the top ten in the
7:00 am
race. and. >> unbelievable is right. rich strike also got a little for nipping at another horse after the race. he thinks he was just excited after the race. i know one person who bet $2 on the race. so now they are $160 richer. there you go. our top story, with no victory to declare, putin blames the west, defends his unprovoked invasion ukraine which has now killed thousands. >> the prop began did on poda o display this morning. vladimir putin leaving the victory day ceremonies, but not really declaring victory saying it's nato to blame for


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