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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  May 9, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm bianna golodryga. we begin with vladimir putin defending russia's presence in ukraine. marking victory day where a large display of military might in an address from the square. the russian loader is trying to claim the west is preparing to invade the country. putin did not use his speech to announce any new war plans. the kremlin says it cancelled a plan military flyover blaming bad weather. let's begin with matthew chance in moscow. we want to remind viewers that russia introduced strict laws regarding how the conflict is
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described and has prohibited the broadcast of information the government regards as false. with that matthew filed this report just moments ago. >> reporter: this was a much anticipated event amid speculation that the victory day parade would be used to make an important announcement about what russia calls its special military operation in ukraine. possibly a formal declaration of war or a mass mobilization of troops. but neither of those things happened. what we did witness was a spectacular display of russian military might. even though the air display was cancelled because of bad weather, 11,000 troops marched over the cobbles of red square followed by columns of tanks, rocket launchers and interballistic missiles. vladimir putin repeated claims trying to justify the conflict in ukraine that russia was
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faising an eminent attack and that it had to act preemptively. he also drew parallels between the soviet victory over germany in the 1940s which is what victory day is meant to commemorate and the battles raging right now. trying to use russia's traumatic cultural memory of the second world war to bolster support for the current conflict. but there was also no indication from putin's words that he was preparing to back down in ukraine. suggesting the kremlin's strong man is choosing to continue his high cost military struggle. >> matthew chance, thank you. now to the harsh reality of the war in ukraine. dozens of innocent civilians are feared dead after russian forces bombed a school being used as a shelter. this latest senseless attack comes as diplomats return to kyiv for the first time since
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the war began. cnn's scott mclain is live at the deadly attack. as president zelenskyy is overseeing a current war, he also took time to recognize the millions of ukrainians who died fighting the nazis during world war ii. >> victory day or victory in europe day is also marked in ukraine. not in the same way that it is in russia. it's less of a patriotic flag waving occasion and more of a somber day for remembrance and reflection, but as you mentioned, zelenskyy pointed out that millions of ukrainians fought against nazi germany and 1 in 5 of them did not come home. so this is an nenormously important day for this country as well as it continues to fight this war against russian aggression as well. on saturday, there was a bombing of a school in eastern ukraine where 90 people were told were sheltering underground. that school took a direct hit. it was one of the last places where there was room for people
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to shelter. 27 survivors have gotten out so far. among the people sheltering there we're told were elderly people and children also. the search for survivors, it seems is being hampered by shelling in the area and also because of the advancement of russian troops on the ground. this village is less than a mile away from a river where the russians are using pontoon bridges to try to cross with men and machines. the ukrainians say they managed to take out one of those bridges but it seems that some of them managed to make it to the other side in efforts to encircle a larger city. that would cut off the main road out of that area. the trouble is that with russians in the area, local officials say they cannot continue with their rescue mission until they have managed to get the russians out from under that area so they can start looking underneath that rubble for survivors. as the russians attempt to move
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west, the americans are moving east. i'm talking about diplomats. a small group of american diplomats include ing the chieff mission were in kyiv yesterday. they will be there for a few days at the embassy meeting with local officials. thts largely symbolic return to kyiv. it's not a grnd reopening by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a step forward in that direction. you'll remember u.s. diplomats left not just the city of kyiv, but they left the country in the days before war. only last week did they make their first trip back to ukraine when they visited lviv for two days. >> a symbolic move, but a cig county one. thank you. g 7 leaders are vowing to phase out russian oil and gas in a virtual meeting. engineer jeremy diamond is live at the white house with more. this pledge comes as there is
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some pushback on the timing of this ban on russian oil. what more are we learning? >> reporter: that's exactly right. three of those nations, france, germany and italy, are core members of the european union. their mechanism for implementing this ban on russian oil would go through the european union, which for weeks now has been trying to finalize a ban on russian oil, but there's some internal divisions on this. particularly as it relates to hungary and bulgaria. both of those countries expressing reticence to a ban on russian oil. hungary has a pipeline that provides some rugsz oil and will not move forward until their energy security is assured. so even as there are these proposals for bans from the european union from the g7 nations, a lot to work out particularly as it relates to the eu to see how quickly that is done and what the mechanism would be to do that. at the same time, as we saw this pledge, the united states also
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announcing several new sanctions on russia, particularly targeting the media sector in russia. we see the u.s. banning u.s. companies from advertising on three russian state tv stations. also prohibitions on u.s. management and accounting firms from providing consulting services, export controls on industrial sectors and we have seen nearly 2,600 visa restrictions. so even as there are some of these divisions still ongoing, the u.s. is continuing to try to ratchet up the precious. this is all intended to further isolate russia and again make sure that this invasion by russia into ukraine is ultimately a strategic failure, as we ahave heard so many times from white house officials. >> jeremy diamond, thank you. joining me now is ned price,
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a spokesman for the state department. ned, great to see you as always. the administration's reaction pu putin's victory speech today. if therefore no nuclear threats. instead he continues to falsely blame the west for provoking an invasion. >> reporter: rather than respond to directly something so divorced from reality and historical, i think what's most important right now is a recitation of the history and the facts. in contrary to what we heard today, this was a war, a brutal war that was premeditated and in no way justified. it was also a war and is a war that has been brutal against the people of ukraine. it's a military conflict that has been aimed at the people of ukraine. the correspondent mention ed ovr the weekend against a school in ukraine where dozens are dead in that strike and we have seen many like that strike. s i was on these trips with
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secretary blinken and your colleagues were as well. we went to every effort before the start of this conflict of this war on february 24th to stall russian aggression. we held discussions with the russian federation in a bilateral context. we did so through the nato and russia council. all to no avail. it was not for lack of effort or lack of trying on the part of the united states, on the part of nato, on the parts of our allies and partners around the world, but because moscow was dead set on doing this from the start. that flies in the face of what we heard from president putin today. >> also going back to russia's invasion, there was a lot of factual intel suggesting that russia would do that. given that, was there intel today that vladimir putin would make some sort grand announcement, or was this speculation given the significance of the day? >> we always knew putin would
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attempt to make as much propaganda value out of the day as he could. and there's a great irony in this. because today moscow is celebrating victory day. yesterday ukraine and europe celebrated victory in europe day. it's an occasion to celebrate the defeat of the forces of oppression and aggression. and the great irony is that is precisely what the kremlin and president putin was celebrating today. the forces of aggression, the forces of oppression, of authoritarian that we see active in eastern ukraine, in southern ukraine right now. there's another great irony as well. because as the kremlin celebrates victory day, they are doing so in the midst of a victory, a ukrainian victory. it is remarkable what our ukraine partners have been able to do with the support of the united states and our allies. the united states alone has contributed $3.8 billion in security assistance since the
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start of this invasion, which has been a key enabling force to the grit, the courage, the brave ri of our partners who have won the bat the of kyiv, who have forced russia to change plans, to force russia to narrow its plans. we're going to continue supporting our ukrainian partners as they continue to push back against this aggression. >> it's interesting you talk about a victory on the part of the ukrainians. this is a change, a shift in the u.s. approach to how this war has been going that we have seen evolve over the last couple weeks. and just today the uk defense minister raised the possibility that ukraine could defeat russian militarily. let me quote for you what he said. really did cite the u.s. war as an example. he said it is perfectly possible that very large nations can be defeated or pushed out by smaller nations and ukraine will break with the russian army. does the u.s. share that assessment? >> we want ukraine to win. our strategy has been predicated
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on doing everything we can to see ukraine in a position to win. and we principally done two things in this regard. one is what i already mentioned. that's providing massive amounts of security assistance to c ukraine. we alone have provided nearly $4 billion since the start of the invasion. but our partners and allies including our british allies have provided their own forms of security assistance totaling billions of dollars more. the fact is the security assistance hasn't been static. it's been tailored to precisely the bat thal our ukrainian partners find themselves in. in the early days of the war when vladimir putin had designs on taking kyiv, had designs on taking the country, within several days, our assistance was focused on that helping them repel forces around these urban centers. more recent ly, the russians hae been forced to narrow their plans and are focused on the south and the east. so we, too, have changed the type of security assistance we're providing them in line
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with the direct asks of our ukraines partners. we're providing artillery, armored vehicles, with anti-tank weapons, antiaircraft. precisely what they need to take on this aggression in the south and east. we're doing something else. we did this again yesterday when our g- 7 partners. we're massing massive amounts on the russian federation. so both in providing the security assistance and putting this pressure on russia, we're strengthening ukraine's hand at the negotiating table. so that ukraine can define for itself what victory means and ukraine can be successful in achieving that victory. here's what we know. ukraine at the end of this will be didemocratic. it will be free. it will be independent. >> can i quickly just finally ask you about guaranteeing the security of those officials that have returned to the u.s. embassy there in kyiv. a very symbol you have move. we have seen other nations return to their embassies as
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well. given they are focusing more on the east and there's more sound resolve, russia continues to attack it. the u.n. skurlt general was there last week. how can you protect and make sure that our personnel there are safe. >> the presidents of our diplomats in kyiv, it is symbolic, but it's substantialive. they are meeting with ukrainian partners and civil society, they will be speaking to the public. so it's important the work that they are going to be able to do there while our diplomats are back in kyiv. i should also note that this is not the formal reopening of our embassy in kyiv. we're accelerating that. when secretary blinken was in kyiv late last month with president zelenskyy, pet pledged to president zelenskyy we could have diplomats back in kyiv. and that our em by is would be reopened as soon as possible. our diplomats are back in kyiv for the time being. we are accelerating plans to reopen the embassy.
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we're confident that we can have a limited presence of 2ki79s on the ground in kyiv over the coming days and as soon as we're confident in our ability to reopen our embassy safely and securely, we'll do that. we think it should be before too long. >> ned price, thank you. we appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up, donald trump's former defense secretary says trump wanted to use the military to shoot protesters outside the white house after george floyd's murder and that's not all the revelations. we'll give you the late details, next. five professional benefits. one simple step. totally effortless. ststyling has never been easie. tresemme. do it with style.
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now to a disturbing revelation from one of donald trump's hand-picked deputies. mark esper says trump suggested that the u.s. military shoot black lives matter protesters outside the white house. he says it happened the day federal agents used chemical irritants to clear peaceful protesters out of lafayette square after the murder of george floyd. several of the top officials accompanied the then president across the square, including esper and mark milley. now esper has a new book detailing his time with trump. here's what he told "60 minutes" about the oval office meeting that proceeded. >> it was the most disturbing thing that the president said during that meeting on june 1st? >> the president is ranting at the room, he's using a lot of foul language. you all are f'ing losers.
8:21 am
then he said to the vice president, he's using the same language and looking at pence. >> he called mike pence an f'ing loser. >> he was looking at him when he was saying it. it really caught my attention. i thought we're in a different spot now. he's going to finally give a direct order to deploy pair troopers into the treats of washington, d.c. and i'm thinking with weapons and bayonetings and this would be horrible. >> what specifically was he suggesting that the u.s. military should do to the p protesters? >> he says, can't you just shoot them? just shoot them in the legs or something. he is suggest ing that's what w should do. we should bring in the troops and shoot the protesters. >> the commander-in-chief was suggesting that the u.s. military shoot protesters? >> yes, in the streets of our nation's capitol. that's right. shock ing. >> we have seen in other countries a government use their
8:22 am
military to shoot protesters. what kind of governments are those? >> those are banana republics or authoritarian regimes. in china. >> joining me now is jonathan martin and alex burns, the national political correspondents for "the new york times" and political analysts for cnn. now the co-authors of the new book "this will not pass." so great to have you both on again. so let's delve into your book because you also cover how trump respond eed to these protesters. here's what you write about trump on a call with the governors with esper on the line as well. he said savage the racial justice protesters around the country as terrorists. trump use the governors to exact retribution while demanding a swift return to public order. esper, a west point graduate, a advised the governors they should seek to dominate the battle space in their states. in the rose garden later that day, trump threatened to deploy
8:23 am
federal troops if the governors did not move swiftly enough. now esper tells "60 minutes" the threats were shocking, but in your account, at least on the call with governors, he seems to be supporting president trump's hard line stance. what do you make of this? >> i think in that moment esper was not exactly calling trump on the carpet. he was going along with what trump said and probably hoping with other advisers to cool trump down later. this is an extraordinary moment in our book. and frankly in american history. we spoke to a lot of the governors on this call where trump is ranting at them about cracking down on the protesters in their state. in fact, there's one moment in which the governmor of maine turns to somebody in her office and says you have to hear this. the president of the united states is having a nervous breakdown. >> wow. we know it wasn't just this
8:24 am
incident. the esper ran through a whole list of outrageous proposals from people in the trump white house. take a listen. >> at various times during the last year of the madministratio, the folks in the white house are proposing to take military action against venezuela to strike iran. at one point, somebody proposed we blockade cuba. these ideas would happen it seemed every few weeks. something like this would come up. we'd have to swat them down. the president pulls me aside and suggests that maybe we have u.s. military shoot missiles into mexico. >> shoot missiles into mexico for what? >> to go after the cartels. we would have this private discussion where i'd skay, mr. president, i understand the motive. he was very serious about tealing with drugs in america. i get that. we all understand. but i had to explain we can't do that. it would violate their national law.
8:25 am
it would be terrible for our neighbors to the south. it would impact this in so many ways. why don't we do this instead. >> we're now a couple weeks into digesting the magnitude of a u.s. president suggesting to shoot missiles into mexico. but that having been said, here we have esper port trump administration himself as the final check or guardrail. what's your impression? this is the same man who many have called yesper. >> i think one of the things we gathered in our reporting for our lbook is just how pervasive this culture was around donald trump of a serious veterans of other administrations, more c conventional administrations, a feeling that their role in the trump administration was to restrain the president. and i think the specifics of what mark esper is sharing are shocking, but the overall picture is very, very consistent with what we all have been hearing about donald trump for a long time, which he was totally impulsive and unserious about
8:26 am
learn ing the details of policy that he would throw out these wild ideas and never actually issue a direct order or allow himself to be walked back into a safer space. there are two things i want to flag from our book that fit into this picture. one is that during this same time period that esper is describing, you have the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff telling members of congress on capitol hill including senior democrats that he knows he doesn't have to follow an illegal order from the president. he's not necessarily getting into the specifics of if he orders me to shoot protesters, i'm not going to do that. but the very fact that the country's top general is telling opposition legislators in congress don't worry, i know i don't need to break the law. that's a staggering thing on its own. and during this period as well, we report in our book the trump campaign somewhat separate from the white house, although not as separate as a traditional campaign in white house, is testing some far out ideas for
8:27 am
policy to introduce into the 2020 conversation to change the fund thely unfavorable dynamics of the race. and among those ideas was the mass expulsion of chinese nationals working in american science and technology. they didn't ultimately to it. the poll showed that the american people were not actually resceptive to that kin of sooen phobia, but this culture of throwing out essentially crazy or wildly offensive political ideas and slowly backing away from them is per svasive in the trump world. >> if i could just real fast, i think whether it's mark esper or in our book kevin mccarthy, your listensers have heard those audio tapes. there's this theme of republicans both within the administration and on capitol hill who when trump is next to them either bite their tongues or basically enable him. but in private have a very different view of thim. you have heard what mccarthy said about trump after january
8:28 am
6th. desperate for trump to resign. and they are desperate for trump to get off the stage. i think this is what we talk about so much in our book. the public versus the private conversation when it comes to republicans and donald trump. >> and i think now the big take away is since we have had these revelation, how it plays out on a national stage. and what do american voters think about this. we all know what donald trump feels about this. he's been very public in criticizing those that have spoken out against him. alex burns, jonathan march thin, thank you. >> thank you. coming up, vladimir putin once again resorting to lies and propaganda for his war in c ukraine. how are the russian people feeling a about it? i ask ththe relative of a forer soviet l leader, up next. ss and zero surprises. and alall of us will stop at nothing to drive you h happy. we'll drive you happy at c carvana. (all): all hail, caesar! pssst julius!
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8:34 am
eternity. this was a generation of victors and we shall always look up to them. glory to our great armed forces for russia, for victory. >> russia has failed to secure any major victories and suffered countless losses on the battlefield. joining us is the great granddaughter of former soviet leader. she's also professor of international affairs at the new school. thank you so much for joining us today. let me get your thoughts on pu putin's speech. the significance of this day in russia cannot be overstated. putin kept trying to tie today's current war in ukraine with the battle of the great patriotic 80 years ago. was he convincing enough for the russian public? >> i'm sure you have watched it, and it seemed very subdued. there was an emotion of
8:35 am
happiness, of victory of some sort of achievement and now it was as if they were going through the motions. they needed to hold a parade that didn't announce any major achievements or breakthroughs. they just counted victorious fpz we tried to resolve the ukrainian crisis peacefully. we have not led americans to blame and so on. but it was a very kind of almost rational speech because we did it because we had to do it. it was done in in an hour. they cancelled the air show in numerous russian cities blaming bad weather. i grew up in the soviet unit job. it was never a problem before. suddenly they couldn't do it this time. it seemed like they had to do it. they did it. but really it was not about convincing. it was about state ing the grou. and i ran in that speech that putin could ever be apologetic,
8:36 am
but it was a little bit more than usual in explanation why we had to do it and also this to prevent a global war, which suggested to me they already had some would finish it somewhere close enough. >> he did seem subdued and ice latd. it wasn't just so long ago you had other world leaders joining him on this day. 2005 president bush actually traveled to moscow to commemorate this day. and no longer he's isolated in that country. while this may be a long war, putin will not declare an end until he can show some kind of victory. the question is a the this point, what would a victory for him lock like? is it taking mariupol? a sham referendum for the donbas? what do you think? >> it could be any of this. it's all in his head essentially what could be declared victory. i don't know.
8:37 am
you mentioned 2005. that was centuries ago. we are clear ly not in that position at all. and in fact, they gave an excuse that it's not a round anniversary so we are not inviting world leaders, but it just felt like wanted to finish it quickly and not to have some major disaster happen in the process and just be done with it and move on. i don't know what he will decide to declare victory. he can when the rest of mariupol is taken by the russian, they can state that as a victory. they can state a victory that it's operating in rubbles and no longer. it really can be anything. and it does depend on how much in ukraine, but also how much he actually wants to go back to russia to somehow figure out how
8:38 am
it will function in the eyes of essentially almost the whole world. >> i guess for now, we can take it as a bit of relief he wasn't threatening nuclear war, as he has in weeks past. thank you so much. coming up, the manhunt for a missing inmate in a former corrections officer takes a new turn. police recovered their getaway car in another state. i talk to the sheriff leading that investigation, up next. next time, go to america's best - where two pairs and a free exam statart at just $79.95. can't beat that. can't beat this, either. book an exam today at the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now. why choose proven quality sleep from sleep number? because the sleep number 360 smart d is really smart. it sens your movement and automatically adjusts to help keep you both mfortable all night. it's also temperature balancing, so you st cool. it's so smart it knows exactly how long, how well, and en you slept. sleep number takes care of the science, all you have to do is sleep.
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now to the manhunt for a missing inmate and former corrections officer. the search for the two is now a nationwide effort. authorities recently found a car link ed to the pair in a tennessee tow lot. this is now new security video of vick eyey white from a motel the night before she disappeared ten days ago. joining me is rick singleton, the sheriff of lauderdale county, alabama. thank you for joining us again. vicky white lived next door to her mother. she spoke with her daily. they were very close. have investigators been in touch with her mother over the past few days? >> they have.
8:44 am
as a matter of fact, we have one leeuate between our office and her mother. we have been in constant contact. >> has she shared anything of interest, any unusual detail about what happened before she disappeared? >> she is at a total loss. she did not know this side of her daughter, obviously. she's very distraught. very stressed out. she's been extremely cooperative with us on anything we have asked. >> she seems to be surprised to see that her daughter is part of this manhunt right now? >> absolutely. just totally took her by surprise. >> earlier you mentioned there's more video of vick eye white shopping. what can you tell us about that video? >> we know she was shopping for men's clothes and one of the
8:45 am
local department stores. we also know that she was shopping in an adult store. and we don't have copy of those videoses, but this was in the days leading up to the escape. but this was very well planned and calculated. . she had a change of clothes for him. i don't know exactly what that was, but she planned this escape. >> shopping a at an adult store as well. i know that you could not specifically say the nature of their relationship, does that signal to you they are romantically linked? >> if they weren't, i would assume they are now. the contact that we know about that she had with him between 20 when he was in our facility and when he was brought back on february 25th of this year was by phone. they were in contact.
8:46 am
>> you also found what you believe to be the getaway vehicle about two hours north of the jail in tennessee. what are you learning from that? >> well, we think that it was probably not part of their plan and probably threw them a curve. it was abandoned. we know they left right around 10:00 that friday morning. this vehicle was reported at 1:50, which is 3 hours and 50 minutes later. so they had an hour and 50 minutes during that time they obviously tried to spray paint the car. that means they had to stop somewhere and spend time doing that. we don't know how long the car had been there when it was reported at 1:50. so it seems like it was just abandon ed spur of the moment because some sort of mechanical issue. >> you also note they could have caught a ride with someone else.
8:47 am
given that, how possible that they are working with a third accomplice either by will or force? >> at this point, anything is possible. we don't have any information or intel about how they left that area and what they abandoned the car. there are all kinds of possibilities. we're looking a at every possible scenario we can think of. >> are you a also locking into the scenario they could have left the country at this point? >> that's obviously a possibility given the time lapse. that's been something we're considering and trying to follow up with our mexican and canadian forces. >> you're working with authorities in both countries then? >> yes, we are leave ing no sto unturned. they have resources nationwide and also in're countries. so they are using all the resources at their disposal to
8:48 am
help us locate them and the get them off the street. >> we now know that vicky white used aliases to orchestrate this escape, inclaudolluding when sh bought the getaway vehicle. how does that complicate the search effort? >> well, obviously, it does complicated it. if she was using her own identity, that would make it fairly easy for us. we do know she used a false identification to purchase the car here locally. and she had two false i.d.s. i wouldn't be shocked if she doesn't have additional or new ones now. i'm sure he probably has a false identification as well. >> sheriff, given how close you said vicky and her mother were and the fact that her mother is just as shocked as you are right now as to what's transpired over the past ten days, if she is listening, does her mother have a message for her? >> to i have a message for her?
8:49 am
she needs to report herself to local authorities wherever she's at. in my opinion, she's still at risk. casey white is a dangerous man. he's supposed to be on medication. whether he's taking those or not, we don't know. he didn't leave the jail withny. when he gets off his meds, he can be extremely dangerous. >> what medication? >> it's for to control his temper and those kinds of things. he has some issues that he's on medication for. and when he's off his meds, he can be extremely violent. >> makes the search all that more significant and timely that they are found. sheriff rick singleton, thank you so much. a critical vote on a plan to ban abortion rights. more details up next.
8:50 am
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a critical vote in the battle over abortion rights. the senate is set to vote wednesday on a bill that would codify abortion rights into federal law. after a leaked draft opinion shows the supreme court is poised to overturn roe v. wade. we are live on capitol hill. melanie, this would be a largely symbolic vote. do they have the votes? >> reporter: you're right, but senate democrats are pressing ahead with a vote that would not only codify a woman's right to an abortion but ensure health care providers have the right to provide the procedure. a similar bill failed earlier this year.
8:55 am
it does not have the support of republicans including some who believe this bill is too broad. it doesn't have the support of all democrats with joe manchin being opposed to abortion. but passage is not the point here. democrats want to use this strategy to put every republican on the record. that's because republicans have been reluctant to talk about this issue. they want the midterms to be focussed on crime and inflation, not abortion. but no doubt, abortion moving center stage on capitol hill this week. thank you for watching. "inside politics" starts right after this quick break. you might have heard of carvana and that we sell cars online. we believe buying a car should be something that gets you hyped up. and that your new car ought to come with newfound happiness and zero s surprises. and d all of us will stop at nothing to drive you happy. we'll drive you happy at carvana.
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welcome to "inside politics" kwtsz. thank you for sharing your day with us. no escalation, no declaration that russia won, and no new threats of nuclear war. the world worried victory day would bring dramatic action from vladimir putin. instead, it came and went without any public change in posture from the russian president. this was the scene at red square, thousands upon thousands assembled to celebrate vang kwishing hitler. putin is rewriting history before your eyes. he calls his ukraine invasion preemptive. it wasn't. he paints nato and ukraine as the agles


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