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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  May 9, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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quote, a significant increase in the fire risk. and again, the unpredictable nature of the winds make it very difficult for the firefighters to battle them. especially without those critical air resources. >> live from new mexico. thanks so much. you can follow me on facebook, instagram, twitter and the tiktok. you can download our podcast wherever you get your podcasts. our coverage continues with wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news. russian missile strikes rocked odesa. the latest barrage comes at kremlin forces launch new attacks against civilians across ukraine. dozens are now feared dead after a russian bomb obliterated a school where nearly 100 people were sheltering. in moscow, putin gives a surprisingly subdued annual victory day speech against the triumphant backdrop of tanks,
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troops, and missiles. making no declaration of victory in ukraine and failing to chart a new course for his faltering invasion. president zelenskyy offering a message of his own. all that is coming up, but right now, i want to go to a news conference in alabama. the sheriff in lauderdale county is speaking on the missing alabama corrections officer and the missing inmate. let's listen in. >> ford f-150 and casey white was driving that vehicle. vicki white was a passenger. during the pursuit, pick up truck wrecked. casey white surrendered. vicki white has been transported to the hospital for treatment. so this is ending a very long and stressful and challenging week and a half. it ended the way that we knew it would.
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they were in custody. what i'm very thankful for tonight is that no one was hurt. no citizens were hurt. no law enforcement officers were hurt. as a result of this escape. casey white is now back in custody and i cannot express enough to the u.s. marshal task force, for the assistance they've been in this. their agents are the ones that were involved in the pursuit. my team of investigators who worked diligently alongside the task force. all the other partners and players in this. the least of which is not the media. you guys have made this happen. you've kept this story out there. you've kept it on everybody's mind. and the tips, what led us to the arrest and then the capture of them today was a tip that came from citizens and they call
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those tips in because the coverage y'all have provided. you don't know how much i personally appreciate the way you have helped us in this case. we got a dangerous man off the street today. he is never going to see the light of day again. and you know, that's a good thing for not just our community, but that's a good thing for this country. so thank you very much for your help. i'll be glad to take a few questions. don't know. just know she's been transported to the hospital for treatment. there was a wreck. i don't know if the wounds are related to the wreck or not. i'm sorry. i'm sorry? i think so. that ford f-150. don't know. if anything particular drew them to that town. you know, but that's where we got the latest tip which came in
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late last night, i think. or last night. followed up on it first thing this morning. and they were able to get some leads there and it led to their capture. >> where did the chase start? >> where did the chase start? i'm not sure. my understanding is that they had found, located them at a hotel and they ran, spotted them ran and the pursuit ensued. >> we spoke to some of the -- in indiana. they said they had -- last week, on tuesday about that. and that it's taken several days for all the tips coming in, to get through those. was there something last night that changed your idea about why it might be a real sighting of casey white and vicki white? >> i'm not aware of the earlier tip. not sure.
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you know, they'll have to be extradited if they don't waive extradition. that can take some time for the court proceedings involved in that. i heard someone over here. >> will they actually be brought back here? >> yes. >> or is this too deep to -- >> no, they will be brought back here. he has to be brought back here and she does to face arraignment on the new charges. he is charged with escape. she has multiple charges on her now. we've already made arrangements with the department of corrections. he will be brought here for arraignment if it's 2:00 in the morning, it doesn't matter. the judge has agreed to come out. he will be arraigned and immediately transferred to the department of corrections. she will not be confined in this detention center. i hope she survives this. i don't know the extent of her injuries. i hope she survives it.
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you know, we don't wish any ill will on vicki in terms of her health, her well-being, but she has some answers to give us and hopefully we'll have that opportunity to get those answers. >> was there a struggle? >> not that i'm aware of. i think it was just a pursuit. they wrecked and were taken into custody. i understand he surrendered. i haven't got that information. i'm not sure. >> how was she injured? >> don't know. i don't know if it was the result of a wreck or some other kind of injuries. >> any indication that one of them shot themselves? >> can't confirm that. i know that no law enforcement fired any shots for sure. >> sheriff, people across the world in fact have been watching and following the manhunt. how have you managed to keep going every day and keep that energy that we've seen here throughout this search? >> i just wanted to get them off
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the street. i was committed to that. i was committed to every resource we had available to us, to use those resources and make this event happen. to make this press conference. >> all right, so there you have the lauderdale county sheriff, rick singleton, announcing major, breaking news. we've reconnected with him. let's go back. >> most escapes from a county jail especially, they're not planned. they're just sort of spontaneous. there are no resources available. no plan in place about what am i going to do when i get out here other than just run. this escape was obviously well planned and calculated. a lot of preparation went into this. they had plenty of resources. had cash. had vehicles. had everything they needed to pull this off. and that's what made this last week and a half so challenging. you know, we were starting from ground zero and not only that, we were started, they got a six-hour head start on us.
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and this just speaks volumes to the effectiveness and efficiency -- this is what they do. they track down fugitives and today is obviously they do it well. >> any reason to believe they had help with their escape? >> no evidence that i know of that there was any else involved other than casey white and vicki white. that, i don't know about. that's not my deal. >> do you have anything to say -- >> i have no idea. they're obviously in indiana and i'm here so i don't know what's going on as we speak. >> are you staying close to indiana? >> the u.s. marshals are up there. we'll probably wait until they get back here. they'll be brought back here. if they don't waive extradition and are up there for a while, we
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may end up sending a team up. >> talk about protocols that are in place for employees -- >> well, the lesson that i think i've learned and i think everybody's learned. you don't know who you can trust. i had every bit of trust in vicki white. she has been an efrp employee and what prompted her to pull something like this, i don't know. i don't know if we'll ever know. as a leader, you've got to have people in place in these key positions like she was in that you have confidence in. that you have trust in. and when they violate that trust, i don't know how you can predict that. we had the policies. policy's a piece of paper. it can't prevent anything. it's there for me as a leader to take disciplinary action when a policy is violated. i can't predict when someone's going to violate a policy, but you know, it just, one more
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time, you know, i've learned that you just don't know people sometimes. you think you do and you really don't know who they are. not just my tenure as sheriff. september of this year will mark the 50th anniversary of me beginning my career. i've never experienced a week like this in my career. >> any contact with -- >> yes. i have not. that deputy is in her own as we speak. he was dispatched there. that's one reason we had to delay the press conference a while. to give them time to get to their house. yes. vicki will make arrangements to have her detained in another facility. matter of fact, those
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arrangements have already been made. those arrangements were made three or four days aego. [ inaudible ] >> primarily want to bring him back here and hold him accountable. not only for this escape, obviously, but for the murder of vicki white, vicki ridgway. co connie ridgway. so we're going to be working with the sheriff's department to make sure we can get him extradited and get him back here and hold him accountable . his capital murder case is set for june. so you know, plan a would be to try him in june for that. there are a lot of moving parts
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between there and now. that's plan a. and obviously, i know that our, we got a great staff at the jail and i know that they're going to be on high alert to house him and make sure he doesn't get away from us again. she's charged with facilitating the escape. a class c felony. so she's looking at up to ten years in prison. >> do you have contact with connie ridgway's family, her son? and letting them know -- >> yes. that was our first priority when we found out that they were captured is to let them know that. and we've done that. so they know. [ inaudible ] >> to be frank, they knew it from facebook. so apparently, the people in indiana had released it on facebook. that's part of what we take very
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seriously is to make sure that our victims are informed and consulted about this case. and we've done that. [ inaudible ] >> absolutely. that's one of the really sad things about this. that after finally being able to indict him for her murder of having this twist and turn in that case, it's got to be devastating them. so we look forward to bringing him to justice. >> what's the reaction from casey's ex-girlfriend? >> i have not spoken to her. so i don't have any reaction from her. >> there you see the breaking news. major breaking news from alabama. you just heard the police chief there, the sheriff announcing reporting that the prisoner, the
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prisoner, the missing inmate, casey white, 38 years old, has been captured. he's now in police custody along with vicki white, 56 years old, the missing alabama corrections officer who authorities believe helped casey white and they're no relation even though they have the same last name. helped him escape. they are both in custody now. we are told by u.s. marshals, that vicki white's injury was a self-inflicted gun shot wound. no law enforcement officers fired any shots, we're told, but the lauderdale county sheriff, rick singleton. you heard him make the announcement that both of these individuals are both in custody. vicki white is in custody at a hospital receiving treatment from what u.s. marshals tell cnn was a self-inflicted gun shot wound and casey white, the missing inmate, he is in police
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custody as well. charles ram sey is joining us now. former police chief here in washington, d.c. as well as philadelphia. what do you make of this, the breaking news, chief ramsey? it's over, at least for now. >> i'm glad they're in custody. i'm not surprised. you know, this case got a lot of national attention. cnn and others really did a good job of getting the information out and keeping the story alive and in today's world with social media and the way in which people communicate, i didn't think it would take very long before they finally found them. his physical stature alone would make him stand out in a crowd. it's unfortunate there are injuries, gbut again, it's bettr that they're in custody. they're both in custody and we'll see what happens from here. >> casey white, apparently not injured. vicki white, injured and in the hospital for treatment for what officials described as a
3:16 pm
self-inflicted gun shot wound. she's been transported to a hospital there in evansville, indiana. they both escaped from this detention center in alabama and they obviously made it all the way up to indiana. are you surprised that they managed to get this far away from alabama as you correctly point out, casey white, the missing inmate, 6'9". so he's obviously someone who could be identified rather quickly. >> we know they switched cars at least once. they may have switched cars again. again, there's a lot of missing pieces to this puzzle. he'll be thoroughly debriefed now that he's in custody. depending on the nature of her injuries, they're going to want to talk to her and fill that gap in terms of why she did it, how she did it and all those kinds of things. so there's still a lot of information that's going to come out from this. but it's not surprising they got all the way to indiana quite frankly. this has been well over a week since this took place and so
3:17 pm
what's surprising is that it probably took this long because again, i thought it was going to be relatively quick with him being taken into custody. >> the man hunt is now over for these two individuals. the missing inmate and the missing former alabama corrections officer there. both in custody. we'll continue to monitor and follow the developments in this breaking story. stand by for that. chief ramsey, thank you very much for that analysis. >> thank you. just ahead, back to the breaking new out of ukraine where new attacks are rocking odesa. major developments unfolding. we'll be right back. , no, no. they're both invested... in green energy. and also each other. digital tools s so impressive, you just can't stop. what wouould you like the power to do? - common percy! - yeah let's go! on a trip. book with priceline. you save more, so you can “woooo” more. - oo. - wooo.
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let's get back to our coverage of russia's war on ukraine including putin's new message to the russian people today. a concoction of lies and conspiracies about his invasion of ukraine lacking any clear change in strategy despite mounting setbacks for his army. cnn's senior international correspondent has the latest developments. ♪ >> reporter: in moscow's red square, a russian military show of force. the annual celebration of world war ii victory over nazi germany. putin trying to justify russia's attack on ukraine as a supposed preemptive response to western threats. >> translator: nato began taking active military control of the territories adjacent to us. everything indicated that a clash with neo nazis and sympathizers on who they staked
3:23 pm
would be inevitable. >> reporter: a ten-minute speech that was notable for what was not said. putin offered new details of his familiar claims that russia is fighting against would be nazis in ukraine, no clear indication of what would constitute victory and no pathway forward, just this message to the troops. >> translator: you are fighting for the mother land. for its future. so that no one forgets the lessons of world war ii. ♪ >> reporter: putin was speaking before a parade of troops, tanks, and rockets, but a much anticipated flyover by the russian air force was canceled last minute, allegedly due to bad weather, the kremlin claims. the appearance of a so-called doomsday command plane and to carry russia's leaders to safety in the event of nuclear war was mysteriously absent even though it was seen during a practice
3:24 pm
run. this as the u.s. says russia's war in ukraine is not going well. from kyiv and nearly simultaneous message of defiance. >> translator: we are fighting for our children's freedom and therefore we will win. very soon, there will be two victory days in ukraine and some won't have any. >> reporter: all this as the violent war leaves thousands dead, millions displaced, and raises fears of a wider confrontation between russia and western powers. over the weekend, ukrainian officials accusing russian forces of more brutality after a school bombed in luhansk has left at least 060 dead. >> the stakes are very high for putin's russia and those risks, i think, in this second phase of the conflict are serious and shouldn't be underestimated. i think he's in a frame of mind in which he doesn't believe he can afford to lose. >> reporter: as putin's military
3:25 pm
campaign in ukraine doubles down, outrage is expressed across europe. just after celebrations in moscow, anti-war protesters doused the russian ambassador to poland in red paint as he was laying a wreath at the cemetery of soviet soldiers in warsaw. and wolf, there were some observers who found it outside that the kremlin canceled the flyover at the last minute especially because the weather wasn't that bad in moscow today. there were also some other towns in russia where flyovers were canceled. the kremlin is sticking by its story, saying it was the weather. >> appreciate it. thank you very much. joining us now, the chief diplomatic adviser to ukraine's president. igor, thank you for joining us. in his annual victory day speech today marking the end of world war ii, putin accused ukraine, your country, of provoking this current war, saying that ukraine is pursuing nuclear weapons.
3:26 pm
what's your message right now, igor, to vladimir putin? what's your message to him tonight? >> well, definitely that's a lie. ukraine was never planning any war, any nuclear war. ukraine was never planning to conquer any territories except, except that we always wanted to defend ours. just to remind you that the war against ukraine started in 2014 when putin captured ukrainian crimea, part of ukrainian donbas. so my message today would be to the end, victory, but every centimeter and millimeter inch of ukrainian territory and we'll definitely win and the victory will be when we take back the territories which we had as of 1991. >> president zelenskyy, your president, says that, i'm quoting him now, very soon, his words, very soon, there will be
3:27 pm
two victory days in ukraine. what more does ukraine need from the united states and the west, the nato allies, for example? what more does ukraine need to achieve victory over russia? >> just now president biden signed into force the bill which is another sign and another support regarding the delivery of heavy weapon. so that's what the most need. we need heavy weapon to help us ensure victory on the field. artillery system, antilaunch rocket system, tanks, armored vehicles. we have in enough quantity which we demand in every country knows which exact piece of equipment we demand. so provided that in the near several weeks, we have plenty of these supply, we will definitely win. not only the battle over donbas, but only will take back the territories which are
3:28 pm
temporarily to ukraine, but we'll definitely win this war. so many thanks to the western allies for supplying us this weapon. >> igor, the chief diplomatic adviser to president zelenskyy. thank you so much for joining us. we'll stay in close touch with you for sure. coming up, american diplomats return to kyiv. the ukrainian capital for the first time since the russian invasion. up next, i'll speak with the acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine. [bacon sizzles] ♪ [electronic music plays] ♪ [bacacon sizzles] ♪ [electronic music plays] ♪ woo! >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. this dad and daughter were driving when they got a crack in their windshield.
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just say watchathon into your voice remote to watch now. barrage of russian missile attacks just rocked the key port
3:33 pm
city of odesa. russia's war in the south is grinding to a bloody stalemate. >> reporter: both nothing and everything has changed here. the front lines have barely moved on the road to the southern city of keherson, the first captured in the six weeks since we were last here. but instead, since then, almost everything in between has been torn up. by shelling that literally is non-stop. trapping people who physically cannot flee in a churn of a brutal stalemate. here in this village are two neighbors. we move to the yard adds the
3:34 pm
shells get closer. he still manages to get down to his wife's basement shelter. she's installed a plank on the way here to help him rest. they used to get dressed up to go to bed. it was so cold down here. but mention leaving and she chuckles. nights spent here have focused her hatred. across the road is valintina.
3:35 pm
shells always seem to just miss her. overwhelmed, yet hauntingly eloquent. it's not so much that life goes on here, but that it has nowhere else to go. these men selling cows milk, although that's not what he's been drinking. hello to everyone, he says.
3:36 pm
14 times a day and night they shell. barely a window is in tact. shrapnel flying through the glass daily. yesterday was svetlana's turn, but she can't leave because she's waiting for her son to return from the war in mariupol. my son is a prisoner. if he comes back and i have gone, it's like i've abandoned him. we wait, hope, worry he is alive and we will live. on the road out of here, the shrapnel rises fiercely about above the warm fields. wolf, that fight really all about essentially the main port city of odesa. that came under attack. today, certainly, where reports of three missiles hitting during the afternoon and then in the evening, the city rocked by significant blasts that were heard a number of miles away from the city center and
3:37 pm
buildings clearly on fire. we've also heard of cruise m missile attacks on sunday across the odesa region. ten of them. definitely that port being targeted at this point. it may be part of what many here in ukraine frankly have been bracing for, which are the idea that may the 9th would be part of some broader escalation by russia. you can hear here the air raid sirens we've heard over the past days. so far today, not enormously different than the previous week but people still bracing for what may come next. wolf? >> horrible situation, indeed. thank you very much. we're also following new developments out of kyiv right now. american diplomats just returned to the ukrainian capital for the first time since the russian invasion. it's a key step toward officially reopening the united states embassy. and joining us now, the acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine, christina. ambassador, thank you so much
3:38 pm
for joining us. how significant is it that you are able to actually join us today from the ukrainian capital of kyiv, just two and a half months or so after putin invaded the country? >> well, i think it's very significant, wolf. first, we're here to demonstrate our support for ukraine and the ukrainian government. and second, it just makes us much more effective in our job, being able to sit down directly with our contacts and partners is always better than trying to do it by video call. >> i know you're joining us from inside the u.s. embassy in kyiv, but what needs to happen for the u.s. to officially reopen the embassy in the ukrainian capital? >> basically we just have to do a few administrative things and legal things and once that's finished, we will, we do plan to reopen the embassy. >> how long do you think that
3:39 pm
will be before you think it's reopened? >> it will be quite soon. hopefully no later than the end of the month. >> that will be encouraging. as you know, russia's what's called their victory day parade today, marking the end of world war ii. putin notably didn't declare victory in ukraine. didn't escalate by formally declaring war. didn't threaten nuclear war. does this speech suggest that putin is at least somewhat aware of how badly this war is going for russia? >> i can't really speculate on exactly what's in putin's mind, but what i can say is that in the speech, i heard nothing new. basically what i heard was the same false narratives about why russia decided to attack ukraine and the same justifications which are basically lies, which i think the entire world knows are completely false and that
3:40 pm
this war was a war of choice by putin and was completely unprovoked by ukraine. >> yeah, ukraine presented no actual threat to russia at all yet the russians invaded. as you know, the russian ambassador to poland was drenched in red paint by protesters earlier today as they chanted, they were calling him a fascist. what does this incident, ambassador, tell you about just how much russia is making itself an international pariah right now? >> right. i would say that i think that president putin somehow thought that if he just put some false flags out there and false narratives that somehow the world would believe him and the fact is, the world doesn't. because this is such a blatant display of completely unprovoked aggression followed by an
3:41 pm
invasion that includes war crimes and brutal attacks on civilians. what president putin has done is basically showed the entire world that his justifications were completely false and then showed himself basically to be a brutal autocrat. and so this idea that somehow he can be a partner in world organizations and that we have a lot of common interests is just, unfortunately, he's undermined all that and i can tell you that it's not going to go back to business as usual. >> good point. the acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine. thank you so much for joining us. good luck over there. be careful and please stay safe together with all the other u.s. diplomats and support staff who are with you there in kyiv. we appreciate you joining us very, very much. thank you very much.
3:42 pm
>> thank you, wolf. nice to talk to you. just ahead, russia's menacing doom doomsday plane. why was it missing from putin's show of force today? so today let's stain, with behr, the #1 rated stain. and make your r deck, yours. behr. exclusively at the h home dep. ♪ ♪ go further with the power and range of a lexus hybrid. whoa. get 2.49% r financing on the 2022 rx 450 hybrid all-wheel drive. meet a future mom, a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase.
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from coupons to lower costs options. plus, earn up to $50 extra bucks rewards each year just for filling at cvs pharmacy. there was something notably missing from russia's celebration today. its flying fortress nicknamed the doomsday plane. brian todd is here with a closer look for us. the plane was expected to play a prominent role but turned out to be a no show. >> that's right, wolf. the kremlin canceled this flight citing weather issues. tonight, we have new information on this mysterious aircraft and its ominous capabilities. a menacing, lumbering jet liner, sometimes called the doomsday plane. thunders over the kremlin walls. this was a rehearsal in recent days for a flyover that was supposed the take place today,
3:47 pm
but that was canceled. the kremlin citing weather conditions. its nicknames, including doomsday and the flying kremlin tell the real story. >> this is the key aircraft for their command and control able the is. also the key aircraft for them in essence to run their country. >> the plane is designed to protect putin in a worst case scenario. >> russia would use the airplane to basically get all of its leadership off the ground. the whole purpose is to keep the russian leadership safe and survivable in the event of a possible nuclear change. >> the mysterious aircraft, also known as the max dome, has no external windows except in the cockpit. >> normally you'd have windows in these areas right about here. those are nonexistent because they want to make sure that in case there's a nuclear blast that there is absolutely no possibility of the windows shattering. >> analysts say the doomsday plane is essentially an airborne
3:48 pm
command post with special communications equipment so putin can issue orders for military strikes. >> this is a domed area. this is their communications dome for this. allows them to have secure communications under almost all conditions, whether at a atmospheric. >> it can be refueled in ffligh. it had not been seen at the parade since 2010 and analysts say the intent to put it on display could be an indication of putin sending a warning to the west. >> signaling to use nuclear weapons in a more ready fashion than we might think about in the u.s. >> there is an american version of the doomsday plane. >> the e-4 night watch. that fleet is designed for senior u.s. leadership to continue command and control over nuclear forces as
3:49 pm
escalation occurs in the event of a nuclear attack. >> experts say the u.s. actually has a fleet of four of these doomsday planes. they say they don't routinely fly with the president on every trip, but one is always fueled up for possible deployment anywhere in the world. pretty impressive. >> it is. joining us now, cnn national security analyst, james clapper. the former director of national intelligence, retired u.s. air force general as well. general clapper, do you buy the explanation that this flyover was called off due to bad weather? >> no, i don't. i stayed up and watched the coverage of the parade last night and the weather looked pretty good. i thought. and so that, it's a little fishy. it could have been something as mundane as some kind of maintenance problem or it could have been somebody decided that
3:50 pm
that's not a message they wanted to convey. so it's an interesting development. not really sure what to read into it. and if you pair that, the omission or lack of appearance of the appearance of the dooms day aircraft with putin's speech and what it emitted in its brevity than i had expected. >> let me get to this while i have you general, after issues emerged ukraine is using u.s. intelligence to target russian warships and generals, president biden told us that top security officials, the leaks need to stop. if you were director of intelligence, would those leaks keep you up at night? >> well, probably not, since we've had a history of leaks,
3:51 pm
unfortunately. and it's not helpful to of that, you know, openly discussed, but i will say, i think some of the hand-wringing about this is kind of over-wrought. i think in this context, we should think about intelligence as just another weapons system that we're providing to the ukrainians. so we give them javelins, we give them stingers, and it's up to them as to their use. when, where, how, and so it is with intelligence. and we provide them intelligence, they're going to use it as they should, for their survival here. that's what's at stake because, you know, russia is certainly an existential threat to them. so we don't attach strings to their use of javelins, stingers, long range artillery, phoenix, ghosts, drones or whatever and we don't attach strings to the intelligence we provide to them and i also would say as john
3:52 pm
kirby indicated in the pentagon, the ukrainian have a very capable intelligence system themselves. so we don't provide them intelligence but say oh by the way, don't use it to kill generals or sink ships. >> former director of national intelligence, james clapper, thank you for joining us. coming up, white house warns 100 million americans could be infected with covid during a new surge later this year. when terry first came in,, he wanted a long term solution, and that's something we were able to offer him. their care, their consideration, their empathy, all of ththat. i can't say enough about. absolutely hands down, aspen dental changed my life. at aspen dental, our team of denture experts will do anything to make you smile. schedule your complimentary denture consultation today. open talenti and raise the jar. to gelato made from scratch. raise the jar to all five layers.
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3:56 pm
tonight, white house is warning that the united states could see a, quote, sizeable wave of covid later this year,
3:57 pm
potentially infecting 100 million americans. let's discuss with the former cdc director dr. tom freedman, thank you for joining us, 100 million americans the white house says could get covid this coming fall and winter, that's a huge number obviously. how worried should americans by right now about another surge along these lines? >> wolf, the plain truth is that no one can predict for certain what will happen in the coming months. we don't know how covid will behave. it has already surprised us multiple times. what we do know is that we've got better tools than we've ever had to fight it. with staying up to date with your vaccine, getting treated quickly with paxlovid, particularly if you're medically vulnerable and masking up with an n-95 if you or someone you live with is vulnerable and there's covid spreading, we have multiple layers of defense so we
3:58 pm
can get and keep the upper hand against covid, but unless we apply all those three layers, we're going to have places where covid can spread and unfortunately, preventble deaths. >> yeah, could be coming up this coming fall and winter we're told by the white house. how many of those 100 million new cases could actually be reinfections, do you believe, dr. friedman. >> what we're seeing wolf is very interesting and concerning. we're seeing this virus kind of learn how to adapt to people, how to reinfect people it's infected before. and so far, those reinfecting strains are not more severe, not more deadly, but better at being immunity to our immunity, and that's why we need to continue to adapt. be up to date with your vaccination schedule, see what is recommended in the coming month and see if you get sick, particularly if you're older or have a medical problem, get tested quickly and get on to
3:59 pm
paxlovid as quickly as you kcan the sooner you're on it the better off you'll be. >> how important will it be for people who do get tested positive for covid to take advantage of those therapeutics, those treatments like as you point out, paxlovid. >> it's really remarkable how effective these are. the vaccine is our first line of defense. it's highly effective. some people will still get seriously ill despite being vaccinated and for them as well as others, getting treated within the first five days of being sick, especially if treated in the first day or two drives your risk of having to go to the hospital or die from the disease down by about 90%. these are stunningly feffective medications and anyone over age of 65, anyone with underlying health problem who has got covid should get treated promptly to stay out of the hospital and stay healthy and wolf, we also need to do more to make these
4:00 pm
vaccination programs and treatments available around the world. if we don't work with other countries to protect the world better, we'll be more vulnerable and congress needs to step up and provide that funding promptly. >> really important indeed, dr. tom frieden, thank you for joining us and to our viewers, thank you for watching, i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room," you can follow me on twitter and instagram @wolfblitzer. erin burnett "outfront" starts now. >> "outfront" next, live from kyiv, russia pounding a key port city tonight as putin defends his ruthless assault on civilians and marks victory day in an unexpected way. general david petrayas and prime minister "outfront" tonight. plus, putin's defense minister who had vanished from public view now appearing in the victory day parade front and center. what does this say about his standing with the russian president. and breaking news this hour, the co


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