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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  May 9, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. news continues. let's turn things over to don lemon. >> thank you. i'll see you tomorrow night. have a good night. this is "don lemon tonight." the alabama corrections officer that fled with an inmate ten days ago has died. reportedly of a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. vicki white was her name and the inmate casey white, no relation, captured in indiana after a chase ending in a crash. the u.s. marshal task force
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colliding with the vehicle they were in to end that chase. the aftermath all caught on camera by a witness driving by on highway 41 in evansville. so why would a trusted law enforcement officer suddenly take off with a murder defendant already servied 75 years? plus, we're going to talk about vladimir putin celebrating the victim riff the nazis in world war ii and falsely blaming the west for his own invasion of ukraine. >> translator: it was the only right decision. the decision of a sovereign, strong, and independent country. >> ukrainian president zelenskyy vowing ukraine will celebrate their own victory. >> translator: very soon there will be two victory days in ukraine. and someone won't have any. we will win now.
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>> and this is what putin's war, the one he's trying to justify looks like. death raining down from the sky on innocent civilian who's never wanted war. a school in eastern ukraine where people were sheltering bombed over the weekend. 60 people feared dead. cnn's sam kylie spoke to survivors. >> translator: i got slammed down by a sled bent into a ball. then another explosion, small rocks sprinkled darkness. >> that is a senior u.s. defense official says there are what they're calling anecdotal reports of russian troops and even some officers refusing to obey orders to move forward in putin's donbas offensive. more on all that ahead. after 11 days on the run, the manhunt for an alabama escape convict and an excorrections officer is over. vicki white dead reportedly of a self inflicted gunshot wound. casey white in custody.
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cnn has the latest. >> it ended the way that we knew it would. >> reporter: a defiant sheriff detailing what happened when u.s. marshals captured corrections officer vicki white and inmate casey white. first, this f-150 truck and casey white spotted at a car wash in indiana reported to alabama authorities sunday night. >> after the vehicle was located a while back, we at least knew they may have been in our area. but i couldn't believe that they had remained here. >> reporter: monday u.s. marshals found them in a hotel in evansville. that's when marshals say the two fled police in a gray cadillac. casey white was driving, vicki white in the passenger seat. u.s. marshals pinned the car and this ended up in a ditch. casey casey surrendered vicki white had a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. she died from the injuries monday night.
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casey white will be brought back to alabama for his arraignment. he's expected to return to the same place from where he escaped more than ten days ago. >> he's not getting out of this jail again. i will assure you that. >> reporter: the lauderdale district attorney says he is focused on the victims of casey white and the family of connie ridgeway. casey white is set to stand trial for capital murder charges related to ridgeway's death this summer. the lauderdale county district says his office will be ready. >> after finally being able to indict him for her murder of having this twist and turn in that case has got to be devastating to them. so we look forward to bringing him to justice. >> reporter: i spoke with the son of connie ridgeway. he tells me that capture of casey white is amazing. he called it a miracle. but the death of vicki white, he says, was not the outcome he was hoping for. i also spoke with lauderdale county share you have and he said he always knew when the back of his mind that things could end up this way.
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don, he tells me that knowing vicki the way that he did, he would think she would face her family, friends, and colleagues. don? >> all right. nadia, thank you very much. i appreciate that. now i want to bring in our senior law enforcement analyst and former fbi deputy director. also cnn contributor and former profiler. hello to both of you. thank you for joining. i appreciate it. andrew, the manhunt has stretched really across 11 days, several states and now vicki white is dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound. casey white is in custody. listen, i think that many people thought it would end in her death. but that she wouldn't be the one doing it, perhaps he would be the one. is this how you thought it would end? >> well, i think this is the -- it's not how i anticipated it would end. i probably like most of those folks that you just referred to assumed it would end in some sort of violent fashion with the fugitive casey white kind of really driving, you know,
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driving the violence. but that doesn't seem to have happened here. i think the message to take way from this don, is these are always very dangerous, very kind of high stakes and totally unique operations. you never really know how one of these chases is going to end up. it it's very, very hard for anyone to stay on the run for any significant period of time in this country now simply because of the profusion of video surveillance and the ability of the media and social media in particular to get that intelligence out to the public and very, very rapid fashion. so it's somewhat inevitable that folks get caught. you just hope that happens in a nonviolent way. that wasn't the case here. >> what does it mean for this investigation that they were not able to get any information from vicki white? >> ultimately, it won't mean much to the prosecution of casey white. i mean, he is, you know, he's basically going to be held dead to rights on this case. his escape has been captured by
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video in the jail as he was walking out the door with her. it is almost impossible to imagine any scenario in which he can try to shift blame for this entire escapade to the former corrections officer. maybe a defense tactic. but more likely he'll plead guilty to the increase defense. >> candace, let's bring you in now. glad to you have here. this vicki white story is a tragedy. people who knew her say that they're shocked she would ever be a part of anything like this. sheriff in alabama saying she had been an exemplary employee before pulling this escape. how can a normal person get pulled into committing a crime like the one we saw? >> well, don, these -- what i would call dangerous liaisons are unusual but they're not so rare. there haven't been thesis based on them. female staff falling in love with male inmates. you may recall a few summers ago
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there was something very similar to this in upstate new york. 45% of the prison population, don, are psychopaths. that's a clinical term. and one of the characteristics of a psychopath is they are excellent manipulateors and liars. and what they do, what these guys do in prison, they can spot a weak link. they can spot, for example, in this case a female staff member that they believe they can -- they go for, they manipulate or maybe she tips her hand that oh, you know, my husband doesn't pay attention to me or, gee, i'm so lonely. and he, the guy, moves in on that. and he uses that information to turn her to win her over. he becomes whatever she wants him to be. a father figure, a friend, a lover. and before you know it, as soon as the staff member gives the
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inmate something that they shouldn't give them like extra food or extra time in the yard, the inmate has them. and they exploit it. in this case, it ended horribly. >> he was calling her his wife. what do reread into that? anything? >> probably made her feel good. >> that's it. interesting. andrew, marshals involved in the hunt telling cnn tonight that vicki and casey white had twn 65 and $90,000 in cash to help their get away. does that help explain how they were able to get their hands on three different cars? >> yeah, it sure does. there was a high degree of planning go into this crime, right? the fact she lickquidated her he and had that cash on hand to be able to change up the modes of transportation. that is a pretty good tactic. the advantage that the fugitives have is time. if they can get away and not be, you know, under conditions that mask the fact that they're
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actually missing, all of that time helps them get a lead out in front of the investigators. the somewhat incomprehensible here they had that advantage of time and they seemed to have wasted it by staying in evansville, indiana, and allowing the investigation to catch up with them. they had the cash. they had the transportation, ability to continue changing modes of transport. but they just didn't take advantage of it. that's how they got caught. >> candace, why on earth, number one, we saw them at the car wash, right? the photo of him. is he wearing a short sleeve shirt with the identifiable tattoos and why are they stopping athe a car wash? what? >> who knows? i would love to ask him if i co. maybe she said, gee, the car is dirty. the or -- who knows? this whole thing was very high risk to begin with. so it shouldn't be too surprising that they did something stupid like that. >> thank you both. i appreciate it. we're going to turn to ukraine. ukraine southern cities and towns battered by constant
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vladimir putin did not declare war on ukraine in his victory day speech today. he didn't declare it. he just continued as relentless bombing of innocent civilians. the this is the port city of odesa, odesa shaken by multiple blasts and one large fire. this video she's what happened to a civilian convoy. burnt and bullet ridden cars, stroller, children's things. cnn has located and verified the authenticity of the video. cnn's nick peyton walsh has what life is like in southern ukraine for people under constant shelling. >> both nothing and everything has changed here. the front lines have barely moved on the road to the southern city to first russia captured in the six weeks since
7:16 pm
we were last here. [ bombing ] but instead, since then, almost everything in between has been torn up. by shelling that literally does not stop. trapping people who physically cannot flee in the churn of a brutal stalemate. here in the village are two neighbors, both elderly. [ bombing ] >> we move to the yard as the shells get closer. >> they still manage to get down to his wife's basement shelter. she's installed a plank on the wait here to help him rest. they used to get dressed up to
7:17 pm
go to bed. it was so cold down here. but mention leaving and she chuckles. >> nights spent here are focused her hatred. >> across the road is valentina, alone. shells always seem to just miss her. >> overwhelmed yet hauntingly eloquent .
7:18 pm
>> it's not so much that life goes on here but that it has nowhere else to go. these men setting cow's milk though that's not what she has been drinking. hello to everyone, he says. 40 times a day and night they shell. barely a window is intact. shrapnel flying through the glass daily. yesterday was her turn. but she can't leave. she is waiting for her son to return from the war in mariupol. our children are all the war, she says. my son is a prisoner. if he comes back and if i have
7:19 pm
gone, it's like i've band ond him. we wait. hope, worry, here's a life and we'll live. on the road out of here, the shrapnel rises fiercely above the warm fields. >> that was nick peyton walsh. vladimir putin giving a defiant speech in moscow during russia's victory day parade. matthew chance was there. >> reporter: these troops being celebrated, the weapons being showcased today. the same ones that have fighting in that horrific conflict. ally e roger happy. so does carvana's customer advocacate caitlin picking up his car at promptly 10am. hi, are you roger? berglund. with the honda accord? yes i am. it's right over there. will i be getting? and he loves that caitlin pays him on the spot. yep, rog. it's the little things that drive you happy.
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russian president vladimir putin defending his military operation at the victory day parade in moscow today while slamming the west. hard to look at these pictures. this year's vaent was scaled back. matthew chance was there and he joins me now live from moscow where the kremlin has imposed strict laws limiting how they can talk about russia's presence in ukraine. hello to you, matthew. thank you for joining us. what was putin's message today? >> we mentioned it. it was a very defensive one. he defended the conflict in ukraine, the special military operation. saying that russia faced an imminent threat of attack from ukraine.
7:25 pm
and had to strike preemptively to defend the country. he made the claims before and have been jekted by ukraine and ukraine's allies like the united states. but he made it again this time against the backdrop of the victory day parade which is a commemoration of the soviet defeat of nazi germany in 1945 along with allies. but also a significant day in russia of national pride. >> this is how russia glorifies. it's embattled. ♪ spectacular display as a stoney faced commander in chief president putin inspekts the troops paying such a high price for his special military operation in ukraine. from the stands, hundreds of invited guests usually loyal officials and their families or
7:26 pm
foreign dignitaries get a front line seat. this year for first time in two decades, the reporting russia and ukraine i was invited to. i can tell you it is always a day of huge national pride here in russia. but this year it's especially poignant here in the stants viewing this spectacular display here in red square in the center of moscow. this isn't just the band commemorating the defeat of nazi germany in 1945 by soviet union and allies. it is also about celebrating what the russian military is doing now. and these troops being celebrated and the weapons being shown here today are the same ones that are fighting in that horrific conflict. against that backdrop, the armored columns, rumbling over the cobbles of red square, they seem less heroic.
7:27 pm
intercontinental ballistic missiles even more sinister. but the kremlin leader drew repeated links between the sacrifices of the second world war in which millions of soviet citizens were killed and the battles currently being fought in ukraine. links ukrainians and their allies reject. >> translator: i am now addressing our armed forces and militias of donbas. you're fighting for our mother land, for its future so that no one forgets the lessons of the second world war. so that there is no place in the world for tortures, death squads and nazis. >> reporter: that is what was no the said that was most conspicuous. there have been wide speculation putin would use this parade to formally declare war on ukraine and announce a general mobilization to bolster the stuttering forces there.
7:28 pm
♪ kns, perhaps, not all russians gathered to commemorate victory day outside red square. but fully onboard with more bloodshed. >> translator: i'm in two mikes. because i feel very sorry for the civilians suffering in ukraine. the children, the old people. >> translator: we are at war another says. i feel sadness for our boys dying on the front lines. when it comes to the second world war, what russia calls its great patriotic war, this country has traumatic memories. after the victory day parade, tens of thousands led by president putin himself marched through the streets of moscow, many carrying photographs of relatives who fought the nazi peril. putin held a picture of his own
7:29 pm
dad. but state media also broadcast images of people carrying recent photographs too of soldiers apparently killed this year. the effort to connect russia's current conflict with its past glories is relentless. >> matthew, we were expecting air shows during the annual victory day parade today. but they were canceled. why is that? >> yeah. that's right. they were expected to be 77 aircraft, one for every year since the end of the second world war to take to the skies over red square. flying in formation. but the kremlin said that because of the adverse weather conditions, the cloud base was below 500 meters which is the threshold, they said, for this kind of air show to take place. they canceled it. it's not first time it's happened. there are a couple years ago i
7:30 pm
think 2017 they canceled it because of bad weather conditions then as well. i did see the airplanes take to the skies in the days before. and so these incredible scenes state of the art russian. they're across the skies in tribute to reference, of course, to the military operation is taking place. matthew chance, thank you. appreciate it. they visit zelenskyy sending a message and on victory day. >> translator: we're fighting for our children's freedom and therefore we will win. that killed more than eight million ukrainians. very soon there are two victory days. and some won't have any. we will then and we will win
7:31 pm
now. >> let's bring in now the founding partner and washington correspondent. julia, thank you so much for joining. lots to talk you to about. a victory day without new victories for putin. what did you make of putin's tone? but it was a very angry defiant and bitter tone kind of an agrieved tone and he very quickly in that ten minutes managed to trot out this theory explaining how he had to invade ukraine. he said there was no other choice. it was the only correct choice. and he said it was because in december russia offered the west to a security agreement that
7:32 pm
would, he said, guarantee that indif isibility in europe. it would give russia veto power and veto power over european security. and they're preparing to attack. and historically belonged to russia in the donbas. he was calling it a special operation. we'll talk about this later. why did he do it?
7:33 pm
>> i you mean, even if it doesn't happen this week, kit happen next week or next month. he doesn't have to declare war. he can just do whatever he wants. >> he can just have a war without declaring war, right? that's what he's doing. he's fighting a war. there is a regime and the other thing i would caution and the viewers with is that comparisons he was drawing between this war and world war ii's response is. he didn't mention ukraine at all. he just meant talked about europe and america. and world war ii and it's important to realize that they know, soviets know that for a year and a half the soviet union was losing that war badly. and it took them a very long
7:34 pm
time to turn it around and eventually win. so i don't know that -- i think in moscow they're thinking about it kind inof thinking it in tho terms. throw more bodies into the meat grinder. get more tanks. whatever it takes. we can turn this around because we turned it around before. whether or not that's true remains to be scene. but i don't think they think this fight is over yet. >> i was watchtion a documentary last night. similarities to this and world war ii. victory day is a very important day. it's in danger. and they repel the aggression. do the russian people still believe him? do they think that -- do they believe that or are they beginning to doubt it? >> i don't know. i don't know how we would know that. from the outside. it's dangerous. and in it terms they call it a
7:35 pm
war. that is against the law. it's for somebody else to call it a war. can you go to jail for 15 years. it was the, you know, matthew's reporting just now. we don't know the polling is, you know, has to be taken with several grains of salt. but it you're watching tv, if you're watching russian state tv this is all you're seeing. and it's -- i have no other source of information. if you're not really good the ausing the internet, if you don't know what cnn is, if it you don't know where to look online to get information that contradicts the kremlin, you would believe this stuff. and you would believe that ukrainians are fighting -- sorry that, russians are fighting the nazis in ukraine. there is that last night on russian state tv. there was a whole long feature report on the main sunday evening news about how the ukrainians are idol worshipping paga pagan nazis. that's not the first time
7:36 pm
they've shown something like that or the 10th or 20th time. i think a lot of people do believe it. >> if you look at the singing of that warship -- sinking of that warship, you know, the russian media just changed the complete narrative and watching the reporting on cnn last week of the russian reporting. just astounding, julia. thank you so much. i appreciate it. be well see you soon. >> it could be an island surrounded by other owes outlaw abortion. they are vowing to provide half a million dollars to fund reproductive health care. lori lifeland joins me next. your doctor gives you a prescription. “let's get you on some antibiotics right away.” we could bri it right to your door. with 1 to 2 day delivery from your local cvs. or same day if you need it sooner.
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it booed enadministration says there is a nationwide ban on the abortion following a leaked draft opinion that would overturn roe v. wade. the city of chicago announcing a
7:41 pm
half million dollar fund to help women seek ago borgss. let's talk with the mayor of chicago. thank you for joining us. really appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> i want to put up this map, okay? and you can see it. if roe is overturned, look at the state of illinois. you're going to be an island in an ocean of state with laws already banning abortion or with trigger laws that ban abortion if roe is overturned. tell me about your plan and this fund to help women from any state get an abortion. >> well, don, that's precisely why we issued our justice and a $500,000 down payment on what we see is a huge increase in the need of women not only in chicago and illinois but as you mentioned, surrounding areas. we're going to be an island because every state around us whether it's michigan,
7:42 pm
wisconsin, missouri, iowa, and i would expect indiana to follow suit. they're going to do some ind coo of ban on reproductive right and reproductive services. so we have to make sure that our providers here in chicago have the resources they need to provide the services, positive provide security for travel, lodging, recovery. this is going to be a monumental lift. we want to make sure that we're ready to make sure that women don't lose their rights in chicago. >> there's a whole lot that goes along with that when you said prepare for -- prepare possibly for legal action of some sort of action and law? i mean what is going to happen to access to women in your city if a large number of women come from out of state to get abortions from chicago and health providers handle that? >> well, that's precisely why we started this conversation with them now.
7:43 pm
wait a minute need to rely upon reproductive services is real. with the announcement of the leaked decision last week, "lot wechl felt like roe is gone. they had no more rights. and they were worried that appointments they have set would be canceled. so there is a lot of fear and we want to reassure women that chicago will always be a safe haven for women seeking reproductive rights. but let's face it, don that, draft opinion is mean spirited language and talking about phoney rights for same sex marriage and phoney rights for the use of contraception, interracial marriage, the list goes on and on. and you've seen if this movement on the right picking up steam. i saw a governor tweet out he wanted to take on brown v. board
7:44 pm
of education. so we have to be ready. because all of our rights are at risk. >> well, having said that, who the us is warning that republicans will try to enact nationwide, a nationwide ban on abortion. then what happens? >> look, i think this is a call to action moment. this challenge and what and are intending to do every day. the rights are on the ballot. up and down the ballot. and we have to organize and educate and we have to vote. >> listen, on the gop side, mitch mcconnell said it is possible he could move to ban abortion nationwide, right? other lawmakers telling cnn that that's more of a state issue. who do you believe? >> i wouldn't believe anything coming out of any republicans and particularly mitch
7:45 pm
mcconnell. if you did a side by side of the thing this is guy said and done, particularly when it comes to supreme court nominations, he's just not trustworthy. he doesn't have any integrity. i'll tell you what. i'm not hanging the rights of myself, my daughter, my friends, women in this country on what mitch mcconnell says. . this is a call to action. and we've got to rise to the occasion. as leaders, make sure that we're doing everything we can to protect our rights writ large. this is not just about reproductive freedom. that is critically important this is about our freedoms that are grounded in the right to privacy for the last 50 years. that's what is at stake. >> mayor, thank you. >> pleasure. >> the biden administration warning about a significant spike in covid this fall and winter with cases already on the rise. experts urging americans to get vaccinated including doctor peter hotez.
7:46 pm
by the way, he just tested positive. he joins me next. ♪ harp plays ♪ only two things are forever: lolove and liberty mutual customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for whwhat you need. (emu squawks) if anyone objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace. (emu squawks) (the crowd gasps) no, kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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and your doubt. heat makes it last. so you'll never sit this one out. new icy hot pro with pro-level contrast therapy. rise from pain. expressing concern that the u.s. may see a spike in covid-19 cases coming this fall and winter. the biden administration encouraging all americans who are eligible to get the vaccine shots plus the booster shot for maximum protection. i want to bring in dr. peter hotez, professor and dean at baylor college of medicine. doc, thanks for joining us.
7:51 pm
i am sorry you tested positive for covid. how are you doing? >> okay. a little bit of headache and fatigue. fortunately, i am vaccinated and boosted and that's helping quite a bit. >> look, doc, everybody has it. i have been around a bunch of people, knock on wood. i didn't catch it. i probably just jinxed myself. what is going on? why are so many people becoming infected? >> it's this bsubvariant. it's as transmissable as measles and it has some breakthrough properties, even if you are vaccinated. the good news, if you are vaccinated and boosted, and vaccinated or double boosted, you are like me, you are tending to get fairly mild illness. and so that's the message. we have two few americans, don, that are boosted. only about 100 million americans have been vaccinated and boosted and that means more than 200 million americans are not and they are highly vulnerable on
7:52 pm
the to this ba.2 and ba.212 but new variants in the summer and fall because we failed to vaccinate the world. we know the delta variant arose out of an unvaccinated population in india, the ba.2 and omicron arose out of ununvaccinated population in southern africa. until we vaccinate the world, excuse me, we are going continue to see the new variants of concern arise. >> all right. if you need water or something, let us know. i will let you in on a secret. i had it over the christmas holiday and i didn't announce it because i feel like, you know, announcing that you have covid now is like coming out as gay. you know, it's kind of a thing, right? it's kinda normal. >> right. >> so if you have -- i had omicron. if you have done that, if you had it and get boosted does that
7:53 pm
help anything? >> it really helps. so if you have omicron and you don't get boosted, you are still vulnerable to reinfection because omicron is not producing much in the way of durable protection. if you have omicron and get boosted with a vaccine on top of tv it creates greater resilience. it causes ep tome roddening which makes you special resilient. that's the message. get boosted and that will create better, durable and more resilient protection. >> that's probably why, along with others who had it and had the fourth shot, we haven't gotten it and other people have, right? >> yeah, if you got your second booster after you got omicron you will be in pretty good shape. i can't say you won't get mild illness but you should do very well. >> good. so then we have been through this before, a couple of years, a couple times. we always warn or you guys have
7:54 pm
been warning there is going to be a surge in the fall and winter during the cold and flu season. then in the summer it goes way down. so even with the cases going down in the summer because we are going into the summer months, people are going to be outside, there is this concern coming up for the winter and the fall and the winter? >> well, the bad news, if you live where i live in texas and the southern united states we get our big wave in the summer. we had a terrible wave from the original lineage in 2020 and then again in 2021 from the delta wave. so we could be in hot water this summer in texas and the southern u.s. in the fall i worry about the rest of the country, including the northeast. the other problem that we need to address is that the immunity from the boosters with the mrna may not be holding up as well as we'd like. we don't know if that is intrinsic to the mrna or this unique omicron and ba.2 vichblt i have been encourages the white house to look beyond only mrna
7:55 pm
and some additional vaccine technologies as possible boosters as well. >> in the next few weeks in the u.s. is likely to hit 1 million deaths from covid-19. a staggering number. it's so much worse than we thought it would be in the early days, two years ago. people are acting like it's totally over. i mean, you think it's too soon? >> don, remember for me equally important number to remember is after may 1 last year when the president announced anyone who wants to get a covid vaccine can do so, the vaccines are widely available, another 200,000, maybe 300,000 americans lost their lives because they refused to get vaccinated. they were defiant of getting vaccinated. i don't know what to call that any more. some call it misinformation or disinformation. i call it anti-science aggression. it's become a leading killer of americans. so many of those condeaths did
7:56 pm
have to happen. how we break this impasse, especially in the southern u.s., here in texas and the appalachian region, the mountain west, this is one of the big challenges for both the biden administration and our scientific community. >> yeah. i have been noticing people have been putting up mask signs again and here we go. people are starting to wear them indoors again. all for good reason. thank you, doc. hey, you be well, okay? let us know your progress. >> thank you so much, don. appreciate it. >> thank you. it was a victory day without victory for vladimir putin. what direction is the war in ukraine take next? we're live in lviv after this. i. let's get to the yard. ♪ ♪ i'm the latest hashtag challenge. and everyone on social media is trying me. i'm ending so hard that “hashtag common sense” can't keep up. this is going to get tens and tens of views.
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