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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 10, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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hello and a very warm welcome. vladimir putin celebrates victory day in moscow even with no clear victory in ukraine. as his troops continue the brutal assault around the country. are and i'm rosemary church in atlanta. after more than a week on the run, a violent end in the hunt for a former alabama prison guard and escaped inmate.
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welcome everyone. they're stepping up attacks on the port city of odesa. they report a barrage of missile strikes on monday. local officials say russian forces are firing cruise missiles, hitting a shopping mall, as well as two hotels. many believe russia wants to capture all of ukraine's black sea ports and close off the southern port. ukrainian fighters say they're holding out at a besieged steel plant where they are using a stormed offensive at the site. you can see ukrainian flags flying over the factory although cnn cannot independently verify it is still there. and video from kharkiv shows the
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aftermath of an attack on a convoy that killed several people. not clear when it was recorded but they lost contact on friday. well, western officials are pushing back after russian pooz putin delivered a defining victory day speech on monday repeating baseless claims and accusing the west of creating threats on russia's border. u.s. president joe biden says he's concerned putin may feel backed in a corner and no clear path out of the conflilkt. meanwhile, the french foreign minister suggested putin is, quote, in denial and trying to rewrite history. and claire, you and i were covering the speech yesterday as president putin spoke. you left many reading between the lines of his plan of attack. how has his speech been
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received? >> you had to go back over his words, which were defiant and carefully chosen. he didn't once mention ukraine in the speech, referring only to the donbas reej raen. i'm addressing around forces of donbas militia. the suggestion being their motherland is one in the same. the fear in the west now is he's laid the focus on these key areas he wants to take. he wants to consolidate any gains that he's got. and the sense was he was preparing the russian people for the long haul and agreed to look after the families of victims and that's why i think we see interestingly in the west, thoughts turn to how this end. not only president biden saying he's concerned there might not be an off ramp and french president macron saying we have to look at how we deal with peace, we shouldn't reeare peat
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the mistakes of world war i where germany was humiliated and isolated, which precipitated the events which led to world war ii. he was calling for caution and a continuation of efforts of diplomacy. >> reporter: and in the last few months, i think it's fair to say, we've been focusing on the offensive we've been witnessing in the east and we've seen increased attacks and shelling on the port city of odesa. explain a strategic important here. >> it's the third most popular city in ukraine. and incredibly important to the ukrainian economy. it represents 80% of the world's wheat and a lot of that is exported to africa and middle east and asia through the port of odesa. exports cannot get out and there
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are major fears growing in the u.n., the world food program and what that means. 400 million people rely on those exports and will be potentially forced into hunger because of this. president zelenskyy addressed this on monday. take a listen. >> translator: this is not just a strike at ukraine. without our export, many have found them selves on the brink of food deficit. with time, the situation can truly begun disastrous. they're already looking into the food shortage in the countries of africa and asia. >> reporter: evidence is growing that russian troops are stealing grain and farm supplies. this is something sited by multiple sources to cnn as well as the united nations. a sign of just how far beyond
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the borders this conflict will have ramifications. >> very much what the deputy mayor of lviv has told me, not just the impact on the economy but the millions displaced in ukraine. 7.7 million. sebastian joining us from london. and a journalist with independent kyiv. goode morning to you. we've seen the port city being pounded in the last few days. and can ukrainian forces hold their ground in this large city? >> at first russians have to take it to encircle odesa. the thing is until recently, it was spared and now we see russians are focusing on the
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port city of 1 million people. for so long, idea are been hearing from military analysts that any shelling we were seeing in odesa was simply a distraction. that doesn't seem to be the case right now. >> looks like russia is serious on trying to take ukrainians south on basically making ukraine a land-locked country. for this, we see that some unexplained activity is going on where are local russian proxies reported that ukrainians are targeting transmissia. which is not true. and the frontline city in ukraine's south is also increasingly attacked. we expect russia will continue its offensive in that reej aren.
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and unfortunately, odesa may be next. >> and we've seen the relentless att attacks in the east. and on saturday, the school building turned to rubble. 60 people most likely dead. what are you learning from that city and that village, i should say, with the more than 30 rescued from the rubble? >> unfortunately, with in cities in eastern and southeast ukraine, it's impossible to catch the civilian victims because they're constantly shelled. we know this happened in mariupol where russia bond a trauma theater and we still don't know the exact number of casualties, which range from 300 to 6000. here we currently have knowledge
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of 50/60 people that unfortunately. >> and i want to get your thoughts from what we heard from president putin. many believe his plan was the secure a victory by may 9th. and that hasn't happened. inhow was his speerb intrp areerated? >> definitely not lived up to the hype. a lot of people in ukraine were worried that mobilization and putten dwil claire formal war and launch an even more brutal military offensive. are i know a lot of people have left kyiv for may 8th and 9th to be secure from potential of even a nuclear strike. we see russia is not ready e. and besides that, they lack
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ideas on how to increase their attacks on ukraine and i think they're current hey out of ideas. >> always great to get your inside. thank you very much. stay safe. and style come, a very dramatic and deadly end for a corrections officer and jail escapees. how they found the pair moments ahead. balancing so you stay cool. save $500 on t the sleep number 360 c4 smart bed, queen now only $1,299. plus no interest until janunuary 2025 ends monday.
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is a an alabama corrections officers accused of helping a murder suspect escape from jail
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has died from an parent self-inflicted gun shot wound. an 11-day national manhunt was for the pair ended on monday in indiana following a car chase with police that resulted in a crash. >> it ended the way it we thought it would, with them in custody. >> reporter: what happened when they captured the corrections officer and casey white. they were spotted at a car wash and reported to alabama authorities. >> after the vehicle was located a while back, we at least knew they made a dent in our area. but i couldn't believe they had remained here. >> reporter: monday u.s. marshalls found them in a hotel. that's when they say they fled
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police. casey white was driving, vixy white in the pasa chger side. casey surrendered while casey white had a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head. she died of those injuries monday night. casey white is expected to return to the same place he escaped more than ten days ago. >> he's a not getting out of this jail again. i'll assure you that. andlrks and focussed on the victims of casey white. it's set to stand trial for capitol murder charges. and the district attorney says his aufts will pea ready. >> and we lock wrward to bringing him to justice.
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are. >> sri lanka's out going prime minister had to be rescued by the military early tuesday after protesters clashed near his home. they tried to twice but failed. the prime minister resigned monday, following the country's worst economic crisis in decades. several people died after the violent crashes broke out in clum bow and the prime minister said he was quitting to form an intercommunity government. f ferdinand marcos jr. is on the way to achieving something unthinkable decades ago. he appears to be leading boy a land slide. unofficial projections have him
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winning 30 million as waum paired to 40 million. krauts staged a protest. >> and russia's war in ukraine could lead a new iron curtain on the boarder with finland. live from helisinky as finland edges closer to joining nato. in. its activelift technology provides an unbeatable clean on 24 hour drieded-on stains. skip the rinse with finish to save our r water.
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welcome back, everyone. south korea has inaugurated its new president. yoon begins his five-year term with an increasingly nuclear and missileal threat from north korea. but yoon said he had a, quote, audacious plan to strengthen north korea's economy in exchange for denuclearization. and paula hancocks is in seoul. what more are you learning and how likely. >> and it's not issue. what he said was laidly
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different than even when he was president election. he has a hard-line stance than hiss are frid sesser. >> look john could be ana dagss plan boosting the economy. he doesn't eem a even team retie to kick off an mare kpend going to be anithsue. and let's look at exactly what he has experienced with.
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my apologies. i thought we were running a previous report. let me talk you through it. basically, he was a prosecutor who was leading the prosecutor against the former president, who was scently impuch aed and is kept following. and that's experience if i said it was the ticket. >> it is a big one. andilk given the fact they're very much on a clak of testing and fry to improve weapons capability and he's dealing with a number of domestic issues. looking at covid-ravaged economy. and he doesn't have the biggest manitate.
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it was one of the closest. and he only just won are with less on the%. >> and the world will be watching to see which direction weal with we stalks. >> and to my colleague, who sdwroip ares us live in ukraine. good dwrourier just joining us, russian forces are palm pardment. are and they say it's main lay civilian that had have been hit. that means one person has been killed and others are are wounded. and they say they want to cap which the entire southern pace and and people naneioo and could
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come this fwreeklandland. tlievl for us this hour in helsinki. and i hurd rufflely this hour on the show that said both finland and sweetd. will announce it in little more than a week. >> reporter: it's very significant. the biggest geopolitical shift in recent european history. a momentous decision and they'll be taken in pinland, at least by parliament. and do you want their decision likely over the weekend.
12:28 am
and fim and because of what they see happening over the larj long border with russia andfr haven't telted something out. through the trees to the left, russia. remote finish of the splim zooi. and 800 mepter is sep brated hem. >> we're not allowed to walk across the field. and wow. >> for a clearer view of the border, you need to get above it .
12:29 am
>> and below here, the biggest geopolitical realignment is taking place. her harmland rushes russia. >> she loved me. yes. are oh, always feel like he wantsed her. and it's defense. and for fins, the feeling came fast. rock arted as russia incrasesgruence. froors 1 to 44 prurls in a matter of peeks.
12:30 am
frs are and >> reporter: pg sfwlrng and and. >> wlchlk thrmgs foreign minister and here in finland's east have grown, knowing russia can be a tachgerous neighbor. when the russians arrive, 281 years ago. we forms the food to carried, niau. >> and plentiful two. by agreeing to be nonaligned. at the last finish calway. before the transz kwhaumgsed rail wayne said laugs as the laundry. despite new eu sanctions on russia, harming business.
12:31 am
sgr if you know our common history ewith russia. weir were wr in a sim lfr situation. he can sleep here. >> a 123450i789d and tlieg 1250i78 and on their helmets. there's strong similarities. are heart to imagine. >> he rapped his focus. hiss hm fwrm in if pipe. and rear are like hm and we have been enjoying so far. >>. >> the ifficial roe crossing.
12:32 am
was what it was two years ago. this young russian seeking finland's safety, an escape from putin's war. >> i thing i are will know it's russia. >> reporter: really? >> yes. try to -- boss just not what i would like to do. >> it may look like a flimsey fence but when you get all this wild within h and it's part of anni am curtain. so, finland, when it comes the decision wrap up in a big way.
12:33 am
both nations have a exercise sitting on the military planning and proteejers. nato members deciding to allow finland and sweding in. >> fascinating piece there, nick. with important historical context too. the jan nooz recallomies to kres cros and ooze if and
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welcome back, everyone. in a few hours, the u.k. parliament is set to open with boris johnson moving pasch 357bdemic parliaments and his own scandal. queen elizabeth will not be in attendance with prince charles set to deliver her opening speech instead. good to see you. so, talk to us about the significant. and house this aspumt at a are
12:39 am
. >> reporter: it's a big day. that gives the government of the day a chance to put forward the legislative agrendau for the target and this is the first time, roseinariy, in 15 years queen elition bgt ii hasn't reveals this important event but not enough to sit down. and as a result, she's going to be given the right to chance charles, and her-exto his bef. i still and a mark of obviously the right to be president and unslal slat ledge slachive agenda. the 96-year-old and we know over the course of the summer, she's not going to atoem the big part
12:40 am
of the social dollender in the uk and i and the kwigz npgss will be skrulgs. tlagts plals. it's an opportunity to reset the narrative, and rosemary. >> we'll watch and see how that goes. joining us live from london. many thanks. and thank you for joining us. for our international viewers, connecting africa is next. and for those of you in the u.s. and canada, i'll be right back after a short break. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now. it senses your movements and automatically adjusts so you both stay comfortable all night. it's also temperature balancing so you stay cool. save $500 on the sleep number 360 c4 4 smart bed, queen now only $1,299. plus no interest until january 2025 ends monday..
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u.s. president joe biden will address a global covid-19 summit, as his administration warns if collegngress are doesn approve funding, they could see emillions of new cases. to prevent the possible surge, the chies has requested more than 22bleian for updated vaccines, and treatments.
12:46 am
it trice in much of the u.s. a fourth dose of moderna or pfizer is safe and provides a substantial immunity boost. i asked if he thought there might be a big surge in covid cases later this year. take a listen. >> as you know, rosemary, this virus is quite unpredictable. we saw only twice as many in the wurz monstrous omicron wave. right now, we noticed an increase in prices. that's become dominant. and which is a subvariant.
12:47 am
so, we are likely going to see substantial cuber cases, we had a few days last week that were 100,000. we know so many either don't get testing or have rapid tests. that can happen in the course of a day or in your case, million. well, the u.s. senate has passed bipartisan bill to provides froois skourt for supreme court justices. on sunday supporters of abortion rates rallied in front of seven 350e7al. no e?
12:48 am
and over the weekend, protesters with signs reading kweep a your roseries off our ovaries withiwihe called the leak appalling while showing no concern about the likelihood to success. the kmisz tsz the right to protest. and judges perform an? credibly important well for their kpunel for andil skooirs skps spt and they will vote on legislation to guarantee the right to an abrgz. democrats don't have the votes. thal wr by able to get republicans on the record opposing abortion rights, which could help them in this year's elections.
12:49 am
a vote is expected on bends. >> voes irs in pipging. weeks is bekmping am fric search areeral issue. and one is going 4ther than most to tie himself to donald trump. here's our report. >> reporter: just days left before the gubernatorial primary in pennsylvania. we arrive at the senator's campaign route. the campaign d said they will come. two this event at an kous spaurng said. >> coo you know why?
12:50 am
isn't being allowed in? >> you're here because rast yawno is arorded marely all the fr price. >> after the campaign said that media wasn't allowed at their political rally, we rented a room from the hotel who gave us permission to record the event from here. with a cnn registered producer in the clouds. he railed against abortion rights, covid restrictions and what he calls is marxist ideology in public schools. >> any god fearing, patriotic waved to prominence. >> raising doubts about the pennsylvania election results. and he's ignored the truth is
12:51 am
and instead banging the boeks drum beats. >> reporter: we're here to try to fwigier out what happened. >> reporter: as a the dub nutorlial. >> you remember every frauj, lord god. >> god juiced you to call us. a lotly consested race that could impact the next presidential election. and that person has dam republicans. i am republican candidate for governor. >> reporter: it's mastriano who democrats believe and face in november. >> a win to what donald trump
12:52 am
stands for. >> this statewide a aid conspearo for pennsylvania. >> josh shapiro. >> it's the likely democratic nominee and current state attorney general. gambling in a swing state. democrats come out on top this november. >> there are are extremists that are out of touch with where are i know pennsylvanias to be. >> shapiro hammered away at republicans and mastreano. >> i think it's clear he's going to be their nominee. we want to make clear there's democracy. we are have a unique riri sponsibility to defend it. >> reporter: and the final days
12:53 am
are talking about abortion rights. lenning to profocus in uland to foout on primary day. he says heil find a so-call said kharkiv bill, hope ogto energize his conserve pv base. cnn, pittsburgh. high winds threaten to make wildfires burning across the u.s. southwest worst this week, including the largest active blaze in new mexico. it's burned through an area nearly the size of new york city. and meteorologist joins me how. >> when will you likely die down?
12:54 am
>> we've hatd hursistent winds. and what you see coming from japan. and you'll notice 12 large affect fires. real ary active. >> i we had a town of vaung loss. and 40 to if you tell neveree buttall noes moo, 200,000 acres consumed. the dry air firmly in place. the gusty wind continues and now eastern areas might just have in the northern raeky has ittets and and they issue about 40 red flag warnings for the entire career. they'vishied froip of pem
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friendship andrs certainly on pace to get to the record from 2011. and indicatored in yellow and orange. sporgdss of arizona get in on the stronger wirnds moving forward. this is parts of kansas. and july into august. triple digit heat. and representative are above aare rigs tempts. so woob we are are concerned for the mattes and firefighters. thank you as always. and i'm rosemary church and news coverage continues after the break. pre-rinsing your dishes? you could be using the wrong detergent. and wasting up to 20 gallons of water.
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! a warm welcome to our viewers joining us in the united states and around the world. i'm max foster in london. the hunt is over for a prison guard and inmate. details in the search. and i'm isa soares in lviv where missiles are pounding odesa just hours after vladimir putin honored the cities that survived the second world war. president putin couldn't


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