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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  May 10, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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result in donald trump not having a voice. i would reverse the ban. >> trump was banned from twitter after the capitol riot. as of right now, trump remains committed to his own app, which is truth social. we will see about that. thanks for joining us. "ac 360" begins right now. good evening. we begin with breaking news. in a moment we will bring you aud audiotapes. you will hear lindsey graham speaking on january 6, sharing his opinion of the former president and his behavior during the january 6 attacks. first, the other breaking story. prime mar -- primary matches. providing a window into whether the former president's
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endorsement is shaping the party. alex mooney carrying the endorsement of the former president. as we do in these primary nights, john king and the magic wall. what are you seeing in west virginia? talk about why that is so interesting. >> two primaries in west virginia. you mentioned this. a trump versus the establishment match. alex mooney versus david mckmc mckinley. u west virginia lost a seat in the reapportionment. trump endorsed alex mooney. he is the more conservative of
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the two house members. the real reason is because of two votes from mckinley. mckinley likes the bipartisan approach. voted for the biden infrastructure bill. from trump's perspective, mckinley voted for the independent commission proposed to look into the january 6 attacks on donald trump. david mckinley is persona non grata. you see mckinley with a narrow lead. we are early. trump is for mooney. pro-trump forces. we are counting, 11% in. mckinley, a lead over cl close race.
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may say biis a big month. the governor side here, look at the candidates. by the end of the month, a good report card on trump versus the establishment. herbster has been with trump for years. he is accused by nine women of inappropriately touching them. he denies the allegations. trump doesn't believe it to be true. herbster suggests it comes from the republican establishment. jim pillen is endorsed by the incu incumbent. this is pillen versus herbster. it's trump versus the establishment republican governor. the interesting thing is there is a third candidate. a more moderate condition. we will have to watch this play out. the polls close at 9:00. west virginia and nebraska tonight.
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pennsylvania and georgia by the end of the month. donald trump's sway getting a test in this month's primaries. >> we will watch as the numbers come in. john king, thank you. new audiotapes. a high profile republican in congress speaking away from the public on january 6 about his own personal beliefs involving the former president and his behavior on that day. this time, senator lindsey graham, they come from the reporting of two "new york times" reporters and alex burns and jonathan martin and their new book. they join me now. jonathan, you inteinterviewed senator graham. i want to play some of the audio. >> we will come out of this. moments like this reset. people will calm down.
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this is a group within a group. what this does, a rallying affect for a while. we are better than this. >> if you campaign january 6 to today, how stark are the differences? that lindsey graham publically said he hated the way it ended with him and trump. he had enough. >> you can almost hear his voice, senator graham trying to play out what the impact of this attack, which as we talked was still ongoing as we spoke that afternoon on the 6th. in a secure location after the capitol was evacuated. the capitol police were still
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trying to clear the capitol in those moments. graham is thinking ahead. he is thinking about the political impact on his party and the impact on the country. could this be a 9/11 moment where the country rallies together? who better to lead the country than a figure like the new president, graham's old friend, joe biden? my goodness, those two assumptions in the days and weeks later would obviously prove to be errant. country did not come together. it deepened the partisan divisions. joe biden was not able to rally the country. he is one more partisan actor on the political scene. >> is it clear to you what made graham flip back? i can't remember, was it the next day he flew out and he was heckled.
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he seemed upset. we reached out to senator graham's office. he stands by -- if he stands by them. they said, senator graham said the joe biden we see as president is not the one we saw in the the senate. he wouldn't say whether he stands by the audio. >> senator graham in the days and weeks after january 6, as we capture in this book, they thought that maybe this was it. maybe it was time to turn the page. just maybe, their voters were willing to turn the page from donald trump and put the last four years behind them. what happened is, whether it was in the airport or via email or calls or old-fashion letters, gop lawmakers found out their votes didn't want to move on. they didn't want feel
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particuparticular part particularly enamored by biden. it was back to normal. normal was donald trump. >> people won't want to be associated with what happened january 6. that hasn't happened. kevin mccarthy said the president bared responsibility. does this come down to his influence at the ballot box? >> setting aside the irony of calling donald trump a secret anything, it does come down to his influence. when you look at trump's influence in republican poli politics, they are more with him than any other leader. one of the big challenges that
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we outline in the book for republicans who are uncomfortable with trump or privately even sharply critical of him is, how do you try to lead the party in a direction that is distinct from trump's day to day edicts but doesn't lead into conflict with him. what you heard in graham's voice, the things we quote in the book, there was this hope it would happen organically. it was the same hope mitch mcconnell expressed. trump discredited himself. a lot of the public doesn't see that. >> i want to play another clip from that day.
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>> do you think that sense of revenge abated? >> no, it has not. when you look at how trump has chosen to engage in the 2022 midterm elections, so much is driven by taking vengeance on people. taking vengeance on someone like brian kemp. no critic of donald trump. but he wouldn't try to overturn the results. it's very important in that clip we heard, you hear graham saying something that's very similar to what we report, kevin mccarthy said, drawing a straight line between irresponsible rhetoric and actual acts of violence. that is one of the dynamics that in those daze republican party leaders were willing to acknowledge and wrestle with and maybe even try to do something
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about. >> i want to play what the former president said about cheney that senator graham was referencing. >> he talked about that created a sense of revenge. >> i think that's a crucial moment. not only on january 6, not only in this book, but in recent american history. singling out the daughter of a former vice president by name at a rally that would lead to the storming and attempted insurrection at the u.s. capitol that day. it shaped liz cheney since then. you heard senator graham. he was not alone. a lot of lawmakers heard trump mention cheney by name and were appalled that he would do that before a crowd that turned out
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to be a mob. it put people's lives in jeo jeopardy. she has to have security service because of the threats against her as we detail in the book. a lot of the climate that the gop has fostered today, you can really trace back to that speech trump game the ve the morning o january 6. a lot of people in the old guard thought that that would be the tri trigger. finally, it would be okay to walk away from trump. the party would have had enough. it turns out that those leaders were wrong. they didn't get their votes. they were not tired of trump. they are still happily in his embrace anderson, it was moment af -- moments after that liz cheney says we need to impeach the son of a bitch.
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she was surprised to find how few were willing to join her. >> fascinating reporting. thank you. a massive new aid package for ukraine features money for weapons, aid and medicine. we will have the latest on that. sw gripping new video of a 21-year-old medic in the massive steel plant. they will fight to the end. new video of the arrest of the fugitive inmate casey white. new details on what they were doing before they were caught and she doied after she sustaind a self-inflicted gunshot wound. cal: we've s saved our money, d now we get to spend it our way. val: but we worry if we have enough to last. for retirement planning, investment advice, and more, look for a cfp® professional. cfp® professionals can help you craft a compte financial plan,
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blood clots that can lead to death have occurred. tell your doctor if you have pain or swelling in your arms or legs, shortness of breath, chest pain, and rapid breathing or heart rate, or if you are nursing, pregnant, or plan to be. i'm making my way forward, my way with verzenio. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. the house is expected to mass a ukrainian aid bill.
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it would go to the senate and reach president biden's desk. it's meant to provide refugee for public health and medical support. it's an enormous amount of aid. it does have bipartisan support. voting in the house comes on a day when lawmakers heard alarming testimony about the latest u.s. intelligence. the bottom line, the war is likely to drag on and may get worse. >> the uncertain nature of the battle develops into a war of attrition combined with the reality that putin faces a mismatch likely means the next few months could see us moving along a escalatory traj trajectory. >> it's difficult to predict what may happen next.
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we heard more define iance of ukrainian fighters. this is from a combat fighter. her message, they will fight to the last. >> translator: can i say i will shoot the knees of those spread information that i am gone? we are at war. i will outlive all of you. mariupol, we are holding on. as long as they are here, we are fighting to the last. stars burn up. we will live forward, guys. just like mariupol, ukraine. it's forever. everything will be fine. everything will be ukraine. >> more from the plant as well. the images are graphic. photos believed to be of soldiers in that steel plant. they were posted on a public channel. some are missing limbs. conditions are unsanitary.
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a deputy commander said that many of the soldiers in the plant are badly wounded. a top aid said there are 100 civilians inside as well. further west in oukraine, more images of the damage done. od odesa, a shopping center. more than 8 million ukrainians are displaced. many fleeing from the fighting in the east. that's where we begin tonight's reporting. joining us, our correspondent sam kylie. what are you learning on how big of a game changer that might be in this conflict? >> reporter: i think these hypersonic weapons are new. they are the first wartime use
5:21 pm
of this very spectacular new technology, supersonic effectively weapons that are impossible to bring down, using the sort of anti-aircraft missiles that the ukrainians have or the united states have. a very worrying development that the confirmation that they have used these weapons. they have claimed to have used this emi in them in the past. we don't know if they hit what they were aiming at. there have been hits by cruise miss missiles. lots of dumb bombs. indicating that the depth of the russian armed forces is not as strong as they might have hoped. that is not what putin had been told. what they are coming up against is no lack of depth in the passion. we heard from the 21-year-old medic. i have been on the front line
5:22 pm
talking to other young people who have answered the call to arms for their country. >> bunny the tank. >> he has quite a carrot. >> a very big stick. this tank was built two years ago and was in the vanguard of russia's invasion of ukraine. >> down below, it's also slightly modernized to shoot more like advanced and better rounds. it can shoot guided missiles. >> alex was on a sniper team when he discovered bunny. abandoned in a field in march. eight days into russia's assault. the tank was back in action against russians.
5:23 pm
>> i'm tank commander. >> it destroyed 24 russian vehicles and two tanks. >> we fight. here we already destroyed three or four enemy tanks. we had three confirmed and four not fully confirmed it was our kill. >> twhat was when russian force tried to break through ukraine lines. alex isn't a professional soldiers. he is a software engineer who lived in the smashed i.t. hub of kharkiv. his home has destroyed. bunny is being serviced. burning fields encroach on the tank's heighideout. for many soldiers on this front line, there's a sense that the russians haven't brought their full destructive power to bear.
5:24 pm
they expect to find out this week. russia's artillery is relentless. putin's tanks amassing. this army of volunteers is expecting a hard push. now this woman is a driver in a reconnaissance unit. >> there's a lot of opportunities to be killed. >> she just graduated from university. >> it makes me angriest is raped children and women. >> is that something you are afraid of happening to you? >> i can't say that i'm afraid of something like that. i'm afraid to be not useful for my country. >> this is what being useful means, killing russians. russians her age. this is a war thrust upon ukrainians.
5:25 pm
anna works with a poet, author, publisher and war vet. >> it's dangerous work. have you lost many friends? he said since 2014, so many of my friends, people i knew, have died. so far, the people i came with since the beginning of the latest invasion have not died. i'm happy. these people are still fighting. they are in charge of units. it's awesome. the best of the best are here. his books are dark fantasies set in the war with russia. an all too rich source of material. >> the guy who has that personal tank that he just kind of rehabbed himself and brought back to the fight, from the people you spoke with, do they talk about how long they expect to be fighting, how long they expect this war to continue? >> these young people, the people new to the fight know that those who are more veterans, have been fighting on
5:26 pm
and off since 2014. they know, when you came here, people have been fighting since 2014. it's an escalation of the war that they were already engaged in is the attitude of ukrainians take. what they do have, which they didn't in 2014, is helping and training of nato forces over previous years. the substantial amount of new weapons coming in that will be arriving at the front lines momentarily. of course, a lot of those tank killing equipment has been strategically important and used at a tactical level. we are seeing ukrainians pushing back substantially around the city of kharkiv. they havecounterattack. driving russian forces back. we have reports the russians are having to race reinforce mentes to that location. this battle still hangs in the
5:27 pm
balance. that's why we are seeing these worrying signals coming from intelligence in the united states, because the reaction of putin to being put on a back foot could indeed ultimately make him more dangerous. there's always the threat of nuclear power over the young people as well as everybody else in country. the future for the young as they come out of university, come out of high school is in the army. they don't look knit further t -- look any further than that. now to kaitlan collins. i assume the white house agrees with the commends that the war could get more unpredictable and worse. >> reporter: what does that mean? what officials are worry trying to figure out right now is what putin's next move is going to be. some of the things that they raised as having him declare martial law or maybe try to
5:28 pm
intercept shipments of weapons that are going into ukraine. obviously, those have been critical. u.s. officials have speculated about why putin hasn't targeted those more directly in last several months or so. they are looking out for him to do that. they also have other questions about whether he tries to retaliate for the sanctions in a significant way. the ones that have increased not just from the united states but from european nations as well. they have a question, what he is going to do to achieve what he wants to do. does that require full mobilization from russia? that's something they were looking for. it's still something they could predict could happen in the next several weeks. >> there's $40 million that congress is voting on tonight. what's the latest on that? >> it's hard to overstate what a massive package that is.
5:29 pm
when and if this passes, which we were assured by house democrats who met with biden that it will pass, but once it makes it way to the white house, it's over $50 billion that congress has authorized to arm ukraine. you can see there are other means where it's going to humanitarian assistance. those are things ukraine has struggled with. military equipment, they fell the need to boost that. this isn't just something democrats are in favor of. it's a bipartisan issue. there will be nmore of these. >> kaitlan collins, appreciate it. breaking news in the capture of casey white. indiana police released video of
5:30 pm
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i fought for freedom abroad. i'm not going to allow anyone to take away women's rights here at home. abortion is effectively banned in texas, and at least seven other states only have a single abortion provider. we need leaders in congress who will stand up to extremist politicians, and protect our right to choose everywhere. and i will fight for pay equity, too. i'm emily beach, and i approve this message because nothing is more important than standing up for- - [all] our rights. right now. moments ago, police in indiana released video of casey white's arrest.
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t vicky white died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after they were caught . >> the final moments of a manhunt heard through police dispatch. one shot was fired. >> the female suspect shot herself. the male suspect gave up. >> a sheriff says numerous weapons, wigs and $29,000 in cash were found inside the car.
5:35 pm
>> there were at least four handguns,som soemiautomatic. any one of these could have been used to ambush our officers. >> police chased them after their car was spotted by an a police officer. >> members of the u.s. task force pushed the vehicle into a ditch. we found out had they not done that, the fiugitive was going t engage in a shootout. >> casey white was driving. vicky white was found in the car and died hours later after law enforcement said she shot herself as the pursuit entered. >> she was unconscious with a g g gunshot wound to his head. >> he said he wanted to go back to alabama. >> we bring him back. he will go before the judge and
5:36 pm
transported to the corrections. >> the pair, not related, disappeared from an alabama jail april 29 after she said she was taking him to the courthouse foramfor a mental health evaluation. authorities found her can a troll -- patrol car abandoned. >> she sold her house. got her hands on cash. she bought clothes for him. she just obviously put the plan together. >> the pair fled in a pickup truck spotted in indiana. then transferred to a cadillac spotted a week later at a motel. >> he said he was trying to find a place to hide out and lay low. they thought they had driven long enough they wanted to stop for a while.
5:37 pm
get their bearings straight and figure out their next place to travel.he motel didn't recognize them. >> nobody was here under that name. we didn't know whether they stay at my hotel. >> there's questions that won't be answered until we have a deeper investigation. >> there's ben bodycam video released by the police department tonight. >> yeah. this newest body camera video shows officers responding to the crash itself, trying for an excruciating -- over five minutes to try and get vicky white out of the mangled vehicle, which law enforcement rammed it at the end of the particular chase. according to law enforcement, she had already shot herself. you hear in the audio of this body camera video when the officer walks up, another one says she has the gun in her hand
5:38 pm
and points to it. when they are able to get her out of the vehicle, that's when they begin performing medical p procedures. she later was declared dead. her body was limp at the time. with that death declaration, her true motivation for masterminding this, as the sheriff put it, may have died with her. casey white made it out of that particular crash with minor bruising. his extradition to alabama may mark the end officially of what has been a more than ten-day saga on the run. >> appreciate it. we return to john king on the primary day. results are coming in from west virginia.
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as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. turning back to the primary matches. we await results. polls in nebraska will close in a couple minutes. it will give a sign of how much of a hold the former president has over the gop and the weight of his endorsement. john king is at the magic wall in washington. let's check in with west virginia. what's the latest? >> the trump-backed candidate, congressman alex mooney, has opened up an 11 point lead over
5:43 pm
david mckinley. this is the first time we have two house incumbents running against each other. you see right now, this is one of trump's best states. he is incredibly popular. he endorsed alex mooney. the district is in the northern part. it was back and forth early on. moop mooney has a lead. we have to keep counting the votes. the big dividing line. mckinley voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill, the independent commission to look into the january 6 attacks. don' do donald trump didn't like those. he backed mooney. the republican establishment is behind mckinley. joe manchin, also for mckinley. trump had a good week last week
5:44 pm
in the ohio primary. he is doing well in west virginia. >> did either of the candidates have a geographical advantage since it's a new district? mckinley does in the sense if you go back to the old districts, mooney's district is like this. there were three. they cut it to two. mooney's district had this part. this part, about 60%, of the new district, was in mckinley's old district. he has won those votes before. remember, trump especially, he won every county in west virginia. the endorsement helps even if this part here, mooney is running for the first time. more on the audiotape of lindsey gram ham on president trump. we will be right back. a cfp®l can help you build a complete financial plan.
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we've got a lot of breaking news tonight tied to politics. we continue to watch the republican primary race results in west virginia and nebraska. lindsey graham is sharing his thoughts about the former president on january 6th. joining us for perspective on all of this is cnn's senior political analyst david gergen who he's served four presidents on both sides of the ice and is the author of a new book, "hearts touched with fire: how great leaders are made." >> glad to see you back safely, anderson. >> as these primary results come in in west virginia, we're seeing whether the former president for better or worse still has the pull in the republican party, still has a
5:50 pm
say. there are a lot of americans who look at him and say he is a great leader. you've just written a book about great leaders. why do they not get it? >> he's not a great leader. he's a leader, no question, but he's a bad leader. he's leading his people, his leading the people especially into a very bad place. we look to leaders as responsible adults and he's simply not. there are some things, some strengths he brings to the table. he's tough, you know, and i think in comparison to joe biden, he comes across as tougher and that's what some people are looking for now. and i do think that he knows how to seize on issues and blow them up. but in terms of what we look for an in a leader, it's much more about character, courage, and capabilities. >> where does the heart touched by fire come from?
5:51 pm
>> oliver wendell holmes jr. who came from a prominent family in boston, when lincoln issued his call for volunteers, the first call for volunteers, holmes could have ducked. it was easy for him to get out of it just like teddy roosevelt's father got out of it. but instead he volunteered. and he was grievously wounded three times, they left him for dead on the battlefield the last time out. 20 years later he gave a speech about what the civil war represented for his generation. he said, it is given to man to live the passions of his time and we live those passions, and we were fortunate enough to have hearts touched by fire. that's where the quote comes from. it is a really meaningful quote to me. >> in terms of leadership, how do you see where we are now in this country? >> i think we're in an unsustainable path. i've compared it to being in a
5:52 pm
car on the edge of the cliff, in the middle of the night, with no headlights. >> that's pretty awful. >> it is, we can go over that cliff pretty easily. authoritarianism comes earlier than people suspect. the very idea that in 2024 we may have two men running against each other, biden and trump, who would both be in their 80s if elected, that too is enough to say, what are we doing here? you shouldn't be 80 years old, running a country. there are many great things you can do, but as you know so well, anderson, the parkipresidency i very, very complex place, and you have to have good judgment, you have to have thought about issues, you have to have a sense of moral purpose in leadership. and i just don't -- i really don't think the people who are in charge now, who are going to be in their 80s, not just in the white house but in the congress, i think it's time to pass the
5:53 pm
baton. >> you write about this in the book, you write about passing the torch to the next generation, millenials, gen z. >> i've had the experience of working in classrooms and teaching in classrooms for maybe a quarter century. and what i have seen there has really given me encouragement about the long term prospects for the country. i'm a short term pessimist but a long term optimist. yes, i know the millenials, many people think they're arrogant, they're elitist, they're snobs, they have been privileged all the way along and they have low -- they don't have much sort of drive. but that's true of some, but i must tell you now, i think there are two streams of people who are coming in, who are millenials, young millenials, who really impress me. one is a group of veterans coming back from afghanistan and iraq. i worked closely trying to help recruit veterans to run for office on both sides of the aisle, with an outside group.
5:54 pm
and i'm seeing terrific people coming back through the veterans group. they remind me so much of the world war ii generation, that's when i went to washington, they were in charge, and i've been in love with that generation ever since. but the other group is more of a surprise, and that is, the young people, especially in this country, young, black women, have taken the moral high ground. they're were showing us the way. and i don't agree with their politics on a lot of issues. but i really salute their drive, their ambition for change. >> do you believe president biden should run again in 2024? >> sadly, you know, i think for a variety of reasons he should not. i just -- i don't think either trump or biden should be running. my preferences run toward biden, of course, but nonetheless i do think it's time for a younger person. i think there are things joe biden can do that would be
5:55 pm
extremely valuable, he can be on hand, give advice, travel the world and things like that for a new president. but given the complexity of that office, if your judgment is not keen, you shouldn't be there. and look, i just turned 80, and i can tell you, you miss a step. you're not quite as sharp as you once were. and i think that's a real problem, to be in the oval office. i don't think the country ought to be faced with that. >> i'm just about to turn 55 and i feel the same way. >> do you? >> just about myself, i'm already noticing, oh, wow. i never thought i would live this long. >> it does make a difference. i think the country is basically in a good place. i think the people in this country are much more together. s and i think if you talk to historians like jon meacham, they'll tell you, we've had extensive threats before, four or five times, and all the situations, the birth of the
5:56 pm
republic, when washington was in real trouble, he lost the first six out of eight battles, you can skip over to the great depression or world war ii, we did well in all of those. the one we screwed up was the civil war, obviously. there i think -- but overall, that should give us encouragement. we have been to pull together and live together and listen to each other in new ways. i think we can pull the country out of this mess. >> we'll end on that note. the book is "hearts touched with fire: how great leaders are made." it is out there. david gergen, it's great to see you. >> you're very kind. up next, primary races in west virginia and nebraska, both testing g the grip of president trump on the republican party. we'll be rigight back. if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently.
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the primary race in west virginia, polls have closed. so far the trump-backed congressman alex mooney is leading in the west virginia second congressional race over david mckinley with 55% of precincts in. alex mooney has 51.7%, david mckinley 38.1%. we'll continue to follow the numbers as they come in. let's hand it over to laura coates and "cnn tonight." >> thanks, anderson, we'll keep an eye on what's going on. i'm laura coates and this is another intriguing election night in america. we're about to explain just why that is. we're awaiting more results of key primary races of the 2022 election cycle. now, polls closed literally just seconds ago in nebraska. and a short while ago in west virginia. you have our own election king with us at the magic wall monitoring it all, john king will be with us in just a moment to break it all down