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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  May 11, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities.™ welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. it is wednesday, may 11th, i'm christine romans. >> and we are ready to go and we begin with last night's republicanrimaries and mixed success for former president trump's preferreds. cnn projects congressman alex mooney will win the gop nomination in west virginia's second congressional district. mooney credited trump in his victory speech last night. >> i also want to thank
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president donald trump for his endorsement and support of my campaign. when donald trump puts his mind to something, you better watch out. donald trump loves west virginia and west virginia loves donald trump. >> now, nebraska showed trump a little less love. cnn projects khashoggi farmger jim pillen will beat trump's preferred for governor charles herbster, who was accused of sexual misconduct by eight women which he denied. trump said he is a fine man who has been badly maligned. the senate votes today on a bill that would codify into law a woman's right to seek an abortion, following the leak of that draft supreme court opinion of course overturning roe v. wade. the bill would need 60 votes to pass, so it really has no chance in this 50/50 senate, but democratic majority leader chuck schumer says today's vote will put every member of the senate
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on the record. meantime republican leader mitch mcconnell clarified or at least tried to clarify that comment about a federal abortion ban nationwide being, quote, possible if republicans took back the senate while still refusing to rule it out. >> the word possible referred to the supreme court's decision if in fact that becomes the decision, makes it possible. best evidence of that is that the democratic leader will have us vote on it. >> all right. joining us to discuss, political analyst and co-author of a political playbook. rachel, good morning. interesting to see how mcconnell has twisted himself in knots on that one. we'll get to that, but i want to start with the democrats because they are the ones bringing the issue to the floor. they don't have the votes. so what is the play here by leader schumer? >> look, there is policy clearly here with democrats wanting to
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codify abortion protections, choice for people around the country. but there is also politics here. chuck schumer, he is looking at the midterms right now and democrats know that nationwide the idea of overturning roe is very unpopular. so they want to paint this contrast with republicans so that they can go out on the campaign trail and say look, vote for democrats because we're the ones who will protect you. notably up until this point, midterms have centered on inflation, people's pocketbook concerns. and when it comes to that issue, democrats are really hurting right now. so they are trying to change the subject to something that they think will resonate with their base and drive out their base, but also potentially swing voters especially women in the suburbs that they could really use right now to try to hold their majorities. >> yeah, that is the real trick for the white house, right? the president yesterday against that backdrop of fighting inflation, lowering costs, but acknowledging that there are only really a few levers that
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the white house can use, it is the fed that is the inflation fighter, they want to be talking about the extreme maga yaeagends they call it and that it is putin's fault for the inflation. we know economy is number one if most americans. will the democrats be able to turn the attention on to abortion to keep voters engaged for midterms? >> i think that it is the sort of -- we're not sure yet at this point where this is going to go and how much that they will be able to pivot the conversation. if you look at polling obviously it is very unpopular to overturn roe. we'll have polling out later this morning that will show you majority of voters are saying in the polling that it is important to them to vote for a who supports choice and abortion rights. so these are indicators that democrats are looking to to sort of see hope that they can change the topic, but again, over and over again as you just said, people are saying that inflation is their number one concern
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right now. so it is going to be a real challenge for them. and we also have to sort of acknowledge that we haven't seen the final decision yet on this case. i mean, could the justices go a totally different way when this comes down this june? perhaps. and that would obviously upend the entire strategy democrats are laying out. >> yeah, that seems unlikely based off the reporting and the few leaks that we do have out of the supreme court. seems unlikely that they will go a totally different way. but as you said, we'll see what the actual language of the opinion looks like. meantime you say mitch mcconnell gave democrats a political gift with this whole dustup over talking about a nationwide abortion ban. and it being possible. my question for you, are democrats capitalizing on that opportunity? are they capitalizing on that gift from mcconnell? >> absolutely. i mean, i think within just a few hours of mcconnell saying that binge of women's rights groups blasting out press
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releases, holding up these comments to say this is why democrats need to keep both chambers of congress. if you don't want a nationwide abortion ban, then you've got to show up at the polls and vote democrat. and, you know, maggie hasson, who is running for re-election in new hampshire, she is already putting ads on the air where she is trying to link what mcconnell said to a bunch of republicans who are running against her right now saying if you want choice protected, if you want women's rights protected, you've got to vote for me. so, yes, and i think that is why you saw at the beginning of the segment you saw mcconnell sort of sputter trying to say possible doesn't mean that it will happen, it might not happen, it may or may not happen, but the reality is republicans support a lot of these nationwide bans. and there is a big chunk of republicans who would love to pass legislation doing just that. and so it is definitely something that democrats are
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seizing on to scare voters and say turn out and vote for me. >> rachel, always great to have you. thank you. coming up next, a journalist gunned down on the west bank. questions about who fired the shot. plus the shortage of baby formula, we'll separate fact from fear, what parents should and should not do. >>. and later, a dramatic story, it raises the question, you don't know how to fly a plane, what do you do. sxwl i've got a serious situation here, my pilot has gone in-comkoecompany y her ren.
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ukrainian forces appear to have retain some territory from russian troops but the top spy chief doesn't see the war ending anytime soon and she believe as more dangerous period is ahead. >> the current trend increases the likelihood that president putin will turn nor drastic means including imposing martial law, reorienting industrial production or potentially escalatory military actions to free up the resources needed to achieve his object stiffs as the conflict drags on or if he perceives russia is losing in ukraine. >> cnn's melissa bell is live for us this morning in lviv. good morning, ukrainian officials now confirming that monday night's strike on odesa was by a hypersonic missile. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: i think that is crucial particularly in light of what you just heard there from avril haines, fears of escalatory steps. and when you look at those types
2:13 am
of missiles and the way they are used, not just their speed but of course the fact that they are so effective at avoiding detection by missile defense systems, the crucial nature of those to the war in ukraine going toward with that mammoth $40 billion bill now working its way through congress, and ukraine looking to acquire more missile defense systems, i think this sends a very strong signal from moscow that they will not be stopped, that they are going to look at continuing to use ever more sophisticated weaponry in their attempt to gain more territory in ukraine. and when you look at a map of the country, strategic importance of odesa, and we also heard from avril haines speaking yesterday that what we've seen so far were beyond the gains that they are trying to make donbas region and of course the taking of kherson, importance of that, the water supplies of crimea, but the further west they move, the fear avril haines says is that perhaps they are looking to get an entire land
2:14 am
bridge that would take them all the way to hmoldova and those breakaway regions. so that gives us a hint of what the russian strategy may be to the south of the country. and that really gives you an idea of why ukrainian officials and ukrainian president specifically is so pleased about what is happening in the north of the country. kharkiv that city so horribly pounded by russian artillery, now ukrainian officials talking about the fact that four towns to the north of the city, so just sous of the russian border, have now been recaptured as a result of that ukrainian counter offensive, crucial to regaining the momentum in their efforts to stop this war. >> thank you so much for that, melissa. this morning questions surrounding the death of a journalist who was gunned down in the west bank. hadas gold is live in jerusalem for us. what do we know about what happened here? >> reporter: shireen abu akleh was a veteran correspondent for
2:15 am
al sa reajazeera well-known and respected. and she was shot and killed while on assignment in the west bank town of jenin. a second journal also ali al a hughdy was also shot but he is in stable condition. shirement n was covering israeli military operations. jenin has been a focus of military operations in response to attacks. and many attackers have been from the jenin area. and al jazeera is blaming palestinians for her death. and listen to another journalist ali samoudi, here is what he said about what happened this morning. take a listen. >> translator: we were going into film the army operation. suddenly one of them shot at us. they didn't tell us to leave. they didn't tell us to stop.
2:16 am
they shot us. first bullet hit me. second bullet hit shireen. they killed her in cold blood. they are claiming palestinians killed her. there were no resistance groups near us. if resince ts near us. if resince tance was there, we wouldn't go to that area. >> and in video we're seeing, it is clear that shireen is wearing a press vest and helmet. defense forces are saying that they were in the area for counterterrorism operations when at the came under fire. they say that the israeli defense forces is investigating and looking into the possibility that the journalists were hit by palestinian gunmen. natally be ly naftali bennett rd a same that has called on the palestinians to conduct a joint pathological analysis and investigation. >> a lot of questions here. hadas gold, thank you. up next the new warning from
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a top entell official is raising the alarm about the future of security for taiwan. testifying at a hearing on global threats, director of national intelligence says beijing would prefer to take over neighboring taiwan peacefully but is preparing to do so militarily despite u.s. support for the island. >> it is our view that they are
2:22 am
working hard to effectively put themselves into a position in which their military is capable of taking taiwan over our intervention. >> u.s. intel officials say the threat to taiwan between now and 2030 is acute. let's go live to cnn's will ripley in the taiwanese capital of taipei. good morning, will. >> reporter: laura, the real question here is what is the united states actually going to do if china were to move on taiwan. and i think that that is what analysts say the chinese president xi jinping and his military leaders are really looking at. they are watching and studying ukraine, they are stuare studyi western response. obviously there are a lot of different factors at play. just the geography, it is much more difficult to invade an island, but also china with the massive growing military, they
2:23 am
are catching up with the united states in his stills, they have a long way to go when it comes to submarines, but to say that the threat between now and the end of will decade is acute, that is why taiwan continues to try to build ally n answers and friendships with countries around the world even as china might be attempting the united states to take over, they are not entirely convinced that they will have to do that. they might feel that politically they can use disinformation campaigns to plant fake news on facebook and spread rumors on the ground and that might get them what they want. so they are watching ukraine to figure out how and when, but definitely not if china are make a move on taiwan. and that is what is so striking. >> will, thank you for your reporting as usual. and so president biden is assuring americans he feels their pain at the grocery store and gas station, but the president called inflation the number one challenge facing american families today placing the blame on the pandemic and
2:24 am
russia's war in ukraine to try to cool prices for consumers, the president is considering dropping more tariffs on chinese-made goods. $350 million worth remain. businesses have urged him to end them because those costs are passed on to consumers. >> we're discussing that right now. we're looking at what will have the most positive impact. >> you said that you would reracerase them. >> i didn't say that. we're discussing it. >> and we'll scour the report for any sign that inflation may have peaked. >> you will scour that report for any signs that inflation -- >> there is no silver bullet for this white house. there is growing concern i will say among many people that the covid lockdowns in china will persist in terms of the supply chain problems, just a lot of cross-currents in the global economy that make it difficult to say that the worst of inflation is behind us.
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>> just when we thought we were coming out of this thing. and a name from the past is about to take power in the philippines. and new evidence that baby formula shortage is getting worse. we have the facts and what parents can do about it. e works. to freeze your pain and your doubt. heat makes it last. so you'llll never sit this one out. new icy y hot pro with 2 maxax-strength pain relievers.
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>> you'd think it wouldn't be a problem to be able to feed your baby, but now it is really scary. >> something a lot of parents are talking about. growing concern about a shortage of baby formula. store shelves in some places even emptier than they were the week before. look at these numbers. in normal times the so-called out of stock rate is around 2% to 8%. now it has spiked up to 43% and last week and that is up from the week before. the white house says that it is working to address the issue. but it is the supply chain issues that we talk about all the time, staffing shortages and a recall at a big name manufacturer abbott nutrition. as one formula maker put it, this is a crisis. we can't flip a switch and make a lot more formula. let bring in dr. murray, a pediatric emergency medicine physician at the university of rochester medical center. we need your help here because
2:31 am
there is a lot of hysteria about it, but i want to be clear, you can still buy baby formula. i know because i just went online and tried to get some because i heard all the reporting. >> i went to the grocery store and it was full. they had everything. >> and so you say it is like if you were a fan of pepsi but you have to drink coke instead. explain that for folks. >> yeah, so certainly this is a highly emotionally charged issue, parenting is the hardest thing that we'll do and we all want to do the best things for our babies. so first and foremost, some children are on highly specialized formulas and anytime that you change a formula, always run it by your doctor first because there are some children that can't easily make the change. but i think so often we kind of feel like, all right, we figured out the formula that works, so this isformula. turns out there are many versions and a lot are very similar. remember things such as when
2:32 am
they talk about sensitive or gentle, those aren't regulated terms, they are kind of like this car has 10 cup holders in it so it is better. these are terms that make the formula sound more exciting than it is. at the end of the day, it is a way to deliver fat and protein and sugar in the right ratios for what your baby needs. so there are a lot of options out there. you just have to take a look. >> a lot of safe options. you talk about how important the nutrition is for children at this age. i'm looking on facebook and you can see really some hysterical reactions on social media and even recipes for diy formula. no, no, no, no, no! why is that dangerous? >> yeah, so babies especially the newborns, younger babies, their bodies really need very tight control on how their calories are given to them and the amount of water. it is never appropriate to give a newborn baby a bottle of water, their bodies actually just can't handle it.
2:33 am
we also worry about pasteurization and safety with regards to processing, you know, that was part of the concern with the original recall is again a little baby doesn't have the ability to fight off different types of germs in the same way. and it is so easy to get that formula wrong if you are making it at home. so a lot risk farc tor factors . i've seen the comments of we used to do it back in the day this way. well, the reason we don't do it anymore that way is because there are safety concerns. so you want to use a commercially produced formula. >> i used to sit on my mom's lap while she was driving to the grocery store. so now not a good idea. >> what about starting cow's milk a little bit earlier, what about supplementing with maybe a little more purees? i assume bad ideas? >> what is a little earlier?
2:34 am
at 11 months, maybe that is okay. but four months, no, that is not okay. it didn't provide the ratio of calories. it can provide difficulties with blood development in the body and other problems there. purees are good if your baby is over about four to six months of age so they can take solid foods. but the calories and facts are important. you can do some label shopping, do some comparisons. the brand that you purchased in the past might not be available, but remember especially when it comes to the store brand names, those are all made by the same company. they just have different labels. it is the same formula. so a lot of label reading needs to happen. there are great resources on line and of course your child's doctor is another great resource to help you if you need to make that change. and just a reminder, maybe you have to use a different kind of formula, that is not necessarily the end of the world. >> exactly. if you have to drinken would
2:35 am
kind of soda, as an adult, don't give baby a soda, but you will be okay for a bit. >> and it works on everything. food, sleep, anything, you don't want to mess anything up, stick with what works. but on this one it sounds like that there is a path forward. >> and this is not chicken wings or toilet paper. this is what you need your baby and that is why people are so concerned. doctor, thank you. you can tell we care about this. >> always the voice of reason too. love having her on speed dial. coming up, brand new cnn reporting on how a scheme of fake electors could have a real impact on the criminal case against donald trump in georgia. plus no pilot's license? no problem. a passenger forced to at that time controls in the cockpit.
2:36 am
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looks like a familiar name will be leading the philippines. ferdinand far comarcos jr., sone late dictator who was run out of the country in 1986 after years of corruption. and human rights abuses. ivan watson is covering this from hong kong. he ran on his faither's legacy? >> yeah. and the words of his statement where he claims victory in monday's election ends with the words judge me not by my ancestors but by my actions. so we're getting mixed messages here. but, yeah, the candidate, presumptive winner of the presidential election, ferdinand bongbong as he is known in the philippines, marcos jr., won apparently by a landslide according to preliminary
2:41 am
results. his slogan was rise again. he has defended his father's legacy, just an and you troh issues human right of atrocious human rights record until his father was ousted in a people power movement in 1986. there is still investigations under way into allegations of embezzlement of up to $10 billion worth of government assets by the father. but regardless, this candidate's message did appear to work. he seems to be on the verge of winning in a mandate likes of which has not been seen in the philippines generations. there are allegations or concerns that some voting machines did not work on monday. the presumptive number two candidate has yet to concede. she is going to hold a meeting on friday with her supporters.
2:42 am
but the ugs state .s. state dep says that it looked like the election was held according to international standards and washington appears ready to work with whoever the next president is which seems to be bongbong marcos jr. >> and he bet the current president, i wonder if this is less about name recognition and more about rejection of the prior administration? >> actually his running mate is the daughter of the current outgoing president. so he allied himself with another political dynasty and that alliance seems to have won big time. >> all right. ivan watson, thank you so much. really interesting. back here in the u.s., prosecutors in georgia are moving full steal am ahead intoe criminal probe into donald trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election. sources say that the fulton county d.a. has interviewed several people who served as so-called fake electors from the state. zachary cohen helped break the story with sara murray and he is joining me now. you can explain how this scheme
2:43 am
was supposed to work and then what is the level of cooperation that we're talking about here at least from what you know in your report someth reporting? are we talking interviews or are people turning over emails? >> the fake electors are a key part of the broader effort to overturn the 2020 election. these were pro trump republicans in the state of georgia just like in six other states, key swing states around the country, that signed the certificates essentially declaring donald trump the winner in states that he didn't win. now, this is all done with an eye toward january 6 where the expectation is that vice president mike pence would essentially throw out all the authentic electors that had cost votes for joe biden and then giving the trump electors a chance to step forward and say that trump had won georgia when he hadn't really. we have to remember that this investigation in georgia all started based on a phone call between trump and the secretary of state there are he essentially said that the top elections official to find enough votes to overturn
2:44 am
bipartisan'biden's win there. and sources say that criminal investigators have interviewed several of these people who signed the certificates and served as fake electors in georgia. they want to know if they had any awareness of whether their actions were part of a bigger plan to overturn the election. but important to note that these are considered witnesses at this time. so the d.a. in georgia is not considering what they did criminal, but as you know, that could change over the course of an investigation. what is important to remember here is that the criminal investigation related to donald trump's actions in an attempt to overturn the election is moving forward in a more significant way. >> more significant for sure. and interesting to see what exactly they find and what they are told. zach, great reporting. thank you for bringing to us. and this is something, sounds like something right out of a movie. a passenger who had never flown a plane before took the controls and landed a small plane after
2:45 am
the pilot became incapacitated on a flight from the bahamas to florida. here is how it sounded in the control tower. >> they are so calm. the plane touching down at west palm beach airport to the amazement of another pilot nearby.
2:46 am
>> wow. >> flight instructor who is an air a traffic controller. >> a better landing than i've had, let me just say. >> no word what happened to the pilot. just one passenger was on board the faa is investigating. and i mean, this is right up this all of my many worst fears. but they were so calm. and hat's off to that air traffic controller for landing that plaechb. . >> what is your election, i have no idea. >> yeah, i can just see the florida florida coast. so we'll hear from that air traffic controller on "new day." and still to come for you, a no hitter in the major leagues last night. >> and why peloton is making
2:47 am
some investors slip. as a chef, i always knew what i should be eating, but ww helped me to do it. there's nothing off limits. chocate. is that a no no? it's not a no no. it's not about t no nos, it's about the know knows. get your first 3 months fretoday. offer ends may 16th.
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let's get a check on cnn business. looking at the markets, asian shares have moved higher. and europe has opened higher, stock index futures a bounce for
2:52 am
stocks. mixed day yesterday after three big selloff days. a year of stock market gains are gone. the global economy is a mess of cross currents. any one of which would be destabilizing on its own. red hot inflation, putin's war remaking the energy map. high stress right now for stock market investors. let's bring in ann berry. looking forward to talking to you about this. is the worst behind us. we see the nasdaq down 26% and people say should i be selling. should you have sold a long time ago. >> we all wish we'd sold a long time ago, but a lot of analysts think and i'm one of them that there is still a way to go. nasdaq has come down, but the s&p looking more outside of those tech sectors possibly could have a little more downward motion if we don't see
2:53 am
inflation coming under control. so a really big day looking at cpi data due to come out, see where consume he prices have been going. if they are bad numbers, i don't think that we've seen the bottom. >> and also if you need to have some money say the next year, should it be in the stock market right now, if you are looking at a home purchase, if you are looking at tuition? should you have money that you need in the next year, should it be in the stock market? >> in termly liquidity management, the problem is that -- and this is what so many investors are wrestling with, it feels like that there is nowhere else to go. but there are some high yield president trumps that could look more interesting. and i think dividend yields, looking at cash income, big companies that are not going anywhere either. >> and i'll take that. a new record overnight in gas prices, $4.40 a gallon. we mentioned inflation. there is a feeling until the
2:54 am
pandemic is over, supply chains are fixed and we have clarity on russia's war, can we say inflation has peaked yet? >> i am hopeful that inflation did peak in march. that being said, there are some elements of inflation that i don't think are going anywhere anytime soon. and specifically that is when it comes to labor. i think that we're still going to see wage inflation continue for a while, that feeds in to overall inflation. and until that adjusts, i think that we don't have a stepdown in inflation to the extent the market is going to see in 2022. i think this becomes a 2023 perhaps longer issue. >> and the treasury secretary janet yellen testified about everything that we've just talked about, but then she was asked about some news of the day on abortion. listen to her answer. >> eliminating the right of women to make decisions about when and whether to have children would have very damaging effects on the economy
2:55 am
and would set women back decades. >> she is talking i think about the labor force participation of women and how that has changed in the years since roe v. wade. >> i do think that secretary yellen sort of -- focusing on that point was trying to make. the broader observation that particularly when you look at the pandemic, women were disproportionately impacted. the absence of child care, the strain of having to take a lot of the work at home of educating their children when the schools were closed, we saw the pandemic have a disproportionately big hit on women's ability to participate in the workforce and we're going to see that whether it is the career trajectory, their ability to participate and go to the next level of compensation, actually being in the workforce is a massive policy agenda, not just the administration, this administration, the previous one talked about it too. and i do think that this issue of women in the workforce able
2:56 am
to participate is something that remains an issue. it hasn't gone away and child care is a huge piece of it. >> we've heard companies say that they are doing whatever they can to get women back in, they need them back in. ann berry, nice to see you. thank you. l.a. angels rookie throws the second no hurt of the baseball season in just his 11th major league start. andy scholes has it all covered this morning. hey, andy. >> good morning. what a night for 22-year-old reid detmers. he became the second youngest pitcher to throw a no hitter in major looelgeague history. the left hander was in control the entire night throwing only 108 pitches. detmers had never thrown more than six innings in his pro career after being drafted in gone. didn't even have a complete game in college at louisville. but a no hitter last night. and his teammates mobbed him at the mound after the time out of
2:57 am
the 12-0 win. >> just something that i've dreamed of since i was a little kid. i didn't think that it would ever happen. we have an unreal group of guys and they were by my side the whole way. yeah, just running around in the outfield and just getting chased down and then in the locker room having a little celebration, that is probably what i'll remember the most. >> elsewhere, yankees were down 5-3 to the jays, bottom of the ninth, two on for aaron judge and he would deliver. a no doubter to left field. yankee stadium goes bonkers. this was the first walkoff home run of judge's career. he danced his weighed to h-- wa to home plate. and nba, two blowouts last night. the suns only led by three at halftime, but they came out in the second half and dominated. they outscored dallas 61-34 in the second half to win 110-80.
2:58 am
things get a little chippy at the end of this one. they got ejected and he followed him into the same tunnel but security stopped anything else from going down. and that 30 point blowout was the close game of the night. the heat in total control in game five against the 6ers. scary moment for joel embiid, got smacked on the face. he missed the first two games with a fractured orbital bone. he was annual to reable to retu but this one all miami. and they can close out the series tomorrow night. and finally, fox announcing that tom brady is going to join them as their lead football analyst as soon as his football career is over. terms of the deal were not d disc disclosed, but new york "post" says it is a ten year deal worth $375 million. the most lucrative deal in
2:59 am
sports broadcasting history. and after the season with the bucs, brady will have made about $332 million in his 23 years of playing football in the nfl. guys, it is incredible that he already has a deal to pay him more as a broadcaster when his career is over. but hey, everybody loves tom brady. >> you're telling me he will make more money on fox as a broadcaster than he made playing? >> yeah, it is a very good time to be a broadcaster. fox just lost joe buck and troy aikman to espn. so they really wanted to make a splash with a high hire. >> you went into the right industry, my friend. >> got a ways to go. >> if you are looking at $332 million over the course of his career, i mean, he plays his cards right, and i think he does, you are talking about a brady billionaire. a football billionaire. i mean, seriously, that is really impressive. okay, thank you. >>. thanks for joining us. "new day" starts right now


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