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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  May 12, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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john berman with brianna keilar. a major development in the last few hours that up ends nearly 75 years of precedent and shows how in some ways the russian invasion of ukraine has completely backfired leading to the literal opposite of stated russian goals. just a short time ago, leaders of finland announced that they support seeking nato membership without delay. you cannot overstate what a major shift this is. finland has been definitionally neutral since after world war ii. historically speaking, its border has always been a much greater threat to russia than ukraine's. finland's prime minister and president released a statement that reads in part that it would strengthen security as a member of nato, would strengthen the entire defense. finland must apply for nato membership without delay. >> finland shares an 800 mile long border with russia. once parliament approved the
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idea, nato expected to invite finland to negotiate. and sweden also 1kexpected to announce its intention to join the alliance a. russia has warned both countries saying that there would be consequences. let's go live to helsinki and bring in nic robertson. put these developments into context for us. >> reporter: huge developments. rapid change in public and political opinion here about nato membership as you have when russia invaded ukraine. fins no longer felt safe. they felt threatened by russia. saying that the country should join. good for finland. good for nato the next steps and they are fairly low hurdles, if you like.
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the prime minister discussing over the weekend. the foreign affairs committee to put their paper forward and the parliament to vote in the session. i spoke yesterday with one of the prime minister's and they said look, already over 180 of the 200 are ready to vote yes to join nato. this is all but a foregone conclusion. the nato secretary-general saying finland, if it does go through those steps should be warmly welcomed into nato. how quickly they can become full nato members, that's up to nato. that's the period fins worry about. they have these security guarantees saying if in this interim, russia threatens you or attacks, we will provide military support. once you are in nato one country
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attacks, all countries defend. that's the security they want. that's what they've laid out today. >> live for us, we'll have more around all of the developments in ukraine this morning. happening this morning in the united states, all nine supreme court justices will meet in private with one topic sure to come up, that is the leak of this draft opinion of overturning roe v. wade. the first meeting since that leak rattled the landscape. the investigation is under way to find the source at the court. it comes the day after democrats build to observe abortion access preserved nationwide. we'll go live outside the supreme court. in this meeting behind closed doors symbolically the first time they are getting together
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after this historic leak. what happens behind closed doors could dictate this ruling. >> that's right. still a lot of work to do. this morning is the first time since that mondaumental leak. there is still a long way to go in this turn. almost 40 opinions left to this issue. >> the justices will gather for the first time since that unprecedented leak. an eight-foot tall nonscaleable fence now surrounds their building with concrete barriers. protesters on both sides have been amplifying their voices. at the homes of several of the conservative justices.
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>> the motion is not agreed to. >> across the street at the capitol, senators voted down a bill that would have cot tied as a court of law. inside, suspicion to uncover the source of that leak. tensions are sky high as justices move into the most come ber son turns. they will issue decisions on 40 cases by the end of june. >> will this institution survive the stentch that this creates in the public perception that the constitution and its reading are just political acts. i don't see how it is possible. >> justice sotomayor's statements after the mississippi ban has gained new significance
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indicating five justices are not only prepared to uphold that mississippi law striking down roe v. wade and leaving it up to states to legislate the issue. a decision is expected by july 1. >> we are at a cross roads. we can let the shooting continue or we can expect. gabby giffords spoke in front of the court urging justices to impose a gun law. the first major gun case the court will decide. it could be a way for conservatives to expand the scope. religious amendment decisions. >> it was a private prayer between god and myself. i don't think anybody in america
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should have to worry about their faith and job. >> former high school coach was suspended after he refused to stop praying on the 50-yard line after games. the justices will term if a feign tuition assistance program properly excluded religious schools. >> there was no question this was already shaping up to be as significant a term of all time. now we are adding into that soup all of this inside turmoil among the justices that spill out to the degree we've never seen before. >> this internal investigation ordered by the chief justice roberts is unlikely that will spill out and possible the idea of this leaker may never be
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known. merrick garland has issued additional support to ensure the justice's safety outside several of the conservative justices' homes. >> such a big day there. president biden sending this warning on the supreme court's potential reversal. he said not just the brutality, it reads there is no such thing as a right to privacy. if that holds, mark my words, they are going to go after supreme court decision on same-sex marriage. >> to our guests, i wonder if you can fact check this.
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he mentioned contraception. is that something you would expect to happen considering what alito says in this draft opinion about trying to carve out protection for those? >> we do know from the draft that justice alito says the way he's interpreting the law applies only to abortion. this shouldn't cast any doubt. he's arguing that abortion is not a constitutional right and should be different from guy marriage because it involves a fetal life or unborn human being. >> i think we have to recognize people are not always obvious about their offenses. in the moment, alito feels this only applies to the issue. we know they have also
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criticized guy marriage in the past. they may not come out and say we are looking to attack same-sex marriage but we know there are groups and organizations ready to support them and drum up support ifs that on the table. >> erol, seems to me what is also going on here is that president biden is trying to set up the mid-term election as a choice saying abortion and same-sex marriage is on the ballot. we've heard him talking about maga things. why is that important to do that now? >> that is classic political strategy. that is the president of the united states acting in his role. that is the leader of his party. looking beyond the fall to 2024
3:10 am
to his own reelection. he's doing what you do. you try to define the other side. the president very often says on the campaign trail, don't compare me to the all mighty, compare me to the alternative. if you don't want to go to the other direction, stick with me. he's speaking to middle of the road voters, moderate voters, independent voters to put together the beginnings of his coalition to run for reelection. >> you think it works? >> i think it does. you have to. the thing about extremism. we are seeing that in the high court and in the streets. you have got to denounce it. you cannot let the window shift a little further and a little further. you can't take at face value when we did see nomination to
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the supreme court cutely saying well roe v. wade is settled law. the first opportunity, justice barrett, and more will apparently try to vote to overturn it. if you sit and wait for extremism to do its work, you wait too long. this president understands that. >> i want to ask you something stevie wonder said at the naacp legal defense. he has been involved in political struggles for, what, 60 years now. listen to what he was saying. >> a woman's right to control her body, a right to vote, and our precious civil liberties are under assault. do you know that? do you all know that?
3:12 am
another question. america is in a time of crisis. please hear me loud and clear. we must continue to send -- >> what do you think? >> god bless stevie wonder and any other icon who could comfortably sit at home and enjoy their legendary status as opposed to speak up. he has been around as an activist for a long time, since being a teenager. he's calling out we are in a time of crisis really points to how important this moment is the fight against disney, banning the books and now the attack on women's reproductive rights.
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you realize we are in a pot of boiling water. i think he did the right thing and i hope others will step up to do the same thing. >> it is so great to spend the morning with you. we have new video that shows russian soldiers killing two unarmed civilians. a woman survived a missile attack and returns to the scene. she shares the incredible story of how she survived. homes sliding into the ocean in north carolina's outer banks. the worst may not be over. if you've been living with heart disease,, reducing cholesterol can be hard,
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developing overnight, a russian civilian has reportedly been killed on russian soil by cross-border shelling by ukraine. we believe this is a first. ukraine is not commenting. a video appears to show russian soldiers shooting and killing two un-armed civilians. happening in ukraine and being investigated as a war crime. >> live from kharkiv, i know you have a story about a woman who survived a big attack there. >> reporter: the verorocity of e
3:19 am
russians being pushed back. >> sometimes places that speak only of death throw up a jewel of life. this is the first time she has stood in this spot since 72 days she was dragged out of the rubble here. her husband had been scouring looking for her for three hours. >> that's where i was standing. the multiple attack was an early sign of the ferocious brutality. she had been serving coffee and
3:20 am
cookies to soldiers, saw a flash and curls into a ball. >> translator: i feel a physical manifestation of fear. i don't like cookies anymore. the box fell on me and i remember the smell. she asked to step away saying she's sick with butterflies like she hasn't felt since before races when she used to swim professionally. >> translator: when i heard her voice, i was crawling across the rubble. emergency services were trying to pull me out. i pulled a man out and then heard her. i did not plan to leave her here. >> the young woman in the basement below her died. their bodies not found for three weeks. somehow, the concrete here fell shielding her.
3:21 am
>> translator: i knew i was alive. in pain and nothing broken. i was worried i would be left and never heard. the first time they heard me, they started to get me out and the second missile came and i was properly trapped. >> a rescuer got closer. >> translator: andre got closer, he heard me and started to cry. they said they shouldn't lift the baton on me but he did and i started to breath. the ambulance guy said it is your second birthday, you are alive. >> fragments have passed, cleaning up and trying to sweep away its trauma. >> translator: i sleep with the
3:22 am
lights on, when there is a loud car or jets, i brace. the nightmare that i'm lying there in the cold and nobody hears my cries, that stops me from sleeping. >> born in russia but can no longer talk to her relatives there. she says they believe russian state media's claims this is a limited operation against nazis. >> translator: they say it was my stupidity and i shouldn't be here. i hope when time passes, our children can talk but i can't talk to them now. russia has lost its mind and can't control its president. they are all responsible, every citizen. >> the story here not of ruins lost or burial in dust but instead of a feverish energy that burns through the buildings
3:23 am
bones as kharkiv gets to decide where its pieces fall now. >> reporter: there are signs of survival, there is a lot still moving in ukraine while they are pushing russians back to the border north and east here, there are signs further south, ukraine is accepting it is losing territory. a lot still to play for and to be fought over here in ukraine. >> amazing story. her second birthday as the rescuer said to her. >> thank you, nick. golfer greg norman down playing the brutal murder of jour journalist. kicked by his coach and
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this morning, we all make mistakes. maybe. to an extent but does that include murder? no. huge controversiy defending the creation of this saudi golf league and brushing off the role the crowned prince and country played in the murder of jamal khashoggi. saying, quote, this whole thing about khashoggi, talk about it but talk about the good this country is doing. we have all made mistakes and you want to learn about them and correct them going forward. joining us now, josh, we all
3:29 am
make mistakes? >> i don't know about you but i've never made the mistake of ordering the brutal murder of a journalist. it is not a mistake. it is a crime. to insult this journalist. why is greg norman saying these things? simple. money. he's getting paid. he's helping the saudi regime white wash an atrocity. he talks about all the good and the change in the culture. i would point viewers back to the things going on. the crowned prince is still jailing women and hanging and
3:30 am
crucifying dissidents. this is the same old brutal thuggery we have seen throughout the ages. >> saudi arabia is trying to change the or bit of the golf universe. i love greg norman. i'm a golfer. he's making so much money off of this. he's not somebody who doesn't have a conflict in this situation. >> i did not have an opinion of greg norman before today and i'm not a golf fan but using sports washing to launder their image is a despicable thing to do. he's not the first and not the last. this is how dictatorships use
3:31 am
free and open societies to cover up their crimes and do it with a boat load of money. we saw the olympics in beijing. we see them throw a bunch of money at sports figures. the message is, we are all for sale. greg norman just confirmed the worst fears about how americans and australians can be bought by dictatorships at any time. we have nfl news. former kicker for the
3:32 am
jacksonville jaguars claiming that the coach and his actions. >> suing the jaguars claiming extreme emotional and mental distress. claiming meyer kicked him in the leg while he was stretching in warmups before practice. meyer told him, hey, explitive kicks. he said don't you ever fing kick me again. he said, i'm the head coach, i'll kick you whenever i fing
3:33 am
want. he notified his agent and they notified management. meyer disputed the account saying there was witnesses to back him up. he was fired the day after the issues came light. lambeau is seeking back payments. he would have made $4 million with the team this season. >> that was a mess of a season for the jaguars for sure. president biden issuing a major warning to his own party saying inflation is going to, quote, scare the hell out of voters. a neighborhood under fire in california. evacuauations now under way.
3:34 am
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president biden sending a stark warning as november elections loom saying, quote, inflation is going to scare the hell out of everybody. it is currently scaring small businesses. tell us how it is scaring small businesses. >> small businesses are still digging out of the financial hole they experienced at the height of the pandemic. now paying more for just about everything they need in order to do business and for higher wages for their employees in this competitive job market. >> what is a french fry without a side of catsup. for this restaurant, a huge cost
3:39 am
savings. >> 100 want an extra catsup. it doesn't seem like a lot but multiply that by a week or year. >> every other ingredient has become more. inflation pushing meat prices up 13%. butter up 16%. eggs up 22%. big increases. >> i thought at this stage we'd be in a better position financially. it has been difficult mainly because of where we are with inflation. but good news perhaps, prices rose just.3% last month, food prices rose. energy dropping. an 8.3% year-over-year inflation still stings. >> we are still dealing with the
3:40 am
affects of being closed on and off for two years over covid. >> despite a strong jobs report in april, small businesses lost 120,000 jobs. even restaurants like lawless raising wages, it is still not enough. >> we are seeing a lot of people starting with us for two or three days and going somewhere else they can get $2 or $3 more an hour. >> salon owner isn't losing employees but can't find more and is trying not to pass on costs to customers. >> what are you experiencing here as it relates to the salons. >> everything from gloves to foils. everything we need to do the service have gone up. with inflation, some products are double digits.
3:41 am
>> what does that mean for your bottom line? >> less profitability or lose business. >> she is hoping for inflation to cool especially as she renovates two salons. >> doubling the price of a renovation, not doing price increases, it adds ups that's when it feels very overwhelming. >> back in chicago, waiting to turn a profit again. the margins and higher costs. >> it depends on how long the tunnel is. >> some think we are at a peak. small businesses are really fearful to pass these costs down
3:42 am
to their customers. they fear they are going to lose those to smaller businesses to absorb the costs. and that owner did not receive grant money for her restaurant. she had to take out a $2 million loan. she is paying that back with interest with these rising costs. >> thank you for that report. we appreciate it. a really chilling scene along the outer banks of north carolina. two homes collapsing and sliding into the ocean and more may be about to fall. the u.s. ambassador to russia delivering a secret message to the russian foreign ministry. what did it say? cnn has new details. ds it. so ben is fefeeling pretty ze.
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happening now. fires burning out of control in one southern california community destroying homes. the fast moving fire is a result of strong winds and severe drought. >> the scarey part about this orange county fire is we are talking about winds to 30 miles per hour. later in the season when we get to the windy time. santa ana season, winds are going to blow at 60. this got out of control so quickly because of the drought. this womener brought to you by
3:48 am
s safelite. living in the east, you don't know about drought at all. we are going to see wind and fire season here. severe weather on the northern side. we are talking about a storm off the east coast as well. low pressure system. what it did to the coast all the way from the carolinas down to georgia. watching here today, there will be tornadoes on the ground today. >> there is severe weather. two homes collapsing and sliding into the ocean. bill is here with more on this. tell us what is behind this bill. >> a combination of erosion and
3:49 am
higher sea levels. a reminder that rising sea levels don't happen like in a hollywood movie. zillow estimates that house was worth more than $300,000. just sold two years ago for $275 listed as 2 out of 10 on the flood rating. another there sold in august. about a dozen considered so vulnerable that officials have cut off power to make sure they are not occupied when this happens. again, this is a barrier island. c careries are the first things to die in the coal mine age. here, if you live along the coast and this isn't a part of the conversation, this might be a nice clip to show at your next
3:50 am
homeowner's association. >> there's still a lot of people who still live in these areas. as you move farther inland, bill, then what does it look like as sea levels rise inch by inch. >> this summer, take a look around, likely you are on a fake beach. communities spend millions to drench up sand from out deep in the ocean to bring to the beach. you'll see communities that can't afford to do that will see scenes like that. opening litigation and plummeting housing values and insurance markets. so again, a warning right there. pretty vivid on the outer banks today. >> thank you, bill. the senate primary race in pennsylvania heating up big time with days before the voters make
3:51 am
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leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit pennsylvania's primaries just a few days away and the senate race heating up into a three-way battle. joining us now, michael smirconish. he is the commonwealth's fafry son. this race, oz and mccormick was
3:56 am
a two-way race and now there are three. >> i have been involved and paying attention for a long time in pennsylvania. i have never seen the uncertainty that surrounds not only the republican nomination and also the governor position. oz and mccormick have spent a combined $50 million and kathy has spent $120,000 and is within a striking distance. the question is oz and mccormick have done such a good job beating up on each other that they've created a third lane and kathy could make it.
3:57 am
>> what does this say about the trump endorsement, oz and the republican base? >> what does it mean for donald trump? my own view is this, i believe president trump, former president trump gave a boost to oz that without trump, oz was fading and it would have been mccormick. he makes oz more of a contender than he would have been. barnette has partnered with the other running and the two of them are what we like to call ultramaga. there's a lot going on in conservative quarters. anybody who says they know what is going on, they are lying.
3:58 am
>> i want to play an ad for you. full disclosure, michael, you pointed this ad out. this is an ad from the democratic candidate. listen. >> mastriano wrote the heart-beat bill and one of donald trump's strongest supporters. if mastriano wins, it is a win for what donald trump stands for. is that what we want in pennsylvania? >> why is the democrat running this ad? >> it is amazing, josh shapiro has no option. he wants mastriano as an opponent. very cleverly, he touts the conservative bonifies. he's a trump guy.
3:59 am
he wants to end vote by mail. in the heartland of pennsylvania, the alabama of pennsylvania. people perk up and say, he's going to be my guy but shapiro is hoping plant seeds. this is a real problem. we'll be able to handle him. another problem, donald trump won pennsylvania in 2016. he didn't do badly although he lost in 2020. maybe you need to be careful what you wish for. listen, if you are not paying attention to people across the country, to pennsylvania, you really should between now and tuesday. you should pay attention. >> and past tuesday, you don't need to limit yourself to these few days. thanks to you, it will be fascinating to watch this race.
4:00 am
watch michael's show on cnn, 9:00 a.m. on saturday. "new day" continues right now. good morning viewers. all nine supreme court justices will be meeting in private with one issue impossible to ignore, the leak of the draft opinion that if finalized would overturn roe v. wade. today would be the first meeting since the leak stunned the nation and up ended the political landscape. an internal investigation is under way to find the source. >> this comes a day after the democrats build abortion acces


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