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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  May 12, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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from our planet. the picture shows the shadow of a black hole surrounded by a light ring which is light bent by the gravity of the black hole. it is four million times more massive than our sun. if we could see it at night, it would have been the same size of a donut sitting on the moon. it took astronomers to capture and confirm this image. 300 researchers from 80 institutions working with the event horizon tells us. the news continues. >> that was a donut sitting on the moon. very visual, that's what i took about that is and something about the milky way. anderson, thank you so much. i am laura coats and this is "cnn tonight." to be a fly on the wall in that
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conference room in the supreme court today. a draft majority reverse the landmark roe v. wade ruling is unlike anything of the draft we see. another leak reported by politico. the draft opinion that we saw that was dated february, well, not much has changed as of may. that same draft opinion is still the only one that's circulating inside the high court. meaning, no justices have s signalled they would switch their votes or conclusion to be changed. the cnn has not confirmed the most recent political story. a majority opinion is not the only kind that can very well forthcoming. there is always what's calling a concurrent opinion, one way
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justice writes separately their own opinion that says they reached the same conclusion as the majority but for different reasons. it could well be and given the composition of the court one would frankly expects a descending opinion. there could be drafts of each kind that's circulating or may not even has yet been shared in the calendar. either way the justices met alone behind closed doors amid all of these. when i say alone, i mean no clerks, no staff, only the nine of them. so, of course, what they said to one another and really the tone and how this leak may change how they operate going forward. it comes after an investigation the leak ordered by chief jus justice roberts for the marshal court to go on. that probe could lead to
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uncomfortable privacy issues which is a little bit ironic. triggers further erode trusts in the court. really it is too zsoon to assum that it will. the looming abortion rights decision whatever it may be and raises some serious concerns about the safety of the supreme court justices. over the weekend we saw protesters demonstrating outside of the homes of justices roberts and alito and kavanaugh. that prompted the senate to pass a bill that'll expand security of justices and to republican governors where justices actually resigns and in maryland and virginia, we are asking the attorney general, merrick garland to step up to the plate and investigate. the white house is not condemning the protest at these homes as long as they are
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peaceful and there are some mixed reactions on capitol hill. >> as long as they are peaceful, that's okay with me. >> i think it is reprehensible. >> stay away from homes and families of elected officials and members of the court. >> this may possibly be flat out illegal. >> there is as federal law on the books that criminalizes of influencing any judge, juror or witness or court officer at locations. listen to this, that includes a judge's residence. who's right? let's dive deeper into all that and more with cnn's analyst, the author of "the chchief," joan
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roberts. i want to start with you joan, we don't know where he may stand on these issues but by virtue his position, your book, the light of turbulent times, what do you make of these comments suggest that it may be illegal or reprehensible for people to protest in light of this draft opinion? >> first of all, people have the right to protest peacefully. it happens all the time. law enforcement and officers in many of these municipalities have said they're not going to arrest people if it is peaceful. obviously, some people can feel like this is not the route to go. we still dont 't know what's happening behind the scenes.
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i think people running concessions at these justices but there are plenty of pressure. you referred to the chief justice and i can tell you he's not sitting around doing nothing, waiting to see what happens with the draft that sam alito has written. i suspect he's working his on alternative draft, he may be privately shopping it to other justices to see if he can possible still peel off one of the conservatives for some sort of a compromise. we still have about eight weeks left. even though politico reported there were no other subsequent drafts, there are many other ways justices are communicating. just so you know, once sam alito would said around that first draft, every other justice would sent him a memo saying i will join it or i am thinking of concurrence or i am waiting for the decent.
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there is communications that follows that even if it is not an actual draft. the others are they do tend to send memos that they would circulate to all but my experiences especially with the chief that he would work privately sometimes. he did that with affordable care act in 2012. we know in the past with the 1973 roe v. wade and the 1989 abortion case that where the justices staff short of reversing roe and certainly 1992 when the justices -- they were working privately. i anticipate something like that are going on but i do want to remind you, laura and certainly our audience that key conservative justices will make sure there were compromises back in '89 and '92 are not like our conservatives today. the conservatives we have today are far to the right and i would
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not expect someone like alito and gorsuch and barrett to vote for a compromise. brett kavanaugh? possibly, laura. >> the words you have said to me is something that many people are pointing out of this idea of expectation of privacy when is comes to opinions, an expectation to be able to have private deliberations of one's thought. this is very rich and the supreme court's expectation of privacy. if this draft opinion is to be made final, it takes away its own privacy and there is expectations of prievacy from women who wants to have agency and their productive rights. what do you make of the focus now being really more so in parts on the leak itself, jeffery and the protests surrounding as opposed to the draft conclusions? >> well, i think this
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controversy illustrates that republicans are nervous because they are choosing to talk about the leak. they're choosing to talk about the protests at the homes of the justices rather than the subsistence of the opinion which if we believe the opinion polls is unpopular. this is is an opinion that will reverse a constitutional right that women have had in the united states for 49 years and lead to even more restrictions on people's rights. this is something that the court and the republican party have believed in and fought for many years. it is not something that the broad majority including most independence want in american life. that's why you see republicans lending their garments over the lack of privacy in the supreme court and over these really
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rather docile, if annoying protests. they rather talk about that than the loss of rights the american women face. >> you know it is interesting, i want to bring this to everyone's attention. what should make nervous and i wonder and there is some subjectivity in the idea of what people find nerve-racking. if the concerns is about the safety of judges, let's put this into confectiocession if you ca. federal judges were the targets of 4,500 threats last year alone. there was an ig report back in june that found the marshal's office does not actually have the funding it would need to provide that security of the 2700 sitting judges and so it begs the question at this point in time as to why is this a safety of these justices so paramount knowing there had been
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risks to others who resulted in violent threats that we have seen protesting in front of these homes. and people walking and no arrests to be made. do you wonder why this particular issue and these protests are prompting the rallying around the justices. is it good to be the king or good fto be one of the supremes nine? >> the important thing is what goes onto the building. if you go to the building, there is a newly installed nine-scale of a fence bringing the whole building. there is a area that says "closed" bymarshals. they are worried of threats. you refer to that inspector general's report of lower court
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judges who faced a lot and much more in the trenches of the law dealing with criminal and civil cases where people know who they are and they could come after them. that's are problem for many years. i know justices own security haves been beefed way before. >> again -- i want to say, joan, it must be sad while we are having conversations about the safety of judges that between 1977 and 2020, there were 11 murders and 42 bombings and 194 arsons and thousand of incidents of criminal activities directed at abortion providers. last year alone, 125% reports of assault and battery outside of clinics as well. i am a fan like we all are of consisten consistency. that has to be apart of the conversation as well.
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>> joan and jeffery, thank you very much. by the way, there is this. five sitting members of congress just been subpoenaed by the january 6 committee including the top republican in the house. see there? none of them by the way would cooperate voluntarily, but you wonder will any now participate now that they are compelled via subpoena to testify. what if their colleagues in the panel do if they don't comply? extraordinary discussions and extraordinary times, up next. allergs don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily sps your body from overreacting to allergens all. psst! psst! flonase all good. looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone?
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house minority leader, kevin
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mccarthy and so as scott perry and andy biggs and also jim jordan. my next guest, norman eisen and doug hye. gentlemen, welcome, i am so glad you are both here. i am going to begin with you, norm, this was a decision some say it was agonizing and not because congress had the right to subpoena people but there was a political calculus at stake as well. tell me about the process in the consideration they would have to make? >> laura, we went through tough subpoena calls when i was working on the hill and doug the same. when ever you turn around to the people you work with, whether it is congress or anywhere else and they said no to you and you are forced to serve them with legal
6:19 pm
process, force them to come in and testify. that's a very unusual act, and it has ramifications now. will there be litigation or contempt findings? if the republicans taken control of congress, will they turn around and subpoena members who they seek information from? so this is a very tough decision but it is a right decision, laura. these five men have key information about the insurrection, about an assault on our country and attempted coop. >> duoug, you kind of smirked o that issue. if republicans were in control and had some power, what would they do? you were involved in the contempt proceeding of eric
6:20 pm
holder, how people were expected to comply with subpoenas. why are times so different now? >> well, we have seen our politics changed drastically, donald trump fundamentally transformed american politics. congress usually believes its own. meaning, what it asked for, it gets. and now with subpoenaing members of congress, we'll see what happens with that and typically that only happens when there is an ethics investigation. congress does not like to penalize or really do anything to its own members unless they really egregious lly violated ethics rules. i have been so impressed of how this committee not had any league how they move forward as a team but you don't often see.
6:21 pm
the mistakes republicans made and not ensuring either it was independent commission or more republican members on it. if these members say no, what is congress prepared to do and i was on capitol hill today, and really the conversation was that the members of the committee don't really know yet. there are still discussions within the committee of what happens if these members one or all of them say no to a subpoena. >> it begs the question of how could it be. this is not a novelty that people thumbs their nose within a congressional subpoena. is the plan that they don't know or what you got this sort of leak that may very well change the course of history and the future? >> you know it is a clock that's running, but it is running in a context. we had a federal judge extraordinary say donald trump
6:22 pm
likely committed federal crimes with coconspirators. the allegations of some of members in congress were they involve in those act? >> why is trump not subpoenaed yet? >> well, that ultimate decision about trump and pence is coming, laura. >> again, that's one that we confronted in the first impeachment and we ultimately decided to invite the former president to testify but you know they're getting to the hearings now. they're getting to the end game. because it is a tough call, they approached that moment now when you got to subpoena these members because of the seriousness of these criminal allegation and findings by a federal judge.
6:23 pm
norm aeisen and doug heye, i am going to wait and see what this all looks like. thank you g, gentlemen. always a pleasure to speak with you both. we are watching this story impacting so many families trying to feed their babies and there is none to go around. the response from the white house does not give you any assurance. the nation's top pediatrician will join me next. raraise the jar to the best gelato... you've ever tasted. talenti. raise the jar. my patients, i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. they are both very much hand in hand, so you should really be fosing on both, and definitely at the same time. sensodyne sensitivity & gum gives a dual action effect
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look, there is no good answer for desperate parents tonight. what there is are too many store shelves sit empty and too many babies going hungry. across the country, parents are left fearing the absolute worse. >> it gets very stressful. >> it is terrifying that the only true source of nutrition your baby gets. >> i am worried about the next meal for my baby. >> the biden administration could not answer what parents should do. >> we were certainly encouraged any parent who has concerns
6:28 pm
about their child's health or well-being to call their doctor or pediatrician. >> i am not sure if that's satisfying. although i am not sure what else they would say. let's talk to the former president of the american academy of pediatrics. dr. lee, i am glad you are here. doctor, i have to tell you, i am a mother myself and i remember being very scared when i had my first one and trying to figure out how to keep weight on a newborn and trying to make sure they had nutritional values and going through what seems like a thousand appointments to track their milestones. never once understoanding right now where we would be there is no formulas for people on the shelves. what are people are supposed to do when they are faced with the prospect of no farormulas. what are they supposed to be doing now? is it finding alternate means to feed the child if there not any,
6:29 pm
what is it? >> you asked great questions and you point out the difficult positions that many families are in, worrying about where to find formula for their babies. there are a couple of important things and we are seeing the lack of formula supplies is not evenly distributed across stores in communities. first, some things that is parents could do and i know this is so frustrated and you have a little one and you don't have great transportation, one of thithe things you could do is check different stores and finding smaller stores. another thing is check with your pediatrician if you have questions. for many babies, there are certain formulas there are out of stock but others there in stock. for most babies you can substitute other formula and do just fine in the meantime. those are a couple of things you could do.
6:30 pm
special circumstances where you do need to talk to your doctor about that. what i would say and i absolutely don't recommend doing it and i know this is hard but you know sometimes parents say can i water down the formula and make it more dilute, we don't recommend that. it is not safe and can cause serious problems for babies. >> that's what's so important, the whatnot to do. desperate times call for desperate measures but there are certain acts that could be harmful to your child. how about trying to find alternate sources? you mentioned the idea of availability of other formulas. i was able to breast-feed both of my children and i supplemented late in that stage about that t, my kids did not te every type. when it came to formula, they vomited. what are parents to do in stter
6:31 pm
to do to figure out whether it is a medical risk or vomiting it up or trying to acclemate the new prouduct. >> it is a great question. if your baby do not tolerate it, reach out to your pediatrician. one, if you have oa little old formula, you can mix it a little bit. sometimes taste is a little different and the baby could get use to the taste. when you do feed your baby, a little bit at a time and take a second or two break and a little bit more so they are drinking it slowly and getting used to it and being sure that nutritionally most of these formulas are similar and very much the same. methodically it is great for a baby and perfectly fine to switch formulas and sometimes it takes a little getting used to. >> those that are on the
6:32 pm
shelves, not going online baby per se and there are some concerns about going outside of the country to get formula, but i know you are talking about those that are recommended and asking pediatricians about these issues. how long for many parents, we are talking about and one woman said she was concerned about how long she could sustain. when i think about how important nutrition is for a developing baby's mind, hitting the milestones and long-term consequences and malnutrition, things you don't expect to happen. what are the long-term consequences? is there is sort of a moment when it becomes so critical that this must be resolved? >> first of all, i want to say absolutely you want to make sure every baby has the formula they need when they need it. we are in a difficult time right now where some families and communities are having trouble accessing that formula in a
6:33 pm
timely way. the first thing is we do have to be working together as communities to try to make sure get the formula where it needs to be for families. we don't want babies to go without nutrition. i think you do point out it is really worth emphasizing there are risks to babies of alternate feeding methods, diluting formula, that could be immediate consequences to that baby and could get quite ill or having seizures or babies will suffer death from that. the long-term consequences of suffering from nutrition as well. i think it is an important point that you bring up and the most important thing for us is to work together and get the formula they need and we do ask families not to horde formula. it is important to plan in
6:34 pm
advance a little bit but also not to buy up more than about 10 to 14 days of formula for your child to make sure everybody gets the formula that they need while we can get this issue corrected. >> dr. lee beers, thank you. i know abbott is still telling everyone they're waiting for fda approval to restart their plan, it could start as ten weeks to get their products back on the shelves. the question is how much longer? these are women who carried during the pandemic and thinking now they have to deal with this issue and supply chain shortage of formula. doctor, thank you. this serious hepatitis outbreak among children. several young children died and dozens hospitalized and there is no cause of what's causing any of these.
6:35 pm
our dr. sanjayay gupta takes u inside one family's battle, thatat's next.
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the cdc is investigating of more than a hundred cases of hepatitis. cnn's dr. sanjay gupta met with families. >> what is it? could i take it? >> the first thing kelsey schwab showed me that she's always been independent. >> we woke up and she had hives all over her body. everything was fine and we went home and the next day, we woke
6:40 pm
up and her eyes looking a little yellow. >> she was not acting any thing different? >> her eyes were yellow and a couple moments later, we need to get to the hospital. i think at one point her number was in the 7000s. she was one of the first doctors treating kelsey. >> have you seen something like this before? >> i have definitely seen multiple cases of acute hepatitis. >> what's happening to belen is really rare. a relatively healthy child whose eyes start to turn yellow and
6:41 pm
loses their appetite and within days their liver severely in flamed. at least 98 children in this outbreak have been hospitalized 15 had liver transplant and five had died and there is no clear explanation why. >> the number of cases in the period of time and all over the world and also following this huge pandemic. >> do you draw a connection then between the pandemic and what's happening with these kids hepatitis? >> one of the things that i question was did these kids ever have covid? kids can go asymptomatic with covid but have all these inflammatory side effects. >> should these kids be getting tested for their antibodies to covid? >> i do think that's something we should be testing so we can no whether it is related to that. >> for many others, we don't
6:42 pm
know. the cdc is not recommending testing for covid antibodies in these children. instead, focusing on a virus that's linked to a common cold. while belen did test positive - >> this is belen's liver. >> she would start shaking and had a hard time sitting up and could not hold her head up and just watching her go through that was like this is not my kid. >> even though her doctor struggles to understand how this all happened, it was clear what we needed to be done to save her. her transplant. more than two weeks of her first breaking out in hives, remarkably she had a donor, a 16-year-old who was a match. >> my happiest day and their
6:43 pm
saddest day, that's one of the biggest struggles for us is trying to come to terms that tragedies are going to happen whether we need a liver or not. >> simply getting the 16-year-old liver to little belen was a challenge. it was a success. >> it happens within days so within hours. >> how is belen doing now? >> she's playing with playdo and slowly getting back in it. >> dr. sanjay gupta is joining me now. a little girl having hives and having a liver transplant, how is she doing today? >> it is remarkably fast. that's one of these things of
6:44 pm
these outbreak, these are healthy kids and average age two and they can progress quickly. she's doing well. you saw her at the end sort of bossing the nurses around. it is remarkable how quickly she's recovered. this big operation was about a week ago. she's doing well. she got a lifetime of drugs and constant of monitoring and trying to figure out what happened here. >> and i am so glad that you inquired about the idea of correlation of covid and of course other viruses trying to rule out and what happened for so many parents. dr. gupta, i have to ask you, this is a horrible milestone reached today. what a grim milestone and many may think that covid is over but you are talking about the 100 millionth person today alone.
6:45 pm
>> sorry -- i lost you there. >> the idea of the grim milestone that people think often times covid is done, it is not. you still have people dying and the 100 million person today. >> i know, and there are hu hundreds of people still dying everyday. that's the thing. people want to look at this in the rear-view mirror, it is a grim milestone. what strikes me the most is 700,000 people had died since the vaccines were first authorized. that's the thing, we know how protective these vaccines could be against people getting severely ill and dying. more people have died since the authorization because so many people who have not gotten immunity from this. dr. gupta, that in itself is grim. thank you very much. and, another surprising story about health and the pandemic. the question is the biggest names in the meat industry lie about the threat of supply
6:46 pm
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an outrageous new report from the congressional committee reveals how far the top meat producers went to deceive the country. the investigation finds companies like smith field and tyson lobbied the trump administration to keep their plants open through the height of the pandemic in 2020. how? by misrepresenting the health risks to its workers and warning about a meat shortage and wasn't actually happening. tyson took out full page ad in several newspapers calling their company, quote, as essential as health care. by the end of that same year,
6:51 pm
269 meat packing workers would die of covid and nearly 60,000 would contract the virus. joining me now is congressman, member of the select committee that issued today's report. i'm glad you're here. i know there's a lot of focus on the committees involving january 6th. this is a big story. it's one you have to think about what was at take and the calculated risks taken on behalf of employees but could it really be that we were duped into thinking there were going to be shortages as a way to keep the plants open? >> it seems that way. basically what happened was the meat industry claimed there was a shortage of meat for domestic consumption but they were saying the ceos of the companies was saying it was more than enough meat to export to other
6:52 pm
countries. those two statements can't be reconciled very well. you're right. meat industry executives also knew there was a huge risk of outbreaks and infections in their factories. secondly, the usda knew about this as well and turned a blind eye. third, this is perhaps the most shocking thing. they were able to get the trump administration to issue an executive order to shield them from any oversight especially from what industry executives called pesky local and state health authorities who are slowly trying to provide more oversight of these outbreaks. they were able to get workers to stay on the job and to shield themselves from any liability associated with worker conditions. >> it's important the idea of there would be infections and death and the way to shield from liability.
6:53 pm
thinking about the trump administration and any administration you'll be relying on those who have the expertise and in whose wheel house these areas fall . >> the industry executives were able to go to the political appointees at the trump administration in the agency with jurisdiction. namely the usda, the department of agriculture and get them to over ride and sideline the career public health officials who would otherwise make decisions about worker safety. ironically enough, the undersecretary for worker safety at the usda was precisely the
6:54 pm
person who tried to shield these companies from liability and oversight with regard to worker conditions. >> we're talking about in these meatcessing plants the definition of a super spreading event. the idea of close proximity, the trans transmissability. it was an expectation much like maybe toilet paper or clorox wipes and hand sanitizer, it was going to be gone and then what do you do. if there really was never going to be a shortage there, i wonder what can be done about it. if they have gone to great lengths to shield from liability, what is the intention now that congressional committee will do something about this ?
6:55 pm
we start with rarpegard to the prices that have gone up and up. meat prices have gone up by double digits. upwards of 20% in most cases. input cost or the cost of doing business for the meat packing companies has gone up somewhat. they have enjoyed net income growth of 500% over the last couple years. the bottom line is they were ignoring worker safe conditions. they were making all these false claims about a shortage of meat and so forth in the pure ssuit profits.
6:56 pm
those profits were huge. it's partly an out growth of their influence with the trump administration but also their market power given that basically four companies control the vast majority of the meat processing industry. >> congressman, thank you. we'll follow this. we'll be right back. ( ♪ ) ( ♪ ) ( ♪ ) ( ♪ ) ♪ ♪ ♪
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thank you for watching. don lemon tonight starts with don lemon. hey, don. >> hey, laura. to you i want to say this is unprecedented having subpoenaed the january 6th committee. five republican congressmen. i have the perfect person to talk about it. another legal miend like you. that's the former attorney general, eric holder. >> i cannot wait to watch that because he, himself, was to a contempt proceeding that he did not abide by it. i'm curious to think how he feels about the way it's being treated now. i cannot wait for that interview. >> that's one of my questions. thank you. >> of course. you're don lemon. >> thank you. see you tomorrow. this i


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