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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  May 13, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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saving you up to $500 a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities.™ it is friday? it is friday. welcome to our view he iers in united states and awround the world. >> and we begin with the story so many parents are talking about, they are desperate for answers on this nationwide shortage of baby formula. and they are not getting much guidance. parents found enlven less on ste
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shelves last week than the week before. >> when cnn pressed the white house on what federal agency had answers or who worried parents should call if they can't find baby formula, this was the white house response. >> we would certainly encourage any parent who has concerns about their child's health or well-being to call their doctor or pediatrician. >> peter pitts is joining us. good morning, sir, so nice to see you. we've seen recalls of formula before, but this is really a perfect storm because at the same time you already had a really tangled supply chain. tell us what is happening here and who is responsible. >> that is a great question because it really isn't a supply chain issue like gasoline. this is an issue because the baby formula business is a consolidated industry. there aren't a lot of players here. so when you take abbott out, not
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surprisingly, you have shortages. who is to blame? i think the blame is placed squarely on abbott which is the company, fda inspected their facility, it was unsafe and had to be shut down. so people saying fda shouldn't have shut it down are wrong. it should have been shut down. only thing worse than a shortage of baby formula is baby formula that is not safe or substandard. the fda is working with abbott, that plant is coming back online. but there were mistakes made. the fada had to help they will t fixed. and the problem was that parents weren't given fair warning to prepare. >> so is this an area where the defense production act could help? something that we saw a lot during the early days of covid trying to help, you know, the industry sort of fill the gaps here. the white house doesn't seem to want to do it right now. why not? >> because it wouldn't work. you simply can't push a button and say produce more baby formula. one of the first things the fda
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did when they took the abbott plant offline was talk to other manufacturers and say that you have to ramp up the production and they did that, which is why we're not in even a worst place. but baby formula, even though it sounds like a basic product, it is a very complicated product. you can't simply go to a milk company for example and say start making baby formula. these have to be made in special plants with very, very specific regulations so that it is safe and effective. >> and it is really domestic production that the u.s. relies on, right? the idea is that you want to keep control of something so important as baby formula. >> a lot of people are going to on europe. >> could we find a way to import the product from somewhere else, would that help? >> i think like 95% of baby formula in the u.s. is manufactured in the u.s. so this is not a question of let's bring it home. but abbott for example has an fda approved facility in israel and they are bringing in product from there. the fda is also talking to
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people in canada. but of course you can't drain other countries of their baby formula so we can have it here. there aren't warehouses stocked full of baby formula waiting to be used. but we are talking to other regulatory agencies that could theoretically ship product here. but abbott is trying to help solve that problem. >> is 13some of this consumer behavior too? as soon as you hear there are shortages, you try to get as much as you can. en would woman said i only have a four or five week supply. and i don't think i ever had a two week supply. is there consumer behavior as people try to make sure their own closets are full of this stuff in case there is a bigger problem? >> of course. it goes back to 2k34u7b indication. when the fda initially shut this plant down, there was some press coverage that wasn't considered that important story as opposed to where we are right now. and had parents been alerted had this was coming down the pike,
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they could have prepared. when all of a sudden you walk in the store and the shelves are empty, you panic. and if you have an infant, you are already on razor's edge. this is indicative of a bigger problem because there are other products in the fda portfolio of regulations that are also consolidated, only a few manufacturers make them where one goes down, it could cause a safety problem or storm or terrorist attack or earthquake, you have to have a plan in place to address this type of thing. there has to be a plan b other than hang in there and wait. >> and i don't mean to blame parents by the way. >> we're on ar razor's edge. >> i get it. >> thank you, peter. to washington thousand where lawmakers are taking on their own. the house select committee investigating january 6 has now issued subpoenas to five gop lawmakers aligned with former president trump.
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house minority leader kevin mccarthy, jim jordan, mo brooks, a andy biggs and scott perry. why did they single out these five in particular? >> i think it is important to note how unprecedented it is to issue subpoenas to their own colleagues on the hill. speaks both to the fact that they think that these lawmakers still have important information about what happened before and on the day of january 6, but they also think that it is important to get it on the historical record to show that they did everything that they could to get every piece of information out there about the january 6th attack. now, nosmost notable is kevin mccarthy, he is the top republican in the house of representatives. they really want to hear from kevin mccarthy about trump's state of mind on january 6. we know that mccarthy spoke to trump, we know that mccarthy was in communication. we also know that kevin mccarthy told kcolleagues that he though
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trump bared responsibility for january 6 and that he may need to resign. his tone has shifted dramatically since then and he really has reverted back to his normal stance of being one of the former president's biggest defenders. this is all happening against the backdrop of upcoming public hearings, bennie thompson didn't rule out the idea that some of these lawmakers could appear as witnesses in the public hearings, but the question remains will these lawmakers comply with the subpoenas and, you know, can the committee enforce them. >> zach cohen, always great to have your reporting. and these five republicans have already refused to talk voluntarily. daniella diaz is live on capitol hill now. any sign that they will cooperate now? >> reporter: it is just as he said, the issue here is the top republican in the house, kevin
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mccarthy, he said that he would -- whether he plans to comply with the subpoena to appear before the committee, he later clarified that his attorney received it, that he had not seen it, and he's told reporters yesterday when he was leaving his office for voting, he said that they are not con dupgt ducting a legitimate investigation and just want go after their political opponents. this is what he told reporters in response to the news that the committee was going to subpoena him and these other four republicans in the house. but really the bigger picture here is that house minority leader kevin mccarthy wants to be house speaker kevin mccarthy. it is predicted that in the 2022 midterms republicans will take back the house and we're expecting retaliation from republicans should they gain the majority in the house, things that we could expect would be preparing for committee removes, retaliatory subpoenas and even impeachments from house
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republicans should they win back the majority in the house. so really of course it is unclear whether these republicans will comply to the subpoena. they have not said yet. of course it is a subpoena, this is the power that the house select committee has and they will have to see what ends up happening with the fact that they have the subpoena to appear before the committee. but really the bottom line here is it is a long time before now and the 2022 midterms and a lot could change before then. >> there has been a lot of process around the january 6 investigation, but this is a really big deal, right, when you've got congress going after its own. >> reporter: that's right. kevin mccarthy called the committee illegitimate. it is not. and of course this is setting a precedent now if the future should republicans take the majority in the house, they could subpoena even democrats if they create their own house select committee for impeachment or any sort of issue involving that. >> daniella diaz, nice to see you. coming up next, an exclusive
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cnn investigation reveals a russian commander responsible for targeting civilians a war crime. plus president biden talks to police chiefs about money to fight crime. and the supreme court justice who wrote the leaked abortion opinion breaks his silence. do i just focus s on when things don't work, and not appreciate when they do? i love it when w work actually works! i just booked this parkining spot... this desk... and this conference room! i am filing status reports on an app that i made! i'm not even a coder! and it works!... i like your bag! when your digital solutions work, the world works. that's why the world works with servicenow. at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner tooln that helps you bld a future for those u love. vanguard. become an owner.
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challenging, extremely challenging. that challenge taken on by nima elbajir, and she is joining me live from london with this exclusive report. to be able to connect the dots, so important here especially for grieving ukrainian families. >> absolutely. and also to remind the world of its responsibilities. we in kharkiv were able to see the aftermath of the attacks targeting civilians using in-discriminate cluster munitions which is a war crime. in our investigation, we can now reveal the commander responsible for these attacks and also a string of atrocities that he has committed not just in russia's latest war in ukraine, but also in the 2014 war in donbas and syria. and i have to warn our viewers that they may find some of these images disturbing. take a look. a devastation of civilian homes and lives. throughout the last two months, we have witnessed atrocities in
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ukraine. more mortar strikes very close, they want us to start moving. while we know these are russian actions, it has been difficult to draw a direct line from individual atrocities to a specific russian commander until now. cnn can exclusive reveal that this man, consider core they will general alexander zhuravlyov, is the commander responsible for this. munitions targeting civilians in the statistic of kharkiv east ukraine. a war crime under international law. >> you can see more artillery rockets firing from russian territory towards i would say around kharkiv. i don't know if you can hear it. >> reporter: this is the start of the war. cnn's senior international correspondent fred pleitgen witnessed artillery being fired towards the city of kharkiv. sam kiley ways in kharkiv. and could hear the shelling
2:17 am
moments later. >> you can feel the concussion against the glass. >> reporter: we soon learned from experts these were smerch rockets, this is what they are capable of delivering. cluster bombs. one smerch rocket releasing many smaller explosives scattering bombs, amplifying the devastation. these attacks captured on social media both in kharkiv and both from the same day are a clear example of their indiscriminate nature. when used in this fashion against civilians, it is considered a war crime. the use of smerch rockets are key in our findings of who is responsible because they are unique to one unit here, one commander. after months of forensic work, we can reveal the trail of evidence leading to zhuravlyov. using social media videos to guide us, we return to some of
2:18 am
scenes focusing on february 27 when three civilian targets were hit and eight more on february 28th. we start in this neighborhood. this is tlis shrapnel that fell our neighborhood, lydia tells us. this was found in one of the rooms. lydia takes us to see a smerch rocket that fell 200 yards from her apartment block in thisaffl. i remember the whistling sounds of the missiles, i know that the missiles were flying. and that they were accompanied by fighter planes or drones. you can see the hole that it came through, you can see the way the rocket buckled when it hit the car. and you can also very clearly see that this is a smerch. it is not the only rocket coming from this direction on this day. less than a half mile down the road, another hit. helping to situate us, this
2:19 am
kiosk, water cooler, key landmarks. the bodies landed here down this road. those blue doors you see, that is where the cluster munition shrapnel embodied. this video filmed moments after an attack where four people including a child were killed. another smerch launching cluster bombs. we know this because one of the unexploded bombs was found only 280 yards away. notice the date, 2019. russia stopped selling arms to ukraine in 2014. this confirms this is a russian cluster bomb. 1 1/2 miles away, another strike, more suffering, and no sign of any legitimate military targets. people were cuing for food and then something just hit. people started running here, she says. this is the exact moment of impact. look at it again.
2:20 am
frame by frame, you can see the scale of the rocket and proximity to innocent civilians. we are here in kharkiv. notice the five hits along this line from the 28th. they pretty of this align apart from three here which line up with the hits from february 27th. we can trace these lines 24 miles to a point of convergence here across the border in russia, well within the range of a smerch rocket. where we have a satellite image from the 27th, showing the launching position, notice the plume of smoke and the tell tale burn marks of a smerch launch here, here and here. in collaboration with the center for information resilience, we can also tell you who is firing from this position. the 79th russian artillery brigade. part of the western military district which borders ukraine and is under the command of
2:21 am
zhuravlyov. military experts and intelligence sources say that they are the only unit in this district equipped to launch smerch rockets. and only the commander has the short to order the 79th artillery brigade to launch the rockets. one expert told cnn smerch is a district level asset, there are very few of them in the russian armed forces and therefore they are dedicated to special missions at the order of a military district commander. colonel general zhuravlyov is this commander and he is no stranger to these brutal tactics. atrocities targeting civilians. they are very similar to what we saw in syria in 2016. so it shouldn't come as a surprise that zhuravlyov also led russian troops during the siege in allepo. he is the architect of the devastation you see here.
2:22 am
for leveling allepo, he was awarded the heistoeist highest , hero of the russian federation. yet syrians have documented his war crimes. despite the direct line from the impunity the world afforded russia in syria, to the atrocities suffered by civilians here today, the question remains, what will the world do to stop this cycle. we've asked the russian ministry of defense for comment as well as the kremlin, but we are yet to receive a response. we also shared with the u.s. state department our findings. noting the lack of action taken against colonel general zhuravlyov and other key generals. they wouldn't comment on the information but said that they continue to track and assess war crimes and reports of ongoing violence and human rights abuses.
2:23 am
not really though dealing with the key question of what the groan al community's impunity is in this trail of atrocities left by this commander. >> a trail that you have so adeptly marked there for the world to watch. thank you so much for that reporting. well done. >> just incredible reporting consistently. coming up, how that leaked company tuesdaesday oig opinion opens up a can of worms. and mourning the journalist shot and killed on the west bank. totally effortrtless. styling has never been easier. tresemme. do it with stytyle.
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west bank city on thursday to mourn the slain journalist shireen abu akleh. she was shot and killed on wednesday while reporting on israeli military raids in the city of jenin. this morning the palestinian authority is vowing to at that time case to the international criminal court. atika shubert is live with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: we're actually at st. joseph's hospital and you can see behind me the building with the wreathes and palestinian flag draped, that is where the body of shireen abu akleh is being prepared for burial. we understand the funeral will take place at a church by jaffa gate and then there will be a funeral procession to the mount zion cemetery. bound to be an emotional day. yesterday thousands of people came out and i think that we'll see the same outpouring of
2:29 am
grief. what is important to remember here, she was not just a veteran journalist. for so many palestinians, she was almost like a member of their extended family, appearing in their living rooms on tv, chronicling daily life under israeli occupation. and this is why her killing really has hit people so hard here. because it is such an emotional day, i think that it has made israeli authorities quite nervous. for example, they have blocked off the traffic in the general area here for the public to come and they have also removed posters of her describing her as a martyr that have been pasted up in the old city. israeli police are very much on guard today for tensions. >> appreciate that reporting. and samuel alito questioned about the leaked opinion on abortion we'll tell you what he said and avoided. and president biden getting ready to talk about funding for police.
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supreme court justice alito making his first public address since the bombshell leak of his draft supreme court opinion that would overturn roe v. wade. he seems to dodge answering a question about his relationship with other justices and if they could still have a nice meal together. "washington post" reports that he said this is a subject i told myself i wasn't going to talk about today.
2:35 am
he added we're taking new cases, headed toward the end of the term which is always a phrenetic time. so that is where we are. he did not address the substance of the abortion decision. >> one thing justice alito was more than happy to discuss hoifr was the court's stance on lgbtq rights. he had an extended discussion about why he believes his fellow justices were wrong back in 2020 to find gay and transgender employees protected by the 1964 civil rights act. so let's bring in former federal prosecutor on the set with us. sam wu, so nice to have you back. all week we've heard president biden and other people as well say don't think that this stops at abortion. next thing to fall here is marriage equality. can you explain for people at home what in the world abortion has to do with gay rights? >> i think justice alito put it best which is he is actually talking about challenging the question of the marriage equality and the reason it flows
2:36 am
from the potential overturning of roe is that his way of analyzing this is to what they call look at original content and gay marriage obviously was not originally in the constitution as were not many things including the right to vote for women, no slavery, et cetera. by overturning something which is considered really super prez den precedent as so many testified to during their confirmation hearings, it opens the door to overturning other things which were not in the constitution back in the 1700s. and that is why we have president biden talking about this opens the door to other issues being overturned and of course central to the concept of equality for gays and lgbtq people are the idea of privacy in the homes. and overturning roe comes really from overturning griswold the original notion of the privacy claim. >> and speaking of privacy, the next fight that seems to be shaping up here is one over the
2:37 am
drugs that are used to induce abortion. and you see a lot of states already targeting that because they know that the law has to catch up with the technology. so that is where this is going. the issue seems to be in the case of ectopic pregnancies, which are rare, but if they happen, you can die from that. and the same drugs used to induce abortion is the same drugs are used to handle the ectopic pregnancy. so it seems like this is won't areas that people who at least support having laws against abortion say that is a misreading of the law, in that case the women's health would become precedent. but explain how this will have a chilling effect. >> absolutely. and the problem here is when you have this type of a ruling, it can trigger criminalization of anything defined as abortion. so not only would those dangerous pregnancies but also the medical after-effects, miscarriages as well. and even with the ivt
2:38 am
fertilization issues, fertilization isn't just a black and white question medically. i'm not a doctor. but it is a process. and so there are multiple steps, multiple fertilizations. and if you have a law which criminalizes anything related to abortion including these drugs, that is problematic for the doctors. >> pharmacies don't carry these drugs. so if you get this prescription from your doctor because you have a life-threatening pregnancy in one of these states, it could be terrifying. happy birthday. and thank you for the legal analysis. >> come back soon. so nice to have you in person. and coming up, joe biden's new maga messaging, will it work.
2:39 am
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back now. president biden meets with
2:43 am
mayors and police chiefs from across the country later today, they will be at the white house to talk about more money for policing. let's bring in jasmine wright. what are you looking for today? >> reporter: we're looking for president biden to talk about just how these local communities have used the millions of dollars that his administration has provided to them to keep their communities safer. he will be talking about that money allocated in the american rescue plan that leaders have been using to do things that he supports like violence prevention and community policing. a white house official told cnn that these remarks today are not unintentional, that they are made really before the summer months where last year we saw the uptick of violence. so trying to push the communities to do more now that they have access to these resources to keep their communities safe. of course we know that today president biden will meet with a bunch of local mayors including the kansas city mayor who wwill talk about money that he has
2:44 am
used to add more police officers to the force and as well as pay the 911 call takers more money as well as leaders from ohio and leaders from oklahoma. now, the elephant in the room here of course is that the president, the administration and democrats at large have spent a lot of time in the last two years defending themselves against attacks from the right saying that they are soft on crime and that they basically allowed crime to run rampant. so this is kind of a pre-buttal, saying these are the things that we're doing especially as crime headlines could really surface in the next few months. laura. >> jasmine, appreciate it. so the president warning democrats that midterm voters are angry about inflation. quote, rising prices will scare the living hell out of everybody. the white house messaging has shifted. now it is less it will work itself out and more i feel your pain. and brand new maga extremism is dangerous. >> under my predecessor, the great maga king, the deficit
2:45 am
increased every single year he was president. i never expected the ultra maga republicans who seem to control the republican party now to have enabled control of the republican party. this maga crowd is the most extreme organization existed in american history, recent american history. >> let's bring in someone who knows a little bit about messaging, former communications for hillary clinton's campaign and also a cnn political commentator and co-host of signal boost. so nice to have you bright and early this morning. the president is really drilling down on this message. he is trying to frame it as maga extremism. is he too late? >> no, i don't think that he is too late at all and i think that it is very important to talk about how extreme the
2:46 am
republicans are especially now just a week after we learned that they want to take away -- of well, we learned that they want to take away our right to decide when and whether we would become parents. but we did learn exactly how close we are to this precipice. republicans have also made our schools a frontline in their weird culture war tee demonizin teachers, they are standing in the way of almost every economic package that president biden and the democrats have proposed to help ease americans' economic anxiety. this is extreme. i don't know if i would have chosen maga to describe them when extremist is right there, but i do think that we need to be telling the american people that the republicans that we're dealing with today are a different breed than the ones that we ever had before. and frankly that has been kind of tough for president biden to realize. he believes in the two party system. he believes that they are willing to do the right thing.
2:47 am
and today they just aren't. >> so that is diverting from the inflation story which he maybe hasn't had the messaging right on the past few months to this new extreme maga. listen to what he has been saying about inflation the past year and many people think that he didn't hit the right tone as early as he should have. listen. >> talking inflation. overwhelming consensus, it will pop up a little bit and then go back down. it is a real bump in the road. it does affect families. my plan cuts the definite deficit. my plan cuts the deficit. bo boosts the economy by getting more people into the workforce. that is why 17 nobel prize winners for economics say that it will ease long term inflationary pressure. >> how long do you think it will be until we see prices coming down? >> i'm not going to predict that. it ranges depending what economist that you are talking to by the end of this year and
2:48 am
some say that it will increase next year. >> now this week you are hearing more about i get it, it really hurts. i went to a family rm if a where -- farm and all these other factors, how the war in ukraine will continue to hurt. if you were advising president biden today, what would you tell him he should be preaching to democrats here? >> i think he should be talking about how republicans are standing in the way of any offsets to make american families get through this period of high inflation. the idea that inflation was going to remain stable as we go through a war in russia and a global pandemic was always a pipe dream. there were going to be problems in the economy. but when you have republicans like governor abbott deliberately causing supply chain issues -- >> you are talking -- wait. you are talking about these new inspections at the border of mexican trucks inbound to the u.s., that caused some snarls at the border.
2:49 am
>> exactly. exactly. part of the republican agenda is to make inflation as high as possible so that they can blame joe biden and the democrats on the way to november. that is callus, cynical, that hurts american families. it is something that we need to explain to people. >> democrats need to explain to people. but from the messaging of the white house, it is almost damned if you do or damned if you don't. you can tell people it will get better and then they say we don't feel your pain. and they say we feel your pain and then they say you are not doing enough. as a message, i think inflation has been a terrible hand that the white house has been dealt and i don't know if they have handled it adeptly. >> you have to knowledge that it is happening but explaining to america why it is happening is not that difficult. there is price gouging. we're seeing record oil profits while we're also seeing record gas prices and we're seeing republicans refuse do anything
2:50 am
that will alleviate the pain. >> they tried it but it is not connecting. >> you're right, all of those are angles of attack that haven't stuck yet. they just see higher gas prices and they are like this sucks and biden happens to be the president. jess, thank you. come back soon. >> thanks, jess. just ahead, new signs russian troops are in retreat in ukraine. 's natural. treat it that way. aveeno® daily moisture with prebiotic oat is proven to moisturizee dry skin all day. you'll love our formula for face, too. aveeno®. dove knows we damage our hair a lot my hair i curl it. i have to use a lot of heat new dove hair therapy shampoo & conditioner with cerame & peptide. it nourishes at a cellular level to rescue damad hair. discover 10 x strong hair with new dove hair therapy reue and protect. frank is a fan of fast. he's a fast talker. a fast walker. thanks, gary. and for unexpected heartburn... frank is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes.
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let's get a check on cnn business this friday morning. i'm smiling because it is friday, not because of what has been happening in the stock market. markets around the world, asian shares have closed the week higher with big gains and europe has opened up as well. a bounce here on wall street stock index futures also leaning up because yesterday felt like a victory because it was just a mixed day. when a mixed day feels like a victory. nasdaq up slightly, dow and s&p down slightly. the s&p 500 frankly is in the middle of its longest losing streak since 2011. damage report here. the s&p 500, this is likely what stock makeup of your 401(k), it is down 18% from a record high in january. edging toward that 20% definition of a bear market. context. you know i love context. look to the right, that is this
2:56 am
awful experience we're having right now. the s&p 500 rose 27% last year and the even longer view since march 2009, right, the s&p 500 is up a staggering 480%. crisis reminder, never bet against u.s. stocks. selloff in tech has been more punishing, nasdaq down 27% this year. deep in a bear market. so bad apple thursday lost its crown as the world's most valuable company. and the miami heat are headed to the eastern conference finals for the second time in three years. andy scholes has it all covered in the "bleacher report." >> so the miami heat first team to clinch a spot in the conference finals with a convincing win over the 76ers. jimmy butler and the heat seemed to want it more last night. butler scoring 23 of his 32 points in the second half. here he misses the shot, gets his own rebound and then makes a three in james harden's face.
2:57 am
harden once again not showing up in a big playoff game. he had just 11 points. only took two shots in the second half missing both of them. the heat would win 99-90. and joel embiid saying after the game that harden just isn't the player that he once was. >> obviously i'm shure since we got him everybody expected the used to james harden but that is not who he is anymore. he is more of a playmaker. there are times it could have been -- all of us could have been more aggressive. >> the mavs and suns meanwhile are going to a game seven. luka doncic leading the mavs on a big send quarter run, they would -- second quarter run. and he finished with a game high 33 points and talking smack with devin booker.
2:58 am
loves the trash talk and it fires him up. game seven set for sunday in pho phoenix. hockey, back to back defending stanley cup champion lightning stave off elimination with a thrilling win against the maple leafs. this decider on a rebound with 1:56 remaining in the first overtime to secure the 4-3 win. tampa fans going nuts. maple leafs haven't won a playoff series since 2004. tomorrow night winner take all game seven in toronto. the nfl releasing the full schedule last night, rams will open the season hosting the bills on thursday night september 8, that sunday tom brady and the bucs will go to dallas. and monday night russell wilson's first game with the broncos is back in seattle where he spent his first ten seasons. christmas falls on a sunday this year, and for the first time of the nfl deciding to hold three games on christmas day, packers
2:59 am
at dolphins, broncos and rams and bills at bengals. and christmas day is traditionally a big day for the nba. now we're going to have the nfl going on at the same time. so big sports day coming for you this christmas. >> something to look forward to. more supports you date of birth w don't want to watch. >> thank you, everybody, for joining us. "new day" starts right now. ♪ good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world, it is friday, may 13th. i'm john berman. chief white house correspondent kaitlan collins in for brianna this morning. we do have brand-new information about a notable russian retreat this morning.
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