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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  May 13, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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hi. we're zerowater. and we believe everyone deserves the purest tasting water. that's why we strive for zero. you see, to some it means nothing. but to us, it means everything. here, take a look. this meter showing triple zeros means our five-stage filter did its job, and that virtually all dissolved solids or tds have been removed. and all that's left is the purest tasting water. let's compare. a two-stage brita filter stops here. but our five-stage filter doesn't quit. zerowater. we strive for zero. it's the top of the hour on cnn newsroom. i'm alisyn camerota. >> i'm victor blackwell. good to be with you. any moment now, president biden will speak in the white house rose garden. he's expected to highlight the billions of dollars his administration is committed to crime prevention. he just wrapped up a meeting
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with law enforcement leaders and mayors where he highlighted cities and states that have committed to use $10 billion from the american rescue plan to reduce crime and hire more police officers. >> president biden is also challenging other communities to tap into the billions of unspent covid relief funds to help pay for more crime prevention. >> our look at more now from jeremy diamond at the white house. what do we expect to hear from the president today? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, victor and alisyn. president biden expected here to highlight these $10 billion of funds from the american rescue plan. that's that covid relief bill that was authorized to be used for public safety measures as well. this is $10 billion that has been committed to public safety funding, 6 1/2 billion of which according to the white house has been spent in the last year by states and local communities, and this is part of a broader attempt by the white house to talk about how they have been trying to address crime in the country, an issue that is sure to be close to the minds of many
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voters heading into the 2020 midterms. here's the white house press secretary jen psaki talking about that moments ago. >> we have inherited the largest year over year jump in murders in record history in 2020. our focus from here has been putting more cops on the beat in cities like detroit and houston who have both used rescue plan funds to invest in fighting crime. we have seen declines in certain categories. our view and the president's view, if you fund and have more cops on the beat working with communities that is going to help address this issue. >> and you can hear there in the rhetoric from the white house press secretary that there's a clear attempt to push back on republicans' attempts to paint president biden and other democrats as anti-police. president biden has talked about stepping up funding for police officers and in that $10 billion, you have funding including bonuses for police officers and other public safety workers as well as community violence intervention programs, funding for mental health counselors. this is kind of an all of the above approach that the white house is looking to highlight here.
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increased funding for police but also looking at alternative methods to help police and make communities safer across the country. all of this ahead of what could potentially be an uptick in crime in the summer. >> let's talk about the baby formula shortage that's on the minds of so many parents. what's the white house saying today? >> yeah, we heard the white house announce just moments ago that the department of health and human services now has a web site up where parents can go and find information about baby formula, what kinds of baby formula they can use. if they're not able to find the ones they're typically using and where they can try and find formula if their local grocery store has empty shelves. it's i think you may have the web site on the screen now, and we heard the white house really talking about what it has been doing. over the last several weeks to increase production of manufacturers of other baby formula producers beyond abbot which of course had that issue with one of its facilities back in february.
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now, i did ask the white house press secretary today whether the white house would have done more earlier including the steps next week that they planned to announce to streamline the process to implement baby formula from abroad to ease some of the regulations. that's something the fda is expected to announce next week. when i asked the white house press secretary whether that's something they should have done sooner before parents got to the grocery store and found empty shelves, hindsight is 2020, she insisted they have been on top of this for weeks. the fda predicting this issue could be resolved within weeks. alisyn, victor. >> jeremy, we'll let you get back to that. we'll bring the president's remarks live as soon as they begin. now to ukraine. the hell inside that steel plant in mariupol is not over. a ukrainian official is describing the negotiations to save the scores of wounded fighters inside the azovstal complex oz quote difficult. new images show how russians are still trying to demolish the factory. this is video of a bomb strike
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posted today on a pro russian social media channel. it is believed that all of the civilians are now out. this image also posted online appears to show russians trying to breach an azovstal barrier. >> and while russians are trying to advance there, they are retreating near kharkiv, ukraine's second largest city. in fact, the russians appear to have destroyed several bridges to stop ukrainian troops from advancing. that's according to an analysis of satellite images. however, elsewhere in the east, ukrainians are not experiencing the same success. for more on that, we go now to cnn's sam kiley in kramatorsk there in the east. sam, what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, victor and al alisyn, as you rightly point out, bridges have been destroyed as part of the russian retreat. that means that they have no intention at all of returning to that front line. they have given up their attempts to capture that city, one of the key parts of that
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original invasion as ordered by vladimir putin on february 24th, some time ago now. but a very different picture here for essentially part of the same front line where the russians really are focused on trying to capture the city i'm in right now, kra ma -- kramatorsk, they own or control specific chunks but not kramatorsk, and they have been trying to push across the donetsk river and established a pontoon bridge killing a large number of russian soldiers and destroying a lot of armor. relatively near to that location today, there was a lot of shelling in both directions. essentially the front lines in this part of the battle space are largely frozen. with any concentration on bridge destruction will be from the ukrainians trying to prevent the russians crossing that all important donetsk river.
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alisyn, victor. >> let's talk about kherson, the first major city under russian control. what's happening there today? >> well, the importance of kherson cannot be exaggerated from the russian perspective because it essentially controls the head of a canal that delivers water, fresh water into the crimean peninsula, which the russians annexed into their invasion. kherson, at the same time, there's been a lot of effort put in by the russians to establish a local administration, there's been perpetual attempts of rumors of attempts to try to conduct some kind of bogus referendum. ultimately they're trying to carve kherson off as a third so-called independent or russian recognized republic. that is because they really desperately need to control their water supply going into crimea. arguably it's the most important prize of the whole invasion. at the same time, the local officials who were based there are saying that the people have
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tried to flood out, as allegations that a convoy of 5,000 people trying to get out of kherson was attacked by the russians who then stopped the convoy. they have been letting the convoy of people escape in dribs and drabs. two people were reportedly injured in the attack on the convoy. this is because there is a severe shortage according to ukrainian officials of food, fuel and of course of money in that location. >> sam kiley in kramatorsk. thank you. let's bring in brigadier general steve anderson to discuss. welcome back. big picture here before we get into the specifics, what's your assessment of the ukrainian forces? do they have some momentum? are they gaining important advantages here? >> victor, yes, i think that they are gaining some momentum. they have done a remarkable job up here in kharkiv. this counter offensive has been significant and why is that? it's because of logistics. they have forced now the russians that had pushed all the
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way down into this area in izyum to go back to defend their supply lines because they're up here in belgrade. that's where the logistics base is, so they continue to do a very very good job of putting the russians at risk logistically. and they're doing a good job, i think, of pushing as much as they can on their rail and their road networks out here into this area. kra kra ma they're doing everything they can to beef up their situation in kra mar . >> show us where the russians are making strides. >> where they've made strides is in this area right here in the luhansk and in this area, pushing into this area right here. okay, this is about still 50
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miles from kramatorsk and the reason that they are being successful is once again, logistics. they have secure supply lines here from russia. they have friendly troops. they already occupied that area. the supply lines are not subject to interdiction. what they are able to do is bring up massive amounts of artillery. the artillery that they have up there, probably about eight to ten battalion task groups up there are firing massive amounts of artillery, and just trying to blow the smithereens out of everything in front of them. they continue to leverage their logistics to get a little bit of success. where they have failed elsewhere in kharkiv and kyiv, they have failed because of logistics. the reason they're succeeding now is because of their better logistics, secure supply lines, internal lines and they're able to deliver to the soldiers what they need. >> general, ukraine has released
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this video showing their forces destroying a russian helicopter on snake island. how effective can ukrainians be in the black sea considering what we've seen of the russian maritime resources there, not so many of the ukrainian. >> well, they have been very successful down there. they knocked out 13 ships now. not just the moskva, but they have knocked out four transport ships. the amphibious capabilities of the russians have been severely degraded. the helicopter knocked out here on snake island is very very key that shows the ukrainians continue to have missile capability, drone capability, intelligence that tells them where they are, and how they can knock them out. and like i said, 13 have been knocked out. it's so important here, this fight, because of course odesa is such a key port. 400 million people throughout the world depend upon the wheat, the corn, the grain products
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that are being grown up here in ukraine. they've got to be able to get them out, and if that port continues to be shut down, blockaded as it is right now, there's still 20 ships out there in the black sea, then that's going to have a major impact on world hunger, and it's going to have a tremendous impact on this war and the hurt that's being delivered to people all over the world. >> general, how about the bridges that we're seeing destroyed, the satellite images we have seen. are the russians destroying these or the ukrainians. >> well, you're seeing quite a few bridges that are being knocked out. these two right here were knocked out by the russians. that was in order to prevent the ukrainians from following them on their counter attack and being able to cut off their supply lines. what we have also seen is the ukrainians knock out bridges, pontoon bridges in the vicinity of the donbas donetsk river, as sam talked about earlier. that's very important because if
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you can knock out those bridges, you can trap a lot of battalion task groups that have gotten across the river, and the ukr ukrainians are probably taking them out now. if you look at the terrain, the meandering nature of the river, and how it's very very difficult to get through. i mean, you cross one part of the river and you might have to cross another part of the river. this is very difficult terrain. crossing this river has been very very important. the russians have been spending about seven weeks now trying to get across this because of course they want to get down to where sam is, kramatorsk, they are 50 miles away. they've got a long way to go and a lot of rivers to cross. >> brigadier general steve anderson, thank you very much for explaining all of that to us. very helpful. >> thank you, general. >> thank you. the white house is trying to figure out the baby formula shortage, how to get food to parents and the parents are trying to figure out what to do when their supply runs out. next, we're going to speak with two mothers who are struggling to find that formula.
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12:19 pm
that manufacture 90% of american baby formula demanding answers to these big questions. >> the thing we could do the most is get our four major producers of infant formula, help them through the steps to get it resupplied as quickly as possible. we are asking when will they have the shelves filled again. when will they have enough product to restock the shelves for our parents? >> the fda says it's working around the clock and will announce plans to streamline the imports of formula next week. joining us now are two mothers who are searching for formula. jen kissler mccoy has twins. >> jen, i want to start with you, how much formula do you have right now at this hour? >> right now, we have enough to get through the rest of the day, and then probably bottles in the morning. >> okay. tell us about how you have spent
12:20 pm
some nights as we understand it, driving around looking for other formula, what's that been like? >> there have been a couple of nights where i couldn't find formula at any store, so i was going to several different targets, several different grocery stores, and trying to order online, but having orders cancelled. that was our experience last night, actually, and today my husband and i are going to be going on the hunt again to try to find some for tomorrow. >> what is this period, this shortage been like for you? >> we might be having some issues there, technical issues. let me ask you, jen, it's not just about getting formula, any formula, and this is an education for someone who doesn't have children, and it is for a lot of people. babies don't accept all formulas, you have to find the one that has the right nutrients? >> that's exactly true.
12:21 pm
and ones that they like and aren't going to protest sometimes. my boys have a little bit of a sensitivity, so some sensitive formula has been the best for them. they don't spit up as much when they drink that. trying to find something that agrees with their tummies helps. >> my gosh, look at your sons. they are so beautiful. these are incredible pictures of them. jen, i mean, when you're driving around at night, how far are you going? just explain to us what this kind of pilgrimage is that you're on? you go to different pharmacies and you think they're going to have formula, but they don't? >> exactly. you hope they do. i mean, i have gone as far as just a couple of towns over to try to find some. but i actually have friends and family that are on the hunt for me. my inlaws live about 40 minutes away, and they're trying to find formula for us, and i have a sister who lives in las vegas who is looking for some as well. she found two cans for me that she's going to mail for me so we
12:22 pm
can have some. >> you know, we just had on senior adviser to the president who says they are working on it, but it's not a switch that can be flipped, and there will be formula on the shelves tomorrow. this could take weeks. if this stretches on for the rest of this month, and into june, what, then, for your family? >> it's very stressful going forward. i am in a somewhat lucky position because my boys are 11 months old, so we are introducing food, so right now what we're trying to do is give them food first so they can kind of fill up a little bit with that, and then supplement with formula afterwards and just try to move them more towards being comfortable eating more varieties of food and hopefully we'll be able to make it through the next couple of months. >> we have heard that other parents are having to water down the formula to ration it to stretch it out, and of course that's problematic knutritionaly for the babies. that's them not getting enough. >> also these home made recipes
12:23 pm
that doctors you should not give to your children either, jen, thank you so much for sharing your story. we of course wish you the best. we couldn't reconnect with mat mac intosh, but we thank her as well. many republican lawmakers were rooting for madison cawthorn to lose in his upcoming primary, and they have a plan if he gets to keep his seat in congress. xfinity mobile runs on america's most reliable 5g network, but for up to half the price of verizon, so you have more money for more stuff. this phone? fewer groceries. this phone? more groceries! this phone? fewer concert tickets. this phone? more concert tickets. and not just for my shows.
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let's go to the white house. this is president biden delivering remarks on how covid funds could be used to boost public safety. it makes a big difference when you know the community, and that's been my approach from day one. that's why we designed the american rescue plan not only to beat the pandemic but to rebuild our economy, but to restore public safety. and we understood the challenge from the beginning. communities were facing a rising tide of violence that coincided with this pandemic. we went through the last two years, and it was happening at a time when state and local budgets were under tremendous strain. because of the pandemic, so many people laid off, revenue is not coming in. they were firing everyone from police officers to school teachers to first responders, but before the american rescue
12:29 pm
plan, their budgets were in deep distress, the states and localities. one study found that before the rescue plan was passed, 27% of the mayors in america were having to make deep cuts and layoffs in law enforcement as well as other areas. so we made sure that the american rescue plan provided substantial resources to keep that from happening. through the law, we provided $350 billion. let me say that again. $350 billion directly, not to the legislatures, directly to cities, counties and states independent of one another. money that could be used to hire back police officers, to invest in proven strategies like community violence prevention programs and keep community safe and ease the burden on law enforcement. because of that money, states and cities were able to add back
12:30 pm
460,000 jobs, including police officers in addition to firefighters, educators, and other critically important roles. and by the way, not a single republican member of congress voted for the money for law enforcement, public safety, to stabilize these budgets. not a single one. for the states, cities and counties. not one. >> that's president biden there talking about the billions of dollars in covid relief funds, he's encouraging cities and states to use for public safety and to reduce crime. we'll monitor this as it continues. meanwhile, republicans in congress are reportedly rooting for their colleague madison cawthorn to lose his north carolina primary race on tuesday, but if he wins, they have plans to deal with his recent controversies. >> a citation for bringing a gun to the airport. he was caught driving with a revoked license.
12:31 pm
this video appearing to show him naked in bed, well, he was naked in bed. and insinuating that his colleagues invited him to orgies and used cocaine. how will republicans handle madison cawthorn if he's reelected. >> they're going to try and make sure he's sitting at the kiddie table at the house republican conference. there have been numerous discussions inside the house gop about how to deal with cawthorn if he does come back. they want to make him less visible because they are just so fed up with his controversial antics and what republicans have told me, almost certainly he's going to get obscure committee assignments even though he's wanted better committee assignments, that's not going to happen. i'm told he might not be invited back to join the house freedom caucus, a conservative caucus, a lot of trump supporters are members. and one republican said he might take it a step further, if cawthorn doesn't straighten up. here is what that member told me, he said i met with the guy and said don't break the law
12:32 pm
again, you break the law one more time, and i'm going to start calling for you to be kicked out. and i don't mean kicked out of the house freedom caucus, i mean kicked out of conference, voting him out, he's a black eye on our conference. th that is coming from someone who is affiliated with the trump wing of the party. it's significant. even if gop leadership doesn't have an appetite for removing him from office. his problems are not over even if he does manage to win his primary on tuesday because he has just become such a potariahn the republican conference. victor, alisyn. > . >> does former president trump still like him? >> it does not appear at this point that trump is riding to the rescue. now, he hasn't pulled his endorsement he appears to be in a wait and see approach at the moment anyway, but look, he has put some serious distance
12:33 pm
between him and cawthorn in recent weeks. i'm told that people close to the president have been going around and going out of their way to point out that trump did not have an official endorsement of cawthorn on his web site even though trump did endorse him last year in a video before the maps were drawn. it just goes to show that even someone like donald trump who was a huge cheer leader of cawthorn is now trying to put a little distance between them. >> melanie zanona, thank you. the government is making a major move to investigate the handling of classified white house documents that ended up at donald trump's florida home. two sources tell cnn the justice department prosecutors issued a subpoena to the national archives, they want to access the boxes of documents that were retrieved from mar-a-lago after trump left office. now, a trump spokesperson denied any wrong doing, and the white house declined to comment. with us now, cnn legal analyst and former federal prosecutor, elliot williams, good to have you back. let's start with this would not be the first administration to
12:34 pm
mishandle documents whether intentionally or unintentional li ly, but what's the legal exposure for the president. >> certainly, and you're right on. just about every presidential administration messes this up. every administration is under an obligation to secure documents during and after their time. certainly there could be criminal exposure for mishandling or misappropriation of government documents if someone knowingly did, so knew they were breaking the law, knew they were taking documents away. that's why the justice department is seeking to interview witnesses here. it's not just about the documents. it's talking to people to get a sense of did whoever might have taken documents away know exactly what they were doing, and why they were doing it, and just being negligent or an accident is not going to be enough under that statute. there's a few others, theft, mishandling of government documents that might prove a little bit differently, but that's what you do here. >> in other words, just having
12:35 pm
15 boxes of presidential records at mar-a-lago is not a smoking gun. they actually need to prove that somebody intentionally was stashing them there. explain why do they have to subpoena the national archives, this happened, everybody knows this happened, the national archives had to claw them back. why do they need to be subpoenaed? >> a couple of reasons, so the justice department can get access to them to find out what's in them. number two, so the justice department can secure them. right? everybody is focusing on the criminal liability here, but if there's national security information in these documents, you have to ensure this doesn't get in the hands of people who might do harm to the united states, so even separate from the criminal question there's this important question of making sure that nothing has gone into the wrong hands. right. >> let me ask you about these five republican congressmen who have been subpoenaed by the january 6th committee, one of them the republican leader, kevin mccarthy, now that we're a
12:36 pm
bit out from the immediacy from the breaking news, and we have gotten responses and insight from the committee members, does this appear to be the committee trying to make a statement, if not now, when, for posterity, or that they really want to see these men in a seat in front of the committee to get some answers? >> it's highly unlikely that any of these witnesses comes in to testify, and people should know in congressional investigations where they're sort of interviewing or investigating their colleagues, they're not guaranteed to ever get the testimony of everybody anyway, so it is a very important statement to posterity and the future to issue these subpoenas. moreover, what the democrats or what the committee might be doing is preserving their right if republicans take over next year to not comply with subpoenas then, right? by issuing a subpoena here that they knew that none of these folks would comply with, they're opening the door to doing the same thing down the road. it's an odd body, right,
12:37 pm
congress, where you're seeking to subpoena your boss or your colleagues or people that might be your boss next year, and they might just be trying to play the long game, rather than trying to secure the testimony. and also, most of what they have, most of what they would be seeking from these witnesses, they already have in public statements or documents or interviews from other witnesses anyway. to use alisyn's term from a moment ago rgs , there's no smo gun, because you've seen most of it. >> elliot, thank you. >> no problem, alisyn. in louisiana today, a federal judge heard arguments over the future of that controversial immigration restriction policy known as title 42. we're going to take you live to the courthouse next.
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a federal hearing on a challenge to the biden administration's plan to end title 42 in ten days has just wrapped up. >> that policy allowed the united states because ofe today was whether the biden administration can end title 42, that public health authority that allows officials to turn migrants away at the u.s./mexico border and during more than two hours, the judge heard arguments from both the states, the more than 20 states who have filed a lawsuit against the biden administration for this decision, and from the justice department. now, the states argued that if this authority is terminated, it will overwhelm the border and it will potentially lead to more releases of migrants into their states and therefore impose harm
12:43 pm
and have them incur costs, specifically what came up was health care costs, and then the states also said the biden administration didn't follow proper procedures. when it decided to end this authority. the biden administration saying in court today that this is an extraordinary measure that the cdc took during a public health emergency and it is the cdc director who has the authority to both invoke it and terminate it when the director sees fit. now, the judge jumped in only occasionally. mostly focusing his questions on the harms to the states, but the louisiana deputy solicitor l sc pleased with the way the day went. alisyn and victor. >> answer questions about baby formula shortages. >> you sent your deputy secretary of state to africa. she visited three countries, gabon, angola, and south africa. she spoke with president lorenzo, and when she gave her
12:44 pm
report to the media, she said that she'd been seeing many progress in terms of human rights, fighting corruption, and also better business environments for the american investor. are you aware of what is going on in angola, mr. president? >> i'm waiting for a report. i have been on the phone with the president of south africa at length on those same issues. and i've been on the phone and been in contact with other african leaders. there is a need for a significant increase in focusing on human rights and not abusing human rights but there's also a need for us -- what we're doing is trying to figure out how can we help african countries accommodate the changes they have to make in terms of their environmental problems, as well as dealing with infrastructure approximate. and so i convinced the g7 to agree that we would put together
12:45 pm
a program where we would advance the economic nations of the world, would provide the kind of resources without any strings attached to increase environmental capacity as well as dealing with other problems in african nations. there's a billion people. we're working very hard to try to get ahold of that. >> are you visiting africa too? >> i'm only going to keep them standing here another five minutes. >> i'll make it quick. >> thank you, sir. i appreciate your time. i just want to ask you, what further executive action are you considering to do police reform, i know that's pretty much stalled in congress for right now, and i want to ask another question on foreign relations. you spoke with the leaders of sweden and finland today, what's your message to president putin after essentially those threats that he gave at least to finland? >> with regard to the second question, and i'm not going to go into the detail of my private conversations with the presidents of sweden and finland except that we had a good conversation and they expressed
12:46 pm
their interest and desires relating to security, and there will be more to report on that shortly. with regard to the first question was what again? >> what additional action are you considering on police reform, and we know your administration -- >> what i have done by executive order is done what i can insisting that police reform for federal officers new york city choke holds, no no knock warrants, et cetera, that's going to continue, but one of the things i have decided to do, the best way to get the reform done as quickly as possible is to go local and to make sure we invest in police departments, local and city and county police departments, because one of the things we talked about in the cabinet room is that i don't know any cop who likes a bad cop. i mean that sincerely. i grew up in a neighborhood where you became a cop, a firefighter or a priest, and i'm not joking, the guys i know in the police forces, the last thing they want is a bad cop, a bully, a thug being on the force, so the idea that somehow
12:47 pm
there's this overwhelming desire to protect a bad cop is the leadership's role to make sure they find them, get rid of them, and if they violate a crime, prosecute them. thank you all so very very much. thank you. guys. >> okay. we have been listening there to president biden. he was talking about covid relief funds originally, and whether they can be used to fight crime as he's recommending, and then you heard him addressing a range of issues including there police reform. >> we'll take a quick break, and we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ no heavy feel up to 30hr wear can your concealer do this? new super stay concealer only from maybelline new york (mom allen) verizon just gave us all a brand new iphone 13.
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we join the president's remarks right after he gave an answer about the baby formula shortage. what did he say? >> listen, president biden outlining some of the steps his administration is taking to address the baby formula shortage across the country including the additional flexibility for some manufacturers and the way these products are displayed in stores, where they can come from as it relates to specific states. i also was able to ask the president about some of the criticism his administration has
12:52 pm
faced, particularly from republicans who have said this administration should have anticipated this shortage and i asked him whether or not his administration should have done more of these steps that we're seeing now sooner. here's his response. >> if we had been better mind readers i guess we could have, but we moved as quickly as the problem became apparent to us. and we have to move with caution as well as speed. because we have to make sure what we're getting is in fact first rate product. that's why the fda has to go through the process. >> and you hear the president there, as he talked about we could have acted sooner if we were mind readers. a fairly defensive answer from the president who is facing a lot of incoming on the issue as it has become top of front pages across the country and a major issue for parents across the country, but the president emphasizing there they also have to be cautious as they go through these steps to insure these regulatory issues as it relates to baby formula are
12:53 pm
still following even as they try to quicken the availability of these products to parents across the country. victor. >> all right, jeremy diamond, thank you. >> okay, so this sunday on an all-new episode of the cnn original series nomad with carlton mccoy, the renowned chef, master sommelier, and expert traveler takes us on a global exploration of food, music, art, and culture to discover the universal threads that connect all of us. >> carlton takes us back to his hometown of washington, d.c. here's a look. >> cheers, guys. >> carlton, come on. you have to cook this. we don't have baking powder and baking soda. >> we'll whip the egg whites and yokes. see, i got something out of culinary school, huh? >> it brings me a ton of joy to cook with my family, most of the recipes in a black home are not written down. you get a lot of the corn milk out of it. it's like a starch.
12:54 pm
>> you have to watch and learn and use your senses. >> how many more eggs do you need? >> topaz mccoy, annoying me for 39 years. >> these are the recipes that my grandmother taught me, that i'm now passing down to my nieces. >> let's go. >> it's time to eat. >> the mac and cheese. >> this is a continuation of our culture and heritage. >> i love it. carlton mccoy, host of nomad with carlton mccoy, is with us now. good to have you here. this was, i understand, a little bittersweet for you. why? >> well, you know, being raised in d.c. is -- has always been a little difficult. one, because it's a city that's dealt with a lot of crime and a lot of drug issues. but you always deal with the identity of the city versus what you know the city is. and the culture that really
12:55 pm
exists there, which is an incredible culture, but also i hadn't been home a while. i work a lot and travel a lot, so being able to be home was pretty fantastic. but you know, you go back to d.c. and quite a bit has changed. some for the better and some would argue for the worst. >> i totally agree. i was just there this week for a couple days. and i went to school there. >> me, too. >> there are some neighborhoods that are unrecognizable now. >> columbia heights is a completely different place. >> correct. >> what do you see when you go back? >> well, you know, you see things changing very quickly. i think, you know, even my sister and i talk about it all the time, of gentrification and the cons and pros. more cons than pros. there are some pros for sure. the neighborhoods definitely see lower crime rates and things like that, but it's because they're properly invested in. so we get to see what happens
12:56 pm
when neighborhoods are invested in properly. unfortunately, those investments come for a new demographic. >> listen, i understand that you're going to show some of the quintessential foods and culture in the show. what are folks going to see? >> d.c. has an incredible culture there, a lot of people don't recognize that d.c. has a very strong sort of southern background. a lot of people who grew up in d.c. were part of the great migration out of the south. you know, especially around the time of even pre-jim crow, but around jim crow. my grandmother and great-grandmother moved up to d.c. in the late '40s. and that was a little farther north and things were a little milder there, but with the people came their culture, their food culture. even the accent has a really, really strong southern identity.
12:57 pm
and we were able to capture that and show that, but also show how diverse the population is, a lot of immigrant groups, you know, enormous amount of el salvadorians, ethiopians who call d.c. home. that was really incredible to be able to show that thesis through the lens of d.c. because we did a lot of that traveling around the world. >> well, carlton mccoy, thanks for making us all hungry. the show looks great. this is an all-new episode of "nomad" that airs sunday at 10:00 p.m. >> "the lead" with jake tapper starts after a short break. ready to turn your dreams into plans and your actions into achievements? explore over 75 programs and four-week classes national university.
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your future starts today at nedu.
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(avo) ninety-six percent of subaru vehicles sold in the last ten years are still on the road. (grandmother) i'm so glad you got a subaru. (young woman) i wonder who gave me the idea? (avo) love. it's what makes subaru, subaru. the white house refuses to call the baby formula shortage a crisis. i know quite a few parents who disagree. "the lead" starts right now. baby formula under lock and key in some spots, impossible to find in others. how the biden administration is now responding after shortages that have been here for months. >> plus, russia retaliating. the kremlin threatening to cut its power supply to finland after finland, a neighboring nation, looks to join nato. what might come next. and a chaotic scene at a funeral. as israeli police beat mourners with batons.


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