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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  May 13, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities.™ this is "don lemon tonight." prior primary season heating up. we'll look at the races. major shifts in the battle field in ukraine. >> translator: russia lost almost 27,000 soldiers, many of them young conscripts.
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russia lost more than 3,000 tanks, armored combat vehicles and a large number of conventional military vehicles, helicopters, drones and all of the prospects as a state. >> cnn cannot confirm those numbers and big news in the tech world, elon musk says he is putting his $44 billion deal to buy twitter on hold. i want to get to tom foreman with a look at the key primary races just days away. tom, what can we expect? >> hi, don. five states to keep an eye on on tuesday and we'll start in the wild, wild east because pennsylvania really is wild. republicans thought that this race for the open senate seat, there was going to come down to dr. oz endorsed by donald trump and david mccormick, the hedge fund guy. they thought this was the race, that's it. they will duke it out and we'll see who wins but kathy barnett
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came cruising in. she's an activist kind of person that completely embraces the big lie that donald trump won. she also said alarming things about muslims and about gays. things that are extremists even for people who might embrace some version of those views. the bottom line, though, she has really upset the balance of the whole thing there. if you look at the poles, oz dropped a little bit in numbers. mccormick dropped a little bit but look at barnett from 9 to 19% and this is now a statistical tie. really interesting to see who comes out of that, and in doing so, how much they drag the party to the right, which could be a challenge for the general election. the democratic side similar sort of question there in this case, the question is how far left might they go? john fhugely popular up there with blue color voters, also
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progressive. the question is did they wind up further left to win the voters and do a lot of people wind up in the middle saying i don't want the far right, i don't want the far left. the governor's matchup, nobody on the republican side hasn't embraced the idea election security is a big issue that has to be tackled despite no evidence that there is a problem with their election security. whoever comes out of this will run against the attorney general who fought in court against a lot of these spurious claims. in idaho, the governor match up has the governor, income -- income bent at war. we'll see how that shakes out. in oregon, the question is out of a lot of democrats, who will win on tuesday night because they haven't elected a republican in the general election since the 1980s so whoever wins that moves on and then, and then, north carolina we have to talk about the race involving madison cawthorn, the
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youngest member of congress who has been in all sorts of hot water in the news lately. there is a video that were leaked. there was a podcast where we talked about being invited to orgies with drugs in washington. all sorts of issues, so much so his own party has shown a lot of concern about where he will wind up in this election. bottom line, two things to watch for. the influence of donald trump tuesday night, do his candidates really come through and secondly, how far right particularly does the republican party have to go and then how can they claw back toward the middle when they need the middle voters in november? don? >> great information. thank you. i want to bring in manu r raju. good evening, gentlemen. manu, you're up first. you heard tom, he laid it out. key races including congressman madison cawthorn in north
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carolina. you have reporting how republicans are looking to marginalize him if he wins. so give us the latest on that. >> yeah, i mean, look, this is something that is very rare. i mean, i've covered washington for the past two decades and i have not seen a party turn against a sitting member of congress the way they have so quickly with madison cawthorn because of the different antics that the 26-year-old has done in his very short time in congress, everything from calling president zelenskyy of ukraine a thug to getting -- bringing a firearm, trying to an airplane, driving with a revoked license to talk about alleged cocaine and/or or gy parties with congr clearly wasn't true caused a number of members, republican members to rebel against him. two sitting republican senators
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both are opposed to his bid. thom tillis is actively working to defeat him right now. the nine republicans -- the total congressional delegation that we talked to oall of them, none of them would offer support whatsoever to madison cawthorn and in our reporting with my colleagues, alex rodgers and melanie, we found that there was wide spread frustration with him not just among the establishment members of the caucus, the conference, but also some of the more trump aligned members as well. some of them slightly warning that if he does take some more embarrassing things, gets in more trouble with the law, there will be cause to boot him from the conference all together. it includes one big issue if he does win reelection in the primary come tuesday and wins in november, what will that mean for his committee assignments going forward? one thing we heard is that there say feeling that he will not get
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some of the more prized committee assignments, something that all members of congress ultimately want but something that they can lose if they get on the wrong side of the leadership. so a lot of issues for him going forward. if he does survive, he still would certainly be a pariah with the the conference if he changes his ways. >> i got to say. listen, this happened with marjorie taylor greene and matt gaetz and it doesn't seem it cares, the committee assignments. they like the attention and clicks and to be able to get on conservative media and say, you know, and own the libs or what have you and then members of their own party, the rhinos. listen, i'm holding up your piece, michael, because you take a deep dive into the story. it's a political piece titled he's not okay. the entirely predictable unraveling of madison cawthorn. we spoke to more than 70 people that know the congressman. how do they explain what is
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going on with him? >> lost in the lantics that we'e heard is the fact he's a human being. he's a 26-year-old. based on my reporting, largely considered to be an immature 26-year-old and a 26-year-old eight years ago had a devastating life altering traumatic accident that left him paraplegic and from what my reporting indicates, he's still dealing with on going trama. it's understandable. he still struggles physically from a pain standpoint and the pain goes well beyond even just the physical pain. so my effort here was to try to answer why we are seeing some of these behaviors of what has been a pattern of behavior building throughout his time as a member of congress dating back to january of 2021 but certainly
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escalating and accelerating and intensifying here in the last few months or even the last couple weeks as we head closer toward the primary on tuesday. >> is there a point where he crossed the line for you? is there something that stands out, a moment that stands out for you? at first, it seemed in the beginning that it was -- listen, he was conservative, maga and all of that and then it just really all changed. >> so i think the increased traffic transgression, the reckless driving, the speeding, not just speeding a little bit but going upper 80s and 65 in a 70 mile per hour zone, a second instance of bringing a gun, this time loaded to the airport in charlotte. just sort of an increasingly reckless level and even se self-destructive behavior we're seeing and frankly, this made him vulnerable. he is different from matt gaetz and from marjorie taylor greene. they are not electorally or
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politically vulnerable in this primary season and madison cawthorn could lose. he could win. he needs to get -- shouldn't be a problem for an inck incumbent republican district but it's not guaranteed. if he doesn't get to 30% he's in a runoff and i don't know how that would go for him. if he even gets through this primary, it's not inconceivable that he could lose in the general particularly if these -- this kind of behavior continues and certainly, he's made many, many enemies. it not just in washington. it started much earlier from get-go in henderson county, north carolina in his own home territory. almost immediately started making enemies out of people who had helped him get elected and so this has gone from hendersonville to raleigh to washington and from many people in those places got to a point
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where he's not worth the trouble. they can find a conservative maga sort who can hold the seat who is not the level of trouble, not the source he's been for so many people. >> manu, listen, i'm going to wrap this up here but he's just one of multiple far right candidates in the upcoming primaries. you have kathy barnett in pennsylvania as tom mentioned, she has a history of bigotry, the latest polling shows she could win tuesday. are republicans worried what this could mean come november? >> yeah, no question about it. i mean, there is a real fear pennsylvania is central to the fight to the control of the united states senate. if the democrats pick up this seat, this is a republican held seat, pat is retiring and if they're able to pick the seat up, there a good chance they can manage to cling onto the majority of the senate where they're likely to lose the house. this could be something of a coup for them and there is a
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pe fear among top republicans if kathy barnett wins can be the vulnerable candidate that hurts them in a general election, something we seen in the past from 2010 to 2012 and beyond and perhaps that could essentially haunt them at this time around. now, the other side of the equation, don, people said the same thing about donald trump in 2016 concerned he was unvetted, concerned they didn't -- what he would inmode in the general election. you can't definitively say how a candidate like this will turn out. this is a central moment for trump, too, as he heads into a key moment of the primary season, what he's endorsed candidates from georgia, pennsylvania, north carolina, do they pan out? does he win or end up on the losing side? it's a flip of the coin in some of these races at the moment. >> all right. thank you, mimichael. thank you, manu. appreciate it. tune in. our special live coverage will start tuesday 7:00 p.m. and i'll be here, guess what,e at
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midnight. who knows, maybe they won't be decided by then. we'll get breaking news in the midnight hours. i want to get to new video just into cnn. close attention to this. clarence thomas speaking out about the explosive leak of the draft opinion overturning that could overturn roe v wade. here is how he responded to a question about justices with deep ideological differences getting along on the court. here it is. >> you know, i just think that they bring -- that anybody who would, for example, have an attitude to leak documents, those -- that general attitude is your future on the bench. and you need to be concerned about that. and we never had that before. we actually trusted -- it was -- we may have been a dysfunctional family but we were a family, and we loved it. you trusted each other. you laughed together. you went to lunch together every day. and i can only hope you can keep
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it. ben franklin that said we gave you a republic if you can keep it? and i think you have a court and i hope you can keep it. >> there is a whole lot in there. a lot of questions he could have answered about what is happening on the court and what that actual document means and what is going to happen in the coming days and weeks as they decide on this thing. last week justice thomas reiterated he believes supreme court justices are obligated to take a fresh look at the established precedent. stay tuned. we'll keep following. next, what the heck is going on with elon musk? hmm. first he says he's buying twitter, now he says the deal is on hold over fake accounts. did he ever really want to buy this company or is he just trolling? which would be in line with twitter. you know who can answer that? cara swisher after the break. life can be a lot to handle. ♪ this magic moment ♪ but heinz knows there's plenty of magic in all ththat chaos.
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deal or no deal? elon musk saying he's putting his deal to buy twitter temporarily on hold. did i say that? twitter. it was a few week ago he agreed to take the company private in a $44 billion deal. let discuss with kara swisher, contributing writer who is the host of the podcast "sway." i love the podcast. i love being on. good to see you. >> thank you. hey, don. how are you doing? >> doing very well. thank you for asking. twitter deal temporarily on hold pending details supporting kaglk calculations, spam accounts represent less than 5% of users and minutes ago he said to find
8:21 pm
out my team will do a random sampler of 100 follower ounce twitter, repeat the same process and see what you discover. he says he's still committed but is he trying to back out? he trolling everyone all along or is this a negotiating tactic? what is he doing? >> the price is too high given the tech fallout of the stocks that have taken a beating the past two weeks, the past weeks specially including tesla where he's financing this from. so it was down 30%. now it's up today when he said he was temporarily putting it on hold, it was up quite a bit. it's really expensive. twitter, i pointed this out on monday. twitter would have fallen down into a trench where the other tech companies are, snapchat doing very well, airbnb doing well. twitter hasn't dropped because of the 5420 price elon has in the company. he's essentially paying double
8:22 pm
what it probably is worth now. it's just being held up. he wants to reprice it so he's using different tactics to do that and i'm sure he's using that to reprice it. >> i sat next to you at the white house correspondence dinner and you were explaining the whole how this works -- >> not to the dinner. i didn't go to covid soup. >> we were -- we had dinner together. let put it this way but not at the dinner. >> yeah. >> you explained to me what you thought about it and it made sense. i learned so much. there has been -- i was like i don't know. this doesn't make sense. so much skepticism this deal would happen from the start but elon musk would owe twitter a $1 billion breakup fee if he cancels this deal. it's really on the hook for that or is there a way out of this like $1 billion cancellation fee so to speak? >> well, if you look at the history of elon musk, he's
8:23 pm
gotten out of a lot of scrapes, he probably thinks he can find a way out if he wants out. he can also pay the billion-dollar breakup fee and come back when twitter's stock is low and offer a smaller amount. i think he does want to own this company. i absolutely do . >> you do? >> i do. everyone thinks he's trying to worm his way out of it. i don't. i think he wants a lower price. he wants to walk away, the price craters, which it should because every other tech company and it has worse results than a tech company in that group. he wants the stock to crater, which it deserves to and then he'll come back and as one of his -- someone who knows him well said then he'll look like a hero for buying it when it's really in distress. again, it's not worth what he's saying it's worth and he offered too much money. he wants to take that back before he has to hand it over so he's finding ways to do that
8:24 pm
including through the bots. he knows well, there is a lot of tesla bots, there is more than 5%, there is a lot of bo thts o twitter. >> there is a bot clause but he didn't read it or care about it and now at this moment it's something to care about. am i correct? >> yeah, yeah, i think one of the things he said he needed to do due diligence, which anything such as a house, you need to do due diligence or you find out there is no furnace or whatever. he's trying to find a reason to pull back. definitely he's trying to reprice it. if he's going to buy it -- >> when do you think we'll know? >> i don't know. when we know. i think the twitter board has to think about what it wants to do now. tesla shareholders are thrilled today because the stock rose up and no other tech stock is going up like that. >> yeah. >> we'll see. >> kara -- >> he wants to buy this company.
8:25 pm
we'll see. who knows. >> all right. >> i was joking -- i joke that elon musk does jazz hands and that's what you're watching, jazz hands. [ laughter ] >> i learn a lot from you. thank you, kara, please come back. have a great weekend. >> thanks, don. >> see you soon. >> you, too. a bill passed in the missouri legislature based on junk science is about to make pharmacists lives a whole lot more difficult. we'll tell you what it is all about. you don't want to miss it. that's next. ( ♪ ) ( ♪ ) ( ♪ ) ♪ my name is austin james. as a musician living with diabetes,
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all right. you have got to pay attention to this next story. the missouri legislature passing a bill this week that would prohibit pharmacists from questioning doctors who prescribe ivermectin or high driving whilfor use. doctor, thank you so much. so i just want to read -- good evening to you. i want to read the key part of the bill, okay? a pharmacist shall not contact the prescribing physician or the patient to dispute the efficacy
8:31 pm
of ivermectin tablets or hydroxychlorqin. >> that's the farmispharmacist'. they don't just pour pills in bottles. they are trained how drugs work and drug interaction and how drugs mix and also side effects of drugs and it is part of the professional duties of pharmacists all around this country to educate patients in how the drugs work, how to take them and what to expect. what that bill would do would basically gag pharmacists, prevent them from performing the essential duties of their job and i'm not a lawyer but it seems like maybe there are first amendment problems with that, as well. i would love for ivermectin and
8:32 pm
it to work. a large study in brazil shows ivermectin doesn't work. if they study the effectiveness for a patient, they should be absolutely permitted to talk about that to folks. >> i read the story when it came out. we have the war going on. i was hoping it would be a bigger story but it got buried right? >> right. >> not effective at all. hydrox notfecteffective at all. governor parsons is a republican. what would be the responsible thing to do from a public health perspective? >> well, obviously, you know,
8:33 pm
this is a bill that interferes with the essential functioning of the health care system. he shouldn't sign the bill. no pharmacist in the state should obey it, frankly. the issue -- the stubborn thing about science is that it's true regardless of whether you believe it or not and what the facts show is that both of those drugs are ineffective in preventing severe consequences of folks with covid and even though physicians may prescribe it and patients may take it, the drugs don't work. and if they are prescribed, it's very reasonable for a pharmacist to question why are they being prescribed to a patient. >> one, the most common use is an animal, a horse deformer, wh -- dewormer, which is ivermectin, correct?
8:34 pm
>> right. >> it speaks to the limits republicans are trying to put on speech in certain circumstances but not others. like we want free speech. we want free speech. people should be allowed to say what they want to say on twitter but this appears to be a first amendment issue to you. it's confusing. what is it? what is going on? >> we politicized medicine and we've politicized science. i never thought we would be in a situation in the united states where things as simple as masks or vaccines would become basically political and, you know, right now, people have staked their careers on the efficacy of drugs that don't work. we've seen this throughout the midwest and south particularly with drugs like ivermectin, which has a role in treating parricides but doesn't work in covid and drugs like hydroxycut
8:35 pm
chloroquine has become a political brand. if you believe in ivermectin, you're a conservative. if you don't believe in i iver ivermectin, you must not be conservative. the truth is the drugs don't work and we need to let physicians and pharmacists and health care professionals do their job, keep politics out of it. >> and also, i mean, topically, ivermectin treats rosacia. right? >> yeah. >> thank you for coming on. appreciate it. see you soon. >> have a great weekend. >> you too. russian forces are advancing in the kharkiv region. we'll go to the magic wall and show you what's up, next.
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ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy saying 20,000 russian soldiers have been killed since vladimir putin invaded his country. that as ukraine claims new video shows a russian battalion was destroyed trying to cross a series of bridges in northeast ukraine. i want to bring in cnn military analyst and retired u.s. air force colonial cedric leileight.
8:41 pm
good evening. >> good evening. >> they wanted to prevent them from crossing the donetsk river, can they do that? >> they can. t this is really interesting because the bridge, of course, is totally destroyed at this part of the river. look here at these tanks right here, there is one here and here. they are blown up and completely gone. it the jack in the box syndrome that we talked about before. that thing has shown exactly how this could actually be part of a broader strategy that the ukrainians have because what they're doing is they're cutting off the russians for every single thing that they've got, they are also taking out things on the side, all these trucks, all these different areas and you still see smoke this way. yes, the ukrainians can do this and do it quite well. >> before we get to more specifics, can you take a big picture look at how the
8:42 pm
ukrainians with doing in their defense? do they have the momentum to push back russia? >> so that's going to be a mixed answer, don. here they did a great job around kyiv. they took the russians out of this area right here. this is the area where they're going to have some trouble. now, in kharkiv, they're having success but look at everything that's going on in this area and of course, in the south down here. these areas are going to be a challenge because the russians are moving down this way. they're taking all of these areas down here and they will probably move up this way from the south to the north. so once they take care of mariupol, so with all of these different areas, we believe the russians are going to have some momentum in the east but that doesn't mean they'll be able to do anything with kharkiv or anything in the southwest. >> i want you to take a look at these satellite images from the kharkiv region that show russia blowing up critical bridges in their retreat. what does this tell you about their current strategy, sir?
8:43 pm
>> so in this particular case, what you're seeing is like this bridge right here is a really neat cut that they made in this bridge. so they knew what they were doing. they deliberately cut this bridge in half. the next bridge is different. it looks sloppy to us looking at it from a satellite view, but nonetheless, it has the same effect. it cuts off the path right here and the ukrainians are going to have to find a work around. the russian strategy is to force the ukrainians into a kind of holding pattern and when they do that, what they're doing is keeping the ukrainians at bay as much as they can and protecting their supply lines. >> even though russia is retreating, russian forces are making gains in the east near the region, what can you tell us about their current assault there? >> this is going to be really interesting. when you look at what they're doing in kharkiv, you see the ukrainians have actually gained
8:44 pm
territory in this area. this is the line that the ukrainians have, this would be the russians. they're touching the border with russia itself right there. so the ukrainians are doing really, really well there, but when you look down here at this area in the region, what you're seeing is there is only this small area of territory that belongs to ukraine right now in that province, and that is the only part that is under ukrainian control right now. so it is almost gone from the ukrainian standpoint. the russians will probably take it in the not too distant future. the ukrainians have a big chance to prevent the russians from gaining ground in these areas if they're careful and prevent surroundings. >> have a good weekend. >> you, too, don. why is vladimir putin trying to stop ukraine? can he be stopped? join fareed zakaria has relooks
8:45 pm
to experts to answer those questions. "inside the mind of vladimir putin" begins sunday night at 8:00 p.m. the oakland police department has been under federal oversight since the early 2000s accused of racial discrimination, beatings, kidnappings, planting evidence but that federal over sight could be gone soon and we'll tell you why. that's next. we need to reduce plastic waste in the environment. that's why at america's beverage companies, our bottles are made to be re-made. not all plastic is the same. we're carefully desiing our bottles to be 100% ryclable, including the caps. they're collected and separated from other plastics,
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. federal oversight of oakland, california's embattled police department may soon be over. back in 2003, federal authorities stepped in. well, the city paid out more than $10 million to more than 100 plaintiffs. no accused officers were ever convicted, but one is still on the run. now after nearly two decades, they say oakland police has now reached compliance with reforms. but many residence dens are skeptical. >> reporter: it was a notorious time for the police department. officers accused of beating, planting evidence, victims files
8:51 pm
a lawsuit. >> it was rot ten to the core in many areas, largely because plfrs were not held accountable. >> reporter: as part of a settlement, the department mandating more than 50 reforms including training, field supervision, incident reporting, and more. >> do you feel today if you saw something happening that shouldn't be happening that you would be able to speak up? >> absolutely. >> reporter: officers new to the force are now training that silence is not an option. >> stand up and say something, you know. >> reporter: a judge now says that oversight will end next year if the department can stay the course. >> are you confident that oakland police today, this reformed department that's trust of the community you're sworn to protect. >> i think it's a work in progress. >> reporter: this chief who took
8:52 pm
over the department last year points to new officers trained with a new mindset. >> my name the brian wood. >> reporter: he's been on the force for two years. they are part of a newer generation of police officers who have only known the city's current model of progressing policing. >> it's let's go out and serve the community who has empowered us to do that. it's not what policing was 20-30 years ago. >> we're going to go look for this, go look for that, stop people, now it's like, no. let's check with the community. >> we need officers that embrace constant training, constant growth, serve and spirit, have a heart for the people. if you don't have a servant's spirit, wrong profession. >> reporter: the results have won over some critics, including john burrus who filed the original lawsuit against the department. >> we don't have the beatings we
8:53 pm
used to have. we don't have the shootings we used to have. one of the questions is can we maintain this, and i hope we will. >> i think the people of oakland should be able to say whether or not the police department is ready to overcome oversight. >> police departments do not want to change. they do not like being told what to do. it was supposed to be a five-year process, and it took 20 years for you to stop beating, racially profiling. >> i'm sorry it took so long, and i'm sorry there was resistance. maybe it took 20 years to get us to this point, but i think we all should be proud of the fact that we are here. >> reporter: a judge has signalled an end to oversight of the police department, there is a stipulation. the order will require the department to undergo a one-year
8:54 pm
sustainability period during which time monitoring will continue until next june to ensure the new reforms will long endure. don? >> josh campbell, thank you. we'll be right back. starts the night before. the 360 smart bed senses your movement and aututomatically adjusts to help keep you both comfortable all night. and can help you get almost 30 minutes more restful sleep per night. sleep number takes care of the science. all you have to do is sleep. don't miss our weekend special. save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, queen now only $1,999. and free premium home delivery when you add a base, ends monday ♪ ♪ i'm the latest hashtag challenge. and everyone on social media is trying me. i'm trending so hard that “hashtag coon sense” can't keep u this is going to get tens and ns of views. ♪ ♪ ( car crashing ) ♪ ♪
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i'm michael homes, i appreciate your company. >> coming up, the ukrainian military pushes back at troops in kharkiv as the -- gets underway. and a shocking scene in jerusalem. israeli police beat mourners of a late palestine journalist. welcome, everyone. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy says more than a thousand towns and villages have been retaken from russian forces, including six more. ukraine also says russian troops continue to retreat from around the city of kharkiv in the north. from the south, the british defense ministry say


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