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tv   CNN Newsroom With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  May 14, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning. it's saturday, may 14th. you're live in the cnn newsroom. >> we are grateful to have do you with us. we want to tell you about ukrainian president zelenskyy. wooes he's welcoming a congressional delegation led by mitch mcconnell. these are some of the first pictures. we know that zelenskyy says the
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visit sends a strong signal, bipartisan support for ukraine. it's not clear whether the meeting took place today nor whether the delegation is actually still there in kyiv. this is the second visit by a group of u.s. lawmakers in two weeks time. >> cnn correspondents are covering the latest developments. what are you learnin ing about s delegation to ukraine? >> i was to emphasize what you said which is we're still getting a lot of details about this visit from mitch mcconnell, john cornyn. we're not sure if they are still in kyiv, still meeting with zelensyy. it's likely this took place already.
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pelosi led a delegation two weeks ago to ukraine. this is happening as the senate is trying to pass a bipartisan bill. the problem here, noticeably missing from this delegation is senator rand paul, republican from kentucky is holding up this legislation while senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer have worked with their party and most of the party in support. senator rand paul is holding up this legislation because he wants to see a vote on an amendment that would create a special inspector general to over see how the ukraine military aid is spent. the aid they are sending over to ukraine and yukrainian presiden.
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they have offered to have an amendment vote on this rule that rand paul wants to create but that's not enough for him. he wants it an underlying bill which is why he's holding up this legislation that means the senate can't fast track this process and haven't been able to pass this legislation as quickly as they wanted. what's expected to happen is schumer will go through the process that's needed to pass this legislation. they will break filibuster. it's not happening as quickly as senate leaders want even though very unique, this is a bipartisan bill here on capitol hill. that's incredibly rare. these republicans visiting ukraine as all of this is taking place on capitol hill and continue when they return if they already returned next week. >> a significant and symbolic moment of solidarity with the ukrainian people. thank you so much. >> thank you. listen we're following another developing story out of ukraine as well.
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a ukrainian fighter is describing horrific conditions beside that battlered steel plant. >> he says there's about 600 wounded inside the sprawling complex. he says the conditions are unsanitary and operations are being performed without anesthesia. we want to take you live to kyiv now. >> we have been learning from fighter that managed to speak to the outside world give an idea of those appalling and deteriorating humanitarian conditions inside. we, at our end here, have been meeting with the family members of some of those men who are still inside and have been for several weeks. these are family members that are really trying to attract the world's attention making desperate pleas earlier in week for the turkish president to
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intervene. now appealing to the chinese president. communication vs been limited. her son who is in his early 20s that she hasn't seen since the month of february is inside the plant. she last had communication with him on the 9th of may when he called her for mother's day. have a listen. >> he loves his country very much and says if we don't defeat them, they will defeat us. every one has to fight for their country. he loves his country and the guys who are there now, they love their land very much and will fight for it until the very end. he told me i am prepared to give my life for it, but i'm not prepared for this.
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>> she shared pictures of him when he was a baby. we're talking a young boy, just 21. >> talk to us about the counter offensive that ukraine has launched to try to retake some territory. >> this was crucial as far as russian military forces are concerned. it was the heart of their latest offensive to try and move beyond a particular stretch of river north. that attempt we're now seeing through satellite imagery and eyewitness reports that kind of corroborate what we have been hearing from ukrainian forces which is those russian forces tried to cross this river extremely important for them in
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terms of moving north wards, keeping that momentum, trying to encircle ukrainian positions and carry on taking ground. that appears to have failed in fairly spectacularly. there's been several attempts by the troops to cross the river, building pontoons and what we see now from the satellite imagery is ukrainians have been successful in blowing those up. we understand that some russian forces did manage to cross the river but not in numbers sufficient to sustain any significant advance. this is a serious set back now for russian forces on what was the heart of their concentrated efforts to try and continue gaining ground. >> we appreciate the updates. thank you.
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>> they were recalled in february and continued supply issues have pushed parents to the breaking point. now manufacturers say it would be weeks, even months before supply is at full capacity. there's a lot of parents scrambling for alternative ways to feed babies. there's some mother who is are able to breast-feed, not all can. i talked to one of those mothers. jessica ibarra takes anti-seizure medicine. it's transmitted in her breast milk. breast-feeding is not an option. i spoke to her and her husband earlier about the anxiety and what they said is panic that they experience particularly that they braug theought their
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girl loam. >> >> we came home and it's supposed to be celebration. it is still but it's celebration/panic. that's not the idea situation you want to bring a newborn into. >> when we got home with her and realized there was no formula and we had hours worth of farm la left, it was nonstop anxiety. it was all of the post partum hormones you get from having a child plus not being able to feed your kid. not knowing where the next meal would come from. i was waking up in a cold sweat every night. it was consuming my thoughts. i was almost paralyzed with fear. we were lucky enough to have friends and family really step up and help us. >> as a husband, it's kind of sad. you're the providers wland whatnot.
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you're supposed to take care of the family and knowing you can't do that. it's out of our control, and i understand that. >> we want to take you to wilmington, delaware now. the biden administration has taken some criticism for handling of this shortage. how is president biden responded to that criticism? >> they've taken a number of steps in recent days but it comes as questions continue to mount as to why this white house didn't move publicly sooner to avoid wa we're seeing now which is bare shelves and very concerned parents. my colleague jeremy diamond at the white house asked the president this very question. take a listen. >> should you have taken the steps sooner. >> if we been better mind readers, i guess we could have. we moved as quickly as the
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problem became apparent to us. >> there we heard a bit of defense from the president. in the meantime, the fact is it's going to take some time for the product to reach the shelves. the white house has taken a number of steps, including yesterday they announced a new health and human services website for parents on this quest to find baby formula. you can see the web page right here on your screen. they said they been in contact can manufacturers trying to up the product to put it on the shelves. the fda says next week they will have more information about those efforts. really trying to streamline the process and taken some rather limited but still steps trying to mitigate the problem including importing formula from abroad. something that didn't happen before.
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in some places it's kind of limited. something the white house is considering that they have not pulled the trigger on is putting in place the defense production act which allows the white house really take control in emergencies about more of what the country is producing. that kind of production aspect. they haven't yet decided on that but that's something under consideration as this white house is focuses on responding to this emerging crisis here. >> boris, christi. >> thank you. let's dig deeper with an expert now. we have dr. tonya altman. she's a pediatrician and a consultant who has worked with the baby formula industry for many years. we appreciate your sharing part of your sad with us. the main question for parents is what should they do? what are their options? >> i think that's a great question .
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it's already come compliant with the infant formula. i think we're going to need to start accepting high quality product where is they have been making formulas for decades that have safely fed their babies. that could be one more layer to help us ramp up production and distribution here in the united states. >> i want to get a better understanding of that. what is different between the formulas produced in the united states and those produced in australia? why are there rules in place to limit their import? >> the rules historically were
7:14 am
there to make sure that we had safe formula in the united states that met the specific rigorous formula requirements set out by the fda here in the united states and it's been tested specifically by the fda. now, that said, we know that formula technology and knew trig h -- nutrition has improved and not all formula is created equally but there's some amazing, safety products from europe, from australia that we know due to surveys that parent vs been importing in this country for the last five to ten years. i think we need to take a closer look at this and especially some of the countries, some of the products are already were set to start production shortly in the united states before this shortage happened.
7:15 am
i encourage you to think about donating to a milk bank if you have extra breast milk. >> the problem does gnat appear if it will be alleviated any time soon. they are expecting shortages and high demand for the balance of the the year. if that's the case, what would you advise parents to do to make it through the coming months? >> that's why i think we need a multiprong approach here in the united states. we talk about breast milk. we talk about importing high quality, clean label formula but also talk to your pediatrician. there's still many products in the united states. even smaller companies that are not, the wic companies, that do have good product and babies can switch from one brand to another brand without any issues. it's most challenging for parents who have babies with food allergies and sensitivities
7:16 am
and in that case you're looking for a specific formula. there's also cases where if your baby is over six months of age and eating a wide variety of solid foods and your pediatrician can talk to you about this, you may be able to use a high quality toddler formula. that's what they do in many countries for babies over a period of time. what concerns me about that is cow's milk doesn't have added iron. in most cases infants aren't eating enough iron rich food. >> i've seen a lot of suggestions on social media and speaking to a pediatrician is the best bet in that regard. what about the concept of watering down formula or coming up where a homemade version of
7:17 am
formula? >> that's a really important point we should talk about. it can be extremely dangerous to make your own baby formula. in my facebook group this morning, there were lot of accounts of hospitalization os curing due to this. the infant formula manufacturing proses has been based on decades of scientific research. you can't buy the individual ingredient and mix them up in your own kitchen. it's very challenging to get the ratios of vitamins, minerals, protein exact. there could be a contamination from bacteria and other organisms when you make your own baby formula. those are some of the issues we have seen putting baby fls the hospital. also watering down your formula will change the nutrition profile, throw the balance off which can cause serious health problems in an infantastic --
7:18 am
infant. >> it's a tough time for parents. we're grateful to have your expertise to walk us through that. thank you so much. >> thank you. today abortion rights groups are expected to be in cities across the country. next, we'll take you to the nation's capitol. twitter stock tumbles after elon musk says his bid to buy the social media site is on hold. what does it mean for his potential take over and could he walk away all together.
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events are being planned at iconic locations such as outside the supreme court, the brooklyn
7:23 am
bridge, los angeles city hall among others opinion he's on the national mall today. joe, what are you expecting to see today? >> reporter: this is the location on the national mall where we're expecting this event to kick off in washington, d.c. over the next hour and a half or so. they tell us they're expecting about 17,000 people expected fo show up. there's hundreds of locations around the country where we do expect this type of event to occur today and that includes what they are calling the core cities of chicago, new york, los angeles, austin, texas. there are multiple organizations involved in planning this protest including the women's march, the planned parenthood action fund, seiu and many
7:24 am
others. they are speaking in no uncertain terms about how they feel about this draft opinion that was released. they say it's their worst nightmare. it's not been fully realized because as everybody knows it's a draft opinion that was released and politico picked it up. the question is whether the language in that draft opinion will be adopted in part or completely by the court. we might not even know that for the next two months or so. back to you. >> joe johns, we appreciate it so much. thank you. we have white house reporter for the washington post and cnn political analyst is with us now. good to see you. thank you for being with us. talk about these protests today. i mean, when you see the numbers that we're talking about it does suggest significant support for abortion rights. i'm just curious what message do all of these marches send to the justices and do the justices pay
7:25 am
attention to what's happening today? >> i think the justices would tell you that they try to block out any sort of outside influence, including political influence and whatnot but there's no doubt that certainly there's so much energy right now particularly in the aftermath of a leaked decision. among supporters of abortion rights and what democratic leaders both here in washington and nation wide hope that happens is that energy is translated to action at polls in november. we have critical midterm elections. we also have several critical gubernatorial races and state legislatures at stake. democrats from president biden on down hope that energy really gets to, really bolsters democrats motivation in a year where things are not looking particularly great for the party. >> does it bolster the opposition? >> it could. we have known for decades that
7:26 am
abortion, the courts is an energizing issue for the republican party. it's interesting. i talk to a lot of republicans about abortion. they feel this election will be won on other issues such as inflation, the commeconomy, the state of the pandemic. >> we know the senate knew the vote codify the 1973 decision
7:27 am
into law would fail this week that was a given going in. what was the take away of that vo vote? did it serve the democrats? >> chuck schumer wanted to create the contrast between democrats and republicans and try to paint a picture for public of which party is on the side of women's rights and abortion rights. that's a reason why there are two republican senators, two female republicans who do support access to abortion just not in the way -- just not in the way this bill was written. that's susan collin and lisa murk murkowski. we asked why not come up with a compromise that could get them on board. he made it pretty clear that this is a messaging bill that is meant to show that distinction between the two parties when et
7:28 am
c -- it comes to abortion rights. they made that clear. showing whether a democratic controlled washington can do anything, i think it showed they can't. they are really struggling here. >> i want to mention what happened yesterday during the speesh in dallas. justice clarence thomas expressed his dismay at the leaked draft. he said it's changed the culture of the nation's highest court. when you look t that overall, what your assessment of how this leak is shaping the nature of the court and the impact it's had on the country? >> it's really -- one thing it's done is it's kind of shown -- it's done many things but also kind of shown the political side of this institution and i think that's really the struggle here for chief justice john roberts. you heard after confirming the leak draft from politico was an authentic one, he decried the
7:29 am
leak and he's launched an investigation into who at the court may have been responsible for getting that opinion out to the public. i think it's really kind of punctured this public image of the court as kind of this institution that is above politics. while it is -- of the three branches of government it's still seen more favorably than the white house and congress, i think the public image and the public approval of the supreme court has been declining for some time. i don't think this really helps their image on that end. >> all right. appreciate your perspective. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. from record heat waves to rising prices. farmers are struggling to keep their crops healthy. next, a look at some of the pressures they are facing and allow they are dolie dealing b the front lines of inflation. we'll be right bacack.
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this time of year, u.s. farmers would be tending to their budding crops preparing for the winter harvest. >> an unprecedented grdrought h many u.s. farmers stressed it will be less supply this season to sell. c cnn gabe cowen spoke with f farmers who say this is a real concern. >> reporter: bryan brooks is staring down 4,000 acres of b
7:35 am
barren land. >> there's nothing to salvage here? >> oh, no. >> reporter: now it's time to plant corn. >> would it grow? >> no. we'd just be wasting our money. >> reporter: a severe drought from kansas to california has put 71 million crop acres at risk. 22% of the nation's crops. farms are rationing water. some destroying crops that they know won't survive. in the midwest, it's the opposite. farms are soaked and planting is weeks behind. it's one more strain on farmers with costs skyrocketing for labor, fuel, seed and fertilizer. >> we're planting less to try to survive to live another year. >> reporter: mark, is switching crops and planting half as many acres. >> consumers will feel the pinch at the grocery store. >> reporter: u.s. food prices keep climbing. up 9.4% from a year ago and expected to rise 5 to 6% this
7:36 am
year. the war in ukraine is adding to it sending global prices sky high and creating a hunger crisis with grain industries largely cut off. >> redousing the red tape. >> reporter: on wednesday the biden administration announced new measures to help u.s. farmers. doubling funding for fertilizer production and expanding access to cropping insurance. >> we can make sure the american agriculture exports will make up for the gap in ukrainian supplies. >> reporter: a new usda report is suggesting higher prices in the u.s. on grains like wheat and corn. there's growing concern crop problems could add more stress to the food supply chain. >> the drauought impacts will result in less food being on the market.
7:37 am
>> reporter: he's hiked his prices 20% to cover it. >> if wheat prices keep rising, will you have to raise your prices? >> yes. there's no way around that. >> reporter: a problem that could grow from this december late dirt where nothing else will. >> just pray for rain. >> thank you for that report. elon musk said he's putting his bid to acquire twitter on hold just a few weeks after agreeing to acquire it. the confuse sent twitter shares plunging by more than 20% before it rebounded. >> musk said the delay is due to pending details about spam and fake accounts among the platform users. he assured every one he's quote, still committed to acquisition. cnn chief media correspondent walks us through this. >> reporter: hey. is elon musk just trolling us
7:38 am
all again? i think that's the dominant question this weekend in the tech world after musk tweeted on friday about this twitter take over being on hold. let's analyze what he wrote and see if we can read between the lines. he said twitter doeal temp roriy on hold. he linked to a nearly two week old story from reuters about the existence of spam accounts on the platform .
7:39 am
maybe he's trying to get a lohser price for twitter. maybe she'he's trying to buy it closer to 30 billion instead of 40 billion. ing after 20 years, the federal government may no longer have to over see the oakland, california police department. has that department changed for good? we'll take a closer look at its progress after a quick break. don't go anywhere. trelegy for copd. [coughing] ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪
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and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free at mpblt some 17 people were injured in milwaukee last night after a mass shooting downtown. it leads our top stories for you today. new video shows how the chaotic scene unfolded. investigators say the victims range in age from 15 to 47. a total of ten people were taken into custody and some nine firearms were recovered from the scene. according to police the incident happened only two hours after another shooting just blocks away near the city's arena where
7:45 am
an nba playoff game was taking place. mpblt let's go to texas. authorities are offering more than 22,000 dollar for any tip leading to the arrest of the man you see there on your screen. escaped inmate. he's serving two life sentences for capital murder. that's 46-year-old gonzolo lopez. he broke out of his restraints and attacked the officer driving the bus. he crashed the bus about two miles away and ran. right now lopez is on the texas most wanted fugitive list. more than 300 law enforcement personnel are searching for him. federal oversight of the oakland, california police department may be coming to an end. >> a judge ruled the police department has reached substantial compliance in achieving internal reforms mandated by a 2003 settlement. that's after oakland police officers were accused of planting evidence and beating up
7:46 am
suspects. >> reporter: beatings, kidnapping, planting evidence. victims filed a lawsuit. >> it was rotten to the core in many areas. largely because officers were not held accountable and the leadership turned a blind eye to a lot of these things. >> reporter: as part of a 10 million dollar settlement the department was placed under federal oversight, mandating more than 50 reforms including officer discipline, training, field supervision, incident reporting and more. >> do you feel, today, like if you saw something happening that shouldn't be happening that you would be able to speak up? >> absolutely. >> reporter: officers like mia cooper are trained that silence is not an option. >> stand up and say something.
7:47 am
>> reporter: a judge says the oversight will end next year in the department can stay the course. >> are you confident this reform department has the trust of the comment that you're sworn to protect? >> i think it is a work in progress. i think we're taking steps every day to build trust. >> reporter: chief points to new officers trained with a new mind set. >> i'm from sacramento, california. >> reporter: bryan wood has been on force for two years. they are part of a newer generation of officer kwhos have only known the city's current model of progressive policing. >> now it's in our dna. it's not just arrest bad people. let's serve the community who has empowered us to do that. >> we're just going to go look for this, look for that. stop people, pull people. it's leike let's connect with te community. >> reporter: they carefully screen new recruits.
7:48 am
>> serve in spirit, have a heart for the people. if you don't have a serving spirit, wrong profession. wrong profession. >> reporter: the results have won over some critics, including john burress. >> we don't have the beatings that we used to have. we don't have the shootings that we need to have. one of the big questions is can we maintain the efficiency we have. i'm hopeful that it will. >> reporter: not every one is. >> i think the people of oakland should get to say whether or not the police department is ready to come off of federal oversight. >> reporter: kat brooks says many residents are skeptical that any reforms will stick. >> police departments do not want to change. it was supposed to be a five year process. it took 20 years for you to stop beating, racially profiling, mistreating. >> i'm sorry that it took so long. i'm sorry there was resistance. >> reporter: he says what matters now is the present. >> maybe it took 20 years to get
7:49 am
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an intense heat wave is expected this weekend. >> this isn't something that will come and go. >> i think that will be the key thing is this a a prolonged heat event. we're looking at temperatures that we would see in july and
7:54 am
august. this isn't one or two places. wichita falls, texas topping out at 100 degrees. illinois, wisconsin breaking record temperatures for yesterday. this southwest, place you typically think of as being very hot is even going to be above average by their standards. phoenix will be 10 be today. that's 11 degrees above their normal. tucson looki ing temperatures about ten degrees above places. you're seeing the heat expand into other records. at some point over 200 locations have the potential to break records. san anglo, you're looking at the next three days in a row, at least of being in triple digits.
7:55 am
lubbock reaching triple digits on sunday. same thing for dallas. this is widespread but for some areas of texas, you could be breaking daily records five, six, even seven straight days in row. the firefighters have to keep fighting those fires but now in triple digit temperatures. >> it's a very good point. let's keep our firefighters in mind there. thank you so much. thank you for being here. we hope you make good memories today. >> always good to be with you. before we go, we want to give you a quick reminder. watch an new episode of "nomad." this week he's showing us a different side of his hometown in washington, d.c. it airs tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. right here on cnn.
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