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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  May 14, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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the fbi is working this case jointly with our partners, with the buffalo pd and our other federal, state and local partners. we are investigating this incident as both a hate crime and a case of racially motivated violent extremism. the fbi is providing all necessary resources both local he and nationally to investigate this matter. we will not stop until every lead is investigated, every piece of evidence is analyzed and until we understand how and why crime occurred. our thoughts and our prayers are with the family and the victims
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who died today. >> i'm the united states attorney for western district of new york. i want to start by saying my thoughts and heartfelt prayers going to the family, the victims and the community that had to suffer this great and unnecessary tragedy today. we're wrorking with our state, federal and local law enforcement partners as you already heard from to ensure that justice is brought to this community, to those victims, to their family. the united states attorneys office will be investigating this case along with our law enforcement partners as a hate crime and domestic violence extremist. i'm in touch with highest levels of the department of justice, resources will be put behind this investigation. whatever we need, we will not stop until justice is brought to
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this community, those families and the victims of this horrific crime. i can assure you as the united states attorney i will bring whatever resources we need to this community to make sure that justice is done. this should never happen to anyone in any community. it shouldn't be happen on beautiful saturday when people are shopping and going through normal life events. we will ensure the perpetrator of this is given justice and justice will be done. >> thank you to all my partners and law enforcement from the federal and state and local level. the amount of work that's been done so far has been
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extraordinary. the amount of information that's been gathered so far has been outstanding. training to the sheriff, i can not thank enough. we hear in county are not waiting. i have already called a judge hannah to come downtown immediately and arraign this individual. within the next hour, it will be arraigned on the first degree. i am not even going to mention his name right now. i don't want to give him any celebrityism at aum right now. i don't want to give him anything right now that puts a tension on him and the alleged, i say alleged despicable acts
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commit today in our great city. i'm not going to give you his name right now. i'll give it to do you after i issue a press relief. judge hannah is downtown right now. he will be arraigned tonight. the charge carries with a life without pa patrolrole sentence. there are two aspects that could be charged here. the one obviously is crystal clear right now. as the commissioner said, we have ten individuals who have
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unfortunately lost their life. three that have been shot. there's also a second subsection of the nmurder in the first-degree that has a racial component to it. obviously, we will investigate that further. i want to make sure right now when i arraign him tonight my clock is ticking as far as my felony hearing date which will be five days from now. i want to make sure i have the best charge right now to hold him in custody and get this matter moving forward before i add any other charges on. i can and in those charges are applicable, which i think they may be, they will be added on. they're not going to increase the punishment at all from a
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state standstandpoint. from a state standpoint, it's life without parole and that's as high as we can go. i want to thank my district attorneys across the country who have been texting me and calling me for past two hours. i thank you for your thoughts and prayers. i want to know my thoughts and prayers are with the family members who have lost loved ones today in city of buffalo. >> we'll hear from county executive mark and congressman bryan higgins. >> then i'll take any questions at the end. >> as has been said by all the others, today is one of the saddest days in the city of buffalo. all of the county's resources have been made vaebl as necessary to assist in this horrific act. as the mayor noted, we are the
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city of good neighbors. we are not defined by this act but how we will come together to spot support the families. i want to offer my deepest condolences to those who lost loved ones today. as we know we will offer all resources possible from all parts of county government whether it's the sheriff's office, district attorney offices or the other departments to ensure that not only do this individual be prosecuted for this horrible crime and brought to the full extent of justice but we also can heal as a
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community from this trau matic experience. >> thank you very mituch. the eyes of the nation are on buffalo. those eyes are full of tears, full of sympathy for the violence and tragedy that's been exact. ten preeeople are fnot going to return home. their loss is a loss and death that's exacted on this community. i couldn't be more proud of mayor, district attorney, u.s. attorney and all the elected officials that are here today in the law enforcement community who have coordinated this effort.
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something that will serve as a basis at the federal level to get guns out of hands of those people who should not have guns in their hands. we hope that time will heal. we are good community. we are a giving community. we love our people. we love our diversity and again these people were people that for the past 24 months were working in service, in service of others and people we call their heroes. our heroes have been taken down today without justification. >> as we conclude, before we open up for questions, i want to express our deepest and heartfelt condolences are with the families of those who lost their lives today tragically and unnecessarily. if you will bear with us, we
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will especially up for questions and we conclude in prayer. >> where is the shooter from? >> we're not going to say right now. the state police and the fbi and the atf are investigating his residence. we do not want to stay where he's from. he's from a county here in new york state that is hours away. >> can you give us more information on why you're calling this a hate crime at this point? >> there are certain pieces of evidence that we have asce ascertained that indicate some racial animosity. i'm not going to specifically talk about or elaborate on what they are right now.
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we have evidence in custody that shows there's racial components to these alleged actions. >> susan rose. >> what was the weapon? >> an assault weapon. >> was he known to law enforcement? >> no. does not appear. >> can you confirm there was some sort of manifesto? >> i'm not going to confirm that. >> will it be open court for the arraignment? >> i mean, probably not. it's going to happen right now in closed city court. no. >> will he face federal charges or the death penalty? >> all options are on the table. we will put every tool in our tool box to make sure justice is done for the individuals of this crime. >> associated press. >> is part of the evidence -- can you talk about the victims?
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were the victims all black and the shooter white? >> yes. >> out of the 13 victims, 11 are african-american. two are white. there were four store employees. >> were they fatally shot? >> we have the security guard who was the retired buffalo police officer was fatally shot. three other store employees were non-fatal wounds. >> the ages or age range? >> not now. >> was the suspect live streaming the shooting? >> yes. >> where was that live stream? >> social media platform. >> when was the last time first-degree murder was brought forward to a suspect in your county? >> i believe it's only been done once in my tenure. >> do you think he was working alone or could there be other like him in. >> at there point it appears he was alone. >> tim. >> social media posts out there, i can't -- is there any reason
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law enforcecement should have known who this individual is? was there concerning posts brought to the attention of law enforcement anywhere? >> no. at this time we don't know that. >> anyone else? >> we see this everywhere else. we think tnever think it's goin happen here. these people are our neighbors. we see them at the grocery store shopping every day. it has to be going through each and every single one of your minds when you heard about this. >> of course. that's why we want to bring justice. to every individual who was a victim. i learn a long time ago when i was frying h trying homicide ca we in the homicide field when we're doing a homicide
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investigation, we speak for the dead. when we speak for those who have lost their life, we're going to bring them justice, their families justice. >> let me respond to that. many of us know this top super market on jefferson avenue very well. many of us have been in and out of this super market. our family members have been in and out of this super market. some of us, many of us know some of those who are victims of this horrific crime. this is painful. this does hurt. it always hurts. as the u.s. attorney said, this should not happen in this community and any community anywhere in our country. >> do you think this be exacerbate racial tensions in
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this community? >> as we have all said t, this the city of good neighbors. we are a loving community. we're prayerful this will not exacerbate racial tensions. we can't let an evil person divide this community and an evil person divide our country. >> could i address that? what i'm hopeful for is this incident will bring us together because as stated, this could have been anyone of us or any one of our loved ones. we shop on saturday. we go to super markets, we go do work. this should bring us together and not tear us apart. that's what i'm hoping that we all ban together to let the world know because i'm getting texts from friends in other countries about this incident today. we need to let the world know who buffalo is, who the people in buffalo are and what we're
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going to do for our community and other communities to make sure this type of crime is stopped. >> one more. >> is this schedule the event in buffalo. >> as long as i can remember. >> what are the age ranges of the people that have passed? >> not going to get into that now. >> can you tell us a bit more about the timeline of how he was taken into custody? how long between the time this attack started and time it ended was he taken into custody and did it take police to get there? >> i don't have the exact answer on time. it was a very fast response by our prinatrol officers who immediately went inside the super market. >> was the shooter speaking when he was live streaming? >> we can't comment on that. >> all right. we will conclude with prayer.
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father paul. i'm pamela brown in washington. we begin with breaking news from western new york. just moments ago buffalo police confirmed an 18-year-old man opened fire on a supermarket, killing ten people and wounding three others. police officials say they have the suspect in custody. cnn was monitoring the news conference. one official not mentincing wor calling this straight up, racially motivated hate crime. >> there's still a lot we have to learn about this incident that began to unfold a couple of hours ago that left ten people dead at this top supermarket in buffalo. during the press conference we heard from several members of law enforcement as well as the mayor of buffalo. take a listen to what he had to say. >> the shooter was not from this
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community. in fact, the shooter traveled hours from outside this community to perpetrate this crime on the people of buffalo. a day when people were enjoying the sunshine, enjoying family, enjoying friends, all manner of happy activities. people in a supermarket shopping and bullets raining down on them. people's lives being snuffed out in an instant for no reason. >> as we learned in the press conference, this shooter is in k k custody. he's an 18-year-old white male who drove in from outside the community. drove in several hours. not from the city of buffalo. they believe this is a racially
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motivated. it's being investigated as a hate crime. this is something that is certainly concerning to this community. anyone can relate to going to a supermarket on a saturday. handling your weekly errands and to have this sort of thing happen is just a tragedy. it really isn't the first time. we know about the shooting at the walmart in el paso back in 2019 that was also racially motivated. it's a lot to learn. we know the suspect, he was heavily armed wearing tactical gear and he had a camera where he was live streaming this shooting as it was unfolding. officials there wouldn't answer the question of whether he was speaking during this live stream. those sorts of details will have to wait further. this person arooef arooefed on e and shot four people in the parking lot.
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ten people shot and killed inside this supermarket. several others injured. we understand the suspect is being arraigned any minute now . a lot to learn about this shosh shooting, motivation and weapons. every one can relate to this
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sort of thing. a mass shooting happening at an ordinary place. people just going to get their groceries and we'll learn more as we get it in. >> it was allegedly posted online. someone who has covered the fbi for so many years, it actually is rare that fbi would come out so soon after and say we're investigating this as a hate crime. officials saying this is racially motivated hate crime. how much does this manifesto back up, provide the evidence for the officials to make such a direct statement so soon after this shooting. >> it seems it's providing a lot of information and they believe these documents, the manifesto tha thaer reviewing has validity to it. we don't know if the alleged
3:22 pm
shooter was saying things while he was shooting. maybe witnesses reported seeing things or perhaps that's maybe what's given him some more evidence to suggest this was a hate crime. i think it's very significant, as you pointed out, that the fbi came out so strongly saying they will be investigating this as a hate crime. more importantly, also they will be investigating this as rationally motivated violent extremism. we heard the fbi of the federal officials, department of homeland security saying this is kwu one of the biggest threats that the country is facing. this lone wolf type attack. people who have access to weapons, nothing stopping them from getting the weapons. there was a report issued in 2019 that spoke about this. this is something whae heard th fbi director talk about. this seems to be playing out in that fashion. the evidence so far that the fbi and the buffalo police have gathered giving a lot of indications and a lot of
3:23 pm
information to investigators which is now allow them to say that they are investigating this as a hate crime but this is racially motivated, violent extremism which opens up a counter terrorism investigation. you can see the department of justice here in full swing with the attorney general saying they will be looking at this person also facing federal hate crimes. it's going pro vied them a lot of information as to motivation.
3:24 pm
we see the shootings where it's clear cut. what was the motivation. here that seems to be the case. it's very clear cut to officials with what they are dealing with. i think also significantly the authorities talking about how the alleged shooter turned the gun on lims and seseemingly indicate he was going to take his own life but police were able to stop that. they now have this person in custody. that's going froto provide them lot of information. i think with the da they are saying they are ready to arraign him. they are charging this individual. they have overwhelming evidence that is allowing them to do so with this video of this shooting. was he targets this community specifically.
3:25 pm
that's something that the investigators are going to want to feg out as well. something the fbi has been worried about, something the fbi has said. this is going to be something this country is going to be dealing with. it's a great, great danger to us. we're seeing this so far based on all the information that fbi is providing and the buffalo police that this is what we're dealing with here. >> it's worth noting how quickly they came out to call this a hate crime. they are come right out of the gate after this shooting in the early hours after the shooting calling it just that. >> if you remember the synagogue
3:26 pm
shooting that we covered, remember the fbi took some heat because they didn't come out quicker and say what it is. we're seeing perhaps some lessons learned from that. when you have information, when you know something is something, just say it. perhaps that's why we're seeing them so quickly come out an release this information. pam. >> that's a really good point. >> it was the hostage situation. >> thank you so much. mp >> how is the biden administration reacting? >> president biden has been briefed. the president is spending the weekend at his home in delaware. the new white house press secretary said the president was briefed by his own land security will continue to receive updates throughout the evening and into tomorrow as more information comes in. we have learned that the
3:27 pm
attorney general as well as the homeland security secretary have also both been briefed on the matter . he's slated to return here to washington where he's scheduled to speak at a memorial service honoring those law enforcement officials who have lost thaer leaves in last year. that can provide one of the first opportunities for the president to speak about this tragedy as yet another mass shooting has unfolded in this country while the president has been in office. pamela. >> thanks so much. we'll come back right after this short break. you said you'd never get a dog.
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mpbl more now on our breaking news out of buffalo new york where a man opened fire killing ten people and wounding three hours. police say the shooter is white as the crime was racially motivated. >> this was pure evil. it wastrt up racially motivated hate crime from somebody outside of our community, outside of the city of good neighbors as the mayor said, coming into our community and trying to inflict that evil upon us.
3:33 pm
>> we want to talk with former fbi director andrew mccabe. police say the suspect live streamed the entire ordeal. it was live streamed onto a social media platform . what are authorities doing right now? >> as you can imagine, they are trying to peel back every aspect of this individual. analysts at the fbi and new york state police will be looking at every aspect of his presence on the internet.
3:34 pm
they want to know as much about him and his motivation. most importantly they want to know if he's been in communication with anyone else who might be like minded, who might be motivated to undertake a similar attack or who might look at this as some sort of a triggering event. the first thing they are worried about are follow on or copy cat attacks. >> that's always the worry after shootings like this. in terms of a motive, it seemed like officials already have a lot of evidence to indicate to them what the motive likely is. we should note that they are looking at this manifesto we don't know what was in that. we know the suspect is white this this community is predominantly black. officials said they are investigating this as a hate
3:35 pm
crime and racially motivated violent extremism. what does that tell you? >> there's no mincing of words in this press conference. i was surprised how quickly they were directing the motivation towards race. a couple things coming out of this press conference. there's a focus on the fact he's not from buffalo. that he say he's from new york and drove a long time. i know new york pretty well. that means we're looking at new york city or albany or the northern areas. new york city is quite a liberal city but there's element of strong radicalization and race hatred groups. this will be a discuss about
3:36 pm
guns, how quickly people were killed. the inability to protect them. there was an armed security guard. the idea that guns can protect from guns, here is another piece of evidence that suggests. i should say that guard, former police, buffalo police is dead. it's very hard to defend yourself against someone in military gear. the third thing about this motivation thing. there can be lone wolves, people who act alone and that's maybe what this manifesto suggests but who are motivated by other things. it's in the like they are sitting alone in their room deciding i'm going to hate african-americans. that's where the manifesto is going to come into play. we don't know what led him to this moment. what factors of race and race
3:37 pm
hostility led him to this moment. i think the idea of a lone wolf is ridiculous in this day and age in term of social media. people are getting radicalized . >> the suspect live streamed this to a social media platform. that tells you, that's a big clue right there. also the premeditation involved here. to attach a camera to your helmet, drive hours to engage in
3:38 pm
this shooting, killing at least ten people. that shows a level of deep planning and premeditation. >> absolutely, pam. the planning is intense here. military clothing, tactical gear that likely included a kevlar vest with a keceramic plate. the traveling for hours, bringing the rifle with him. the camera takes it to a totally different level. if you remember the shooting in new zealand in march of 2019 where you had a racially motivated shooter who killed over 50 people, injured 40 more at two different mosques on one afternoon, that church shooter live streamed his attack, put it up on the internet.
3:39 pm
that has serve d as a massive inspirational moment for extremists all over the world. the use of the camera, live streaming the attack is really takes it to a new level of not just planning but rage. this guy wanted the world to see what he had done. wanted ed it out there. it's incredibly hateful. that's how you have to think about it. >> it just makes you sick to your stomach to think about this. the fact that the suspect who is 18 years old, went through this. went through plan and the camera. he wanted to live stream it. all of it just really is just
3:40 pm
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we're following breaking news out of buffalo, new york where a mass shooting left ten people dead. the shooter is in custody. let's get in. b the buffalo police commissioner pieced together part of the time line for us. talked about how the suspect
3:45 pm
live streamed the shooting on a social media platform. what more can you tell us? >> that's right. we know the platform. online radicalization is not just something that happens in far away lands. it's happening right here in the united states. we have seen two many of these attacks where somebody is poisoned by lies on the internet and then acts out in person. twitch which is a live popular live streaming is confirming its platform was used by the suspect in buffalo today. here is a statement from twitch. they are best known for gaming. there are more political elements use by extremists on twitch. the company is saying we're devastated by the community. twitch has a zero tolerance policy against violence of any kind and works swiftly to respond to all incidents.
3:46 pm
the company says the user has been indefinitely suspended from our service. sometimes the content is shared and reteared and goes viral online. twitch is saying it's trying to stop that from happening in this case. whether they succeed or not is another question. they say they are trying to make sure this live stream is not reshared. a lot of what we're hearing so far bears similarities to the attack in cristchurch in new zea zealand. we'll have to see what the evidence brings us about a white suspect in a mostly black
3:47 pm
neighborhood with a manifesto. >> they called this a straight up racially motivated hate crime. thank you so much. if you're just now joining us, we're covering breaking news out of buffalo new york where a man opened fire at a supermarket this afternoon. police say he kill ed ten peopl and injured three. i want to start with you this time because something you said in the last block really just stock with me. you said this idea of a lone wolf is just not believable anymore in this day and age.
3:48 pm
even though officials said at the press conference they believe the suspect acted alone, tell us what you meant. explain on the heels of what bryan laid out about this social media platform and the fact the suspect live streamed it, tell us what you meant. >> there's two issues going on. you can say that someone acted alone. that's what we tend to think of as lone wolf that it's not five people or ten people or orchestrated attack. the idea of a lone wolf i think i've been saying for a couple of years have been put to rest. in every single up with of these cases, you're seeing an apparatus that supported their hate. that might not have been an apparatus that told them to do this on that date but these are people who are getting radicalized by an ecosystem of hate. this is what the fbi has been documented for over a decade. lone wolf makes sound like they
3:49 pm
woke up one day and just decided to kill a bunch of black people. that doesn't happen. this is a person who devastated an african-american community because they were black. that notion, that idea of racial an mouse is what we're looking for in the manifesto. the reason why it's relevant is it will show where did that apparatus and the hate come from. it also has to do with the fact what we see is they tend to sort of egg each other on. someone with crazy ideas or horrible ideas, these people are quite sane often. they will realize i'm not alone. i'm with this apparatus. they actually have this apparatus and then they become
3:50 pm
radicalized. we don't know the form of this radicalization. we don't know who, what, where motivated. that's why this is relevant. lone wolf excuses an apparatus of hate that exists in this country and is the number one terror threat in this dcountry right now. >> andy, what do you make of the fact the suspect was only 18 years old? >> i think it shows you how effective the systems, structures of radicalization are in this day and age. this has been going on since the '50 and the '30s before that. there's always been communities around radicalization particularly in the racially motivated communities in this country, the white power groups. they over time have gotten better and better at organizing, about distributing literature to each other, recruiting each other. they used to have to do that by
3:51 pm
hand and through the mail. all of this gets done immediately on the internet now through social media. it's the most powerful form of radicalization whether you're talking about a muslim extremist in syria or talking about racially motivated extremists right here in our own backyard. social media companies, the algorithms they deploy are designed to send you more of the content you seek. it helps people radicalize. you first start looking for things that are slightly extremist and then you like them and retweet them. you start to amphetaget more an of them fed to you. it's like a process designed to radicalize people.
3:52 pm
that's where we are. that's why it happens to someone even only 18 years old. we all know teenagers wo are on their phones and looking at social media on the internet all the time . >> there's no domestic terrorism charge specifically. what do you make of these two charges? >> these are the first of the charges. it means in the next couple of minutes the arraignment is happening we'll probably learn more about what they have. they would not confirm a manifesto. that just increases, it could
3:53 pm
increase the penalty. it gives federal jurisdiction and would then lead to federal hate crime or whatever the sentencing would be. we don't fwhee is in car. it may be more charges there. finally the question i keep asking is, he drove a long time for a very specific market in a very african-american community. that's just where the investigation will lead us or what brought him, had he been from buffalo, what brought him to this specific market in buffalo on this day. >> right. could be part of the evidence they were able to come out so soon after the shooting and say this was a racially motivated
3:54 pm
hate crime. all my years covering the justice department, i've never seen officials come out so quickly to label it as such. >> i have to say, yeah. sorry to interrupt. good for them. a man just killed people because they're black. good for them for coming out that quickly. >> yeah. >> if i could, pam, to answer that as well. the reason they've done it in this case is likely because they immediately had undeaniable evidence of that. it's not usually the case. typically the fbi feels they have to do a certain amount of i vest investigation to uncover what the motive is. this guy is leave streaming on twitch. he's written a manifesto that they were able to get their hands on very quickly. i would guess, i haven't seen any of that stuff but i would guess the evidence is absolutely undeniable and that's why they are confidence saying that now. >> yeah. just quickly, explain why
3:55 pm
officials aren't yet vrevealing the identity of shooter? >> it might be a variety of reasons. we're going to learn it in about ten minutes. part of it is protecting the legal proceedings. we're not in a search right now. remember a few weeks ago, i think i was with you on the subway shooting. they released the name or try to find out who disclosed picture relatively quickly. >> thank you. we continue after this short break. atment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longnger. opdivo plus yervoy is foror adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1,
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mpblt we're following breaking news out of buffalo. police say a security guard fired a shot to try to to the gunman but the suspect came prepared. >> he was very heavily armed. he had tactical gear. he had a tactical helmet on. he had a camera that he have live streaming what he was doing. >> the district attorney says he plans to prosecute the shooter on first-degree murder charge and says the shooting was racially


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