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tv   Navalny  CNN  May 14, 2022 6:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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prop a improves pedestrian and bike safety throughout san francisco. prop a benefits everyone in every neighborhood, regardless of their income. vote yes, and soon we'll all see the impact of a everywhere. we have suffered a mass shooting with multiple casualties and several people injured. we are hurting and we are receiving -- >> we are investigating this
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incident as both hate crime and case of racially motivated violent extremism. >> pure evil, straight up racially motivated hate crime from somebody outside our community. >> it was just like something out of a war movie, non-stop shooting. people running screaming. >> he was very heavily armed. he had tactical gear. he had a taqle helmet on. he had a camera live streaming what he was doing. >> a military style execution targeting people who simply want to buy groceries. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. i'm pam will brown in washington. you are in the cnn newsroom. our coverage of the breaking news out of western new york continues this hour. authorities in buffalo have arraigned an 18-year-old man they say opened fire on a neighborhood grocery store, killing ten people and wouning three others. police say most of the victims were african american and the gunman is white.
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our athenna jones track the story. athen aire prosecutors charged the suspect with first degree murder, they say motivated by racism what do we know. >> we know quite a bit. it's notable that authorities have come out and said what they believed the motivation is. that is very, very rare. usually they want to wait and make sure they can figure out what may have motivated a shooter. clearly they have access to a good deal of evidence we don't know about yet. among that evidence is a purported manifesto that was posted online in connection with this shooting. and other things that may soon come to light. as you mentioned this is an 18-year-old white mail who traveled from several hours away to come specifically to this tops supermarket in a majority black neighborhood and carry out this shooting. this is someone who you heard authorities say he was heavily armed. he had tactical gear, a helmet. he had a camera and was live streaming the shooting as it unfolded on a gaming sort of
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stream platform called twitch. cnn has seen video of him -- film from the point of view of the suspect arriving in the car, pulling into the parking lot saying a few words to himself and getting out and almost immediately starting to shoot people outside this supermarket. then going into the supermarket, engaging with the shoppers and workers there. evenly making his way back to the front of the store. and that is where he engaged with police. we understand arrived about two minutes later. one and a half or two minutes into this incidents. we also know that this -- the security guard at the store tried to stop this young -- this 18-year-old shooter from carrying this out, fired at him but because the shooter was wearing so much armor, so much protection, the bullet didn't do any harm. instead that suspect shot and killed this security guard who happened to be a retired buffalo police officer. so there is a lot of anger and pain and fear in this community right now. people who have just been going about their ordinary lives and what we hear from witnesses was
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a beautiful saturday and going shopping. and then having -- having this play out. so we have heard now from the governor of new york, kathy hochul who held a press conference a short while ago. here is some of what she had to say. >> my sincere hope, that this individual this white supremacist who just perpetrated a hate crime on an innocent community will spend the rest of his days behind bars. and heaven help him in the next world as well. yeah, i'm angry. i've seen violence from guns on the brooklyn subway now in the streets of buffalo. it has to stop. >> so clearly you could hear the anger on the governor's part as well. we've always heard from a local pastor who is talking about now this community where in gunman
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traveled to is well-known and established black community there in buffalo. so this is being vekted as a hate crime and as a racially motivated violent extremism. of course, pamela this is not the first time this happened there. america has a long history of racially motivated violence, not just against black people and not just now. new york has seen across the country and seen a lot of anti-asian violence. the tree of life shooting at the synagogue in pittsburgh a couple years ago. also dylan roof you remember in 10u78 brought a gun and killed nine black people at an ame charge in charmts, south carolina. there was in 2019 a young man who drove from the dallas suburbs more than 600 miles to el paso, texas, to shoot i think he killed about 20 people at a wal-mart there and he said he was targeting immigrants and mexicans. this is not something new. but you can see the -- the law enforcement coming out in full force saying they are going to
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you know prosecute in young man to the fullest extent to make sure this doesn't happen again. and really calling on the community to -- to have faith that the justice will be served here. pamela. >> all right. athenna jones, thank you. and we heard there from a angry new york governor kathy hochul condemning the attack in her hometown and the gun violence she has seen across her state. but she is not just outraged about guns. twitch confirmed the suspect livestreamed the attack on the platform. and hochul railed on social media outlines for not doing enough to stop online hatred. >> the military-style execution tarring people who simply want to buy groceries in a neighborhood store. it strikes us in our very hearts to know that there is such evil that lurks out there. yes, i'm here to console the
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families in a community that is feeling so much pain right now. but mark my words. we'll be aggressive in our pursuit of anyone who subscribes the ideals professed by other white supremacists, and how there is a feeding frenzy on social media platforms where hate festers more hate. that has to stop. >> i'm going to bring in our donny o'sullivan to talk about this. as you heard there governor hochul blasted social media saying they have a moral and ethical responsibility to squash hate. you've spent time talking to people who get world views from social media. can this thing ever be stopped. >> absolutely, pam. what the governor there is correct about is this stuff is so pervasive and social media across many platforms even the
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major platforms like facebook trying to crack down on it but of course there's been alternative platforms that have become popular in the post-january 6th world when so many hateful figures got kick off major social media platforms. people moved places where there are fewer rules. obviously the governor may have more information than we have right now. but with any investigation like this we need to find out more about what this suspect might have been doing online. we've heard that there is a purported manifesto. and of course a reportedly streamed live on twitch. so in that case it certainly seems this was a very online individual. and, you know, it really -- he we reported i reported three years ago on the massacre in christchurch in new zealand which is similar to what we saw today in that that was also streamed live. in that case streamed live on
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facebook. i think streamed for about 17 minutes and facebook was unable to take it down. the systems didn't detect it in that time. what we hear from switch our colleague brian stelter reporting that twitch is saying they took down the video about two minutes after the violence began. we don't know any more details about whether the violence was continuing owner. but to get it down in two minutes i think would be seen by some in the tech space as a relative success. but, of course, you know, the ideal would be to get it down to zero so people like this can't broadcast these atrocities. and just a final point on this, which i think is really -- really gets into the dystopian part of all this. twitch is a platform, owned by amazon. it's a platform where people normally play video games, right, where they stream live playing video games. of course, you know, you see these kind of point of view
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videos from the shooters, whether in christchurch or in this instance and it looks eerily like a video game. it's almost a total detachment from reality, pam. >> that's so disturbing. s that so disturbing. you mentioned the -- this alleged manifesto, the fact that informs livestreamed according to officials. social media companies say they are going to stop that from being spread. but is that even possible these days? >> it's really difficult. you know, i was scrolling through twitter there a little bit. it does seem in these moments. there are teams like twitter trying to make sure this stuff doesn't circulate. once the jack is out of the box it's very, very difficult, particularly with videos. we saw that also after christchurch. that video at facebook was relatively slow in get going
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down. because of that people were able to save multiple copies. look, people perversely will choose to reupslowed load it again and again. sometimes editing the videos slightly so automated systems won't be able to detect the video. once something goes up online in in space there are already we've seen copies of at least partial of in alleged video circulating. so it's very, very difficult for platforms to stop the circulation of it once it's out there. >> doany o'sullivan thank you. >> joining me in is criminology casey jordan. casey you've been researching violence violent crimes for decades what leads someone to become an offender. tell me how the 8-year-old suspect might have become radicalized and decided not only to launch the attack but live stream it as well. >> well, as dony was saying we
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have seen increase in not only in the sightings, the four chan and deep web. but if a young person is very impressionable and really doesn't have enough purpose in life, this can become the sole focus of their reason for being. and then you have to start monitoring the leakage, the signs that they are being radicalized, that they are going towards the thought process that the world would be better off without a certain population of people. and from everything we've been hearing this young man has put out a manifesto, and there are reports that he really espouses replacement theory. he thinks that imimmigrants and people of color are replacing white people and he needs to do something about that. so criminal nolgss, police investigators will be studying that manifesto trying to figure out exactly when did this start, what websites did he access? where did he get these ideas?
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and what was that leakage? where were the signs? what was he saying in the last few days, last few weeks, last few months that would indicate he wanted to act on these ideas? remember, we have a first amendment. you have freedom of expression. but the minute that you start making threats -- and and there have been some reports he made threats last june to his local high school saying he was doing a massacre at the graduation. then this needs to get on the radar of local law enforcement even the feds especially when it comes to a hate crime to see if there is enough of a threat, enough evidence that he will act on it that they can go and intercept. i believe they tried to do that. they tried to talk to him after the incident in june raft year. but clearly not enough was done based on everything we know today. >> clearly. what are the biggest questions you have? as investigators try to piece
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together the mindset. and it appears very early on in the investigation they have a good sense of the motivation. but what are some of the big questions that you have and that you would -- you want to learn and find out more about? >> it's the process by which he was essentially radicalized or brainwashed into thinking that what he did was a good thing for the great are good. this typology of mass murder we call mission oriented or very often pseudo commando, various variations on the extremist mindset, extremist violence they think solves the problem and make them a hero. we need to mind that not only had he been doing and what was the signs and leakage, and did anyone bring it to the attention of law enforcement? why wasn't there a mental health evaluation done or if there was one done last year what did it reveal? but more of a -- we really need to look at the role of live streaming as an krennive, an actual variable that contributed to this crime. would he have done it if there
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was not that option of more than 15 minutes of fame, because he really is in it for posterity. that love streaming -- it doesn't matter if you shut it down at 17 minutes or two minutes as twitch claims, it should never be out there. and when it gets out there it will inspire other people like-minded people to think that they could have their 15 minutes of fame if they live stream it as well. it's a double edged sword. it's not just about violence and hatred and the belief that they need to to be on a mission but the idea that they could become famous from it. that's why i respect our cnn policy not naming the shooter. >> all right. casey jordan. thank you. including the iphonene 13 pro with 5g. that's the one with the amazing camera? yep! every busininess deserves it... like one's that re-opened! hi, we have anan appointment. and every new business that just opened! like aromatherapy rugs!
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we are back with our breaking news coverage. at least 10 people are dead in what police believe was a planned attack in a supermarket in buffalo, new york. it happened late this afternoon. law enforcement say that the suspect is an 18-year-old whmal now in custody and there is evidence the shooting was racially motivated. joining us is president of the national urban league. mark moriole. the shooter traveled hours to the majority african american community just to kill people there. how are you on the urban league
6:20 pm
processing this news tonight. >> this is tragic. it's painful. the hurt across the nation is indescribable. s in clearly a hate crime, an act of domestic terrorism, a premeditated act of violence by someone. you ask yourself how can an 18-year-old be injected with so much hate that they would want to carry out a racially motivated mass killing of this dimension? i cannot describe the pain. i've already spoken to the urban league leader tom buford in buffalo, the pain in the community, the sense of shock and surprise. so the question is, how do we process this? what do we say, and what do we do? i want to point out a few things. number one, once again we see a killing that is undertaken by a
6:21 pm
radicalized person with a high powered military-style assault weapon. they should not be available for sell in the commercial market in the united states. once again, we see someone that uses the instrumentality of social media to promote, enhance and elevate in heinous criminal act as though somehow they are auditioning to become a hero to some group or constituency here in the united states. social media companies and law enforcement have not done enough to monitor, to ban, to restrict and to limit hate speech on their sites. hate speech is not freedom of speech. hate speech is heinous. it's divisive. and it should not get an
6:22 pm
opportunity to flower and grow and expand on social media. this is 21st century america. so the people of buffalo, to the victims, our prayers, our thoughts, our palpable pain is with you. once again, gun violence has taken the lives of innocent americans. in this instance, black americans in a neighborhood on a saturday afternoon when people were simply going about their normal daily routine. so law enforcement has work to do. and the law enforcement in buffalo seems to have taken the most immediate necessary step. i understand that the justice department is also on the ground and taking immediate steps. and law enforcement must do its job. but that is not enough. social media -- and we've got to confront something that the
6:23 pm
politics of washington simply refuses to address. and that is the need for gun safety laws, gun safety rules, and substantial reform of the same. it is essential. we are in a pandemic of gun violence in this country, in neighborhoods, hate crimes, all sorts of gun violence sweeping this nation, this is just another example of this toxic mixture of guns and hate coming together with the internet as an accelerant, to carry out something so heinous and hateful. so i hope it is a pause moment for some who have been resistant. but we can't simply leave it at the fact that these people have died and we're not going to try to make sure this does not happen to other innocent
6:24 pm
americans. hate crimes against black people, latinos, jewish people, muslims, lgbtq, have been on the rise in this country for the first time in a long time on the rise against all people, hate crimes. now this is violence. and so, pamela, i hope once again it's a call to action for people to respond. and is our politics so broken, are special interest and money groups so powerful that we're paralyzed to truly act in holding social media companies accountable on the one hand and, number two, in sensible, responsible laws that prevent people from getting their hands on these military-style assault weapons. these are not hunting tools. these are designed to kill
6:25 pm
people, period. >> yeah. marc, thank you very much. i appreciate you sharing your -- your very passionate remarks understandably. i just wanted to let you talk. >> yeah, thank you. >> and appreciate you coming on. >> yeah, it's -- go ahead. >> it's hard to find words in this -- in these times. but what we have to find words -- where we have to find courage. and so above and beyond it all, no one knows -- can feel the pain of the family members who are -- who are there and who have lost their loved ones, the feelings in buffalo and i -- i know that this is the beginning of a continuing conversation about in, about this incident. so i'm just appreciative of the chance to share on this very dark night in this nation.
6:26 pm
>> we appreciate you making the time. mark, thank you so much. >> thank you. thanks pamela. and coming up, more on the first court appearance for the shooting suspect. g in nature and putting my hands in the ground, it's almost a spiritual experience. i wanted to use our garden as a way to sharere food and love with my friends and family. i i had this idea for this other way of life for sustaining myself. to me it's all reflective of my personality, it's artistic. join the millions of people finding new ways to grow with miracle-gro. ♪ ♪ ihoppy hour starting at at 3pm only from ihop. download the app and join . hey you two, go outside and play. ♪ ♪
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and business is good. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. it's cnn breaking news ton, 10 innocent people gunned down in buffalo, new york, earlier
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today. allegedly by an 18-year-old extremist who has already been arraigned for first degree murder. i wanted to recap for you now today initial press conference in buffalo when law enforcement officials described the shooting and what happens next. >> at approximately 2:30 today an individual who as the mayor stated is not from this the area and from hours away drove to buffalo, went to the tops market at jefferson avenue, exited his vehicle, he was heavily armed. he had tactical gear, a tactical helmet on, a camera that he was live streaming what he was doing. he exited his car and engaged four individuals. he shot four people in the parking lot. three of those were deceased. one individual at this time is surviving the injury. the individual went inside, as i said, an 18-year-old white male. walked into the store and began engaging customers inside the store. one of the individuals inside the store is the security guard,
6:31 pm
a beloved security guard who was a retired buffalo police officer, a hero in our eyes. engaged the suspect fired multiple shots instruct the suspect but because he had heavy armor plating on the bullet had no round. the suspect engaged our retired officer and he was ultimately shot and deceased at the scene. he continued to work through the store, ultimately he worked his way back towards the front of the store. buffalo police immediately responded engaged the suspect in the vestibule of the store and the suspect ut the gun to his neck. two officers talked the suspect into dropping the gun. he dropped the gun took off tactical gear at that point and led outside put in a police car and transported to buffalo police headquarters. these victims did fallout deserve this. they were doing what we do every day. going to the grocery store or
6:32 pm
simply -- simply doing our jobs. we are investigating this incident as both a hate crime and a case of racially motivated violent extremism. >> the shooter was not from in community. in fact, the shooter traveled hours from outside this community to perpetrate in crime on the people of buffalo. a day when people were enjoying the sunshine, enjoying family, enjoying friends. all manner of happy activities. people in a supermarket shopping, and bullets raining down on them. people's lives being snuffed out in an instant for no reason. >> this was pure evil.
6:33 pm
it was straight up racially motivated hate crime from somebody outside of our community, outside of the city of good neighbors coming in our community as the mayor said, and trying to inflict that evil upon us. >> i am touched i'm in touch with the highest levels of department of justice. resources will be put behind this investigation. whatever we need we will not stop until justice is brought to this community. those families. and the victims of in horrific crime. i can assure you as the united states attorney i will bring whatever resources we need to this community to make sure that justice is done. this should never happen to anyone in any community, it surely shouldn't happen hon a beautiful saturday when people are just smopg and going through normal life events. joining me now is cnn senior
6:34 pm
legal analyst elie hoenig. as we just heard from some officials .shooting is investigated as a hate crime. you heard from the fbi official. he didn't just stop there. he said hate crime and racially motivated violent extremism. if you would explain the significance of that. >> pam, first of all, we could see federal crimes in addition to the state crimes which have already been announced in order for there to be a federal crime they need to charge this as a hate crime. need to show that the motivation behind this murderous spree was racial hatred, racial azmous. the racial extremism. i think that's something the fisher is tracking as part of its intelligence function. much of what the fisher does is they investigate crimes, help federal prosecutors charge crimes. that's where we see the hate crime. another major function of the fbi is to gather intelligence on
6:35 pm
domestic extremist groups, potentially dangerous individuals. that's what the agent was referring to there when he talked about extremist conduct. >> i want to ask you about the role of social media. and again there is a lot that we are learning. but we heard there from new york governor kathy hochul who said social media outlets must be held to account for hate speech online. i mean, of course, there is the first amendment in the united states. so legally is there a way to hold social media accountable here? >> the short answer to that, pam, is no, not given the law as it is now. i think that's why we just heard governor hochul calling for some sort of legislative change. i think we heard it from other guests earlier, the need to change the law. when you hear talk about section 230, a phrase coming up lately. that's a section of federal law says social media companies can't be held liability for
6:36 pm
content on the website. essentially it says social media companies are platform like a cork board in an office space where you don't control what's put up on it. the they are platforms not publishers. according to the law, as it has long existed, social media companies cannot be held legally responsible. now, again, there have been talks about changing that. there have been proposed bills in the senate about changing that, about making social media companies more legally responsible for the content that goes up on their sites. but as of this moment the short answer is no there is not a way to hold social media companies criminally liable or otherwise legally liable for what goes up on their sites. >> elie hoenig, thank you so much. >> thanks, pam. >> and last hour i spoke with newark congressman brian higens. buffalo is in his district. he told me about the heart break and anger his community is feeling. >> mixed emotions, anger, frustration, empathy, people are sad.
6:37 pm
buffalo is a city of good neighbors. and we are a good community. and, you know, the eyes of the nation are on buffalo today. knows eyes are filled with tears and sympathy. and buffalo is filled with a sense of we need justice on this issue. there is an element in our society that is blatantly racist. and they're violent. and this is clearly an indication of domestic violence. there was, you know -- he livestreamed the horrific detail in realtime of this murder of innocent people. these people were grocery store worker by and large. they left homes this morning expecting fully to come home at the end of the day. and -- and these ten individuals are leaving families that, you know, they'll never be reunited
6:38 pm
again with -- and you know, it's just -- it's a tragedy. it's a ranged. >> do you know how many of them actually worked at the grocery store versus just shoppers getting their food for the week? >> that wasn't known. i mean there were bodies in the grocery store. and the -- you know, the cornering and medical examiner was on site. some are believed to be workers. some believed to be customers of the store. but obviously, you know, you don't view a supermarket as a dangerous place, particularly on a saturday afternoon at 2:30. and so all -- all indications are this points to an effort to exact domestic terrorism that is racially motivated on a community. but that threat to our community in buffalo and western new york is a threat to the nation.
6:39 pm
>> yeah. no, for sure. i want to go back to a couple of things you said. you said it was clear he selected buffalo and selected this grocery store. and i'm wondering what more you can tell us. because we heard from the governor that the suspect came from broom county. and what evidence supports the fact that he targeted this grocery store in particular? do you have any indications he has visited, he did reconat this grocery store, he visited it before? do you know when he left his home? in community in broom to come to buffalo to do this? any more details you can provide? >> yeah, there were markings on his rifle that indicated that he was a racist. >> when you say markings can you elaborate on that? >> this is what i've heard from police investigators, the district attorney and others. >> but what the markings were?
6:40 pm
>> they were racially insensitive markings which indicated that -- gthat the shooter was at least racially insensitive. secondly buffalo is the second largest city in new york state. if you are from broom county you go to new york city or you go to pa place like buffalo. and, you know, jefferson avenue is very well established traditionally as an african-american community. and a proud african-american community. and that in individual from outside the area came to jefferson avenue to a tops -- tops market is a regional supermarket chain. there is only one tops market in the african-american community, and it's this one. so, you know, given the
6:41 pm
preliminary evidence about the shooter, given other, you know, indications of what his intent or what his proclivities are, it's going to add up to a very compelling case, not only in terms of first degree murder and the charge that he has been charged with but subsequent charges as it relates to federal charges as well. >> our thanks to the congressman for his time. you are in the cnn newsroom tonight. we have just learned that two of the three wounded victims remains -- remain hospitalized following the shooting in buffalo, new york. the third person shot this afternoon was released from the hospital. stay with cnn for the very latest. nationwide. so youou can power your business to do more. find the perfect solution for yourur business. ♪
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and early says he'll end obamacare and guard against the growing socialist communist threat. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california. we are hearing from some of the people who witnessed today's deadly shooting in buffalo new york. here is how one man described what he saw. >> from what i saw just left off the store and i stopped here and i started to drink my juice and i heard a gunshot. then i knew was a gunshot not a fire cracker. i looked up and i seen smoke. then i seen a guy in a full army suit, just shooting shots at people. and i seen a security guard run in the store. and then i seen the guy go in, army style, bent over, shooting
6:46 pm
at people. and i heard him shooting at people. and i saw three people laying down. i didn't have a phone at me i was screaming for somebody to call the police. he came out. he put the gun to his head to his chin and he dropped it and he took off his bullet proof vest and then he got on his hands and knees put his hands behind his back. and then they arrested him. and that's -- it's a shame because it was a lot of people in there. >> just like seeing all of that, what was going through your mind. >> i still don't even believe it happened, actually, that a person would go into a supermarket full of people i know i have a haunt in there i know some women in there. one woman just had a baby. hopefully they're okay. but it's a shame. and something has to happen. because this is ridiculous.
6:47 pm
this is just ridiculous. it was a white guy and he was fully prepared ready to go, yeah. >> e dom ite, the devil. >> white guy, full army suit prepared and ready. >> and what else did you see? how long did it take for -- >> it took the police about two minutes, a minute 30 seconds actually. that was pretty much it, yeah took them about two minutes. they got here and any stood and watched him. i thought they was going to shoot him but they didn't shoot him. yeah, like i said, he -- he got on the ground and surrendered himself. i heard some people over there that he had other rivals in his car. i don't really know. >> how many shots did you here. >> i heard and saw at first seven or eight gun smoke shots. when he went inside i heard at
6:48 pm
least 20 -- 20 or so shots. i conreally tell because i was yelling and screaming myself for somebody to call the police. he went in there shooting. shooting and ready. i don't know what the problem was. but it was horrible actually. it was really horrible. i'm still kind of shooken up. >> i know, i bet. i heard some screaming. >> the gunshots was kind of loud. i really didn't hear no screams because the gunshots. >> i heard he was also shooting from outside. >> he shot outside first. the security guard ran inside. that's why i'm looking like i'm going on. i'm thinking it's a play actually. because i don't believe that that stuff happens for real. then i seen him go down and seen him do this. that's for real. because he had the glasses on, the brown -- >> you saw people coming out. >> no people were running sitting down at the chair people was running the other way tp i did see that. i seen him go into the store
6:49 pm
because you could see a little bit from over here. i just seen him going like this shooting at people. so hopefully not too many people passed away in there. but i guess we'll find out. >> what else happened today that you remember? >> well, educational system, i would say just for people not to harm other people. something has to be wrong with you that you want to go harm somebody else. a lot of miserable people out here. i don't know what they do to people in the army. but something really has to be done. and it's not taking the guns away from people it's people learning how to deal with guns and issues and how to solve issues in america besides killing people. innocent people. people shopping on saturday. saturday afternoon. this is a beautiful day.
6:50 pm
so it's -- and i can't even really get into it how horrible this is. >> and still ahead here from a local leader and poovrt who says the shooter didn't come to rob a store but to rob people of their lives. our breaking news coverage of the mass shooting in buffalo continues next. do you experience fefeelings of dread when you pass by your cable box? if thehe answer is yes... the mass shooting in buffalo continues next. lives. our breaking news coverarage of the mass shooting in buffalo contntinues next. . now save $30 over 2 months.
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6:54 pm
tonight we are following horrific and tragic breaking news out of buffalo, new york where ten people are dead after a mass shooting at a grocery store. the suspect an 18-year-old white man charged with first degree murder. police say he drove from another part of the state to a majority black neighborhood and opened fire with an assault rifle and livestreamed the violence. earlier i spoke with darius pridgen, the president of the buffalo city council and a pastor at true bethel baptist church, one mile from the shooting. >> it's unbelievable, you know, for us, because this -- he didn't come to rob the store. i promise you that. he came to rob people of lives. it's clear. he came to this city to rob people of their lives.
6:55 pm
jefferson avenue where the store is located is a historical street for african americans. and so you came on one of the most historic streets in the city of buffalo in an historic area where we have our apollo theater, our library named after a black architect. he went across the street and pulled up and pulled out a weapon and aimed and started shooting. not only did he start shooting but he had the the you a das difficulty and gall to live stream as if it was some type of joke. so this is a community that is really upset. and i'm praying right now that justice will be done. but i'm also praying for peace in our community. because there were black and white people shot. but mostly african americans. and i don't believe this guy came in this city to shoot white people. i think that they were the casualty who happened to be working in the store. i believe he knew what he was doing and he went for his target.
6:56 pm
this is a crime at the highest level and we hope that justice will be served. but i want to be clear. in was the role that a very sick individual played. you know, someone asked me earlier, you know he is only 18 years old. you know, brain development. and i'm going to say it like this his brain was developed enough to know how to get to buffalo from where he lived. his brain was developed enough to load that assault rifle. his brawn brain was developed enough to aim at people. his brain. so whatever he did on social media, that's one thing. but it all falls to me mostly on him. >> stay with cnn for the latest on the shooting in buffalo, new york. thank you for joining me in evening i'm pamela brown. i'll see you tomorrow night starting at 6 eastern. yeah, yoyou'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with toolsls on-hand. cha ching. and ththis mom, well, she's setting an appointment here,
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prop a improves pedestrian and bike safety throughout san francisco. prop a benefits everyone in every neighborhood, regardless of their income. vote yes, and soon we'll all see the impact of a everywhere. rolling. >> we're rolling, yeah. >> okay, we're going, guys. >> yeah. >> okay so let's see i want to talk about something that we sort of touched on this morning. and you might hate this but i really want you to think about
7:01 pm
it. if you are killed, if this does happen, what message do you leave behind to the russian people? >> oh, come on, no. no way is like you are making movie for the case of my death. like, again, i'm ready to answer your question. but please let me -- let it be another movie, movie number two. let's make it a trailer after this movie and in the case i would be killed let's make it a boring movie of memory. ♪ [speaking foreign language ]
7:02 pm
[speaking foreign language ]. >> alexey navally is stepping back into another showdown with the kremlin. >> what to do with navalny presents a connun dumb for the kremlin. letting him go and looking weak or locking him up and turning him into a political martyr.
7:03 pm
[ applause ] >> are you not scared, alexey? >> what do you expect in moscow? [speaking foreign language ] [speaking foreign language ]
7:04 pm
[ chanting ] [speaking foreign language ]. >> unexpectedly vladimir putin has a genuine challenger, a handsome 41-year-old lawyer allegeso alexei navalny who has chosen one of the most dangerous occupations in the world, running against the man who controls the kremlin. >> any other opposition figure
7:05 pm
in russia, alexey navalny gets ordinary people out to protest. >> if i want to fight putin, if i want to be a leader of a country, i have to do something practical about it. well, i have to kind of organize people. >>. [speaking foreign language ]. >> i was banned from everything. television, banned, newspapers,
7:06 pm
blacklisted. rallies, forbidden. i realized i can do a lot on my own with the support of my wife julyia. just small group of people i can rely on. zero money, a lot of work, internet. and that's it. [speaking foreign language]. >> his youngest fans turned to tiktok, which has been crucial in spreading the word. >> navalny post-ed hundreds of videos about his investigation and they're wildly popular. [speaking foreign language]. >> the kremlin hates navalny so much that they literally refuse to say his name.
7:07 pm
[speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language ]. >> our office raided. and they just confiscated everything. everything. they splash a toxic liquid in my face and my first thought was, jesus, i will be kind of monster until the end of my days.
7:08 pm
>> as i became more and more famous guy i was totally sure that my life became safer and safer because i'm kind of famous guy. and it will be problematic for them just to kill me. >> and boy, were you wrong. >> yes, i was very wrong.
7:09 pm
[speaking foreign language]. >> so we went to siberia to make a nice movie about local corruption. i expected a lot of police. i expected a lot of people who try to prevent our filming, confiscate our cameras or break our cameras or try to beat us. i expected that sort of thing and i was very surprised, like, hmm, why is nobody here? why is there a kind of -- i even -- i even have this strange feeling, like -- like, you know, like of respect. seriously, i am here. where is my police? the whole trip the smoothest
7:10 pm
trip i ever had. i'm a kind of slave of thursdays. because on thursday i have my online youtube show. and then weekend i can spend with my family before another trip to another region. i was going home. and then i died. >> passengers on his flight from siberia heard alexei navalny cry out in agony. >> other passengers filming just after the plane makes an emergency landing in siberia. navalny then rushed to the hospital where he was put on a ventilator. his spokeswoman saying navalny was poisoned. >> his wife raced to be by his side .
7:11 pm
[speaking foreign language ] [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language ]
7:12 pm
[speaking foreign language ] [speaking foreign language].
7:13 pm
>> we'd come to the conclusion that judging by the fact there were no poisons found in his blood or other biological materials he has a metabolic disorder, lowering of blood sugar levels to be specific. >> we are hearing state news agencies backed by the kremlin suggests a hallucinogenic drugs may be involved but not poisoning. [speaking foreign language ] [speaking foreign language]
7:14 pm
[speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language ]. >> in morning an air ambulance from a german charity landed. find the perfect solution for your business.
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the moment when i heard the news that navalny was poisoned, first off can this be the kremlin? would they be so dumb to try to kill the main opposition figure? i was skeptical. i thought maybe it's one of the many oligarchs on whose feet he stepped. either the state ordered the attack or somebody who is trying to sass nature opposition figures in order no apiece putin. >> the closest anyone came to
7:19 pm
treatsing the poisoneding to vladimir putin, the 2018 fakt in als bury, kblend. >> a defiant england insisting they had nothing to do with the braidsen assassination attempt of skripal. >> skripal was poisoned by the military grade nerve agent nova chock. >> the insidious of nova chock is it switches offer nerve connecters in your byrd one by one. if it goes properly it turns you off as a body. within hours any trace will disappear. always forever it will look like a natural death. and this is why it's appears to be the preferred form of killing for people whose death will be in the public scrutiny, such as navalny. there was a lot of pressure for us to start investigating media
7:20 pm
partners in russia reached out and said, can you help? we looked at it we thought there is no hope in hell. we can investigate the crime that happened in russia in the remote corners of siberia sitting here comfortably in europe. we didn't even try in th e beginning. >> alexei navalny arrives at this hospital in berlin with his wife yulia. a spokesperson tweeted, the struggle for alexey's life and health is just beginning. here at the hospital both inside and out he will be watched.
7:21 pm
[speaking foreign language ] [speaking foreign language]. >> to have your dad, an opposition leader, being poisoned by we don't know what, we don't know how, we don't know when, and just be in a random hospital, it was just -- it was surreal. it was literally like a book.
7:22 pm
>> hello. the doctor isn't sure they can't say anything about his brain, to which extent he will recover, even if they manage to wake him up. many millions of navalny supporters were trying to figure out how to help. we in berlin are a small team. we had to dive into actually like getting things done. >> we all were very skeptical about investigating alexei's poisoneding. as opposed to previous cases, this poisoning took place on the russian soil. so no one is going to share tv footage with us. we are not having fancy videos from the airport where the poisoners fly in and out. as much as it hurts to dynamite while putin is in power we'll never find out the truth.
7:23 pm
>> yulia how is your husband this morning? [speaking foreign language]. >> it was crazy, like it's putin's signature poison. we were actually so shocked that he didn't just decide to murder him but to poison. and not just to poison, but exactly this novichok, like leaving his signature on the crime scene. when you come to a room of a coma toes patient you start to just tell him some news, telling him his story. alexei don't worry. there was a poisoning.
7:24 pm
murder attempt. putin tried to kill you with novichok and he opened his blue eyes wide and looked at me and said very clear [speaking foreign language]. come on, poisoned, i don't believe it. like this is alexei. putin is supposed to be not so stupid to use this novichok. >> his wording his explanation his intonation. >> if you want to kill someone just shoot him jesus christ. >> real, alexei. >> impossible to believe it it's kind of stupid, the whole idea of poisoning with a chemical weapon. what the [ bleep ]. this is why this is not smart because even reasonable people they refuse to believe, what? come on, poisoned? seriously.
7:25 pm
>> the celebration and alexei navalny -- [speaking foreign language ] [speaking foreig n language]
7:26 pm
7:27 pm
7:28 pm
7:29 pm
♪ >> traditional journalism implies you meet with a source and that source telling you a story. in today's world of fake news we don't trust sources because we don't trust humans. we trust data. bellingcat is an organization of digital nerds, most of us with a little bit of almost autistic fascination with numbers. every time you use your email make a phone call, make a doctor's appointment take a plane or train, any time you use the atm, every time you look at the screen of your phone that leaves a trace. in place like russia, imagine
7:30 pm
the person who works at travel agency that has access to the flight manifest, they are getting what, $25 a day as a salary. then for another $25 they would be able to sell the flight manifest to anybody who asks for it because any double the income for the day. this is a whole industry. data brokers are on the darkweb, you negotiate the price. and within a few minutes they say, yes, i can get that data for you by tomorrow. and then you have to send bitcoin. now bellingcat can't pay for the data because it's a foundation. i have to pay for the data myself. over the last five years of me working on data journalism i would say i spent $150,000. my wife has no idea about this. my wife suspects i spent two or three thousand. if she knew the real acquainta. >> she is not watching this. >> she is not watching. >> you're absolutely sure. >> i'm absolutely sure she is
7:31 pm
not watching in movie now. [speaking foreign language ]. >> our expectation was once he is released from intensive care he will have a desire to go to russia immediately. to our great relief he told me i better spend several months here. i want to go back to russia strong and fully recovered. [speaking foreign language ]
7:32 pm
♪ >> for the longest time i wane sure what to make of navalny. i had always wondered how much of an independent figure he is, or is he one of the many fake opposition figure created by the kremlin? i criticized him on twitter. but he was known for having with the extreme right in the early days of his career. he walked side by side with some pretty nasty nationalists and racists. had he moved beyond that? had he actually become a reverse dark knight?
7:33 pm
[speaking foreign language ]. >> within all my career, i have been asked the same 15 questions all the time. are you afraid in are you working for kremlin? what is your family doing? you have a responsibility for your family. well, if it's foreign journalist they are asking about nationalism and russian march. and every one of them just jesus christ, just watch previous interviews pl. >> hold on, were there not a
7:34 pm
couple of dig highliers at that thing. >> sorry. >> were there not a couple of nazi guys at the march. certainly zig highlier would be someone you don't want to march beside. >> in the normal world, the normal political system of course i would never be in the same political party with them. but we are creating coalition, broader coalition to fight a regime to achieve the situation where everyone can participate in the election. >> a lot of politicians would be uncomfortable even associating or being in the same photograph with one of these guys. are you comfortable with that? >> i'm okay with that and i consider it's my political superpower. i can talk to everyone. anyway, well, the citizen of russian federation and if i want to fight putin, if i want to be leader of a country, i cannot just ignore the huge part of it. well there are a lot of people who call themselves a
7:35 pm
nationalist. okay, let's discuss it. we live in the country when they are poisoning a politician and killing people. and arresting people for nothing. so, of course, i'm totally fine to sit with the guy who is -- who is rally looks kind of not very good for me. i wanted to use our garden as a way to share food and love with my friends and family. i had this idea for this other way of life for sustaining myself. to me it's all reflective of my personality, it's artistic. join the millions of people finding new ways to grow with miracle-gro. frank is a fan of fast. he's a fast talker. a fast walker. thanks, gary. and for unexpected heartburn... frank is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes. nexium 24 hour and prilosec otc
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7:39 pm
[speaking foreign language]. >> the russian media didn't find anything. and german investigators didn't vermont jurisdiction. we realized there was nobody who was going to actually actively investigate this, unless we jump into this. we knew that the poison was novichok. and novichok we had proven in previous investigation is only manufactured in this facility called the signal institute. the signal institute in moscow works under the guise of a r & d center that develops advanced form of sports nutrition drinks.
7:40 pm
that's the legend. yet, they employ for this work 12 scientists whose only experience and background is in chemical weapons. our hypothesis, this is the entity that actually provides the poison for the killers who travel around the world poisoning people with novichok. so what we did is we bought from the russian black market, the head of the phone records of head of the signal institute we looked for the records that appear just before poisoneding of navalny. and those were suspicious. but once we have a suspicious number you go through a number of russian apps that allow you to see how that phone number is listed in other people's phone books. so for example, i put in my number. and it will show up as crystal, the journalist from bellingcat. because somebody would have put my name in their phone book and that description would have shared. first number i looked up cmoed a
7:41 pm
alexey from doctor from fsb, that was in the enough we couldn't place a real person behind the name. then i would look up if this number showed up in car registration databases. we found an actual alexander who owns a car this number is listed for contacting that person. then you have a real person with a birth date. then you look up his passport file. you see his face. you repeat that many times with the oother suspicious numbers. and then you have a short list of interesting people. and these became our prime suspects. now we knew when the navalny traveled to siberia. we had the actual passenger manifests of six different flights that flown to where navalny flew from moscow hon the day before during and after the day which he arrived. we needed to see if any of those suspicious people traveled to
7:42 pm
siberia at the time of the poisoning. and we found an overlap. we found a nest of was. s we didn't know existed. it's a domestic assassination machine month an industrial scale. i was absolutely shocked that this was so fast and the whole plat dissent tangled so quickly so i reached out by twitter and said, alexei i think we may have found who poisoned you. >> after i went out of the hospital, i decided to move to the black forest and live in some small village. you can just walk for hours and not meet any person at all. these are my friend, little pony is my friend and.commy is yulia's friend and this is the routine of our walk. come here my little pony.
7:43 pm
isn't he sweet? better than ydonkey. >> i like the small pony. it's usual. >> come here you're scaring him go away. >> you're scaring him. >> go away. up poor guy. donkey. of course, you like me. oh, come on. this is a very -- woman. my mighty horse come here. more carrots. you'll grow big. they are cute but they are not very smart. they decided for their fence not to provide electricity. >> don't do it. [speaking foreign language].
7:44 pm
>> yulia want an apple and asked me to take it. but it's germany, so it's someone's apple. and there is a police over there. and no police. so you are a russian criminal who arrived to germany. >> no, it's like it's a game. it belongs to -- i don't know. >> how do you know that it belongs to village. >> it's open place. there is no anything which -- >> this is a railroad russian style, you know, thinking about property, like, it belongs to everyone. because it's an open place, just come and get it. >> the story of this guy who lives in vienna but is bulgarian
7:45 pm
but worked in russia, and he has this money and spent them on investigating russian crimes. he just sounded too suspicious, too good to be true. too capable. he sounded a bit made up. >> are you confident that he is not mi 6 or cia. >> i'm pretty confident. i wouldn't say totally. but i'm pretty confident that he is not. >> i was suspicious about this guy from twitter. i just saw his old laptop. and all of these tables with data. it turns out -- and i was very surprised that at whole thing about bellingcat is just one smart guy, no cia involved. no mi 6, just a nice and very
7:46 pm
kind bulgarian nerd with a laptop. fleet, staying connected, cutting downtime, and delivering on time depends on t-mobile 5g. and with coverage of over 96% of interstate highway miles, they've got us covered. (vo) unconventional thinking delivers four times the 5g coverage of verizon. and it's ready right now. t-mobile for business. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪
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7:50 pm
♪ ♪ >> when we discovered this clandestine operation, it was so shocking that even to us it looked unbelievable. i mean, come on. the government is paying a whole team of 20 plus people whose only job is to poison other rus russians? that sounds improbable. so we needed other journalists to look at it. >> i want to share it with global media so it's validated by more than just us. >> that means we need to film exactly like a week from now, maybe -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> we had a nightmare trying to
7:51 pm
get everybody to stick to the same time. it's all timed for simultaneous release. all the media is going to drop it simultaneously. >> it was intended to incapacitate or kill? >> i would say kill, 100% kill. >> if, for example, navalny had laundry returned to him while he was staying at the hotel the afternoon before he left, battle a point of access? >> it's definitely a possibility. the question is how well you can dose the agent that way. you put ten times of deadly dose on the clothing, you must be sure at least one lethal dose gets into the body. [ speaking foreign language ] >> tomorrow we'll set up a phone
7:52 pm
with fake i.d. so if he we can try to prank th >> yes, of course. >> navalny will call personally and we will record this. >> hi, this is navalny. you may remember me from trying to kill me. [ speaking foreign language ] >> great to see you. >> hi. >> is it your contention that vladimir putin must have been aware of this? >> of course, 100%. it could have not happened without him. [ speaking foreign language ]
7:53 pm
>> who's the most stupid? >> most stupid of them? well, definitely these guys have real training it make sense to try to prank stupid guys and and maybe this nonmilitary guy. >> when you were a kid, did you have any awareness? did your family talk about politics? >> yes. my family talks about politics all the time and it was very -- they start to talk much more after chernobyl disaster be because, actually, my father and his family, they are from chernobyl from the small village two kilometers away, 10 kilometers away from the nuclear station.
7:54 pm
everyone knows that there was an explosion of the nuclear station, but news keeping silence. and so all these nuclear dust was on these fields, and they were forced to go to plant potatoes just to prevent rumors, just to explain population that everything is fine, everything is okay. go and work in the fields. and with the first appearance of putin on the screen, i just felt it. i have the same feeling, like i'm watching tv and political leader, and he's looking in my eyes and lying to me. ♪ >> this is the biggest challenge for me, trying to practice journaling for about a month. and because of coordination and balancing, and you need some balance here, it's -- i'm very
7:55 pm
bad at it. >> i think he wants to make sure this hits home in russian media. i mean, he thinks -- so we're not being journalists reporting about some politician, but we're writing about a politician who has his own youtube show with over 30 million followers and who considers himself half a journalist. >> actually, the first time. >> it's an unusual situation. it doesn't make things easier. >> mom, is this yours? no, you have water. >> hold my beer while i -- >> no, no, no. >> just the second -- filming me with -- >> okay.
7:56 pm
♪ >> again. ♪ how bizarre ♪ >> you should remove the second one. >> we can do that? >> yes, of course. this is, you know -- >> i don't know how to do that. >> who is 19. >> you, apparently. ♪ ♪ how bizarre how bizarre how bizarre ♪ seen it. trust me, after 15 walks it gets a little old. i really should be retired by now. wish i'd invested when i had the chance... to the moon! [golf ball bounces off rover] unbelievable. ugh. [ding]
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♪ >> hello. >> now i totally feel like i'm undercover agent wired up.


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