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tv   Declassified Untold Stories of American Spies  CNN  May 14, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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♪ >> hello. >> now i totally feel like i'm undercover agent wired up.
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are you nervous? >> sorry? >> are you nervous. >> come on, please, a little bit. [ phone ringing ] >> hello? [ speaking foreign language ] >> hung up. oh, my god, you ruined their day. [ phone dialing ] [ speaking foreign language ]
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>> hung. >> up maybe try the prank way. >> okay. >> interesting. [ phone ringing ] >> hello? [ speaking foreign language ]
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>> we got everything, yes. >> how could you do this? >> he spilt the whole story. this is unbelievable. >> poor guy. >> poor guy. >> literally. >> yes. >> what does that mean? >> let's talk with him to defect. let's arrange for him the whole thing. that's the humanitarian thing to do.
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okay. been begging me to call since the morning. can i tell them this already, confidentially? >> let's just decide are we going to publish this conversation? because i think we should wait for -- >> at the press conference at the very least? >> >> sorry? >> to putin's press conference at the very least. >> it is on thursday? >> yes. >> 17th. [ speaking foreign language ] ♪ [ speaking foreign language ]
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>> before pushing this button, i want to say that was an amazing job. thank you, everyone, for your contribution, guys. [ phone ringing ] >> yeah. >> yeah. >> okay. good. good, good, good, good. let's go. >> reporter: now, an exclusive investigation can reveal a top-secret mission. >> an elite team of operatives have been tracking nacvalny's every move for more than three years. [ speaking foreign language ]
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>> thank you very much. it's honor for me to be in such a big television of spain. i'm very pleased that you are paying attention to this situation, so thank you very much. >> this scheme looks like it's from the movies, but in this case it's a real scheme with real people. putin on the very top. >> reporter: in mid-august, zmachbl his team traveled to siberia, at least five members of the fdb unit make the same journey on different flights. >> well, they can be telling him now, but of course i'm sure they're trying to. thank you. thank you very much. >> reporter: back in to me of course, there was a surge in communications along the fsb unit and their bosses. if it was suspected navalny would die on the flight, they were scrambling to deal with a very different situation. we enter a rundown apartment building where an operative lives.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> my name is clarissa ward and i work for cnn. can i ask you a couple questions? [ speaking foreign language ] was it your team? so you have said that you want to go back to russia. you are aware of the risks of going back? >> definitely. >> why do you want to go back? >> i don't want these, you know, group of killer exist in russia. i don't want putin being president. i don't want him being czar of russia. i want to go back and try to change it. >> fantastic piece. >> yeah. [ speaking foreign language ] >> dream team. >> absolutely. [ speaking foreign language ]
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>> he opened his mouth with american songs on tiktok. by the way -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> they're talking about this all the time. >> yes. >> they're talking about you. >> and their version is ha ha ha this is very zion but the main point is they have a big problem, otherwise they would not launch it. >> right, right, right. >> they allow the state number one channel that has never mentioned his name to only talk about him now. >> yes. absolutely right. this is the main point. it's not affordable for them to keep silence.
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ready for a 12-hour flight. >> we have to sit. [ speaking foreign language ] >> yes. ♪ >> starting from 13 years old, i would think about what would i do if my dad was killed? we never had like a big talk. it's not -- it's not like anything that you can sit at the table and discuss. >> so it's nice to see so much snow before you go to l.a.,
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right? >> there's snow in california. >> there was a point a year ago where my dad was almost not there for my high school graduation. he was in jail, once again, and like the whole day, i was just thinking about how my dad would have been -- i'm sorry -- my dad would've been proud to see me walk on the stage and get my certificate. and he wouldn't get the option because he was in jail for doing the right thing. i know that my dad misses russia. even though it's scary to go back. and if he didn't go back, i would say you need to go back and fight.
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it's something worth fighting for. [ speaking foreign language ] ♪ [ speaking foreign language ]
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>> this is just amazing to us. because he said, like, well, if we want to poison him, of course we will poison him. so just we will -- i mean, the the whole intimidation, we'll smash it. ♪ >> i am just very curious how people will react to it. whether they will be as astonished as we are. it is not hike that's ever happened to anyone. [ speaking foreign language ]
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>> it's totally unbelievable. i would never believe it if i wasn't part of 300 -- 300,000 views. for 20 minutes. >> one hour later, one million views. maria. >> cool >> the poisoning of russian dissident alexei navalny has taken an even more bizarre turn. >> if this was a hollywood movie, you would say this is over the top but this is not.
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this is real. and, boy, does this conversation punch a giant hole in the kremlin's narrative? >> surely this is hugely embarrassing for the kremlin and for the fsb. >> oh, absolutely. it is embarrassing for mr. putin. and the it is embarrassing for the fsb. it is embarrassing for the kremlin. >> the fsb has said the video of the conversation posted on navalny's youtube channel was fake and the phone call was a provocation aimed as discrediting the agency. >> navalny is suffering from delusion of persecution, otherwise, there is a freudian fixation on his own crotch area. this is probably how all this should be treated. ♪
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damn circle of reestablished authoritarian regime. in authoritarian country, you you are pro-authoritarian leader or you are against the authoritarian leader. so we are in more primitive politics like human rights, freedom of speech for election. the power and money -- tax money -- they supposed to belong to the local communities and in russia, everything decided in moscow. so, being the president, i'm just -- i have this big pie of my power. and i will cut it for the future of russia. ♪
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>> i apologize. i'm sorry for the record, but just five minutes ago told danielle to get the [ bleep ] out of here with his camera. so like, i apologize for that because, well, everything is like -- everything is happening in the last ten minutes and i have to make like a millions of e-mails.
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have a seat, just you make me nervous because you're standing there, sorry. [ speaking foreign language ] >> sorry i have to see but it's russian superstition, but it's important. [ speaking foreign language ]
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the anti-riot police just
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started arresting everybody, including journalists, live on the air. this is crazy. jesus. jesus. i've never seen anything else -- anything like this. there is no way they are not going to arrest him. >> i think they are going to yank him away before anybody else is left off the plane.
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>> this is a plane and this is moscow. and this is the plane. and this is moscow. >> they realize it's not possible to control the crowd
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>> alexei, if the unthinkable happens and you are killed, what message do you live for the american people? >> my message for the situation of killed is very simple. not give up. >> do me a favor. answer thatis one in russian. [ speaking foreign language ]
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julia really paved the way for this incredible moment of food and pop culture. >> julia child presents the ch chicken sister. >> she was different than anything on television. >> the delicious life of america's first celebrity chef. julia, a cnn film, premieres monday, may 30th, at 8:00 on cnn. as former fbi agent, i had oversight of all 16 of our nation's intelligence agencies. my name is mike rogers. i had access to classified information gathered by our operatives. people who risked everything for the united states and our families. you don't know their faces or their names. you don't know the real stories from the people who lived the fear and the pressure, until now.


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