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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  May 15, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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i'm pamela brown in washington. you are live in the cnn "newsroom" on this sunday. we're following breaking news right now out of orange county, california. a shooting at a church has left one dead and four critically wounded. according to officials there. at least one person has been detained. we were in los angeles following the latest. i know there's not a lot of details coming in right now, but what do we know so far? >> as you mention not a lot of details unfortunately we know that this is another shooting
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this weekend. thankfully there is one person in custody. we know authorities have a weapon. but unfortunately at least one person has already died. the sheriffs department tweeting out some details. i want to read the latest tweets which says. they received a call of a shooting inside a church at 1:26 p.m. four victims has been critically wounded. one with minor injuries. all victims are adults and in route to the hospital. one victim is deceased at the scene. that was their latest tweet. we know there was emergency personnel at the church trying to help the people that were there. authorities are asking everybody to stay out of the area. but again we know that one person is in custody and have recovered a weapon. we're waiting to hear more on the status of the other people who have been injured. at least one of them is somewhat
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okay with minor injuries. but other four are critically wounded and one person is dead. so pam, we're waiting to hear more details from the sheriffs department. but at the moment that is pretty much all they have given us. >> okay, not a lot of information. just looking here on the site of the church saying that it inspires to be a an inclusive congregation. serving together. now yet another shooting this weekend. this time at the church there in orange county. i know that you will keep us posted on the latest details coming in. we'll check back soon. i want to bring in cnn national security analyst and cnn law enforcement analyst. what's your initial reaction to this? >> right now we just can't know. obviously shooting in a church will -- should raise everyone's
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concern. you don't want people targeted for religious affiliation. this isn't nothing. you have four people critically injured. we don't know whether they will live or die. we'll reserve judgment right now in terms of location, position, was the person known, i think within the hour, we'll know more about who the perpetrator was obviously and then why that church was chosen and then whether it has any sort of copy cat or raised energy level as they say when the people get activated whether there's a connection to what happened yesterday in buffalo. >> yeah, there's always the question. as you point out it's too soon to know. of course, as an investigator former investigator that would be what would come to mind wondering about that. anthony, we know a weapon is recovered. the fire authorities on scene helping to treat injured. things seem under control from what we know. what does that tell you?
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if anything. >> well, i mean, like juliette said, it's early. but if we have a weapon and we have a suspect, then that's good, at the same time, once again we're seeing how fast these incidents can occur with multiple victims. and is it related to what happened in buffalo? we don't know yet. but here we are again, we're back again within 24 hours talking about another tragedy. so, you know, we have to watch this play out. but it's a crisis in the u.s. right now. we have to do more. >> it is a crisis. absolutely is. just this weekend, on friday night there was the shooting in milwaukee. 17 people wounded. and you have the buffalo
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shooting yesterday. you have this shooting there in orange county today. you know, it's just when you look at it the cycle of gun violence, what do you think? are we doomed to keep seeing this over and over and over again in america? >> we're not doing well. let me be honest. laws are not in the favor of reasonable gun control. which is supported by a majority of the americans. or gun safety. we have seen in so many cases why does a child have access to a gun. these are things that will the system give it some stage, i used to think yes until after new ton and now i think no. there are studies around whether we can determine if someone is going to be an active shooter and stop them earlier. you have to be right a lot of
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times. i do -- i don't want to differentiate between different kinds of violence and the use of guns. i do think that the violence that we see with guns, handguns, assault weapons, and the racially motivated kill. i should say. that we saw in buffalo. are different. they are both done by the same means. but it's important we separate them. they both need to be addressed just given the nature of the kind of motivation that at least we saw in one of these cases. >> right. for those just tuning in, we're waiting to find out more about the motivation with this shooting at the church in orange county, california. four wounded, one dead. what are the next steps here for police? >> well, in this incident you
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have a lot of work to be done. you have to interview witnesses, you have to collect evidence and make sure the crime scene is preserved. you need forensics to do their job and investigators need to track the origin of the weapon. so most likely you'll get the atf involved which i always saw is a huge positive during my career. i get the feds involved. we also need to look for likes. is this connected, is this another -- is this another individual that sees things differently than the rest of the rational individuals in the united states of america? so, there's a lot of work where police at this point in time. and they have to be sure and get it right because the goal now is to build a prosecutable case.
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a constitutional prosecutable case for an attorney to try in a court of law. >> yeah. you're seeing that there and also of course in buffalo. juliette, antny, thank you both. we'll see you again soon in the show. we want to know the governor of california, newsom tweeted this. we're monitoring the shooting a a church in laguna woods, and working closely with local law enforcement. no one should have to fear going to their place of worship. our thoughts are with the victims, community and all of those impacted by the tragic event. now as we were talking about, yesterday's mass shooting in buffalo, new york, that is where we're shifting attention now. the disturbing portrait emerging of the teenager accused of killing ten people in a racially motivated shooting rampage. an 18-year-old man scouted the community for targets the day before opening fire at the tops friendly market. new york governor says the suspect chose the specific zip
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code hours from his home because it has one of the highest african-american percentages in the country. and we're learning that almost a year ago he made some kind of threat at his high school and sent for a mental health evaluation. we're outside the supermarket there in buffalo where the shooting happened. we're learning more about the suspects statements after he surrendered. what more can you tell us? >> according to officials, this suspect made it clear why he came to this community, came to this zip code, 14208 because it has a high percentage of african-americans here. according to the officials and comments he made after he was arrested, they were disturbing, hate filled comments about his motive. his state of mind. why he targeted the black community, why he was targeting black people specifically. and those comments the manifesto
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discovered, that video the live stream of the shooting, are all part of this investigation that is continuing here physically. but expanding as well, this 18-year-old has been charged with one count of first degree murder. pleaded not guilty to that count. i spoke with the district attorney, john flynn. he says as the investigation continues, certainly there will be more charges added to that one. here's what else he told me. >> all the evidence that we ascertain from the manifesto, from where ever it leads us, other piece of evidence that we already had, we can then use that and develop more charges potentially to add on in a grand jury. specifically looking at domestic terrorism charges, and hate crime charges. >> pamela, the district attorney
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says he's already moving into grand jury mode. putting together the evidence to present to a grand jury for those additional charges. >> yeah, not wasting time there. this afternoon you spoke to buffalos mayor who was represented the area through local and state offices for a quarter century. what did he tell you? >> he has represented this community as a member of the city counsel, as a state senator, he's in his fifth term as mayor. 26 years representing this very community and he says that a lot of people that come here he knows personally. we were talking a bit. he's a generation or two from the people who are affected here. he told us about what this community needs to do to move forward. yes, we saw some singing, some praying, some religious services and prayer circles here. there's more coming to this
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community. and says that this shooter should not stand in the way of the growth that could happen for this part of buffalo. let's watch. >> we're heartbroken. many people with tears in their eyes. families that have lost loved ones. i'm telling the community to grieve but let's stay strong. let's stay together and let's get through as a community. we're at the point where the community is about to see a renaissance. where millions of dollars are slated to flow through this community and other parts of the city. hope and opportunity that people have been waiting for for a long period of time is within our reach. let's not let a racist madman take that from us. >> in addition to all of the loss we have discussed since the
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shooting happened, there's a practical loss. the grocery store is the only one that sells fresh fruit and meat and vegetables in this community. before it came here the mayor tells me about 20 years ago now, this was a food desert. now it's closed as a crime scene and there will have to be cleaning of the store and restocking before it reopens, people have to now be transported to grocery stores in other parts of the city. they are setting things up for that to happen. but without this, that anderson cooper says to fresh food a short walk away, that's on hold for some time. he expects it will be open soon. he said hopefully not months. >> that's an important point. it was a center piece of the community where the community went to get food. now that have to go elsewhere and figure that out. is shows the ripple effect from the shooting there yesterday.
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thank you so much. we're following breaking news right now out of orange county, california. a shooting at a church has left one dead and four critically wounded. also ahead tonight, why the buffalo shooting suspect wasn't a lone wolf. even though he acted alone. pennsylvania senate candidate says he's recovering from a stroke. we'll update you on his condition. vladimir putin war drives more nations to choose nato over neutrality. i'll ask the finnish ambassador to the u.s. if he's worried about russian retaliation. we'll be right back. its revolutionary rollerball design delivers fast, powerful, long-lasting pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible. (driver) conventional thinking would say verizon has the largest and fastest 5g network. but, they don't. they only cover select cities with 5g.
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>> hey, everybody. it's john and -- we hit a bump on the campaign trail. >> it was on friday. i wasn't feeling well, so i decided i need to get checked out -- >> i made you get checked out. i was right as always. >> so, she followed up with the back story. his wife that is -- >> i told john he needed to get some rest now. there were a couple more things we want to let you know. john had a stroke. that was caused by a clot from his heartbeating in an irregular rhythm for too long. fortunately the amazing doctors here were able to completely clear the clot and entirely reverse the stroke. they also got his heart under control. the good news is, he's feeling much better and the doctors say he's well on his way to a full recovery. i guess when your heart is that big and carries so much love for his state, sometimes it asks for a rest. they're keeping him here for now
3:20 pm
for observation, the doctors have assured us he'll be able to get back on the trail. first, under doctor orders and my orders, he needs a minute to rest, to recover. we want to thank the amazing professionals here at lancaster general hospital. and all of you for your support. it means the world to us. please get out and vote on tuesday. >> cnn congressional correspondent joining us now. what political impact could this have so close to the primary? >> we're going to have to see how it plays out. setting the stage for everybody the lieutenant governor is the perceived front runner. he is expected to win that primary. and of course while everyone is happy and relieved that he is okay and on his way to a full recovery, the timing of this is not what anyone would want on that campaign least of all john fetterman himself. who really likes to get out and be around voters and talking to
3:21 pm
them one on one and larger crowds. he's not been able to do. you heard in the video this started on friday. the campaign then ultimately cancelled events friday, saturday and today. before we learned that he had a stroke. now, the key things in this statement they released a paper statement in addition to that video. they talked about in the paper statement he has no cognitive damage. he will make a full recovery. the question mark is we're 48 hours from primary day and he is in the hospital under observation being watched over by doctors and nurses. and it's unknown at this point when ohe'll be able to get out. he planned to have an event tuesday night on election night in pittsburg. lancaster is about a three and a half hour drive from there. so it remains to be seen everything is very fluid. as is so often when there are medical emergencies. politically the implications we
3:22 pm
just don't know. how will this effect the get out the vote effort, how much effect did the last minute rallies have on people. and that visibility have on people. we're going to have to find out. we have heard he has two opponents in the race, we have heard from both of them. they wished him well. a speedy recovery. but again we have to look to tuesday to see exactly how this all plays out and he said he looks forward to getting back on the austtrail soon, does that m the next two days or beyond if he's actually the democratic nominee. we'll keep an eye on this certainly and as he tries to get rest and take a beat. a lot of language they were using indicates that it maybe a minute before he's able to get out and have public events again. will he be able to do things virtually? these are things we're waiting to see over the next 48 hours. >> yeah, that's serious. he seems -- fortunate he's doing
3:23 pm
as well as they say. he's on his way to recovery. all right, thank you so much. we have learned president biden will travel to buffalo in the coming days to meet with the families of victims of saturday's mass shooting. what is the president's plan? >> a white house official tells me president biden will be traveling to buffalo, new york on tuesday. following that deadly shooting at a grocery store in the area just yesterday. the president told reporters earlier today that he was trying to work out his schedule to see if he would be able to travel to buffalo. of course the president is slated to depart for asia at the end of the week. he will in fact be making that visit to buffalo. that of course will give him an opportunity to meet with possibly the families of victims as well as officials on the ground there as they are continuing to respond to the horrific tragedy. earlier today president biden spoke with new york governor and
3:24 pm
also tried to connect with the city's mayor. brown telling our colleague earlier today that he was actually in church when he received a phone call from the president. the president earlier today also spoke about this shooting, talking about the investigations into the shooting as a possible hate crime. as well as racially motivated violent extremism. and the president said this just is another example of needing to root out hate in the country. the president said quote we must all work together to address the hate that remains stain on the soul of america. the president on tuesday will have that opportunity to visit buffalo following the horrific mass shooting. >> all right, live from the white house on this sunday, thanks. you are in the cnn "newsroom" following breaking news out of orange county, california, a shooting at a church left one dead and four critically wounded.
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welcome back to the cnn "newsroom." following breaking news out of the orange county, california, where a shooting at a church has left one dead and four critically wounded. one person has been detained and a weapon recovered. cnn is in los angeles. what more do we know? >> so the sheriff department now saying that they are going to hold a press conference at 5:00 p.m. local time. that's in about an hour and a
3:30 pm
half. the latest tweet that we have from them i want to read that to you, it says dispatchers received a call of a shooting inside the church at 1:26 p.m. four victims have been critically wounded, one with minor injuries. all victims are adults and in route to the hospital. one victim is deceased at the scene. at you mentioned we know that one person is in custody. they did recover the weapon. we know there were emergency personnel at the church after this shooting happened. helping the victims and of course helping anyone else that was around that area. they are asking anyone in that area in orange county to stay away from the church as authorities continue this investigation. we also received a statement from governor newsom of california. i want to read that as well. he says we're actively monitor the shooting at the church in laguna woods. and working closely with local law enforcement.
3:31 pm
no one should have to fear going to their place of worship. our thoughts are with the victims, community and all those impacted by the tragic event. and look, as the governor said no one should fear going to a church. no one should fear going to a supermarket. unfortunately that's the reality that we're seeing this weekend. as i mentioned one person is in custody. there's a weapon that has been recovered. but we do know that it was four people are injured and one is dead. we're waiting for that update from authorities in about an hour and a half here in california. >> all right, thanks. and as she said, this is the reality that we're living in. orange county marks the fourth mass shooting in the u.s. just this weekend. on friday, at least 21 people shot in downtown milwaukee. yesterday, ten people killed and three injured at a grocery store in buffalo. and earlier today, five people were shot at a flea market in houston. at least two people died.
3:32 pm
that's not to mention the dozens of other smaller scale shootings across the country. chicago for example is now under a weekend curfew after police say at least 30 people were shot and five died this weekend throughout the city. you are in the cnn "newsroom" on this sunday. up next why the buffalo shooting suspect wasn't a lone wolf. even though police say he acted alone. we'll be right back.
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tonight we're learning more about the teenager that allegedly carried out saturday's mass shooting at a buffalo, new york, grocery store. authorities are now saying the suspect has been monitored in the past. they allege he scoped out the supermarket before the shooting. in a manifesto posted just before the shooting the suspect allegedly said he was radicalized online. he praised fringe message boards like for chan. and consumed hateful and extreme ideology. and learned about the weapons that he allegedly used to kill ten people including nine african-americans. here's new york's attorney general. >> he was bent on hate, he was focussed on replacement theory. a theory that white individuals will be replaced by immigrants and people of color and jewish individuals. we're speaking to my republican
3:38 pm
attorney generals and others all across the nation about what we can do to address hate as you know the first amendment doesn't protect hate speech. particularly when hate speech follows up with acts. >> i want to bring in a cnn national security analyst. juliette, good to see you. this manifesto shows that race was his primary motivation. one line reads, zip code in buffalo has the highest black percentage that is close enough to where i live. he called himself a white sp supremacist and fascist. and cited the great replacement theory. white americans are being replaced until white culture is erased. what you make of this? >> so, basically he was not
3:39 pm
acting alone. this is the -- the term alone or se sole actor or lone wolf are failing us now in this age of hate and hate incitement. that is pushing people to totally predictable acts of violence at this stage. nothing should be a surprise. this is what the replacement theory is about. i want to make it clear this isn't about an ideology or some social phenomenon that people are saying we're becoming too diverse. the replacement theory fundamentally at its core is about violence. there's no other way to look it. what it's saying is that the white in particular male experience is being challenged by in this case, he believed blacks, and that this the pie is limited. so that the more blacks that there are, the fewer whites like him there can be.
3:40 pm
and therefore violence is justified as a way to protect your piece of the pie. there's no other benign explanation for replacement theory. replacement is actually literally means move you out and move me in. all this stuff you're going it hear from gop members or members of the media who like to talk in code as if they don't know actually where replacement theory came from. it it was an antimuslim and islam sentiment out of the europe. they know. part of my argument and i wrote about is the essentially let's stop the terminology of alone or not alone. or lone wolf. it's not relevant anymore. they're being pushed in predictable ways to the kind och racial violence that we're seeing and we just -- i don't know how to solve this but i certainly know we have to call it out. enough of this winking and
3:41 pm
nodding. >> right. the language maybe vague, time and place of the killed. it isn't misleading. it's terror. executed by the herd. and in your piece you also wrote that you yourself were in the manifesto. and image of cnn hosts and analysts labeled as jews. what did that feel like to see that? >> yeah. i mean, i'm certainly not an anchor. but we get our fair share of the kind of hate. i got notified by a viewer who says you realize you're in this manifesto. i was on air when she was texting it. the broad brush of hate that these people feel, right, and others were in a list of alleged cnn jews. that is basically i'm quoting here, basically. but the kind of incitement attacks, letters to home, all the things that people like us experience it's not new. it's heightened now.
3:42 pm
but i also experience it as not relevant in a weird way. part of that i think president biden got this right in his statement, his statement is about four words about the perpetrator. we'll learn more. and it's a larger and he discusses the larger issue of hatred and racially motivated violent extremism. and some ways just like you and i are irrelevant to for purposes of the manifesto. the perpetrator is one of many wolves in a pack that is being directed by the kind of hate that we're seeing by political and media leader. i don't think it's acceptable now to simply allow them to say it's just language. this is a theory of violence. it's not a theory of racial superiority. it's replacement. and that means if you exist, i
3:43 pm
can't exist. and therefore you can't -- you in this case blacks cannot exist. and we have to call it that. >> all right. juliette, thank you. see you again later in the show. you're in the cnn "newsroom" tonight vladimir putin war in ukraine is spurring more nations to choose nato over neutrality. finland is making moves to join the u.s. led military alliance and russia is vowing retaliation. the finnish ambassador to the u.s. joins me live, next. that'y that helps everyone come to the table and do more incredibible thing. ♪ if you don't stain your deck, it's like the prevevious ownr is still hanging around. previous owner: "laughs" ♪ ♪ previous ow♪ ♪: "laughs" mom: where are you going? ♪ ♪
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today the social democratic party has concluded that sweden should join nato. >> sweden the nato closest partners. all allies agree nato door is open. >> the united states strongly support a nato application by sweden or finland. >> as ukrainian artillery moves to reenforce the eastern front in ukraine, russian forces are said to be suffering significant losses as they try to advance. the cnn analysis shows russian losses may amount to a third of its ground combat forces in ukraine. more evidence of ukraine's military persistence. we located video posted to social media showing ukrainian forces blowing up a bridge in the east keeping the russians from advancing. and today, in a historic move, finland confirms it will aply for nato membership despite
3:49 pm
th threats from russia. i'm pleased to welcome mikko hautala, finland ambassador to the united states. ambassador, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> so, your country shares more than 800 miles of border with russia. for decades there has been a between your countries. joining nato will no doubt in that most likely. tell us more about why finland is taking this significant step. >> for us it's mainly a defensive preventive move. we conclude the situation has changed. profoundly. because of the russian attack and we conclude that we have to increase or deterrence. and of course, since we have already credible national defense, the next step is to join nato. and we have been integrating with nato for almost 30 years and almost for 20 years we have had a common doctrine in foreign
3:50 pm
policy that we may join one day. it's not a surprise for the russians. which have been following the debate and preparations for years. so i think it's it's actually a small step. it is a final step in the long path. >> you say it's a small step but as you well know russia is saying it doesn't see that. right? russia is vowing retaliation and cut off energy in finland. finland has a commercial relationship with russia over the years when it comes to energy, oil, nuclear, gas. what are your concerns with now finland to apply for membership with nato and the retaliation to see from russia? basically finland is energy self sufficient. not gas or electricity or oil.
3:51 pm
we have plenty of resources. basically the cutoff of electricity sales is caused by the sanctions so it is not related to nato decision itself. i think in our case the russians will react. no doubt about that. i think our assessment is in the beginning political and place a number of weapons systems close to the border but the conclusion at this stage is that the russian response won't be military. it's rather -- not really likely. our president just called yesterday to president putin and the outcome of the phone call that the russians do understand we are moving and will respond and no intention from the russian side to increase the tension on the border.
3:52 pm
of course, at the same time we still prepare for all different kinds of scenario and follow the situ situation extremely closely. >> but the bottom line is it's not like you just apply to be in nato and you're in nato. turkey is saying it wants guarantees from finland. the process could last up to a year before finland is part of nato and have you gotten any security guarantees from the west or from the united states in this interim period? >> it wouldn't make any sense if a country is accepted in to the creation process and then left totally out in the cold so definitely there are many
3:53 pm
countries that have said that they will support finland if that kind of support is needed. and u.s. is one of those countries that have said so. we have made arrangements with the uk and will be others so we are confident to get support if that support would be needed in the many months of ratification process. >> we have seen russia aggression before. right? this is not the first time. this, of course, is on a larger scale than we have seen from russia but what was it about this that pushed finland to do this? is there anything specific of the actions that russia took in ukraine, mariupol, the war crimes, the brazenness to take over the country? what was it? >> i think we have basically two
3:54 pm
reasons. one reason is that russia was in december trying to define finland's position in a way that would exclude potential membership in nato. that would have made us a second class country in europe without real sovereignty and choice. that was already a negative sign that russia attempts to place us in a category of countries. secondly was, of course, the attack large scale and i think the real war goal was to take control of all of ukraine so if a country like russia conducts this foreign policy with open sort of warfare then of course we have atrocities which of course affect the popular mood but it was the two actions. russian attempt to define our
3:55 pm
way and then the beginning of war which is a major shock for all european system. >> finland sharing an 800 miles of border with russia. analysts say in addition to wanting to take over ukraine that putin wanted to divide the west, wanted to weaken nato. if that was his goal and is his goal do you think that it is backfired given the fact that finland and sweden appear poised to join nato? >> for sure. about the border nato has five countries as member states with russia so finland with a boarde. >> turkey is saying that finland
3:56 pm
needs to meet certain conditions and must stop supporting terrorist groups in the country and lift export bans. what is your response? would finland meet the conditions that turkey is laying out? >> quite often in this ratification process member states they may try to negotiate or bring up some unrelated items and this has now happened. we have heard not so consistent messages from turkey. they have supported the nato application. now we are hearing this. i think we are seeking a more firm messages from them down the road. we have good relations with turkey and will conduct with them down the road. >> thank you so much, ambassador. thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you.
3:57 pm
a reminder tonight fareed zakaria looks for answers on the war on ukraine. why is he trying to destroy the neighbor and can he be stopped? "inside the mind of vladimir putin" begins at 8:00 p.m. here on cnn. this just in. the first images from the scene of a deadly church shooting in california. a sad scene repeating once again this weekend. according to the sheriff there a person is dead. four others are critically injured. breaking news coverage continues after a quick break. i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" s really coo. -seriously?? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied. how do we feel about getting a quote to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer? should flo stop asking the same question every time?
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wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. i'm pamela brown in washington. we are following two major stories this hour. two deadly shootings. first in before, new york, the
4:00 pm
white house says president biden will go there tuesday after ten people were killed at a grocery store in what police call a racist shooting. we begin in southern california where a person was shot and killed inside a church. at least four others are critically wounded. cnn is following the story. what is the latest? >> we know that one suspect, possible suspect, is in custody at the moment and that authorities did recover a weapon so we're waiting to hear if that is the suspect or the only suspect but authorities say they will update us in about an hour in orange county. according to the sheriff's department they do say that this happened at around 1:26 p.m. local time. this was a


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