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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  May 16, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! good morning and welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. it is monday, may 16th. i'm laura jarrett. christine has the morning off. we begin this morning in buffalo, new york, and we start off the top here with what we know about the victims. police say they range in age from 32 to 86. among them, aaron salter, a
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former police officer killed exchanging gunfire with the shooter. survivors of the attack describe a terrifying rush to escape. >> my daughter was crouched down to the front end for the entire shooting. i got all the way to the back door and the back door was stuck but morris, my co-worker, who told us to run to the back, he's also the one who was able to get the door open for us to get out of the building. we were afraid, we didn't know if someone was on the other side of the door. she was in panic mode and she did not move because she did not want to be noticed she was there. >> buffalo's mayor called for the city to pull together to overcome the trauma of the attack. >> we're heart broken. many people with tears in their eyes, families that have lost loved ones. i'm telling the community to grieve but let's stay strong, let's stay together and let's
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get through this as a community. >> police have identified the suspect and 18-year-old peyton gendron. authorities are combing through a 180-page manifesto in which he describes himself a fascist white supremacist and anti-semite. >> the evidence we have uncovered so far makes no mistake this is app abn abso racist hate crime. he had a camera that was live streaming what he was doing. >> police believe the gunman was acting on his own. president biden and the first lady will travel to meet with the victims. and they say, quote, they must
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address the stain on the soul of america. what do we know about the president's agenda on tuesday in. >> we know that the president will go to that community to grieve with that community but outside of those detaste, not much is known and that makes sense considering just how quickly this was all put together. remember, it was just yesterday morning as he was leaving wilmington, the president said he didn't know if he would able to make it to buffalo ahead of his trip on thursday to asia. yesterday he spoke to new york's governor and they weren't automobile to connect and those scheduling details worked out because he and the first lady are now going on tuesday. now, we learned of this news that he was going after the president addressed and really mourned with the victims at the national peace officer's memorial where he called for unity to counter some of this racial hate. take a listen here.
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>> we're still gathering the fact, while already the justice department has stated publicly that it's investigating the matter as a hate crime, racially motivated act of white supremacy and violent extremism. as they do, we must all work together to address the hate that remains a stain on the soul of america. our hearts are heavy once again but our resolve must never, ever waiver. >> so there we heard from the president giving some dough ta details about the hate crime. now, what we did hear just, though, from the president, laura, is him tapping into this role of consoler in chief, a man
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who has done that regularly as he's a man that knows what grief looks like up close and personal. i imagine we'll see that side of the president again in the upcoming days here. >> let's bring in former assistant secretary. here we go again. you have a terrific new piece on the atlantic web site and you write, quote, his mission was effective because he was supported by an apparatus that provided the ideology and the means for the hunt. he had his people. they were there for him. i think it's such an important distinction and context that you're putting this in front of us because i think too often people look at a case like this and dismiss it at of course someone who is mentally
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unbalanced but you're saying this is happening within a really specific context. say more. >> we have this tendency because we're both lawyers, did the person act alone, was it a conspiracy, or was it an isis attack or lone wolf? i say there's no such thing as a lone wolf. it's a pack. and this seemed to be to be true in this case, that we can take the differences between each of these individuals that we see in these hate crimes and say this one had a bad family and that one had mental derangement but what we're seeing is an apparatus of support for the solo characters. and this is coming through social media but it's also coming through the comfort, the
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lack of shaming, the sort of pushing to the edge that we're seeing in both the political and media space. leaders in the republican party in particular and the media leaders, they'll be co y about what they're doing when they talk about things like the displacement theory. they'll say i'm just saying what's going on out there, that the country is becoming too diverse, but their listeners are hearing it in particular in a way that would justify violence. and i think unless we see these as pack attacks, right, these are group attacks, we will not get to the bottom of what i think president biden now understands, which is these are group efforts to harm, in this case, black americans. >> and you mentioned social media. you think about how much it has changed, even in just the last five to ten years and the number of platforms, the diversity of
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platforms. has the job of law enforcement, something that you know a lot about, has it actually gotten easier or harder now that people are putting 180-page manifestos online? >> it's funny, it's harder only because there's so much noise now. if you spend five minutes on these sites, any of them or even just the sites we think are not for the right wing or for the crazy so to speak, you will find this kind of sort of couyness, talking about other groups of people as if they're not human beings, as if they're prey is what we saw on saturday, we saw a hunt. so it makes it harder because there's so much more noise. with where it's easier, i will say, is on the other end, if someone is captured before or after, that your leaving trails
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of evidence of what it is that radicalized them and what they intend to do. there's a movement now within la the media about not calling these manifesto because it gives them too much credit, as if it's some great moment they've unearthed. it go it's going to take leadership that we're not seeing, 48 hours from saturday, members from both ba parties condemning this and it's going to talk a lot more naming and shaming of what is going on. i'm done with the coyness about what it is that we're seeing. we are seeing the sort of -- the nurturing of a violent extremism. i'm not just talking about extremism, of a violent
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extremism coming from the top. >> i heard you are point that out over the weekend. we're beyond the days of racially charged or racialley sensitive, it's just racist. i encourage everyone to look at this piece. thank you for your and alice and expertise. >> just ahead, a gunman in california opening fire at a church. plus, ukrainian troops claiming a milestone in the war against russian invaders. and the u.s. senate candidate who says he's recovering from a stroke just days from the primary there. in our operations. and d aiming to protect millions of acres of land. so we can all live betteter. bipolar depression. it made me feel trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't fi my way out of it. thlows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place.
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now to another deadly shooting over the weekend, this one at a church in southern california that left one dead and four others critically hurt on sunday. police say the suspect opened fire during a luncheon held by a taiwanese congregation. they said it could have been much worse if parishioners hadn't stepped in. >> we believe a group of church-goers detained him and hog tied his legs. he was detained when the deputies arrived. that group of church-goers displayed what we believe it exceptional heroism in intervening and undoubtedly prevented additional injuries and fatalities. . >> the suspect is believe to be an asian man in his 60s. police are investigating any possible connection to the
2:16 am
church. and taiwan -- what is taiwan saying about the shooting? >> you have four people dead, all of taiwanese dissent. laguna woods, this area that we just showed you, this is a retirement destination, apparently very popular to people of taiwan. they walked into this luncheon for a former pastor, pulls out two handguns, opens fire. did the people run and hide? no, they surrounded him, they tackled him, they tied him up and had him ready and detained
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when the police arrived. but there is still of course a lot of concern for the families of those who were injured and the family of the person who was killed. thailand's foreign ministry has expressed their deepest condolences and taiwan's defacto ambassador to the u.s. said she's sending out prayers for a quick and speedy recovery. this is an island that does not have gun violence to begin with. like many countries, there are much stricter gun restrictions than in the united states. a lot of people ask me why so many guns there? why is this problem continuing? it's a question that, frankly, as an american i have a hard time answering. >> i was going to say, i'm sure you're stumped when you have to answer that one.
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to will's point, more gun violence over the weekend. three american were killed and two critically injured at a houston area flea market money officials say a fight morning five men escalated, pistols were drawn and no bystanders were injured. >> and two nordic nations ditching decades of neutrality to join nanato. ♪ three times the electorlytes and half the sugar. ♪ pedialyte powder packs. feel better fast. (heartbeats) pedialyte powder packs. inoducing icy hot pro.
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finland's leaders are making it official, announcing they intend to join nato. it ignores threats by russia of possible retaliation. sw sweden's ruling leader announced it will also support joining the alliance. nick, what is the timetable for when all of this will go down and what's the kremlin saying about it? >> reporter: the next couple of steps play out here in helsinki and over in sweden as well in the next couple of days. in parliament they are discussing right now what their governments have put to them and here in finland tomorrow the vote is expected to be pretty close to unanimous, more than 180 out of 200 lawmakers are expected to join nato. the next step it goes to nato and nato has to make a decision. it goes to all the members of
2:24 am
nato. we just heard today from the u.s. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell meeting with the finnish president saying he hopes the united states can be one of the first nations to green light finland's path to joining nato. it's a relatively short timeline to what companies can normally expect. russia of course not happy about any of this. it means a massive nato enlargement right on their border, a doubling of the length of nato's border, an additional 830 miles here in finland and the russian minister today saying russia and sweden should not expect for this to go without consequences. military and technical is what we've heard from government officials. moscow is clearly not happy but hasn't quite figured out how to
2:25 am
respond fully. >> nick, thank you for that. appreciate it. at least one nato member, turkey, is expressing reservations about finland and sweden joining the alliance. turkey has tried to mediate between russia and ukraine. what is the turkish president saying about these two countries joining nato now? >> well, laura, he surprised a lot of turkish allies coming out on friday and basically saying that he does not view the membership of sweden and finland and nato positively because he says that they support what he described as terrorist organizations. now, over the weekend we've heard from senior turkish officials clarifying turkey's position saying this is not a firm no, that they're not closing the door but that this is about addressing turkey's concerns, they want security guarantees. they're accusing sweden and finland of allowing members of
2:26 am
the kurdish militant separatist group, considered a terrorist group by the eu and the united states, to operate in their countries and they're also taking issue with the fact that countries like sweden are arming the ypg, the syrian kurdish militia in syria. that has always been a contentious issue at the heart of disagreements between those who have chosen to ally themselves with the fighting group in the fight against isis. and then there's the issue of military exports to turkey, a ban that was put in place by some of these countries including sweden. they want these bans lifted and restrictions on its defense industry removed. in a positive sign, laura, meeting with his finnish and
2:27 am
nato counterparts and there are proposals to try and resolve this. we've heard from the nato secretary-general, from the u.s. secretary of state and others really not -- they don't seem to be that concerned about turkey's reservations right now. they feel pretty confident that they can work through this in the coming days and weeks. >> all right. thank you for your reporting as usual. mr. president, we made it. that message sent by ukrainian forces to their president, volodymyr zelenskyy after claiming to reach the russian border near kharkiv. let's go live to lviv, ukraine and bring in suzanne malvo. >> reporter: ukrainian officials are reporting a missile strike in the coastal region of odesa,
2:28 am
creating a fire and injuring several people. there's also good news for the ukrainians, that military unit just north of kharkiv saying they had reached the border with iran that, yes, mr. president, we've made it. that is the president. it is real, we've made it, as this intense fight continues. it almost looks like fireworks but these explosions aren't for show. they are incendiary munitions. it's another day of fire power aged at mariupol. over the weekend a large convoy of cars and vans carrying fleeing residents managed to leave the city. an aide to mariupol's mayor says up to 1,000 vehicles arrived in zaporizhzhia, which would be the largest single evacuation from mariupol since the fighting
2:29 am
began. one man says it was a harrowing journey. >> translator: we barely made it. there were a lot of elderly people. it was tough. the trip was devastating but it was worth it. >> reporter: meanwhile, further either russian troops are zeroing in on a town where 15,000 still live. but the ukrainian military says russian forces have suffered significant losses as they tried to push through the luhansk and donetsk regions. >> they failed to take kharkiv. their major offensive in donbas
2:30 am
has stalled. russia is not achieving its strategic objectives. >> reporter: but some russian forces are getting additional help. about 600 chechen fighters and others described as volunteers are on their way to the war zone. chechen units have played a prominent role since the invasion began. >> and many ukrainians, had as can see the lines extremely long, snaking around miles or so, had to go to a second checkpoint just to get in. i met a mother who had her 7-year-old son in the car, asking her how long had she waited to get there. she said four days that it took her. this is this is simply a a demonstration of the opt mission
2:31 am
no matter what she faces is to get home. >> thank you for being in for us. russia may are lost as. claire sebastian joins us live on london on this part of the story. what else have we learned from this british intelligence assessment? >> reporter: this would be a significant problem for the russian forces in ukraine in if they lost a third of their ground forces. the latest estimate before this was there were 15,000 russian casualties at the end of april. imagine there were about 150,000 russian troops on the border of ukraine. that would be a significant uptick, about a third of but they're talking about critical losses of equipment, thanks like
2:32 am
bridging equipment, jones. everything that enables a swift advantage they're saying the russian forces have lot of a suggest amount and that coupled with low morale is slowing them down. that's leading dramatically accelerate their advance over the next 30 days. so clearly a difficult situation as they try to focus on the donbas and the ukrainian reas soon as it and. just ahead for you, the u.s. governor pushing for a total abortion ban, no exception. and the u.s. senate candidate who just revealed he recovering from a stroke right before the primary. through topical pain relief we invite you toto try our powerful, long-lasting patch for muscle and joioint pain, get your free sample at hisamitsuu
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lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose. tastes great in our iced coffees too. which makes waking up at 5 a.m. to milk the cows a little easier. (moo) mabel says for you, it's more like 5:15. man: mom, really? 37 minutes back now. shanghai's government announcing plans to roll back covid restrictions next month after some seven weeks of being on lockdown. they say the reopening will open in stages with the goal of returning to normalcy by mid to late june. the government has received so much criticism. what made them finally relent? >> i got to say, not a lot of people are buying this. they have this three-stage plan by the middle of next month but
2:38 am
there is really a healthy dose of september sich. that's because 25 million people have been locked out for the last seven weeks. and this is all conditional on eradicating the virus. on sunday they recorded 938 cases, the first time cases had dropped delbelow 1,000. and i've talked to some that say i'm not buying it. compared to what's going on in beijing, the cap, which roared and this talk of a soft lock down being put into place in certain districts and the government has announced nor further. people have already gone through
2:39 am
15 lots of tests in the last couple of week. it goes to show the level of paranoia from the government and their determine national and i think what really perhaps sums up how the asian football federation cup, which is something that is hosted here in asia once every four years. china was due to host it next year june and july. well, they have just announced that they will no longer they think they will still be affected by the pandemic this time next year. >> wow. that's telling. anna, thank you. up next, the leading candidate for a u.s. senate seat now says he is recoughing from a stroke. and the team that didn't allow a hit and yet still l lost the ga.
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jury selection begins this morning for the trial of michael sussman, the former lawyer for hillary clinton's 2016 campaign. it's part of the special counsel's three-year investigation of whether former president trump's first campaign was unfairly investigated by the fbi. sussman is being charged with lying to the fbi by saying he was just being a good citizen when he informed authorities about what he thought were suspicious ties between the former president and russia. this was less than two months before the 2016 election. prosecutors on the other hand allege that sussman was acting on behalf of the clinton campaign. \to the fight over abortion now. nebraska governor pete richt
2:45 am
said he will move to pass a total abortion ban if roe v. wade is overturned. >> if roe v. wade gets o overturned, which we're hopeful of, we're going to talk steps to protect those babies. >> including in the case of rape or incest? >> yes. they're still babies. they're still babies. >> nebraska's effort to pass its own such law failed by just two votes last month. well, pennsylvania senate candidate john federman is recovering this morning after suffering a stroke just days before the state's primary tomorrow. pennsylvania's lieutenant governor remains hospitalized this morning. he posted a video of himself and
2:46 am
his wife at the hospital and released a statement saying i'm feeling much better and the doctors tell me i didn't suffer any cognitive damage. polls show him with a significant lead over two democratic rivals. let bring in the director of the stroke program here in new york. doctor, and what is happening in your brain when a stroke strikes? >> thank you for having me on, laura. i think, first of all, the lieutenant governor is very lucky that his wife made him go to the hospital when heit happened. t he got to the hospital in time and they were able to pull his clot out. clots form in the heart because of an irregular rhythm and it
2:47 am
can take out a large part of the the brain. they can can pull out and so what does it lead to? when the clock hits the braun, it step blood flow and whatever part of the brain it comes, suddenly start or your face droops down or your arms become weak and cannot move on the opposite side of where the clot is. he's very lucky. i think obviously time is everything here and getting him to the hospital in time was so important for him. >> you say time is a tuj factor. what huge factor.
2:48 am
>> it's two things, one is how fast can we get that clot out and break up the clot by use of medications. and, two, do you enough blood coming from other vessels to keep your brain alive for as long as it is alive? brain cells start to die right away. but if you have enough blood vessels coming from other areas, can you sort of stay alive, limping along until we're able to pull that clot out. that's really the name of the game, time, getting in there, getting effective treatment to him retch quickly and clearly it has worked. it sounds like clearly he's doing very well and i'm very hopeful he'll have a full recovery. >> doctor, anything people at home should do to assess their own risk? >> clearly if you have an irregular heart rhythm and sometimes -- we're in an age right now where things like the apple watch and other wearable
2:49 am
devices can help us diagnose ourselves to some degree with this irregular heart rhythm. if you do, then getting to see your doctor right away is really important. but more important by, call 911 and get to the hospital if you have b for balance, e for eyes, f is for face, if your face starts to droop, a is for arms and then if your speech goes. all you need is one symptom from i would say call 911, get yourself to a hospital and evaluated as fast as you can because time is so crucial. there are so many treatments to reverse stroke that if you get to the hospital in time, we can actually save your brain.
2:50 am
>> doctor, thank you for getting up bright and early for me. >> thank you. take care. >> and severe storms and a tornado threat on the east coast today. john, where is this going? >> we're looking at 12 to 14 hours from now. 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. across portions of the northeast, goes right up through the most densely populated areas of the country. it's in the early evening hours where the storm push in, and in about 30 million in that area indicated in orange and another 30 million indicated in yellow to the level two. the prime rip threats we think are going to be straight line wind at times up to 50, 60 miles an hour and large hail possible,
2:51 am
main getting an and the possibility is about 5% chance within 25 miles of a point. last couple of days, similar setup, let's of hail and a few scattered tornadoes. that's what we're watching for portions around the northeast. >> just ahead for you, the buffalo shooting suspect's manifesto. and the head of the fda joins "new day" for an update on baby formrmula. dchl
2:52 am
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all right, let's get to some sports. it was a game seven bonanza yesterday and no city was on the edge of their seat more than dallas. hey, andy. >> good morning, laura. we had four game sevens yesterday, two in the nba, two in the nhl and dallas fans were dealing with both. it was the first time ever two teams from the same city were playing in game seven on the same day. the mavs giving their fans plenty to scream about. and luka doncic led dallas to a 30-point halftime lead. >> were you aware at halftime up
2:57 am
had as many points as the suns? >> yeah, of course. >> you don't hear a player admit thats and the mavs at one point in this game led by 46 points. the first time in this sorryies t -- series that the road team wins. the suns are out, their fans booing them. they lost badly, 123-90. dallas fans were super close to one of the best sports nights ever. the stars were up 2-1 on the flames in gave seven but kacalgy tied it. johnny gaudreau would put it in. they haven't won the cup since 1989.
2:58 am
the rangers and penguins meanwhile also playing a game seven thriller. micah zibanejad ties the score late in regulation with a shot past goalie tristan jerry and the rangers become the first team in playoff history to have three consecutive comeback wins with elimination games within the sear series. and the celtics have ended the ti title reign. it's the first time ever grant williams led the celtics in scoring. game one of the eastern conference finals is tomorrow night in miami. . >> the cincinnati reds hit a new low yesterday. they didn't give up a hit the
2:59 am
pirates. in the eighth inning, a run would come in when they couldn't convert the double play right here. pirates win 1-0. since they were the home team, they didn't have to bat in the ninth inning. so the reds only pitched eight innings, which means it doesn't count as an official no-hitter. it's the first time that a team hasn't allowed a hit and they lost since 2008. it going to be a long summer in cincinnati. that will do it for "early start." "new day" begins right now. here in the united states and all around the world, it is monday, may 16th. i'm john berman. brianna is off, chief white house correspondent kaitlan collins with me this morning. we do have new information coming in this morning on a


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