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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  May 16, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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symbolically going up again. mcdonald's leaving, it's one business but symbolic of a larger break. >> when we think about what people on the ground think, how they're reacting, jim sciutto, thank you for joining us this morning. "new day" continues right now. good morning to on you viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm john berman. brianna is off but kaitlan collins here with me this morning. we are covering the terror attack in america on americans. ten americans killed. their ages range from 32 to 86. six of the victims were older
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than 60. the evidence clearly suggest they were murdered simply because they were black. police say the 18-year-old white suspect traveled three hours from a different county to carry out the massacre. there are new details this morning. the police commissioner says the shooter had plans to kill even more african americans after leaving the supermarket. word of a previous incident when he was on the radar of law enforcement, making a chilling comment last spring. tomorrow president biden will visit buffalo to meet with the victims' families. we're also learning new details this morning about a deadly shooting in southern california. four people were having lunch inside a church after services when a gunman entered and open fire, killing one of them and critically wounding four others. the taiwanese congratulations was there and investigators are investigating whether they were
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targeted. we'll begin this hour by talking about the investigation in buffalo. joining me now is erie county district attorney john flint. we heard from the police commissioner in buffalo saying there is new evidence that this shooter had some plans, allegedly, to kill even more people after the supermarket. what can you tell us about that? >> well, i can tell you, john, that's part of our overall investigation here. you know, not only where he was beforehand, what he was doing beforehand, but also what he planned to do afterwards. so, you know, that is part of the all-encompassing investigation here that we're looking into. >> plans to do afterwards. from what you have seen so far, was it more of this racist assault on the people of buffalo, leaving to go to a different location, to kill more black people? >> it appears that way. again, we need to drill down
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further. you know, kind of right now we're -- i'm kind of in grand jury mode right now, even though officially we're probably not going to get to it the grand jury process until thursday when the felony hearing is over. but like i said, i'm kind of in grand jury mode already, so when the grand jury investigation part of this takes place, we are going to look into everything that this young man was doing and thinking. >> what other evidence exists right now in addition to this 180-page manifesto? >> i can't specifically talk about exact pieces of evidence, but i can in a generalized sense tell you that, obviously, you know, he had a home. he lived with his parents. so, that entire place that he lived there in broom county, which you said, some 3 1/2 hours away, we're drilling down there.
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he drove here in a car. obviously, we're looking at the car. there was evidence left at the crime scene, so everything that was left and that he had at the crime scene we're analyzing all that. you mentioned the manifesto, everything he did on social media, we're drilling down on that. this is obviously an intense investigation. you know, this is an investigation where, you know, a lot of things seem clear cut to the general public. you know, john, you have ten bodies. obviously that looks clear cut to the public, but as you know, when you're talking about an investigation of this nature, there's much more that goes into it and there's much more out there. >> when you say you have ten bodies, i got an awful chill there, a reminder, there's ten bodies, ten grieving families, an entire community. i know you're in the middle of grieving there.
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any other people? i know you said before, no other people apparently involved, but in terms of any other people you are getting evidence from? >> well, everyone that he was associated with before he drove here to buffalo, everyone that, you know, is alluded to or is, perhaps, you know, we can know who he was talking to before he left and came here to buffalo, we're going to talk to all them. you know, when you have a manifesto that's over 180 pages and you read through that, that takes you down a lot of rabbit holes. so, everything that's in there that, perhaps, takes us to a different avenue, we're going to go down that road. you know, it's not going to take months and months here. quite frankly, i don't have
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months and months. once a felony hearing happens on thursday, i only have 45 days to get this case indicted. this is going to move rather quickly. again, we've got to make sure our is are dotted and ts are crossed before we indict him. >> i know this other contact point with law enforcement didn't happen in your county. this is broom county where there were concerns about writings or statements that the suspect had made. broadly speaking, i want you to comment on the idea that there was this touchpoint before. how frustrating is it for you in law enforcement to know that there had been this interaction a year ago? >> well, i can't say that i'm frustrated, john, because i'm not privy to exactly what went down and how it happened, all right? again, if maybe only one person, you know, knew about it and, you know, didn't tell a supervisor, something like that, then i'm
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mad at that one person. i don't know that. i don't know how far it went, i don't know how many people were involved in it. i plan on trying to find that out because, again, i don't know if any of that information is going to go toward his intent to what he did here. you know, obviously, they're charge levied against him right now, murder in the first degree, there's an intent element to that. anything he did or said in the past that would help my case out here on intent, i obviously want to know about. but, you know, i'm not frustrated yet, but obviously it's a red flag and concerning. >> the writings themselves, obviously from what we've seen of them, racist, talks about this from placement theory, which is absurd. when you look at something like this, how concerned are you about the threat that ideas like this pose and whether there
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could be other instances of this going forward? >> well, it's disturbing. you know, it's disturbing that, obviously, there is so much information out there now on the media -- in social media and out there on the internet. young people -- through the years when the world was shut down and you're sitting at home in front of your -- can aobject sober this hatred and absorb this -- but obviously, you know, we have to remain vigilant and we have to be on guard for these types of situations. you know, are you going to prevent them? we can't be naive, probably not. but you can't give up. do what we can do to help out when these things happen and help try to prevent them if you can. yeah, it's very disturbing.
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>> finally, i have to let you go, but any information -- i understand the gun was purchased legally, but any other aspects of the weaponry involved, any sense it was not legal in the way it was acquired? >> well, we're looking at whether or not it was modified at all. so, i mean, any time you have a legal rifle or an assault rifle for that matter, you know, here in new york state, if you add modifications to it, you can then make it illegal. if you have additional magazines that you attach to a rifle, that, perhaps, can make it illegal as well. so, we're looking at all that, john. >> erie county district attorney, john flynn. i know you're working hard and grieving along with your community. we appreciate you being with us this morning. >> thank you, sir. moments ago republican congresswoman liz cheney responded to the rampage in buffalo to, quote, the house gop leadership has enabled white
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nationalism, white supremacist. history taught us what begins with words ends in far worse. gop leaders must renounce and reject those views and those who hold them. joining us is an assistant professor at the history -- at the university of chicago and war of "bring the war home." thank you so much for joining us this morning, professor. can you start by describing what this theory is and how we see it invoked here by the shooter. it's not the first time it's inspired violence. we've seen this before emerging as this disturbing and grim pattern. >> yes. so, great replacement theory is a new name for an old set of fears. and the distinctive thing about this is not the enemies that it picks up on, although it victimizes people of color, immigrants, latinx communities
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and many others, jewish communities. the distinctive thing in this theory is what it protects which is the idea of a white population under threat and an intense focus on white reproduction. by that i mean that a host of social issues that we may think of as sort of capital c conservative are to people in the white power movement and militant right, all about threats to the white birth rate. so, immigration is a problem to these folks because they fear being overrun by hyperfertile immigrants. abortion is a problem because white women will have less children, will be out of the home, will not be reproducing the white population. we can go down the list. in this case, buffalo, the shooter -- the document that is circulating as the shooter's motive document seems to be largely transposed from the shooting of islamic immigrants in christchurch, new.
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>> you new zealand. >> basically he plagiarized the manifesto of that shooter? >> yes, large sections of it. the other question we have to ask about motive documents like this manifesto is how much of them are genuine, how much reflect genuine belief, how much are simply a vehicle for sharing and circulating tactical and radicalizing information. for this reason, i think it's great if people can avoid posting and sharing that document. it has a lot in it about sort of tactical readiness and target selection and things like this. and the ideological trappings are also there, sort of just to move it through radical spaces online. >> it seems and reads almost as if this is instructional kind of screed. you talk about how it's not new. this is something that's been around. i wonder what parallels you see not just in new zealand and what happened there, but also the tree of life shooting in pittsburgh, the walmart shooting in el paso, charleston, how all
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of these gunmen seem to share this same, similar ideology and how it's really kind of entered the mainstream at times. >> all of these gunmen in el paso, in charleston, in the tree of life shooting, we can add more to this list, oslo and christchurch, this is a transnational thing, too, and now in buffalo. although the targeted populations seem different, we might usually -- we read stories about latinos being killed in el paso or jewish worshippers being killed in pittsburgh, for instance, all the perpetrators come from the same ideology, which is that -- this is from the white power movement. a movement that's brought together extremists on the militant right for decades in this country if not generations. this goes all the way back to the late 1970s. this movement has been at war with the express goal of fomenting race war of targeted attacks of mass violence and
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attacks on our political system since 1983. this is the same movement that brought us the oklahoma city bombing. there's never been a moment when we as a nation have adequately confronted this threat. >> that raises so many questions, how do you as a nation confront it going forward? thank you for joining us this morning and to share your expertise on this. >> thank you. we are remembering the victims of the mass shooting in buffalo. they are in our hearts and minds. erin salter was working as a security guard and fired multiple shots. officials in buffalo say salter's efforts were heroic, though, and saved lives. 86-year-old ruth whitfield was on her way home from visiting her husband in a nursing home and stopped at the store to get something to eat. she was described as a rock for her family. her son tells "the washington post" his mother was a blessing
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for all those who knew her. her son is the former buffalo fire commissioner. >> 77 pearl young spent the final years of her life doing what she loved, volunteering and substitute teaching in the buffalo school district. she leaves behind two sons and a daughter. and her kids say she's, quote, up in heaven dancing to our heavenly father. 68-year-old hayward patterson was shot and killed while he sat in his truck in the parking lot. he was a deacon of the church and was a very happy man with a big heart. he leaves behind his wife and his daughter. >> we're thinking about all of them and all the victim it is of that shooting. we'll speak to a woman who knew three of the victims, one of them her friend for decades. plus, just in, cnn's chris
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buffalo mass shooting on saturday. one of those victims is katherine massey, 72 years old and simply shopping for groceries. she was known by those around
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her as kat and deeply involved in her community. a year ago she wrote a letter to the editor of the buffalo. of course, not knowing what would happen to her. joining us now is betty jean grant, former erie county legislator who knew her for 20 years. thank you for joining us this morning, on what is obviously such a difficult time. i just wonder how her family is doing in the wake of this awful news. >> thank you for inviting me. i spent moments ago with the family, her sister and brother. they came from a close-knit family. in fact, her brother and sisters lived in the house next to her. the house she lived in was the house she was simborn and raise in. the family there, they're in shock, as all buffalo, as all of the whole world.
5:21 am
so, we're here in buffalo, we're honoring those who made a difference and kat massey, she was loved in this community, she worked so hard to make sure everyone had equal opportunity. she was very much devoted -- buffalo spent so many years in decline with no resources coming in. all of a sudden we have resources coming in, we have people moving back to buffalo. kat massey wanted to make sure those of us who stay in buffalo are given an opportunity for homeow homeownership. her biggest issues were homeownership, gentrification making sure our streets were safe. >> we're very sorry for your loss. i understand you were friends for kat for decades, more than 20 years.
5:22 am
>> yes, sir. i met kat in 1999-2000, when i was working with councilmember with the city of buffalo. kat was a city advocate. she would go to the city office and ask about certain problems and issues. she wanted to know how she could make buffalo better. so, based on that, we developed a friendship. kat massey were one of our first members and we worked together to inform, educate and empower families in buffalo. we formed the group behind -- because many women in buffalo, especially single female parents, were afraid their sons -- we worked together to inform, educate. i'm going to miss her here in buffalo because she made a difference. she continued to make a difference on her whole life.
5:23 am
she was writing for the buffalo news, she wrote for two minority newspapers, she was just a go-getter. if she thought she was right, you couldn't sway her from that but she was willing to listen that even though she knew she was right, other voices were heard as well. >> what do you think drove her to be so involved? she wanted people to retain homeownership in light of gentrification, she wrote this op-ed column for federal action. what drove her to be so involved in her community? >> well, for the gun action, what drove her was the amount of killings in buffalo. 1994 we had 94 deaths in buffalo. then it kind of -- i mean, i think mid-2015, 2016, it kind of escalated then. this amendment was put in place
5:24 am
to give gun dealership more authority to be more private and prevent people from getting information for 48 hours. kat massey believed the same as i did. she repealed that to congress so the letter she wrote to buffalo news was an issue we here in buffalo, new york, to decrease the amount of guns coming in. but when you have an amendment that allows gun dealers to sell assault rifles for no reason but to shoot someone, because you can't hunt with an assault rifle, it needs to be repealed. kat massey because of buffalo has higher escalation of homicides this year and last year, i say -- during the pandemic, we have for several years. kat was making sure we in buffalo -- congressman higgins and others sure to address
5:25 am
issues that we cannot protect the community until we get help from the federal government for not allowing these murders -- these assault rifles to be in buffalo. the shooter of the tops market massacre, ar-15. you can't hunt rabbits or squirrels or deer with ar-15. >> betty genty jean grant, we'ry for your loss. but thank you for joining us to tell us about kat and what she was like. >> thank you. you're buffalo strong and we'll come back stronger than ever. we will never forget those who paid the ultimate price. >> thank you for being here. you can see in betty's face, the smile on her face whenever she mentioned kat's name when she said kat massey was opinionated, that smile got bigger.
5:26 am
>> she lives on in some ways, in friends' smiles. we've also just learned about the suspect in this shooting and that he was in town a day before this rampage was carried out. we'll tell you more about how police tracked him. we do have a cnn exclusive. christiane amanpour sits down with one of the fbi's most wanted men in the world, the deputy leader of the taliban. we'll go live to afghanistan next. t migraine attacks. u put it all on the line. u do it all. so u b bring ubrelvy. it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours... without worryingng if it's too late or where you are. unlike oldlder medicines, ubrelvy is a p pill that direcy blocks a protein believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. migraine pain relief starts with u. learn how abbvie can help you save. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine.
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get a great deal on this limited time price with internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2-year price guarantee. call today. we have a brand-new cnn exclusive. our christiane amanpour sat down with the deputy leader of the taliban in one of most powerful and controversial men in afghanistan. joining us now is cnn chief international anchor, christiane amanpour. great to have you with us. just give us the context of exactly who this person is and how remarkable it was that you were sitting with him just a short time ago. >> reporter: indeed, john, it was remarkable in every sense of the word.
5:31 am
he is in terms of the taliban movement, the deputy taliban leader, the heir successor to the supreme leader who nobody's ever seen, who sits in kandahar, one of the very conservative leaders of the movement. this man is the heir. is he also in terms of the interim and acting government they say they are, the interior minister. so, he is the most powerful member, frankly, of the current government and, indeed, in the taliban movement. and it was extraordinary to get this interview because, a, he is absolutely never sat with a western organization. he has never shown his face publicly in any interview. and he certainly has never sat with a woman such as myself. so, it was because they said they really did want to send a message to the united states. now, we have heard this before. they have said all sorts of things they hope will get the international community to, a, eventually recognize them to be -- lift the sanctions, also,
5:32 am
we're hearing this from western officials, they actually do want to be taken seriously amongst their own people as a legitimate government. this, you know, in the eight months since they took over. you remember the chaotic scenes of the fall of kabul back in august of 2021. they, of course, call it not the fall but in their view, the liberation. so, this was the context. in addition, the united states does have a bounty on his head because in the words of a key top western official, and i put this to him today, they tell us, you have lots of american blood on your hand, you are aallied and associated with the most extreme factions and militant groups in the taliban, and yet you have put women back to work first in your ministry and you have shown that you are fighting terrorism, and that this is not just the view of this one official, he told me, but the view of all the envoys who deal
5:33 am
w with him. that's the paradox. >> you mention that bounty, it's the tune of $10 million they want to talk to him. he's been designated as a specially designated global terrorist. a, how long did you sit down with him for? what was it like to sit there with him? you noted, the first time a woman has sat down with him in this capacity, especially a western female reporter, what was it like? >> look, you know, i just ignore the woman thing. i just figure if they're going to talk to us, they're going to talk to us and let's get this done. i do think it's a bit of a message when it's somebody like that. i'll tell you in a moment, he said a lot of the things the west wants to hear about their respect of women's right. in terms of the context of who he is, yes, he has been accused of launching an attack on then president -- an attempt on then
5:34 am
president hamid karzai's life, of being responsible for a attack that lasted a day into the united states compound, which is no longer the united states embassy compound here. they own it but it's not occupied by the u.s. this several years ago. and of other terrorist acts, which i put to him. i said, look, they call you a terrorist. he said, look, they may call me what they want. this was a war we fought very, very fiercely. he said the americans fought very fiercely against us as well. now, we've gone into some kind of negotiation. we to want have a different relationship. it has to be said they have been saying this for a long time. the key issue, one of the key issues for the world and for the united states, for human rights organizations, for all those nations that have put sanctions on, is the barometer of how they treat their women. so, he again said they are committed to women's education from primary all the way to university. right now secondary education has been suspended.
5:35 am
under the repeated pressuring from me, he said it's going to happen. we just have to put in conditions. i said, well, back when you first came to town back in the '90s, you said the same and it never happened under your watch. he said, no, no, no, we must have women back to school. it is not against islam. we must have women at work. so, that's the things they're saying right now. >> it really does seem as if he wanted to get a message out to the western world, which is why he had this interview with you, this remarkable moment. i'm sure we're going to see much more of it in the hours ahead. thank you so much for your work there. thank you for joining us this morning. new details on the deadly shooting at a church in southern california. the churchgoers there hog tying the suspect with an extension cord until the police arrived. plus, in buffalo, police this morning say that the suspected gunman had plans to continue his rampage after he conducted that massacre inside the grocery store.
5:36 am
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it's time now for the five things you need to know for your "new day." ten americans were gunned down at a supermarket in what officials say was a racist attack. police say the white 18-year-old suspect traveled three hours from another county to pull off his carefully planned massacre and he was in town the day before the shooting. >> the day after the buffalo attack, one person was killed and five injured, four critically at a shooting in a church at lagoon that woods, cal. parishioners hog-tied his legs and confiscated two guns from him. sweden is following finland's lead announcing it will work for application in the military alliance known as nato. the swedish prime minister calling the decision, quote, best for the swedish people's security after hundreds of years of neutrality. russian forces have likely suffered losses of one-third of
5:41 am
their combat force. that's according to the united kingdom's defense ministry. they also note russia's offense in the donbas failed momentum and failed to achieve territorial gains. tomorrow is primary day in idaho, kentucky, north carolina, oregon and pennsylvania. all eyes are on the commonwealth's high stakes senate races. john fetterman, the favorite to win on the democratic side, announced he's recovering after a stroke. >> these are the five things to know for your new day. all of these stories on cnn and and don't forget to download the 5 things podcast. also this morning, jury selection has just started in the trial of the former clinton campaign lawyer, michael successman, who's charged with lying to the fbi by special counsel john durham who has spent the last three years reviewing whether or not former president trump's campaign was
5:42 am
unfairly investigated. paula, what do we know so far this morning? >> reporter: good morning. as jury selection gets under way here at federal court this morning, the stakes are especially high for john duren. this is the first case he's actually brought to trial and serves as a test of whether his investigation has actually uncovered any wrongdoing. today michael sussman is set to go on trial in federal court in washington for a single charge of lying to the fbi. >> did you lie to the fbi? >> reporter: the case is part of special counsel john durham's three-rear investigation into the fbi's trump/russia probe. >> part of what happens in a campaign where you get information that may or may not
5:43 am
be useful and you try to make sure anything you put out in the public arena is accurate. >> reporter: his team trying to portray sussman's actions as part of a dirty smear campaign to prompt an fbi investigation and use the press coverage against trump. special counsel robert mueller spent two years detailing the trump campaign's many ties to russia. though multiple trump associates were convicted of lying and other crimes, on the question of collusion with russia -- >> we focused on whether the evidence was sufficient to charge any member of the campaign with taking part in a criminal conspiracy. and it was not. >> reporter: former attorney general bill barr appointed him in 2019 to examine what he said was an unfair investigation. >> he's a by the book kind of guy. he's thorough and fair and i'm confident he'll get to the bottom of things.
5:44 am
>> reporter: trump has long railed against the fbi's russia probe. >> it's a total witch hunt. i've been saying it for a long time. >> one of the most important investigations in the history of our country. >> reporter: in the trial starting today, sussmann, a well-known lawyer for democrats and the hillary clinton campaign, is accused of lying to james baker in 2016 when he shared information about a possible computer server connection between the trump organization and russia-based alfabank. he says he wasn't working on behalf of any client when, in fact, he was representing the clinton campaign as well as a tech client. the fbi looked into the tip and couldn't find any illegal cyber links, but stories about the connections appeared in some media outlets. prosecutors intend to use clinton campaign press statements and tweets as well as
5:45 am
testimony from her campaign manager to support their case. >> it has come out that the fbi was actively investigating whether there was a direct cyber link between donald trump and a bank owned by russian oligarch. >> reporter: prosecutors are also expected to call baker but over the years, the fbi's former top lawyer has given veering accounts of what happened and publicly defended the origins of the fbi's russia probe. >> we certainly weren't trying to collect political dirt or political intelligence on any campaign. >> reporter: prosecutors will also focus on the role of fusion gps, an opposition research firm hired by the clinton campaign. it's the same firm that hired british spy christopher steele to produce the infamous steele dossier, which contained unverified and salacious allegations about trump but which the fbi used, in part, to obtain an eavesdropping warrant against a former campaign adviser. as part of his defense, sussmann
5:46 am
will call justice department officials who are expected to downplay his ties to democrats and support the argument this was still a tip worth investigating. if jury selection is completed today, opening arguments could begin tomorrow. >> i could think of a lot of former white house staffers who will be watching this closely. paula reed, thank you. and bezos versus biden. who is ride on the best way to tackle inflation? we have a cnn fact-check ahead. naomi judd remembered in songs and tears at a public memorial in nashville. ♪ did i tell y you i bought our car from carvana? yeah, ma. it was so easy! i found the perfrfect car,
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want to bring down inflation, let's make sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share. amazon founder jeff bezos did not appear to like that. he tweeted back, the newly created disinformation board should review this tweet or maybe they need to form a new nonsequitur board instead. raising corporate attacks is fine to discuss. taming inflation is critical to discuss. mushing them together is just n misdirections. joining us to discuss this is rahel solomon. i was surprised to see jeff bezos get so, like, worked up about this. >> it does seem like he's weighing in on twitter a lot more. you have one of the world's richest men taking on arguably the most powerful man.
5:52 am
there's not a lot biden can do in the short term to lower inflation. white house responding with a statement to cnn saying, look, it doesn't require a huge leap to figure out why one of the wealthiest individuals on earth opposes an economic agenda for the middle class that cuts some of the biggest costs that families fight for the long haul and as the historic deficit production the president is achieving by asking the richest corporations to pay their fair share. bezos made a point that some of the stimulus measures enacted by congress made inflation worse. perhaps the reason why we here in the u.s. are experiencing more inflation than some of our western counterparts. both of those things are true. here's the ugly truth, though. the idea of fighting inflation is largely the fed's job, so there's not a ton biden can do and certainly not in the short term that would make a significant impact. >> i think part of the reason
5:53 am
the white house responded in the way they did is he invoked manchin. he said manchin saved the white house from themselves by not allowing them to pass what they wanted to pass. i remember last week, president biden was asked about this by our colleague jeremy diamond if his policies helped or hurt. he said he believed they helped with inflation -- or they helped, not hurt. and i wonder, is that really the argument here or does bezos have a point? >> i think it depends on who you ask. this idea of would raising corporate taxes help lower inflation. i mean, supporters say that by raising corporate taxes you raised revenue for governments, thus, lowering the trade deficit, thus, perhaps, adding to lower inflation. critics, however, say by raising corporate taxes, you hurt business investments and that weakens the economy. i want to read a comment given to me early this morning by brookings. there's relatively little either the president or congress can do to affect the rate of inflation over the next six months.
5:54 am
covid supply chain disruptions and xi and putin will have less to do. what's ahead. this week we get big retail earnings. we'll hear from some of the largest corporations like lowe's, target, home depot, walmart in terms of how the consumer is doing. are consumers still able to absorb inflation and the price hikes we've all experienced, or are they starting to cut back? so, it's a relatively tight position, a box for president biden. powell saying last week in an interview that fighting inflation is his top priority. but there will likely be some pain that comes along with it. >> we'll look at these numbers as they come in this week. rahel, great to see you. thank you for being with us. we are getting new information coming in on the mass shooting in buffalo. what the sheriff just told cnn about what the suspected gunman is doing behind bars right now. stand by for that.
5:55 am
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5:59 am
is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california. it's time for the good stuff. a dream come true for a teenaged drummer who got to sit in with pearl jam before 20,000 fans during a concert in oakland. listen to this as he's introduced by eddie vedder. >> everybody, this is kye. this is everybody! ♪ >> kye, this is everybody. he's 18 years old. he sure knew what he was doing there. you can see how good he is.
6:00 am
pearl jam had been performing with drummer matt cameron because he tested positive for covid. other drummers have been filling in. the band gave kye a shot and he nailed it. >> what were you doing as a high school senior? because i was not doing anything remotely that cool. >> i played the trumpet until i was 13 but i don't think pearl jam has space for a trumpet. >> i don't know. we're reaching out to you, if you want john berman to play the trumpet. >> i am available. >> cnn's coverage continues right now. good monday morning. i'm jim sciutto. we begin this morning with just a heartbreaking mass shooting in america. ten people murdered in cold blood over the weekend at a supermarket in buffalo. the evidence shows clearly that they were targeted for one reason, because they were black. their ages range from 32 to 86. six of them were older than 60 years old. this morning we are learning


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