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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  May 16, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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pearl jam had been performing with drummer matt cameron because he tested positive for covid. other drummers have been filling in. the band gave kye a shot and he nailed it. >> what were you doing as a high school senior? because i was not doing anything remotely that cool. >> i played the trumpet until i was 13 but i don't think pearl jam has space for a trumpet. >> i don't know. we're reaching out to you, if you want john berman to play the trumpet. >> i am available. >> cnn's coverage continues right now. good monday morning. i'm jim sciutto. we begin this morning with just a heartbreaking mass shooting in america. ten people murdered in cold blood over the weekend at a supermarket in buffalo. the evidence shows clearly that they were targeted for one reason, because they were black. their ages range from 32 to 86. six of them were older than 60 years old. this morning we are learning
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more about those lives that were taken so callously, solely out of hate. we're also learning more about the suspect. authorities identifying him as this 18-year-old white man who apparently traveled more than three hours from his home to target that community. a 180-page manifesto attributed to the suspect was posted online just before the attack. it shows the meticulous planning that apparently went into a racist attack in just chilling detail. we also learned the suspect was already on law enforcement's radar. he had made a generalized threat as a high school student last year. tomorrow president biden will travel to buffalo to meet with families of the victims. the terror in new york, sadly, just one of several mass shootings in recent days. let's begin with cnn's victor blackwell on the scene in buffalo. the suspect currently faces one count of first-degree murder. that really a starting point here.
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do we expect that federal hate crime charges will be added? >> reporter: yeah, very possible, jim, considering all the details and evidence you just detailed, if there's any case that could garner those charges, this could be one of them. we know from u.s. attorney general garland released a statement saying this is being investigates a a hate crime, racially motivated extremism. i just spoke with buffalo police commissioner and he gave me new details just about as tragic as this was with 13 people shot, 10 killed, there is now evidence that the suspect intended for this massacre to extend beyond this single location. watch. >> so there was evidence uncovered he had plans, had he gotten out of here, to continue his rampage and continue shooting people. he had even spoken about
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possibly going to another store. there's some documentation that said if he got out of here, he was going to get in his car and continue driving down jefferson avenue, and continue doing the same thing. >> reporter: the commissioner says they're also trying to piece together that day of reconnaissance. on friday they say he was here. they are now tracking his movements through their license plate recognition system. they also say they have video of the suspect at other stores. they're looking for more to try to piece together where else he potentially wanted to go, where he was before the shooting. i also spoke with the erie county sheriff, john garcia. the suspect is in his custody in a county jail under suicide watch. we're told there is a deputy watching him, cameras in his cell, that this suspect underwent a forensic mental health evaluation over the weekend. there have been no requests from family members to visit him. also that generalized threat that you mentioned that he made less than a year ago, we're told
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it was june of last year. the sheriff detailed that as a high school post graduation project on murder/suicide. so that detail, of course, part of this investigation. that report that he completed, not enough to stop him from getting that gun that was purchased, according to the governor here, legally. jim? >> it was an ar-15. we saw the police carrying it, which has been used so often in mass shootings like this. victor blackwell, thanks. we are learning more about the ten victims who were killed in this attack. this morning a local pastor praised the bravery of retired police officer and tops supermarket security guard erin sl erin salter jr., pictured there, as he lost his life trying to defend the store in the midst of the shooting. >> had he not been there, more lives would have been lost. the community knows mr. salter. i've had several encounters with
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him in my time as a councilmember and in my time shopping at this very tops. he was beloved by the community. he was a great person, a wonderful personality, and anyone who knows him would tell you nothing different. >> the guard tried to engage the shooter in the midst of this. cnn senior correspondent joe johns also in buffalo this morning. the security guard, one of the ten victims. what more do we know about the people who lost their lives here? >> reporter: well, except for the security guard, i would say soft targets. ordinary, soft targets. just a sampling, if you will, jim, of the people who would be in an african american grocery store on a saturday afternoon. there aren't a lot of african american grocery stores in many communities. going about their business when this man burst in and starts shooting. tish james, the attorney general
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here, talked yesterday at a memorial service about what she had heard from the family members of the victims as well as people who were in the store at the time of the shooting. listen. >> they told me about the residents who pushed the mother with the baby to safety as this sick, demented, evil individual sought to shoot a woman with a baby. they talked to me -- this pastor talked to me about his neighbor who died. he preached about his neighbor who planted trees on her block and clean canned up the block and she, too, was struck down. >> reporter: so, who were all of these people? there was a 20-year-old, there was somebody in their 30s, there were three people in their 50s, three people in their 60s, two in their 70s and one woman who was 86 years old. that was ruth whitfield. she is the mother of the former fire commissioner here in the
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buffalo area. she was also, we're told, just coming away from seeing her husband, who was in a nursing home. you already told us about the security guard. the other church ladies, very sad. the fact of the matter is, this was just an unconscionable attack by an individual who clearly was racist and cowardly as well. >> and full of false strength. where is the strength in shooting unarmed people, many of them elderly? joe johns, thank you so much. officials say this, that the gunman was inspired by what's known as the white replacement conspiracy theory. this is a baseless belief that liberals want immigrants and others to replace native born, white americans. we explain how that rhetoric has now made its way into the mainstream, into the halls of congress as well. >> reporter: for many americans, what seems to be happening or
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what they believe right now is happening is what appears to them is we're replacing national born american, native born americans to permanently transform the political landscape of this nation. >> reporter: t>> this administration wants complete open borders. you have to ask yourself why. is it really they want to remake the demographics of america? >> democrat politicians who decided they can't win re-election in 2022 unless they bring in a large number of new voters to replace the voters that are already here. >> reporter: the white nationalist conspiracy theory is detailed in french writer's 2011 book called "the great replacement." elements appear to have mo motivated some of the most heinous mass murders in the u.s. and around the world. >> we saw in that manifesto,
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rhetoric echoing what we've heard sometimes in the halls of congress and elsewhere. joining me is regional director and bakari sellers, cnn political commentator, former south carolina state representative. scott, i want to begin with you. some of the words you see in that manifesto are words you can hear from sitting lawmakers. we certainly hear on right wing media. just speak to people at home who may not be aware of what exactly the replacement theory is. how dangerous is it for prominent people with big pedestals, big bully pulpits to repeat this rhetoric, and can you draw a direct line between that rhetoric and the kind of shooting we saw this weekend? >> so, thank you so much for having me on. the great replacement theory, as was said, is a heinous conspiracy theory that speaks about this idea that non-whites are coming into this country to
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replace the white community. it's terribly dangerous. we've seen a straight line between the attacks in poway, pittsburgh, in el paso, in christchurch. in fact, the manifesto that was put forth by this gunman, 180-page manifesto he posted online prior to the shooting, actually lifted pieces from the christchurch manifesto. so, this is a terribly dangerous theory that had been on the fringes. it had been on the fringes of the white supremacist movement and it has slowly made its way closer to the mainstream. you see the violent results of that. >> no question. by the way, if folks at home are watching this and say, this is just a point that democrats make about republicans, i want to
6:11 am
quote a tweet from former number three in the leadership, liz cheney, she tweeted, the house gop leadership has enabled white nationalism and anti-semitism. history has taught us what begins with words ends in far worse. gop leaders must renounce and reject these views and those who hold them. bakari sellers are giving more not less leeway. in the barest political terms, are republicans unlikely to confront this because it works for them at the ballot box? >> the answer to that question is, yes. we have to look a lot deeper than this. one, this is not an issue of both sides. this is not an issue of, well, this is just political talk. this is not just one theory or another. no, we're talking about racism. we're talking about this country's original sin. what happens in the tragedy in this is that it's a cycle. this is who america is. we have this racist attack. we had outrage, thoughts and
6:12 am
prayers, political back and forth, and then we have an entire cycle where it happens over and over and over again. and nobody does anything about it. one of the things that was left off the list, near and dear to my heart, of course, is charleston, mother emanuel. i remember reading those tweets where there was a shooting in mother immanuel and someone came into the church and killed someone because of the color of their skin. we have people like george wallace. the difference is george wallace now has a brooks brothers suit and a prime time tv show. they're able to espouse this nonsense. they're able to espouse this racism. this gentleman had on the barrel of his gun as he killed the best of us. he killed the ladies who sit in the front row of the church and they wear the big hats. when he walk up to them and hug them, they smell like chanel no. 5 and give you the pieces of candy and pop you on your head when you're talking too loud. he killed the best of us all because of the color of his
6:13 am
skin. republicans are going to make this any other issue. until republicans, face it, this country -- let's be extremely clear. white folk in this country combat racism, anti-semitism, xenophobe yeah, bigotry, until that, nothing else matters. >> i know you have conversations with those on both sides. when you have warnings like the one just issued here, about the direct connection between rhetoric and acts of violence this weekend, do they listen to you? >> the political parties listen to some extent. i mean, we're hoping that acts like domestic terrorism prevention act will be passed. we've called upon president biden to convene a summit on hate crimes and extremism. certainly people are terribly disturbed by this. the question is, will they take action and can they take action?
6:14 am
we live in a terribly polarized nation where it's very hard to get things done. but, you know, with acts like this, we need to move this forward. this is an attack not just on the black community. you hear a lot about the black community being attacked. it's an attack on all of us. it's an attack on all of our values. this man had no love for jews, for latinos, for muslims, for many, many groups. and we all need to be united against this. >> or, indeed, love for the theory of this country, right, which is that it's not the color of your skin or where you come from, but you're a citizen when you make that oath to be a citizen. scott richman, bakari sellers, thanks to both of you. >> thank you. the devastation, the sadness in new york was not the only mass shooting in this country over the weekend. in downtown milwaukee, 17 people were shot friday night just blocks away from the arena where the milwaukee bucks were competing in the playoffs.
6:15 am
17 victims range in age from 15 to 47. thankfully all of those victims are expected to survive. ten people taken into custody after that shooting. two other shootings happened in the same night in that area, injuring four additional people. and in harris county, texas, north of houston, a shooting at a packed flea market on sunday left two people dead, several more hurt. the sheriff says the incident stemmed from an argument. they're still looking for witnesses and for video. didn't stop there. in california, police are investigating the motive behind a mass shooting at a church in that case. we're learning the worshippers were able to fight back. they hog-tied the gunman with an extension cord. they likely prevented more deaths. one person was killed, five others wounded. cnn national correspondent pernilla is live on the shooting in orange county. this was after a church banquet when this shooting took place. what do we know about what happened here? >> reporter: hey, jim, yeah, it
6:16 am
is hard to believe. first of all, it's so important to point out these churchgoers prevented more blood shed. brave, possibly men and women of this congregation. in terms it of the timeline here, this happened after the morning service at a luncheon. the first call went out at 1:26 p.m. according to authorities, what happened here was that these churchgoers were able to stop that shooter. the call was reported at geneva presbyterian church, but that lunch was being held by the sister church, which is irvine taiwanese presbyterian church. authorities say they responded very quickly, but still those churchgoers were a lot faster than authorities. here's what the under-sheriff said. >> we believe a group of churchgoers detained him and hog tied his legs with an extension
6:17 am
cord and confiscated at least two weapons from him. >> safe to say, had people not intervened, it could have been much worse. >> reporter: we are still waiting to hear on the status of those victims. we have not heard who that person who was killed is at the moment. worry waiting for a press conference that's expected later on this morning. in terms of the shooter, we know he's an asian man in his 60s. with do not have a motive at the moment. and that is going to be key in charges, whether or not he faces federal charges. hopefully we'll get those answers from authorities. >> at the scene of one of the shootings over the weekend. just ahead we'll speak to a close friend of katherine massey, one of the ten victims of the buffalo shooting. hear how she and others advocated to bring that particular supermarket to the community. it was important there. ukrainian forces post a video of them reaching all the way to the russian border near the northeastern city of
6:18 am
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this morning the senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell, is leading a group of visitors to helsinki, finland. the delegation meeting with the president of finland as the country's parliament debates whether to join nato. a lot of support there. the gop leader calls on finland
6:23 am
and sweden, calls their addition important to the alliance should they go ahead and become members. >> i'm safe in saying strong bipartisan support in the united states for admission of finland to the world's most successful military alliance. finland brings a lot to the alliance. frankly, their participation strengthens the alliance significantly. >> joining me now, cnn europe editor nina in stockholm, sweden. these countries resisted it. we even have a word for it, finlandization. the turkish president expressed some hesitation about this end of last week, might be related more to where you're standing in sweden than to finland.
6:24 am
do we know if that's a long-term roadblock to this or just a short-term one? >> reporter: well, eu diplomats, nato diplomats were very, very clear about this, including antony blinken of the united states. they believe this is a surmountable obstacle for countries to join nato, finland, and sweden has taken in a number of people from the kurdish community that obviously turkey has an issue with. it's believed that with some shuffle diplomacy, they can probably get over that issue. the swedish defense secretary is heading over to the united states to meet his counterparts over in washington, d.c., this very week. we have duelegations heading ovr to ankrah. in the last hour we've had the government and also the leader
6:25 am
of the opposition announcing that sweden will now formally submit its bid to join nato within, perhaps, the next day, tomorrow or in about three days' time. we've seen this very highly choreographed accession process, if you like, that's happening at lightning speed. spearheaded, yes, largely by finland but with sweden following suit. essentially sweden cannot aform, its prime minister says, to be in a position where it's the only nonaligned country in this sensitive part of europe. jim? >> no question. gosh, you look at that map it will extend across europe. joining me to discuss what this all means, cnn national security, former cia chief of russia operations, steve fall. i'm curious if you share that sense we're hearing from blinken and others as nina was noting that erdogan's pushback is temporary here, more related to sweden hosting the pkk, kurdish
6:26 am
nationalist group in sweden, than about russia and finland and russia's reaction. >> yeah, absolutely, jim. i think that this is an opportunity for the turks to basically say, look, we have some things we would like to get out of this. we have a little leverage because we're members. yeah, we'd like to see some things change. at the end of the day, i don't think it's going to slow up either of these countries joining nato. >> let's look at the significance of this. finland has an 830-mile border with russia. it will more than double the border between the alliance and russia here. crucially, it puts nato around russia's northern access to the sea, right? i mean, the reason they went into crimea in 2014, they wanted to have their southern access down there. now the northern access. what does that mean? what does that mean for russia? what does it mean for the alliance? >> it's hard to imagine this being any worse for russian, specifically with regard to putin, because, of course, as we've all said for so long, his goal was the weakening of the
6:27 am
west and the weakening of nato. just a couple of years ago, the west was, indeed, very divided. but you're right, this is significant. 800 miles plus border now directly on soon to be a nato country. that's an incredible defeat for putin. you have to wonder, how could he have made such a significant miscalculation which his inner circle will notice and probably question his leadership on. >> we all imagined -- not all of us, but many imagine putin as ten feet tall and the brilliant strategist, but clerly here no. we know about putin, some have even referred to it as paranoia about the nato alliance, threats against him. is a russia that is further not less surrounded by nato more likely to carry out acts of aggression like we saw in ukraine or less likely to? i mean, is this deterrent from their perspective or does it poke the bear? >> i think i'm going with
6:28 am
deterrent on this. i sat through so many meetings when i was in the federal government, let's not push russia too far. let's try to integrate them into the west, whether it's the world trade organization or even parts of nato. what resulted was a war with georgia in 2008 where they sliced off the top of that country, the initial war in ukraine which resulted in the annexation of crimea, and now the second war, which is -- their stated goal is to take over the entire country. clearly, appeasement, trying to integrate them into the west has not worked. the only thing left is containment, which the sanctions are really the beginning of. >> so the other theory that failed, right, was this idea that engagement via business would help develop long-term friendly relations between the country. mcdonald's, not the bigs company but maybe the most symbolic. you and i remember when mcdonald's went in there 30 years or so, this was a sign that the berlin wall had clearly
6:29 am
fallen. here comes a warm and fuzzy age of brotherhood. it's over now. is that a lasting break with the west? >> you and i were both there, jim. you saw those russians coming in to get big macs. it sounds silly, pop culturish, but it was more than that. a lot of young russians said, now we're coming out of soviet times, we'll be part of the west. there was a brief window when russia could have pulled that off until a guy named vladimir putin showed up and took it in the other direction. the business ties, the attempts to integrate into the west. none of that has worked. russia has taken advantage of all of those things and tried to use them against the west. it's just game over, i think, for russia in terms of good relationship with west -- with the west at this point. >> it's sad -- frankly, a sad moment for all the hope 30 years ago. steve hall, thanks. coming up on the other major story we're following this morning, we'll speak to a close friend of katherine massey, a
6:30 am
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some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now. we are learning more about the victims of the racist attack that left ten people dead in buffalo. keep in mind, they were killed
6:35 am
because they were black. the shooter said so in a manifesto. one woman killed was 72-year-old katherine massey, known as kat. she's known as an ardent advocate for arts and civil rights. she did everything she could to lift up buffalo's black community. joining us is a good friend, eva doyle, a retired you have buffalo school teachteacher, long-time friend of kat massey. i'm so sorry you have to go through this. i wonder if you could tell us a thing or two about kat massey. >> yes, yes. katherine massey known throughout the african american community as kat massey. she was a community activist. she was a fellow writer. they often wrote articles about local issues in our community and our local papers.
6:36 am
she was a very sincere, thoughtful and honest writer. i've known her a long time, being a writer myself and was very saddened to hear about her death and this brutal attack on our beloved supermarket. i call it our beloved supermarket because it was the only african american supermarket in our community, and everybody just loved it and everybody supported it. and i admired katherine massey so much because she always, through her writings, through her speaking, she often spoke out at our local board of education meetings, she spoke out about education, the need of
6:37 am
improving the education of our students, and she wrote about so many topics that were so dear and close to our community. a and the last time i saw her, which was before the pandemic, she and i attended a rally, a community rally, against the illegal guns in our community. and the rally was attended by state and local officials. we both walked down to the rally together. she pointed out the fact that she and her family didn't live far from there. she was always concerned about this community. she is going to be so greatly missed. a great loss. >> i'm sure. >> not only to the african american community, but to the entire western new york area. >> one of her issues, you were part of a group called we are
6:38 am
women warriors, was gun control, trying to fight gun violence. >> yes. she wrote about it, she spoke out about it. we do have an organization in buffalo called we are women warriors, which is actually started by former legislature betty jean, which pulled in women from all segments of our community, women and leadership roles. among them, katherine massey and many other black women who spoke out on a continual basis against some of the things in our community that we wanted to make a better community for all, for all those people who resided on the east side of buffalo, new york. >> let me ask you this because i'm sure you've seen quotes from this manifesto, this shooter, and you've heard sitting lawmakers echo some of the rhetoric, this row placement
6:39 am
theory, this idea that people like you, immigrants, are going to replace whites in this country. i just want to ask, what do you say to lawmakers, members of the media, who repeat that kind of rhetoric. what would you like to say to them today? >> first of all, there's absolutely ridiculous. one of the things i do, it's mr. sciutto, right? >> yes. >> as a writer myself and as a newspaper columnist and as a retired teacher for 30 years, i have fought against those kinds of negative ideas for more than 30 years. and so did kat and people like her. those things are certainly not true. you know, you mentioned the manifesto. i haven't read it but i have been told that not only was the top supermarket one of the goals
6:40 am
of this white supremacist in terms of wanting to attack black people, but i've been told that the street where i live was named in that manifesto. i don't know what that means but its very upsetting and i'm very concerned. not only my street, but some of the other surrounding streets, which is populated by 100% african americans. we have a great problem and i say to all of our leadership, we must address these problems and we also must address young people like this 18-year-old who harbors so much hate. where does he get -- being 18 years old. where did he get all that hate from? who taught him to hate like that? so, we have a tremendous job to do. not only getting rid of the
6:41 am
illegal guns all over this country but also eradicating the negative ideas and the stereotyped ideas coming from people who don't know us as african americans. the people who are killed on saturday were decent, law-abiding people, just doing what normal people do on a saturday, shopping for groceries. >> shouldn't have to be a dangerous thing. >> we have a job of education to do throughout the united states of america. >> well, mother doyle, i'm so sorry and your community have to go through this. thank you for sharing memories of kat. we'll do our best to cover this going forward. please be safe. >> yeah, she's going to be greatly, greatly missed by the entire community. thank you so much for inviting me to speak. >> take care, mother doyle. still ahead -- >> thank you. have a good day. >> you, too. still ahead this hour, one
6:42 am
day until key primaries in five states, including pennsylvania and north carolina, a lot on the line for the republican party and for donald trump. we'll have a live report on where they all stand coming up. motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. like those nagging headaches. uncomfortable period pains. and disruptive muscle aches. you can n count on fast, effectivive relief with motrin.
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the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns. it's primary season. voters heading to the polls for primary elections in several key states this week. tomorrow, kentucky, oregon, idaho, north carolina and pennsylvania will hold nom nominating contests. they are among the most hotly contested races of this election cycle. cnn's kristen holmes joins us now. these are primaries, republican versus republican, democrat versus democrat, but it shows some real battles, particularly within the republican party here. >> reporter: oh, absolutely. i mean, here in pennsylvania, the biggest thing we're watching right now is the senate republican primary where essentially everyone was
6:47 am
jockeying for former president donald trump's support. trump ended up backing dr. oz, who is in a statistical tie with david mccormick as well as kathy barnett. last week kathy barnett seemingly came out of nowhere after weeks of mud slinging between oz and mccormick. eyes are on this. you can tell how important this is for donald trump because he continues to bash barnett and mccormick. aides told him not to back oz and so we'll want to prove them wrong. lieutenant governor fetterman has maintained a substantial lead in his race over his opponents for months. yesterday after days of canceling events, he announced he had suffered from a minor stroke on friday, that this had been discovered at the hospital. this has introduced somewhat of a wild card. while doctors say he's recovering, he says he wants to get back on the trail, he is
6:48 am
still in the hospital. the question is whether or not this news ends up impacting his comfortable lead. moving to north carolina, there are two big races we're watching there. one is a congressman madison cawthorne, who has the support of donald trump. even moments ago on trump's social media network, he posted everyone should give him a second chance but his colleagues in the house don't feel same way after a series of bizarre events. there's also the republican primary in north carolina where trump has backed ted bud. these two republican primaries for senate are incredibly important. you have to keep in mind here that these two seats are seats currently held by republicans but democrats think they might be able to flip depending on who that candidate is. jim? >> kristen holmes, thanks so much. should the u.s. now import baby formula to help ease the shortage for parents who are
6:49 am
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rosy: it's the parent-teacher partnership that really makes a difference. ingrid: they know that their children are coming to a safe place. they're coming to a place where they'll be loved. kiyoko: we have a strong community of people that all look out for each other. we're all kind of taking care of the children. rosy: janitors, the teachers, the office staff. kiyoko: the cafeteria worker, the crossing guard, the bus driver. carol: because our future is in those schools. that's where the heart of our community belongs. ingrid: because teachers like me know... carol: quality public schools... kiyoko: make a better california...
6:53 am
new this morning, the fda commissioner says that abbott nutrition, the company at the center of the baby formula shortage should be able to reopen their manufacturing plant in two weeks. is expect an announcement by end of the day about importing baby formula from overseas. >> over time should have a big effect, we'll have access to a lot more formula from different
6:54 am
manufacturers. this will gradually improve over a period of a few weeks but we really do anticipate that within a few weeks we'll have things back to normal. >> cnn senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen has more. the commissioner says a few weeks, should be back to normal. abbott opening its plant and imports. should parents expect it to be reasonable within a couple weeks' time? >> when the commissioner says in a few weeks' time, there's a lot of wiggle room there. i don't think parents should count on it ending anytime soon. look at some steps that abbott and others are taking to getting more formula out there. they're trying to reopen the plant which has been closed quite some time. abbott says they're shipping millions of cans from a plant in
6:55 am
ireland. they're switching manufacturing lines in the u.s. that were devoted to other products, now for formula. gerber is increasing production of their formula but say they're a small player. you don't see a lot of gerber baby formula out there, it tends to be other brands. look at what parents should and should not do in the meantime. should not make your own formula, shouldn't use cow's milk or soy milk if the child is under one. don't water down formula. talk to the pediatrician. they don't have a secret stash of formula, as a medical issue, may be able to get you a specialty formula. if you have given up breastfeeding, can get to you a lactation counselor to restart breast milk supply. >> can't come quickly enough. thanks so much. we have now learned the suspect in saturday's shooting
6:56 am
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good monday morning. i am jim sciutto. this morning, yet one more community in the country grieving in the wake of a mass shooting. ten people were killed in buffalo saturday. evidence now showing they were targeted for one reason, the color of their skin. a friend of on


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